Monday, December 6, 2021

Monday ManCandy

Yes you're ready!!!!
You're ready for a mouthful of flavor!!!!
A mouthful of smooth cream!!!!
A mouthful of concentrated protein!!!!
A mouthful of happiness!!!
ManCandy!!! You've said a mouthful!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What's going on in here Sissy?"
"It's my homework assignment for this weekend Sweetheart...."
"Sucking my boyfriends cock....that's nothing new....I catch you doing that all the time..."
"No Ma' homework is to make a man cum with my mouth without taking him in my mouth!!!"
"Well....that's interesting....mind if I watch?"
"I'd love you to watch!!!"
"But then it's back to school for you!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!!!"


 We had quite the wife and me....really a fun, fun night....and afterwards we had snuggled together and fallen asleep in each others arms.....
When I was still dark....but I knew I had some cleaning to do!!!!
When I looked down at it I wondered how much was much was mine...
It didn't really was ours and I did my duty and cleaned it all up!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Field Guide

"I think it's done now..."
"Yes....I think you're right....thank goodness...."
"What do they want it for anyway?"
"I don't know for sure....some kind of breeding experiment I think..."
"They're going to breed these things....what for...."
"I can't imagine.....perhaps as pets....perhaps as food...."
"Oh they're far to horrifying to  keep as pets....I mean what kid would want one of these curled up at his feet?"
"I know....and they're bipeds they'd be difficult to ride...."
"Maybe food then?"
"They don't really seem to have that much to offer in that area either....just look at all that fat and they're just full of bones.....and honestly....could you bring yourself to eat a creature like that!!!"
"Then what do you suppose they're going to do with it?"
"Well there had to be some reason they specified that we capture a female....they were very clear on had to be a female...."
"Do we have to go over this was I supposed to know which was which...."
"If you had taken along the copy of the Field Guide to Exotic Life like you were supposed to, then we wouldn't have had any problems..."
Well the Scrambler is nearly done reconfiguring the time we land no one will be the wiser that I took a male instead...."
"I suppose you're right....but I see that bit of cloth on its lower abdomen....what's under there?"
"I don't know....every picture in the Field Guide showed them covered like I just left everything as it was.....better safe than sorry..."
Well other than that I'd say we've done a great job....I thought it would never stop changing!!!"
"And all that screeching it did....I've never heard anything like it...."
"You don't suppose.... "
"No its too horrible to even consider..."
"What's too horrible?"
"They said breeding don't suppose they want to breed them....with us?"
"Oh my god!!! No that can't be it....they couldn't want anyone to breed with these...these things....that flies in the face of every moral....I mean.....I....that would be bestiality!!!"
"Yes I'm sure you're right there....but there has to be a reason why they wanted a female specimen.....I wonder....."
"We'll be landing in a few hours and then we'll find out....but if they want me to breed with that thing in there I'm going to hit the flush button on the Scrambler and get rid of it!!!"
"I couldn't agree more!!!"



Even though she was using her cock....fucking him just like she fucked me....somehow I knew he was not a sissy like me.....maybe it was his hard cock in my mouth....whatever it was.....he was getting fucked....but I was still the sissy....

Friday, December 3, 2021


As her new boyfriend licked her she realized he had no idea what he was doing....he'd never make her cum at this rate.....
Perhaps she'd been a little hasty in dumping the sissy....
Sure, his cock was tiny and pretty useless to her....
And it was kind of weird dating a guy who wore panties and bras.....
And she was surprised when he'd told her that he'd love for her to use a dildo on his ass.....
But the last straw had been when he told her he'd love to suck a cock and have her watch!!!
Yes it was all a little too strange for her.....but the sissy knew how to make her cum like no one else could.....and he would keep on going until she just couldn't take any more!!!!
Maybe she'd been a little hasty in dumping the sissy....
She'd give him a call tomorrow....because she really needed to cum and this guy just wasn't doing it for her!!!!


Although I was the one kneeling in front of him....sucking his cock...I could tell that my wife had all of his attention....and that's just the way it should be!!!