Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hump Day

The week seems to go by so slowly but Hump Day is always over far too quickly!!!!


Not only were they ruining any chance I might have ever had of her feeling my little clit inside her if I ever got the chance again.....all I could really think of at the moment was that this cleanup was going to be huge!!!!
So there was a silver lining I guess.....

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


"Damn it Sissy, I brought you here to take care of my guests....let the waiters serve the cake!!!! See my friend Ted over there?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"He's not waiting for cake he's waiting for a blowjob!!!! So get over there, get down on your knees and get busy or you're asking for big trouble with me!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, right away Ma'am!"


"Your face is familiar.....but I can't think of your name..."
He looked down....
"Oh wait now I remember you.....I just didn't recognize you without a cock in your mouth Sissy!!!"

Monday, February 26, 2018

It's Funny

When we compare "notes" we both still laugh about it....
I so wanted to slip my tongue down just a bit and tickle that adorable, tight, little hole but I was afraid of how she would react....after all it was so perverted!!!
She so wanted me to slip my tongue down just a bit and tickle that adorable, tight, little hole but she was afraid of how I would react....after all it was so perverted!!!
Thankfully we finally got there....and we both really love it!!!!
A little honesty and communication goes a long way!!!!

Monday ManCandy

So you're taking the day off.....a mental health day....a day for you to just kick back and relax.....just put on your comfy sweats and leave the "power suit" in the closet....a day when there's no hurry to finish your favorite morning snack.....just swallow that mouthful of creamy goodness slowly and enjoy it even more!!!!
ManCandy!!! The beginning of a great day off!!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Everyone agreed, it was the best damned Sissy coming out party the town had ever had!!!

The Look

She gives me the "look"....
It says so much.....
He's a stranger to me....a guest in our house....and she swallows his whole cock while I watch.....and gives me the "look"!!!!
There was a time when she used to do that to me....she used to take me in her mouth.....back then.....and she always giggled because I didn't require any real effort on her part.....I wasn't much of a mouthful.....
But he looks like a mouthful and more to me...and as I kneel in my pretty undies and watch her suck his big cock....she gives me the "look"....and I smile.....and I hope to get a turn before he leaves!!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Rat

"Oh Bill, it's such a relief....I never thought we'd get them back!!!"
"I know....and as soon as we get home we can use them to undo his spell and get you back to normal!!!"
"Yes....I guess we can...."
"You sound upset....what's the problem?"
"I don't know....maybe I feel bad for Anton...."
"You've got to be joking!!! After what that bastard did to you....he got exactly what he deserved!!!"
"But maybe changing him into a rat was going too far...."
"He didn't spend much time worrying about how he'd changed you did he?"
"Well no....but when we left him there.....running on that little treadmill.....I could see the hatred in his eyes!!!"
"Screw him, one less evil Warlock in the world seems like a good idea to me!"
"I guess you're right....but still...."
"Alright, we've been together now since we were kids and I know something else is bothering you!!! What's the problem?"
"You know I appreciate your help over these past few years, hunting down Anton and helping me recover these artifacts....when he first transformed me into a woman you were the only one who believed left everything behind to roam around the world with were my rock through all of this and I've come to have some really deep feelings about you...."
"It's alright Tom, I feel the same....I've seen you as the woman you've become....I'm in love with you too!!!"
"Maybe, I could stay like this....maybe we could stay like this?"
"I think I'd like that!!!"
"Then what should we do about these? Their magic is so powerful!!!!"
"Well I can think of only one thing we can do with them...."
"You mean..."
"Yes, we'll complete the spell and get rid of that little distraction so you can be a woman in every way!"
"Oh I think I like that about we slip off to the rest room to celebrate....we can join the mile high club!!!"
""But what about know...."
"We'll work around we did in Shanghai....remember..."
"Oh yes Shanghai....I remember it so well....and this time we'll be sober...."
"Meet me in five minutes!"
"I'll be there!"
No one on the plane had spotted the rat moved with such care, it was almost as if it knew what it was was almost as if it was human!!!!


She says that I don't get nearly enough exercise so she makes sure I get out and walk the streets at least a couple of times a month!!!!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Okay Sissy

I had watched all night as it got hotter and hotter,,,,her college roomie had some ideas and apparently so did she....I had watched as my clit strained the limits of the chastity cage until I was sure one or the other would break!!!!
Finally...that moment was at hand....the moment I really had waited to see all night...that's when she turned away and looked at me....her voice dripping with desire....lust in her eyes....
"You can go now Sissy.....I'll see you in the morning!!!"
Her voice was calm and clear and I knew enough not to whine or beg....
"Yes Ma'am....have a good night....if you need me I'm sure I'll be awake next door!!!"
She smiled....
"I'm sure you'll be awake too go!!!!"

Unemployment Benefit

When I lost my job she was very the time there was nothing available for an unremarkable middle manager type like me....
Then she told me she had found the ideal job for me and I was so excited!!!!
"This is your job from now on Sissy.....full time cocksucker.....I'm sure you're going to love it!!!!"
No argument from me....I mean when she's right, she's right!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hump Day

You're halfway to the weekend....just watching that second hand go round and round has never felt better!!!!

Field of Dreams

"If you wear it he will cum...." the voice whispered to me!
Well I did and he did and it wasn't so great but he promised he'd be back tomorrow and he'd bring some friends to help him out.....

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Have You Seen

"Sissy have you seen the pink panties I had on the other know...the ones with the lace that you liked so much?"
"Ummm no I haven't...."
"It's funny, I put them in the laundry hamper and after you cleaned my undies that pair wasn't there...."
"Maybe I left them in the laundry room or perhaps I mixed them with mine....I'll check and I'm sure they'll be back in your drawer by the time you get home tonight!"
She turned and smiled at me....
"I'm sure they'll be back too Sissy!"
She was laughing as she walked out the door!!!!
I rushed right away to where I had hidden those pretty pink panties.....and I tool a last sniff of her lovely scent before I ran the water to wash them....I needed them to dry before she got home!!!!
I'll miss having them but there's always something new in the laundry hamper!!!!

Wake Up

Wake up my Darling
It's another day....

Don't we all wake up our wives or sweethearts like this?
If you don't you should try it....
Remember it's just for her....I never expect anything in return and neither should you!!!
That smile as she leaves for work makes it all worthwhile!!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

What Do I Mean?

"What do I mean Sissy? Really it's not that hard to understand.....that little clit in your panties does nothing for me.....I need a real man's cock....he's coming here tonight for dinner and I'm going to fuck him...and you're going to eat all his cum out of my pussy while he watches....then you're going to suck his cock till he cums in your sissy mouth while I you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am....."

Monday ManCandy

It's a holiday today so there's no need to rush!!!! The usual Monday Frenzy is put on hold as she takes her sweet treat.....but after she'll sleep some more with that wonderful flavor in her mouth!!!
ManCandy!!!! It fills your dreams just like it fills your mouth!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Two More Minutes

The warm water, the stroking, her voice whispering in my ear....
"Two more minutes Baby, we're going to edge you for two more minutes....don't you dare cum, don't you dare....if you're good I'll take you out and buy you a pretty new dress....won't that be nice?"
"Stop please!!!"
She stopped but so did the clock...
A minute later she resumed....stroking and whispering....
"Just another one and a half minutes Baby.....that pretty new dress is practically yours as long as you don't cum!!!"
"Stop please!!!!"
"Oh poor Baby are you close.....I'll give you a minute to calm down and then we'll start again...only a minute and twenty seconds to go...."
It's almost like in football....two minutes can seem like forever....but I already knew which dress I wanted!!!!

Tell Me

"Tell me right now Sissy are you ready?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"He's big Sissy....bigger than my dildo......are you sure?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"He's going to use you like a whore Sissy....your mouth, your....pussy....he's going to indulge all his pleasures with you Sissy, are you sure?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"That's him coming up the stairs now....are you sure this is what you want Sissy?"
 "Yes Ma'am!"
"Can I stay and watch him fuck you Sissy?"
 "Yes Ma'am! Oh yes Ma'am!!!!"

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Decision Day

"Hey Mom, there goes Tommy from my class in school....and there's Billy and Johnny too!!!! Where's everyone going?"
"Well Honey when you finish up your breakfast you'll find out!!!"
"C'mon Mom where are we going?"
"Don't be fresh Honey, just finish up and we can get going."
"I won' better tell me where everybody's going or I'm just going to dump this whole dish on the floor!!!!"
"Alright Kenneth, I've had enough of your bad behavior....I have to admit I had my doubts about today but your little tantrum here has left me no choice...."
"What do you mean no choice.....where are we going...."
"We're going to the Central Lab Kenneth and I'm having you changed....I'm tired of having an obnoxious little boy that I always have to apologize for....I've decided I want a little girl who's sweet and pretty and I can dress in pretty lacy things!!!!"
The boy's face paled as his mothers words sunk in.....
"No Mom....I don't want to be a girl.....where's Dad....he'll never let you do this to me!!!"
"Oh Honey!!!! I dropped your Dad off for the change early this morning before you got up,,,,she should be ready to come home by now!"
"No....I don;t believe's not real!!!!"
"Why don't you ask our waitress....Trudy is it? What was your name before the change?"
"I used to be Trevor Ma'am, but I'm so much happier now!!!"
"You see Honey, Mommy knows what's best for her baby!!!"
"Please no...."
Too late Honey, the Service is already at our house replacing all your boy things with really lovely'll be so happy when you see it!!!"
"I won't go!!!! You can't make me!!!! I'll run away!!!!"
"Oh Honey it's far to late for that...."
He gasped as the waitress grabbed him and held him down while his mother gave him the he slipped into unconsciousness he heard the two women chuckling....
"I knew he wouldn't go should have seen the fuss his father put up this morning!!!!"
"Once they change they'll realize how much happier they'll be.....Do you need help to carry him to the car?"
"Yes thank you Trudy, you're a dear!"
"I am now....but I wasn't always!!!!"
And then they both laughed and laughed as they carried him out of the diner and then he all went black!!!!


"Damn Bitch!!!! Your husband is right there watching!!!!"
"Yes he is....just like I told him to be!!"
"You want him to see me fuck you?"
"Oh yes....I love it when he watches!!!!"
"\Alright then Baby, let's give him something to remember!!!!"

Friday, February 16, 2018

My Analyst Had Some Questions

I arrived promptly at my analysts office, disappointing her receptionist who was just taking her paddle from her desk drawer!!! She sent me right in and Dr.Dee was waiting in her big leather chair....
"Good afternoon Kaaren I'm glad to see you's been a while since our last're looking pretty today!"
I blushed....
"Thank you Dr. Dee, you're looking very pretty too!!!"
"Well aren't you just the sweetest little sissy....thank you......I've been going through your file....did you know it's the biggest file I have here?"
"No Dr. Dee....I guess that means I must be a mess...."
"No Sissy....let's just say you're interesting....anyway today I was wondering about this thing you mentioned several times in our sessions....the hands free orgasm!!! I must admit I'm intrigued by the whole idea and I think I'd like to explore this with if you don't let me just tie those hands back...there....too tight Sissy?"
"No Dr Dee....that feels just fine!"
When she pulled up her skirt and settled my face between her thighs I didn't have the heart to tell her she had gotten the basic concept wrong....but this was certainly alright too and I demonstrated my abilities with as much enthusiasm as I could   and it must have gone well because after a few minutes her receptionist came in to see what all the noise was about!!!!


"You know I'm going to make you get down on your knees and lick up all your drippies, don't you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Do you want to stop now Sissy?"
"Oh no Ma'am, please just a little longer!!!!
"It'll mean a bigger mess for you to clean up you know!"
"Oh yes Ma'am, oh yessss Ma'am!!!"
Her laughter only made it better....

Thursday, February 15, 2018

But Why

"But why do you make him wear panties?"
"Go ahead and see for yourself!!!"
"Oh my god, I haven't seen one that small since I gave my little nephew a bath!!!"
"I know, how old was your nephew 5, 6 maybe?"
"No he was 22 but he had a really little one too!!!"

High School Memories

Miss Errico was my algebra teacher.....she wore tight short dresses that drove all the boys wild!!!! As I think back I guess she had to know what she was doing to us all....maybe that was the point!!!!
The difference was that all the boys in class wanted to get under that dress and fuck her.....I wanted to get into that dress and be fucked!!!! Especially if she was watching!!!!
One of the few pleasant memories I have of high school!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hump Day

You've made it this far, the rest of the week should glide right by nice and smoothly!!!

Happy Valentines Day

All I wanted for Valentines Day was an assortment of chocolates!!!! I am very easy to please!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Idea

The idea of kissing a man has no appeal for me....I've tried it and it does absolutely nothing for me except make me uncomfortable....
But if I get down on my knees in front of the very same man I have no issues at all with kissing his hard cock and taking him into my mouth....
What's the difference?
I don't know, maybe that's just part of what makes me a sissy....


"But Auntie.....please...."
"Stop your's just going to be us girls today....won't that be nice....just us girls...."
"But I'm not a girl!!!"
"Then why were you wearing my panties Sweetie?"
"I....I don't know...."
"Well I we'll just have a girls day together....won't that be fun?"
"I guess.....just you and me...."
"And a few of my friends...."
"Your friends.....oh no please that would be so embarrassing!!!"
"Nonsense....when I told them about our girls day they all couldn't fact they were almost as eager as your classmates!"
"My classmates!!!!"
"Well I could only find one girls number in your phone but she told me that she'd bring all the other girls with fact she said that she wouldn't miss it!"
"Oh please....."
"Oh there's the doorbell.....I guess we'd better go and greet our guests....this is going to be such a fun afternoon.....don't you agree Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am...."

Monday, February 12, 2018


The last thing he remembered was the car hurtling toward him and a lady screaming.....
Then when he opened his eyes....well he knew he was in heaven!!!!
He had expected to see his parents and grandparents in the afterlife but this.....this was just so much better....this was paradise!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

She loves you so much that she wants to make sure you start the day right!!! A good breakfast will last you a few hours and a creamy kiss before she leaves for work should keep you happy all day!!!
ManCandy!!! A kiss is just a kiss until you give it that little something extra!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Afternoon

We read the papers in the morning over coffee and have a small snack.....
I serve her a delightful brunch that has so many of the things we both love....
Then we settle down for a long and quiet afternoon together....
The perfect Sunday....

Weekly Review

"Okay Sissy, that covers Tuesday now let's discuss your behavior on Wednesday!!!"

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Invisible Terror

Professor Langley stood before the assembled law enforcement team!
"Gentlemen, this latest crime wave has some particular similarities that can only lead to one conclusion!"
"Okay Prof.....tell us what your theory is but we don't have a lot of time....this fiend strikes at the same time each day and it's almost 10 now...that only gives us an hour to get our force out on the street?"
"Yes Chief Brittles... I understand only too well...but you have to understand what you're up against!!! What do we know about him?"
"We know that he strikes at 11pm every night since his reign of terror began....we know that he hasn't been seen by anyone....we know that even when he's surrounded by witnesses he somehow still avoids being identified....we know that he has sexually assaulted both women and men and still we have no clues as to anything about his appearance.....victims claim that they couldn't see their attacker but they could feel him taking his pleasure from them.....Gentlemen this can only lead to one conclusion, as fantastic as it seems, the attacker must be...."
Suddenly the Professor began to choke....his mouth open wide and his eyes wide with terror....his head began to rock back and forth as he gurgled and spit ran from the corners of his mouth!!!
"He's having a seizure!!!" cried the Chief, "Get me a Medic!!!"
The room exploded into activity as the lawmen ran to get aid for the stricken man! His head seemed to be moving back and forth to some kind of rhythm and from his throat there were only guttural moans!
Suddenly he stopped....leaning forward and he gagged and choked but he didn't move and the assembled lawmen stood transfixed as he gasped and then his head fell to the desk....
"Professor are you alright? Can you speak....."
The professor mumbled, it sounded something like an agreement.....
"Professor what were you going to say? What do you think this fiend is?"
The professor watched the back door of the room open and close and he thought about the words whispered for only him to hear...
"Your house....wear something pretty and plenty of lipstick....I'll be there at 11!!!"
"Nothing! I was going to say this was a complete mystery.....I'm as baffled as you are!!! Now if you men will excuse me I'd like to get home to rest!"
"Of course Professor.....Bring a car around and take the Professor home...then let's all get out there and catch this monster!!!!"

And Somehow

Her date tonight was interested in more than just fucking her....
She stroked his nice hard cock while I pushed the vibrator into his tight little ass....
And even as he gasped from being stroked and fucked at the same time....somehow I was still the only sissy in the room....and we all knew it....

Friday, February 9, 2018

Okay Ladies

"Okay ladies are we all ready?"
"All tour strap-ons cinched tight?"
"Alright then ladies, let's pull the plug and get this gang bang started!!!!!"

It's a Funny Story

"It's a funny see I lost a bet and my wife dressed me like this and then she drove me out here and then......"
"Blow me for 10 bucks?"
Just another $190 to go and I could go back to the car where she was waiting!!!!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Best Part

The best part was when she took off her panties and stuffed them in my mouth....I could taste her while she corrected my behavior....
And it seriously cut down on the neighbors complaints about the "noise" too!!!

Accidentally Awoken

"So he told me he wants to open a chain of stores.....selling fruit and'll never guess where!!!"
"Afghanistan...can you believe it?"
"No way...he must be crazy...."
"And he's already got a name for the's hilarious!!!"
"What is it?"
"The company is going to be called "Afghanistan Banana Stand"!!!"
How was he to know that he had accidentally used the phrase that would snap their Sissy whore out of his hypnotic trance!!!!
No one was as surprised as their partner Jeffrey who suddenly found himself dressed as a woman with his mouth filled with his friend Tom's throbbing cock while his other partner sat nude waiting his turn!!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ever Since The First Time

Ever since the first time I worshiped a woman I've always preferred that she keep her panties on....I have a huge panty fetish and it just makes it better for me....thankfully my wife likes it too....and if she's not wearing pretty panties.....well then I should be wearing them!!!

Hump Day

It's been a long hard week so far.....and that's just the way I like it!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sissy School - Do You Think They'll Mind

"Do you think our brothers will mind that we borrowed their Sissy School uniforms?"
"They really do look cute in them don't they?"
"Yes my brother is the perfect Sissy...."
"Your brother is a good Sissy but my brother is so much cuter....."
"Mine's cuter and a better cocksucker too!!!!"
"No my brother is the best cocksucker in the neighborhood!!!!"
"Well why don't we just have a contest when they come home for Spring Break!!!"
"You're on and may the best Sissy cocksucker win!!!!"
"That 'll be my brother...."
"No Mine...."


After she caught her neighbor stealing her panties she promised not to tell his wife if he came over every morning and wore her panties while he sucked her boyfriends cock!!!
She was surprised at how quickly he'd agreed and she was equally surprised at how much he seemed to enjoy doing it!!!
But what really surprised her the most was, a couple of weeks later, when she told him he'd been punished enough and that he didn't have to suck that big cock every morning anymore....he told her that it was no problem and would she please let him continue doing it!!!
Well why not.....she liked watching him do it...and her boyfriend had no complaints...

Monday, February 5, 2018

After Ten Minutes

After ten minutes she pulls her saliva soaked panties aside to allow me to worship her tight little hole....these are the times you remember!!!!

Monday ManCandy - After the Big Game

After the wings and chili and salsa and chips
All the burgers and fries and veggies and dips
You pray that it doesn't go straight to your hips
It's time something healthy passed over your lips
Something that's Warm Organic and creamy
Something whose flavor is just so dreamy
Something so good that you'd pay any fee
But it's always available and it's always free
ManCandy!!! It's poetry written in cream!!!!