Monday, August 31, 2020


"This sissy bitch is your husband!!!! Now I understand why you're always looking to fuck my man's big cock!!!! No wonder you locked it isn't worth even playing with it...."
"But he's fantastic with his tongue.....I mean just the best ever...."
"Would you mind if I tried him out?"
"Of course not......I'll be in the bedroom with your husband.....feel free to play with mine!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Have you ever stopped to just look?
It's so white and so much better than all those chemical filled breakfast foods that we all eat.....
If you just go on looks your creamy treat wins every time!!!!
If you just go on wins there too!!!!
And I haven't even mentioned flavor.....because there's nothing else like it!!!!
ManCandy!!!! The only real organic breakfast!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2020


Yes it was humiliating that they saw each other as the sissies they were...
Even more humiliating was getting spanked together....
But the most humiliating was still to come....
"Alright Sissies....we both want to see you kissing each other...and no Grandma pecks on the cheek....we want to watch a serious make out session...."
Their faces were blushing as red as their bottoms....

Sissy School - A Weekend Viit Home

"Oh my god.....what's going on here?"
"Well Dear.....I was just finishing up and....."
"Dammit Sissy!!!!! You are such a.....such a...."
"Yes you're such a slut....such a....."
That's it you're such a shameless....such a shameless...."
"Cocksucking Sissy Cumslut?"
"'re a shameless, cocksucking, sissy cumslut!!!!"
"And you're so glad I am?"
"And I'm so....dammit Sissy....stop putting words in my mouth!!!!"

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Final Step

"FBI freeze!!!!"
G-man Jack Darcy burst into Doctor Masters' laboratory....gun drawn....unsure of what he'd see but certain that this was the fiend who'd taken his partner Stan Fisher captive!!!!
The doctor stopped....a syringe in his hand....a moment away from injecting the poor girl with god-knows-what!!!!
"Just back away slowly and keep your hands where I can see them....what's going on here....what have you done with Agent Fisher?"
"Agent Fisher? Why I've only fulfilled his darkest dreams....I've given him a new life....a life he's always dreamed of....I've made him into the woman you see before you!!!!"
"You made him into....a woman!!!! You fiend.....I should just shoot you right could this happen?"
"I have traveled the world Agent Darcy, and I have seen many strange things.....but I have learned that most magic is really science....and I have found ways to replicate some ancient rituals....among them the transformation rites.....some ancient tribes used these to turn captives into willing slave women for their tribe....a most effective way of....shall we say....neutering your enemies, don't you think?"
"But why Fisher...what made you do it to him?"
"Your partner stumbled onto my plan as I was disposing of a few.....a few failed experiments....but now as you can see I've perfected my formula.....ironic isn't it that the  man who came closest to stopping me is now the proof of my great triumph!!!!"
"Change him back....right now or I'll blow your head off right here!!!"
"Oh my dear Agent Darcy....there's no going back....and honestly this is what your partner of the drugs I administered as an anesthetic acts sometimes as a "truth serum" and I amused myself finding out his deepest secrets while I worked...did you know that he has taken vast sums of money from organized crime to "look the other way".....he was near the point where he was planning to retire to his private island....oh I guess you didn't know about that either.....and once on that island he planned to live there as a woman....he called himself Tanya.....the woman he'd always wanted to be.....but I guess that's another thing you didn't know...."
"That's not true!!!! That can't be true!!!! We've partners for seven years....I would've known!!!!"
"Oh yes and he had a few secrets about you too Agent Darcy....he fantasized about you all the time....he imagined you as his lover.....the two of you alone on the as his demanding man and him as your yielding woman.....he dreamed of you....but I must point out he only dreamed of you as his lover if he was a woman...."
"No I can't believe it....."
"It's all true Agent....I have tape recordings of it all if you'd care to listen...."
"What were you going to do to him now....what's in that syringe?"
"That is the final step in his transformation.....this is a permanent mind altering drug that will completely suppress his male side allowing his new female personality to completely take over....."
"And it's true....the money....the island....all of that stuff about me?"
"Oh yes Agent....his crimes are already done....I doubt very much you could get anyone to convict him at this might as well let me least then your partner will live the rest of his life a beautiful rich woman.....alone with her fantasies...."
Darcy hesitated.....he lowered his gun.....staring at this woman who had been his looking so small and helpless....
"Go ahead.....give her the shot.....and then get out of here....if I ever lay eyes on you again you're a dead man!!!!"
The Doctor wanted to argue but he also looked down the barrel of the Agents 45 automatic, and thought better of it....
He administered the injection and as much as he wanted to stay and see the results he thought better of it and grabbed a few things and fled....
Agent Darcy sat there for hours as his partner thrashed and moaned....apparently his male self wasn't going down without a fight....
He must have dozed off because he hadn't noticed her wake up....
"Jack? Is that you? What's going on?"
"It's alright....don't be scared I'm here....Tanya....I'll always be here for you!!!!"
"Jack....there's so much I want to say to much I've dreamed of....I never dreamed that you felt the same way..."
"Quiet....we have forever to talk..."
And he bent over and kissed her....and she kissed him back as she had dreamed of for all those years!!!


I could feel him getting even harder in my mouth....I just wasn't sure if it was because of me or what she was doing behind me....

Friday, August 28, 2020


"Just keep rubbing sissies....and remember no cummies or you'll both be punished!!!!"
The wives sat back and waited for the inevitable....


Don't you love the way that feels?
I know I do.....ever since the first's always just....just wonderful.....
The slow stretching.....sometimes it hurts a little depending on the size....but then there's the snap when it's in.....and that familiar feeling floods through you.....something inside you....filling you....and being held so tight by your own body.....
Goodness how I love it.....

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Not The Same

These two are not the same.....
Sex and Love can be two separate things....
She may be having sex with him but she really is in love with me.....
He can please her in ways that I can't....I physically can't match's not my fault....I was born this way....
But I can please her emotionally in ways that he can't.....
He may give her thrills but at the end of the day she cuddles under the covers with me!!!


The Lockdown was so long and it has left us both so eager....

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hump Day

One of the things that takes away some of the sheer pleasure of making it to Hump looking back and realizing that, although you're finishing up here, you have a lot more work stacked up and waiting for your attention!!!!


It was a really nice dream......
Our wedding day and I was the bride....
The best man was ready to service me when my wife-to-be interrupted....
She wanted my cum in her mouth when we shared our first kiss as man and wife....
It was so wonderful....
But just a dream.....
In real life....
She wore the gown....I pretended to be the man.....
My best man had his big cock in her before and after the ceremony.....and I cleaned up both times....
It was so wonderful!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl, my friends and I would always talk about sex....many of us were still virgins but we all had ideas about what it would be like to fuck our husbands some day!!!
I never dreamed back then that I'd marry a sissy, and that it would be my big latex cock that was pounding his "pussy"!!!
I never dreamed it but god how I love it!!!


"'re finally home.....I heard all about it Sis....I can't believe what a slut you are....I heard all about you fucking that football's all over school!!!!"
"You're so wear my panties when you jerk off and you call me a slut!!!!"
"That was just that one time and you know it!!!!"
"Well let me tell you....I didn't fuck that football player.....I fucked the whole team.....and you get to clean it all out of can thank me later...."

Monday, August 24, 2020


She smiled at me and shook her head....
At last!!!!
At last there was something I was better at than he was....maybe because I had a huge amount of practice!!!
Of course when she came on my tongue the night was over...when she came on his tongue the night was just getting started!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Blowing bubbles?
C'mon you're not a kid anymore....
But is there any other treat that's as much fun?
Fun to get and fun to eat!!!!!
And you can blow bubbles too!!!!
It was already perfect and now it's more.....I guess.....perfecter!!!!
ManCandy!!!!! Go ahead and play with your food!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Brunch

"How's it going Sissy...."
"Let me just say....I'm grateful that I'm  caged and plugged.....lots of your friends have checked....if you know what I mean...."
"You know that after dessert I'm going to invite them to pull the plug....several of the girls have brought their toys with them...."
"I'll make sure there's lots of lube available....."
"That would be the smart thing to do go and fill their glasses...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


You wait and watch him give her all that she needs.....but it's not really it?
She lifts herself off of his big cock and tells you it's your turn now!!!!
Sissy Bliss!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Love, Honor and Obey

" about you go and get me a beer?"
His mind screamed "NO" but he answered in a soft female voice....
"Yes Dear....right away Dear!"

It had been his idea.....
She had been such a sweet accommodating girl when they were dating....she simply couldn't do enough for him. Whatever he wanted she provided....well not really "whatever"....there were some things that she refused to give him.
She was a good girl and she explained that there were some things that good girls just wouldn't do.....but she made up for it with a few things that were apparently OK for good girls to do....and he was usually satisfied when he got home after dropping her off!
It was inevitable that they got married.....

Somehow the sweet girl he'd dated had turned into a bossy bitch as soon as the ring was slipped on her finger....
Worst of all she still refused to give him her all.....and the nice things she used to do to make him happy didn't happen anymore either!
She made so many demands of him that he was almost always exhausted.....he worked all day and then came home and did the housework too!!!!
It was easier than listening to her screaming.....he considered divorce....but he still loved the girl she'd been back then.....if only there was a way to get that girl back....

He really hadn't been looking for help like this but the help came to him one day....
The old woman was begging on the street and he'd stopped to give her the few coins he'd had in his pocket.....he looked at her with sorrow....imagine how this woman had to live....begging in the street.....he reached into his billfold and peeled off a ten dollar bill....then though twice and added another ten and put them in her cup.....he smiled at her and turned to walk away....
"You're very generous.....perhaps there's some way I can repay you kind Sir!"
"No.....I'm sure there's nothing you can do for me....."
"Wouldn't you like to have a wife that loved you.....honored you.....obeyed you.....I can give you that...."
He turned, intrigued by what she'd could she know....
As if reading his thoughts.....she smiled up at him.....
"There's much that I know....come with me and we'll see if we can solve your problem!"
She rose and pocketed her money. She walked down the dark alley and although he thought he must be crazy for doing this....he followed her.
She stepped down the stairs to the basement door and producing a very old fashioned skeleton key, unlocked the door and beckoned  him to follow!
It was dark and smelled of a thousand different scents.....
She walked to a bookshelf and pulled down a dusty volume and flipped it open.....
She crooked a finger at him to come and see....
"This is a book of magical spells.....they're very powerful and must be used very carefully......but I think this one will  serve your needs very nicely..."
She pointed to the open page and he  read the title....
"To make a happy obedient wyfe that will serve for all her lyfe!"
"For twenty more dollars I'll sell you this book.....I'm sure it will solve your problems!!!"
He thought it over and finally gave her the twenty dollars and tucked the book under his arm.....even if the idea was crazy it was worth a try....
"Remember it's very powerful must follow the directions precisely....if you'd like I can work the spell for you for another fifty dollars...."
He smiled and shook his head....he'd given her too much money already!

It was bad when he arrived home....
She'd harangued him about being late.....she was hungry and she wanted him to prepare dinner.....she found the money missing from his wallet and gave him hell for losing it...
Through it all his mind kept turning to the book of spells.....if only it would work

Later when she fell asleep he slipped away to the basement with the book and read through the seemed pretty straightforward.....there were a few spices that he had to add to a bowl of water as he repeated an incantation....he was pretty sure they had everything he needed in their spice rack....
He gathered them up and realized they they didn't have one of the ingredients.....checking the spell he saw that the amount of that particular spice was minuscule....and decided to proceed without it....
He followed the spell and repeated the incantations and he felt the magical power building around him and with a sudden burst it washed over him and he passed out!!!

He woke in the bed.....and he heard a male voice shouting.....he jumped out of bed almost tripping on his nightgown.....then stunned he looked at himself and he was her.....and from the sounds coming up the stairs she was him.....

He'd shown her the spell book and told her the first she'd been angry but she seemed to get comfortable far quicker than he did....
The spell had worked so far as she was concerned.....he was the perfect obedient wife and he catered to all of her whims.....and some of her whims surprised him very much!!!
The things she had made him was almost too much to bear.....
She had taken the book "to study it" and look for a way to reverse the spell.....and he knelt by her side like the perfect obedient wife.....and that was what he was obedient wife....
"Have you found anything yet Dear? A way back for us?"
"No....nothing yet.....but enough study for now.....why don't you go up to the bedroom and wait for me.....I read about something today that I want to try....bring some margarine or olive oil.....something slippery....."
OH MY GOD NO....."Yes Dear...whatever you want Dear!"

Body Hair

She tells me she actually likes men with body hair....but at the same time she insists I remain completely hairless....
When I asked her about it her answer was so simple....
"Of course it's different Honey.....he's a man and you're my sweet little sissy.....his job is to fuck me and your job is to look pretty for me...."
How could I argue with that?

Friday, August 21, 2020

Glory Hole Afternoon

Yes I choked a little....but the fourth load is always the toughest....I don't know why....everything gets a lot easier after the sixth......poor number five almost doesn't count....

The Second To Last Step

"Go ahead told me you always wanted to dress like a now it's time to move one step closer to being Carla.....just take him in your mouth....and swallow his salty cum....then you're almost there...."
"What do you mean almost there?"
"Well when we were girls when we gave a guy a blowjob we'd see if he was worth fucking.....take a look Baby.....while you've got his cock in your mouth....while you're sucking him....just think about whether or not you're going to let him fuck you later...."

Thursday, August 20, 2020


"Your wife likes my cock Sissy...."
"I'm glad you're making her happy...."
"I could make you happy too Sissy....if you want...."
"Go put on something pretty for me and I'll do you next while she watches!!!!"
"I'll be back in five minutes!!!!"
"Make it something pink and frilly!!!!!"
"That's all I have!!!!"

She Starts her Morning

She likes to start her morning with a coffee served in she can take her time inspecting her husbands cock and balls.....
Oops did I say cock? I meant to say her husbands useless clit.....
There that's more like it....

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Properly Dressed

I love sucking cocks....I really do.....but I kind of love it more when I'm properly dressed for the occasion....
Her lovers seem to prefer it that way too.....I guess it helps them to think I'm a real girl....and that's OK with me.....I like it when people think I'm a girl!!!!

Hump Day

it happens all the time.....Hump Day rolls around and something really big comes up and pushes all your petty concerns to the side!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Her Lover Laughed

I heard my wife's lover laugh....
"You're's so funny!!!"
She pushed inside me again....
"I know....I told you he makes the cutest noise every time I go balls you want to hear it again?"
"Yeah Babe let me hear your sissy squeak!!!"
"Oh that's the perfect name for it......c'mon sissy....squeak for us!!!"
I tried to keep quiet but it was involuntary.....I squeaked as they both laughed!!!

Nothing Special

I wasn't doing anything special.....I wasn't even wearing anything particularly sexy....just my short shorts and a kind of plain everyday bra......when out of no where my wife was all over me.....
She was kissing me and calling me a tease......telling me how she was going to fuck me with her strap-on.....telling me how I was going to eat her sweet pussy for hours!!!!
All I could think imagine if I'd worn something sexy!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2020

Time's Up

"Remember all those times I caught you wearing my panties?"
"I guess so...."
"You guess so!!!!"
"Yes I remember...."
"And you said you'd do anything if I didn't tell...."
"Yeah I remember...."
"Weill the time has come to pay up...get over here and get on your knees and make me cum!!!!"
"But you're my sister!!!!"
"I'll bet you weren't thinking that while you were sniffing my dirty panties...."
"No....I wasn't...."
"Get over here and get busy....or don't you like to eat pussy? Maybe you'd prefer my boyfriend's cock?"
"Just tell me what to do....I've never done this before...."
"Oh....silly boy....I had every intention of telling you what to do...."

Monday ManCandy

You're up early every day and you've worked six days a week since the virus hit....
You usually work a 12 hour shift and you need to be on your toes through the whole day!!!!
We appreciate all you do and we want you to have only the best we can offer and that includes a big serving of your favorite breakfast when the next patient needs you you'll have more than enough energy to give them what they need!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Frontline workers deserve frontline service!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2020


"Relax's only two more weeks till I turn eighteen....then your wife says I can do anything I want with you!!!!! We're going to have so much fun!!!!"
"Yes Miss!"
"I never get tired of hearing you say that.....two weeks more.....and you'll be saying that a lot more!!!"
"Yes Miss!"
"Oh god that gets me wet.....I'll save these panties for you so you can taste my seventeen year old pussy.....before you get to taste the real two weeks!!!!"
"Yes Miss! Thank you Miss!!!"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Thanks for helping me with my homework.....I've got a test in advanced blowjob techniques when I get back on Monday!!!"
"I've always been a big supporter of a quality education...."
"And just think....if my wife comes out here and catches us you can tell her the truth this time!!!!"
"Maybe you should do less talking and try whatever they recommend in the next chapter..."
"We're not up to that yet...."
"Yes that's the next section....Deep Tongue Penetration and Reacharound Techniques....maybe you could help me with that when we start studying that part?"
"I'd love to Sissy!"

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Problem With Witches

"Why did you bring us into this god-awful swamp Tony....we're never going to find our way out of here!!!!"
"First.Jack.....let me remind you that if it wasn't for me you'd still be sittin' in your cell watin' to see if the Governor was gonna call off your execution!!!!!"
"Yeah....I know....but you said you had a plan....a safe place to go...."
"I told you that I know where I'm going.....and the best thing about the swamp is there's no way the cops will ever find us in here.....hell I'll bet they figure we're already dead!!!"
"Much more of this and they might be right....aren't there snakes and gators in here?"
"Sure there are but there's some places they're afraid to go.....and we're almost there so just shut up!!!!"
"They're afraid!!!! And we're going there!!! What the hell are they afraid of?"
"Shut up!!!!!"
They moved in silence for what felt like hours and Jack had to admit that Tony seemed to know where he was going....then he thought he heard someone felt like the voice was calling to him......and soon he saw the glow of a lantern....and much to his amazement, a small island and a ramshackle cottage!!!!
Tony picked him up so effortlessly and put him on the island.....he was so strong.....that was what had attracted him in the first place....and when Tony took him as his own all the other inmates had stayed clear and he'd had no trouble getting whatever he needed either from the cons or the guards!!!
Tony climbed up behind him and pushed him forward.....the sweet song from within stopped and the door of the cottage swung open.....a stunningly beautiful woman stood there beckoning them inside....
She was like an ebony goddess.....her dark skin glistening with a film of sweat.....and when she smiled her bright white teeth almost glowed in the dull lamplight!!!!
So....I see you've returned Mr. Tony.....what brings you....and your little friend to me!"
"I've come to collect the debt you owe me Delphine....."
"And what debt is that?"
I took the rap for your grandson Delphine.....they'd have hung him for sure if I hadn't confessed to the murder he did.....I gave him his life now you owe me....and I want payment now!!!!"
"I'm just a poor woman living alone here in these awful swamps....I have nothing to give you.....nothing of any value at least....."
"I'm not playing games already know your hexes and magics don't work on me.....but I want you to work some magic on my little friend here.....he's mine....but I'm going to need him changed a little so I can keep him without people talking crap about me....."
"Wait....Tony what are you talking about.....what do you mean change me?"
"Shut up Jack!!!"
No I won't shut up I want to know what's...."
It wasn't even a hard punch but it was enough to knock him out.
Delphine regarded the two of them then quietly said...
"If I agree to this we call our account family's debt is paid in full?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Alright then tell me what you have in mind for your little friend...."
Tony spent some time explaining in great detail all the changes he wanted to Delphine nodded and mixed little bits of this and that to a large pot slowly simmering over a small flame....
When he was done.....he sat back and looked at the dark witch ....
"Can you do this for me Delphine?"
"Of course I can.....are you sure you've told me everything you want before I mix it?"
Tony actually felt his face blushing.....
"You have to tell me.....once I've done the dark magic I won't be able to change it....don't be shy man.....tell me?"
"I want him to love me....only me.....I want him to never say no to me.....I want him to crave me....and I want him to be a good, faithful wife to me!!!!"
Delphine smiled and tossed in a few more things from her mysterious jars.....and slowly she recited an incantation over the pot when there was suddenly a loud popping sound and a puff of smoke......
She dipped a large ladle into the mixture and slowly drizzled it over the unconscious man...a sort of sparkling mist seemed to envelop him for a few minutes and when it dissolved there was the woman that Tony had described.....
"It is done!"
Slowly Jack woke and he knew right away things had changed.....and he began to scream as the horror of it all became clear to him.....
Delphine smiled at Tony....
"You never said that I should change his mind.....the rest is up to you now....our business is completed!!!!"
"Goddamn it Delphine....."
But she was a blink he was standing alone in the middle of this godforsaken swamp with the woman of his dreams......the cottage and everything else was if they'd never been there!!!!
The screaming woman was holding on to him tightly but he couldn't soothe her.....and it wasn't a hard punch but it made the screaming stop if only for now.....
Two days later he emerged from the swamp and he was very surprised to find the sheriff and his deputies waiting there for him.....the sheriff told him he'd dreamt that he would be here....
Goddamned Delphine and her dark magic.....
He was taken into custody and the woman was taken to a hospital.....
They never did find his cellmate and Tony refused to tell them what had happened to him....
Tony was returned to Death Row.....and the woman was released from the hospital.....the doctors all said the trauma she'd experienced had caused her amnesia....but they hoped that in time she would recover....she was taken in by an old woman who claimed to have known her before all of this had happened.....she told her that her name was Jacqui...
And Jacqui visited Tony every weekend and pledged her love to him....only him....
The Warden agreed to the marriage the night before the execution but it was in name only...
After....Jacqui ran home....into the arms of the woman who had done so much for her.....crying and sobbing she held her so close....
"Quiet Jacqui.....come to bed and tell Auntie Delphine all about it...."

A Little Bit

"Don't worry's just a little bit bigger than your plug...."
"Are you sure?"
"Of course I am Sissy......and you're going to love every inch...."
"How many inches are we talking about?"
"You're about to find out relax and enjoy.....I know I will!!!!"

Friday, August 14, 2020

And Then

"Then he bent me over....right there in the lobby and he fucked hard.....I started to come almost as soon as he was inside me......are you listening Honey?"
"Then when he shot his load in me I thought it would never stop.....I rushed right back here to share it with you.....are you getting it all Sissy?"
"A lot leaked into my panties too make sure you clean those too.....when you're done you want to hear about his big cock Sissy?"
"I knew you was so long and really know I like it when they're really thick...."


I had to pee....really bad....
I quietly entered the bathroom where my wife was enjoying her shower....with her friend...
I held onto the padlock on my cage so it wouldn't distract them as I sat on the toilet....then I was sure that the little tinkle I made was lost in the sound of the shower and his groans of pleasure....
Wiping up my drippies I wondered if flushing was a good idea.....but I decided against it....
I went down to make them breakfast although I was sorely tempted to sneak back up and watch them some more!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

One Or The Other

" of you is going to fuck me and the other one is going to lick me clean afterwards....."


No matter what else is going's nice to be included!!!!
She asked me to hold onto the padlock because the clicking was distracting her.....then she did her own clicking.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Hump Day

One of the best feelings you can have on Hump Day is the satisfaction of getting the job done to everyone's satisfaction....


Once there was a bulge in my there's just a little bump.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Perpetual Teenager

When I stop to think about our sex life.....and no I really don't think about it all the time....just most of the time!!!!
I have become the perpetual teenager.....I'm thrilled when I get to put a finger inside her and I'm ecstatic when I get to actually get between her legs and lick and kiss the object of all my desires.....but my cage reminds me constantly that that's all I'll ever get....
But after all this time I get plenty of satisfaction from watching her pleasure....
I make my wife come every single time we're many of those macho guys can say that!?!?!?

Making Her Happy

Yes her lover was making her happy.....she was just about to cum on his big cock and he showed no sign of slowing down.....
She took my caged useless clit in her hand and squeezed as she came......and that made her happy too.....
I felt very loved that she would hold me as the pleasure coursed through her body....Everything was as it should be!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2020

I Can't Wait

I can't wait to get home.....Kaaren is going to love this.....and I 'm going to enjoy watching  her love it....over and over!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Even if you're spending the day at're not letting it get you down!!!
You're up early and you've got a list of projects you've finally decided to tackle....
So you 're going to need a good breakfast to power you through the and creamy and oh so good....and best of all it's chock full of the protein you'll need to give you the energy you'll need to get things done!!!!
ManCandy!!!! To work at your best you'll need to recharge your battery!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sunday Brunch

She agreed to allow me to take off my heels as I prepared the brunch for her.....but there was no doubt between us that I would be wearing them when I was serving.....she wouldn't have it any other way and neither would her guests!!!!


Our wives allowed their Sissy husbands to put on a show for them....
"Slowly sissies....we want to enjoy the show...."
"Remember the hands or lips on your little hard clits...."
I knew the rules but the way he kissed me made me forget the consequences of breaking them!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Fear The Dark

Was it real or just illusion....a strange natural phenomenon or a horrid curse....who could say for sure.....

When she'd first come to the village the women had eyed her with jealousy and suspicion....the men had eyed her with very different feelings.....
She kept to herself.....renting a small cottage on the very edge of the village....and there was always a light peeking out from her all hours of the night.....
She didn't seem to sleep at night....the women all passed rumors of her....up all night they told each other....doing "night work" a whore.....and the rumors spread through the village.....
The rough men in the village tavern laughed as they spoke of sampling her favors....they each bragged of how they would tame her and make her their lover....they all looked in the direction of her cottage as they stumbled out into the night.....going home to their wives but their heads were filled with dreams of the strange woman who now lived among them.....
Even when she moved outside her cottage for just a moment everyone knew because she carried a large lantern with her.....even if it was just to pick up a few sticks of firewood.....
Speculation became wilder and the tavern the men speculated that she must be some type of nocturnal creature that walked the night and slept in the day....a witch...or perhaps a vampire....
Others scoffed.....just a madwoman they said....she'd hurt no one.....there'd been no evil done since she arrived.....but some were not convinced!

He knew what he had to do.....he'd been drinking all evening listening to the men talking....they were all such fools!!!! The answer was so close and so easy to find but their fears and foolish notions kept them from doing what they had to do...
He walked out without a word and none of them even noticed him leaving....he wasn't a friend to anyone in the tavern and if anyone had noticed him leaving they would have only felt relief that he'd gone!!!!
He walked unsteadily toward the cottage....there was only one dim light.....he tried the door and found it unlocked.....most of the homes in the village didn't even have a lock...and he entered as quietly as he could....making his way carefully toward the doorway with the light underneath he paused with his hand on the latch!!!
Then with a push....he was in the room.....she was prettier than he'd thought she'd be and he thought that maybe he'd enjoy this more than he'd anticipated....
She didn't scream....but she told him over and over that he had to leave....he didn't understand.....
Instead he tore at her clothing......grunting like an animal.....he was going to enjoy himself with this one.....
He pulled her to him and reached for the single candle that provided a weak flickering light....and just before he blew it out she finally screamed....
"No!!!!! Not the darkness....please god not the darkness!!!!"

In the dark he felt something happen.....she became heavier against him.....somehow she seemed larger.....and his arms were pulled away from her with a strength that made him feel like he was a child....
Where she had been there was now a large shadow....and it was growing.....
He heard the woman's voice telling him that he had to run....but at the same time he was held by large muscular hands.....hands that were practically crushing his bones!!!!
The voice deepened.....
"I tried to warn you....why couldn't you let me be.....why did you allow the darkness to take me....."
And in the last moment of his miserable life he felt those large hands effortlessly snap his neck!!!!

The constables swarmed the village but in every home they found the same scenes of slaughter....broken bodies....people torn limb from limb.....every person from the youngest to the oldest.....none were spared.....rumors spread of a giant monster from the fiery depths of hell or an evil tribe from the one knew....

Several months had gone by and several hundred miles away a small village lay on the edge of the jungle....
When she'd first come to the village the women had eyed her with jealousy and suspicion....the men had eyed her with very different feelings.....