Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Passing Through

It may have been a little rude to not offer him a seat, he was a guest after all, but he was only passing through on his way to our.....her bedroom and as much as I'd like to spend some time with his delightful cock in my mouth....he wasn't my date and she'd be waiting!!!


Whenever I play with my Barbies they always seem to wind up naked....while the Ken dolls seem to be wearing their dresses and end up tied in the corner....

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Eyes

"Look into my eyes Sissy.....I want to see your eyes when it happens...."
"What happens?"
"I want to look into your eyes and watch the moment that the last little shred of your masculinity disappears!!!"
"Oh my god......oh my god....."
"Now you're really my girl Sissy...."

Too Short

"Too short.....of course it's not too short looks just right to me...we wouldn't want anyone to mistake you for a real girl now would we.....we want everyone to know exactly what you are Sissy!!!!"

Monday, November 28, 2016


I just want you to understand.....being caressed through your pretty little panties feels wonderful....if you do it yourself....well....if you're uncaged you will cum all over know you've done it too....hell I've done it thousands of times since I was a teenager.....before my sweetie wisely put my little clit in it's cage to get me under control....
But it's different when someone else rubs your panties....she doesn't do it much anymore, other than to make sure the cage is still secure....she knows there's nothing in the front of those panties that's of any use to her....
But when her lover does it.......when he rubs and cups me through my panties.....when he laughs at my response.....when he gives my aching balls an occasional squeeze.....when he tells me to be a "good girl"....I want to shrink away from embarrassment....I want to hide from his touch......I want to be deaf to his cruel laughter.....
I want to cum so so much!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Like a fine wine....a small taste is offered before a full serving is poured.
Take a moment to savor the taste....roll it around over your taste buds and let it's flavor really develop before you decide whether or not to have more!!!
Unlike a fine wine I'm pretty sure there's never been an instance of a full mouthful being rejected!!!
ManCandy!!! For the discerning palate....a gourmet treat!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

Sunday is game day and game day is all about tailgating!!!!
Nothing like getting out there early with the guys and setting up your party space before the big game.....
"Hey Kaaren.....the burgers are want something hot to eat?"
"Got mine already thanks!!!!"

Not Often

It wasn't often that I stood next to our her bed and watched her get thoroughly fucked by a big black cock!!!! It wasn't often that I stood there....usually I was on my knees....

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Game Day

The argument had gone on for so long....neither one bending to the other!!! Inside they were both afraid....was this the end....they still loved each other....if only they could see it from each others point of view....they both thought it at the same time and turned to each other....and they both said in unison....
"I wish you could be me and then you'd understand!!!!"
There was a flash and  the lights dimmed and suddenly they were in each others bodies!!!
Moments of shock followed by cries of "What happened....what are we gonna do...."!
The next day was game day and they quickly decided that they would keep this a secret just between them until they figured out what happened!
She helped him suit up as the star running bask and she helped him as the top cheerleader and after going over a few plays and a few cheers they headed for the game...
It was generally agreed after the game that there were two memorable things about that game.....the running game was never better....the star was surely on his way to the NFL after his 200+ yard performance.....they'd never seen a man run with such speed and agility....his moves were almost graceful in the way he avoided the tackles!!!
The other memorable thing was the almost pornographic performance by the top cheerleader who for some reason couldn't seem to keep her hands off of her breasts and seemed to be constantly "adjusting" herself under her skirt....
They never figured out how to change back but they found after some time that they really didn't want to!!!!


"Really....that's it? That's as big as it gets? My baby brother is better hung than you!!! I don't even see the point of you even pretending to be a man....I mean really....who are you going to satisfy with that little bitty thing?"
"I'll just get dressed and go then..."
"Oh no....I didn't say you can go....I want to play....let's play dress're almost a girl already....I want to make you look pretty....I might have some use for you as a lesbian lover....because....face a man you come up short!!!"

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thank You!

"I just wanted to say thank you Sissy.....the Thanksgiving dinner you prepared was wonderful!"
"You're welcome....I'm glad you enjoyed it!"
"And what can I say....fucking your wife all night....well that was just wonderful too!!!!"
"I'm glad you two had a nice night....I'm so sorry I fell asleep but I was up so early....I would have loved to watch...."
"Anyway I stopped in to really thank you...."
"Oh my.....oh my god!!!!"
"Thank you Sissy!!!"
"Thank you thank you oh my god yesssss thank you...."

You Have To Get Up Early

You have to get up early if you want to get the best deals on Black Friday!!!
Three for one - who could pass up a deal like that!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

"Of course we'll be having turkey too....I'm just serving a sissy first, as an appetizer....feel free to help yourself to anything on the tray...."

Happy Thanksgiving

Like so many of you sissies out there in the good old USofA I'm up early and starting to cook.....we have friends and family coming to share Thanksgiving dinner with us and it's up to me to make sure everything gets to the table perfectly prepared and on time!!!!
Hopefully I'll get some time to watch the parade on TV!!!!
Do any of you remember watching Laurel & Hardy's "March of the Wooden Soldiers" and "King Kong" every year on Thanksgiving? Oh and "Mighty Joe Young" too....because I guess when I was young Thanksgiving was all about Boogie Men and giant monkeys!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my sweet readers....I'll check in later when I can.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Is It Still There

"Oh my goodness Sissy....are you sure it's still's so hard to find...."

24 Hours - Sissy Training

Every sissy-in-training should spend 24 hours with two uncaged sissies! It will give the new Sissy some perspective! She will learn that her mouth and boi-pussy should be filled all day!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Little Girl Humiliation

She enjoys dressing me as a little girl more and more lately!!! I kind of like it lets me be the little girl I never got to be.....
So when she put me in the little blue dress I was happy to go along with it.....I was a little nervous when she took me outside....but I never expected that she would go this far....I guess it makes sense though....little girls belong in kiddie car seats....
It was just a drive around the neighborhood....and we didn't stop anywhere....this time....but the humiliation was complete....and I was more turned on than I've been in a while!!!! So was she judging by how wet she was...when I put my tongue to work she came almost right away....and then again and again!!!

The Last Place

The last place she sees me as she leaves in the morning is the same as the first place she sees me when she gets's the least I can do for her!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

You Know What

"You know what Sissy.....I think we'll just stay home tonight...."

Monday ManCandy

So you got yours this need to look so smug about it!!!! Maybe if you asked around you'd find that many of your co-workers got their creamy treat this morning too!!! ManCandy!!! It's almost as traditional as bacon and eggs!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

After he scored the winning touchdown a cheerleader pulled him aside and told him that the whole cheer squad wanted to fuck him.....
He never imagined that they meant it literally but it did give him the incentive to do even better in next weeks game!!!

After All This Time

Even after all this time, even after he had sucked dozens of cocks for her....Sissy still looked to her as he savored the cock in his mouth to see if she was smiling.....
She loved when Sissy looked to her for approval as he sucked her lovers cock....honestly she found nothing sexier than her husband on his knees in front of her made her so happy she couldn't help but smile....

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 9 - Problems in Paradise

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6 
part 7 
part 8

It was a nagging thought that wouldn't go away.....
Why wonder? I know who I name is always has been....ever since I was a little.....girl? Why do I have no memories of being a little girl....she thought harder....but the only tiny flashes of memory were about a little boy....who was he....was he her friend, maybe her was all so hard to figure out....but every day there was was like a curtain was slowly being raised....

Susie and Ray were was becoming clear that although the physical changes by the machine were permanent it seemed that the mental changes were starting to wear off....they'd had several angry calls already....
"What are we going to do Ray? We've got a huge problem!!!"
"Wait a second Susie...what if we brought the "clients" back in for reprogramming? Kind of like a booster shot.....and we do it a a bargain price of 100K per booster.....we recommend yearly maintenance for all of them and we'll have a never ending revenue stream....we turn lemons into lemonade!!!"
Susie looked at him with new admiration....he always saw the way to turn problems around....she couldn't believe how easily he had come into her life and how he had helped her forget James....he was the first and surely he was in need of a booster by now but she had no idea to whom her erstwhile partner Tony had sold him!!!
"Alright Ray, lets get busy....we'll contact the oldest buyers first....they'll be the ones who are starting to get ....shaky...."
"What about yours Susie....aren't Bonny and the cat from the beginning....maybe we should do them first?"
"No, I don't want to unless I need to....neither one shows any sign of remembering who they were before yet....I'll know when they do but lets take care of the paying customers first!"
"You're right Susie....we got this....the "problem" is only going to make us richer than ever!!!"
They left the room....their laughter fading away as they walked further down the corridor....

"Are they gone?"
"Yes Claire they're gone...."
"Do you think they know that we're....back?"
"No....I don't think so....but soon we'll have our chance.....soon they'll pay..."
"Oh Bobby....I can't wait!!! you want know...."
"Claire you're a nasty pussycat...."

Not Very Many

"You know Sissy, there's not very many wives that would allow their Sissy husbands to lick their assholes while they're getting ready for their dates!"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you so much Ma'am!!!"
"I spoil you Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Friday, November 18, 2016

What I Wanted

"I told you that I needed a big cock to pleasure me Sissy and I love you so much for telling me that I could have one!!! But what I didn't tell you Sissy is that I didn't want it just for me....I wanted it for you too!!!! I wanted you to have the pleasure of sucking a real mans cock......I wanted you to feel what a real mans cock feels like so you'd understand why I have no use for your little bitty thing!!!"

Casual Friday

Even on casual Friday the office required the men to wear a jacket and tie....whatever else they wore was up to them....

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Don't Need It

"Honestly Sweetheart....I don't need it!!!"
"Nonsense Sissy....we're having guests tonight....and I don't want to hear about how tired your jaw is or your other silly complaints!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Make sure you buckle it tight...."

Where You Went Wrong - Sissy Training

"Just like that Sissy......oh no....not again....I told you we're going to keep doing this until you swallow it all without spilling a get that cock back in your mouth and we'll start again...."

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Be Right Back

"Just wait there Sissy, I'll be right back.....I just want to get a drink and make a couple of calls!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

I Don't Know

"I don't know...maybe I'll get a haircut....something short and easy to manage...."
"But I love your hair just as it is...."
"Keep your opinions to yourself've just earned 5 more!!!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

First Day

"Are you excited about your first day as a Vice President Honey?"
"Well it's a lot of responsibility....I'm really more used to taking orders than giving them!"
"Well that's certainly true! Speaking of taking orders Honey, are you dressed as I ordered?"
"Yes...of course I am....I don't want to show up on my first day with a sore bottom!!!"
"I can see a little hint of the pink the panties match?"
"Yes Ma' know I'll have to keep my coat on all day!"
"Well you don't really have to, do just want to, so nobody sees...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Caged and plugged!"
"Yes Ma''s a little uncomfortable..."
"That's remember I want to have a talk with your new secretary so have her call me!"
"Yes Ma''re not going to tell her anything about me..."
"Certainly not in our first conversation!!!"
"Oh thank you!"
"Now you run along....that nice Cunningham boy from next door is coming over with a couple of his friends to keep me company!"


She looked at her lover...stroking his hard cock as he watched....
"Is this what you wanted to see wanted to see me fuck my husband like the sissy bitch he this what you wanted?"
"Oh yeah Baby....that's so hot!"
"Remember our deal Baby!"
"Yeah Baby, you fuck him while I watch and I'll fuck him while you watch!!!!"
"You're going to love it....he's really tight!!!!"

Monday, November 14, 2016

Do You Want To Watch

"Do you want to watch Sissy.....I'm going to spank your wife's pretty ass until it's nice and warm and then I'm going to fuck you want to watch....Sissy?"
I heard him and I heard her whimper...not out of fright or anger ....she was whimpering out of beautiful wife....the woman who dominated me so easily was about to get spanked by her lover right in front of me.....and he wanted to know if I wanted to watch....Oh hell yes I wanted to watch....I already pictured my lips and tongue soothing her flaming red bottom....
I looked up into her lovers eyes....
"Yes Sir....I'd love to watch if you'd allow me the privilege!!!"
"You may Sissy....but just so you understand.....however many times I spank're getting double when we're done....."

Monday ManCandy

Another week has begun!!! Open wide and embrace all it has to offer.....the warmth of your bed beckons you to and warm under the covers....but you need something else warm....something else you crave to start your day.....something else that streams into your morning just like the morning sun streams into your window!!! A warm and gentle stream that you will have with you all day!!!
ManCandy!!! As welcome as the dawn!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Is Game Day

"You just stay there like that Sissy....the guys will line up behind you to take the snap!!!"
"Okay....I can play this position all day!"
"I'm sure you will Sissy...."

Two Weeks Ago

"Remember....two weeks ago I told your wife that I could turn you into a cocksucking sissy in a month....remember how you're not laughing now are you Sissy....soon he's going to cum in your it to me before you swallow it....hold it in your mouth and savor the taste....get used to it....cum is about to become a major part of your diet!!!!!"

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Only Girl In The Game

Tony Martin was in trouble! He knew it and more importantly they knew it too!!!!
He had always been a gambler but he had never hit a losing streak like one ever hit a losing streak like this!!!!
He had lost everything!!!! His money, his car, his house and finally his wife and kids!!! He hoped they were OK....the man he'd lost them to had seemed a little unsavory....he still remembered his wife's anguished cries as they put her and the kids in that van....
Then he played for all he had left....he gambled on his manhood and when that was lost he thought he had nothing left to lose....he was wrong!!!!
As he sat on the table and watched the wheel had to be a one could lose so many times in a way would he be taken offshore to be used as a plaything for the rich men eying him just couldn't happen.....he sat on the table....23 Red.....that was what he needed....please god....let it be 23 Red....he would start winning again...he would win it all back....23 Red.....he never prayed harder....
The ball bounced as the wheel slowed and he saw it land....23 Red!!!! He was a winner!!! His luck had changed!!! He would get his wife and kids back!!! He would somehow become a man again!!!!
He didn't see the almost imperceptible movement of the croupier....but when he turned to look at the wheel he heard him say....
"14 Black!"
He shook as strong arms grabbed him....
"Wait....double or nothing!!!! One more spin!!!! I know I can win!!!! Please just one more spin!!!!"
"You got nothing left Tony....nothing....we own you now....get used to the idea....we're going to train you to make men happy...."
" that....."
"Look on the bright side least you'll be working with your wife....she's so looking forward to seeing you....."

Goodnight Kiss

We are both wearing wispy little nighties and her goodnight kiss is so soft and sweet.....I wish she was spending the rest of the night with me....but I saw his cock and I understand why she'd rather spend the night with the morning she'd be all mine again....but for now she was his to use and pleasure as only a real man can!!!

Friday, November 11, 2016


"Yes were right....I put him in a pair of my panties and now he's hard as a rock....but now what....what....make him do what....oh I couldn't....that good....Daddy does that.....ooooh Mom that sounds so hot.....oh yeah I'm gonna want that....yes as soon as I hang up the phone.....I'm sure he will.....yes I'll call you tomorrow and tell you all about it!!!

Sissy Training - Overcoming Taboos

Some sissies, me included, had a taboo about putting their tongue in a man's ass.....with a woman I would do it eagerly but with a was just a step too far for me....until I was subjected to immersion therapy.....doing nothing but ass licking and kissing for a couple of hours.....listening to the mens moans of pleasure....soon I was testing my techniques....seeing what they like best....
Now it's an essential part of my fluffing routine....the men love wife loves to watch me do it.....and I love making a man squirm on my tongue....

Thursday, November 10, 2016

So It Was True

She discovered he really was faster than a speeding bullet!!!!

It's Time

No need for being jarred awake by alarm clocks in our house....
"Good morning's time to get up!"
"Mmmmm yes Sissy.....after I cum...."
"Of course Ma'am!"

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


In my dream I'm running....the path is smooth and the load I'm carrying isn't too much.....the landscape is's like a Monet painting.....

The morning air was absolutely invigorating.....I could run like this forever...but the emptiness in my tummy tells me I have to stop....'s feeding time!!!!

A Fluffer Knows

She was so wet....she was gasping and pleading with me to put his cock inside her!!!!
He was so hard....throbbing with the need to fuck my wife's sweet pussy!!!!
A Fluffer knows when the time is right....and it would be in a few moments!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Her Aunt Elaine was a lot of fun....we loved when she came to visit!
I was surprised to find her on my PC and even more surprised to find her in sexy lingerie!!!
"Hey Elaine! What's up?"
"Oh I was just reviewing your browser history....Sissy....."
"And for the rest of my stay here you will address me as Mistress that clear....Sissy?"
"Ummmm.....yes Ma'am!"

A Look

There's a look she gets in her eye when she watches me sucking her lovers cock!!! I can't describe mixed with hunger mixed with happiness..
She loves watching me suck her lovers cock just as much as I enjoy doing it!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Train of Thought

It was already so difficult to teach this many of the students had no interest in History.....but there was something else too....she was in this class and she smiled so innocently at him as he went over the lesson....he tried not to stare but how could he tear his eyes away.....and when she knew she had his attention she let her legs spread wide open for him to see.....she wasn't wearing panties but he already knew that because he was wearing with little bows and hearts.....they were still warm and wet from her when she told him to put them on.....he couldn't think anymore and hastily dismissed the class....he needed to get his face in between those thighs....she'd already earned an "A" from him and now he wanted to earn one from her too....

Monday ManCandy

Let them all wonder how you do it....
You start every week with a smile and even after a weekend of parties you still have plenty of energy to get the week started right!!! They don't know your secret, the little warm glow in your tummy that powers you through the day!!!
ManCandy!!!! When you need's all you need!!!!