Monday, March 31, 2014

Checking Her E-Mail

I feel so lucky that she gave me a pillow this time!

Monday ManCandy

There's no such thing as a standard sized dose of ManCandy and sometimes you get a little bit more than you can swallow in one shot! The beauty of ManCandy is that it's still warm and delicious when you lick up what you missed!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

She Watched Him From The Bar

He was the odd one out at a table full of boorish oafs! When they made crude remarks, he blushed! When they laughed at dirty jokes he quietly looked away! When they laughed at him he looked like he was going to cry!
She decided that he would suit her needs perfectly. His friends were stunned into silence when she approached the table and whispered "Come home with me sweetie."
Amid the hoots and filthy remarks he quickly walked to the door with her, happy to be away from his crude co-workers and happier still to be with this beautiful woman!
As they stepped out the door she looked him up and down and said, "You're about a size eight right?"
"Excuse me, I didn't hear you what did you say?"
Already picturing him in a pretty blue maids uniform with his face buried between her legs, she smiled.
"It doesn't matter sweetie we have all night!"

A Fluffers Caution

It's a fine line between sucking to get him hard and sucking to get him hard again!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What I Wouldn't Give

OMG what i wouldn't give to travel back in time and change places with her!!!

It's A Shame

Oh Sissy, that's the spot your tongue feels so good right there! It's a shame you can't see this from there. This is the most magnificent cock I've ever had! Keep licking me Sissy, I'm going to need to be really wet to take this monster!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sissy In The Kitchen - Rice or Stuffing

Rice or stuffing? Sissy I've been thinking about stuffing all day!!!!

The Fluffers Dilemma

Yes he's as hard as he's ever going to be, I can feel him throbbing against my tongue as I taste the small droplets of pre-cum!
Yes she's waiting, he's here for her not for me, he's here to put this beautiful cock deep inside her and give her the joy that I can't provide!
Yes I know that he's ready and she's ready and I should discretely step aside and let them bring each other to ecstasy!
But I just want another minute with this one...oh god just give me another minute with this one it's just so good!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sometimes Sissy

I had a very hard day at work today Kaaren and I know you missed me but sometimes I just want to have my dinner and I don't want to hear about it!!!

There's No Such Thing

There's no such thing as a bad time to give my sweet Sissy a kiss...even if her mouth is full...or in this case really, really full!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tell Me Again Sissy

Tell me again Sissy, start from where you got down on your knees and took his cock in your mouth!!! Tell it again and include every little detail!!!

Each Thrust

Feel every inch inside you Kaaren! Feel me take you! Feel me make you my special girl. You belong to me sweet Sissy, body and soul!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sissy Knew It Would Be A Long Night

Mistress had kindly put down pillows for Sissy to kneel on as she served would be a long delightful night!

Pausing For A Moment

With his big hard cock in my mouth his velvet head sliding against my tongue I pause for a moment to think where I am. Totally feminized, on my knees sucking this mans cock while my wife watches me smiling her approval. Soon this cock will be inside her fucking her in ways that I never could, while I watch. My own useless little clit, caged and of no use to her.
The fact that I have come to love doing this doesn't's what she wants that matters!
He clears his throat and I resume sucking him, making him hard for her...She deserves no less!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rules Are Rules

As an office temp I am required to adapt to the environment and I always do my best to comply with the dress code. When the office manager told me that the ladies were required to wear stockings or pantyhose as always I did my best to comply!

Monday ManCandy

Open wide, stick out your tongue and say Ahhh, I see you have a nice coating of ManCandy now to protect you from nasty germs. Very good, return for another check up tomorrow!
ManCandy! 9 out of 10 doctors recommend it for their Sissy and Women patients!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I've been smiling and happy all day, but one thing nagging in the back of my mind is that somehow the chastity feels unusual now! I was only out of it for a short time yesterday but it was long enough for me to realize how much I had gotten used to it!
But all that aside I'm still pretty darned happy today!

At Last

Months, it's been months since she allowed me to cum! She kept promising that it would be soon but it never seemed to happen! She had discovered milking and that relieved some of the pressure but provided little of the pleasure! It was a great surprise when she stripped me, sat me down and, with a little smile, produced the key!
She never said a word as she removed the cage and stroked my already hard clitty! We both gasped as I came after only a few strokes! I couldn't talk, I could barely breathe as she stroked the last of my cum from my rapidly shrinking clit.
I was so grateful I was crying tears of joy as she put her hand to my lips to lick the cum off!
"Okay Kaaren, you go lick up that big mess you made and then take a shower and we'll put you back in your nice little cage before you go to bed. Alright?"
"Oh my god yes, oh thank you thank you thank you, I love you thank you oh thank you so much!"
"You're my special girl Kaaren and I love you too, Now get busy Sissy!"
I rushed to my knees and began!!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

When I Came Home

"When I came home last night I walked into the bedroom and found my beautiful wife lying there naked as the day she was born and between her lovely thighs I saw the sweetest little pussy!"
"Does she shave it?"
"Shave it!!!! What kind of sick bastard are you!!!!"

This Is How

Watch closely Sissy, listen to your wife cum again! This is how a man fucks a woman...something you'll never do!

Friday, March 21, 2014

At Least Pretend!

Dammit Kaaren this is a punishment! The least you could do is pretend you're not enjoying it!

Sissy School - Turnabout Again

During Leeanne's spanking Ms Sara answered a knock on the classroom door. After a brief conversation she returned her attention to the two sissies.
"Kaaren, please stop spanking Sissy Leeanne immediately!" she ordered in a firm voice. "I've just been told that the crib notes that poor Leeanne was caught with were written on your stationary Kaaren! And it looks like your handwriting too!! Do you have anything to say Sissy Kaaren?"
Sissy Karen looked longingly at her friend Leeanne's sweet pink bottom and then she started to cry!
"I'm sorry Ms Sara it's just that Leeanne has such a beautiful bottom and I just love to feel it and see it and she almost never get's spanked like I do and I just wanted to...."
"Stop right there Kaaren, you framed your own best friend just so you could spank her? I think you owe her an apology!"
""I'm very sorry Leeanne. please don't be mad at me...pretty please?
Ms. Sara pointed to Leeanne's pink bottom, "I think you should give her bottom a kiss to make her feel better don't you Kaaren?"
"Yes Ms Sara!" she said leaning in to plant a soft kiss between those lovely cheeks.

Both sissies moaned as her lips made contact
"Really Kaaren, she was spanked because of you! Show some enthusiasm and maybe your punishment won't be quite as severe as you deserve.
Sissy Kaaren smiled to herself and thought that maybe this was working out even better than she had hoped! She bent to her friends sweet, sweet ass and went to work!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Never Assume

When she said I'd be serving her and her guests at dinner I had assumed she was referring to serving the meal. The actual service she wanted for them was so much better!!!

She's So Beautiful

I smiled at her, so pretty in pink, as her head leaned toward me. The kiss I had waited so long was worth the wait...her lips so soft against mine as her tongue gently explored my mouth, meeting mine! She tasted so sweet and I pressed my lips harder to hers our tongues swirling about each other, our hands caressing each other!
I gasped as I felt her hand slip around my hard little clit and felt her respond as I took her in my hand. I could feel her heat and felt a small drop of moisture on my hand as I slowly...oh so slowly...began to stroke her! Her hand began to move on my clit and she whispered to me, "Slowly Kaaren, we've waited so long....let's make it last!"
I whimpered with need and desire as I wanted so badly to cum with her.
"Oh please," I practically wept, "Please I want to cum with you! I've wanted it for so long,"
"I want you too sweetie but let's not rush...we have plenty of time......"
"Time....time..." it was as if there was an echo, "time..." her voice sounded different..."time..." was as if she was slipping away...."time...." I couldn't feel her anymore..."time..."
"Time to get up Kaaren," my wife said as my dream lover slipped away so quickly!
"You were groaning in your sleep Sissy, were you having a nightmare?" She asked.
""No the dream was beautiful...the only bad part was I didn't get to see how it ended!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

And This Is

Sandra allow me to introduce my son-in-law! He's not much of a man where it counts, so my daughter wisely put him to much better use as her maid! He'll be serving at my party tonight...feel free to make use of him in any way you like. Just call him Sissy, that's all he is  after all! Tell Sissy what you need. if he fails to provide good service make sure you spank him right then and there! It will be a fun night for us all I'm sure!

For Me!

That's it baby, don't think...just do it! Close your eyes and open your mouth! Taste that sweet hard cock! Suck him baby...make him it it for me!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Every Time!

Every banana every time...I just can't help it!!!
What about you?

Oh My Kaaren

Just look at you! You're just so pretty and here you are squirming and moaning as I play with your sweet little nipples! You are more of a girl than a lot of girls I know! So soft, so should just forget that little thing in the cage in your pretty panties! I like you just like this!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day Sissy

You've had your pint of Guinness and you've finished your corned beef and cabbage now it's time to show your love of the green! You're going to want to get it good and wet Sissy because your mouth is only the first stop!!!

Look What I Found

Look what I found at the St Patrick's Day Parade Sissy! The worlds largest leprechaun and this is my pot of gold! Later you can help me clean up the Irish cream!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You can never tell...sometimes your dose of ManCandy comes from the most surprisingly delightful places!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Even On A Lazy Sunday

On a lazy Sunday when neither of us has plans, we dress casually and enjoy each others company! We have coffee and read the papers, we make brunch and maybe watch a movie. But at some point in the day she will always make it clear to me that she's in charge!

I Lost Track

I lost track of her at the club, she was dancing with a beautiful big black man and I got distracted by the man who was pumping his cock in my hand under the table as he shot his cum all over my pretty manicured hand.
As I stroked out his last few drops I glanced back and I didn't see her anymore! As the young man caught his breath and thanked me I scanned the room but didn't see her anywhere. I slowly began to lick my fingers clean as he sat wide-eyed watching! The young man, I'd completely forgotten his name by now, offered to buy me a drink which I accepted while I continued to look for her.
When he returned with my drink he offered to take me to his place which I politely declined. Just as he was asking me to go home with him for the third time I spotted her heading my way. She motioned toward the exit and I offered my goodbyes to my young friend.
In the parking lot I could tell, she had that freshly fucked look on her face!
Reaching the car she paused, "Kaaren I need you to clean me up or I'll be leaving stains on the car seat!"
She bent over and pulled her dress up and I began. She ground against my face as I sucked up as much of his cum and her sweet juices as I could! I wondered what had happened to her panties but I knew she'd tell me if she wanted me to know! I love club night!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Have A Seat - Sissy Training

Have a seat Sissy, yes right here. Once you've settled down we're going to work on your oral skills. Then I want you to write a one thousand word essay on why you love double penetration! Grammar and spelling will count so write carefully, each error is five swats with my hairbrush!

It Was Cute

After I took over all the domestic chores she liked to refer to this as "Loading the Dishwasher" which I guess was technically true! It became a code word we would use at social gatherings to let me know she was ready to take me again...
"Honey when we get home we have to load the dishwasher..."
I wonder if the people around us saw me blushing!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

When You're A Good Girl

When you behave like a good girl Kaaren sometimes your prayers are answered!!!

I Understand Sissy

I understand Sissy, I know you're disappointed but he's just not into it! You wait down here like a good Sissy and as soon as he leaves you can come and lick up all his cum from my pussy, I know how much you love that!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Been There Done That

Haven't we all been there? I know I have....everything going so well and then the batteries die....if I didn't know better I'd think she plans it that way!

There Were Several Openings

As an office temp you always keep your ears open for opportunities! This firm had a large secretarial pool where  I felt very much at home! They had a lot of openings and I hoped I'd be able to get my tongue in each one before my temp assignment was up!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Still Not Dressed

Kaaren it's been 15 minutes and you haven't even finished putting on your bra!!!! Come on Sissy, if you want a ride to your job interview you better get moving!!!
I reluctantly stopped rubbing my nipples and hooked my bra! Another few minutes and I think I might have cum! Even with the cage!!!

The Importance of Lipstick

Anyone who says that lipstick isn;t important has no idea how to properly suck a cock!

First get a feel for the cock you're going to suck...give it a lick to get the taste of him

Then take him into your mouth and enjoy the feel of his hard cock between your red lips

Don't forget to work that throbbing shaft, satin gloves are a nice touch but if they're not available wrap your soft panties around him, I guarantee you he won't complain

It's definitely time to freshen your lipstick now!

Now you're ready to go for it! 

Use all your skills, you've left your lipstick on his it's time for your reward

Suck him hard now Sissy, use your hand, use your tongue! Show him what you want!!!

And finally your creamy reward! 

Savor it and swallow like the good Sissy you are

Then remember to freshen your lipstick in case he wants you again!!!!