Sunday, March 31, 2019


"Yes it's nice...not particularly impressive...but nice....I think probably it should be in panties.....what about it ladies?"
"Oh yes he should definitely be in panties....I wouldn't mind taking him home to train as a ladies maid myself!!!!"
"Oh yes I agree he should certainly be in  panties.....definitely has potential to be a wonderful maid!!!"
"Well then we all agree....please step through the door on the right and pick out a pair of pretty panties to wear....and good luck in your future...."
"Thank you Ma'am.....Thank all of you!!!!"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

Her boyfriend wasn't around all weekend and I was so disappointed....
She must have noticed me pouting....
"Oh no Sissy, you don't get to touch my lover this week....but I don't want you to be lonely so I've invited two of your oldest friends over to meet the "new" you...."
She sat and watched as I became reacquainted with these guys I had known since childhood!!!!
"Take your time Sissy....I called the bus and arranged for a late pickup....I want you to show your old friends everything you've learned....and I expect to enjoy the show!!!"
What could I do....she wanted to enjoy the show....if she enjoyed it half as much as I did she'd be satisfied!!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Where the Boys Are

"Who was that on the phone....was it the boys?"
"Yeah, it was the boys.....they're not coming...."
"What do you mean they're not coming!!!!! They have to come!!!!! All our plans...."
"I know, I know....but they're not sounded like they were at a and noise in the background...."
"But how will we complete our study of males and spring break...."
"I told you this was a stupid idea....we're males on spring break.....we could have studied ourselves instead of messing with magical spells!!!"
"Well all of that is true but the bottom line is that the boys aren't coming and so we're stuck....we can't finish the study!!!"
"Goddammit....I was against this right from the start....but said this was going to make us famous.....Spring Break from the Female Perspective as seen By Male Observers!!! I told you it was stupid!!!"
"But look at all the data we've gotten...."
"Look at all the boys who've felt us up and tried to do more.....I want to be a male again..."
"Me too..."
"And me..."
"So do I!!!! Don't you think I miss standing to pee!!!! But there's a problem...."
"What....spit it're good at that!!!!"
"Don't be such a bitch....I've watched you swallow plenty since we got here!!!!"
"Hey c'mon guys....let's wait until after we change what's the problem?"
"We can't change back if we're virgins...."
"Well I popped my cherry with your sister three years ago....
That's not going to work....and.....hey you fucked my sister you son of a bitch...."
"Me and just about everybody else  Dude....sorry but your sister is a real slut...."
"So why won't it work? I'm pretty sure we all lost our virginity already...."
"The spell we used makes it clear....we must all lose our virginity as girls before we can change back!!!!"
"Oh shit.....what are we gonna do now?"
"We're gonna be stuck like this forever!!!"
"I don't know....we're all pretty good shouldn't be that hard....."
"I'll do it...."
They all turned.....
"What do you mean "you'll do it", you'll do what?"
"Change me back and I'll take all of your cherries...."
"But you can''d have to have lost your....."
"Oh yeah.....I lost that the first night out.....and it was absolutely astounding....but I'm serious.....use the spell and change me back and I'll take care of all three of you!!!!"
"I don't might be a little weird, I mean I never ever thought about screwing one of my friends....."
"Me neither....I'm just not sure...."
They all turned....
"Sit right here and I'll go get the spellbook.....but you have to promise to do me first!!!!"

Can't Help It

I can't help it....when she slides her fingers over my ass I just melt in her arms....

Friday, March 29, 2019

Sissy Cuckold

On your knees in front of front of squirm a little and wish you could get hard in your pretty panties....but the cage holds you tight,,,,and it gets tighter.....and then....there it is....and it's all you hoped it would be.....
Her lover slips his hand onto your wife's cute ass but you don't even've only got eyes for him at the moment....

Not Often

I was never very fact my legs are mostly hairless naturally, thankfully, but I still have to do a little maintenance from time to time...
I'd have to say this is about once every two weeks.....maybe less....but the secret is....I really love doing this whether I need to or not!!!!
I shave the pubes too and everywhere's a little embarrassing when she shaves the spots that I can't reach!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Sissy Training - Rewards

Of course there must be some kind of reward for Sissy as he becomes more and more docile and feminine....
At first you must make the rewards all about his pleasure....but always making sure he associates the feminine with them.....
Later the rewards will be all about your pleasure....and by then Sissy will understand that the only pleasure that counts is yours.....but for now...
Well...make sure he licks up every drop....that's non-negotiable!!!!


Sure they all laughed now....but later they'd all be begging him for his favors....Frat boys were just like a group they were crude and obnoxious....but individually they all appreciated a good blow job from a sissy Pledge!!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Oh My Goodness

"Oh my goodness....Sister Marie is that a....a penis in those panties???"
"I do believe it is Sister Kelly....but I can't really be sure....let's go ask Sister Kaaren....somehow I'm sure she'll know!!!!"

Hump Day

Hump Day is's got it's own vibe and we love it!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I sit and watch as she sucks his cock....
Dressed in pretty undies I can no longer make any claim to masculinity....
And when she tells me he's almost ready to cum my mouth face betrays me...instead of defiance they both see desire....
He laughs at me...almost all of her lovers laugh at me.....but she is very serious....she wants to see his cock in my mouth....she wants to see me swallow his thick salty cum....
And I can't help it....I want it too....and so I begin to crawl toward the cock that all three of us want me to suck...

Better Than I Deserve

I served her breakfast....and she enjoyed it ....
And when i asked her if there was anything else she wanted she just gave me that pretty little smile....and I got down on my knees...
Now I watched from the window as she drove away to start her day.....but I saw that smile....and she waved to me and blew me a kiss....
And when I went to blow her a kiss back....I could smell her on my fingers and taste her on my life is good....and I waved to her and I can't wait for her to come home!!!!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Family Portrait

Your wife and her sister wanted a nice family portrait....and you should be grateful that they included you at all Sissy!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You want need have to have it!!!!! It's not quite an addiction but it's close!!!! There's nothing else like it.....and even after your tummy is full you still want more!!!!! The taste fills it slides down your you that warm cozy feeling....warming you from the inside it any wonder then that you are always left wanting more!!!
ManCandy!!!! Who wants more??? We do!!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"I really don't understand why you're pouting Sissy....I told you I was having some of the girls over for brunch, didn't I?"
"Yes but I didn't think...."
"Oh my goodness!!!! Did you really think that I was going to serve them!!!! I think there's a pretty serious spanking in your very near future!!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am...."
"You know I'll bet the girls might like to watch you go over my knees....well maybe....I'll let you know what I decide later!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

The Dive Bar

It looked dark enough and Sissy figured that no one here would recognize him with all the makeup and the wig!!!! He went in and sat in a darkened corner.....when the waitress approached he saw that she knew  right away....women always do....
"What'll it be......Miss?"
"I'd like a vodka martini please....with two olives...."
"We usually only sell beers and shots....I'll see if Randy knows how to make one!!!"
When she left Sissy had time to look around after her eyes had adjusted to the dark....she smiled at the two men eying her from the bar....
And that was all it took!!!!
When the waitress returned with her drink she just nodded and put it on the table....
"You can settle up with me when you're....done....Miss!"

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Great Expectations

"So it's settled then your young son Pip will come to live with me at Satis House, and be a companion for my daughter Estella....for which I shall pay you 1 pound per month for the duration of his stay!!!"
His sister looked on the pale young boy with some sadness but she agreed and so the deal with Miss Havisham was made!!!!
They rode back on the lonely road to Satis House....neither speaking when Pip realized his trunk hadn't been loaded onto the carriage rack!
"Please Miss, my trunk's been forgotten....we have to go back to get is all I have in the world!!!"
"Go back!!! Nonsense boy....return all that way for a trunk full of more of the rags like you're wearing....I'll see to it that you are provided with a new wardrobe far more suitable for your duties in my house!!!!"
"A whole new wardrobe Miss!!!! Why, I've never owned any fine new clothes....I can't wait!!!"
"Neither can I Dear....and my daughter is so looking forward to having a playmate!!!"
I bet your house is the grandest house and your daughter the prettiest girl....I look forward to meeting her!!!"
"Soon Dear....we'll be there soon!!!"
The road wound through the beautiful countryside and as they came around a bend there was a large house with many lighted windows and the soft sound of music coming from it...and as they drew near Pip saw several carriages parked in front with livery men tending to them!!!"
"Is there a party tonight Miss?"
"Oh yes's a party just for you....all my friends have come to meet you!!!"
"Oh, but Miss....I'm not anyone special...why would these fine gentlemen and Ladies want to meet me?"
"You'll see soon enough Dear!!!"
She snapped the reins and the horse speeded to a trot.....
Pulling up in front a man rushed out to take charge of the horse and assisted Miss Havisham out of the carriage....
Pip had never seen anyone like him.....he was so tall and broad that Pip was sure he wouldn't have fit through the door back at his mothers house.....and his skin was black....deep ebony black....Pip had never seen a black man before.....he had read about the African savages but this man was dressed in the finest silk cloth that Pip had ever seen and he spoke with perfect diction....his deep voice sounding so humble yet authoritative at the same time!!!!
When he heard his name he realized he had been lost in his thoughts and hadn't heard what Miss Havisham had said....
"I'm sorry Miss....I didn't hear you...."
She laughed.....
"Yes, Mr. Magwitch had the same effect on me when I first met him!!! He'll take you upstairs and get you into a bath and lay out your clothes! I want you to look just right for your introduction to everyone."
The mans large hand took his small hand and led him quite insistently toward a side door as Miss Havisham entered the front door.....she must have been quite popular as there was a great "Hurrah" as she entered!!!!!
Pip made several attempts to engage the large man in conversation to no avail.....he led him through a maze of rooms and corridors before pushing open a door to a bathroom with a large hot tub filled with bubbles of all things and it smelled of lavender too....
Pip stood there as the man held him when another door opened and a young girl....a very pretty young girl entered.....
"Hello, I'm Estella....Miss Havisham asked me to help you prepare for your debut downstairs!!!!"
Pip fell instantly in love with this girl.....the prettiest girl he'd ever seen....her pretty hair tumbling over her shoulders, pretty ribbons holding it back from her face....she wore lip paint and rouge....her beautiful gown was a little short however....she must have outgrown it, he only came down to just above her ankles.....
"Hello....I'm Pip.....Miss Havisham wanted me to....."
"Pip!!! Oh that will never do....anyway....I want you to get out of those horrible clothes and get into the bath so we can scrub some of that dirt and grime off of you....hurry now!!!"
Suddenly the large man was pulling his shirt over his head and more alarmingly Estella had begun pulling open the buttons on his trousers!!!!
" doesn't seem right!!!!"
But before he knew it the two had peeled him down to the skin and he stood with his hands cupped trying to cover himself.....which he found difficult as he had become inexplicably excited!!!!
Estella looked over the blushing boy....noting his embarrassing condition and flashed him the prettiest smile he had ever seen....unfortunately that only made his condition worse....she gave Magwitch a nod and he effortlessly lifted the boy and put him into the tub....
Before he could a word they had both picked up soft brushes and began scrubbing him front and back.....Estella picked up a soft washcloth and poured some type of oil onto it and them she began to rub his chest....she spent a lot of time circling his nipples and he supposed they must have been very dirty.....they got very hard and he had some strange feelings he'd never had before.....then her hand wandered down until she was holding his throbbing manhood in her hand and he tried to pull away....
"You have to be clean......would you rather Mr. Magwitch do it?"
" you....." his eyes were closing as the pleasures began to overcome hi!!!!
"Oh no you don't.....", her hand slipped down to his stones and gave them a hard squeeze...and all thoughts of pleasure fled from his mind!!!!
She nodded again to the large black man and he lifted the dripping boy from the tub and laid him on his back onto some soft towels....
The two set about drying him....and powdering him and Estella looked him over in a most critical way....then they rolled him over to dry his back.....Estella spent some time making sure his bum was dry.....and his problem was least lying on his belly they wouldn't see....
At some unseen signal Magwitch picked him up again and carried him out into the hallway.....they hadn't bothered to wrap anything around him to hide his natural state....and he was blushing just as furiously as he was praying that they wouldn't encounter any of the guests!!!!
Estella opened a door and Magwitch followed her in, depositing young Pip on a satin covered bed....a bed of a size that he had never imagined!!!!
Magwitch stepped back but did not leave as Estella looked him over....
"We only have women's clothing here I'm afraid and as Miss Havisham has ordered your horrible boys clothing to be burned I'm afraid you have only two may go downstairs as you are now or you can wear a pretty dress that I will help you with..."
"But I'm a boy!!! I can't wear a dress!!!!"
"Alright then....Magwitch....take him downstairs as he is!!!!"
The large man moved toward him....
" I can't go downstairs like this...."
"Very well....the dress it is then...."
She spent the next half hour dressing him in a very pretty dress indeed....but it was a dress for a very young girl.....his legs were bare to his thighs....and the pink color only added to his unease....when she pulled out a makeup case he objected....
"What do I need that for!!!!"
"It goes with the dress Dear.....I'll make you look so pretty or again I suppose I could ask Magwitch to do it but the results might not be so pleasing...."
"No I guess you should do it...."
Another twenty minutes went by before Estella was satisfied with the result!!!!
"You look wonderful!!! Now for the finishing touch..."
She placed a large bonnet on his head and pronounced her work complete!!!!
"Magwitch....if you'd escort Pippa downstairs please...."
"Wait my name is....."
But he never finished his thought as the large hands were once against on him....He was not being carried like a baby this time, thank goodness, but he was being guided with a certain amount of force in the direction of the party....when they reached the top of the stairs he leaned very close and whispered....
"You stand right here....don't make a single movement that I don't direct you to.....if you disobey me the result would be very bad for you...."
The tone of his voice made it clear that he was serious.....Pip was so frightened that he could only nod!!!!
Mr. Magwitch turned and stepped onto the upper landing of the grand staircase and rapped his large gold ring on the banister to get the crowds attention!!!!!
"Ladies and gentlemen.....I'd like to introduce you to the latest addition to the house of Miss Havisham......please welcome Pippa!!!!"
He reached back and pulled Young Pip forward....he was blushing furiously as he was escorted to the lower landing by the black giant.....the room had exploded into applause as he stopped and turned to face them.....Miss Havisham was beaming at him from the bottom of the stairs and motioned for him to spin around.....Magwitch spun him around and held him tightly there as the applause only seemed to grow louder!!!!
Then as he prayed for the floor to open and swallow him up Magwitch led him back up the stairs.....the raucous noise fading behind them as he was led back to the bedroom he had so recently left....
Opening the door he found the bed turned down and Estella wearing a small diaphanous gown that barely covered her feminine charms....Magwitch marched him to the bed where Estella took his hand and pulled him in.....she reached out and pulled young Pip toward her while Magwitch pulled a chair to the bedside and sat down ....leaning forward....
He learned so much that night.....her whispered instructions always just loud enough for the large man, sitting so close, to hear!!!!
He learned that Estella was just like him.....she had come here as a young boy several years ago and had found herself a favorite of Miss Havisham.....she welcomed all of the new "daughters" who had come!!!!
He learned that there were many pleasurable things that could be done....even without a woman....she taught him about what might be expected and she taught him the importance of proper lubrication.....
They had fallen asleep in each others arms in the huge bed......
When Magwitch woke them she had helped him with his toilette and dressed him just as she had done the night before.....he noted that the closet seemed full of dresses just like the one he wore....then he was escorted to the garden where Miss Havisham waited....with a gentleman he hadn't seen before....
"I know that you're new here Pippa but Mr. Bentley Drummie has made a very generous offer for your services....he's very excited to be the first male benefactor you will have....I'm quite sure it will be an experience you'll never forget  and I look forward to you telling me every little detail when he brings you back to me....I expect so much from you my sweet little a good girl and fulfill all my great expectations!!!!!

A Simple Rule

It was a really simple rule to follow....
"If you dress like a girl then you suck cock like a girl!"

Friday, March 22, 2019


"Shhh's's can stop crying....."
"I know you are Sissy....I know you calm down....and I want you to do a half hour of corner time for me.....can you do that?"
"Oh yes.....oh yes I can Ma'am!!!!"
"Now go ahead....and I want you to think about what you did.....and how you forced me to have to spank you...."
"Yes Ma'am.....I'm sorry Ma'am...."
"Alright my little girl....go on into your corner and maybe....if you're really a good girl for me....maybe we'll go get some ice cream!!!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!!"
"You know I spoil you Sissy....but you're so cute I can't help it!!!!! Now go....your half hour doesn't start till your nose touches the wall!!!!"

Sissy Olympics

And the gold medal for the hundred yard dash goes to Sissy Kaaren for reaching her car in record time after his wife came home and caught the sissy with her mouth full of his cock!!!!
And the bronze medal goes to his wife who so narrowly missed the running sissy with her improvised javelin!!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

That Secret

You had that secret crush on her all through the school years....
You weren't sure why but you just knew she was the girl for you....
But she was popular and you weren't......she was out of your fact she didn't go out with anybody!!!!
Everybody always thought she must have a secret rich boyfriend from another school....
And then one day, in your Senior year, she was there....alone....just you and her and you told her that you had a secret.....that you had been in love with her since you first saw her....that she was the girl of your dreams.....and you asked her if a guy like you could ever have a chance with a girl like her!!!
She was quiet and then she told you that she had a secret too....

And all these years later you're still together....and you laugh at the way the secrets kept you apart!!!!

Kaaren....Is That You

" that you? Are you up?"
"I thought I heard something...."
"I must have been dreaming...."
"Go back to sleep Sissy....I'm sorry I woke you....good night...."
I waited a minute or two till she fell asleep again before I continued with my midnight snack!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hunp Day

You've done all the prep and the hard part is on Hump Day you're just sitting pretty!!!!


Growing up they did everything together....they rode their bikes....they went fishing....they were constant companions....
They both married strong women who definitely had their own ideas about how marriage would work for them....
And they still spent most of their time together as their wives were usually busy with their boyfriends....
And they still shared everything....well everything within limits....

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Without Her

Without her he would have never become the sissy he so longed to be....he owed everything to her and he told her so every single day!!!!


"'s still sore from last night...."
"Well you should have thought of that before you misbehaved again this morning!!!"
"I'm so sorry....let me up and I'll curtsy for you....I just forgot....I'm sorry!!!!"
"Well this will help you to not forget next time then won't it?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Visible Panty Lines

We all worry about them don't we?
I happened to be in a shop today where the young cashier was wearing leggings and a shirt not long enough to cover her beautiful little bottom.....and she had very clear panty lines that caught my much as I tried I couldn't look away...and a million thoughts ran through my head.....I know enough about women to know that she knew she had a visible panty line....find me one woman who doesn't check her rear view in a mirror before she left her rare as a unicorn!!!!!

So she knows what she's she doing it on purpose? I've found that women rarely allow anything to show wife has actually instructed me on how to show just what you want to be seen to just who you want to see I can only say that she knows exactly what everyone is seeing and that's exactly what she wanted!!!!

Does she want me to look.....duh.....if she didn't want me to look she would have made sure there was nothing to look at!!!!!

Does it mean she's an exhibitionist? I don't's as close as you can get to walking outside in just your panties.....

I love to see it although I can sometimes forget things I'm supposed to be doing....I love to walk along admiring a cute girl with a VPL showing that we share our love of bikini panties.....I prefer the full bottom coverage and who wants a string up their ass....really!!!!

What do I wonder about when I can plainly see her panties through her clothes?
Two things.....
I wonder what color her panties are....I don't know why....I just do!!!!
And I wonder how many times I've had people spot my VPL in public? I'm usually pretty careful about it know....sometimes you like to let them see a bit more!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's just what you need but it leaves you a little dazed!!!! Where has this been all your life? As your brain begins to come out of the weekend party haze....the flavor of it fills you....the protein blast begins to drive the fog away....and you wonder how you've gotten by without it until now....and you know you'll never start a day without it again!!!!
ManCandy!!! It's so good it's almost like a revelation!!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Patricks Day

It was quite a party after the parade....and when she climbed on top of him and started sucking his cock he just thought this day couldn't get any better!!!! When he pushed up her skirt and pulled her panties aside and found that little thing there instead of the wet folds he had been expecting, he figured, what the hell it's a party....and if anyone said anything he could always blame it on the green beer!!!!

Sunday Brunch

I could hear them all giggling and whispering....a couple of Mimosas and they think they're being quiet.....hell I bet they could hear them next door....
They were trying to decide which of them would get to "surprise" me first with the big black strap-on.....I had a feeling when she told me to take off my panties and only wear an apron that this was going to be one of "those" brunches where I was to be the main course!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday Matinee - It's a Wonderful World

So did your mission go?"
"You know Joseph....I appreciate the wings and all but maybe I shouldn't go on these kind of missions anymore!!!!"
Why saved George didn't you?"
"Yeah I saved him....."
"Tell me about it ..."
"I found him in a bar...he was drunk and in deep despair like you had warned me and I thought I could do that whole "if you had never been born" thing with him, but I realized that wasn't what he needed at all...this was something else entirely!!!"
"George had always been picked on....he was small and the other boys made his life miserable....he had always wished he was a girl.....none of the boys picked on the girls..."
"He wanted it so much that he used to wear his sisters clothes when no one was home....but at the same time he won awards as a runner on his high school track team and inspired dozens of others to compete....including a couple of Olympian Medal winners!!!!!"
"He saved a boys life and that boy went on to become a very influential politician!!!!"
"He fought against the corruption and bias in his local police department and was instrumental in the changing policies that made his town better for everyone!!!!"
"But through it all he wished he'd been a girl....."
"So I thought the best strategy would be to show him how different his world would have been if he actually had been born a would show him how much he had made a difference...."
"And did it work Clarice?"
"Well yes and no.....I showed him how his sister used to share her clothes with him....and how instead of inspiring any athletes he wasn't interested in sports....those Olympic medals went to those darn Soviets! I showed him that without him being there to do CPR that boy died and a corrupt machine put a man in the Senate....a man who wasn't fit to be a street sweeper!!! I showed him how the local police were as bad or maybe even worse than the criminals in town!!! I showed him all of this...."
"And he saw the light Clarice?"
"Not exactly.....he decided it was all worth it...."
"He did what???"
"Yeah Joseph, he said to screw it all......he changed his name to Violet....he said he was finally happy....and he thanked me for the gift I had given him...."
"But surely you should have stayed with him....gotten him to see...."
"Joseph....when I left him he was naked and spread eagle on the pool table in the back room of Martini's Bar & Grill taking on all comers and screaming "Thank You" over and over....I doubt I could have done anything except maybe change him back....and then we'd be right back where we started...."
"So what are you doing right now Clarice?"
"I'm just gonna walk down to the next bar....have a smoke.....have a couple of drinks....maybe pick up a couple of guys....and enjoy this Wonderful World just like George!!!"
"I understand Clarice....come and see me when you get back!!!!"

The Babysitter

"Your wife left me in charge and told me to do as I like.....well this is what I like!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
"Damn right "Yes Ma'am" after I'm done I want you to go upstairs and put on one of your frilliest sissy nighties....oh yes your wife told me all about it.....and then come back down and you can meet my boyfriend when he gets here...."
"Your.....your boyfriend is coming here???"
"Oh yes're going to have quite the night....none of my other babysitting clients have ever given me absolute control before and I think I'm going to enjoy this and maybe you will too!!!!"

Friday, March 15, 2019


"See I told you....I knew you would laugh at me!!!"
"Oh no Sweetie....I'm not laughing at you....I think you look just....just the perfect little sissy bride!"
" think i look OK?"
"Oh Sissy, I only wish you could have worn it when we got would have been a beautiful bride!!!!"
"We already had one beautiful bride at our wedding Sweetheart!!!!"
"Well I was thinking....maybe we could renew our vows and have two beautiful brides....what do you think?"
"I think I'd be honored to be your bride...."
"I think you would too Sissy...."


"You remember Tom from school right...well I've been fucking him for a couple of weeks now and I've been telling him all about you!!!"
"You told him all..."
"Oh yes....and as you can see he's been really excited to see you again!!!!"

Thursday, March 14, 2019


"I'm ready for my spanking now Ma'am!!!!"
"You seem to be enjoying this Sissy.....are you enjoying this?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"You know you shouldn't but you're still enjoying it!!!! You must be the naughtiest Sissy ever!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
"Well then....maybe I should go get the strap and give you a serious correction!!!!"
"I'll go get it for you Ma'am!!!!"
She laughed....
"That's a good idea go get it for me while I make a couple of calls!!!!"

Just Look

"Just look at this ass.....he has a perfect girl's ass....I've fucked him hundreds of times and I've always enjoyed it....I'm sure you'll enjoy it too....and I'd love to see you do it...."
"But it's a's your husband...."
"Trust me Baby.....he's not much of a guy, in fact he's a pretty enthusiastic girl....look I can see you're hard already....just do it for me....I promise you won't be disappointed!!!!"

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

No Big Deal

"You know you really do look just like my sister!!!!"
"No I don't!!!"
"Sure you do.....why don't you put her dress'll see you look just like her...."
"Put her dress on!!!!"
"C'mon it's no big deal.....I put her dresses on all the time!!!!"
"You do?"
" go ahead"

"There you see I told you...."
"No I still don't look like her...."
"Maybe....I know....let me comb your hair like she does...."
"C'mon it's no big's just a little change and I bet you'll look just like her!!!!

"There you see....I couldn't tell you two apart!!!"
"I don't know....I don't think so...."
"I'll tell you what....why don't you suck my cock.....then you'll look exactly like her!!!"
"Suck your cock???"
"Yeah....I bet you'd do it better than she does!!!!"
"You're damned right I would!!!!"

Hump Day

Just because it's been such a smooth ride into Hump doesn't mean that there aren't still more challenges staring you right in the face!!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Sissy Training - His Reward

Make sure your Sissy understands that when he gets to lick your pussy that it's a reward for good waiting for you in his pretty bra and panties....with stockings too!!!!
When he licks your lovers cum out of your pussy he should understand that he's won the Grand Prize!!!!!
Every reward should lead him deeper into submission to you!!!!


Sure they missed their plane....but why does she think that's my fault!!!!
I mean I was just there....

Monday, March 11, 2019

You Belong

"What are you doing in my room, you better not be looking through my panty drawer again! Remember what Dad said! He'll send you to Military School!"
"Honest Sis I wasn't doing anything...."
"Okay," she said as she pulled open the drawer, "Hey wait a minute....where's that new pink thong I just got...I was going to wear that on my date with Robbie tonight!"
She looked and saw him blushing!
"Oh my're wearing it aren't you? You little sissy! Take down your pants right now or I'll call Dad and he can check!"
He slowly opened his pants and as they fell it revealed the tiny, lacy pink thong pulled snugly against him!
"You little shithead! Get that off right now and you go wash it out in the sink! It better be dry by the time I want it tonight!"
Blushing furiously he slowly pulled it down! She bent closer to see and laughed!"
"Hey Bro, wait, pull it back up! If that's all you've got then you really belong in panties! Pull them up, they're a gift to from me to my new little sister!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Once she left the village Smurfette realized how wrong they had all been to stay hidden away from the world....
Now she knew why she had always felt fatigued and sluggish....
It turned out that smurfberries were a very poor source of protein and every smurf knows you need protein to build strong muscles!!!!
ManCandy!!!! You can't beat Gargamel without it!!!!!