Saturday, October 31, 2015

At the Halloween Party

All the sissies sat watching their wives dancing with their dates, each one waiting for the signal that their mouth was needed!!! Either fluffing or cleanup, the eager sissies just couldn't wait!!!!

Saturday Matinee - Bride of the Vampire

Dearest Lucy.
I have arrived safely at the castle of Count Dracula, it's a strange old place with an air of decrepitude about it! It's no wonder that the Count has engaged me to find him a new home in England! I've been told that the Count is away on business but that I should expect him early tonight! I look forward to a large commission and our future lives together as Mr & Mrs Harkness!!!
Hoping this finds you well I remain Faithfully yours,

Dearest Lucy
I have been working very hard on making the arrangements for the Counts move to England! Did I mention that he has four women that live with him in this old castle!!! I'm not really sure of their relationship and he refers to them as his "brides" if you can believe that!!! I hope to be wrapping up our business and be on my way home to you soon!
I remain Faithfully yours,

Dearest Lucy
I have fallen ill and will be delayed here indefinitely, The Count and his "brides" have been caring for me yet I continue to lose weight and I feel quite weak and listless! The Count has sent all my clothing to be de-loused as he fears that perhaps some infected fleas perhaps have been a contributing factor to my condition! I have been wearing the nightgown loaned by one of his brides and I think I must look frightfully funny although the Count and his women all assure me that I look fine!
I'll try to write more later"

Dearest Lucy
My illness seems to have clouded my mind of late and I can't seem to account for some things that are happening to me! I have vague memories of being tended to all through the night by the Count or his women though what treatments they have given I can't seem to recall! Can you forward a trunk with clothing for me as the Count has informed me that all my clothing was infested by vermin and had to be burnt! I have been wearing the robes of one of his brides as it's all that will fit my shrunken frame!
I hope to return to you soon!

I find myself in quite an unusual state lately and my illness has produced some startling changes in me and I now appear quite feminine in form! My hair has grown and one of the brides has styled it in a very fetching manner while another has loaned me several gowns to wear for when I'm strong enough to reach the dining table on my own! I have developed quite the taste for the rarest cuts of beef! I believe you'll hardly know me when I return home!

I will not be returning to England for the foreseeable future! Please do not wait for me and for the sake of god do not send anyone after me!!! I will be remaining here as I take my place at the Counts side as his newest bride! My life has become an abomination before god and I have forsaken all that I once believed! I have succumbed to the darkness of this place and become an unholy thing with no trace of the man I once was! My loves have been overcome by my new bizarre lusts for flesh and blood! Tonight the Count has said I will take the final step and will become his bride in every sense of the word! And I look forward to my new life with great anticipation! It will be far better for your safety and your sanity that I never see you again!

I Can't Wait

"I can't wait to get to the Halloween party!!!! Everyone will love our matching costumes!!!"
"Wait Sissy let me explain....I'm wearing a costume! You're wearing your uniform for the night!!!! I'm a guest and you're a servant!!! And you will do whatever you're told!!!! Is that clear Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Friday, October 30, 2015

Small Town Girls - Halloween

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Halloween was right around the corner but they had no plans and as they sat in the kitchen after school Tammy's mother suggested that perhaps they could dress up as girls!!!
"With your slim builds and long hair I bet you could pull it off....and your sister has bags and bags of clothes she doesn't wear anymore!!! I'm sure we could find a couple of dresses that would fit you!!! With a little makeup I don't think anyone would know who you were!"
The boys caught each others eye when they spent a moment thinking the offer over!
"No....I don't think so Mom, I would feel too weird!"
Later when they were alone and they had found some pretty dresses to wear they giggled about Tammy's Mom's offer!!! Slowly the giggling turned to kissing and then the kissing turned into so much more as hands found their ways into pretty panties....

She Said It Would Be Fun

She said it would be fun!
When I pointed out that the last time we played this game she pretty much double-crossed me and I ended up with a tummy full of cum and a spanking she just laughed!
"Just imagine it Sissy...I'll dress you up like a slutty whore and then come around and you can sell me your services!!!! It will be so much fun!"
"Well OK, but no tricks this time?"
"I will not play any tricks tricks from me...."
" does sound kind of hot!!! Let's do it!!!!

It was about eight o'clock in the morning when I saw our car come around the corner!!!
"Sissy!!! Thank God!!!! Where have you been? I've been looking for you for hours!!!"
"I'm sorry honey...I got bored waiting for you and all these men kept offering me money and well I was just so into the role...Look I made $642!!!"
"Sissy I am going to spank you so hard...."
"Wait till you hear how I made the two dollars!"
"Get in the car Sissy!!! No more whoring for you!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Thursday, October 29, 2015

That's Why

As the women slowly stopped laughing my wife smiled sympathetically at me.
"So you see ladies that's why I date other men....honestly would anyone be satisfied with something so small?"
They all agreed with her!
"Alright Sissy, you can pull up your panties now and please freshen all of my friends drinks!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
My panties were pink but I was blushing bright red!!! My humiliation was complete and terrible and exquisite and thrilling all at once!!!!


Yes a lot of sissies have had a cock in their mouth....a lot of men and women have too! I think that in the sister/brotherhood of cocksuckers we can all doesn't count until your nose hits his pelvis!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fairy Tales - Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping on and on through the decades waiting for true love's kiss, Sleeping Beauty did not stir! It was only when the lowliest Sissy in the land decided to take a turn that the Prince awoke!!!!
Many had tried and failed but the Sissy knew where the true Sleeping Beauty lay!!!!  And Sissy knew just how to wake him!!!!

I'll Never Learn

When she asked me if I liked stuffed peppers I told her that I loved them, especially if they were a little spicy!!!
I should have asked her why she was asking! I should have asked if that was what we were having for dinner! I shouldn't have volunteered that I liked them spicy!!!!!
The pepper was bad was the hot sauce she lubed it with that was pretty much getting all my attention right now!!!!!
Always ask for details!!!! Some day I'd learn!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Strap-on Humiliation

She knows how much I love it when she takes me like this! She knows how much it thrills me to have her thrusting inside me!!!! She knows that I love to feel humiliated while she uses me!!!!
That's why it's so much more humiliating when she fucks me, making me moan and cry like her little bitch, with her sister standing, watching....waiting her turn!!!!!

My Analyst Tries a New Approach

"Can you come to my office today Sissy? I'd like to try something new to help me understand just how your mind works!"
"Certainly Dr. Mentia! What time should I be there?"
"Make it 12 Noon....and be prompt!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
It had been a while since my last visit and I thought she was getting overwhelmed by the depth of my problems!
When I arrived there was no one at the reception desk so I knocked softly on her office door.
"Come in Kaaren! We've been waiting for you!"
We? As I reached for the door I wondered what she had in mind for me this time?
Stepping in to the office I was so surprised that I was speechless!
"As you see Kaaren, I've called in some specialists to help me with your case!!! I think perhaps that you might require a lot depth analyses than any one of us could provide!"
Gulping and taking a deep breath as I looked at all the smiling faces I nodded.
"Whatever you say Doctor Dee! I'm ready for some serious treatment!"
"I know you are Sissy....I know you are...."

Monday, October 26, 2015

He Said

He said he liked my dress! I blushed and said thank you!
He said he had something I would like too!!!
He was right!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Just like many other married couples they had to save and cut corners but when it came to ManCandy they spared no expense!!!! She got what she needed and he got to have the leftovers!!!!
ManCandy!!!! The best breakfast for those on a budget!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Get down low....hit them hard.....stop your man...."
"Like this coach?"
"Kaaren I'll talk to you in my office....the rest of you boys hit the showers!"
I hoped he was quick because the showering was why I joined the team in the first place!!!!

I'm Okay With That

Her ass to my mouth?
Yeah I'm okay with that!!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Buyers Market

"Well my dear! How are you feeling today?"
"Please....please let me go! I'll never tell anyone what you....what you did to me....please..."
"Well. you see this is so much better than all that hollering and demanding and threatening you were doing just a few days ago!!! You seem to be adjusting! The formula is still working!!!"
"Please....I have a girl....and a family....please...."
She started to weep!
"No you silly have no are newborn!!!! Funny isn't it? One day you're my mailman and the next day you're becoming a beautiful woman, soon to make some man very, very happy!"
"They'll be looking for'll never get away with this!"
"I think you overestimate your importance, my dear! They've already replaced you with a very nice young man! In fact I think he'd make a very pretty girl too....."
"I'll get away somehow....I'll get the police and I'll...."
"I'm sorry my dear but let me explain....I've sold you to a very rich and very powerful foreign man who loves girls that were once boys!!! He has requested that I increase your breasts to a much bigger, almost ridiculous size! I've never given anyone this big a dose of the formula and I'm not sure exactly what it will do to you...but you will surely have the biggest breasts in the world....if you survive it!!!!"
The bound figure, now more woman than man, writhed on the table as the muscles and sinews of his newly reshaped body stretched and squeezed, pushed and pulled to remake him yet again!!! He screamed as he watched them grow and grow and grow as the awesome weight of them fell on his heaving chest!!!!
It was almost a relief when the men came and released him from his bonds and put him in new bondage as they walked him out to the waiting limousine!
His new owner smiled and pointed to two young men sitting near her!
"Happy 16th birthday my sons!!!! She's all yours!!! There's not another like her anywhere!!! Have fun!!!!"
Her screams were quickly muffled first by one if the youngsters and soon after by the other!!!!

Where I Left Off

I had to look all around the room for my lingerie that had been so carelessly tossed away in that initial rush to get him in my mouth!!!! His cock was long, thick and delicious and I wanted it all to myself but he wasn't here for me!!!
She picked up right where I left off but she had something to offer him that I didn't and she asked me to wait outside while she fucked him!
I was disappointed until she told me not to wander off, that she'd want me after they were done!!!!
My mouth watered as I listened!!! I'd get my taste soon!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

For the Next Two Weeks - Sissy Training

"So Sissy, for the next two weeks I've decided to stroke your cock until you cum, as many times as you'd like!!!!"
"I know Sissy, it's very generous of me isn't it?"
"MMMM Hmmmmm"
"There's just one little condition Sissy!"
"You have to swallow three loads of sweet cum from three different cocks before I'll let you cum!!!"
"Well there's one already Sissy now let me just ice this clit of yours and we'll get you back in the cage till you've got the next one in your mouth!!! We wouldn't want any cheating would we Sissy?"
"No Ma'am! Thank you Aaaaargh!"
"Sorry Sissy I know it's cold but it's necessary!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

My Priority

Her pleasure is always my priority! The view is spectacular and I'm in the perfect spot to receive the Sissy Cuckolds creamy reward!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Small Town Girls - Eager To Learn

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful but they had been caught by Tommy's Cousin Jen.
Jen loved teaching the boys to be girls! It was like having Barbie dolls in real life! But there was far more to being a girl than slipping on your sisters clothes!
Jen's boyfriend gasped as she took him into her mouth and sucked on his hard cock! After a few moments she looked up!
"That's how a girl does it! Which one of you wants to go next?"
They all laughed as the two sissies each tried to go first!!!

He Was Early

"She won't be home for at least an hour!"
"Well then Sissy We'll have to find some way to entertain ourselves till then...won't we?"
"I guess so....can I get you something?"
"Why don't you bend over that chair for me and pull your skirt up, there's something I want to see!"
I never once thought of saying no to him!!!
"Very cute Sissy but these are in the way of what I have in mind!!!"
Before I knew it he had ripped my panties off!!!! Literally ripped them off!!! I didn't know what he had in mind.....spanking or fucking....I liked both ....but damn it I really liked those panties!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Good Sissy

A very good Sissy also offers her wife's lover all the support he needs!!!

Where's My Cock!

"Ugh, I feel funny!" said Tommy!
"Me too, what the hell happened?" asked Johnny!
"Holy shit dude! Why am I wearing a skirt?" shouted Bobby!
"That old woman! I told you to leave her alone!!! Everyone says she's a witch!" shouted Tommy!
"Ahh, you're crazy! There ain't no such thing as witches!" shouted Johnny!
"I kind of like the feel of this skirt! It feels nice!" said Bobby!
"Oh my god!!!! What the hell happened to my cock???" shouted Tommy!
"Oh my god!!! Me too!!!! I've got a pussy where my cock should be!!!" shouted Johnny!!!!
"I've got one too! A pretty little pussy that feels so nice!" whispered Bobby!!!
""We have to find that witch and get our cocks back!!!" shouted the near hysterical Tommy!!!
"How will we find her!!!! What if she won't give us our cocks back????" shouted Johnny, near tears!!!
"You know with a pretty little pussy like this I'll bet I can get all the cocks I could ever want!!!!" purred Bobbi!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

She Allowed Me To Cum Today!!!!

She allowed me to cum today!!! It has been three weeks since I was allowed an orgasm!
She opened the cage and told me to undress her before I could have sex with her!!!!
I had gotten her down to just her panties before I became too excited to hold back any longer!!!!
Yes, it was premature!
Yes she laughed!
No I didn't get to have sex with her!
Yes I had to lick it up!
Yes it was humiliating!
But I got to cum today so it was all worth it!!!!

She Didn't Say A Word

She didn't say a word while he pressed me against the wall and fucked me!!!! He wasn't gentle! He fucked me hard! She sat and watched! He pounded his big cock into me over and over and over....cum was oozing from my caged cock but she sat quietly watching!!!! He pulled me closer if that was even possible and he shot his hot cum deep inside me!!!!
I was left there, gasping and trying to stay on my feet as he turned to say goodbye! He had fucked us both!! He had what he wanted!!!
It wasn't till I was between her legs licking his cum from her that she spoke!
"I loved that Sissy! I loved watching you get fucked like a little bitch! I came over and over while he fucked you!!!
I licked her harder to get all of him even as I felt him leaking out of me!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

I Didn't Have To Look

I didn't have to look! I could concentrate on the nice hard cock in my mouth! I knew she was watching! I know how much she loves to see me on my knees with her lover s cock in my mouth!!!!
I know she loves to watch and she knows I love to do this in front of her!!!!

Monday ManCandy

There's no way to take too much ManCandy!!! You can't overdose on it!!!! In most cases the more you take the better off you'll be!!! No one really knows their limit!!! The point where you just have to say you can't take another creamy mouthful!!!! There's no way you could ever know unless you set out to find out!!!! For some it's two and for others it's twelve!!!! Which one are you???
ManCandy!!!! Line them up and knock them down!!! How many loads can you swallow!!!! Take the ManCandy'll be ever so glad you did!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"You see Sissy! I told you!!! Every man watching a football game wants a blowjob from a cheerleader!!! They don't care about that little extra inch or two in your panties....they only care about your hot mouth and tongue on their big cocks!"
"Don't talk with your mouth full Sissy!"

Curiosity Satisfied

His lips were surprisingly soft against mine and his tongue was sweet as it toyed with mine! It made me feel funny reaching up to put my arms around a man like that! I realized that I wanted him to pull me close and make me feel like a woman!!!
As our lips parted and we were looking into each others eyes we both had strange feelings! I had done something I'd wanted to do since I met him and he had done something he had never imagined doing!!!
And when we turned to my wife, her smile said how much she had enjoyed watching this small intimate act between her sissy husband and her lover!!!!
I smiled back and sank to my knees! My curiosity about his kisses was satisfied and now I would get back to more familiar territory!!! His cock slid into my mouth and as I sucked him I replayed that kiss in my mind!!! He was had been marvelous!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Formula

When he first discovered the transformation formula he worked for months to find the re-agent that would transform his guinea pigs back!!!!
Once he had thoroughly tested and tweaked the formula it was only a matter of time till he tried it himself! After all hadn't that been what he'd wanted for so long!!!!! He became the beautiful woman he'd always wanted to be!!!!
The formula had some side effects that he hadn't counted upon and the lust he felt for men had turned into a mad homicidal rage when they took him to their bed!!!!
After this last time and with the police hot on his trail he fled back to his laboratory!
Banging on his door Inspector LaStrade demanded that he open the door!
"Just a moment!" he shouted as the re-agent began to work!!!!
With his breasts shrinking away he pulled off his dress and petticoats all stained with his victims blood! The female finery went into the labs incinerator as he pulled on trousers and a lab coat!
When he finished buttoning up the lab coat he turned the lock allowing the Inspector in....
"Doctor Jacobs I have reason to believe a murderer is seeking shelter here. Will you allow us to search the premises?"
Eyeing the incinerator the madman welcomed them in.
"A woman has murdered a man in Hopechurch Circle, and her trail leads directly to your door, can you think of why that might be Doctor?"
The doctor nervously watched the detectives moving through his laboratory but he still smiled!
"No idea Inspector!"
"Then perhaps you could explain to me, Doctor, why you are wearing such a lovely shade of lip polish? I'll bet it matches the marks we found on the unfortunate mans private area!!!!"
Caught!!!! Confess or run!!!!! He picked up the large beaker of the transformation formula and splashed them all!!! When they all doubled over retching as the transformation to women began! He ran!!!
As they writhed in pain he took his lab journals with him, including the re-agent formula! Maybe it was time he moved to the States!!!! He'd catch the next ship to New York and continue his work there!!!

Quite A Night

She had invited a fascinating group of friends to her cocktail party! There were many new faces and everyone seemed to be having such a good time! As I made my way around the room I got to meet so many lovely people that all seemed to genuinely enjoy my company! Of course I couldn't join in on the lively conversations as my mouth was full or my tongue was busy but I felt that I was a big part of the reason her parties were always so successful!!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Why Did Sissy Cross The Road?

Why did Sissy cross the road?
A) Because Mistress told her to!
B) To prove she could walk in those shoes!
C) To meet the bus releasing the men from the Correctional Facility!
D) All of the above!!!

This Is How

"This is how I'm going to fuck your wife's sweet pussy, Sissy! Slow and steady! Stroking in and out! Until I fill her pussy with my cum!!! Just like I'm going to fill your mouth!!!! Don't you dare spill a drop!!!!"

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I've Heard

I've heard it so many times....from so many men....when they're talking about their wives or girlfriends....
"She's got me by the balls!"
Well I can tell them they have no idea what they're talking about!!! Let them take a walk in my high heels and then they'll know what it means when you say that your wife has you by the balls!!!
And, truth be told, I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

Thrill Us All

"But you know it's not my favorite thing to do!"
"But he loves it Sissy and I love watching you lick my lovers asshole!!! Do it for me! If you feel awkward just open your eyes and watch me sucking his big cock!!!! I know you like that!!!"
"If you want me to I will!"
"Sissy I want you to do this! It makes me crazy watching you do this! Put your tongue in my lovers ass, do it for him!!! Do it for me!!! You'll learn to love it!!!!"
"I love you!"
"And I love you Sissy! Get that tongue in there and thrill us all!!!!!"

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Told You

I told you that having that butt plug in you would make this easier!!! But maybe this is too easy!!!! Yes I think this isn't big enough anymore!!!! Pull up your panties Sissy we have to go to the store and get a really big dildo!!!! And maybe a bigger plug too!!!!

We Played This Game Before

I waited patiently, blindfolded, on my knees!
I heard her come into the room and I heard his heavier footsteps. I heard them whispering but I couldn't tell what they were saying and what little I heard of him didn't help me identify him at all!
I heard him come near and I heard his zipper! I opened my mouth ready to suck this stranger that my wife had brought me! Instead he rubbed his cock all over my face and hair!!!! I tried to catch him in my mouth but I just couldn't!!!
My wife came close and knelt next to me,
"He knows you Sissy! The male you I mean! In a moment he's going to stick his big hard cock in your mouth and let you suck him till he shoots his load into your mouth!!! He's going to watch you swallow every drop of his cum! I'll give you the choice this time Sissy...keep the blindfold on and you'll never know who he was! He could be any man you know! Every man that says hello could be picturing how you looked, on your knees, sucking his cock, slurping down his creamy cum!!!"
She leaned closer and whispered in my ear.
"Or I could take the blindfold off and you and he can make eye contact while he slides his cock into your mouth! Then every time you see each other you'll both know that today you were his cocksucking sissy! You'll see him and every time you do you'll remember the taste of his cum! You'll remember the feel of his cock pumping his cream into your mouth! And he'll smile while you do!!!!"
She paused and whispered so softly that I'm sure he couldn't hear!
"So Sissy? Blindfold on or off, it's up to you???"
In a soft voice I replied, "On please!"
Then his cock was in my mouth and I tried not to think about the choice I had made!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Please Hold This

After they consummated the marriage the bride, fully satisfied, looked at the best man as he dressed to leave the cruise ship stateroom!
"That was wonderful! You really are the best man!!! My little sissy husband will spend the rest of the afternoon licking all of your cream from my pussy!"
"I'm glad I could help, you enjoy your cruise! I look forward to seeing you when you get back!"
"Me me one more favor please?"
"Anything baby!"
"Hold on to the key for his cage till we get back for me? I'm afraid I might lose it and then I'd be forced to keep fucking other guys until I find it!"
"Sure baby! Have fun!"
As he went down the gangplank he enjoyed the tiny "plop" sound the key made as he dropped it in the water!!!!

Do You Want To?

"Do you want to have sex Sissy?" she asked so casually!!!!
"What?!?!?, You mean now?!?!?!?!"
"Well obviously we'd have to get ready...go to the bedroom....get the key and release your hard little clit....get you undressed...but now?"
"Oh my god yes!!!! I'd give anything....but this isn't some kind of trick is mean sex with you right???"
"Well I'll be in the room if that's what you mean...take it or leave it Sissy...otherwise it might be a while before I feel like releasing you again!!!"
"Yes! I want sex now! Absolutely yes!!!!"

And it was just wonderful.....

Monday, October 12, 2015

It Didn't Make A Difference

It didn't make a difference to him....did it Sissy? He didn't even notice that tiny little caged clit did he? And why should he Sissy? He's a man and he takes what he wants!!
You looked so a girl!!!!
You got down on your knees and sucked his gigantic a girl!!!!
So why are you so surprised that he decided to fuck you like a girl???

Monday ManCandy

Mom and Sis always enjoyed helping Sissy Billy get his ManCandy!!!! Although he still had to do some work on his technique, he had already discovered something everyone else in the family already knew....Daddy's tastes best!!!!
ManCandy!!!! A family tradition!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Honey!!! Which panties should I wear with this jersey?"
"Sissy you're so funny!!! We're having the guys over!!!! We won't be wearing any panties today!!!"

But Why????

"I don't understand this!!! Why are you doing this to me!!!!"
"Doing what Baby?"
"Why are you sucking his cock!!!! Why did you make me wear these clothes!?!?!?"
"Well I'm sucking his cock because I love sucking cocks and since you don't really have one that amounts to anything I have to get them elsewhere!!!"
"And I dressed you like that because you argued with me like a typical male asshole and that's what males wear!!! No panties or bras or frilly dresses for you!!!"
"I'm sorry! Please!!! Don't do this to me!!!!"
"Okay Sissy, crawl over here and get your tongue in his ass like I asked you to and we'll put this behind us!"
"Can I suck his cock a little too and maybe put my panties back on too?"
"Let's see how good a job you do on his little asshole them we'll see...."
"Thank you so much....I'll do my best...."
"Less talk more action Sissy!!!"

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Artifact

When Tom Evanson had found the helmet he hadn't thought too much of it, he had been far more interested in the patterns on the ground that made it seem as if a giant ship had landed there!!! In fact he had put the helmet aside for several weeks in his lab and had almost forgotten it when a colleague asked about it!
"Tom isn't this the artifact you found at the site?"
"Why yes it is, i think it might be some kind of helmet...I meant to run some tests on it!"
"I think it;s about your size Tom! Here let's see how you look in it!"
As his colleague placed it on his head he immediately felt it come to life!!!! The electrodes attached deeply into his brain!!! The pain was excruciating and he screamed and blacked out!!!!
When he came to he was surrounded by the other men in the lab! He felt the helmet pulsing into his brain, he felt it's power!
"Whatever you wish you shall have!"
Could it be??? Could he have this power?!?!? The helmet repeated!
"Whatever you wish you shall have!"
Almost imperceptibly the lab swirled and changed! His otherworldly surroundings matched so well with the fantasies he had while reading those sci-fi pulps in his youth! One by one his colleagues changed into compliant slaves!!! And he had his way with each of them in turn!!!
He suddenly noticed there was one more person! But his colleagues were all in stasis tubes! Who was this? When he wished for her to be his slave....nothing happened!
Suddenly a voice spoke to him through the helmet!
"Dr. Evanson, we are an advanced race and we have been charged by the Intergalactic Worlds Congress to conduct tests on native populations of worlds on the brink of space travel! I'm sorry to say that we have run this test a dozen times and in each instance the male has used his new found power for his basest pleasures! You were the last hope for Earth's male population which I am now afraid, will have to be eliminated for this culture to grow!!!! Even now the males of your planet are being transformed into females! We understand that the race must continue so we will be shuttling in many compatible males from other worlds to keep the population vibrant and alive! We are sorry that you failed the test but we look forward to welcoming your descendants into the Congress!!!"
As the helmet stopped speaking he felt his body transforming!!!
"My God!!!" was his last male thought "What have I done!!!!!!!"

Who's Fluffing Who?

"Come Sissy, he's ready for you!"
"'s my job to get him ready for you!!!"
"Not today Sissy! A little variety never hurt anyone....oh yeah better get that bottle of lube ....the big one..."

Friday, October 9, 2015

I Have A Date

"Sissy, I have a date tonight he's picking me up in a little while, I expect to be out late!"
"Yes Dear! Is it anyone I know?" I added joking.
"Maybe may be someone you know very well!!! Very, very well!!!! In fact it might be someone you'd rather never ever saw the sissy you've become!!!!"
I gasped as my mind raced!!!
She smiled at me, seeing the look of terror on my face, "Or maybe not!"
The wait was interminable!!!! My mind raced over the possibilities!!!! Family, friends from years gone by, former workmates??? There were dozens of people I would hate being exposed to!!!!
She hummed happily as she went about preparing for her date, smiling at me all the while!!!!
"Kaaren....your skirt is wrinkled, please take it off and give it to me!"
I never thought of saying anything but "Yes Ma'am"!!!
I stood fidgeting in my panties and soon she looked at me....
"Kaaren give me your panties, I think I'd like you to wear another color...."
Again, now bottomless, feeling more vulnerable than if I was completely naked all I could do was comply meekly.
"Yes Ma'am!"
"You look so cute like that Kaaren!!! Just like a toddler and with your tiny little cockette! It fills it's little cage though doesn't it?....Doesn't it?"
"Yes Ma'am it fills my little cage Ma'am!!!"
The doorbell rang and I looked for  a place to hide!
"Answer the door Sissy!!!! Aren't you just dying to know who he is? The man who's about to meet the real you!!!! Go ahead Sissy! Solve the mystery"
I slowly went to the door, strange as it may sound I was praying that it would be a total stranger who'd be taking my wife out tonight and probably fucking her!!!!
I slowly opened the door!
He was laughing!!!!
"Hello Kaaren, it's been a long time...."
They both laughed as I wished for the floor to open up and swallow me!!!! My face red my little clit trying so desperately to get hard, I stepped aside and welcomed him into our home!

I Know Just How She Feels

In this one circumstance I do really know just exactly how she feels! I've never earned the privilege he's enjoying but maybe some day....All I can do is caress her ass as I hold her open for him
I hope that she returns the favor later and holds me open while he's pounding me!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just Fantastic!

"Oh my God!!!! Yes your tongue on my cock feels fantastic!!!!  Suck me baby, suck my big fat cock!!! Take me deep!!!! I want to flood your mouth with hot cum!!!! Suck it....oh yes just like that ...yes just like that....oh yeah!!!! Watch closely Sissy!!! This is how a real woman sucks a cock!!!! Your wife is amazing!!!! I'm going to fill her mouth and I want you to give her a big kiss when I do.....I want to....ohhhh!!!!"
It was hot! But he wasn't the first man to cum in her mouth and he wouldn't be the last!!! And I always kissed her after!!!! Since we first met!!!! She loved it and so did I!!!!

No Notice

He took no notice of her pretty panties....I had spent so much time choosing them for her and sliding slowly up....kissing her legs as I slid them up her shapely calves...then over her silky soft thighs before pulling them snugly into place....covering her beautiful pussy with the exquisite lace!!!!!
He didn't rip them as he pulled them off of her but his eyes were only on her! He tossed them to me and as he reached for her he told me to put them in my mouth!!!
Her panties were an obstacle for him but they were a reward to me!!!! He'd never understand the pleasure I got from her panties just like I'd never understand how it felt to fuck a woman like a real man!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Wish

"Your breasts are so beautiful. I love to feel them so soft and full!!!! I wish they were mine!!!!"
"But Sissy....they are whole body is yours...I just decide how and when you can worship me!!!"