Friday, August 31, 2018

That's My Special Girl

"Oh you're doing so well Sissy.....listen to him moaning.....pretty soon he's going to fill your mouth with his hot cum.....I want you to show it to me before you swallow it...and then when you've swallowed it all, you can start sucking him again....I'm curious which of you will tire out first!!!! I'm betting on you're my special girl!!!!

Now Or Later

"Yes Ma'am....should I put your pretty panties in my mouth now or later?"
"Are they wet Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am,,,,very wet!"
"Then put them in your mouth now Sissy....and enjoy yourself!"
"Thank you very much Ma'am!!!"

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Didn't Matter

It obviously didn't matter to him if I could....or if I wanted to.....he wanted me to take all of him...
Of course I was only too happy to oblige!!!!!

Last Night

"Look at you Sissy....last night you were an insatiable many cocks did you suck....I lost count....and here you are being bashful when my girlfriends come to visit..."
"I'm sorry Ma''s just that they laugh...."
"Those men last night were laughing too Sissy!!!"
"Were they? I guess I didn't hear them...."

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hump Day

The effort is always to get as far as Hump Day....
Yeah now that you've got the rhythm down the rest of the week should be easy!!!!


The pounding at the door woke head was swimming and had been quite a party at Tink's Place last night....
"Open up....."
"Who is it..."
"It's your landlord and your rent is late again you goddamned fairy!!!!"
I was going to scream at him that he couldn't call me that and then I remembered....
"I'll drop it by your office later today...."
"5 o'clock Fairy....not a minute later!!!!"
"Yeah, yeah don't get your wings in a twist!!!!"
A few moments later I heard him banging on the elf's door across the hall and yelling something about cookies....I needed some coffee and pixie dust and I needed it now!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


"Wow, you've changed quite a bit since I last saw you Billy!!!"
"I haven't changed half as much as you Jack....or should I call you Jackie now?"


There are many ways to get the day started right but very few of them are as good as this!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2018


"So do you believe me now?"
"I do....but I had to see it with my own two eyes!!!!"
He was laughing as he picked my wife up and carried her to our her bedroom....halfway there she started laughing too!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Yes you've had him eating his own for quite some time now.....but you worry like anyone would that he may be using more energy than he's gaining....leaving him even more fatigued than he was before you started.....he's grown quite used to it by now and you've noticed diminishing results.....
Now's the time to introduce something new!!!! He can keep his own....almost indefinitely....and you will see to it that he gets to sample some new flavors!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Variety is the spice of life!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"Yes it's all delicious but...."
"Is there something else you'd like....I can have Sissy make you anything you'd like!!!"
"What I'd really like is to have a really nice orgasm....."
"Oh yes Sissy can take care of that for you....her tongue is fantastic!!!"
"Of're my guest....Sissy please come here right away Miss Melanie wants to cum!!!"
"Yes Ma'am just let me put these dishes into the dishwasher and I'll be right there!!!!"
"Now Sissy!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....of course Ma'am!!!!"

Yard Work

Even with all my duties inside the home she also insists that I keep the yard tidy....I don't really mind doing the back yard.....after she had the pool put in there wasn't much yard left that needed my was doing the lawn out in front that I still had some trouble with....

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday Matinee - All the Presidents Men

It took her a few moments to realize the pounding wasn't a dream, but someone hammering on her door!!! She glanced at the clock, 3:35am, who on earth could be at her door at this hour!!!
She pulled on her robe as she rushed to the door and peeked through the peephole....there was a smallish a cheap sports coat and a stained white shirt who was nervously looking over his shoulder as he banged on her door!!!!
"Who are you....what do you want?" she shouted through the door.
"Lady name is Gerald Plummer....I'm a reporter for The Washington Star....please I have to talk to you...."
"About the middle of the night....go away or I'll call the police...."
"Please. please.....just let me in for a couple of're in grave danger!!! And if you call the police we'll both be dead within the hour!!!"
"What nonsense is this!!! Go away...."
"Please Ms. Kerrigan....look through the peephole and tell me if you remember this picture!"
She put her eye to the peephole once more and he fumbled in his jacket pocket before pulling a print of an old photo out and holding it up for her to see!
"Why yes I remember that did you get it?"
"Please....just give me a couple of minutes....I can explain what's going on!!!"
She looked at him again and told him to wait a moment....she went to her gun safe and took out her Glock 9mm....she smiled....a girl can't be too safe living alone without protection.....she checked the magazine as she slammed it home and chambered a round.....the safety was on but that could be undone in the blink of an eye....and holding the loaded weapon she carefully unlocked the door and quickly moved back to prevent any surprise lunges from the smaller sweating man...
He rushed in and slammed the door behind him.....rather than looking at her he quickly re-locked the door.....when he turned and saw the gun he seemed more relieved than frightened!!!
"Oh you're armed, that's good....can you hit anything with that?"
"Damn right I talk....what's going on....why is a reporter banging on my door in the middle of the night?"
"Can I sit and catch my breath?"
She gestured with the pistol toward her dining table...
"Sit over there....but I'm waiting and I'm losing my patience....maybe I should just call the police and we can all talk this over?"
"No!!!! Not the police!!! Neither of us will see sunrise if the police come here!!!"
"You're crazy!!!"
He fumbled the picture out again and slapped it down on the table...
"Is that you in this picture Ms. Kerrigan?"
"Yes that's me and my roommates when we were at Harvard...."
"Their names were Diana Kennedy and Gina that correct?"
"Yes that was their names....wait....what do you mean their name were?"
"They're both dead Ms. Kerrigan....both within the last 48 hours....according to the police Ms. Kennedy was killed by a bomb she had been building to attack a federal facility and Ms. McGovern was killed in a shootout with police when they raided her heroin lab...."
"But that's ridiculous....Diana was an artist and Gina was a pre-school teacher!!!!"
"Maybe so....but that doesn't matter now....the official story is that they were criminals who got what they deserved....the government has closed both cases..."
"But....I don't understand any of this....and what has this got to do with me?"
"Who else is in the picture Ms. Kerrigan?"
"Well there were the three of us and....I don't remember his name....he was Diana's boyfriend........she used to make him dress up like a girl....and we all went along with it....he looked kind of cute and we would all take turns doing his hair or was a little kinky but we all had fun....we all called him Sissy as I was so long ago!!! What has any of this got to do with me and them and you!!!"
"I uncovered this picture in an old yearbook last month and I pitched the story to my editor about tracking all these girls down to see what had happened to them...he gave me the go-ahead....a nice story for the Sunday magazine....a kind of where are they now I started digging but I was coming up empty....I had a friend in the FBI and I asked him if he could help me and he said it would be a piece of cake...."
She had put the gun down now and was holding the picture on both hands trying to remember that night...a pajama party just for us girls but Diana had brought him along and we had all dressed him in a nightie...we had all seen his tiny manhood and we had shared a good laugh about it....and although he was blushing he joined in the laughter!!!
We did each others nails and hair and then we all did his too....Diana thought this was sexy but we just enjoyed having a boy we could tease and play with....before the night was over he was just like one of the girls!!!!
"My friend at the FBI called me and gave me your name....and the two other girls....he had your addresses too....."
"What about that fourth girl?" I asked.
"She's tough....I'm having a little trouble matching her up.....give me a couple of days!"
The more she stared at the picture the more the night came back to had been so much fun....she doubted she had laughed so much anytime since....poor Diana....poor Gina.....what was going on....
"A couple of days later I called my friend at the FBI and he was he'd never been there.....the person who answered the phone told me there was no agent of that name available and asked me to leave my name and number....I hung up phone rang back a moment after I hung up....I picked it up....
"Hello is this Mr. Plummer?" a voice asked."
"Yes I'm Gerald Plummer....what can I do for you?"
The line went dead.....shortly the news hit the wires about the death of Diana Kennedy....I thought it was just a macabre coincidence until I got word of the death of Gina was then I realized that everyone associated with that picture in your hands was dead....except for you and me.....and they were dead with government approved stories to explain them do you understand.....we're the only two that know the secret....we have to hide.....and we have to move fast!!!!"
"Why? I don't understand.....what secret?"
"Look at the picture again.....look at the sissy....look close....tell me who you see..."
"It was just another one of Diana's sissy boyfriends....she did it to all the boys she was her thing....he wasn't anything special!!!"
"Look again damnit!!! Look at that face.....age him thirty years.....look can't you see!?!?!?"
She looked again....she could hear his voice although Diana had made him speak in a soft feminine manor.....and she thought about how he had looked before the makeup....what had she said his name was....
Then it crashed on her like a tidal wave!!!! Could it be??? Could the Sissy be....
"Oh my that the President!!!!"
"We have to go now....there's no more time....they'll be here soon....
"I have to get'll take a few minutes...."
She pulled on clothes as he kept pacing and urging her to hurry....she tucked her pistol into her waistband and grabbed an extra clip as they headed for the door....
"I have a car waiting around the corner.." he said, "someone I trust!"
"But where will we go?"
"There's a cabin I know....pretty remote....we can hide there while I try to find a way out of this for us...."
They ran like thieves through the night until they were safe in the car....Gerald introduced the driver as his oldest friend last name was offered....he was just Bill...
Bill drove for over an hour before he told them they could sit up....they were far outside of the city now!!!!
"How far is it to the cabin?"
"Not too far....but I have to check something first....."
"What....we're in a hurry Bill...."
Pulling to a stop Bill turned to face them....
"I have one thing I have to do before we go any further...."
"What's that Bill?"
"I'm to say that "Sissy says goodbye"....."
Before she could react a small red hole opened in her forehead and Gerald began to shout and a matching hole opened in his....
Bill put the gun down on the seat and got out of the car....a dark sedan pulled up and he got in and another man took his place as their driver....
The headline in the Washington Star read that their reporter and his lover had died in a murder/suicide pact....and the President adjusted his garter belt as he read the news...
He sighed.....another loose end taken care of.....

Last Call

Last know how it just haven't met anyone to finish the night with!!!
You scan the few are left.....but there's that one....possibly a diamond in the rough....after a quick conversation you both agreed and now you were kneeling down, ready for the big cock to fill your mouth....and you thought about how surprised he'd be in the morning when he was sober and you were ready for him to suck yours....

Friday, August 24, 2018


She was pretty sure that he was the one that took her bra and panties from the clothesline...there was no one else around except him....she wondered if he had the panties on now....
In just a few minutes she'd find out for sure!!!!
"Ron, Can you come in here for a minute?"
"Sure thing Ma'am I'll be right there!"

That Won't Do

"Oh no Sissy....that just won't do....that just won't do at all!!!!"
"I know Ma'am....I's far too short for me!"
"Too short....oh no...that's not fact the length is just perfect....but something is missing Sissy.....can you tell me what it is?"
"The....the cage Ma'am?"
"The cage Sissy! Run along like a good girl and bring it here and I'll put you into it.....and no stopping to stroke it on the way!!!"
Damn....she knows me so well!!!!
"Yes Ma'am!"

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Next Day

He must have been huge because she was still a little sore the next day....I would have preferred to use my tongue but she said no and sighed as I smoothed on the soothing cream!!!

Looking At Me

Even as he filled her pussy more than I could ever dream of.....even as she gasped in a pleasure I could never give her.....even then she looked for me....
I was obediently kneeling next to the bed as bra and panties showing him I was a chastity showing her that I belonged only to her....
Our eyes met and it was almost as if she was asking my permission for permission for this man to put his huge cock inside her....I debated for a moment how to answer this silent question and then I blew her a kiss.....she smiled at me for a moment and then her eyes squeezed shut as he began thrusting deep inside her!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Convince Me

"I don't know Sissy.....right now I'm thinking about another three months or so....I think your chastity has made you into the sweet little obedient sissy I wanted you to be...."
"'s been so long!!!!"
"Alright get over here right now and try to convince me.....and we'll see!"
"Thank you!!!!"
"I said we'll see Sissy.....your thanks are premature.....but that's what you're best at isn't it Sissy....being premature!!!!"
She laughed as Sissy crawled between her legs to "convince" her!!!!

Hump Day

Hump's a funny day...
When you start the day you've still got most of the week before you...

But by the end of the day most of it is behind you....

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Not Like That

"No....not like that! You have to spin fast and let the boys get a peek...that's how you keep them hot and horny for you!!!"
"I'm trying...."
"Not hard enough little brother!!! Now spin!!!! I want to see your pretty panties!!!"

There It Goes

There it goes....the last little shred of my manhood......all gone now!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2018

A Perfect Girl

"Just look at that Sissy!!!!! You have a perfectly girly bottom!!!! Nature blessed you with  a sweet little caboose.....if it wasn't for that tiny little mistake between your legs you would be the perfect girl!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Look at that beautiful skin!!!!
Look at that lustrous hair!!!!
Look at those pearly white teeth!!!!
Look at that healthy glow!!!!
Look at that wide smile!!!!
That doesn't just all happen by accident you know!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Healthy and organic, there's nothing better for you, inside or out!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"I hear they make a wonderful Caesar Salad here....I'm going to have that....what about you?"
"The salmon is always very be honest I was thinking about having it here all week!"
"What about you Sissy? What are you going to have?"
"While those both sound wonderful but I'm just going to go with my regular order if you don't mind?"
"Why would we mind Sissy, it's what we were expecting!"

Me Tarzan

"Me Jane!"
"Mmmmphhhh....I told you my name was Steve!!!"
"I said Me Tarzan Jane!!!!"
"Okay it's Steve....but I'll be Jane if you like...."

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Complete Privacy

"So you're sure I'll have complete own private beach house and my own private beach?"
"Yes Sir....we guarantee our guests complete privacy.....your nearest neighbor will be at least 3/4 of a mile from you and there are fences between the guests all our years of operation, I'm proud to say, we've never had a single complaint!!!"
"What about housekeeping and meals?"
"All done at times you specify so that you may choose to see the staff or not....your menu choices can be sent to the main kitchens via a pneumatic tube or you may call to speak directly to one of our world class chefs....entirely up to you!"
"And if I need help or have an emergency?"
"There are panic buttons throughout the property that can summon our security staff in minutes....we have a full medical facility on the property and a trauma center that's staffed 24 hours a day by top notch professionals!"
"I'm sold....I want to book two weeks in August!"
"You do understand Sir, that it's going to be very expensive...."
"I don't care about money.....I have more than I'll ever need....what I don't have is privacy and to get two weeks to myself is worth more to me than you can imagine!"

The resort was everything they had said it was and he could relax and finally be himself....the food was excellent....better than he had dreamed....the chef hadn't even laughed when he had asked for Spaghetti-O's for lunch.....he loved Spaghetti-O's....had loved them since he was a child but he never had a chance to eat them...people laughed at them.....and he told the chef he wanted the whole family sized can for himself for lunch....he could go back to the gourmet food after, but he wanted what he wanted and they brought him anything he asked for....
The staff arrived at the precisely arranged times and he made himself scarce while they quietly and efficiently went about their business....he never actually laid eyes on any of them....and they never saw was perfect!!!
On the sixth day of his stay he found a small rubber raft on the beach....but there had been no notice of any staff making an unscheduled visit....he would have to contact guest services to find out what was going on....
He was walking back to the house when he was grabbed roughly from behind...huge strong arms wrapped around him and began dragging him toward the house....
"Who are you??? What do you want???"
"Shut up!" the man growled back!
"Don't hurt me.....I have money....I can give you money...."
"Yeah I'll take your money Baby....but I've been locked up in prison for eight long years and you've got something else I want!!!!"
The rough man took the delicate fabric and tore the light summer dress.....
" don't understand....I'm not really a woman....I'm just dressed like one..."
"Because I enjoy feeling like a woman.....I have since I was a small boy...."
"You like feeling like a woman....even though you're a that what you're telling me?"
"Yes....that's the truth!"
"Well that's good enough for me...."
He dragged the effeminate man into into the house and no one was close enough to hear the screams....

"Hello Sir....did you enjoy your stay with us?"
"Very much turned out to be the perfect vacation for was just what I needed!!! Has my driver brought the car around yet?"
"Yes he has's funny that I don't remember your driver being here when you arrived...."
"He's new..."
"I see....thank you again for staying with us and we look forward to serving you again!"

At Her Place

She invited you up to her place after your third date!!!!
You knew this was going to be the night!!!!
You felt like the luckiest guy in the world!!!!
You made small talk and kissed more and more passionately and you were so ready....
Then she stepped away to slip into something more comfortable....and then you knew the two of you really were going to fuck tonight....and you were glad you had worn your prettiest panties under your jeans!!!

Friday, August 17, 2018

It Used To Be

It used to be a quick it's a nice long scented bubble bath...after all she expects me to smell as pretty as I dress and I couldn't agree more!!!!

Porn Movie

Yes it's just like a porno you might watch on your 4k high def 60" TV....
Except that it's your bedroom...and that's your wife....and his cock is so big....and you're the only person watching....and it's just so much much better!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2018


"Alright gentlemen, my sissy husband is all lubed, caged and ready, just as I promised......the "entry" fee is twenty dollars for the front entrance and thirty for the back door....and today only there's a bargain on both for forty-five!!!!"
"I got forty-five right here!!!"
"Me too!!!"
"Yeah forty-five for me too!!!!"
"That makes forty-five from all of us!!!"
"Thank you gentlemen....up the stairs and it's the second door to the left.....enjoy yourselves!!!!"

Not Allowed

Just to make sure I understood, the ice cold water made it clear.....even semi-hard wasn't allowed....two days later the smaller cage arrived!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hump Day

Yes the new Boss is a pain in the ass, but he's such a good pain in the ass....and he seems to be just as happy as you that it's Hump Day!!!!


He explained it so clearly....angles and vectors and so on....I'm pretty good at mathematics but once he got onto the variables he lost me completely....
"Yes I'm sure it's all good in theory.....but does it work in the real world?"
"Oh yes Sissy, let me show you.....just tilt your head back and open your'll all be clear in just a minute!!!"
And he was right....this was something I could really wrap my head around!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Alright Daddy

"Alright Daddy, you go with my friend Vanessa.....she'll take care of you until I get back!"
"Yes Mistress!"


After breakfast I help her with her makeup....I guess I could raise the mirror but this works our so much better for both of us!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2018


There is definitely an advantage to short skirts and stockings....for instance I haven't changed a flat tire in years.....and I've never paid for the service....well I've never paid cash!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Let's just get right to it shall we....
I could say lots of things about how good it is for you....
Or how wonderful it tastes....
Or how the flavor stays long after you've swallowed your creamy treat....
Or how it's better than those quick energy drinks....
Or how it's good for your complexion....
Or how it makes your smile brighter....
I could say all that but isn't it better to let it speak for itself!!!!
ManCandy!!!! No matter how much you say about it, it's still not enough!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"Poor Sissy, I bet you thought I invited your adorable friend Leeanne here to play with you!!!"
"I thought that maybe...."
"No Sissy, I'm having quite a few guests over for brunch and I knew I would need more than one sissy maid to serve them all!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"You two be good and maybe the guests might want you to put on a show for us later!!!"
"Do you think so Ma'am?"
"It's a possibility...."
"We'll be oh so good Ma'am, we promise!!!!"
"I know you two are such good girls!!!!"


As she slips her cock inside me I can't help but gasp....
"I love you Sweetheart....."
"I love you too Sissy!!!!"
Then she fucks me till I can't even speak....
Oh yes....she really does love me!!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Island

I may have been the only survivor of The US Naval Schooner James K. Polk, maybe there were others but they didn't make land here. I'm very sure of that, I've been on this island for eight years now and I've explored it from end to end and from top to bottom and I never found a trace of any man having ever been here....ever!
It made me wonder that some of the animals were here, how on earth did the boars get here? And the small animals that looked something like bears, although I had never seen the like of them before!!! And the monkeys....all sorts and types!
But I was the only man here....and the animals had no natural fear of me so initially food had not been a problem for me!
I had found a source for fresh water and a natural shelter at the base of the central mountain which I suspect had once been the volcano that gave birth to this island!
Over the years I had improved my shelter and had learned to preserve my food so that I didn't hunt any of the animals to the detriment of their species!!!!
There was abundant fruits on the island and the trees were bursting with them waiting for me to enjoy....again I only took what I needed....the animals needed to eat too after all!!!
It was during one of my fishing expeditions at the lee shore of the island that I spotted a small glint of gold in a craggy rock near the waterline....on investigation I was pleased to find a small treasure box crammed full of jewels and pearls!
I collected the treasure and made my way back to my comfortable home to take a closer look at this wonderful thing I had found. I was still looking through them, enjoying how they glittered and shone by the firelight when an ungodly sound came to my ears!!!! A screeching, keening sound that was at once heartbreaking and terrifying!!!
I have to admit that I didn't go to investigate this unearthly sound and as embarrassing as it is to say, I cowered the rest of the terror absolutely overwhelming me!
The next day I returned to the lee shore and that's when I first encountered the Sea Witch!
She was still there, but her cries had turned to quiet sobs....but I had no doubt that she had been the source of last nights cacophony!!!!
She spotted me as I emerged from the trees and turned her terrible visage to me...her voice was like the hissing of vipers ready to strike!!!
"Why are you here man of the land....this island belongs to me!"
I tried to explain about the shipwreck that had brought me here and that I had been here for years but she stopped me...
"You must have taken it.....there's no one must have been you....give it back to me or face my wrath!!!!"
"I'm sorry Sea Hag but I have no idea what you're talking about!"
"My chest.....MY jewels my pearls....MY PEARLS!!!!!"
"Oh you mean those baubles I found....I dumped them all in the sea...."
"You lie!!!! YOU LIE!!!! Tell me the truth or a spell I'll cast on you that will rob you of something you hold dear as I love my pearls and jewels!"
Momentarily nervous I decided to bluff it out...
"Look around hag....I have nothing....what could you rob from a man, stranded all these years.....go cry somewhere're scaring away the fish and I'm looking forward to a nice fish for my supper tonight!!!!"
It was almost funny watching her rage and scream, but the longer she did it the more certain I was that she couldn't actually harm me!!!
"Go away Sea Hag, I'm done with you....even if I did have your precious jewels and baubles they'd certainly be better off with begone you can't hurt me!"
"True it may be that I can't cause you harm....the witch's laws forbid it.....but I will take something from you....something that every man loves....something they can't be without..."
I laughed at her actual impotence....witch's laws....who would have guessed such a thing existed!!!!
"Do your worst Hag...I have fish to catch and my luncheon to prepare and I can't bear the sight of you much longer!!!"
I heard her mumbling as she cast her spell....but I continued about my business.....what worries had I, once I knew she could cause me no harm...
As I walked away I was surrounded by an iridescence and I felt myself changing....I felt myself lighter....smaller somehow....and when I got back to my little home I discovered what she had stolen from me....
Now she returns every day to plead for her small chest of baubles and I wait on the rocks to laugh.....she had done me a delightful favor and fulfilled a lifelong fantasy of mine...I was a woman....a beautiful young woman....she had stolen my manhood and she didn't guess that I would have given it to her willingly!!! Her offers to trade it back to me were met with nothing but my delightful feminine laughter!!!!
My life before, on the island, had been one of survival and work with no every night....there was pleasure....more pleasure than I had ever dreamed was possible....more pleasure than any man has ever known....and my cries in the night sometimes drowned out those of the Sea Witch still mourning her lost treasure!!!!!

Have You Ever

Have you ever sat and watched your girlfriend suck another guy's cock?
I have.....and it made me cum in my panties....
But that was then....
Now she sits and watches me suck cocks and it's her that cums in her panties!!!!
As it should be....

Friday, August 10, 2018


"Stop looking around doesn't matter who sees you like this!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am!"
"I warned you Sissy....I said I'd put you over my knee right here, didn't I?"
"Yes Ma'am!!"
"And what did you say Sissy?"
"I said you wouldn't dare Ma'am!"
"And what do you have to say now Sissy?"
"I'm very sorry Ma'am!!!"
"Oh no're not sorry yet....but you soon will be.....count them off Sissy!!!!"
"That's One....thank you Ma'am!!!"
"That's Two....thank you Ma'am!!!"
"That's Three......"

Sweet Dreams

In my dream you had my key....

And I had yours.....

And we were both so felt just like I'd always imagined!!!!!

And then the alarm woke me....but I had a smile on my face all day!!!!