Wednesday, January 31, 2018

TV Guide - Mister Ed - The Lost Episode

"Oh Wilbur...wake up Wilbur...."
"Go away Ed I'm busy!!!"
"You're looking pretty in your wife Carol's undies Wilbur!!!"
"What....wait a minute you're not Mister Ed....what are you doing here?!?!?"
"I'm Mister Leroy and I'm here visiting my cousin Ed but you can call me Lover...."
"Why on earth would I call you that?"
"Well Wilbur if you don't want Carol to find out about your little fetish here you'll come out to the barn with me!!!"
"You mean.....oh no....I won't...."
"Heh heh heh we'll see Wilbur.....we'll see!!!!"

Hump Day

When you don't work outside of the home, hump day can really be any day of the week!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


She whispered in his ear....
"Look at it this way Sissy.....if you're going to suck someone's cock why not suck your best friends cock?"
"No no sissy, we can talk later while he's fucking your wife!!!"

Small Town Girls - Ski Trip

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Their families had taken them to a ski resort and though they both wanted to hit the slopes they had begged off! After they were alone they turned their attention to their sister's suitcase's until they found something appealing.....
It was too cold to just wear their cute undies but the silky things felt so nice under the sweaters as they cuddled together near the fire.....their hands were cold until they warmed up inside each other's panties and they realized that the only ski poles they were interested in were right here in each others hands!!!!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Bathroom Privacy

She told me long ago that I had to sit when I peed and the chastity cage just insured that I did!!!
She also told me that I am never allowed to close the bathroom door as that might allow me to play with myself in some way....although with the chastity cage I wasn't sure what she meant....but I certainly knew better than to argue the point with her!!!
As luck would have it, when I'm sitting to pee I'm at the exact right height to give her lover a warm up....
He loves this....he thinks it's does she....maybe it is but my knees appreciate the break!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's there before you open your eyes....that sweet creamy treat just flowing into your waiting's so good as it coats your taste buds and slowly makes it's way to your hungry tummy....soon you'll be up and about and your dreams will be forgotten but not your wonderful warm breakfast....that'll be with you all day!!!
ManCandy!!! If dreams had a flavor this would be it!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Are you sure Sissy?"
"Well she said that I couldn't give you a handjob or a blowjob or let you fuck me.....or let you give me an orgasm in any I guess this is still OK!!!"
"Works for me too Sissy!!!"

Sunday Morning

There's something special about Sunday mornings....
There's no hurry to get up, no rush to make breakfast....we'll have something small and then I'll make us a nice brunch later while I put up a roast for Sunday dinner...
I love to wake up in my pretty nightie....and look out of the window....everything is so still....most everyone is still asleep....the world is so quiet....the few birds that haven't flown off for the winter are looking about for something for their Sunday breakfast and a few are singing their morning songs welcoming the's beautiful....
When I listen close I can hear them start to stir in our her bedroom and after I hear the two of them talk and I hear the water from their trips to the bathroom....I should go start the coffee....but then I hear it....that most glorious sound!!!!
"Oh god yes....fuck me with that big cock.....make me cum on your big dick....oh yes....oh....oh....oh...."
And now I know our day is off to a good start.....he's fucking my wife and making her cum and I'm getting to hear it all....they'll both be happy and hungry when they come downstairs so I better get busy....

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Last Man On Earth

No one was sure how or where it started....there was no shortage of theories at the beginning....
One theory was that it had come from North Korea...a biological weapon of some sort from the secretive regime unleashed on the world....but all communications with North and South Korea went dark very early on....
Another theory was the recently returned probe that had brought back samples of the new comet....dubbed the "comet of the century" by the media as it appeared as if from nowhere and came so close to earth's orbit that it could easily be seen for months as it approached and receded!!! The probe's return was heralded as an unparalleled scientific feat promising to increase man's knowledge of the formation of the solar system....and shortly after there was nothing in the media about it...they released statements that it was being closely studied and then nothing more....
Still another theory came from the rabid ramblings of a captured ISIS commander that promised the end of all that we knew.....that it had already begun....laughed off as just another empty threat....
But whichever theory you subscribed to you couldn't escape the reality that something was happening....
At first it was isolated....New York City reacting to a warning from the CDC that resulted in a quarantine of Queens around the area of JFK airport.....within a day the quarantined area was expanded to include all five boroughs and Long Island....but it had already spread....
The cab driver had taken the cash fare and the bills he shoved in his pocket carried more than money value and when he left that cute waitress an extra dollar after he ate his bacon and eggs he gave her more than his gratitude!!!!
And so it affected men first, the first reported infection came from a man, name unknown, who walked into a Victoria's Secret lingerie boutique and began pulling his clothing off and screaming that he needed to get into women's clothes!!!!
The police and ambulance workers thought, incorrectly as it later turned out, that their rubber gloves would protect them if he was sick....they too were beginning to feel it....
Soon it had spread to women although the effect was different.....they began to overwhelmingly desire oral sex.....not giving, they wanted to get serviced and they were simultaneously driven away from males....
Soon the social fabric started to break down.....lingerie and dress stores were looted by mobs of men who couldn't stand their clothing any longer....police and National Guard were helpless as so many of their members were among the rioting crowds....
As soon as the men slipped on anything feminine the females pounced and you could see crowds of females on street corners waiting their turn to take their place on a writhing man's face...
It continued to spread....unchecked now by any civil authority....there was no civil authority any by one the news outlets went dark....CNN was the last as the anchor began tearing off his shirt and tie as his co-anchor looked on from under the dress of their guest who had once been the director of epidemiology at the CDC....
Then there was static....
Then the pink vine spread over the entire world growing over all of mankind's creations.....the world as we knew it was done.....
Feminized males left the cities to avoid the hordes of women who seemed to prefer them to other one knew why....there was no one left to research....
With the exception of a very few isolated areas the world had been changed completely in less than two weeks....
I'm leaving this recording for future generations, if there are any!!!! Up here above the Arctic Circle we all assumed we were safe.....we had been safe so far.....but yesterday I saw the pink vine growing over the ridge a few miles south of here so it might only be a matter of time for us.....the Sissy Virus was coming for us too!!!!

Early Wake Up Call

He asked me to wake him as soon as I got up....he knows how early I start my day...when I asked him if there was any special reason he told me he had to take care of some business before he left for the airport!!!
Now I know that I was the business he had in mind and I hope his flight is delayed indefinitely!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Auntie Knows

"It's no use playing the shy virgin with me Honey.....Auntie knows just what you need and I'm going to give it to you good and hard!!!!"

Right Now Sissy

"I said right now Sissy!!!"
"I'm almost finished with this post....just another minute or two...."
"Your silly little Blogs can wait Sissy....I want to cum right now!!!!
"Just a second, I'm almost......"

Thursday, January 25, 2018


He didn't like the way she was looking at him....
" why did you want to meet me out here?"
"I know what you've been doing!"
He shivered...was it possible....he'd been so careful....
"I don't know what you're talking about...."
"I'm talking about you sneaking into my bedroom and stealing my panties.....I know it and you know it and if you don't want my Daddy to know it you'd better get down on your knees and start kissing my ass!!!!"
He had no defense....he dropped to his knees behind his partners daughter and began kissing her denim covered bottom!!!!
"I think you misunderstood..." she said as she unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down, "I want your tongue in my ass....deep in my ass!!!!"
It was was was his dream come true!!!

Hard to be A Cuckold

Yes it's hard to sit and just watch as your wife sucks your best friends cock....

But it gets better when she realizes that you're waiting for your turn!!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


"I put nine pairs of panties in that basket over the past week....I want you to pick up every piece of clothing in that basket and put them in the washer, one by one, and god help you if there's one missing....."


Yes it is humiliating to kneel next to the shower while my wife washes his big cock!!!
It's a little more humiliating when she tells him that I never ever satisfied her with my little "clit"!!!!
But the worst is when she tells me to rinse him off and dry him for her....
I turn beet red with embarrassment and think I can't take any more....and then she turns with a big smile....
"Make sure you get him dry in all the tight spots too Sissy....not just his cock!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
I guess I could be more embarrassed.....almost as much as he is amused!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Not My Favorite

Not my favorite thing to suck.....but her toes are definitely in the top five!!!!

Between Us

When he came home he was surprised to find the babysitter wearing his wife's panties!!! Jeffrey had tried to make excuses but he would hear none of it....
"You're lucky my wife is out of town....she'd be very upset to find you wearing her panties Jeffrey...."
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to...."
"You didn't mean to get caught....take them off Jeffrey....right here, right now!"
"Yes Sir!"
He watched as he slowly pulled the panties down his shaved legs and squirmed like a virgin under his gaze.....his cock was making a noticeable bulge in his pants.....he noticed and so did Jeffrey....
"Maybe we can keep this just between us?"
"What did you have in mind Jeffrey?"
"Well I can see you've got some tension you need to release.....and the kids are asleep and your wife's not here....I thought maybe I could help you with that and maybe you could keep this just between us?"
He smiled as he reached for his zipper.....this might be OK after all....
"I think we can agree on that Jeffrey!"
"Can I put the panties back on first?"
" fact I insist!!!"

Monday, January 22, 2018

Just Like That

"That's it Sweetie....rub it....feel it growing.....when you cum it will be so different....just keep more stroking for you....only men stroke it and you're not a man're my special girl and from now on you're going to learn to cum like a my girl.....feel those soft satin panties around your little soft and warm....just like my pussy....rub it Baby....I want you to cum in your pretty soft panties Baby.....cum just like a girl....think about all the cum filling those panties....think about all the cum filling me.....think about licking it all up...."
"Oh my god!!!!!"
"Yes Baby....cum for me....I know what you want....I know what you need....cum for me then you can lick my pussy....I know you want to, but I want you to cum.....I want you to cum in your panties right now!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

She spends so much time on her hair and makeup that she really doesn't want to ruin matter how much she needs it!!!
And even though it makes a wonderful hair cream and no matter how much it brightens her complexion the only place she really needs it is in her mouth filling her with a creamy warm treat!!!
ManCandy!!!! Fill your mouth before you start your day!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

It Should

"I like it Sweetheart but I swear it tastes just like cum....."
"It better, I paid the chef fifty bucks to make it special for you!!!!"
"Oh my're so thoughtful!!!!"
"I only want the best for my special girl!!!!"

You've Met My Husband

"Well I see that you've met my Sissy husband...."
"That hot girl!!!! That was your husband!!!!"
"Yes Baby....was he good?"
"Oh my god I can't believe it...."
"Was he good?"
"One of the best blowjobs I ever had..."
"You just wait.....I taught him everything he knows!!!!"
"Oh yeah....this may work out OK...."

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Happiest Place on Earth

He hated amusement parks....he hated the rides....he hated the crowds.....he hated how much it all cost...
His wife and children loved it and had given up on trying to get him to enjoy himself....they knew he was miserable and they weren't going to let him ruin their fun!!! He hadn't seen them in a while but they were all supposed to meet here!!!
He looked up and saw a costumed character, some kind of "spaceman", coming toward him.....he rolled his eyes and turned away....just another stupid comic book character for the idiots and kids to flock around!!!
Looking back he was surprised to see the "spaceman" was only a few steps away from him and was looking him over and as yet not a single other person had even seemed to notice him!!!!
"You are not happy?" the voice seemed to come from all around him and the "spaceman's" lips had not moved yet he knew it was his voice....
"That's a cute trick with the voice there Buddy....I wonder how they do that....some kind of hidden stereo or something...."
The "spaceman" leaned forward and the eerie voice came again, "You are not happy?"
"Well to be honest with you pal, this kind of thing is strictly for's too noisy, too crowded and too expensive!"
"You are not happy?"
"No dammit, go bother someone else!!! This place is all for little girls who want to be Princesses....and I'm no little girl and I ain't no Princess!!!"
"You are not happy......little girls and princesses are are not a little girl or you are not happy
"No, I am not happy....listen my wife and kids will be here in a few minutes....why don't you go talk to somebody else!!!"
"It is in my power to make you happy.....shall I make you happy before I leave you!"
"Yeah sure, whatever you want to do as long as you leave me alone!!!"
"Make you happy...."
The "spaceman" took his hand and a pink glow surrounded him and he felt himself changing....the world around him was getting bigger and brighter....the sounds around him were happier and livelier...the crowds around him made him want to join in and go on the rides and see all the fun things there were....
"Oh my god....what have you done to me?"
"Now you are little you are Princess..."
"But I....when my wife comes how will I tell her...."
"I will wait till she comes and I will tell her....then I will return to my world...."
"But what could you possibly say to her that could explain this?"
"I will tell her that now you are happy!"
" I am happy!"

I'm Sorry

"I'm sorry Sissy....I've been unfair to you....I mean....just because I want to suck his cock while yours is locked away in that cage doesn't mean I don't love that I look at it....I;m going to do something sexy and special for you too....I'm going to get you a much, much smaller cage...but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow....for now I'm going to suck his cock..."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Friday, January 19, 2018

Changed My Mind

"You know Sissy.....I've changed my mind.....I really don't think you should have cummies tonight.....go sit in that chair and watch as I give myself a nice orgasm and then we'll get you back into the don't mind, do you?"
"No Ma'am!"
"Exactly the right answer Sissy!!!!"


"Mom....that fairy from next door is here again!!!"
"Sweetie remember what I told you about being respectful...."
"But Mom....he's a fairy...."
"I know he's a fairy....sweetie everyone knows he's a fairy that has nothing to do with it...he has a name as you well know!!!"
"I'm sorry Mom you're right.....Princess Sissy Fairywings is here again and he'd like to borrow some coffee....again!!!!"
"Again!!!!! Can't that goddamned fairy get her own coffee!!!!!"

Thursday, January 18, 2018


They laughed as they listened to him moan....they couldn't wait to hear what noises he would make when they pushed their cocks inside him....but there was no hurry...they had all the time in the world!!!!

Oh Yes!!!!

She knows how sensitive my nipples are.....she always loved that I could get turned on when she played with made me more like a girl for her....she loved to hear me gasp and feel me twitch when she sucked and bit and pinched them.....then when we both decided to try nipple clamps......the man in the adult toy store tried to tell me how much my wife would enjoy them.....she laughed and told him they were for me....then he laughed....

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sissy Party

At a Sissy Party when someone says "I'm so glad you came!" it means something else entirely!!!!

There You Are

She'd been calling me for a couple of minutes....but obviously I couldn't answer....
When she came looking it was all clear to her...
"Oh there you are Kaaren....I'd like my breakfast in a few minutes....but you go ahead and finish having yours first!!!!"
Mornings are always a little hectic and rushed but there are some things you just can't hurry!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Your Turn Sissy

"Alright Sissy, I've brought him to the edge six or seven times now but the only way I'm going to let him cum is in your mouth....are you ready?"
I didn't know....was I ready???
"He groaned, "Please Sissy please.....please let me cum....she's driving me mad!!!!"
What could I do...the poor man was on the verge of a breakdown.....and he came in my mouth so quickly....but it was so good!!!!
"You see I told you he'd suck your cock!!!!"
"Oh yeah and he's good what was the bet?"
"Five up!"
"Gladly....that was the best five dollar blowjob I've ever had!!!"

A Few Minutes

"Here you go son, take this up to Mommy's bedroom and give it to Uncle Tyrone.....tell him that Mommy will be there in a little while to see what else he might need!"
"Okay Daddy....."

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sissy School - New Girl

None of the sissies knew her name yet but they were already sure that she was soon going to be the most popular girl in school!!!!

Monday ManCandy

There are so many good things we can say about our favorite treat....good for it warms your tummy on a cold winter morn!!!!
But it goes beyond all is the great leveler!!!!
We all love it equally and that may not be all we need, but it's something!!!
ManCandy!!!! Something everyone can agree on!!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sissy Pleasure

I don't know why she decided to do it for me...
I have done it for her so many times over the years....almost daily....
She picked up the hairbrush and instead of spanking me...she began brushing my hair...
She told me how pretty I was and how she loved she loved that I was her "special girl" happy she was...
I just loved feeling that brush going through my hair and I realized just how nice it felt....
Her words in my ear were soothing and arousing at the same time and I'm sure that if she was to let me out of the cage I'd have cum in moments....and then I realized that would have ruined it....I laid my head back against her and listened to her soft voice as she stroked that brush a hundred times through my was just a perfect I'll remember for a long time!!!

Did She Say

"Did she say we could Kaaren?"
"She said we had to keep our hands off each others clits Leeanne but she didn't say anything know...."
"I guess we can then....if you want to?"
"If I want to?!?!?!? Oh my god Leeanne....I've been dreaming about it for years!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Daisys Story

"Yes I remember his parties, they were so lavish and so many people were there!!!"
"But he only had eyes for you Daisy"
"Yes I know....he was totally devoted to fact I inherited his entire estate!"
"Imagine that man coming here and shooting him right in the heart!!! Right here on his own doorstep!!!"
"Well Jordan, that's not exactly what happened...."
"Why Daisy, what do you mean?"
"Well you know that man who shot him, George, he thought he was having an affair with his wife....I have to point out that there was no affair...but George thought there was, and so, when he shot him he aimed a bit lower than the heart...."
"Oh mean he was shot....down there!!!!"
"Oh yes...."
"And that killed him?"
"Well not exactly...."
"Then what?"
"He didn't really die...."
"Oh Daisy, of course he did....I was one of the few people at his funeral!!!"
"No you were at A funeral but not HIS funeral...."
"Are you saying he survived....but you said he left all his worldly goods to you!!!"
"He was ruined by that gunshot....he could never be a man again...his doctor had a way that he could be saved and after they talked to me I thought it would be a wonderful solution!"
"What do you mean....what solution?"
"Well he was totally devoted to me already and he wanted to be close to me, he wanted to be my most intimate companion so I thought what better way than....becoming my maid!"
"Your maid!!! I don't believe it....let me get a closer look....Oh my god it is him It's Jay Gatsby!!!"
"He prefers Joanne now.....and as an added bonus he has become quite attentive to my needs in the boudoir too!!!"
""But you said he was ruined...."
"Oh Jordan....don't be so naive.....he's found that there's more ways to satisfy a woman than he knew I go to bed with a smile every night!!! He's really great at he really is the great Gatsby!!!!"

Force of Habit

As she pushed her cock inside me I gasped and moaned and opened my mouth for the other cock....

Friday, January 12, 2018

More Often

"I like seeing you with a cock in your mouth Baby....we'll have to come here more often!"
"Oh don't try to talk Sissy....after a few more cocks we'll go home and you can cook dinner and then I want you to tell me all about which cock you liked best!!!"


The first time she did this I didn't understand what she was doing....her lover filled her hand instead of her took only a moment for me to understand when she held out her hand to me!!!
I crawled forward and dutifully licked her lover's cum from her hand while he laughed!!! She joined him in laughter but I could see in her eyes how happy I had just made her and I made sure I didn't miss a drop!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fed Up

This was it.....Gus was fed up.....every time he tried to give a guy a good blowjob somebody came to the door....well whoever this was was going to get a serious punch in the nose this time!!!!!!


"Are you watching Sissy.....this is how a woman makes love with a real man!!!!"
Was I watching????
How could I look away!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


She came home from work and grabbed me and kissed me hard!!!
"Kaaren....I've been horny all day....I just wanted to come home and's all I could think about!!!"
"With me??? You wanted to fuck me???"
"Oh yeah Baby....go get it while I take off my clothes...."
I stood there....I didn't understand....
"What's the problem Sissy?"
"I....I don't know where it is Sweetheart...."
"My strap-on is in the toychest where it always is Sissy..."
"Oh your strap-on...."
"What did you think I was talking about Sissy?"
"I thought....maybe...the key...."
She had a good hearty laugh...
"Oh Sissy, you are so funny!!!! Now go get my strap-on....get the big one!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


She wears my ring as a symbol of her commitment to our commitment is a little more obvious once my panties are off!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Chart

"Now don't worry about a thing Mr. Reynolds....I'm an expert at sexual reassignment surgery....when you wake up you'll be the woman you've always dreamed you were!!!"
"'s just my knee...."
"I'm sorry Mr. Reynolds I didn't hear you what did you say?"
But the anesthesia had taken hold....
"Oh well, he's out....let's get started....he'll be so happy when he wakes up!!!!"

Well Trained

She kept telling me....over and over....
No matter what else you're doing Sissy...
Don't forget the balls!!!!

Monday, January 8, 2018


"I've heard all about shrinkage Sissy.....your little clit gets smaller when it gets cold....if that's true then this might make it disappear completely!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Yes a lot of it gets spilled and it really is such a much delicious warm cream missing the mark, leaving your tummy empty and aching for what it missed....but don't a few minutes there will be another load available!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's alright, the five second rule is in effect here!!!!