Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Terms of the Will

She laughed as she heard him groan! Even unconscious he reacted to the changes!!!

They sat in their fathers Lawyers office....richly appointed and smelling quite clearly of their clients money!!! The brother and sister waited without speaking as the lawyer unsealed the will and, in a sonorous tone, began reading the terms.
She had always been the bad girl while her goody two-shoes brother had always been at their fathers side! She didn't expect much of the estate....her father would probably only leave her a small allowance to allow her to live as she had always lived....spoiled and more than a little nasty!
As the lawyer read through the legalities and small bequests to friends and servants she eyed her brother....he had shut her out years ago....after she had ruined his best friend in a well publicized sex scandal!!!!
As if that hadn't been enough she had seduced and discarded his beautiful fiance' and left the poor girl to face a lifetime of regret and shame!!!
It was really no wonder he wouldn't speak to her! She smiled a little as she thought of the pain she had caused him!!!
Finally the lawyer addressed the two of them.
"And finally to my son and daughter, to my daughter who has shown herself to be a wanton slut and has displayed cruelty beyond my imagining I leave nothing except my deepest regret for fathering her and inflicting her on the world...."
Thee was more, including the part where her brother got everything....the money, the company, the houses, the stocks and bonds.....everything!!!
She stormed out of the office and the only thought on her mind was revenge against her father and her brother too....

Now she looked down and the swirling chemicals had already worked their magic on his lower half....he was no longer what he had been as his manhood had been completely replaced by a new feminine physique!!! She considered leaving him like this....a man above and a woman might be fun to keep him as a freak but she had other plans for him!
She slowly pushed him down further and he groaned loudly as the change began almost immediately! His body was shifting as the chemicals worked into his skin and changed him....changed him into a voluptuous woman!!!!
Soon she would force his head under and poor little Edward P. Tompkins Jr. would be gone forever and her new whore would be born...and she would use her new toy in any way she wanted!!! And after seven years passed she would have him declared legally dead and she would take over the estate as the only living heir!!!!
She laughed as he groaned again....she now knew that sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too!!!

From The Corner

From the corner of my eye I could see her pulling her top off, revealing her beautiful breasts to his hungry eyes! In my mouth I felt his cock twitch as he watched!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

One Last Taste

Before I sent him to the bedroom to fuck my wife with his magnificent cock I had to have that one last taste!!!

Stockings and Garters

There's a couple of reasons I wear stockings and garters instead of pantyhose....
First I think they're just prettier and I love to feel the tug of the garter as I move through the day!!!
Second....given how few of her lovers were willing to put up with my was getting really expensive!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Away On Business

Even their colleagues were impressed that Stan and Alex were all business...they never hung out in the hotel bar or went to any of the"Room Parties" at the conferences they attended!!! After dinner they always went straight to their room and turned in early!!! It was like they only had one thing on their minds!!!

Just Like That Sissy

"Keep your other hand cupped just like that so you can catch it all, Sissy!"
"Like this?"
"Just like that Sissy!"
"And then can I lick it up?"
"Of course you can Sissy!!! In fact I insist!!!!"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Truth Be Told

I'm very fond of smooth shaven bodies...male and female...but I kind of like when there's a little peachfuzz on his balls!!!! I love how it tickles my chin as he slides in and out of my wife!!!

Alright With This

He looked at her....she was so ready for him.....on all fours...her arousal obvious....the scent of her filling the tent.....Rex wanted her so badly!!!!
But when he turned his head he saw her husband watching.....and although they had both assured him they were alright with this he couldn't bring himself to take her....he wanted to...but those eyes was too much for him!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


"Your wife's mouth is fantastic hot and wet....she thrills me when she sucks my cock like this....I almost want to cum in her mouth but then I'd have to wait to feel the soft wet velvet of her you know what I mean Sissy? Surely you were once man enough to sample these treasures!!! Before the lingerie....before the dresses and must have felt these things once!!!!"
He was right....once she took me in her mouth and I came almost immediately....
I have lasted long enough to be inside her on several occasions....long enough to realize that she couldn't feel me at all when I did manage to last that long!!!!
I nodded at him and he seemed happy....maybe because she was sucking his cock or maybe he was happy for me....I'll never know!!!

The Look

Have you ever seen the look in a mans eyes as you're about to suck his cock? It's desire. lust, joy, need, pleading and demanding and so much more all at once!!!! I love this moment right before I begin almost as much as I love the moment right after!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Special Panties

"You know I haven't said anything about you borrowing my panties....I figured it was just one of those teenage boy things.....but now you've gone too far!!!! Borrowing my panties is one thing, but jerking off into them and putting them back in my drawer, full of your cum....well that's taking things to another level altogether!!!!"
"I'm sorry Sis....I'll never do it again....give them to me and I'll wash them out for you!!!!"
"Too late little Bro, I put them on before I noticed....but it felt kind of nice....when I get home from school we'll see what we're going to do about this!!!"
"I'll do anything you say Sis!"
"I know you will....I have a lot to think about today!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You might think that she's an unhappy might think that the ManCandy left her disappointed in some might think that she wasn't feeling that glow...that warmth spreading through her as the creamy delight made it's way to her might think that but you'd be wrong!!!! The vast majority of ManCandy users are only disappointed when they realize they don't have time for a second serving!!!!
ManCandy!!!! No need to can always get more's available just about everywhere!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016


As I felt him sliding deeper into my mouth I realized it wasn't was her pushing ....she wanted me to take it all....I didn't know if I could but I would try my best...for her!!!!

Late Saturday Night

She brought home a new "friend" and he had only one thing on his mind!!!! I waited patiently as he drove his big cock into her....her moans of pleasure made me want to stroke myself so badly....but the cage was still there....

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Matinee - One Wish

"Who are you??? What happened to Tom Stuart???"
"It's me least that used to be me!!!"
"Tom? No it can't be real!!!! How....Why!!!!"
"You remember that little statuette I found on our last dig? Remember I told you it was different!!! I combed through the archaeological journals and I finally found a mention of it in an ancient Sumerian was considered would grant one wish....the Sumerians thought it was so dangerous that they hid it away....and there it stayed until we found it!!!"
"Can it be real??? Tom, this was your wish? Why....why would you want to be a woman???"
"I've always wanted to be a woman was my was what I wanted more than anything....and look....don't you think I'm beautiful?"
"Yes...." Steve gulped as he said it...the reality of it all crashing in on him!!!!
"I want you to have it granted my wish and it won't work for me again...take it....use your wish to be what you desire most in the fulfill your deepest darkest desire....go ahead deserve it just as much as I did!!!"
With shaking hands Steve reached for the small statuette...the brass monkey....and his wish...his darkest deepest wish  formed in his mind and suddenly he felt a strange sensation and then the world changed!!!
Tom watched while his dearest friend made his wish and it seemed as though he had simply vanished but looking closer he found the prettiest pair of panties he had ever seen!!!
"Really, if that's what he wanted then who am I to judge?" Tom said as he slid them on!!!
He thought he could hear a sigh as he snugged them up against his new body!!!!
He picked up the brass monkey from where it had fallen and put it in a drawer...he would share it again but for now....he stripped off all his clothes....except for his panties...and enjoyed his new body!!!!

Her Date Night

Sissy was almost as excited as his beautiful wife as he helped her dress for her date!!!

Friday, April 22, 2016


Always ask for the details.....
She'd had a hard day at work and when she came home she told her husband that all she wanted to do was slip on her favorite jeans, have a couple of beers and fuck for hours!!!
As I said before.....always ask for details before you agree to anything....although in this case it was what they both really needed!!!!

Envious Love

It's funny how I can envy her breasts and love them at the same time!!!!
But I do envy them....god they're beautiful and every time I put on a bra I so wish I had a pair just like them!!!!
And I do love them and I would spend hours kissing and sucking her pretty hard nipples and consider myself lucky to do so!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life Is Good

A pretty bow in my hair and a great big cock in my mouth....and best of all....a wife who loves to see me this way!!!! Life is good!!!!

Bedroom Humiliation

"Go ahead a striptease for me!"
He wanted me to strip for him!!!! He wanted me to dance like a sexy stripper!!!
I glanced at my wife who only nodded at me as her hand moved between her legs, rubbing herself through her pretty panties, already so wet that I could see from here!!!!
"I'm waiting Sissy!"
Slowly I began to move and sway to music only I could hear.....I tried my best to be seductive.....I tried my best to be a slutty stripper for must have worked because I could see the bulge in his pants!!!!
Please, I silently pleaded, I'm so embarrassed.....I'd be so much happier if he would just ask me to suck his cock.....but instead I wiggled my ass and peeled off my clothes....acting like a slut...for face burning red with the humiliation and my clitty trying it's best to grow in it's little cage!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You Asked For It

"When I was fucking you last night you kept moaning about how much you loved my big black you wanted a big black cock inside I invited LeShawn over to give you the big black cock you said you wanted so much.....You do want his big black cock, don't you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"I knew you're such a sissy slut!!!"


Every time she watched you move she saw the look in your eye.....the plug she had slipped into you this morning was the biggest one yet and she got a little thrill just thinking about it!!!! You would definitely be ready for her new strap-on tonight!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not The Only One

"Well certainly looks like the cactus isn't the only thing here that would give me a little prick that I wouldn't enjoy!!!!"

Sissy Wished

Sissy wished with all her heart that she had put her contacts in before she followed her wife's orders to walk slowly to the end of the hall and then back!!!! Was this the room...there was no way for her to tell....the numbers were just a blur!!!! Taking a deep breath Sissy said a little prayer and knocked on the door....

Monday, April 18, 2016

As Soon As You Finish

"Oh that's so hot Sissy!!!! He sent me a dick pic!!! This small screen really doesn't do it justice!!!! Did I tell you how big he was Sissy!"
"Yes told me....he's five times bigger than me!!!"
"Well almost every man is bigger than you my sweet sissy hubby!!!"
"I know Sweetheart!"
"Would you like to see the picture of his magnificent cock Sissy?"
"Yes Sweetheart....I'd like to see it very much!!!"
"Well if you do a good job on my toes I might let you see it for a second!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Man can't live on ManCandy alone! You must remember to eat a balanced diet and make sure you get lots of fruit and vegetables!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Add some fruit and it's perfect for a healthy breakfast!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Boys Day Out

I should have been more suspicious, especially after the way the "Boys Night Out" she had suggested had turned out!
But it sounded so good....a day out with the boys at an exclusive tennis club....with lessons from the pro's and all the equipment we would need supplied by the club!!! A day out with the boys....some healthy exercise....a few sounded too good to pass up!!!
Eventually I agreed and as I suspected her idea of a "Boys Day Out" was very different than what I expected!!!!

Where He Was

The team had discovered that he was a cocksucking sissy!!!! They held him down as they made him suck their big black cocks and as each one came in his mouth he became more and more aroused!!!
He was sucking was what he wanted to do more than anything....he welcomed them into his mouth....he was about to cum just from having that big black cock in his mouth.....
That's when she walked in.....he had some explaining to do......

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Payback

It had been him all along....he had arranged his kidnapping! He had ordered the torture that almost broke his body, mind and soul!!!! He had ordered the transformative surgeries!!! He had ordered the weeks of deep and intense hypnosis that had buried him under a personality that was not his own!!! He had used this body for his sick and perverse pleasures!!!!
But his mind was his own again now....he had no idea what broke the hypnotic spell he had been under but the last few years of memories filled him with horror and revulsion!!!!
He was no longer Alexander Parker....for the last few years he had been Sandra Parker....a woman treated as less than a whore by the evil bastard that did this to her....
She could hear the footsteps coming up the stairs and his rough voice calling to tell her he was home and he wanted....oh my god he wanted her "On your knees and ready!"
That was okay, she would be waiting....just as he asked....and when the time was right she was going to show him what it was like to be robbed of his manhood.....and she would laugh as she watched him writhe in pain and recoil in horror as she used the scissors to make sure it was permanent!!!!
His goons would probably kill her but it would be worth it to see his face as she made that first cut!!!

Close Up

I love when she and her lover allow me to's even better when they allow me to get a real close up look.....and I'm right on the spot to clean up after.....and I really love cleaning up after!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

I'll Be Late Sissy

"I'll be late go ahead and eat without me but save room for a special dessert I'm bringing!!!"
"I hope it will still be warm Sweetheart?"
"Ohhhhh.....oh yeah'll be just like you like it!!!!"
"Okay Honey!!!! You have fun.....I can't wait to see you!!!!"

Special Panties

"It's funny....the last time I was here to visit I lost a pair of panties just like these.....imagine my surprise when I found them under your have something you want to tell me or should I just tell your parents??? I'm sure they would love to hear about how you stole a pair of my panties and have been jerking off in them for weeks now!!!"
"We have a lot to talk about.....I'll be doing most of the talking because you're going to have these panties in your mouth and you're going to do your best to suck all your nasty dried cum out of them!!!"
"You can't....!"
"Oh yes I wide Sissy....we're about to become a lot more than just cousins!!!"

Thursday, April 14, 2016

What's Wrong With This Picture

What's wrong with this picture???
Not one damn thing!!!!

Not Like This

I swear.....I'm never going to get their breakfast finished on time if my wife's lover doesn't finish soon....but the spanking she gives me for burning her toast will most definitely be worth it!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

They Call It a Blow Job

They call it a blow job but it's not a job really is it? A job means it's work and it's not work if you love what you do!!!!

Not Yet

As I turned to leave our....her bedroom his strong hand caught me and pulled me back....
"You're not done yet Sissy....You're staying right here....I might need you soon!"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Come to Bed

"Stop what you're doing....put this nightie on and come to bed....I need to cum....right now Sissy!!!"


"Dude you guys are hardcore!!!! We dress our pledges up as chicks too but that's really as far as we take it!!!!"
"And that's why you guys are Beta's and we're Alpha's we always take it to the next level!!!"
"But doesn't that mean you're all a bunch of cocksuckers?"
"Dude we never accept the ones that suck...we only take the ones that refuse!!!! We send the cocksuckers to pledge your frat!!!!"

Monday, April 11, 2016

Once He Heard

Once her lover learned that I had studied ballet back in high school he decided to live out his fantasy of fucking the prima ballerina!!!!
I also had a fantasy about the prima ballerina.....I wanted to be her so badly!!!!
At least now.....for once in my life.....until he came inside me....I was the ballerina we both dreamed of!!!!

Monday ManCandy

The generous wife always makes sure to bring home the healthy snack her sissy husband craves!!! And the really generous wife always finds a way to keep it nice and warm!!!
ManCandy!!! Delicious fresh...delicious reheated!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Look At Those Legs

Sissy posed in front of the mirror in the short gray dress....look at those legs he thought....just beautiful...look at that body....oh how I wish I could share this with....her!!!!!
He saw her come in the door behind him and he suddenly realized that he would be sharing this with her right now.....whether either of them was ready or not!!!!!

My Panty Fetish

She doesn't mind my panty fetish at fact sometimes she enjoys it just as much as I do!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Lonesome Lake

He had guessed right!!!! She was here again!!! He marveled at her beauty....her innocence....she swam in all her natural glory in the lake....he had never seen a woman like this....naked and bold and unashamed to enjoy herself as she laughed at whatever private joke she was thinking!!!!!
He returned now, day after day, to watch her.....
Who was she he wondered. She wasn't one of the settler women....he knew all of them....good god-fearing sturdy women....aged beyond their years by arduous work and childbirth!!!
She also wasn't one of the swarthy red natives....they shunned this place and had warned him against exploring this area but he was so glad he had ignored them as she climbed out of the water and displayed all of her feminine charms to his hungry eyes!!!!
He watched her until she moved into the denser brush and as he waited to see her emerge he noticed the man!!!!
He was one of the men from the settlement....he hurried away back in that direction....another admirer he thought.....I'll get him alone and find out what he knows!!!!
The next day he pulled the man aside, he hadn't realized how small a man he was from a distance....but close up like this he realized he could intimidate the man very easily!!!!
"Who is she?" he demanded!
"Who do you mean Sir?"
"You know damned well who I mean....the girl in the lake...I saw that you were there too!!!! Tell me who she is for she has inflamed my passions beyond all bounds!!!"
"Do you want her Sir? As your wife or just as your conquest? Would you take her into your house or would you use her and discard her as a whore?"
"Well of course I could never take such a woman into my house but she seems like she would welcome my attentions....a girl like that probably would welcome anyone's attention....after all she frolics in only her natural beauty for anyone to see.....she must have only the loosest of moral standards!"
The little man sighed....
"I can bring her to you if that is what you truly wish?"
"Yes I want to have her!!!"
Together they walked the new trail to the lake....on arrival he was shocked as the little man removed his clothing!!!!
"Just watch!" he said as he waded into the still blue waters.
Slowly a glow appeared around him and he became the all her naked glory!!!!
"What devilry is this!!!! It's witchcraft!!!!" he shrieked!!!!
""Nonsense" the girl replied in a voice as sweet as honey, "It's magic all right but it's good magic!!! The magic of the lake!
"But how...why...."
"Ask no questions my love....come join me and show m show you will treat a girl like me....come use me as your whore, for that is how you think of you said I welcome your attentions!"
He tore off his clothes and ran into the cold water and as he reached her he felt something happening to was an odd feeling ....not pain but discomfort....and as it subsided he realized that the magic of the lake had worked on him as well for he now found he had an ample bosom and a woman's body in full!!!!
"What have you done to me?" He shouted!!!!
The beautiful girl reached to him and kissed him tenderly.....
"You make a very comely woman!" she said "It's a shame I can't keep you for myself!!!! Goodbye....I'll always remember you!!!"
He felt something stir in the water as the girl stepped away!!! For a moment he saw it.....something that rose up from under the water...something that rose up from some primordial defied was ancient evil.....and before he could even utter a scream it had swallowed him whole!!!!
Turning toward the girl, it's yellow eyes's voice boomed at her!!!!
"I'm sorry my lord....I tried to stop him...."
"I'll try harder my lord!!!"
"ALRIGHT!" the beasts voice boomed as he began to slip under water, "SEE THAT YOU DO....NOW I'LL TAKE A NAP....I ALWAYS LIKE TO REST AFTER A MEAL!!!"
"Yes my lord!!!!"

See How Nice

"Look in the mirror Sissy....see how nice you look with a big black cock in your mouth!!!! I think tomorrow we'll invite Ty and Dewayne over and you'll see how much better it is for real!!!"

Friday, April 8, 2016

Repeat it To Me Sissy

"So you understand your instructions for my party tonight Sissy?"
"Yes, I think so Ma'am!"
"Tell me your duties then, Sissy"
"I will suck the men and lick the women as requested!!!"
"Very good Sissy.....and what else?"
"I will make myself available should any of your guests wish to fuck my sissy pussy....I will have lube and tissues with me at all times to ease their entry and clean up after!"
"Very good Sissy!!!!"
Sissy blushed at the complement just as the doorbell was showtime!!!!

I Don't Care

"I don't care Sissy....I'm tired of looking up your many times have I told you that a proper girl keeps her knees together!!!!! The next time I see your panties I'm going to put you over my knee and make you understand the hard way!!!!"

Thursday, April 7, 2016

She Made Her Point

She used her hairbrush to make her point and then she hammered it home!!!! It was just another way to help sissy to remember her place in their relationship!!!!

New Shoes

When Mr. Tanaka said he needed new shoes his staff jumped into action....not only was he the richest, most powerful man in Japan but he had fantastic legs too!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


"Oh Sissy you've always had the cutest ass, it's one of the first things that caught my attention when we met!"
"I'm just lucky I guess!"
"No we're both lucky Sissy....god you're so cute I just have to fuck and get my strap-on Sissy! Hurry!!!"
"Which one?"
"Your choice you want the thin red one or the big black one?"
"I'd prefer the...."
"I'm sorry Sissy, I didn't hear you....which cock do you want me to fuck you with?"
"I'd like one..."
"I knew you would Sissy....go fetch Sampson...I can't wait to hear you squeal!!!!"

My Way

"Kaaren!!!! That's not how you revive a drowning victim!!!!"
"You revive him your way and I'll revive him my way!!!"