Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oh Yes

"Oh yes're right....I can feel the feels so good!!!"

Boys Night Out

I should have been suspicious when she suggested I have a "Boy's Night Out"!!!
I agreed that I could use a break from my housework duties and I also agreed that it would be good for me to get out of the house more often!!!!!
She seemed really eager to arrange it and I heard her on the phone with some of her friends making the arrangements on where we would meet and where we would be going.....I guess the other husbands needed a break too!
Eventually I agreed and as I suspected her idea of a "Boys Night Out" was very different than what I expected!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Secret Agent.....Man?

Dr. Terrible screamed in terror!!!!
"No don't touch that lever!!!! The entire island will be destroyed!!!! You'll kill us all!!!"
The spy replied in a thick British accent!
"It will be worth it to stop your nefarious plan!!! I can't allow you to use that weapon on anyone else after what you did to me!!!!"
"Please consider the hundreds of lives of the workers here....many of them are just ordinary people working ordinary jobs....would you kill them too?"
"I....I save the world....I must!"
"But you know you don't really want too....don't that my xychromo ray has changed you you feel so much more empathy don't it really so bad being a beautiful woman?"
"You're trying to confuse mission is to stop you...."
"But could have easily killed me last night when I took you into my bed but instead you felt pleasures and joys that you've never felt before didn't you?"
"You took advantage of me....I didn't know what I was doing!!!!"
"Oh my dear girl, I beg to knew exactly what you were doing and by the third time you were doing it better than any other woman I've ever known!!!"
The spy giggled a little!!!
"Maybe so....but my mission..."
"Stay here and be mine...a woman like you could maybe make me see the error of my ways!!"
"But my mission...."
"That was James's mission and you are certainly not James anymore are you?"
"I guess that's right....but they'll send another to look for me...."
"Well wouldn't you like to have some new girlfriends to play with? Now just take your hand away from that lever and we'll go back to my chambers"
"Would this one lever really destroy the whole island? Why would you have something like that? Why would it be out here where anyone could get at it?"
"That's a very good question....I never thought about that before, I'll have it removed tomorrow! Now come my dear...let us retire!"
As they walked away the men in the control room were torn between watching her go and staring at the lever that so many of them had leaned on over the years!!!

But What About Your Husband

"But what about your husband?"
"What about him?"
"Will he be joining us tonight?"
"Why do you ask....perhaps you'd like him to suck your lovely cock?"
"Well he is very good...."
"As good as me?"
He paused....this might be dangerous territory....
"To be honest....yes he's as good as you!!!!"
"I'm so glad you think so....I taught him everything he knows....I'll go get him you relax and get comfortable!"

Friday, January 29, 2016

It's Alright Kaaren

"It's alright Kaaren, you look beautiful in that dress! Now hurry....he's waiting!"


Any Sissy that fluffs men for their wives will tell you....sometimes all you have to do is open your mouth and he does the rest!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Young Billy Was Not Happy

As his Auntie walked him toward her bedroom Billy couldn't help but wonder, would it hurt?
He told her he wasn't interested in it but she told him it would be an eye-opening experience that he needed before going out into the world!!!
He had....very reluctantly agreed that she knew what was best!!!
Auntie couldn't help but notice that Billy, despite his protests, seemed to like the idea very much!

Two Rules

When her younger brother asked if he could move in with her till he found a place of his own she agreed as long as he agreed to her two rules!
1. He had to buy his own panties to wear...she was tired of hers being stretched and stained.
2. He would suck cocks on demand.
He eagerly agreed to abide by her rules just like she knew he would!!!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Know That Look

That faraway dreamy jaw and tongue are going to be tired in the morning!!!!

Dozens of Times

I have to admit, even after doing it dozens of times, I still can't make eye contact with her lover when she orders me to undress him for her!!!!
Honestly the humiliation of doing this is almost enough to make me cum....caged or not!!!!
I console myself with the knowledge that most, if not all of these men. never ever dreamed that a sissy would be undressing them!
The scales have tipped over the years and now they are way more embarrassed than I am!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Feeling The Power

As her Sissy husband groaned in pain and ecstasy she wanted to feel her lovers power!!!! She wanted to feel each thrust as he made her husband into his bitch!!!
Feeling his muscles tense as he buried that big cock in her husbands sissy pussy....hearing her husbands groans and touch and she knew she would cum like never before!!!

Sissy TV

Considered far too controversial back in the 60's the infamous "Strap-on Scene" will be included in the deluxe Blu-Ray edition of the series!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl I used to dream of a loving husband who would make me the happiest girl in the world!
I never dreamed that I would fall in love with a sissy but he is the loving husband I dreamed of!!! I get all that I could desire and then he comes in to give me more!!!!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes a small "warning shot" makes sure that you're paying attention!!! Followed up with a sweet thick mouthful of creamy goodness it's what gives you what you need to start the day!!!!
ManCandy!!! A perfect start any day!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

"They all look good today don't they Sweetheart?"
"Yeah Kaaren....they look really good....I mean really good!"
"Which one do you have your eye on?"
"That Tight End....the one with the tight end!!!!"
"Very funny!"
"What about you Kaaren? Any of them going to get in your panties?"
"Oh I could never decide so I'll let you have your Tight End and I'll take the rest!!!!"
"Oh My God!!!! you are such a sissy slut!!!"


This is how I like to think of you, all my sweet sissy readers when you're reading my silly little blogs! Panties on, cock in hand and ready to cum!!!!
Cum for me baby! Spray that delicious white cream everywhere! Remember that you have to lick it all up then pull up your panties and go dream hot sissy dreams!!!!


"Alright Sissy! I want all of this cleared so you better get busy!!!!"

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 3

"Susie please, there's still time to stop this madness...think about my wife.....she must be going crazy!!!"
"You mean your sweet loving wife that you were so quick to cheat on! Well she thinks you and Jim have skipped off to California to fulfill all your gay fantasies!"
"What!!! Why would she think that?"
"Well Jim....I should say my new girl Jamie is ever so obedient now that I've reprogrammed him....her....if's so hard to remember....anyway I had him pen a letter to her to explain it all! And you know what? She didn't believe it...even had a handwriting expert verify it before she accepted it!!! I believe she's in the process of having your marriage annulled and really isn't it just as well for all of us that she moves on?"
"But what about me Susie? I was always your friend...I would never hurt you....why are you doing this to me? Please let me go....Please...."
"Honestly see how I keep forgetting...we'll still be friends....very intimate friends...after I've reprogrammed you, you are going to assist Jamie in taking care of all my needs. I'll tell you a little secret. I did something for you that I didn't do for Jamie....When I put you on the transformation machine I specifically left your male genitals in place....after all you have a pretty magnificent set and it would have been such a waste to lose them when I can think of so many delightful uses for them!!!!"
"You're a monster Susie! I'll never serve you!!! I'll never give in!!!! I'll...."
"You'll be going into the reprogramming machine just as soon as Jamie finishes entering all the instructions you might as well get used to the idea!!!"
Her manic laughter filled the house as Bobby Thompson hung his head and wept, his tears falling on his new breasts!!!!


Bound and gagged I watched her sink to her knees before him! Slowly she pulled that magnificent cock from his pants....hard again already!!!!
She licked him and he drew in a sharp breath!!!!
"I have to tell you my darling girl that not more than an hour ago I had my cock deep inside your Sissy husband!!!! I fucked him deep and hard but I haven't cleaned up since...other than having your sissy clean up my cum..."
She paused for only a moment and began sucking him again! She loved the taste of me just as much as I loved the taste of her!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Yes He's Right Here

 "Put it on camera so I can see it!"
"Sure Baby....can you see now?"
"You mean can I see my husband wearing my panties sucking my boyfriends cock?"
"Is that a problem Baby?"
"Not at all....I just wanted to watch him do it!!!"

And So You See

"And so you see ladies..,not all "men" are created equal!!!! Obviously this little thing is of no use to any of you!!! Some of you in the back should come up to the front....I'm sure you can't even see it from there!!!!"
"Professor it's far too small to be called a cock....what do you call one that small?"
"An excellent question! Kaaren, please enlighten us?
"It's my little bitty clitty!"
The entire class erupted in laughter....behind them the boys pointed and laughed....I tried and tried to pull up my panties but they kept slipping through my fingers.....I could only whimper as the humiliation got worse and worse and....
"Kaaren....Kaaren! Wake up! You're having a dream!!!"
As I stirred it started to slip away.....
"Did you have a bad dream Kaaren? You were whimpering and moaning!!!!"
"Yes it was a bad dream....maybe if I go right back to sleep I can see where it goes!!!"
"God Kaaren!!!!! Even in your sleep you are such a sissy!!!!"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Pinch

Sometimes when I am really enjoying myself I get so turned on that I feel the pinch of the cage preventing me from growing!!! A little wiggle sometimes  relieves some of the tension!!!

Don't Cry Sissy

"Don't cry'll just ruin your makeup and it won't make your little cockette any bigger now will it? Besides....I think it's so cute and it barely makes a bulge at all!!!"
"You think it's cute....really?"
"Especially in these panties Sissy!!! It turns me on so much that I need you between my legs right now!!!"
"You mean you want to...."
"Yes Baby get that tongue busy my sweet little Sissy!!!!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


The matching pink tutu's were my idea and he seemed to like it!!!!
Sucking his cock while I sucked his balls....that was her idea and he really liked it!!!

Thought So

"What about you think you....your wife will like something like this?"
"Oh I  think so!!!! It's beautiful! I love it!!!"
" you know....her...size?"
"She's about the same size as me..."
"I thought she would be.....come with me to the fitting rooms and we'll see if this will fit....her!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Something Warm

"Come here Sissy, let me get you out of those wet panties and get something warm into you!!!!"


I always linger over my choice about which panties I'll wear for any given occasion and when my wife is getting dressed she sometimes allows me the privilege of picking hers too!
Sometimes we have shared our frustration that many men view our panties as an obstacle to get past as quickly as possible!!! They may resister in their minds for a moment ....kind of like....oh those are pretty lets get them off!!!!
She loves that I appreciate the prettier things in life just like she does and some of my favorite times are when she's allowed me to just rub my face on her panties and lick her through them!!!
Some say that you should stop and smell the roses....I think you should stop and worship the panties!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016


I know that no woman likes panty lines but really...if you're going to fuck the instructor you should have some way to hold it in till you get home!!!! Oh well I don't really mind and as soon as I clean this up I can get to the main course!!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

As the weather cools down it's so nice to wake up to something creamy and warm in the morning! It tastes so good that you smile but as it's warmth spreads down to your belly you really have to grin! The warm glow in your tummy will keep you warm all the way to work and the delicious taste in your mouth makes you pass up all those fattening sugary breakfast treats too!!!!
ManCandy, It'll start your engine on a cold morning!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Is Game Day

He had promised the cheerleaders a Super Bowl ring this year!!!!
He said it was a sure thing!!!!
He said he'd be fucked if they didn't win this year!!!!
They didn't and the cheerleaders held him to his word!!!!

Ready or Not

Darryl paused to look over his classmates enjoying the reunion! He recognized so many of them....the guys he played with on the basketball team....what are they going to think now!!!!
And there was the table with the Cheerleaders....oh my god, he thought....I had sex with every one of them!!!! They all wanted my big black cock but none of them knew how much I wanted to wear their short skirts! What are they going to say!
He still had his big black cock but now it was tucked back into his tight pink panties!!!!
He turned to the stairs and as he moved to the steps he thought.....
"Ready or not, here I come!"

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Lab

Tom Sullivan watched the waitress pour his coffee....
"Hey Sweetheart" he said, "I'm looking for a friend of mine that might have passed through here....maybe a month ago! About your height, blonde like you even look a little like him....his name was Tim remember seeing anyone like that?"
"No sir....I can't say I remember him....but we get a lot of people coming through here since that flood washed out the bridge on the interstate!!!"
He watched her walk away....and he enjoyed it!!!
He sipped his coffee as he looked out the window and after a short time she brought his hamburger. The first bite was a little bitter and he sniffed the meat to see if it might have spoiled....his second bite....much smaller than the first....tasted just fine though!
As he ate the burger it suddenly occurred to him that he hadn't seen a single man since he'd arrived in this town....not one!!!!
"When the waitress came to refill his coffee he asked her, "Where are all the men in this town? I'm not complaining....but I haven't seen a single one??"
"Oh....The men all go to the Lab!"
"The men all you mean they all work at the Lab?"
"The men all go to the Lab!" she repeated.
"Well where is this Lab....maybe my friend Tim went there!"
"Straight down the Main Street and up the hill! You can't miss it....all steel and glass!"
"Thanks....uh...I didn't get your name...." he said as he paid his bill.
"My name is Tammy!"
"Thanks Tammy, it's really funny how much you resemble my could be his sister!"
"Thank you!" she said as he stepped out of the door.
As his car pulled out onto Main Street she reached for the phone behind the counter and dialed the number!
"Lab" a female voice said.
"There's one on the way to you now...the initial dosage was successfully administered!"
"Is he transformable or disposable?"
"Perfectly transformable!"
"Thank you. we'll be ready when he arrives!"

It's A Funny Thing

You would think the ultimate humiliation would be to suck a mans cock while you're wearing your wife's pink bra and panties!
But if I have to be's way more humiliating without them!!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

It's So Small

It's so small Sissy it barely makes a bump in your panties!!!! It makes me feel like I'm making love with another woman!!!!
You're not just my husband, you're my hot little lesbian girlfriend!!!!

Oh yes oh yes yes yes!!!!!

She Tried

She tried not to hear him begging! She didn't want him humbling himself on his knees like this! He was her man and she would give him whatever he wanted!
She didn't understand it, but if he wanted to wear her bra how could she say no!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Maybe They Are Magic

Sissy sat there for hours waiting for it to happen.....and there was nothing!!!!
He couldn't understand it...his friend Dee had told him that park benches had sissy magic....but so far he had struck out!!!!
Then he saw her walking by the bench and she was everything he so yearned to be!!!! His jaw fell open as she walked by taking no note of his gaze riveted on her....she was used to that!!!
"How I wish I could be her...just for one day!!!" he whispered.
The air around him shimmered and it seemed as though time stopped! He felt like he left his body sitting on the bench and as he moved toward her he felt her pass him as she moved toward the bench!!!
Suddenly there was something like a crash of thunder as he slipped into her body!!!
In a moment he realized that there was Sissy Magic in that bench!!!
He had a day to be the beautiful woman he had always wanted to be and with a glance at the hysterical screaming man on the bench he hurried....a day wasn't much time and there was so much he wanted to do!!!!!

Sissy School - Extra Credit

It didn't seem to matter how much extra credit she earned....Sissy Kaaren's demerits always left her back where she started!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Work Fast

Alright Sissies! I'm going to give you 45 minutes to finish washing the floor! 45 minutes! So think it over....if you finish in 30 minutes that gives you15 minutes to play!!!!
She had never seen two sissies work faster!!!!!

Very Good

"Careful Sissy, if you cum it's 6 months in the cage!"
Every time she did this Sissy wondered....maybe the six months would be worth it...after all he hadn't been allowed to cum for the last seven months and he was.....hey wait a minute....
Her eyes went wide as Sissy began stroking so fast his hand was a blur!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Private Places - Sissy Training

Have him on his knees in front of you and toy with his sissy pussy for as long as you want!!!! Teach your Sissy early on that he has no private places....teach him that his body is yours to use however and whenever you want!!!! The earlier Sissy understands this the happier you'll both be!!!!


As she inspected her Sissy she couldn't help but laugh!
"I swear Sissy, it seems like the longer I leave you locked up the smaller your little clit seems to be! Maybe if I left it a few more months it would disappear completely!!!"
Sissy could only groan....he had learned that any thing he said would just add weeks till his next release!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Come With Me

"Come with me Sissy!"
"Sweetheart...really is this leash necessary?"
"Absolutely Sissy!!! Come on you're going to love this!!!!"
"Are you sure?"
"Oh yes Sissy...I'm sure!!!!"
You know I trust you!"
"Good....and here we are!!!"
"Oh my god....I love it!!!!!!"

Rest in Peace David

His music was the soundtrack of my life!!!! I can't figure out how to size this correctly but who cares....I've been crying all night!!!

Monday ManCandy

Is it too much? Well if we're talking about the eye shadow I'd have to say yes! But everything else looks just about right!!!
ManCandy!!!! There's no such thing as too much!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

"I saw your wife the other day and she sure is pretty! Not as pretty as mine though!"
"Your wife is pretty but mine likes to have wild sex!"
"Maybe so but my wife is way kinkier than yours!!!"
"My wife is way kinkier...she makes me wear her panties and fucks me with an 8 inch strap-on!!!"
"Is that all!!! Ha!!!! My wife dresses me like a cheerleader and has big black guys come in and fuck us both and I have to lick up all the cum!!!
"Yeah I lick up my wife's boyfriends cum all the time too....and she makes me keep a butt plug in me every game day!!!!"
" know what I think?"
"I think the four of us should get together in the off-season...I think I'd really like that and I have an extra cheerleader uniform!!!!"
"Sounds great!!!"

Another Saturday Night

Just another Saturday night! Pretty much the same as yours....
Watching a young man fuck your wife while you sat wearing your prettiest pink bra and panties....yearning to be able to cum...your clit filling the cage and dripping!!!!
Yeah....just another Saturday night,,,,pretty much the same as yours!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Bigger

The terrified scientist screamed as the giant enraged sissy waved him at the incoming planes!!!
"Please put me down....please it was an accident!!!! Please put me down and come back to the lab!!!! I can fix this!!!!"
His cries lost as the sissy waved her arms at the planes buzzing so near yet just out of reach!!!
Suddenly she turned her attention to the small flailing figure in her hand!!!!
"You!!! If I die you're going with me!!! All I wanted was big boobs and you made me into a monster!!!!"
It was then that the planes opened fire!!! Even with her gigantic size the machine guns finally took their toll and she fell...never releasing the screaming scientist  who prayed in the moments before impact that her giant hand would absorb the force of the fall and save his life!!!
Unfortunately for him his prayers were not answered!!!
Looking over the carnage at the scene Police Captain Tom Sullivan spoke quietly to his lieutenant. "Sure it's a shame!!! The poor soul wanted the big ones to attract the boys!!!"
"But wasn't he a man to begin with?"
"Maybe so, but not much of one!!! Still tis a shame! Maybe someday there'll be a way to artificially increase their size....maybe poor Dr. Zorka there would have perfected his formula!!! Think of the joys it would bring to the world if women could make them any size they wanted them to be!"
"Still he had made her a monster...if it hadn't been for the planes who knows what might have happened!!!"
"It wasn't the planes..." the Captain said sadly.
"You mean?"
"It wasn't the was boobies that killed the beast!!!!"

Thorough Cleaning

Even though I had licked her clean last night I could still taste a faint trace of him this morning!!! He still tasted good but not as good as her!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016


Her lover is very forceful! When I told him she wasn't home he invited himself in...he invited himself to our liquor cabinet....then he invited himself to me....
I actually enjoyed it very much except that when he stuffed those panties in my mouth they weren't hers....they were mine!!!!

Who First

"Lovely Sissies....I am struggling to decide whether to take Kaaren or Leeanne first!"
"Excuse me Sir but if you don't mind we have a suggestion....don't we Kaaren?"
"Yes ....we were wondering....Leeanne and I.....well....why choose? Why not both of us at the same time? I know I'd love it and I'm sure my sweet Leeanne would also!!!"
"I can't think of anything I'd rather do than share you with my sweet girl Kaaren!!!"
"So what do you think sir?"
"I think you two present a very convincing argument! I can't wait to see what else you two can do together!"

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Less Every Day

It had started with her panties!!!
She asked him to wear them for her...she said he would look so cute and it would be their little secret!
Later came the matching bra and garterbelt....just for fun she said and nobody would ever know....and of course he would need stockings!!!
He found he was enjoying these games and she was so happy with him!!!!
Then came the heels....she helped him learn to walk in them and she sat on the edge of the bed clapping like a little girl as she made him walk back and forth till she was satisfied he was doing it properly!!!!
Then came the chastity prevent unsightly erections in his panties she said....just for fun....she said she had the key and she could release him any time she wanted!!!!!
Then she styled his hair...he wore it long....she said she loved long hair on her men!!!
Then came the dresses....she felt bad that he was walking around in just his underwear....his lingerie all day!!!
Then she did his makeup and as he looked in the mirror he saw very little of the man he had been!!!!
Then came the boyfriends!!!! She needed a real man she wasn't serious it was just for fun....
Then he was on his knees in front of her lover....
"This time it's serious!" she said, "Get him nice and wet...nice and hard....then go fix your lipstick! I'll want you lick me clean!!!!"
He nodded and opened his mouth and his change was complete!!!