Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Hump Day

By the time Hump Day comes around your client is grasping for leverage to turn the deal in his favor!!!


"Alright I think 25 strokes with the yardstick will change his mind about wearing your panties...what do you think Dear?"
"Yes 25 is appropriate for his first correction Mommy.....bend over the table now Sissy..."
"I don't understand what's going on....why is your mother here?"
"Mommy's here to help me make you into the sissy husband I want you to be....isn't that right Mommy?"
"Of course we'll have to add ten more strokes for failing to follow your order to bend over the table...."
"You heard her Sissy.....that's 35 strokes....want to try for more?"
""No....please....", he answered with his face pressed against the table cloth!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

I Love This Dress

Perfect for a summer and breezy....innocent and sexy at the same time....the petticoats peeking out draw the eyes to my legs and the print hides the almost flat chest....the perfect dress for a early cocktail party on the'll catch the men's eyes....and many of the women's too!!!

The Best Part

"And the best part is....since I caged his little clit he'll lick for as long as I tell him to and he'll thank me when I'm done!!!!"
"Maybe I'll get a cage for my husband too!!!"
"Can't hurt to try it Sis!!!!"

Monday, June 28, 2021


Okay all my dear readers.....put your hand up if you did this whenever you got the chance...
Keep those hands up.....why it looks like almost all of you!!!!

Monday ManCandy

 She's always fussed over you and she still does....
She wants to make sure you're ready to face the world and so she makes sure that you swallow every drop!!!
ManCandy!!! Making you feel warm inside and out!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Brunch

"Oh you're so right...this is much better than ringing a bell for service...."
"And no more "I didn't hear it" excuses for Sissy!!!"



It was all very romantic...he even got down on his knee to ask her to be his bride....and offered her his ring....
She in turn....smiled and told him that she would marry him if he agreed to wear her ring!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Virgin Sacrifice 2

"I'm curious Master all of this death and destruction enough for you?"
"What do you mean little Dee....the countryside rings out with tales of our conquests..."
"I know that....but is it enough for you?"
"I ask you again human....what do you mean?"
"Well like....last Tuesday when you left me in the smoldering ruins of said you'd be right back and I waited there for hours and hours.....where did you go..."
"Oh that....I ran into some of the guys and we went out to light a town on fire...."
"And left me there alone and hungry...."
"I'm sorry....but it was just that one time...."
"But it wasn't that one time and you know it!!!"
"So's not like we're really married you know...."
"Are there any girls when you guys get together?"
"No....of course's just like a guys night out...."
"So you and your friends aren't gobbling up any virgins while I stay behind?"
"Well....we don't go looking for them.....but if some villages put out a virgin or two....well they kind of expect us to eat them....I's what we do...."
"I understand that but why do I have to stay behind? You could take me along sometime....I'd like to meet your friends...."
"No I don't think that would be a good idea...."
"Well you're going to confuse them....I mean you are still technically a virgin  and you look a lot like a tasty morsel that any self respecting dragon would enjoy eating...."
"Well you still smell like a's not your fault I know....the potion your wife gave you all those months ago changed you but not still have the scent of a man...."
"And what's so bad about that, Master Dragon?"
"Well I don't want any of the guys to know that I ever had a man in my mouth....maybe some dragons are into that kind of thing but not in my crowd..."
"So I'm not woman enough for you!!! My foul wife, you remember her don't you? You ate her in front of the whole wife thought I wasn't man enough for her and changed me into the woman before what good am I? Not good enough to be a man and not good enough to be a may as well incinerate me right now..."
She started to weep....
"Oh....hey now....don't cry....I didn't mean anything by it.....just because my friends won't understand that doesn't mean anything....,you're still my favorite little human....and I like having you with me....and I like having you...."
She was sniffling still...
"Like having me what Master Dragon?"
"Well I have to admit....I enjoy having you in my're the squirmiest little thing and you're pretty tasty too...."
She was blushing now....
"And I love being in your mouth too Master Dr....Daryl!!!"
"Why don't you climb up onto my tongue right now Dee?"
"I thought you'd never ask!!!!"

Not That long Ago

It doesn't seem that long ago when you decided to try on her panties....just this one time....and now....well it wasn't just that one time was it?

Friday, June 25, 2021

Not Yet

"I don't see any of your sissy cream yet so I'll just keep fucking you till I do...."


"Sissy....I want you to wear these panties today...."
"But I'm going for my physical today!!!"
"And why does that make a difference?"
"The doctor and the nurse will see....."
"And again....what's the difference?"
"They'll know that I'm a...."
"A what?"
"They'll know I'm a sissy!!!!"
She laughs....
"Oh Baby....they already know that....everybody already knows that!!!"

Thursday, June 24, 2021


Remember how it was when it started....listening to her moaning in pleasure  while all you had was frustration!!!

Remember how things changed over the years as she worked her magic on you? You were much happier and not nearly as frustrated as you used to be!!!


"I think I hear them coming...."
"Yeah....I hear them too..."
"I wonder how many there'll be...."
"I don't wife invited all of her friends!!!"
"That's not so bad...."
"What do you mean, not so bad?"
"My wife invited all of my friends...."

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

My Favorite

 On my knees....she doesn't need to speak...I can see what she wants....and....oh my god....I want it too!!!!
Of all the meals we've had at this table.....this is my favorite!!!

Hump Day

He told his wife he really didn't understand all the fuss about Hump Day...
She thought it over and realized she could spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to explain it to him or she could ask a friend to explain it more clearly than she ever could!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


As she turned my bottom a lovely shade of pink I could feel her heat and excitement against my bare skin!!!!
I still loved being over her knees but getting a spanking like this had its advantages!!!


It's hypnotic isn't it?
I could watch this all day....
Couldn't you?

Monday, June 21, 2021

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Auntie wasn't pleased with his behavior...he was used to receiving her corrections to his behavior....but when his cousin Jane came in to watch his humiliation tripled!!!
"But why does he let you do it Mommy....surely he's big enough to fight back?"
"He does it because he recognizes that we women are superior to men...."
"So.....I'm his superior then?"
"Of course you are Dear...."
"So I could spank him like this too.....I could put him in my panties and punish him too?"
"Any time you like Dear...."
And just like that young Billy's life took a new turn.....

Monday ManCandy

It's the start of another work....and after all those months working from home you're just not ready!!!
That's why it's important that you get your energy boost even before you get out of bed!!!
And she's only too happy to provide you with what you need!!!
ManCandy!!! We're preparing it for you even while you sleep!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Take Your Seats

"Alright ladies....inspection time is over....please take your seats....the auction is about to begin!!!"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"The Headmaster told me that if I was having difficulty controlling you the I should keep you on a short leash and make sure that all your attention was on me!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"I didn't think he meant it literally but he sent along this lovely collar and leash and he suggested that I "Try you out"....he says you got the top mark in your class in cunnilingus!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"So this weekend you're going to show me everything you've learned about pleasing a woman....and you're going to leave my boyfriend's cock alone!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Wishes

Old Ted had told him about the well....fifteen miles west from his homestead....and about a half mile off the trail.....near an old abandoned farm....
"If you throw in a gold coin it'll make your wish come true...."
"I don't believe in any such nonsense as that Ted.....where do you get these stories?"
"I hear tell it's true son....why don't you head on out there and see for yourself...."
"Why would I waste my time like that? I've got plenty of work on the farm....and speaking of farms....if those people had a wish granting well.....why did they abandon their farm?"
"Way I hear it they all got their wishes granted and moved on.....didn't need the farm anymore.... "
" come out to my place and do my chores and I'll go look for this so-called magical well!!!"
"Remember to take a gold coin.....every wish costs a gold coin...."
He rose before dawn....saddling his horse and taking enough supplies to spend a nighty on the trail....he rode out at dawn....after stopping a time or two to rest himself and the horse it was going on late afternoon when he started to look for any signs of an abandoned farm....
There in the scrub brush on the side of the trail he spotted an old fence was so covered in weeds that he nearly went past it.....he nosed his horse into the scrub and rode for a short while when he came across what remained of a wasn't very big....but if they lived here4 they had to have a well and it was sure to be nearby and it didn't take long for him to find it....
He dismounted and tied his horse nearby where it could graze a bit....and stepped over to the well and looked into sure was just went down and the bottom was somewhere down there in the darkness.....he dropped a pebble in and he never heard it hit the bottom.....he sure must of taken some hell of a time to dig a well that deep....for all he knew it might reach all the way down to the infernal depths!!!
He crossed himself for even having the thought....
He reached into his pocket for the five dollar gold was a lot of money to just toss down a well.....and what would he wish for anyway?"
Money.....he really had no desire to be rich....seemed like it would be to much worry...
Land....he could barely keep up with the land he already had.... thanks....he preferred to live and let live...
Women....well that's complicated.....he loved women....he loved to be around them and listen to them and look at their pretty things....and their nice long hair....sometimes he wished he could be just like maybe that would be his wish....
He didn't believe anything Ted had told him about the well....but he was right about the abandoned farm and he was right about where the well was worth the five dollar gold piece to find out if he was right about the wishes....
He tossed the shiny gold coin into the well and he never did hear it hit water or stone....
"I wish I was born a woman!!!"
It seemed almost as if the world blinked for a moment and when he opened his eyes it was done....he was a woman!!!!
In every way!!!
He ran his hands over his body....lingering on his new female charms.....he was naked as the day he was born....well he guessed that if he'd always been a woman he wouldn't be wearing the rough male clothes he'd had....
He looked for his horse but he must've gotten loose and wandered off....he wasn't too concerned....the animal wouldn't go far....
He reveled in the feelings he was having.....and he used his fingers to explore his new femininity.....his wife never let him do fact he'd never actually seen her naked like he was now....
It was coming on to dark now and he needed some sleep....the damned horse must have gone off further than he thought so he had bedroll and no clothes....he made his way back to the cabin and he found some old mattresses....they stunk of animals and mildew but they were soft and he needed to lie down....
He spent half the night pleasuring himself....he found a spot that made him cry out when he touched it and he must have gone back to it a dozen times or more as the night wore on....
It was the sun coming through the cracks in what remained of the roof that woke him....he was disoriented at first and then it all came back to him!!!!
He stepped outside into the sunny day and called for the horse.....nothing....
Damned animal must have headed home without him....
Now it all came to him like a he was....miles from horse...and no clothes!!!!
Well nothing else for it but to start walking....he was torn between making the long walk by himself or hoping to meet someone on the would he explain this....that despite all the feminine charms he was showing....that he was really a fact how would he explain this when he got home....maybe if Old Ted was still there he'd at least back up the story about the wishing well....maybe she'd understand....and he'd get another coin and come back out here and wish it all back to the way it was....
He never did meet anyone on that long....long walk back....when his homestead finally came into sight he'd never felt more relieved....and despite the hour there was still light in the bedroom window....she must have been worried about him....she was waiting up...
He crept up to the house but he heard sounded like a fight....he looked into the bedroom window and was shocked to see Old Ted enthusiastically making love to his wife and she was just as enthusiastic about having him....
He watched for a bit and found himself strangely aroused....And after a time he couldn't take anymore and moved to the front was locked and he banged his fists against the sturdy wood....
He was surprised when Old Ted opened the door naked as a jaybird....
"Ah...there you are....home at last....we've been waiting for you....c'mon in and rest a bit...then you can join us!!!!"
"What....join and my wife...."
"You were so easy....I went out to the well and I wished that the next person would wish to be a woman....a slutty woman....and then I looked around town and found the prettiest wife and it cost me another coin but I wished that she'd be filled with lust for there you are....for ten dollars in gold, I got your wife....your land....everything you own...and now I get to have you too....come with me pretty girl....your wife and I have been waiting for you all day!!!!"
And they went  to the bedroom and....well it wouldn't be right to write down all the unspeakable things that went on!!!!


At first when my wife told him how much she wanted to suck his cock....he didn't understand...but he was OK with it...
When he looked up at the door and saw me watching my white dress...he didn't understand....but he was OK with it....
When the morning came....he left the both of us very satisfied...he didn't understand....but we were OK with it....he'd catch on sooner or later....


Friday, June 18, 2021

The Pause

Then there's the pause....
Sometimes it's to rest her arm and sometimes it's taking a moment to decide if I've learned my lesson!!!!
You just never know which it is....until you find out!!!

It's A Deal

"Okay's a suck my cock and I'll bring you some of my sisters stuff to wear...."

Thursday, June 17, 2021


I love this dress....the white lace....the baby blue bow....I love how it accents what I've got while hiding what I don't....
"You didn't tell me where we're going Sweetheart...."
"Oh I'm sorry Sissy...."
"Well....where are we going?"
"We're going to your friend Ron's house...."
"I can't go there dressed like this....what will  he say!?!?!?"
"About your pretty dress? He specifically asked that you wear that one...."
"But what will we be doing there...."
"Well.....he's going to fuck're going to lick me clean and then fluff him for me....then he's going to fuck me again and you're going to get him hard for me again...then he's going to fuck me again.....and so on....what do you think of that Sissy?"
"I think we'd better hurry....we don't want to keep him waiting!!!!"

How Stupid

I bent myself into a pretzel trying to get my little cock into my mouth....I nearly broke my neck falling out of the bed on more than one occasion!!!!
And I never reached it...
So I contented myself with licking up my cum from my hand....the floor....the walls....the ceiling...wherever it landed.....
I can't believe I was so stupid that I never tried seems so obvious now after my wife helped me do it the first time....


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Hump Day

Well it's Hump Day....and you've done your part....the success or failure of this is completely out of your hands at this point!!!


I have to agree with all my sissy sisters on this situation I wouldn't last thirty seconds!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 It was really just a touch-up....because to be thorough, the cage would have to come off and I'm pretty sure that's not happening anytime soon!!!!


Sure, I wanted it....I'd fantasized about it for years.....and now it was time....I was dressed like a slut and I dropped to my knees in front of him like a slut....
It wasn't till I reached up to open his pants that I realized how badly my hands were shaking!!!
Was I really going to do this?
Was I really going to become a sissy cocksucker?
What if I did it wrong.....what if he didn't like it....what would I do.....would I spit it out or would I swallow it....I've swallowed lots of my own....would his be different....
There was only one way to tell.....I had to suck his cock....I wanted to suck his cock....
That little voice in my head telling me "No"...but it just couldn't keep me from doing what I so wanted to do.....suck his cock.....another my mouth....making me a cocksucker...
As nervous as I many thoughts crashed together in my head.....I reached up to undo his a few moments my life would change!!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Just Us

"Alright daughter is gone for the day so it's just you and I....alone for the whole day...."
"Yes Ma'am...."
"Today you're going to learn a lot of new lessons about service Sissy....are you ready?"
"Oh yes I am Ma'am..."
"We'll see Sissy....we'll see....."

Monday ManCandy

At first you're just hungry...
But you're hungry for something in particular...but you're not sure what you want...
And when you get it....when it fills your mouth with it's creamy's just what you wanted even if you didn't know it!!!
ManCandy!!! The breakfast treat that everyone wants whether they know it or not!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2021

just To Show

"So you see're not the only sissy around here....your friend Steve has quite an extensive wardrobe and he looks so pretty....don't you think?"
What could I say....surprised and overwhelmed....
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And you know what's the best thing about Steve....excuse me....about Stephanie....his lovely wife Kathy doesn't have him in a cage and he's got a nice cock....not big....but nice...."
"I can see the bulge in her panties Ma'am...."
"You're going to get a much closer look than that Sissy.....Kathy has given Stephanie permission to cum....what do you think about that?"
"She's a very lucky sissy...."
"Kathy gave her permission to cum in your mouth....what do you think of that Sissy?"
"I think we're both lucky sissies!!!!"
"Quite right get busy!!!"


Sunday Brunch

 She was so proud of me....all the ladies agreed I was the best sissy at the brunch!!!!


Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Boss

"Yeah....that was funny...."
"You thought that the Boss cutting me off....without a penny coming thought that was funny!!!"
"Well, yeah at was funny how you tried to hit us all up for money....even though you knew that the Boss would do the same to any of us that helped you...."
"I was desperate....and you all laughed at me....I had to take a honest job....working for my pay like a citizen...."
" worked in that weird bookstore....the one with all the spooky stuff...."
"Nobody else would hire was the only place in town that the Boss didn't control....he didn't think it was worth the trouble.....I bet he wishes he had now!!!"
"So you used some of that voodoo on him and made him a woman....but we want him what's it gonna cost?"
"I'll tell you what....I'll play you cards for him....if I win I keep him and I never hear from you guys again and if I lose...."
"If you lose you change him back....and we'll give you a 24 hour head start before we come looking for you!!!"
"You know what I'm going to do to him if I win....I'm going to make him into the cheapest whore in town....I guarantee you that he'll be very's like justice...he spent his whole life screwing people and now...."
"Alright....I got the idea....what's the game...."
"Poker....five card stud....nothing wild..."
Unseen under the table both men had their guns at the ready....
As the cards were dealt.....the woman squirmed against her bonds....she wanted to speak....she wanted to shout orders to kill the bastard...but he'd done something to her....more than changing her body....her mind was almost like it was not her own....every time she tried to speak the only things she said involved asking men to take her in some perverted way....this nightmare couldn't go on....she couldn't stand it...
The cards were dealt and the two men eyed each other with a steely resolve....
"I got aces and eights...."
"I've got nothing...."
"Then I fast can you change him back?"
"You know what they call aces and eights?"
"The winning hand!"
"'s the dead mans hand...."
A shot rang out and the gangster was a winner no more...
"Well looks like you belong to me now....what do you have to say?"
She wanted to scream....she wanted to tell him that she was going to kill him....she wanted to curse him and his family.....but all she could say was...
"Would you like to take me from don't even have to untie me..."
"That's a great idea Boss....we're going to have so much fun together!!!"


Accepting His Fate

Reluctant at first but he seems to enjoy it....and she really enjoys it....keep the sound on...

Friday, June 11, 2021

Say Thank You

"Isn't that sweet Sissy? You should thank him for the creamy gift he's given you!!!"
I wanted so badly to add my sissy cream to the mess.....
"Thank you Sir....."
"Very well Sissy....pull up your panties and get on with your can enjoy his cream between your legs while I get my share...."

What Next

"So what do you think we should do next ladies?"
"Lets put him in panties!!!"
"I'm thinking we should get rid of all that icky hair first!!!"
"Oh yes....lets shave him smooth....ladies go get your razors!!!"

Thursday, June 10, 2021


"Alright Sissy....put down that's your turn now!!!!"


Some would rush to put a finger or a cock inside that tight little hole....but all I can think of doing is getting my tongue in there and enjoying her as much as she enjoys me!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Love It

"Do you like it Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma' know I love polka dots....and the set looks beautiful on you!!!"
"Thanks Sissy.....but you know I didn't buy this just for you to see...."
"I hope he loves it as much as I do...."
"Thank you Sissy...."

Hump Day

You can't help but be a little surprised when you've reached Hump Day and suddenly your client introduces something new to the deal!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Work Around

"Look....I can't say I'm not surprised....and it explains so much about your predilection for oral sex....but I think we can find a way to work around it...."
"Thank you Sweetheart and I promise to keep you happy for the rest of your life...."
"Where's the key for this?"
"I guess that's something we'll need to discuss later....the real question you should've asked is.....where are the two keys....."
"We have a lot to talk about...."
"Yes, but we have forever to discuss it!!!"


Fluffing her lover is a matter of cooperation between her lover and me....
But sometimes he decides that he doesn't want to cooperate....he wants to cum!!!

Monday, June 7, 2021


Back when I was dating, I met a girl who realized that I had some serious shortcomings when it came to sex....
Being small and cumming too soon were just not something that she was looking for in a boyfriend...
But I tried my best to please her in the only way I could....and it was enough for a while....
But she wanted a mans cock to fuck her....and that was something I couldn't give her!!!!
We parted as friends that's something at least....