Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday Afternoon

Do you know that feeling when you've just finished changing the sheets and making the bed....while they had the breakfast you'd laid out for them downstairs....and just as you finished with the last pillow you here them running up the stairs toward the bedroom....your wife's beautiful laughter and his voice telling her how much he was "ready to fuck" her again!!!!
Sighing, step back from the bed so you won't be in their way....maybe she'll want you hope....maybe she'll let you hope....maybe she'll want you to fluff him for really, really, really hope!!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Why yes Sissy....I am having guests fact you know all of used to play ball with them....and now they get to see how well you've learned to empty their balls like a good little sissy slut....and then you're going back on the pink bus covered in their cum....what do you think of that?"
I couldn't really speak with the ring gag in my mouth  but if I could, I would have told her I would rather suck off my bowling buddies....but I guess there's always next time....I spent the next few minutes doing my throat relaxing exercises....

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Captive Princess

"Ha ha ha stupid little had no idea that I was stealing your birthright, your kingdom from you!!!! But here we are....your fool of a father is in the ground and instead of you taking the throne it's coming to me!!!!"
"You're an evil woman.,...your plan will never people will support me....they know I'm, the rightful heir!!!!"
"Don't make me laugh.....I'm going to have the Palace Guards parade you to the Plaza and then one by one they're going to use you like a much will the people respect their Sissy Prince then?"
"All of them....the whole Palace Guard?"
"Every inch of them Sissy.....they're not going to just use you....they're going to destroy you!!!!"
"Right in the central Plaza? They're going to force themselves on me in the central Plaza? All of them?"
"Yes all of them....I'm becoming impatient with you now.....from this moment you'll be allowed to live but your member will be caged...there will be no more heirs to pester me....and you will be the plaything of the Palace Guards!!! They may use you in whatever way they wish!!!!
"I don't suppose there's any chance that you'll allow me to wear pink latex while all this is going on?"
"What??? Pink what?????
"Never mind.....I'll just take what I can get....."

Don't Be Silly

"Don't be silly Sissy.....they look adorable on you.....and no one will see them under your boots...."
"I guess so....."
"If you'd like I could look out a nice skirt for you to wear too...."
"No thank you Ma'am.....just the frilly socks will be fine...."
"Yes Sissy....they'll be fine.....for now....."

Friday, June 28, 2019


After we played a few games....she won them all was my turn to make her cum.....after she was satisfied it would be my turn to bend over the table....after all the paddles were right there already!!!!


Oh what a beautiful morning!!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sissies Around The World

Sure it was a boys night out....but the guys and I had a secret.....a couple of the wives knew.....but not all of we would meet at the Cafe' and then go to the hotel and change into our sexy feminine clothes....and when the man came they told me it was my turn....
They were right.....I had passed on this particular opportunity many times before.....and one of them was usually only too happy to take my place.....but not this time!!!!
When I took him into my mouth they all cheered and clapped.....and it was was very good......and the more I took him it just got better and better!!!!!

On The Road Again

She just told me last night that we're taking a weekend road trip to Pennsylvania to see her if you see a car with a squirming sissy at the wheel make sure to honk and wave!!!!
And always keep an eye out for our frequent breaks to get out of the car and stretch!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Life is Not Fair

It just isn't fair.....
Tommy was upset because he knew he looked so much better in these clothes...
And of course he was never allowed to wear them so he had to do it on the sly, before everyone got home!!!!
But still it just wasn't fair!!!!
Why should Dad get to wear them and not him!!!!

Hump Day

Some weeks you get ahead of things and some weeks you fall's Hump Day and while you're working hard on your current project there are two more that urgently need your attention and you really don't want them to explode in your face!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


"Just remember Baby....I do this all for your pleasure....make sure you don't miss a drop!!!"
I would answer her of course....but I was taught to never speak with my mouth full!!!

A Good Sissy Maid

Arriving with coffee for them I found her on her hands and knees as he pushed his ten inch cock into her tiny asshole....
I waited because if that monster fucked my ass like that I'd need some coffee afterward!!!
But I kept my eyes closed as ordered....after that first quick peek of course!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Tan lines

It's just the beginning of summer but my tan lines are coming along nicely!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Just look at that grin.....that smile says she's in on the secret....the best kept breakfast secret in the world!!!!
Delicious, low calorie and protein should be the most popular breakfast treat in the world but sadly not everyone is aware of its creamy goodness!!!!
So go out there today with some fresh on your lips and kiss the very first person you see and give them a taste....they'll thank you for it!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Spread the word far and wide!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Ribbons and Bows

Not all of my panties are covered in ribbons and bows....especially not as the weather gets warmer....
I wear a lot of cotton panties in the warmer weather and they are very cute but still not as elaborately "sissy" as the rest of my panty drawer!!!!
But my Darling wife, as always, found the perfect solution!!!

Sunday Devotions

"I'm not sure about this....are you sure this isn't a sin?"
"Of course not Sister long as none of my seed is spilled onto the floor there's absolutely no sin!!!!"
"None of your seed can hit the floor?"
"Of course not!!!!That would be a horrible sin?"
"But me dressing up as a nun and jerking you off and....I guess swallowing your "seed" is OK in the eyes of the church?"
"This is not the time for theological discussions Kaaren.....get in there because it's coming!!!"
"Yes Monsignor!!!! Then it's my turn?"
"Oh sweet child.....of course it's going to be your turn  some day!!!!"
"Some day?"
"Quiet now attention to your devotions"

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Altered States

"So you see, I have to prove my theory that the human mind alone has the power to make profound changes, mental changes obviously, but physical changes too!!!"
I had been so lucky to land this internship with Dr. Jessup he always told me to call him Edward but I couldn' just seemed disrespectful.
Truth be told I think I had my doubts about his research but I couldn't let the opportunity to work with a world renowned scientist pass me by!!!!
He reasoned that the proper combination of mind expanding psychedelic drugs and complete isolation would force the human mind to evolve to the point where it could actually make physical change to the body possible!!!
I seriously doubted it but I sometimes got to sample a few of the hallucinogens he had around the lab....and that was a bonus!!!
In fact I spent so much time at the lab....working or tripping....that my girlfriend Emily dumped me.....and it was worse than that....she dumped me for another girl!!!
Someone more attuned to her needs she said!!!
So anyway Dr. Jessup told me that tonight was going to be the night and we spent the entire day making sure everything was ready....he carefully measured out a mixture of incredibly potent mind altering drugs and placed them in a gradual feed tube that would be fed to him orally as he was floating in the absolutely neutral environment of the isolation tank....
I would monitor him and three hours after the last of the drugs had been ingested I would get him out of the tank....he was very specific about that!
I carefully helped him into the tank and we double checked all the sensors and monitors that would keep me informed of his physical and mental activity so I could hit the emergency abort if need be!!!
Once we were both satisfied he began ingesting the drugs as I shut the lid on the tank...I watched the dials register that all was as expected....
I watched the dials for what seemed like forever and other than several small twitches as each of the drugs was administered, there were no significant changes....
I put my feet up on the desk and leaned back in the chair.....there was nothing to do now but wait....I looked at the clock and it was 7 o'clock....I'd get him out at ten.....I shut my eyes for just a moment.....and fell asleep!!!!
I woke with a start!!!! I looked to the clock and was relieved that It was only 9 o'clock....two more hours to go.....
Then I checked the sensors and dials and I saw there had been profound was as if there was a whole different person in there....I thought it best to check the data printout and was surprised at the amount of data there.....
Then from the corner of my eye I saw a small gap in the curtains....was that daylight!!!!
I pulled the curtains open and the bright sunlight streamed into the room as the horrible realization hit me that it was morning!!!! I had left Dr. Jessup in that tank all night and half of the morning!!!!
I ran back to the tank and pulled the handle and stopped....
He had been right!!!! Because the person who rose up before me wasn't Dr' Jessup least not the Dr. Jessup that I had known.....and I could feel her in my mind....traveling through my mind....asserting control....
She laughed as I fell to my knees before her....I couldn't stop...she was in complete control of me....
"Oh this is delightful!!!" she said as she pushed my face between her thighs, "I wonder how many I can control like this...."
Before the day was over, every student and the entire faculty were under her control and she kept reaching out and for more!!!
Where it would end I couldn't say but I was the first and it didn't matter to me if she enslaved all of humanity...because I would always be her first!!!!

Real World

"You've been trying on my underwear for years now Uncle Steve....honestly did you think I didn't know?"
"I....I think you must be mistaken...."
"No....I actually have you on camera from the last few times....I was really surprised when i saw you sucking on my vibrator....that was so nasty....but you sure looked like you were enjoying it!!!!"
"It's alright Uncle Steve.....I think it's kind of when I saw how much you enjoyed sucking on that plastic cock I figured you'd really love sucking on a real one!!!"
"'s just between us...I mean I wouldn't want anyone else to know..."
"It'll be our little secret Uncle Steve....just let me get you started!!!"
And as he tasted the first real cock he'd ever had ,the webcam kept live streaming it out to all of her invited guests...she had a feeling that Uncle Steve was going to become an internet sensation!!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2019

You Know What

"You know what Kaaren....I think that maybe I won't spank you....sometimes I wonder if spanking you is really punishment at all!!!!"
"But I deserve it....I was very naughty.....c'mon please...."
She laughed and walked away....oh my god....she's finally figured out how to really punish me!!!!

Down Here

"No Baby....I don't want you in the bed....I want you down here bent over the bed....nice and close so you can't squirm away!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Thursday, June 20, 2019


I was just lying in bed cuddling with my stuffed friends as I listened to them enjoying each other's bodies!!!!
Then there was a moment of silence and then laughter....
A couple of moments later he was in my room with his cock in my mouth....she was back in the doorway with her hands busy between her legs....
And they were laughing as he fucked my mouth....but that was OK with me.....I enjoyed it very much....just like she knew I would!!!!


She tells me that I can go....and I get off my knees and leave listening to her moans of delight and his laughter!!!!
He laughs harder when she calls me back in later to lick her clean!!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and you are content with your progress....everything is coming along nicely!!!


Yes I'm always up before dawn....there's just so much to do in the hectic morning rush before she leaves for work!!!!
But when she has an overnight guest my morning becomes absolutely crazy!!!!
I have to find the time to get on my knees and give him a sunrise blowjob without my schedule all going to hell!!!!
She's pretty understanding if her dinner isn't ready exactly on time.....but she can turn pretty mean if she has to wait for breakfast....and god help me if her coffee isn't served promptly!!!!!
So I've become pretty good at making her friends cum quickly....
Much as it screws up my busy's still a great way to start a day!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Yeah Sissy

"Yeah Sissy, your sissy ass has just been fucked by a big cock....everybody laughed at your girly squeals as his cock stretched you open....even your wife took a break to giggle at the noises you were making!!!! Now that you know how it feels to have a real man inside it feels to have a real man fill you with his hot that you've lost your cherry....what do you have to say?"

Something New

Well I've started another Blog.....after Google+ shut down I really didn't have a place to post things that made me laugh....
The G+ censors, such as they were, forced me to use double enterdre and humor to post stuff that was both dirty and funny....and I miss doing I created a blog that I can post the funny things I like....there probably won't be any paddles, strap-ons or big cocks....but there might be....and if you stop by Such A Funny Sissy and you get a laugh then it was worthwhile!!!!
Let me know what you think!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Deal

"Alright Baby....I'm wearing the sexy lingerie you picked you like it?"
"Oh yes....I love it!!!!"
"Does it make you horny to see me dressed like this?"
"Oh yes Sweetheart!!!!"
"Now are you ready to wear what I picked out for you?"
"Oh yes Baby.....I can't wait!!!!"
"Well then, I want you to wear this chastity cage for me....I want you to lock it on and then hand the keys to me!!!!"
" will we have sex....I mean...."
" could use your imagination....I can think of a few ways you could make me cum!!!!"
"But what about me...."
"Well I've been thinking about that too.....of course you could use your imagination there as well!!!"
"Do we have a deal or not....I'm wearing what you wanted after all...."
"Okay....I guess it'll be okay for one night...."
"Sure night.....we'll discuss it in the morning...."

Monday ManCandy

We've all been there haven't we....we meet our BFF for breakfast and after you've ordered your favorite breakfast treat he/she says they're not hungry and just order coffee!!!
That's fine but when your order is delivered he/she decides to get just a little taste....until they've eaten half of your wonderful creamy breakfast!!!
Don't panic though....there's always plenty so you could just order another serving....after all you can always get more breakfast but you only get one BFF!!!
ManCandy!!! Sharing....that's what friends are for!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

How It Begins

Yeah I'll try them on....just this once....

Sunday Breakfast

It's the only day that I can bring her something that will fill her mouth....
There's more meat on this plate than in that cage!!!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Creature

"Now try and calm down Ma'am....we can't help you if you don't tell us what happened!"
The woman was hysterical....sobbing and crying... burying her face in her hands....
The detective slid a cup of water over his desk toward her and she took several sips as she tried to catch her breath...finally she managed to speak...
"It's just that I know that you won't believe god I barely believe it myself!!!!"
"Let's start at the beginning.....when my deputies found you you were up on  the old mining road...near the quarry...."
"Yes we wanted to swim and Jimmy and I went up there....we'd always heard it was a great place to swim.....oh my god....Jimmy....I forgot all about Jimmy!!!!"
"Who is this Jimmy....what does he have to do with all this?"
"Jimmy....Jimmy Henderson....he's my boyfriend....we went up there together.....he must still be there....oh my god we have to go save him!!!!"
"Calm down Ma' men found a car at the quarry and you running down the road....but that's all....are you telling me that your boyfriend....Jimmy may still be in the water?"
"Not.....not in the water....under the water....beneath the water...."
"You're not making any sense Ma'am.....are you saying he drowned?"
"No he was beneath the water....under it...."
The detective turned to his partner...."
"Have patrol go up to the quarry again....tell them it's a potential drowning...."
"No!!! He didn't don't understand.....he's there he's alive...."
"Alright Ma'am explain it to me....tell me what happened!"
We got to the quarry and Jimmy was the first to jump in....he said it was cold....but it was a hot day and he said it felt really good....I was laying out our blanket and the picnic things we had brought when I heard him cry out from the water and as I turned to look he disappeared under the water as If something had pulled him down!!!! I ran to the edge and shouted for him but there was just nothing.....I dove in and swam to where I had last seen him and then I dove down....and I couldn't see anything...the water was so dark....and then....then something grabbed me and I couldn't break free and it pulled me deeper and deeper until we rose up into some kind of underground cave....then I saw it...."
She broke down again in sobs....the two detectives exchanged a glance....
"Then I was there.....somehow there was light and there was Jimmy....he was curled up in the far corner of the cave or whatever it was.....but he wasn't moving...I tried to run to him....but the creature stopped me!!!!"
"Wait a second Ma'am.....creature? What kind of creature?"
"I don't know what it is....maybe some kind of amphibian.....I don't was green and stood like a man.....and it had these huge claws that it kept flexing while it stood in front of me...."
"And this....creature is the one that took you and Jimmy to this underwater cave?"
"Yes!!!! Oh my god haven't you been listening.....oh I knew no one would believe me!!!"
"I never said I didn't believe you Ma' it took you to an underwater cave and you saw your boyfriend there but it prevented you from reaching him....what happened then?"
"It pushed me away and I must have hit my head because the next thing I knew I woke up naked lying on the floor of the cave with the creature standing over me....and I couls tell it was.....aroused...."
"Did the creature hurt you Ma'am....."
"Not like you turned from m and was moving back toward Jimmy and I just grabbed my dress and dove into the water and swam for my life....I was expecting to feel those long claws catch hold of me at any moment....but it didn't and I reached the surface and swam to the shore.....and there it was.....and I knew why I was naked....god help me...I knew what it wanted!!!!"
"Did this creature assault you Ma' you want to speak to a female detective? Would that make you more comfortable?"
"No it didn' did something else....."
"What Ma'am....what did it do...."
"It stole my was wearing my bra and my panties.....and I just ran....and ran and ran....until your deputy picked me up....that's what happened.....if you believe it...."
The two detectives got up and stepped out into the hallway....
"So what do you think?"
"I think it sounds just like the last four times...."
"Maybe we should send the divers again?"
"They found nothing all the other times.....what makes you think they'll find anything this time?"
"I guess we'll just make it an accidental drowning with no body recovered....again....but what if it's all true? What if there's really a creature up there taking these men and stealing the women's underwear...."
"If you think I want to go looking for a transvestite creature from the black lagoon you've got another thing coming...some things are just out of our jurisdiction!!!!"

Black Panties

"Oh my god's true....your wife told me but I didn't believe it!!!!"
"But Mom...."
"Don't you "But Mom" me young son of mine is going to prance around in sexy black panties!!!"
"But I...."
"Stop I don't want to hear your excuses....they didn't work when you were a little boy and they won't work now!!!! You just march down to your old bedroom and find a pair of pretty pink panties to wear and then you come back here and you're going over my panties on a sissy like you!!!"
"Yes Mom...."

Friday, June 14, 2019


It's so nice to finally feel what it's like to have a real man's cock dangling between my legs....

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl I would spend hours sitting at my vanity experimenting with makeup and hairstyles till I got it just right!!!
I never dreamed that one day I wouldn't be able to do that anymore because my Sissy husband was always there ahead of me!!!!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Some Days

There are some days it  seems like she barely has time to undress when she gets home....she wants me right away.....especially when I'm wearing a cute dress....


"Yeah I guess you look pretty cute in my clothes....but if you want to be my little sister instead of my little brother you're going to need to earn some money fast!!!! I am definitely not sharing my underwear with a little sissy like you....but I'll be more than happy to take you shopping for your own.....maybe my girlfriends will come along....maybe our boyfriends too!!!!"
"But I said I was sorry!!!"
"Never mind all get five dollars for each blowjob, so I figure if you do a couple of eight hour shifts here a week you might be able to get a decent amount of pretty undies of your own in no time!!!"
"Less talking....more sucking Sissy....after all he's a paying customer!!!!"

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and it seems like the pressure is off....but that's only for a moment....


"I hope he picks you first this time Sissy....I think that would only be fair!!!"
"That's so nice Sweetie....but we both know you have so much more to offer that he'll certainly pick you first!!!!"
"You know what we should do Sissy?"
"We should ask him to bring a friend and then we can both be first!!!!"
"I love the way you think Sweetheart!!!!"

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

At The Door

"Go see who that is at the door Sissy....and then come right back....I'm just getting started on that sissy pussy!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


it had been a long process.....sometimes they thought they would never finish.....but here they were....finally their feminized sissy husbands had passed their last test!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2019

If Only

I can hear her having another orgasm through the thin walls of our house....and I've been banished from our her bedroom....
Oh Sweet Teddy if only you had a big cock.....I don't think she knows that I've come to need it just as much as she does!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It happens sometimes.....there's just so much that a little spills....but you can worry about that after you finish swallowing the rest....there's a lot to be said for taking the time to lick up the spill....just running your tongue all over him and getting it all....just enjoying how much you love it!!!!
ManCandy!!!! You have to clean your plate, just like Mom said!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wedding Day

Maybe some of the guests didn't understand but he did!!!
"I do." he said...
She smiled.....
"I do fact I just did!!!"
When he kissed the bride he could taste it.....and his little cockette stirred in his panties...

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Oh my god....what do you think you're doing???"
"I'm doing my homework....I have to be able to swallow this whole thing ny the time I get to Fellatio class on Monday!!!"
"Do you have to do it"
"Oh, I'm sorry I was trying to be and your church group just go on with your meeting....don't mind me!!!!"
"I'm calling the pink bus right now....go back to your room and pack!!!"
I was surprised when her Minister offered to help me pack.....and when we got to my room he helped me quite a bit with my homework too!!!! Such a nice man!!!! And so tasty too!!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Mummy

It was matter how fast she ran , the shambling bandaged Mummy kept getting closer and closer until....
She shrieked when the bandaged hand fell on her shoulder!!!!
"Please....let me go.....why are you after me!!!!"
Before he could answer she swooned and fainted away into his arms!
He carried her to the museum....where his temple had been restored....where the bodies of the fools who thought they could control him lay scattered on the floor!
He carried her to the altar of Osiris, the god of the Underworld, and placed her down gently....
He opened the Book of the Dead and began to recite the incantations, repeating them more and more intensely until he heard her voice.....speaking to him from the world of the dead.....after 4000 years he heard the voice of his lover again....coming from the mouth of this modern woman...this modern double of her!!!
"Why do you summon me Imhotep....why do you disturb my rest?"
"My Princess Princess Ankh-es-en-Amon....for all these years I have been been buried alive....with only one dream keeping me from going mad.....I want to fulfill the promise we made to each you remember? It was the night the Pharaoh's Guards caught us just as we began...."
"Yes Imhotep I remember it would anyone remember the night of their death!!!"
"I never thought it would happen....but these men released me from that cursed grave and I am now free to beseech you to fulfill the promise you made to me on that dark night so long ago!!!!"
 "Does it still mean that much to you, it still what you desire!!!!"
"It is all I have thought of for millennia, my love....please answer the prayers I offer to Osiris....please pray with me to grant that which I desire more than anything in this world....or in any world!"
"Very well love for you has not diminished since that black night....if it's still what you desire I shall pray with you!!!"

Moments later her eyelids fluttered open and she turned to see the bandages and dust on the floor....slipping off the altar she took a moment to straighten her clothing and then walked, a little unsteadily, toward the exit....
Imhotep was dead, as he should have been thousands of years ago....his soul however finally found the home it had yearned for....he was finally the woman he had always wanted to be....Praise the Gods!!!!

Cleanup Time

Even though I've been looking forward to it all night I have to take my time climbing the stairs to our her bedroom....the corset restricts my breath so much that I'm afraid I might faint before I could reach her....