Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Birthday Surprise

She said it was a surprise.....she said it was going to involve cumming....I spent all afternoon thinking about it....sweet release....would it be her hand or mine? Or maybe....I even dared to dream it might be her mouth!!!! I haven't cum in her mouth in so long!!!
But the surprise was a little different than I thought and it did involve cumming....and I have to admit I enjoyed it but I was a little disappointed too....

Birthday Breakfast

"Happy Birthday Sissy....what would you like to eat this morning?"
Thank you Sweetheart.....you know there's only one thing I always crave!!!"
"Go ahead then Sissy....enjoy.....but I'll have a birthday treat for you later when I get home too!!!"
"You're too good to me!!!!"
"I know....I spoil you but I love my special girl!!!!"

Monday, July 30, 2018

What Should He Do?

"Oh yeah....I look so good in this....I bet all the men would be coming on to me....all of them with their big cocks throbbing just thinking about getting up under my skirt...how I'd love to get down on my knees and....."
Then he hears the front door, his wife has come home early....

Monday ManCandy

You had a crazy weekend and now you're paying for it...you need some high protein, tasty breakfast that will be able to offset the last couple of days....
But you don't need any drama with it.....you just want a quiet creamy treat to get you going....

....and as you swallow it down into your empty tummy your outlook for the whole day has suddenly changed.....

ManCandy!!!! It always turns frowns upside down!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What the hell is this!!!!! Kaaren.....Leeanne!!!!! Stop that right now!!!!"
"Just another minute Honey...."
"Don't you "just a minute Honey" me Sissy! I can't believe this.....when I said it was OK for you to bring your roommate home for the weekend this was not what I had in mind!!!! I expected that I'd be the only one having any orgasms this weekend!!!!"
"Just another minute Honey...."
"You two go get your bags packed right now!!!! I'm calling the pink bus to collect you two sluts and I'm going to report this behavior to the Dean of Discipline at your school!!!!"
 "Just another minute Honey...."
"I said NOW.....get your Sissy asses moving!!!!"
"Oh yeah....now....now.....NOW!!!! OH YEAH NOW!!!!!"
"Oh my god you shameless sluts!!!!! Out now!!!!!"
"Yes Honey!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, it's been a pleasure being here!"

Got Started

"Please....I think you'll look really sexy?"
I tried not to watch as he laughed and pulled on her panties....
He looked absolutely adorable and I guess she thought so too as she beckoned him toward our her bed...
He stopped and pointed at me where I was kneeling...
"Is this how he got started, cause I'm telling you right now.....I'm no Sissy!!!"
"Oh no Baby.....I want you because you're all man....you're wearing my panties to make me happy....he was wearing panties before I even met him....."
He grabbed her and proved his manhood....over and over through the night.....while I watched silently....thinking over what she'd said!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Essence

"I can't believe it.....you've done it....I'm.....I'm her!!!!"
"Yes my friend, you are now the sole occupant of Diane Wetton's body...."
"But what about....her?"
"I've.....how can I explain this so you'll understand? I've extracted that essential essence that made her who she was.....Just like I did to you an hour ago.....and now I've injected your essence into her empty shell.....you are Diane now.....her body, at least. belongs to you!!!"
"And what about Diane?"
"She is captive, here in this liquid....I was going to inject her into your unused body but I wanted to know if that was what you wanted...."
"Ha...you mean she could be put into my old broken down body.....the one she ridiculed....the one she said wasn't worthy of her....the one with all the chronic pain and weak heart.....oh yes I want to watch as she realizes what has happened....she'll still have all her memories....like me....she'll still know that she's Diane....even in my body?"
"Oh yes....I'm sure it will be an exquisite torture for her....it might make her mind snap!!!"
"I was going to tell you to pour her down the drain but this will be so much better....she'll watch as I use her body to seduce and use anyone I want.....I think I'll start with her little friend Scooter, she's the most adorable little morsel and I'd love to corrupt and enslave her!!!"
"I see.....may I suggest we keep your body restrained at first!!!"
"Oh yes....absolutely.....and if she's....he's too much trouble I'll just have him committed to the state asylum....imagine a crazy old man insisting that he's really a beautiful young heiress....they'll lock the door and throw away the key!!!!"
"Yes....I agree....I think that would be a good plan...."
"And now.....what can I do for you.....I have her money now....lot's of it.....what would you like in return for your services...."
"Well, as I was developing my essence extraction process I tinkered with it a little and found that I could make subtle changes that would benefit and protect me....like for instance if you tried to have me....disappear....you'd find yourself quite unable to give that order.....but I'm sure you had no intentions of having anything happening to me...."
"Of course not....my good man it never even entered my mind!!!"
"As you say.....so I thought about what a young, rich, beautiful, blonde such as yourself could offer me by way of payment.....and I think I've found something that would be mutually satisfying...."
"You can't mean...."
"Yes I can .....you have control of her body 24 hours a day and I thought it would only be fair if I did too....come with me my dear and we'll make your first payment....the first of so many more to come!!!!"
"You!!!! You're a monster!!!!"
"It takes one to know one my dear!!!!"

After The Party

Sissy listened as the party noise died down, he heard the guests leaving and he waited for his wife to come and release him.....and waited....and waited....
He realized as the time ticked by that she must have fallen asleep and forgotten about him!!!
He struggled a bit but he was bound tight!!!
Oh well.....breakfast was going to be late today!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Just Another Minute

"Kaaren.....I want to cum....aren't you finished with your silly little blog yet?"
"Just another minute Sweetheart....and I promise the rest of the night I'll be all yours!!!!"


There was a sweet sissy named Andrea-Jayne
Whose intentions it seems were quite plain
She loved to wear dresses
But she always made messes
And then had to clean up the stain!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

It's Alright Honey

"It's alright Sissy.....come on....crawl over here and give it a little taste.....we all know you want to!!!"

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl we all used to borrow makeup from each other.....
I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a sissy and that I would borrow my husbands lip gloss!!!!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

My Analyst Calls

When my Analyst called I knew even before I answered the phone that she needed me...
"Kaaren, I was wondering if you could fill in for my receptionist today....today is the day I see men with big cocks and she's still a little sore from last week...."
"I'll be there as fast as I can Dr. Dee.....should I wear my nurse uniform?"
"Whatever you want Kaaren just hurry!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I rushed right there and there was some chaos in the waiting room!
Who was next?
Where was their file?
Finally I got them back in order.
A new patient came in and I had to make a new file for him....
I got his name and all his insurance information and he filled out all the forms....then I asked him what his reason was for coming to see the Doctor....
"I have a problem with a fetish?"
"I see could you be more specific?"
"I like to have my cock sucked.....it's all I ever think about!!!"
I chuckled....
"I'm pretty sure that makes you just a normal man....."
"No, I like to have my cock sucked....but only by sissies dressed as nurses!!!"
"Well then Sir all I can say is that this is our lucky day.....the doctor will be with you shortly but I think I can help you right now!!!!"

It's What i've Been Thinking About

I know I post a lot of things here....some real....some fantasy....but...for real....this is what's been going through my mind lately!!!!
The thing is, although I post about sucking those big cocks....which I love....but I also really like sucking on the softies!!!!!
Feeling it so soft and.....well.....floppy.....it's so nice.....it's not choking me and it's not so hard that she's going to take it away from me.....
So soft as it goes in my mouth......my tongue going to work right away as I hear him catch his breath.....some get hard almost instantly....so fast you can't even tell it's happening until he's suddenly blocking your airway!!!!
But I really like the ones that respond a little slower....the ones that let me take my time and enjoy sucking them.....that velvety head laying on my tongue as I swirl it around....getting to that spot,,,,you know that spot....just below the head....I used to know what it was called but I've forgotten....feeling him beginning to grow.....beginning to fill your mouth as you start really sucking him.....using your hands to fondle his balls.....moving away to lick and suck those dangling bits as your hand starts stroking him....taking him back in your mouth as he grows to full size.....oh what bliss....your tiny clit screaming for attention but....you can't tear yourself away from this glorious thing that's filling your mouth.....it's become all you can think of.....both your hands....your lips locked so tight around the shaft as you pull him back and forth into you.....you're fucking him with your mouth.....drool leaks from your lips as you try to swallow him all....your tongue busy all the time....and then.....and then.....and then....
And then he pushes me away because he didn't come here for me.....he came here to fuck my wife.....and when he's done....when she tells me to clean him....I'll get to suck him again.....and taste his juices mixed with hers....and feel him as he gets soft again....and it will be enough for me.....
Well like I said.....this is what I've been thinking about lately....

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


"Why are your hands shaking Sissy?"
"I....I don't know....I'm sorry Ma'am...."
"Are you nervous about my boyfriend coming here tonight?"
"Maybe....just a little..."
"I don't see what you're so nervous about Sissy you know what I expect don't you?"
"Yes Ma'am I do!"
"You will meet him at the door and lead him to a seat right here....you will tell him how much you've dreamed of sucking his big manly cock....and you will plead with him to let you swallow his sweet cream....isn't that right Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am....but....please Ma'am would you...."
"Would I what Sissy?"
"Would you hold my hand while I.....do that?"
"Do what Sissy?"
"Would you hold my hand while I....suck his cock?"
"Of course I will Sissy.....you know I love you...."
"I love you too Ma'am....maybe instead we could...."
"Oh there's the doorbell Sissy....it's time!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Rainy Day Workout

I told you the other day about my workouts....but the whole running thing comes screeching to a halt when it rains!
I have a treadmill but, to be honest, I absolutely hate it!!! I vastly prefer to run outdoors...hearing the sounds and seeing the sights and letting that fresh air fill me up!!!
But of course that doesn't mean I just slack off on rainy days....
So on rainy days I do squats to keep my legs toned up....and sometimes I have an exercise partner!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2018

I Do Windows

"Yes, of course I'll do your windows Ma'am! I'm available to do anything you want me to do....well except for that one little thing....but I was never really any good at that anyway....and I can assure you when I'm done you'll be 100% satisfied even without it!"

Monday ManCandy

Finally the warm weather has arrived!!!! Time for the pool and cookouts and cocktails with friends!!! But you're not going to tell them are you? You've been sacrificing and saving all those wonderful donations and now you have those frosty little cubes that just make your drink so much better....just let them all wonder why you're grinning while you sip your drink....
ManCandy!!!! Putting the cock in cocktail!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Brunch

Mt wife and her friends like that high-end food....gourmet stuff....tiny, tiny servings....a kind of one bite and you're done meal!!!
I've always been a more down to earth gurl....I like meat and I like it big!!!! The only way I really like it served is on a bun!!!! You give me some big meat on a bun, with maybe a little mustard and ketchup and I'm happy as a sissy can be!!!

Admit It

Admit it...if you were face to face with this one....you'd do the same thing....I know I would!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Matinee - One Wish

Yes I had one wish....
The woman I loved really had no use for men, she preferred the company of women...
I had no chance to be with her.....and I came to curse the fact that I was a male....
I watched as she had short romances with some of the girls from the trapeze acts or the magicians assistants....but none of them was what she was looking for....
The two of us sat one night after the townies had gone home, we shared a pint of rotgut whisky I had carried around since I joined the Carny....
After a while she became a little looser....and she told me what she wanted....
She wanted a redhead with smooth pale skin.....and bright red lips....who would dress in the most outlandish fashions....
She passed out soon after....and I ended up finishing the bottle by myself....
A shimmering of light caught my attention.....it started in the empty bottle and then spread....and soon there was an apparition standing before my alcohol clouded eyes...
"Who are you!!!!"
"It's not important who I am.....I've been trapped in that damned bottle for over twenty years...."
"What are you....some kind of genie or something?"
"Yeah....I'm a genie or something kid....it's a Carny thing and I don't think you're old enough to understand.....so listen.....I'll grant you one wish and then I've got to go, I'm twenty years late for a hot date!!!!"
"One wish!!! I thought you were supposed to give three...."
"C'mon kid.....I haven't had any action in twenty years just make your wish so I can get out of here!!!"
"Alright....give me a minute!!!!"
I thought it over, looked at her sleeping beside me, and decided....
"I want to be the type of person she'll fall in love with...."
"Going to need a  little more than that kid...."
"Well, I'll have to be a girl....because she only likes girls...."
"Oh....do go on you've suddenly caught my interest!!!!"
"She likes them pale....and with bright red lips.....oh and she wants them to be redheaded also....."
"Is that all?"
"That's all she told me...."
"I can do that....all you have to do is say "That is My Wish" and it will be so...."
"That is my wish!"
The world swirled around me and I could feel the changes....
What can I say.....the genie or whatever it was was an old Carny spirit.....and it actually did follow my instructions....I got the red hair and the bright red lips.....and appearances to the contrary I was most definitely not male anymore!!!!
The funniest part was that she woke up next to me in the morning, both of us badly hungover and she fell in love with me.....and we've been together ever since....

Three Million Page Hits

When I started this blog it was because the Google thought police had kicked me off of Google+ on my original blog....
Now here we are and sometime today this silly little blog will have been visited three million times by all of you delightfully perverted people and I'd just like to say thank you to each and every one of you...
But there's an awful lot of you so please be patient....I'm starting here and I'll get to you as quickly as I can!!!!
Thank you all for your continued support over the years!!! I am truly humbled that you take a few minutes a day to read my sissy ramblings!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

A Basic Difference

A basic difference between a woman and her sissy is that when she's ready for sex she takes her dress off and when a sissy is ready for sex she puts her dress on!!!!

Center Of Attention

When she dressed him in all his pink frills and told him they were going to a party he was aghast!!!!
Surely everyone in the room would be drawn to him like moths to a flame....
He had no idea he wouldn't be the only Sissy there....
That sissy bitch....her uniform was so short everyone could see her ruffled panties with the little circular hole over her pussy and her split crotch in front displaying her shiny chastity surrounded by pretty pink bows!!!!
Just about every man and some of the women at the party had made use of that Sissy's holes while he had sat alone on the sofa...
He'd get even.....next time he'd ask her to dress him as the sluttiest sissy she could imagine....after all he had his pride!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2018


"It's funny when you think about it...."
"Our wives still think we're going bowling...."
They still don't realize that the bowling alley went out of business two years ago!!!!"
"I know....they just don't...."
"I didn't say you could stop sucking my cock Barney!!!!"
"Yeah just like that!!!!!"


She said she wanted her privacy with her new boyfriend and I readily agreed that if that's what she wanted, although I was disappointed, it was okay with me!
Normally that meant I would be sent to my sissy bedroom next to our her bedroom but I guess she knew that I'd sneak out and peek....
Imagine my surprise when she took me by the hand and put me out on the front steps just like a cat....
"How long will you be? How long will I be out here?"
"I'm not really sure Sissy....as long as it takes I guess!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hump Day

You've worked so hard already this week and here it is, Hump Day already!!!! But there's still so much more to do.....time to bend over your desk and get to it!!!!

Just Look At You

"Honestly Sissy, just look at you.....this is totally unacceptable!!!! First thing tomorrow we're going to the pet shop and getting you a proper leash and collar!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"You know I spoil you Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am..."

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


The young wives were so excited....they were so glad the their lovers had come to enjoy the show....after all how many times would you see something like this?
Their sissy husbands moans and groans as they lost their virginity was music to their ears!!!

What I Want

Yes that's exactly what I want....at least for right now!!!!
But I don't want to have one like it.....not one of my own.....because honestly....if I had a real cock....like that....I'd have no idea what to do with it and I don't think it would fit inside any of my panties.....
A cock like that is like going to a resort.....you enjoy it while you're there but afterwards it's just a pleasant memory!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Dishes

As he finished the dishes he heard his wife and stepdaughter laughing about some private joke.....then he heard the doorbell!!!!
"Oh Daddy," he heard his stepdaughter call, "You'll never guess who's here to see you...please come into the dining room!!!"
With the memory of the painful spanking he got the last time he refused an order from her, he stepped into the dining room with his head down....his humiliation was complete....what more could these women do to him!!!!
"Daddy....I think your friend would like a nice blowjob so get over here and get busy!!!"
Now his humiliation was complete....until they found another way to degrade him...and god how he loved it!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Yes it's good!!! We all agree that it's good!!!! Very, very good!!!!
Tastes good, feels good, good for you too....the perfect way to start your day!!!!
Is there anything that could be better than starting your day with a big creamy mouthful?
The only thing that could be better is having your perfect snack outside....fresh air only enhances it!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Get outdoors and get some...summer doesn't last forever!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Brunch

Last week I spattered bacon grease on my Sunday Best uniform and she was very upset with me....so this week she insisted that I cook like this....at least this way she says nothing important will get damaged!!!!

Wake Up Sissy

"Time to wake up Sissy....you're going to have a very busy day!!!!"

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Woman in White

"You know the locals say the old Grenville estate is haunted...."
"For gods sake man you don't believe in all that spooky mumbo-jumbo do you? In this day and age....honestly a few squeaks and creaks and everyone's screaming about ghosts!!!"
"I don't know Stephen....they all say there's a vindictive spirit there....why else do you think you got it so cheap?"
"Maybe it's the hundred year old plumbing and wiring....or the acres and acres of gardens gone to hell from neglect....whatever it is I plan to make it my home....I can see the beauty in the place even as the fools run from the things that go bump in the night!!!"
"But Stephen.....so many have seen.....her...."
"Oh yes....her....you mean the woman in white....well if she really exists then she better learn to share because it's going to be my home and I'm not leaving any time soon!!!"
"I understand Stephen but still...."
"What's the status of the upgrades I've ordered...."
"The electricians have just finished although they have informed me that they'll never work on the estate again....and the plumbers will be done by the end of the week provided they don't run off like the last two contractors I've hired!!!!"
"Foolish superstitious men.....I plan to move in tomorrow so have my bags brought there tonight...."
"But Stephen....no one will go there at night....none of the villagers....none of the cabs....no one..."
"God what imbeciles....alright then I want my things brought there at first light...including all the trunks I've packed myself ....those are not to be opened....I have the only keys to those....understand!"
"Yes Stephen....everything will be as you say...."

Weeks went by....then months....and the large empty hall felt more and more like home...he began to understand some of the crazy ideas the Locals had....an old house is full of noises....lots of creaking and whistling drafts and some nights the fire cast shadows that might have fooled some.....but they were just shadows...
When he finally did see her he thought she was a neighbor come to watch the work in the gardens....she was watching as the landscapers did their work restoring them to their former glory!!!! When he looked away for just a moment and turned back she was gone! He jogged to the spot where she had stood just moments ago and there was no sign of her although he could see for at least a hundred yards in every direction...
"Too much sun...." he thought to himself!
But then he began to see her everywhere....even in the house....but never more than a glimpse....never long enough to see her face....
He became obsessed.....if he was going to live with a ghost well he'd be damned if he didn't find out who she was....
He became a regular visitor to the local history archives...and he even traveled to London to trace the Grenville family history looking for her....
All to no avail....
The last Lord Grenville had died at sea fighting the Spanish in 1591 at the young age of 49....and shortly after, those who had inherited the estate abandoned it telling tales about a mysterious woman in white that haunted the house and grounds...
The estate passed through many hands since then....Modernized as the years went by.....but always the same result.....owners selling when they could....and always the stories about the woman in white!!!!
It was driving him mad.....he saw her all the time now....she appeared in the day and the night....even when he took his private time....when he opened his trunks full of feminine finery....when he spent an evening as the lady of the house....his most private moments....when he became the pretty young country lass....or the sophisticated social darling or the princess he so wished to be.....after all what was the point of buying a beautiful country estate  if you couldn't be a princess?
Through it all the woman in white haunted him.....rather than being terrified he felt some pity for the poor apparition....if only he knew who she was!!!!
It was one cold night that it all became clear.....as he smoothed a silk stocking up his leg and attached it to his garter....it hit him like a revelation!!!!
He put on his most elegant gown and his most elaborate wig....he used his makeup to hide the man....and he wore the jewelry that he had inherited from his mother....his loving mother who had surely known and yet had never let on....
He went to the library.....and he played soft music on the Victrola....and soon she came...
He turned to see her.....half in the dark.....her white gown, pure and beautiful, flowing around her in a slightly ethereal haze....she seemed to be watching him as closely as he was watching her.....
Gathering up his skirts, and his courage, he dipped into a deep grand curtsy with his head bowed to the floor.....
"I welcome you Lord Grenville.....I would be honored if you would allow me to share your home with you...."
He felt a cool breeze and cold lips press against his hand.....and he knew he was right.....and he knew he was welcome....he knew he had found a home at last!!!!
In the years that came he hosted gala parties and dances and people laughed as they remembered the old stories about ghosts.....but he knew the truth and when the guests were gone he would put on his best dress to spend his nights with the woman in white and both of them put aside their troubled souls...at least for a while....

Quiet Baby

"Shhhh.....quiet Baby.....be my good girl......just another little push and it'll be all the way in....and after a day or two you'll get used to it....."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Friday, July 13, 2018

You Don't Mind

"You don't mind if my sissy husband helps me suck your cock do you?"
"No Baby....why don't you make your husband suck my big dick first....I think I'd like that!!!"
"What do you say Sissy? Do you want to go first?"
I would have answered but my mouth was already full!!!!


It's so hot outside....there's nothing like cranking up the air conditioning and slipping on our satin nighties and going to bed on crisp clean sheets....
Sometimes the simple things are more than enough to make us happy!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

No Explanation Needed

That moment you see your wife walk into the room and find you....
There's no drama....there's no tears.....there's nothing you might have expected....
Instead she sits and watches with that little smile....
You obviously can't explain right now and what would you say anyway!!!!
Your entire life has just changed!!!!!

Let's Make A Deal

"I'll tell you what Sissy....how about we make a deal....I'll take the cage off and throw it in the garbage if you'll go back to being a man...what do you say?"
"But....but I'm not a man.....you mean no more dresses...no more panties...."
"That's the trade Sissy.....what about it?'
"No thanks Ma'am....if you don't mind I'd rather stay just like this....I'd rather be your Sissy husband...."
"Exactly the right answer Sissy!!!!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Just a Few Minutes

"Just there Sissy, that's perfect, now smile!"
The flash was so bright it blinded me for a moment....long enough for her to open the car door....
"It's only six blocks to home Sissy, the walk will do you good...."
"Hurry Sissy....we'll be waiting for you!!!!"
And she drove off and left me here!!!!
Nothing else to do but start walking....it was only six blocks but if I wanted to avoid the well lighted business area that made it eight blocks and if I wanted to avoid the park where those nasty teens hung around that made it eleven blocks!!!!
But that wasn't what was worrying me.....what was worrying me was that she said "we'll be waiting"....who  else was waiting for me and what was she planning?
I have to give her credit....she knows how to build up anxiety and anticipation!!!!

Hump Day

It's Hump Day....halfway there!!! Kick up your heels and enjoy yourself!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


"Oh yes my Sissy is very.....oral....as you can see she loves to lick and suck....in fact it's her favorite thing to do....licking and sucking....and she's so good at it too....would that be something you'd be interested in?"


I think I've probably told you all that I like to run....
After she leaves in the morning I strip down and put on my tight little cotton panties and my sports bra....my shorts and my jersey.....and I do a few miles!!!
I have a regular route that's three miles but occasionally I go for more.....sometimes when I'm "feeling it" I'll do the nine mile route!!!!
That usually leaves me a little sore but the "runner's high" is wonderful!!!
With all that work she tells me that my legs look fantastic....but she says that my chest and arms are getting a little flabby!!!!
So I've recently added an upper body workout regimen that has built in incentives!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Your Brother

"So your brother wears your panties?"
"I'm pretty sure the sick little perv wears my bras too!!!"
"That's....kind of hot...."
"OMG I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks so!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Pretend all you want....you know there's nothing else that you want more in the morning!!! So you can continue to keep your eyes shut and keep up the charade of sleep or you can enjoy the first taste of the morning!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Open wide and welcome it! It's a new morning!!!!