Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Antidote

There he was....sleeping....the smug devil who had done this to him....who had made him into....

The Bazaar was thrumming full of life as Sam Carr wandered from one stall to the next! He had become separated from the rest of his tour group but he wasn't worried....he knew where they were all to meet later and he was honestly happy to be away from some of least for a little while!
Many of the vendors were selling tourist trinkets and they aggressively waved them in his face while each tried to undersell the other.....Sam was amused at the idea of waiting until they would begin offering to pay him to take their goods!
But as he wandered further into the mad scene he found fewer and fewer people selling tourist junk and a quieter group of stalls where the vendors seemed to go out of their way to not draw his attention at all...
A man selling exquisite silks caught his eye and he went to look at the merchandise....
As he browsed the Vendors wares he thought of how it would feel to, perhaps, wear a fine set of silken pajamas made from this extraordinarily soft he ran his fingers over the smooth silk he didn't notice the Vendor whisper to the small boy....nor did he notice when the small boy ran off through the crowd and disappeared....
"Yes Sir...." the Vendor said in heavily accented English, "It is the most beautiful silk in all the you enjoy how it feels....imagine it wrapped around it something you'd be interested in purchasing....I could offer you a fine price...."
Sam was a little surprised at the he was imagining it wrapped around him as he thought of making this purchase....of bringing this lovely bolt of exotic silk home with him!
He was so entranced that he didn't notice the boy leading the four men to the stall and the first he knew anything was wrong was when the bag was pulled over his head as strong hands grabbed and held him....then he felt the needle in his arm and then nothing...

When he woke he was in a darkened room....a large room dominated by the bed he was lying on.....he wasn't alone!
A tall swarthy man was sitting next to the bed and he smiled when he saw Sam awaken...
"Finally, you're awake my dear, I was afraid you'd sleep through our first time together..." the man spoke in a crisp English accent although he didn't look like any Englishman Sam had ever seen!
"What happened to me....what is this place....who are you...." Sam struggled to sit up and to his horror found that he was bound to the bed....
"So many questions my little Dove.....soon all will be revealed to you.....and to me....I've been very eager to see how well you'd turn out...." he turned away and clapped his hands, "Bring me the mirror!"
From a darkened alcove a servant appeared and scurried forward with a large mirror.
"You see little one. my people are trained to watch for likely....candidates....for me and you were exactly what I had told them to watch for....your small stature and your deep interest in the beautiful would do perfectly!"
"What do you mean, who are you, let me go....the American consulate will hear of this!"
The man laughed....his laughter echoed through the room!
"You are mine don't belong to America are my property...."
"I'm not anyone's property....I'm a free man!"
The man laughed again.....he reached over and pulled the sheets away and Sam was suddenly aware that he was covered in the same silk he had admired....
The man nodded and the servant held the mirror for Sam to see himself and he recoiled in horror.....the reflection showed a beautiful woman clad in a gown of the most exquisite silk....
"You see my little're not a free man fact you're not a man at all're my newest bride....."
"But how.....why?"
"How....well that's a secret my family has held for centuries! Why? Well I'm sure that's something your western psychologists have a name for but I like to think the answer is because I have the power and it suits my fancy to have you as my own sweet little bride!"
"You can't mean you're going to...."
"Oh but I am my Sweet....and as tonight is our wedding night I will claim what's due from a virgin bride to her husband!"
" you can't...."
The man only smiled as he climbed onto the bed with her....

That was so many months ago and the monster had made him perform unspeakable acts...Sam cringed as he thought of the ways the monster had used him....he liked to dangle the small vial he wore around his neck as he laughingly told Sam that it was the only antidote to the change....
When Sam saw his chance he took it....the guard, distracted for a moment, didn't react fast enough as Sam grabbed the dagger from his side and slipped it between his ribs killing him almost instantly....
Sam mad his way quietly through the hallways he knew so the Master's chambers.....slipping quietly inside he crept to the bed and the Master woke with a start as he felt the sharp metal press against his throat.....
"What are you doing did you...."
"Shut up!!!!" Sam pushed the blade harder against his throat....cutting into the skin!
He grabbed the small vial and jerked it away, breaking the chain that the Master had worn it on since his father had given it to him so many years ago!
"Wait don' don't understand my Sweet One...."
Sam cut deeper and more blood began to much more blood....
Sam looked at the vial and the small amount of liquid inside....the only antidote to what this monster had done to him and using his teeth he pulled out the stopper....
The bleeding man looked up and weakly said "Don't....please...."
Sam laughed and looked down at him....he was clearly bleeding out.....the bed was awash in his blood....he surely didn't have much time left......then Sam lifted the small vial and drank it all....every drop....
He laughed soon he would be free....soon he would be a man again....soon this nightmare would end....
"Come closer", the dying man whispered.
Sam leaned closer to hear the monster's last words...
"My sweet little dove....there is no antidote.....there is only the blackest have killed us both...."
Sam suddenly felt it....the antidote to the change.....and then he felt nothing....

The Cuckolds Life

Even as he slips that big cock inside her, her eyes seek mine....
Soon her eyes will be closed as she feels the ecstasy that I can't give he fills her more than I could even if I wasn't in the cage....kneeling in my sissy lingerie....with the taste of his cock still in my mouth....she looks to me....and I smile at her....I'm happy that she's getting the pleasure she craves....the only way I can give it to her....after all she's the woman I love and I want her to be happy more than anything else!!!

Friday, June 29, 2018

You Girls Know

Sometimes we make out on the couch like teenagers....and she runs her hands over my clothes.....feeling me up like a sixteen year old virgin.....and like so many of these encounters she ends up "forcing" my head down into her lap to pleasure's so hot but as soon as she cums it's over....leaving me all hot and girls out there know what I mean!!!!!


Sometimes her friends woke in the morning with more than breakfast on their minds....but she has to get ready for her busy day and so.....well sometimes all I have to do is open wide....he takes care of the rest....
He leaves satisfied....she leaves on time....and I get a delicious breakfast treat that I'll be tasting all day....that's a win for all of us!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Do You Remember

Do you remember those one at could be your sissy self with no one the wiser.....having the whole house instead of just one room....ah it was glorious!!!

Sissy School - Panty Inspection

"Hold it right there Sissy Kaaren and Sissy Leeanne you're overdue for panty inspection!!!"
"Why certainly Headmaster, I'm sure you'll find everything is in proper order..." said Sissy Leeanne...
"Feel free to inspect what's inside our panties if you like...." said Sissy Kaaren...
"That won't be necessary this time but I've got my eye on you two...."
"Yes Sir!"
"Good to know Sir!"
"Where are you two heading now?"
"We were just going back to the dorm to....ah...."
"To do our own panty inspection.....have a nice day Headmaster!!!"

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hump Day

The clock goes round and round and before you know it, it's Hump Day!!!

Summer Is Here

Woohoo!!!! Summer is here at last!!!! Sissies everywhere in the Northern hemisphere break out their bikinis and just enjoy being a gurl!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


"Meet me for lunch today know that cafe' where they serve those delicious there at noon!"
"Yes Ma'am....what should I wear?"
"Hmmmm....let's see....I want you to wear that pretty pink party dress....the one with the puffy sleeves and the big bow on the back and lacy anklets and those crazy pink high heels....I want you to wear something eye-catching!!! And make sure your hair is combed and in pretty pigtails with bright pink ribbons!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I'll see you there...."
Yes of course I heard the snickering around me as I passed by the other diners, of course I was embarrassed as I took short mincing steps through the cafe' to her table....
Then I saw her smile at me and it was the only thing that mattered to me in the world....I had pleased her!!!!

Even More Dangerous

"I don't know Sissy.....does this make my ass look fat?"
The most dangerous question in a relationship gets even more dangerous!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2018

A Long Day

"It's been a long day Sissy....I was on my feet for hours and hours....can you tell?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And it was so hot too Sissy....can you tell?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"They must stink from all that Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And you still want to lick and suck them Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma'am.....please!!!"
"You know I spoil you Sissy.....indulge yourself while I relax!!!"
"Oh Thank You Ma'am!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You can have it many ways but one of my favorites is when it's served, freshly squeezed, in crystal glasses with a colorful garnish to add that high class look!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Served in all the best places!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Yes it is wonderful....and god knows we always want more....more of the flavor...more of the warmth.....just more!!!! But ever since you were little you've known that you have to finish what you have before you can have more!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Make sure you don't miss a drop!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"I must say, I quite envy you!!! It must be wonderful to have a maid to see to all your needs...
"Oh it is such a help and it frees my days so that I can indulge myself in whatever I please!!!"
"It sounds heavenly....I don't know what I'd do if I had all that free time...."
"Well you could start by "doing" that pool boy of yours...."
"Oh my you are so bad.....although he is quite the man isn't he....but it's neither here nor husband told me we couldn't afford a maid so that's that!"
"Oh is that all....Darling my husband told me the same thing but as you can see we've found a way to make it work!"
"I don't see how I could...."
"Silly....take a closer look.... my husband is my maid....."
"Oh my goodness that is him isn't it....but how did you....."
"Let me explain it all to you so you can have your own maid as well....and the pool boy too"

Sissy Training - Trained Too Welll

Sometimes you'll find that after intense training in cock sucking that your sissy-to-be might actually interfere with your fun....there are simple solutions for this.....
A closed and locked door leaving sissy whimpering outside or perhaps some light bondage leaving sissy whimpering at your bedside!!!!!
Either way it should give you a warm feeling knowing that your sissy craves cocks as much as you do!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Deal With The Devil

He cried into his pillow.....
She had caught him in her things....again!!!! She laid down the law to was either he stop....or she was going back home to her parents....for good!
It was so unfair....why couldn't she understand....he would give anything if she would just accept this part of him.....anything!!!!
There was a strange buzz in the grew louder and louder....he looked at his wife sleeping peacefully as the noise grew as loud as a jetliner taking off!!!! He covered his ears as he felt the room begin to shake and then it appeared next to amorphous shape that gradually formed into the shape of a man....but surely not any man that had ever walked on this earth....his greenish skin was only the most inhuman thing but his features were somehow just wrong!!!!
The apparition grinned at's teeth sharp, like an animals....
He turned to look at his wife and was astounded that she still slept as this thing had invaded their bedroom....
"She can't hear or see me if that's what you're wondering I'm here just to have a talk with you Christopher!" The creatures voice was soft and soothing.
"Who....what are you? How did you know my name?"
"Oh I've been watching you for a long time Christopher.....I know all about you....all your desires.....ever since you were seven and you looked in that laundry hamper...."
"Oh my could it be?"
"Well god has very little to do with it Chrissy.....may I call you Chrissy.....isn't that what you'd like people to call you?"
"I've never told that to anyone!!!! How do you know that!!!!"
"Oh I know all about you Chrissy.....and I'm here to offer you a deal.....I can give you what you want.....I can make Chrissy real.....for just a small price...."
"Oh I get it, you're some kind of devil and I'll have to sell you my soul...."
"Oh Chrissy you're so old fashioned.....I want something much nicer than that....I want you to help me recruit other men to allow me to help them live out their dreams.....and when I've gotten the ten men I want I'll give you the last treatment and you can be Chrissy forever...."
"What about my wife...."
"Obviously I'll have to adjust her mind a little but I guarantee that she'll be fully supportive!"
"And I can be Chrissy....for real? Forever?"
"That's the deal sweet little Chrissy?"
"What do I have to do?"
"Just allow me to inject you with this little potion and the change will begin almost immediately!"
"That's all?"
"You'll need 9 more injections to make it complete but yes....that's all!!!"
"Let's do it!"
The greenish hand grabbed his arm and injected the glowing red formula.....he was instantly woozy and fell back onto the bed.....the green demon held up a small mirror for him to see.....
"Look Chrissy....look in the mirror and see what you're feminine....just wait till you're in the arms of a man twirling around the dance floor like a ballerina!"
"I....can't wait....." then blackness overcame him.

"Is he out...."
"Yes Darling he's out....that's the most powerful hypnotic drug on the market and he's got ten times the dosage in him that they recommend!"
"Is that safe? If I wanted to kill him I'd have just hired a hitman...."
"No Darling....your husband is on his way to becoming his dreamgirl....after a few more injections there will be no more Christopher....just Chrissy....and we can have her do anything we want...."
"Oh this will be so much fun....."
"How did you know all that stuff about him.....he obviously thought it was a secret?"
"The sap talks in his's where i got the idea for all this....that and the money....the only way I could get it all was if he was declared mentally incompetent, if I divorced him I got nothing and if he died I only got ten percent...."
"How much did you say he's worth?"
"Millions and after I have him declared insane it will all be mine!!!!"
"Ours you mean...."
"Of course....ours....why don't you get some of that green stuff off and join me?"
She pulled back the covers....
"Why not he'll be out for hours.....and then we'll have to start teaching him to be Chrissy....he has a lot to learn...."
"Yes but first...."
And they laughed as he slipped into her bed......while Chrissy dreamed wonderful dreams next to them.....happy at last!!!!


"Yes they're lovely but I really can't help thinking that I should have had that doctor make them bigger.....after all another cup size wouldn't have cost that much more....what do you think Sissy....should we make them bigger?"
"Whatever pleases you Ma'am...."
"That's exactly the right answer where did I leave that doctors phone number....maybe we'll go two cup sizes bigger Sissy, that would certainly get the boys attention...."

Friday, June 22, 2018

You Know What I Want

The very first time I put my tongue in her beautiful pussy I had wanted to slide it back and lick that delightful little rosebud....but I was afraid that she might think it was too much...too perverted....
I can't believe how many years went by before she finally pushed my head down and "made" me do what I had so wanted to do for so long!!!!
Now, all she does is smile in a certain way and if that doesn't get through to me she'll simply say....
"You know what I want Sissy!"
And I do know......and I want it too!!!

What Can I Give Her

What does he give her....





What can I give her....




And let's not forget housekeeping!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

It Says Here

"I don't says here on your license that you're a male....but a pretty little gal like you.....I just don't know...."
"Honestly Officer that's me.....normally I look a lot more like the picture...."
"Well I am really going to need some proof...."
"Okay I can prove I'm a man.....look here!!!!"
"Well shoot....I don't think that proves anything Ma'am....please step out of the car, put your hands on the roof and spread your legs...."
"I just want you to know that I....."
"What's that...."
"I have a big bottle of lube in the glove compartment...."
"Well Sissy.....isn't that a do I!!!!"

So Tell Me

"So tell was your first date?"
"It was really wonderful.....although it was a little awkward at first...."
"Why Sweetie...."
"Well he was really attracted to know....I could tell....but he'd never dated a sissy before...."
"Did you do what I told you?"
"I did....I don't know which of us blushed more when I reached for his zipper.....but god, once I got him in my mouth.....well I don't know how to describe was just...."
"Shhhh Honey, here he comes can tell me the rest later....if you can talk with your mouth full...."
"On my are so bad....."

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hump Day

As good as it feels that you've made it to Hump Day you must remember you've got another long hard half to go!!!


She does love her workout routine....some free weights some stretches...some yoga....and then the cardio....we're up to about 2 miles now before I start to slow down....and that's OK because she's already cum a couple of times by then!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

That Damned Kid

That damned kid and his science projects!!!! I mean what the hell are they teaching those kids at MIT these days? He should be aiming at the stars instead of the poor sissy next door....but I agreed to help him with his project and I like to support scientific advancement so here I am....again!!!


Yes, as unlikely as it sounds we have fallen asleep like this.....sometimes I push my face and tongue into her as I dream and sometimes she grinds against my mouth and nose while she dreams!!!!
And when we wake in the morning she's on the edge and all I can taste is her....

Monday, June 18, 2018

She Would Know

She told me to wait here and then she hooked my leash to the door handle...
I know I could easily unhook it and go sit on the bed and watch TV or read a book because she probably wouldn't be back for hours....but I won't....
Because she would know....she always knows....and the spanking would be bad but seeing the disappointment in her eyes would be worse....
So I'll wait....

Monday ManCandy

A good breakfast doesn't just requires some work...
First you bake the muffins and then you add the final touch that makes them so good....

But before you serve a meal you have to taste it to see if it needs anything else...

And finally there's the reward for all the effort!!!!

ManCandy!!!! Making good food taste better since forever!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sissy School - A Visit Home On Fathers Day

"Say it Sissy....say Happy Fathers Day....tell him how much you love sucking Daddy's cock!!!!"
I've found that it's really hard to talk with a big cock in your mouth but I tried to wish him a Happy Fathers Day as best I could.....if only I knew who he was it might have been a little more sincere!!!

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Daddy.....I'm so glad it fits you so well!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Shadows of Madness

"I tell you Doctor I'm going mad....these dreams torment me in my waking hours and horrify me in my sleep....I don't know what to do anymore!!!!"
"I see Mr. Cranston....can you tell me more?"
"In my dreams I do unspeakable....unnatural things....but it feels so real....real enough that I have awakened in the morning with the vile taste of the filthy acts still in my mouth and my body aching from the horrors it has endured in the night....perhaps I'm walking in my sleep!!!!"
"I see....well Mr. Cranston...what I'd like to do is admit you into my Sanitarium for a few days for observation so that we can perhaps see what's triggering these episodes..."
"If it will help make it stop then please...I'll do anything!!!"
The first night they observed him as he slept and the staff all reported that he slept soundly and peacefully from 9pm until dawn....however just after dawn he woke screaming in bitter anguish and actually required sedation....
Later....calmer...he sat with the Doctor.....
"I tell you I left here last night....I went out into the night and I allowed myself to be abused.....more than once.....Oh god....Doctor I can feel it still...."
"Mr. Cranston, I assure you my staff checked on you once every 15 minutes and you were soundly sleeping in your bed until you woke this was a dream and only a dream....."
"No was real....I know it was...."
"Mr. Cranston. I have a formula I'd like to try with you tonight, if you'll allow me, it makes your body and brain believe you are asleep while you can retain your higher senses....I must warn you it can blend the worlds of sleep and dreams but it may give us some insight into what's happening to you...."
"I'll try it Doctor....I'll try anything!!!"
They administered the formula at 8pm and by 9pm he looked for all the world like he was sleeping....
"Are you aware that you're near sleep Mr.Cranston?"
"Just let your mind go blank as if you were drifting to sleep....I'll be checking in on you through the night...."
It was about an hour later that he first felt was like someone was tugging on him....but tugging his entire body all at once.....and it got harder and harder until it felt like something had actually broken loose from him....
He watched through semi-closed eyes as the black shape stood up and shook's featureless face turned toward him where he lay paralyzed with fear....
"I know you're awake this time can't fool me.....I'd really love to spend some time explaining things to you but I have so much to do and so little time to get it done...."
"What are you...."
"Oh dear Lamont, you be quiet now I have to get dressed for my night out..."
The black shape sat and began pulling on lacy women's underthings and suddenly he saw it changing from the male form it had been to a more rounded female figure....
"Why do you torment me so creature?"
"I don't torment you dear little Lamont....I free you....I've been doing it for many years now.....since you were very remember your summers with your Aunt Kate and your cousins Anne and you remember what you did that you remember what you discovered? Do you remember how you loved it?"
"How do you know about that!?!?!?"
"That's where I was born Sweet Lamont.....or should I say Lorraine...that's my name too Lamont!!!"
"No I didn't....I don't know what you're talking about...."
"Of course you do.....that summer, you created Lorraine and after that you thought you could do away with her....but look my sweets, I'm here and I have an appetite for the wildest things you've always imagined.....that's what you've been feeling and tasting when I rejoin with you in the dawn.....the light isn't a good place for those like me...."
"Are there others like you?"
"Thousands....maybe millions....I don't know but there are some of us in every dirty alley waiting to fulfill a fantasy.....for ourselves....sometimes it can get quite crowded and that makes it even more fun!!!!"
"But then you're...."
"Ah yes little Lamont....I'm you....I'm the shadow of you that is the embodiment of every little fantasy....every little perverse thought you've ever had since that summer when you first slipped on Auntie's stockings...."
"But only's been so many years....."
"I don't know why you've changed and become aware of me....of my, shall we say, adventures in the night. But I have striven since you have to make sure you had something special to feel every morning...."
Fully dressed now the black silhouette walked to the door....
"Come here Lamont and look while you can see....look down the hallway with me..."
He left the bed like a sleepwalker and stumbled to the door....looking out he saw the shadows moving as if they had a life of their own...leaving many of the rooms and walking away, past the night nurse who seemed oblivious to them even though she twitched when one of them tickled her...
"I'll be back in the morning Lamont....I'm looking forward to sharing everything with you...."
As the creature joined the others in the hallway he began to scream....the horror was too much to bear and he had to end wasn't couldn't be....
As the orderlies restrained him with the canvas straps holding him down the Doctor entered the room  and listened to the disjointed story he told....sexual perversions and shadow creatures and he shook his head....obviously a psychotic break had occurred and poor Mr Cranston was going to be staying here for a long, long time....
The doctor ordered sedation and as the nurse bent to administer it he looked up and told her...
"Maybe Lorraine is real and I'm the shadow....."


"I said I was going to let you cum tonight Sissy and I'm going to keep fucking you until you do....tonight you become my girl!!!!"

Friday, June 15, 2018

Sissy School - Entrance Exam - Short Edition

The Sissy School Entrance Exam....Short Edition

Sissy Sisters Party****

Their wives sank back into the soft sofa, sipping their wine, as their sissy husbands tentatively reached toward each other....
Their husbands each thought that this was the ultimate humiliation....made to wear women's clothes in front of another couple even if the other "man" was a sissy too!!!!
The wives smiled as the two sissies kissed, they knew that neither of them had ever thought they would be kissing another man, no matter how pretty he was....certainly not while their wives sat laughing and commenting....
But they were growing to like it....and they were growing in their silky panties too....
They hoped that the women would be satisfied at this humiliation....but their wives had only just begun....they had all afternoon

*** this post was inspired by my sweet friend Throne in his wonderful story of the same name just posted on was a wonderful story and the 200th story he published there!!! It made me drip in my here to read it....I guarantee you'll love it!!!!
Love you Throne....looking forward to the next 200 stories!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Good Girl

"You've been a good girl for me Sissy so I'm going to use lube today....what do you say?"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!!"

It Was Time

I knelt down and reached into her panties and I pulled it out...
There was no cage....there was nothing to stop me....and it was already so hard....throbbing in my hand.....
She looked down at me and smiled.....
"Suck it!" she said!!!!
There is something extra special about sucking another gurls cock!!!!
I sucked it and tasted her and was anticipating my reward as she told me it was time....
It was time and I sucked harder....faster....
It was was was time....
"'s time to get up didn't you hear the alarm? And why on earth are you sucking your thumb?"
"Oh Sweetheart I was having the most wonderful dream....."
"Was I in it?"
"I don't's slipping away....and now I can't remember....."
"Never mind Sissy.....I'd like pancakes this morning....with maple syrup....and I'd like an orgasm while I'm eating....."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Yes she could tell that I was annoyed....
I mean, wouldn't you be annoyed if you walked into your kitchen and found your wife and your best friend like this!!!!
Of course I stormed out....I mean how could she expect me to be OK with this.... on earth am I supposed to prepare dinner with the two of them taking up all my counter space???

Hump Day

"Good Morning you know what day it is?"
"It's Hump Day!!!!"
It's so nice when you get an early morning reminder....

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Service is not a one way street in our house...
I serve the dinner but she serves the dessert!!!!

Beautiful Day

"It's a beautiful morning isn't it Sissy?"
"Every day is beautiful with you Sweetheart!!!"
"I didn't say you could speak did I Sissy?"
"No Ma'am!"
"Then get busy!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh yes Sissy just a little....oh yes just like that....."