Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year

Just taking a moment to wish all of you a Happy New Year!!!!
I'd love to give you all a kiss to welcome the turning of the year!!!!
I love you all and thank you for all your support over the years....


New Year's Eve!!!!

"You see Sissy!!!! I told you if you came put to the party with my friends and I, you'd have a good time!!!!"
"Enjoy that cock Sissy!!!! It's your last one of the year!!!!"
"Yes I know....I love you a little for me!!!!"

Monday ManCandy - End of the Year Serving

It's funny....another year almost's time to pause and take stock of how you spent your year....
No, we can do that as we recover tomorrow today...we party!!!
We put on something pretty and we do our hair and makeup just right and although we'll be indulging all night you don't want to leave the house without getting a tummy full of white creamy goodness....on a party night like this you'd probably do best to consider it an appetizer!!!!
ManCandy!!! We put the cock in cocktail!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Glory Hole

An afternoon at the Glory Hole is always time well spent for your Sissy.....he learns his place as he swallows one mouthful after another!!!!
But the best Glory Holes also offer more than that, after all why should Sissy have all the fun?

Sunday Brunch

"I really don't know what could be taking Sissy so long to serve this morning!!!!"
"Whatever the reason I'm sure it's her own should punish her severely!!!!"
"I quite agree....oh here she comes last!!!!"
"Well we'll eat first ....we can punish her's not like she can outrun us after all!!!"
"Quite right my dear....quite right!!!"

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Happiest Place on Earth

Stephan Skilinski  couldn't have been any happier than he was when he got that fateful telephone call...
"Hello Mr. Skilinski, this is Ms. Mousse....I'm the personnel director at...,"
"Yes I remember you Ms. Mousse....I'm very glad to hear from you. I hope it's good news?"
"Well it is, as far as we're concerned, we've gone over your resume' and we believe we have a perfect position for you....we'd like you to come in and talk to us about whether you'd be interested in our offer!"
"I can be there in an hour!!!"
"My aren't you the eager tomorrow at nine AM will be fine....oh and please keep this to yourself....we run a very discrete organization and we'd prefer our job candidates not share anything about our hiring process..."
"Of Course....I'll be there at 9 AM sharp!"
Hanging up the phone Stephan danced around the room....his dream was coming true....the job he had always dreamed of was almost his!!!
He was as good as his word and was at the personnel office shortly before the appointed time. Ms Mousse opened the door and welcomed him in, offering him a seat she sat down behind her desk and shuffled some papers in a folder with his name on it.
"Well Stephan, may I call you Stephan? I so prefer it over the stuffy formalities!"
"Yes Ma'am, that would be fine...."
She scribbled a note on her pad...
"The position we have in mind for you is as one of our performers in a key position in the park....would you be interested in that?"
"I guess so....I thought maybe you'd consider me for a technical position...."
"Yes we did consider it but when the personnel group met to consider your application we noted that you had a theatrical background...."
"That was just some college stuff...."
"Yes we know, we already checked it out, we all decided that you'd be far more valuable to us as a at first we'd provide you with double the salary you were looking for....also because we might need your services as needed we would provide you with a small apartment on the property and a very generous benefit does that sound to you?"
"Oh my god!!!! It sounds wonderful!!!! Twice the salary and I get to live in the happiest place on earth!!!! Where do I sign....I'm all yours Ms. Mousse!!!"
"I rather thought you would be Stephan......I have some things for you to's the standard stuff....Non-Disclosure Agreements and salary contracts and leases for the apartment and medical permissions for our benefits department....that kind of thing,,,,"
He eagerly signed his name to over a dozen documents, some of which were full of legalese....but he didn't care....his dream was coming true!!!
"Very good Stephan, come with me and we'll begin your orientation....there's a series of videos you must must watch them very will be tested on them....please empty your pockets in the tray there....we must make absolutely sure that you have no recording devices with you!"
"I would never...."
"I know Dear Boy but it's corporate policy you know...."
"Yes Ma'am....I understand...."
He entered the room which contained a large screen and a single reclining least I'll be comfortable he thought as he settled in.....she smiled at him asshe stepped to the door....
"I so look forward to seeing you after your orientation Stephan....relax and pay close attention...."

When he woke he felt so different....and what on earth was he wearing....oh it was a bra and panties....but they were so fancy.....fancier than anything he was used to!
But wait....he didn't wear girls underwear....what was he thinking!!!!
The door opened and a beautiful blonde stepped in....
"So you're the new girl.....glad to meet name is Bambi....I've come to finish your orientation!"
"But I don't know why I'm here, dressed like this!!!! What's going on?"
" don't want to upset them....they want everyone to be happy....and they're watching.....they're always watching...."
"But look....I'm obviously not a girl....I mean look....."
"Hehe....yes so I see.....but that's the reason I'm here....the last part of your orientation involves the injection of certain chemicals that will make that little bulge go away and give you something to fill that bra...."
"But I never agreed to this...."
"Actually you did....I bet you didn't read the contract....I know I didn't....but you're going to love it here......your life from now on will be nothing but pleasure....that's why they chose were just the right all you need is that last injection..."
The programming was working on his mind no matter how hard he fought against it....
"Alright Bambi.....I'll take the injection...."
"Okay Sweetie....just turn around and lower your panties..."
"Will it hurt Bambi?"
"Probably at first....but in a few minutes you're going to love it!!!"

Straight In The Eye

He looked at me straight in the eye as she took him into her mouth....I just couldn't maintain eye contact with the man whose cock was in my wife's mouth and so looked down....that was worse!!!!
A glance from either one of them would let them see how excited I was, being cuckolded like this!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2018


He should be here soon....she's very excited and so am I although with me it's a little harder to tell....


The way I look at it, if he's nice enough to let me suck it...I should show my appreciation by sucking ALL of it!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2018


I understand that I'm required to be plugged as a constant reminder that she's in control....but I really wish she would let me put it in myself....most of her friends prefer not to do it for me but some seem to enjoy it too much if you ask me!!!!

You're a Sissy Cuckold

When you see your wife on her knees in slutty lingerie sucking a cock three times the size of yours and your only thought is how much you wish it was you on your knees in slutty lingerie sucking a cock three times the size of yours....
You're a sissy cuckold!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Post-Holiday Hump Day

"Poor worked so hard to make a nice Christmas for me and our guests I'll bet you're just exhausted...why don't you just stay in bed and take it easy and let someone else do all the work today!!!"
"That sounds wonderful Sweetheart!!!"
"Enjoy your Hump Day Baby!!!!"
"Oh yes...I'm sure I will!!!!"

Way Back When

Way back when I used to just jerk it all the time, I used to use two fingers to stroke my little bitty thing....
I never imagined a day where I would use two hands.....I never imagined it but it was really delightful when I got the opportunity!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Was He The Real Santa

Was he the real Santa?
I don't know for sure, but he brought my wife exactly what she wanted and when they were done I had a nice white Christmas waiting for me!!!!
Maybe he wasn't the real Santa but as far as I'm concerned he can come back for every holiday!!!!

Christmas Morn

"Oh!!!!! Look at this Sissy.....isn't it lovely!!!"
"Oh yes....I'm sure you'll get many hours of fun out of it...."
"But wait a second.....oh Sissy....I'm sorry.....the tag said it's for you...."
"A great big cock....just for me!!!!"
"What do you say Sissy?"
"God bless us, every one!!!!"

Merry Christmas

Just taking a little time out from my regular silly posts to tell you, all my sweet readers, that I wish you happiness on this Christmas's my wish for you that all of your wishes come true!!!! I send you all my love!!!!


Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas

"Merry Christmas Kaaren."
"Merry Christmas Sweetheart."
The rest was private....

Magical Christmas Eve ManCandy

Yes I waited while he laid out the presents and had a couple of cookies before I asked him for a special Christmas treat....something to warm my heart....and my tummy too!!!
"Have you been a good obedient sissy this year Kaaren?"
"I've tried my best Santa!!!!"
"I know you get down on your knees and you can help Santa deliver that special present you crave all year!!!"
"Yes Santa, thank you Santa!!!"
"No more talking Sissy....Santa hasn't got all night you know!!!"
It was tingly and wonderful and it kind of tasted like peppermint, but it filled me with the joy of Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2018


He stared at the pretty lingerie and he wondered who had sent it to him....he double checked the tag on the present and it was clearly to him but it didn't say who it was from!!!
He couldn't wait to slip it on but the idea that someone knew his secret was troubling to say the least!!!!
Upstairs his mother stared at the RC Car and she wondered who had sent it to her....she double checked the tag on the present and it was clearly to her but it didn't say who it was from!!!
She couldn't wait to try it out in the had been years since anyone  had bought her a toy for Christmas!!!
In the den his father snoozed...he'd had a few drinks but had left the office Christmas party early....he had to wrap his wife and son's presents....they were both going to be so surprised!!!! He wasn't sure, after he wrapped them, which was which, so he just stuck a tag on them....they could sort it out in the morning!!!!

Naughty List

"You know Kaaren, that's exactly what got you on the naughty list!!!"
"Oh, I'm sorry Santa....I'll stop right away!!!"
"I didn't tell you to stop fact if you give me a minute to catch my breath I think you should do it again!!!"
"But Santa.....the naughty list...."
"You just let me worry about that....I think old St. Nick is ready for another ride!!!!"

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Milk and Cookies

"Get me my milk and cookies and bring them to me!"
"Yes Master!"
"You've been very obedient this year...."
Maybe that was it....when he said I was obedient...that meant I was nice....that meant I was off the naughty list....that meant I was free!!!"
"Wait.....I remember now....last year....Christmas Eve...I caught you....but then shot me with some kind of dart....and when I woke I was like this....I was a woman....and your slave.....oh my god I remember it all....the times you made me do those things!!!! The parties with the Elves....the Snowmen....even with Mrs. Claus....oh my god....why did you do all of that to me? Why?"
"Well my were a horrible man who mistreated your wonderful wife and all the other women in your life!!! You were number one on my naughty list and you needed someone to show you the error of your ways!!!"
"But I'm free'll change me'll bring me I can show everyone how I've changed.....I know now how badly I treated my wife.....I know what a heel I was to all the women in my life....I've changed....thank you!!!! Thank you so much for guiding me....for showing me what a bastard I was!!!!"
Santa reached for his dart gun....
"Maybe....maybe next year!"
I felt the dart hit me and then I felt no more....
When I came to he was sitting in his chair across the room.....
"I'm still waiting for my milk and cookies bitch!!!!"
"Yes Master!!!!"

Some Christmas

Some Christmas it'll just have to believe....
Some Christmas she'll let me have Santa instead of the Elf....

Friday, December 21, 2018

Do You Like It

"So Sweetie do you like wearing a chastity cage for me....letting me have control over your cummies?"
"Yes Ma' pinches a little but yes I like it....I like that it makes you happy!"
"It does make me do you like my you think it's pretty?"
"Oh yes Ma'am I think it's very pretty!!!"
"That's good because I want you to wear it for me...."
"You want me to wear your dress Ma'am?"
"Yes I do, I think you'll look very feminine in it.....and now that you don't have a cock anymore I guess that makes you my girlfriend instead of my husband!!!"
"Oh yes Ma'am!!!!"

Christmas Decor

Make no mistake....she had picked these ornaments out very carefully and the symbolism of her sissy husband displaying his pair of blue balls wasn't lost on her or her lover!!!!
They laughed and laughed while my blue balls bobbed back and forth as I fluffed him for her!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2018


"When my girlfriends get here I want them to see that "I've just been fucked" glow on your face Sissy!!!! You always look so cute after your sissygasm!!!!"

The Great Tumblr Purge

Just for laughs I was scrolling through all my posts on my Tumblr account....I can see them but you can't and I noticed an interesting thing....
This was flagged as "Adult Content"...

And this wasn't....

I guess that makes sense to someone....but not to me!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Past

Back when we were first starting out we didn't have a big place....a small one bedroom apartment in a third floor walk-up.....but it was enough for us!!!
There wasn't much room for a Christmas tree so we got a little one and I would decorate it while she and her lover fucked in the bedroom...
I remember it like it was yesterday!!!

Hump Day

On Hump Day you realized that if you want to be really successful you need to concentrate less on your needs and more on your customer!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas Shopping

"Alright Sissy, I have some Christmas shopping to do...I'll be back to pick you up in a few hours!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am mmmmmpppfff"

No Complaints

Even though I wear pretty lingerie and don't have very much between my legs...she really has no complaints about the way I make love to her....she has countless orgasms and the cage prevents me from having even one....
You'd think I'd be the one complaining but you'd be wrong.....
Her pleasure is my it should be!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2018

The First Time

The first time I saw it hanging on her clothesline I knew I had to have it....
The next time it was on the clothesline after dark, it came home with me....
It was a beautiful short half slip that was at fingertip length so I could touch the pretty lace trim at the bottom...
 I remember wondering why anyone would wear a skirt or dress to cover this simple beautiful thing....
She always gave me a funny look after I took it from her yard that night.....maybe she saw me....I don't know.....but I kind of hope she did and maybe she knew how much pleasure I got from wearing that probably couldn't imagine how much I loved that one simple piece of her fact after all these years I wish I still had it!!!!

Monday ManCandy

What could be better for a warm breakfast on a chilly morning than your favorite hot creamy treat?
Having a friend over to help you enjoy it!!!!
ManCandy!!! Show your friends how much you care!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday is Game Day

"Oh look at the time....we should get home....the boys will be wondering where we are!!!"
"Oh stop worrying, I want to get some shoes and I saw some beautiful pumps over in that shop...."
"Do you think they're alright?"
"Sweetie they've got the football game on....believe me they're not thinking of anything else right let's shop!!!!"
"Well....I guess..."
"Come on....I'm telling you they're at home....glued to the couch with only one thing on their minds!!!!"'re probably right....I bet they haven't even noticed we're gone!!!!"

Yes Baby

Yes just stay right here and watch what a real man can do.....then you can go put your nightie on and I'll bring you his full condom before you go to sleep!!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Volunteers

"Please Mr. Thompson, you really must try to control will be your turn soon!"
"My turn!!!!! This is madness....this is not what I wanted.....I want to go home!!!!"
"But Mr. Thompson surely you know that's impossible....the wormhole between our worlds has closed and won't reopen for over twenty of your years!!!"
Inside the procedure room he heard his brother scream again....weaker this time...more....feminine!!!
"But you promised us a world where we could be worshiped....a world where we could have endless showed us"
"Yes the holograms....all the beautiful women....."
"Yes they are all earthlings who volunteered to join you and your brother did."
"Then what.....then why are you doing this to us?"
"As I've already explained Mr. Thompson.....the females of our race were wiped out long ago in a biological war.....our enemies thought they could drive us to extinction in one blow, so to speak...."
"But we found that human DNA was quite compatible with our own with the only unfortunate aspect that human  females lacked certain chemical characteristics that we required...."
"Luckily for us, it turned out that human males would make the ideal breeding stock for us....after a few alterations of your anatomy of course...."
"And so we travel to your world asking for volunteers to have a life of endless sex and we show some of the altered males and we never have a shortage of men willing to come with us."
Roger Thompson screamed in rage but he was held tightly in alien hands!!!!
"You can't do this!!!!! You lied to us!!!! I'll never do what you want!!!!"
"We'll see Mr. Thompson, soon your brothers procedure will be done and yours will begin.....we've never had a single subject reject the change and we've been doing this for over a thousand of your years!!!"


When she invited him up to her apartment to party with her and her roommate he couldn't believe his luck!!!!
30 minutes later it hadn't gone the way he'd expected at was soooo much better!!!

Friday, December 14, 2018


I could hear the shower running as I knelt there....I hoped she was washing her hair too because sometimes that took a while....I would keep her friend entertained as long as it took....and as far as I was concerned, the longer the better!!!!

Yes Please...

"Are you sure Sissy?"
"He's pretty big you really want to?"
"You want him to fuck you like a little whore? To make you squeal and moan like a little bitch in heat?"
"That's good Sissy.....because that's what he wants to do to you.....and I want to watch every minute.....and listen to him making you his little fucktoy.....that's what you want to be want to be his little fucktoy?"
"Oh my god.....yes please!!!!!"
"You're such a slut Sissy, I love you!"
"I love you too....."
"He's coming right now Sissy....are you ready?"
"Oh yes please....please...."

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Next Time

"I think the next time I use my strap-on you should be wearing some pretty panties....after all you're my girl now!!!"
"If you think so...."
"Oh yes....but nothing white....white is for virgins and I popped your cherry last night!"
"Yes you did Sweetheart!"
"And I loved it!!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"


Yes I was jealous....
I was kneeling and watching as he fucked my beautiful wife....
And then....
I know it makes no sense...
I love watching when she fucks her studs.....
I love watching when she sucks their cocks....their big man-sized cocks....
I love watching them give her pleasures I can't even dream of giving her....
But the kissing.....that seems just a bit too intimate for me....she knows I don't like it but she says she can't help it....
Like I said, I know it makes no sense....but of all the things she and I have done with her lovers....watching her kiss another man still bothers me!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Little Black Dress

My wife told me that every girl owned a little black dress because it would be appropriate for every occasion!!!!
It's appropriate for a party!!!!
It's appropriate for a meeting!!!!
It's appropriate for a wedding!!!!
It's appropriate for a funeral!!!!
It's appropriate when I'm on my knees giving her boyfriend  a blowjob in front of the fire!!!!
She's right it is appropriate for everything!!!!!

A Good Sissy Maid

"Your wife told me she wanted a well-trained and completely obedient Sissy Maid and I told her that I would see to it that she had one by the end of the day...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"Let's get started Sissy we have a lot of work to do!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday, December 10, 2018


"Yes we opened your locker.....and we found all the underwear that's gone missing from the girls have a lot of explaining to do!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Yes you've been very naughty....
You've unwrapped your present and used it already....let's hope Santa isn't watching you right now!!!!
But once you gave it a couple of shakes you couldn't resist taking a peek and once you'd taken a peek you couldn't resist having a taste....who could?
But the beauty of it is you can wrap it back up and it will be ready to use again and again....
ManCandy!!!! The gift that keeps on giving!!!