Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and you are content with your progress....everything is coming along nicely!!!


Yes I'm always up before dawn....there's just so much to do in the hectic morning rush before she leaves for work!!!!
But when she has an overnight guest my morning becomes absolutely crazy!!!!
I have to find the time to get on my knees and give him a sunrise blowjob without my schedule all going to hell!!!!
She's pretty understanding if her dinner isn't ready exactly on time.....but she can turn pretty mean if she has to wait for breakfast....and god help me if her coffee isn't served promptly!!!!!
So I've become pretty good at making her friends cum quickly....
Much as it screws up my busy's still a great way to start a day!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Yeah Sissy

"Yeah Sissy, your sissy ass has just been fucked by a big cock....everybody laughed at your girly squeals as his cock stretched you open....even your wife took a break to giggle at the noises you were making!!!! Now that you know how it feels to have a real man inside it feels to have a real man fill you with his hot that you've lost your cherry....what do you have to say?"

Something New

Well I've started another Blog.....after Google+ shut down I really didn't have a place to post things that made me laugh....
The G+ censors, such as they were, forced me to use double enterdre and humor to post stuff that was both dirty and funny....and I miss doing I created a blog that I can post the funny things I like....there probably won't be any paddles, strap-ons or big cocks....but there might be....and if you stop by Such A Funny Sissy and you get a laugh then it was worthwhile!!!!
Let me know what you think!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Deal

"Alright Baby....I'm wearing the sexy lingerie you picked you like it?"
"Oh yes....I love it!!!!"
"Does it make you horny to see me dressed like this?"
"Oh yes Sweetheart!!!!"
"Now are you ready to wear what I picked out for you?"
"Oh yes Baby.....I can't wait!!!!"
"Well then, I want you to wear this chastity cage for me....I want you to lock it on and then hand the keys to me!!!!"
" will we have sex....I mean...."
" could use your imagination....I can think of a few ways you could make me cum!!!!"
"But what about me...."
"Well I've been thinking about that too.....of course you could use your imagination there as well!!!"
"Do we have a deal or not....I'm wearing what you wanted after all...."
"Okay....I guess it'll be okay for one night...."
"Sure night.....we'll discuss it in the morning...."

Monday ManCandy

We've all been there haven't we....we meet our BFF for breakfast and after you've ordered your favorite breakfast treat he/she says they're not hungry and just order coffee!!!
That's fine but when your order is delivered he/she decides to get just a little taste....until they've eaten half of your wonderful creamy breakfast!!!
Don't panic though....there's always plenty so you could just order another serving....after all you can always get more breakfast but you only get one BFF!!!
ManCandy!!! Sharing....that's what friends are for!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2019