Monday, April 30, 2018

Truth or Dare

"C'mon Leeanne this "Dare" will be easy...."
"But Kaaren...."
"Really we knock this off quick and then it's our turn!!!!"
"But Kaaren...."
"All we have to do is walk to the car and back and then when it's our turn we can "Dare" them to release us and let us cum!!!!"
"But Kaaren, I've been trying to tell you...."
"Tell me what Leeanne?"
"About the car...."
"What about the car....hey where is it parked anyway?"
"The car is at the mechanics.....five blocks....that way!!!!"
"Ohh....I wish you'd told me.....oh well....hold my hand and we'll just have to tough it out!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Just open wide
And let it fill you
Let it warm you
And let it thrill you!!!!
Let it give you
The strength that you need
The flavor and energy
That will help you succeed!!!!
Lay back and enjoy
As it fills up your tummy
Nothing else in the world
Tastes quite so yummy!!!!
And that warm little glow
Will be there all day
Warming you from inside
In just the best way!!!!
So start your day, off you go
As you step out the door
Just remember how easy
It is to get more!!!
Round every corner
And down every road
Almost any man will gladly
Share his sweet hot white load!!!
So just lay back and be ready
With your mouth open wide
For that white creamy treat
That you swallow with pride!!!

ManCandy!!!! Swallow and go forth....conquer the world!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Brunch

She had decided on a champagne brunch....but it was a little different....she had all the champagne and I had all I could eat!!! I think it worked out beautifully!!!!

It's Alright Sissy

"It's alright Sissy, she's only going to fuck your cute little hole for a few more minutes!!!"
"Oh thank god...."
"Then it's going to be my turn!!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!"
"That's goddess to you Sissy!!!!"

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Perfect Woman

"Stop struggling Mr. Hale, maybe you had a chance to fight back before the treatments but not anymore...."
"But why!!!! Why are you doing this to me??"
"Because I believe you'll be the perfect woman for me when I'm done with you.....all the other women I've tried were missing something....something that I searched for....something I yearned if I couldn't find the perfect woman I decided to create her!!!"
"'s not too late.....stop now and I promise I won't tell anyone...."
"!!!! And they call me mad!!!! Don't you see what I've done for you....I've drained the essence of femininity from these women and I've distilled it into a powerful concentrated liquid...."
"You've killed them!!!!"
"Nonsense...they'll recover, but without their femininity they'll behave more like men from now on.....when the time is right I'll release them at a special tavern I know where only certain kinds of women gather....they'll soon feel right at home there!!!!"
"But what about me....please I don't want this....I don't want any of this...."
"Well my dear. I'm afraid it's too late now....with this last infusion the deepest womanly desires should awaken in you and you'll feel an overwhelming need to satisfy them!!!"
Even as the potent elixir entered his blood he knew the madman was right.....he felt a raw animal lust overcome him and he felt the blood rush to his.....
"Wait....but I'm not a woman at all...I'm still a man....I can feel the desires of a woman but I'm still a man where it've haven't made me a woman at all!!!"
"Again Mr. Hale.....perhaps I'll call you misunderstand!!! I've made you into the perfect woman!!!!"
"But what about...."
"I've made you into the perfect woman....but not for anyone else....I've made you into the perfect woman for me!!!!"
Mr. Hale disappeared that night, the night Haley was born....a night of unspeakable perversions and unnatural acts....and perhaps it was the treatments he'd been give that changed him or perhaps they had only opened his eyes but he wanted more!!!!

This Is Why

This is why I ended up caged and shaved....well let's make that shaved and caged...if you want to be precise!!!
She explained to me, in great detail, why it was unacceptable for me to be hairy like a man when I was clearly not a man...and she added that her lovers didn't want my sissy cream hitting their feet while they were fucking her....even if I licked it off afterwards!!!
A razor and a cage were the solutions we needed....and she was right!!!!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Are You OK Sissy

"Are you OK in there Sissy, you've been in there a long you need some help with anything?"
"No Ma'am. I'm just about ready...."
"Well hurry up Sissy.....all my girlfriends are waiting to meet my newest pretty girl!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....."
Taking a deep breath after making one last minute adjustment to the hair ribbon, Sissy pulled the door open and entered his new world!!!!

Do You Remember?

Do you remember that first time.....home put on the pretty lingerie again....and the shoes....ooooohhhh the shoes were so wonderful and by some wonderful miracle they actually fit!!! But that day you wanted more!!!!
It was the lipstick that made it was the lipstick that filled your head with dreams of so many forbidden was the first time you really wondered how it would be to get down on your knees and suck a boy's cock!!!!
Do you remember?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Her Day

When she comes home she always tells me all about her day....
I have to be honest.....even with my college education I have a hard time understanding the deals she spends her days making.....
I zone out sometimes while she talks....I don't mean to but I have to admit that I do....
She deals with vast sums of money while I worry about dust bunnies under the sofa!!!!
She makes international deals involving far flung countries and ministers of this and that while I worry about keeping my seamed stockings straight!!!
But occasionally something she tells me brings me rocketing back to full attention!!!!
"....and he came in my mouth almost as fast as you used to Sissy, I couldn't help it...I just started laughing!!!!"
Now I really wish I'd been paying closer attention and hadn't missed the first part of that story!!!!!


"Suck me your skills and maybe I'll let you suck my cock!!!"
Humiliating? You bet it is....everyone already knows that I'm a fantastic cocksucker!!! I proved that a long time ago!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


While I wait for my espresso I notice him....
He's staring at my legs....what a pig....and then I recognized him....from High School....oh yes it was him....he had that same leering smile even then....even then when he was punching that small effeminate boy where  it wouldn't leave a mark....when he was calling me horrible names....Sissy, Faggot, Cocksucker....all of which I've come to embrace....well except Faggot....I still don't like that one...
He sees me as we make eye contact and instead of turning away he sticks out his tongue and wiggles it at me....obviously he doesn't recognize me....then I see his wife sit down with shapeless clothes and the three kids all shouting at him and I just couldn't help it.....I did the worst thing I could possibly do to the bastard...
I gave him a soft smile as I crossed my legs and allowed my dress to slip up a little higher on my thighs....
I know that the next time he fucks the fat cow he's married to, he'll be thinking of me....maybe they'll name the baby after me!!!!

Hump Day

The first part of the week was a real pain in the ass but at least it made it easier for the rest of the week to glide by with almost no friction!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I Said

"I know what I said Sissy.....I said if you could make him cum in under three minutes I'd release you and let you attempt to fuck holes barred!!!!"
"But he's in chastity!!!!"
"I never said it was going to be easy Sissy.....time starts now!!!!!"


I spend a lot of my time in the house....I was never the most outgoing person....I always liked my private time where I could do things that I couldn't do outside....
So I never had a lot of friends....I had a few....and a couple of really good friends who I could always count on....but I had trouble making new friends as the years went by....
Men saw me as a little too feminine and women saw me as not masculine enough!!!
So thank goodness that my sweet wife has no trouble at all making new friends and that through her I've gotten to taste meet so many interesting people....mostly men though!!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Macho Man

He loved to tell his buddies on the construction site how his wife was the perfect housewife!!!!
She met him every night with that wicked smile and that twinkle in her eye....and they would fuck every night once before dinner and usually twice more before bed....
He was so lucky, he told them, he married a girl who just wanted to fuck all the time!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You see silly boy....I told you it's not just for girls!!!! Although I have to admit with your pretty makeup and lacy lingerie you're more of a girl than many of the girls I know!!!
A delicious mouthful of fresh hot cream will remind you all day that I love you and only want what's best for you!!!!
From now on I'm going to make sure you get what you need to get on with your day Sweetie!!!!
ManCandy!!!! You love wearing the dresses....this is the bonus!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Brunch

Yes I plan to serve poached eggs and bacon....a lovely assortment of fruits....sweet country ham....specialty omelets....savory sausages....grits with butter....waffles and anything else she and her guests might desire....
But before they arrive she serves me my favorite Sunday only problem is that I can never get enough to satisfy me....although I make sure she gets real much as she desires....


It's a personal preference.....but I really like it when a man is little hairs to get stuck in my teeth....

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Matinee - He Strikes at Midnight

The brazen thief had struck terror into the women of the city and the police seemed completely unable to stop him!!!! It seemed like every morning found another of the fiends victims, bound and sobbing, all unable to describe him other than his black mask!!!
Gwen Fielding listened in horror as one after another of her friends recounted their nights of terror as the fiend appeared in each of their bedrooms!!! It almost seemed as if he was familiar with those in her social circle and was attacking one after another!!!!
Gwen opened up about her suspicions to Detective Joe Monday, he'd been working the case since the first robbery!!!
"I mean it Detective, I think it must be someone we all know....someone who's familiar with all of the city's debutantes....I think I might be have to give me protection....I don't want to end up like those other girls!!!!"
"Relax Miss Fielding, I'm pretty sure we've got a line on this guy're in no danger I assure you!!!"
"But what about protection, can't you assign an officer to watch over me....just until this horrible fiend is caught!!!"
"No can do Honey.....I haven't got the manpower to assign you a private guard!!! Listen, your Daddy has plenty of dough, why don't you hire a private dick to watch out for you?"
"Thanks for nothing Detective....that's exactly what I'll do and you can be sure I'll be telling my Daddy how little help you've been....and the next time he's golfing with the Mayor....well...I'm sure he'll be giving him an earful!!!!"
"Sure, sure Honey.....Now you run along home and let the men take care of things for you..."
She stormed out slamming the squad room door behind her but as angry as she was she was still afraid....and as she was about to get into her car she spotted a sign down the street...."Hart and Shooter, Private Investigators"....and she walked quickly to the door!!!
The PI's office was on the second floor, up a dark staircase and down a hallway that smelled of....well it smelled....bad!!!!
She knocked and the door was opened by one of the two men in the room who introduced himself as Milo Shooter....
"And that's my partner Hank Hart...."
His partner stood up....he wasn't a big man but he had an aura of a no-nonsense, tough as shoe leather man about him!!!
He smiled as he lit a cigarette....
"What can we do for you Miss...."
"Fielding.....Gwen Fielding..."
"OK, so what can we do for you Miss Fielding?"
"Well Mr. Hart, I'm sure you're aware of the recent crimes by that masked fiend...."
Hart glanced at his partner, who was already smiling....
"We read the papers Miss Fielding...."
"Well I don't know if you're aware, but every one of the victims was in last years Debutantes Ball and now I'm the last one left who hasn't been.....violated by this masked monster!!!!"
"That's very interesting Miss Fielding, but what do you want from us?"
"I want you to protect me....I just know he's coming for me next and I don't know where else to turn!!!!"
"But surely the police...."
"Oh my god....the police!!!! The police sent me to you!!!", she began to sob, "Please I need someone to help me!!!"
"Easy now Miss, of course we'll help you.....we'll need one hundred dollars up front and we get twenty five dollars a day, plus that OK?"
She quickly pulled the money from her purse and laid it on his desk....
"Can you start right away? I'm afraid to even go home alone!!!"
"Sure, of us will escort you home tonight...."
Across the room his partner was shaking his head....
"It'll have to be you Hank....I'm still working on that other case....the one about the black bird...."
"Oh alright then....give me your address and I'll meet you there in a little while..."
"Do you think I'll be safe until you get there? I'm so afraid!!!!"
The tough PI reached over and patted her cheek....
"You'll be fine Angel.....I'll be there before you know it..."
"Thank you Mr. Hart....
"Call me Hank...."
After she left the two PI's discussed the case about the black bird and made a few arrangements for how they would cover the two cases and before he knew it Hank Hart looked up at the clock and saw it was late.....they'd been talking longer than they realized and both grabbed their coats and hats and rushed out the door!!!
It wasn't a long drive to her house and as Hank Hart pulled up outside the sprawling residence his first thought was that he wasn't charging her enough...apparently this Fielding dame was loaded!!!!
He saw her car parked in the driveway and the large house was dark except for a light on in an upstairs room....she must be getting ready for bed.....maybe he should leave and return tomorrow.....then he noticed the front door was ajar....
He pushed it open and stepped into the darkened house.....he took a moment for his eyes to adapt so that he could see where he was going....he went to the large circular staircase and slowly made his way up the stairs...
Quietly he made his way down the hall to the left and  was slightly startled by the sounds of a woman crying coming from behind him....he turned and pulled his gun as he made his way down the long hallway to where he thought he'd heard the sound....he came to a door and saw a crack of light shining through....pressing his ear to the door he heard a soft whimper.....she was in trouble!!!!
He kicked the door in and took in the scene even as his eyes were dazzled by the light...she was there....bound to a chair as the masked man was searching through her dresser.....he had a gun!!!!"
"Drop it or I'll drop you where you stand!"
The masked man was startled and started to turn....Hart fired a shot that grazed him and the man dropped his gun....
"Are you OK Angel?"
"Yes please....untie me...."
He untied her as the masked man stood with his purloined treasures still clutched in his hand....
"Alright," Hart said, "Let's get that mask off and see who you are!!!"
With his hand shaking he reached up with his empty hand and pulled his mask away....
"Detective Monday....what....what's this all about....why are you stealing my underthings...."
The detective....blushing deep red, told them about his overwhelming desire for silky he was compelled, through his love for women....women he could never hope to have....women who would never look at him he would steal their most intimate things and he would.....wear them.....he would wear them just to feel closer than he could ever be in real life....
After listening to his story they watched the detective bend over and cry....burying his face in the fistful of her lacy underthings that he still clutched tightly in his hand....
"Alright Angel, let's call the cops and we'll have this pervert put away...."
Gwen looked at the PI and at the sobbing detective....
"I don't think there'll be any need for that Mr. fact I don't think I'll be requiring your services any longer...."
"But Angel.....Miss Fielding....what about?" and he gestured to the man...
"I think I can handle him, I think I know just what he needs....just leave him with me..."
Two weeks later Hank hart read in the newspaper that longtime detective Joseph Monday had suddenly retired...telling his comrades that he had come into a fortune....and on the society page he read that Gwen Fielding was retiring to her fathers country estate where she would be attended by her new personal maid....
Hart laughed as he closed the paper and put his feet up on his he wondered about the way life turns out....reaching into his desk he pulled out the soft silk camisole and as he rubbed it against his cheek he was the stuff that dreams were made of....
Now where are we with the case about that black bird....

Auntie Knows Best

"There....doesn't  that feel nice without all that nasty hair....just wait until I put you in that satin're just going to love're going to be my perfect little sissy when I'm done with you...won't that be nice Honey?"
"Yes Auntie.....thank you Auntie!!!"

Friday, April 20, 2018

Cream Pie

Well I do have to admit I told him I loved to eat cream pie....and it was delicious....just not exactly what I expected!!!!


"So told me you wished you could see those new girls naked....well we discussed what it would take for them to make your wish come true....and it's the funniest thing.....they had some wishes about you too!!!! So everyone get's their wish!!!"

Thursday, April 19, 2018


She looks at me as she sucks his cock....and I'm so jealous....she can always tell....
Of course I'm would you feel if your wife was sucking a great big tasty cock right in front of you????
I mean....she's sucking it hard....right in front of you....and she never even thought to let you have a taste of it.....and....yes....I'm jealous....I'm jealous that she gets all that beautiful cock for herself while I can only watch!!!!

He's Waiting At Home

"Really....he's my maid now....the little dress and apron and everything!!!"
"But what the bedroom?"
"When I finish with a lover he cleans me up, like a good little maid should...."
"Cleans you with a...."
"Like with his tongue.....look it would be easier to show you than explain it all....why don't you come home with me and see for yourself?"
"Are you sure it's OK?"
"Of course it is....I'd love you to see what a good maid your brother has become!!!!"
"OK....let's go!!!!"

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hump Day

Just what you needed when you needed it the most....

New Experience

This was a whole new experience.....standing by her side while her lover slides his big black cock inside her....we were in completely new territory and I wasn't sure what I should do....I mean I was just standing little clit straining in it's tight cage while this man fucked my wife right in front of me!!!!
I had never done this before!!!! I had never just stood and watched like this!!!! Every other time I was on my knees!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Tommy had been all through his Mom's panty drawer several times....he was very familiar with all of her pretty undies!!! Then one day he noticed some things on the clothesline he hadn't seen before and the next chance he had he went to look for them....
He couldn't find them in her panty drawer or the drawer with her stockings and bras....he searched through her dresser and lingerie chest from top to bottom and he couldn't find them....but they had to be here somewhere!!!!!
The closet turned up nothing new except that pretty blue dress he hadn't tried on yet....he had searched everywhere....except....
When he got to the bottom drawer of his Dad's dresser he found a drawerful of lingerie he had never tried on and most of it was the sexy kind he liked best.....and there were a few sex toys in there too.....
He quickly realized that this must mean....Mom had run out of room for her stuff and got Dad to let her use his dresser for her sexier stuff!!!"
His Dad was quite a guy!!!!

I Wonder

He spent the entire night with my beautiful wife....
He took her for cocktails and dinner....
He took her dancing....
He took her for a nightcap....
He took her home....
He took her clothes off....
He took her however he wanted her....
So I wonder how he his big cock slipped inside her....when she pressed back against him to urge him to fuck her deeper....
I wonder how he felt when he sank his big cock into her and she moaned my name instead of his....

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Hills Are Alive

""TAKE ME NOW!!!!!"
"FUCK ME......FUCK ME!!!!"

The echos were heard around all the mountain villages!!!!
The hills are alive with the sound of sissies!!!!

Monday ManCandy

We all know how good it tastes fills your tummy and warms you up gives you the precious protein your body needs to keep going....we all know that!!!
But did you know that it's just as good can take all your skin creams and toss them in the nearest dumpster....there's only one real organic skin treatment that matters!!!! Apply it in the morning for that special glow and it provides it's own scent too!!!! Re-apply through the day as needed and you'll have the face everyone will envy!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's the cream in a peaches and cream complexion!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Stop complaining Sissy....I used your money to pay for these and I want to make sure I got your money's worth!!!!"
"I'm not complaining Sweetheart!"
"So you don't mind that I put you into skirts, put you in Sissy School and now I've bought you sweet little girl titties...and that I did it all using your money while I've been fucking your business partner?"
"As long as you're happy Sweetheart!!!"
"What a sissy you are....go pack your things while I call for the pink bus to come get you....I think that school is where you really belong!!!"
"If you think so Sweetheart....may I give you an orgasm before I leave...."
"Of course you may Sissy....there's always time for that....but right after, it's on the bus and back to school!"
"Yes Sweetheart!"

Could Be Yours

"Just look at this cute ass....this cute ass could be yours...."
"I'll roll these frilly panties down for you and suck your cock till you're ready..."
"I'll lube you both up to make sure it goes in easy and feels so good...."
"But what Baby?"
"But it's your husband.....I don't know...."
"Just look at this cute ass....this cute ass could be yours...."
"Okay....I guess I'll give it a try...."
"But I get to watch...."
"If you want two are pretty weird...."
"But we're fun!!!"

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Rescuing Reisman

The door burst open as the commando stormed in....ready for anything....or so he thought!!! He eyed woman as he looked about the room for any threats....
"Where's Major Reisman? Tell me quick!!!" he pointed his gun at her menacingly!
"Who are you?" the woman had a deep raspy voice....
"I'm here to take Major Reisman home.....where is he you bitch!!!"
"I'm here...right in front of you....don't you recognize me?"
"Yeah...that's a funny joke...where is he....I know he's here....we got his distress signal from here just a little over an hour ago...."
"No it's really me....they tried a new Nazi drug on me and then this happened....they didn't expect it but we have to stop them before they use it on all our troops!!!"
"I don't believe could it be?"
"If I said "Terrapin Station" to you would you believe me?"
"Yeah that's the code word...but he could have given that up under torture!"
"You know I, Major Reisman, would never crack...I'd die first!!!"
"Yeah....I heard he's the toughest SOB in the European Theater!!!"
"That's why those Nazi bastards tried drugging me....and...well....things have changed for me.....but they have a lab in the dungeon below this place and they're manufacturing tons of this drug to use against our GI's....did you bring any explosive ordinance soldier?"
"When I rendezvous with my unit we have plenty of satchel charges and some dynamite...."
" get us out of here and we'll blow this place to hell!!!! When do you meet your men?"
"I rendezvous with them in twenty five minutes...."
"Outside the chalet on the south side near the forest...."
"How long will it take us to get there?"
"Shouldn't take more than three minutes...."
"Plenty of soldier come over here and let me show you one of the other side effects of the drug!!!!?"
"What do you.....holy crap what are you....oh my god...."
"Stand at attention soldier....that's an order!!!!"
"Oh yes....ohhhhh yes Sir....Major......yes Sir!!!!"

Never Get Clean

"Damn it Sissy, your plug is never going to get clean if you keep dropping attention to what you're doing!!!!"

Friday, April 13, 2018


She pulled up my dress and caressed my bottom....
"So what have you been doing all day Sissy?"
"Just my chores Ma'am...I know you like a clean house when you get home!!!"
She slipped a finger between my cheeks and began to tease my pussy....
"And what have you been thinking about all day Sissy?"
"All I ever think about is pleasing you Sweetheart....ooooh!"
Her finger slipped ever so slightly inside me....
"And how do you please me Sissy?"
Her finger was pushing inside me now....
"I please you with my tongue....mmmmm"
"And why is that Sissy....."
"Because I'm not a man, I'm a Sissy and I can only use my tongue to please you!!!!"
Her finger began pumping in and out of me....
"I have a date tonight Sissy.....what will you do to please me when he gets here?"
"I will be your obedient Sissy, and I will use my mouth and tongue to please him just as I do you!!!!"
I was beginning to drip...
"Very good lick my fingers clean and you may serve dinner!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!!!!"

I Can't Explain It

I can't explain it....the thrill when his cock touches your lips....the way it slides into your mouth....the flavor....each man is different....but it's so nice....I don't like to plunge in like you see in porn....I like to take my time and enjoy every second of having that delightful throbbing tool in my mouth!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I Enjoy

I really enjoy being a girl.....don't you?


Yes it can be humiliating to be dressed as a woman in front of someone else....especially with men....with men it's not the playful humiliation like it is with some least with some of the women I've known...
With a man most of them treat me like I have some kind of contagious disease that they're afraid of catching.....sometimes I think it's because most men have a little sissy somewhere inside them!!!
So I don't really know which of us was more embarrassed when she told me to shave him before they had sex....

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hump Day

Well the first half is done....let's hope the next half goes just as smoothly!!!


I knew you'd love it big brother....we're going to do this again tomorrow.....guess which one of us is going to be wearing the lingerie then!!!!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dream Therapy with my Analyst

I arrived promptly, once again disappointing the receptionist who already had the paddle on her desk.....
"Hi're right on time....go inside....the doctor is expecting you...."
"Hello Dr. are you today?"
"I thought we'd agreed that you'd call me Dr. Dee?"
"Yes Doctor, I'm sorry...."
"So what would you like to talk about today Sissy? I'd be only too happy to go over what we discussed last time if you'd like?
"No Dr. Dee I wanted to talk about a dream I've been having....if you don't mind?"
"Of course not Kaaren....just give me a moment to pull my panties back on....okay...there we tell me about this dream...."
"Well Dr. know how people have the dream where they're naked in school?"
"Yes Kaaren, it's a very common dream, it's all about insecurities....has there been something in your life that has made you feel isolated or unsafe?"
"No....Dr Dee, you misunderstand my dream it's the opposite.....everyone else is naked and I'm the only one dressed.....except I'm dressed as a girl!!!!"
"And then what happens Kaaren...."
"Well all I want to do is get out....but everyone I meet wants an orgasm....and I...."
"You what Kaaren?"
"I do my best to give them what they want.....all the boys and girls....all the and women....and finally....the Dean!!!"
"The Dean, Kaaren? What happens differently with the Dean?"
"Well, just like in real life I agree to meet him for dinner and fuck him you think this dream is significant Dr. Dee?"
"Just a moment, now tell me in more detail.....I want to hear everything about this....just let me get a little more comfortable...."
"I thought you wanted to keep your panties on Dr. Dee?"
"Please don't question my medical expertise tell me all about it...leave out no details.....tell me slowwwww!!!!!"

Upper Body Workout

As her sissy husband it's important for me to stay in upper body workout keeps my arm muscles toned and my jaw muscles flexible!!!!
Tomorrow I'll work on doing my squats and thrusts.....well I'll be doing the squats....and the thrusts....well we'll see....

Monday, April 9, 2018

Till Mommy Gets Home

"There Daddy, now you can just sit there sniffing my dirty panties till Mommy gets home!!!! Wait till I tell her that I caught you with my underwear!!!!"
His daughter didn't know that Mommy already knew and that she liked when Daddy wore them to bed with her!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Sleeping Beauty had slept
For years upon years
No kisses would wake her
The men left in tears
Until Prince Charming came
And her mouth was so handy
He dropped his big load
Of royal ManCandy
And after a moment
Her eyes opened wide
As the white cream awoke her
And warmed her inside
So grateful was she that
She dropped to her knees
"There's one more thing
I need if you please"
"Prince Charming!" she said
As she knelt on the floor
"That bitch Snow White had seven
So bring me six more!!!!"

ManCandy!!!! You just can't get enough!!!!

Off Topic But....Just Damn

A little off topic for me but...damn....seriously not PC....but....damn!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"Come to bed with me Sissy...."
"I was just about to start preparing brunch for us sweetheart...."
"I'm only hungry for you Kaaren....come to bed with me....make me cum...."
"There's nothing else I'd rather do Sweetheart!!!!"

Claiming Mine

Sometimes I wait for her to call for me but sometimes I just jump right in and claim my creamy prize!!!! Wouldn't you???

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Set-Up

Friday night and he was sick of being cooped up....Todd McMaster looked in the mirror and saw his haggard reflection....this was not the way it was supposed to go....he had power....he had money....and he had a wife too....once...

After the guys slipped off for home one by one Todd McMaster found himself alone....he didn't mind drinking alone but there was nothing happening in this dive....maybe he'd go home to that shrew he'd married.....
All his friends hated her....she was unpleasant at best and infuriating at her worst....but she had a pre-nup that was ironclad....if he tried to divorce her she got almost everything and if was caught in any type of infidelity she could dump him and she would still get almost all of his assets!!!
Of course if she was unfaithful he could get rid of her but who would she be unfaithful with!!! Todd had been blind drunk throughout most of their short courtship and had signed that damned pre-nup even as his lawyers and business partners begged him not to...
Now here he was sitting in some crummy bar at two in the morning drinking lousy scotch and dreading going home to that bitch....if only he had someone he could talk to....
He ordered another scotch and as the bartender grabbed the bottle Todd didn't notice him slipping the small packet of powder in the glass....and the scotch was so terrible he didn't even notice the slight, bitter flavor of the drug as he drank it down!!!
He began to feel a little hot...a little randy...and then someone slipped onto the stool beside him....she was a blond....he always had a thing for blonds....and when she said hello she had a deep sultry voice....
" all alone Honey?"
"Yeah...I'm alone what about you?"
"Me too don't seem like the kind of guy who comes to joints like this...."
"I'm not....I came with some friends but they've all gone home..."
"Poor Baby...." she scooted closer and put a hand on his knee...."maybe we could be alone together for awhile?" her hand slipped up and up and she was sure he was interested!!!!
He glanced one here knew one here gave a damn what he did....his wife would never know and he really wanted to....
"You got a place Baby?" he asked while pressing her hand against his tented trousers!!!
"Just next door Honey....would you like to...come?"
"Oh hell yes let's go!!!"
He threw a twenty on the bar and let her lead him to the dark tenement building next door....up three flights and down the soon as she opened the door he pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard.....she was a great kisser.....his hands slid down her sides and began to tug at her tight dress....
"Oh, easy just relax while I slip out of this dress and into something a little more comfortable...."
She slipped into the adjoining room and he tried to relax but he hadn't felt desire like this in ages....he had to have her....
When she came back wearing the flimsy pink robe he thought he would explode....and when she kissed him again he felt his lust drive him nearly to madness!!!!!
She opened his pants and let them fall and the state of his arousal was more than obvious...and just as he kicked them off....standing there half naked....more than ready to make love to her like an animal in heat....that's when he saw the flash and saw the smirking photographer peeping in the doorway....
He was in no position to chase him and when he turned back to her she smiled and shrugged.....
"Sorry Honey....they gave me five hundred buck to get you up here and get you in a....compromising position....and I really needed the money...."
He thought for a had to be his wife....and probably one of his friends who'd set him up and he'd fallen for it like a sucker!!!!
He turned back to her and grabbed her, his lust almost out of control.....
"Well at least I get to have you Baby..."
"No, Honey you can't have me...."
"Why not, I'm ready and you're ready too....."
"It's not what you think Honey...I just can't..."
She pulled her robe open and the answer was obvious.....
"'re a guy!!!!"
"Yeah Honey....they said they wanted a picture of you with a guy dressed as a woman! I don't know why!!!!"
He knew why....not only would she get almost every penny he had but the salacious picture and story would destroy his reputation....he'd be ruined financially and socially...he'd have no where to turn....
"You know what Baby.....they're going to take me for everything I've got and I'll be damned if I'm going to lose completely over this!!!!"
"What do you mean...."
He pushed her onto the bed.....
"You're woman enough for me!!!!"
"Ohhhh Honey!!!! Oh my god!!!!"

They did ruin him, his wife and his friend Brad had conspired to destroy him....and now as he lay in this horrible little apartment there was only one thread he had left to hang he heard the footsteps in the hall drawing closer....
"Hey Baby.....I've been so lonely since you've been gone!"
"Poor little Honey," she said as she slipped her dress down to her ankles, "I've been thinking about you all day...." and it was obviously true!!!!