Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday matinee - Black Magic

"'s after midnight!!!! Come to bed!!!""
"In a little while Honey....I think I've got it this time!!!"
"Are you still at that....I told you nothing good would come out of that book!!!"
"Go to sleep....I've got to go to work on Monday and I can't go like this can I?"
"Maybe after a nights sleep you'll have a clear need your rest!"
"I just want to try one more spell....this one invokes the devil himself!!!!"
"I'm sure I don't want the devil in my house George....come to bed and we can snuggle like last night....I quite enjoyed that...."
"Hush woman...."
He quietly recited the spell and in a puff of sulfurous smoke a figure appeared....
"I'm surprised you called Georgie.....I thought you worked everything out yourself..."
"Prince of lies.....master of the fiery depths I command you to release me from this spell...."
"You know what Georgie....I've had a bad day....I mean I spent some time getting a prospect all set to go and suddenly his divine gracey-pants comes along and ruins the deal....and now you want me to release you from a spell that I had nothing to do with!!! But just looking at you I have to say Bravo to your results!!!!"
"George!!! Is there someone else down there with you....I thought I heard someone...."
"Go to sleep Darling....I'll be up soon...."
"I'm waiting George....I can't wait!!!!"
"Your wife sounds like a lovely woman Georgie....maybe you should forget all this and just go on to bed....I have other business to attend's a big world and I am the source of all evil you know...."
"At least tell me why none of the reversal spells seem to work....I don't understand...."
"All right Georgie.....the spell to make you a woman was cast....correct?"
"Hmmm....yes....well then the reversal spells cast by the same person should work without a hitch.....I've got nothing to do with that....but it's not working for you.....what does that tell you?"
"You can't mean that....."
"George come up to bed I'm so ready for you!!!"
"Do I need to spell it out for you Georgie? It wasn't you that cast the transformation spell in the first place....that's why you can't reverse it!!!!"
"But why would she do it...."
"Why!!!! You were a balding middle aged man with a beer belly and a tiny little manhood and you had the sex drive of a sloth....she wanted something new....she wanted to live her's not always about you you know....and bedsides she was a good, honest, church-going woman who I could corrupt so easily.....when I take her soul she's going to go far in my organization!!!"
"So there's no way I can change back without her help...."
"I'd suggest you go upstairs and get busy trying to make her happy Georgie....she's a good woman and desrves to live her dream!!!!"
And in a puff of smoke he was gone!!!!
"George....I'm getting angry.....come and cuddle with me this instant!!!"
He considered his options and discovered that he had none....
"Coming Dear!!!"


His big cock may be inside her but she still wants yours Sissy....she loves to hold on and squeeze when she cums!!!!


Friday, February 26, 2021

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Every time he was sent to visit Auntie she would add something he tried to join in by putting on lipstick....
Auntie was very cross with him and told him that little boys didn't wear lipstick....that had to wait until he was a little older!!!!


And just think....they all said I wasn't ambitious enough to succeed....well this would show them...I'm  really ambitious when I'm doing something I enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2021


I could see immediately that she was cross with me....
"I told you to wait until I called you, didn't I Sissy?"
"I'm sorry Ma'am....I thought I heard you call...."
"We'll talk about your behavior later you can see I'm a little busy right now...."
"Yes Ma'am....I'm sorry Ma'am....I'll be waiting here in the hallway...."
"Make sure you close the door Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am....."


"You know Sissy....this pleases me so much.....having this control makes me so happy!!!!"
"It makes me happy too Sweetheart!!!!
There was a time when I wouldn't have said that.....but after a few years in chastity I said it and I meant it!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Just Checking

 "I'm just checking Sissy....honestly....sometimes I forget that it's even there...."