Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You See How Pretty

"You see Sissy....you see how pretty I've made you.....what do you want now Sissy....now that you're my special pretty girl?"
"I want.....I want to be your lover....your best friend....I want to be your girl!!!"
"Exactly what I want Sweetie.....now kiss me...."

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday ManCandy

Well it's not really the traditional recipe....it's better! You've got the crackers....you've got the chocolate.....and you've got our special ingredient!!!! It may not be the original but you'll definitely want s'more!!!
ManCandy!!!! Not just for breakfast....it's a healthy snack all day long!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017


I can still taste him....
I can feel his big hard cock....
But only she gets to fuck him!!!!
It''s what she needs to make her happy...I'm just happy to help!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Disappeared

Ever since that day.....the day that his new "wife" came to the Manor....the day that she told the Lord and Lady Brentwood that their son Spencer had married her and disappeared on their wedding day.....suspicions had swirled around her!!!!
The documents she produced were legitimate...or at least they didn't seem counterfeit....it was Spencer Brentwood's signature.....three different experts confirmed it and so, reluctantly, Selena was welcomed into the family!
As the bride of the only heir to the estate Selena was set to inherit the family fortune! Because of that they had hired a private investigator to follow her and report on her every move.....
Years went by and the old Lord passed away.....his last words were about his lost son!!!
Old Lady Brentwood now controlled the estate and she was quick to tell her son's "bride" that she was changing the will....the fortune was to be entirely left to charity !!!!
"Unless my son tells me differently that is my final decision!!!"
That night the investigator followed her as she drove down old back roads and trails....he had to stop and follow her on foot or he would give himself away!!!
Crouching nearby he watched her take a shovel from her trunk and begin to dig....
"They couldn't just accept me....no....it has to be him....well they can have him back for a while and then it'll just be me.....it'll all be mine!!!!"
She reached down and pulled a small box from the ground.....
"I never thought I'd ever see this again!!!!"
She opened the box and an unearthly glow bathed her in an eerie light.....she took a glowing object from the box and said several guttural phrases and the glow of the light enveloped her.....and when it dimmed, Spencer Brentwood was there....wearing her clothes and she was nowhere in sight!!!!
The investigator watched in disbelief as the missing man calmly changed into clothing more appropriate, reburied the box and slipped into the car to drive back!!!
There was much joy at his return and he offered the weakest explanations to the many questions about where he had been!!!!
Three days later....after his mother had restored the will.....to include him and his wife she tragically fell down the long hallway staircase and died instantly!
After the estate was settled his wife Selena reappeared just as he once again vanished! She took over as the new Lady Brentwood and one of the first things she did was to authorize a yearly payment to a certain local investigator.....it wouldn't make him rich but it would make him comfortable!!!!
Sitting alone.....late one night....sipping a cognac.....Selena Brentwood lifted her glass to the portrait of the happy family.....
"If you had only loved me as I am instead of how you wanted me to be.....ah well it all ended up as it should....I'm Selena and Spencer will never be seen again!!!"

Friday, February 24, 2017

Every Drop

"Hi Baby....I just wanted to call and let you know what a wonderful time I had!"

"Oh yeah.......so many times!!!!"

"Yes he's here...."

No Baby....maybe another time....he can't talk right now...."

"Yes....on his knees....licking it all up right now!!!!"

"You should be flattered....he's absolutely voracious....he wants your every drop!!!"

"Oh yes.....I'm free all week and I'd love to have you over for dinner....and Sissy would say so too if his tongue wasn't so busy!!!!"

"You are so bad......maybe I'll let my Sissy suck your cock....we'll see how it goes!!!!"

"I've got to go now....Sissy is getting me close!!!"


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yes It's Nice

"Yeah....sure it's nice but it's not what we came to see...."
"Yeah.....you said we could watch your sissy husband suck a cock.....I didn't come here to see a hand job!!!"
"Yeah.....I want to see him suck it!!!!"
"Well Sissy the ladies have spoken.....get that big cock in your mouth right now!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!!"

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vacation Postcard

When I say I wish you were here.....I really mean it !!!!
Now this is a vacation!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017


Down at the pool it looks like she's made a new friend.....as for me....well I found something that I love to do too...after all we're on vacation!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Vacation - Hotel Game

We've played this game before.....she sends me to a random floor in the elevator and I close my eyes and pray I get there without stopping!!!! My challenge is to come back to her.....am I brave enough to chance the elevator again or not!!!
I always opt for the stairs....I mean who uses the stairs when there's an elevator available??
But now I hear men's voices coming up the stairs and a mixed group of men and women coming down.....and I'm just not sure which group I'd prefer to humiliate myself with....
Paralyzed by indecision I wait for fate to decide!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Matinee - College Cinfidential

Across the hall Tommy could see the young couple locked in a lustful embrace....he tried not to stare but watching his arms around her, holding her, caressing her....it made him so hot and bothered and he needed to control himself now.....this was his big night and he couldn't afford to mess it up now....
Suddenly Johnny was there in her doorway.....
"You not ready yet.....c'mon let's go....the party's already started!!!"
"I just have to throw on some clothes ....I'll be a few minutes......"
"You know what Tommy I think you look pretty good as you are....what do you think.....skip the party and maybe we'll have our own party tonight?"
"That is exactly what I was hoping you'd say.....make sure you lock the door...."
"No Baby....I think it'll be better with the door open!!!"
"Oh my god.....yes!!!!"

Friday, February 17, 2017


It was the sound of laughter that woke me.....I had dozed off at the beach and apparently I had dreamed something hot because my little clit was at full attention in my bikini which apparently had caused much amusement to the ladies!!!
So what does one do in this circumstance?
Do I smile and reach down and tuck it back where it belongs?
Do I pretend to sleep......with their laughter making me more and more excited?
Do I roll over and hide it in the sand?
A splash of icy cold water takes care of it for me.....my wife just wasn't having it!!!!
"Honestly Sissy! If you can't control yourself I'll go back to the room and get the cage and invite those girls to help me put your little bit in it!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am!" I said as my mind was already picturing that fantasy!!!! It wasn't helping my little problem at all!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The best thing about traveling in the south is enjoying the southern charm they are so rightly famous for!!!!
I wasn't even out of the car and I already got a taste of that wonderful southern hospitality!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


You know a flat tire can be a big deal if you and your wife had both just paid $75 to have your nails done!!!! Thankfully we have AAA Roadside Service....they took care of everything......everything!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2017


There was once a time that you only shaved your face wasn't there Sissy?
Yes but this is so much better!!!!!

Going to be Traveling

My wife and I are going on a road trip vacation for maybe about 8 or 9 days so I'll be away from my desktop full of magic for awhile.....I'll try to post at least daily but it really depends on what's happening that day!!!!
But don't forget me my sweeties.....I will be back before you know it!!!!
In the meantime she wants me to get the car cleaned before we leave....

Monday ManCandy

There's no need to make it so complicated....

....all you need to do is lie back....open wide and let it flow!!!

ManCandy!!!! No need to jump through hoops....it's the most widely available breakfast treat on the planet!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's time

"Come along Sissy....it's time!!!"
"But I've been good....I've been a good girl for you...."
"Of course you have Sissy.....you've been wonderful.....you have made me so happy that I have a husband who is also my very special girlfriend...."
"Then why???"
"Like I said Sissy....it's time!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, I understand!!!!"

Full Service

One of my Christmas gifts was a Day at a Special Spa where they specialized in full service for sissies!!!! I'm so glad I finally got the time to go!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Stone of Destiny

"You can laugh all you want.....I don't think it's funny!"
"Honestly I try to feel bad for you but the truth is I love this!!!"
"You bastard!!!!"
"It's your own fault!"
It was, he had searched for the "Stone of Destiny" all over the world....a magical stone that could change your life....that could determine your destiny.....it was the stuff of dreams but it consumed him!!!
Many expeditions and many failures had left him alone in a foreign land with few prospects....
A man had proposed one more expedition....... one more grasp at the magic that could grant any wish....
And against all odds they had found it......and together they had deciphered the glyphs to mean that only one wish was allowed before the stone must be passed to another.......and that wish, once granted could not be repeated!!!!!
He pulled open the curtain as he watched his sponsor wish for riches, women and power...
all granted before he could pull the stone away......
Clutching the stone to his chest and realizing that all his wishes had been taken by this bastard.....
"Cocksucker" he muttered under his breath.....and the stone granted his wish!!!!!
The man laughed as he started the car.....the transformed man reached for him again and asked if he would mind just one more time......


"You know I wouldn't leave without stopping to say goodbye Sissy...."
Some of her lovers are so thoughtful!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

You Could Have Said No

You could have said no Sissy....you could have walked away.....you wanted to know what it was like....to be filled with a cock.....you've dreamed about it.....yes you could have walked away....instead you lowered yourself onto her cock and fucked it with your sissy pussy.....you found out that she loved fucking you like a little squealing bitch and you loved being her little squealing bitch.....you two were perfect for each other!!!

I've Said It Before

I've said it before.....she taught me well.....when you get the lucky enough to have a cock in your mouth.....don't forget.....don't ever neglect the balls!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bathroom Humiliation

"Guess what Sissy...."
"Ummmm....out of paper again?"
"Yes....it seems to keep happening to me lately..."
"I'll try to make sure I keep the bathroom stocked with paper....I suppose you want me to...."
"It's just a couple of drops....you don't mind do you Sissy?"
"Not at all....would you like me to just clean you or would you like me to give you an orgasm too?"
"What a delightful idea Sissy....that would be wonderful!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!"

Go Ahead

We'll be getting some considerable snow today....and you know what that means right???
Time to go out and play....snowball fights and sledding and of course....building a snowman!!!
What? Not your kind of snow man???
Well you go ahead and and build a snowman your way and I'll build one my way!!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

10 Minutes

"Alright Sissies.....you have 10 minutes......remember you both have to cum....no hands allowed.......if you win you get an unsupervised night together....lose and the cages go back on for 6 months.....ready.....set......go!!!!!"


"You are such a greedy slut Kaaren.....give it back.....I want some too!!!"
Yes I'm a greedy cocksucking sissy slut and I don't want to give it back until I've sucked every drop of his hot cum into my tummy.....
But he's here for her not me.....I'll get a taste of him later when I crawl between her thighs to worship her as I do every night and it will be enough for me....after all it's her pleasure that gives me pleasure....

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sissies Through History - The Throne

"What shall I do with him Nanny....how many times can I look the other way when he dresses as a woman?"
"I think it's just youth Ma'am.....I'm sure with the proper correction we can make a man of the young Prince!!!!"
"What do you suggest Nanny?"
"Well....at least six more for now...and then perhaps we should train him to be a proper young lady until he's had enough and begs us to stop?"
"Perhaps you're right Nanny......we must try...after all....one day he'll be sitting on the throne!!!"
"He won't be sitting there today Ma'am....I can assure you of that!!!"
"Oh Nanny!!!!"
Both women laughed.....

Not Just Makeup - Sissy Training

"It's not just lingerie and makeup Sissy.....if you're going to be my girl there's so much you need to learn....let's start with training that gag reflex....open wide!!!!"

Monday, February 6, 2017

Panty Drawer

"Yes I think you should use it with your brother too!"
"But has it worked, has he stopped?"
"Well no....he still goes into my panty drawer....but now there's no stains when he puts them back!"

Monday ManCandy

There are so many great things to say about our favorite morning treat!!!
Nutritious....yes it's protein packed!!!
Delicious.....there's nothing else quite like it!!!!
Warm.....you can feel that warm glow in your tummy for hours!!!!
But even with all that there's something else.....it's just so much fun to get!!!!
ManCandy!!! Starts your day with a bright white smile!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday is Game Day - Superbowl!!!

In an interesting rule change the NFL has decreed that the losing team would submit to becoming the feminized sissy slaves to the winners until training began for the next season!!!
It was a definite incentive to win....although some of those dropped passes and fumbles  made one question  just how committed some of the players were.....

Two Million Page Hits

Sometime on Saturday my silly little blog here registered it's two millionth visitor!!!
I try not to be a numbers whore but that's a pretty good number!!!! I know there are other bloggers out there whose numbers are so much higher but I'm pretty happy with mine!!!!
I started "Such A Sissy 2" because the Google thought police had shut down my access to Google+ on my original "Such A Sissy" blog and I have always considered this one to be the kind of little sister to to my original....but I love this one just as much and it's kind of funny that although I write and update both every day, they seem to have slightly different audiences....
I'd like to thank my sweet inspiration....the adorable Leeanne, without her I wouldn't be here....
I'd like to thank another friend.....Dee....thanks for the fun!!!!
So many others....bloggers and readers....I love you all!!!
So come to the celebration and if you can find me in the crowd I promise to make it worth your while!!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Home Front

After Pearl Harbor America jumped into action.....men in the tens of thousands rushed to enlist....to fight for democracy....and when Germany declared war...well that just firmed their resolve as more and more young men shipped out over the two oceans to fight the enemy!!!
Some remained at home......some were physically unable to go to war and some had unique talents that made them indefensible!!!!
The war effort had a unique effect on America......men who were deemed inappropriate for service worked alongside the strong women of the country and they became more and more like them!!!!
Bob Torkelson had flat feet......he wanted to be fighting the Japs or the Krauts but he had been given a job on the home front that was just as important to the war effort and it suited his particular "gift"!!!!
He had no problem with the women who had remained home and were doing their bit for Uncle Sam......but sometimes when the skirt came off he found that his duty was a little harder than he had thought it would be....
As he jumped down from his truck he remembered to bring his "helper" with him.....this house was tough.....he knew that he would be met with silks and satins and lace and frills....he knew he would be offered things that some men had only dreamed of.....he knew he could indulge any of his darkest fantasies here....
But damn it he had a job to do and there were housewives waiting for him to comfort and relieve them.....he couldn't spend all his efforts with this guy no matter how pretty he looked!!!!!
He was, after all, the Housewife Reliever.....and America counted on him!!!!

Sissy School - Home For the Weekend

Although I was home for the weekend my wife told me she had other plans.....that left me home alone with her boyfriend.....I didn't mind.....I had some studying to do....

But it seemed her boyfriend was feeling a little horny.....this is where all my classwork is put to the test.....I give him my best girlish giggle and my best girlish wiggle to let him know that he can do what he wants.....

 He seemed receptive and he rubbed his hard cock against me...it was a delightful tease on my sissy pussy!!!

 He followed through and I now knew why my wife love fucking him....because I loved it too....close the book because study time was over.....


Friday, February 3, 2017


Panties down I wait as she told me to do.......I never know what comes next......punishment or pleasure.......or both....god how I hope it's both....
The door open and she steps in.....I am forbidden to turn my head to see.....
She steps closer and I can hear her breathing.....although it's barely audible over my own!!!
This is the moment will she caress or spank.....I can't help but wiggle in anticipation....
She reaches around me and squeezes my nipples......I can feel her body pressed against me.....and she asks me.....
"What do you need Sissy? What do you want me to do for you? Do you need to be punished or do you need to be fucked......"
Would you need time to think it over?   I didn't......
"Can I have both please?"
"That's exactly what I was thinking Sissy!!!"

That Says Love To Me

What could be more clear.....she loves what she's getting as his tongue makes her cum and I love what I'm getting as his beautiful cock drips pre-cum onto my tongue!!!!
I won't say it's the secret to a happy marriage....but it works for us!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


It really wasn't so bad....but it certainly got your attention!!!!
The remote device did just what she wanted it to do and as she played with the settings to get the best result Sissy contemplated a whole new level of control he had willingly given her!!!!

Feeding - Sissy Training

It's so important that Sissy learns that any time he cums you will feed it back to him!!!! This is a sissy basic and you must practice this as often as possible!
It's even better when he knows that he hasn't cum in days but you still have fresh warm cum to feed him.....Sissy must understand that he is to eat cum and it doesn't matter whose cum it is!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


"Oh Sissy....these are just adorable!!! Take these to the counter and ask the salesladies if they come in your size!!!"
"But those are for little girls!!!!"
"Well....you're my little girl aren't you?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"Now go.....all the salesladies are by the counter..."
"Yes Ma'am...."

Did you ever Imagine

I never imagined that one day I'd have a big cock pounding my sissy pussy while my legs were up on his shoulders and my heels were pointing at the Moon!!! I never imagined it but I love it!!!!