Friday, March 31, 2017

What You Can

A good sissy cuckold offers her pleasure any way he can as she enjoys her let's her know I'm still there and...god I love sucking her toes.....if that's all I get from this tonight I'd still be satisfied....not as much as him....but just enough for me!!!

Growing Together

I always knew I needed it....somewhere in the back of my mind....I knew that it was what I wanted....needed....deserved....make of that what you will....blame it on whatever you like....but I knew when the time came for a paddling....I really deserved it!!!!
On the other hand she had to grow into the role of disciplinarian....she loved me and never dreamed of hurting me....but once she understood that not punishing me hurt me more than the paddle ever could, she became much more.....enthusiastic....when it came to correcting me.....soon she was looking for excuses to use the paddle....and I was more than willing to give her reasons to bend me over.........

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Movie Night

I loved movie night....I would wear something pretty and make popcorn...and it would just be me and her....and her lover.....

As I Left

I grabbed my bra as I left the job here was done.....he was hard and in her hands to use however she liked!!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Options - Sissy Training

Options are important as you train your Sissy to be obedient!
These two were offered the option to lick and suck each others little clits until they shot their sissy cream in each others mouth or be fucked by their wives big cocks and they chose to take the cocks!!!!
However the option they were offered was really which one did they want to do first!!!


I've always been fascinated watching her pretty little pussy spread open to take those big cocks she loves so much!!! It just amazes me!!!! But even as I marvel at how she can take those big cocks I realize that even before she put me in chastity she probably couldn't feel me!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Critical Eye

She always watched as I sucked her lover's balls.....she would offer her opinions on my technique.....and she would offer her own suggestions....and when I had him at the peak of excitement she would take him away from me....I would watch that hard cock fucking her....that hard cock that I could still taste....soon I would taste his sweet cum....the sissy's reward....and then maybe I could suck him again!!!!


"Put your lipstick on thick Sissy because you're going to leave some on every cock you suck today!!! I'm having a lot of guests today and I expect you to accommodate them like I've taught you!!! Be a good cocksucker today and I might let you cum soon!"

Monday, March 27, 2017


She was moaning constantly now as the big black cock stretched her sweet little pussy wider than I ever could!!! Her face showed pleasure and pain as that monster cock fucked her senseless!!!
I was moaning too.....maybe in anticipation....her lover had winked at me as I knelt by the bed....
"You next Sissy!" he said.
God I was terrified....but I wanted it so badly!!

Monday ManCandy

There are so many reasons to be unhappy on a Monday morning!!!!
After a relaxing weekend you have to get up so get go to resume the daily grind....with next weekend so far away....
So little to be happy about....but then it all turns matter how gray and dismal your Monday morning is there's something that can make it feel like the sun is shining right on you!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It will put a smile on your face!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017


The wives applauded as, one by one, their husbands pulled up their ridiculously short skirts to reveal their pretty panties!!! They would have them do this again when the real men arrived!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend at Home

"Damn it Sissy....sometimes I wish I could keep you here and send your wife to that school of yours!!! I can fuck you anytime I like and you always thank me...but your wife only fucks me when she wants....."
"Oh well no point in talking about it is come here and let me have some of that sweet Sissy pussy before you leave to go back!!!"

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Fires of Youth

"But Tommy I'm just not sure I can....."
" know I'm shipping out tomorrow.....I may never come back....this might be our only chance!!!?
"'s just wrong...."
"How could it be wrong Sweetheart? We've already been through so much together....all I want is something sweet to remember you by until I come home.....if I come home...."
"But Tommy....this is all so much for me....I just don't know...."
"C'mon know I love you don't you.....I just need a little something so I know you love me too....just something I can remember in the long cold days ahead!!!"
"But you're only reporting to Fort Hood in'll only be thirty miles away!!!!"
"Yes but how many times will we have this many times will your family be many times can you wear your sister's clothes like this....Billy....I'd get down on my knees and beg you if it's what you need!!!!"
"No Tommy....I're always......if either of us was getting on our knees I guess it should be me...."
"Oh yes Sweet little thing...."
"But promise me one thing!"
"Anything Baby!!!!"
"Don't get anything on her clothes....I have to put these back where I got them before she gets home!!!"
"No problem Baby!!!"

Just Us

"Why don't you slip on your nightie and join us Sissy....after all it's just us girls here!!!"

Friday, March 24, 2017

No Matter

No matter how well I sucked his cock he only had eyes for my beautiful wife....I couldn't blame him.....I'd love to fuck her too....but I'm just a sissy cocksucker  and he's a man!!!


He heard his wife and her friends talking and laughing as they sat around the table having coffee. He gritted his teeth and tried to hold on but soon he would burst.
Slowly he made his way into the kitchen and peeking around the corner he tried to get his wife's attention without alerting the others!
Making eye contact he tried to silently mouth his plea to her and she nodded discretely. He breathed a sigh, but not of relief, he had no relief yet!!!
"Excuse me," his wife said to her friends, "My husband needs me for a moment..."
Thank god......he could barely hold it now...
"Honey," she called out, "Come in here and tell me what you need!"
"No....ummmm.....never mind!" the pressure in his bladder was immense now!!!
"Nonsense, come in and tell me what you need right now!"
He recognized that tone in her voice and slowly walked into the kitchen....
Blushing and looking only at his feet he asked, "Could you please pull my panties down so I can go to the bathroom?"
The ladies all burst out laughing as he cringed with embarrassment....
"Do you need to make pee-pee Sweetie?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Excuse me ladies, let me take care of this before he wets those pretty panties, they're new and he looks so pretty in them!"
She led him to the bathroom and as he sat to pee he saw several of the ladies gathered to watch!!!
"I think he'd look prettier if you got rid of all that nasty hair!" one of them said.
"Oh yes," said another, "I quite agree!"
"Well." his wife said, "then if you all want to help lets do'll be fun!"
He wished he could flush himself away as the ladies all circled around him....

Thursday, March 23, 2017


There is nothing better for a Sissy than putting on something pretty, getting down on your knees and sucking a mans cock till he fills your mouth with his sweet cum....the only way this could be better is if you do it while your wife watches and encourages you!!!

The Shower

I heard the shower as I prepared myself for the coming day!
My uniform was just right and so was my makeup and hair....
I looked at the clock and realized that it had to be her lover, his name escapes me at the moment, she was never up this early!
As if on cue I heard the shower turn off and a few minutes later he walked into my Sissy Maid Bedroom sporting a wonderful hard cock....
"I knew you were up Sissy, I hope you don't see your wife is still asleep and I really don't want to wake her...."
"That's very thoughtful....I'd be thrilled to help you with that!"

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

TV Guide - The Nightly News

Earlier today there was an incident in the city where an as yet unidentified sissy was caught in a crossfire between two unidentified men!!!
In an exclusive report our reporter asked the sissy what it was like to be the target of two men at once....the only answer we got was "It was like heaven!"
Now to the weather....

So Simple....So Clear

Get down on your knees Baby....put it in your know you need it...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break

The twins were thrilled when Mike came home for Spring Break....they couldn't wait to show their brother all they had learned....

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Analyst is Not Available

When I arrived at my analysts office I was surprised to find it empty except for her receptionist.Usually there were a few other people there for Dr. Mentia's particular brand of fetish therapy....
On my last visit I found that Dr. Mentia was interested in some deep research into the many, many, fetishes that I have developed over the years and I wanted to discuss some new ones with her!!!
Her receptionist smiled at me and explained that Dr, Mentia was on sabbatical now and there was no definite date when she would return....
I told her that I understood, and thought about maybe finding another analyst even though I was so happy here.
As I turned to leave the receptionist called me back....
"Kaaren I meant to tell you that I've been left specific instructions if you should come in....let me just go through my notes....oh here it is....I'm supposed to ask you to lick me and afterwards find out what you felt about it!!!"
"Lick you????"
"That's what Dr. Dee said!"
"Lick you where?"
Let's start with my pussy and we'll see how it's all for your own good after all!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday ManCandy

"Oh my, this looks serious!"
"What is it Doctor?!?!?!?"
"I'm afraid you have no coating on your tongue at are wide open to infections of every kind!!!"
"Oh my god!!!! What shall I do???"
"Just relax.....I can treat that condition right here in the'll need boosters twice a week though!"
"Oh thank you Doctor and thank heavens for modern medicine!!!"
"Yes....of open wide and stick out your tongue and I'll see what I can do...."
ManCandy!!!! listen to your Doctor....he knows what you need!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


If she was going to allow me to suck her date's cock then she liked for us to make the proper entrance!!! She wanted me to be dressed really and makeup perfect....and then she would walk me in while she wore almost nothing!!!!
As I got on my knees he would barely notice me until he was in my mouth!!!

So Much

She paused at the door to watch her sissy husband fluffing her date.....
She suddenly realized that he was more woman than man now.....his obvious joy at having that cock in his mouth proved to her that she had been right.....she had wanted to marry a sissy.....a man who could be her husband and her girlfriend at the same time....a man who loved big cocks as much as she did....and he was her guy!!!!
It made her a little wet.....he could take care of it later....for now she would just watch for a little while longer....

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Matinee - A Flip of the Coin

He had waited for years before the Time Travel Review Board (TTRB) had approved his application to take one of the Blank Past humans to be his wife!
The TTRB had pre-selected a group of humans whose disappearance in the past would have no effect on history and after approval you could select any one of them...
There was one little problem.....the list didn't identify the "Blankies" by anything other than a numerical time coordinate from which they could be removed and brought forward to their new life!!!
It was just luck really....a flip of the coin....when the TTRB Retrieval Chamber door opened you'd see what manner of "Blankie" you had gotten!
The fact that he had brought a male through time was just a bit of inconvenience and would delay his plans by a few hours but it wasn't the first time....a short time in the DNA Reconstruction Chamber (DNARC) and his brides body would be exactly what he desired....
It was the "Blankie's" mind that would take a little longer...usually the shock of the Time Jump would be enough to leave them in a more or less, catatonic state.....but ideally the new arrival would have it's new identity imprinted within a few hours....

Harry Pendleton was no one special, just an average guy but he imagined so many things...he knew he should write them down and maybe submit the stories to one of the magazines....
Finally  one night he sat at his typewriter and wrote out one of the stories he'd rolled over and over in his mind.....Time travel to the a world so different it might as well be an alien planet.....where people are kidnapped into the future and used against their will....
In the morning he put a stamp on the envelope and mailed it to the editor at "Amazing Stories"....When the letter arrived to tell him they'd accepted his story for publication his landlady sent it back marked...."Not at this address....Left no forwarding address!"

No one remembered Harry Pendleton but he found out that if you can imagine it today then some day it would come true and in the last moments before his new female persona was imprinted on his brain he was actually happier than he had ever been!!!

Even Now

Even now....even like this...she tells me not to cum....I could disobey so easily....I know I'd be punished....I don't mind the fact I kind of enjoy it....but I won't cum....because if I did that would disappoint her and I never want to do that!!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017


All the while, as he squealed like the little Sissy he was, all she could think about was serving his family dinner on this table in a few hours....she'd be picturing it as they ate and so would her new Sissy husband!!!!

What Do I Want

I caught the Leprechaun fair and square and I was going to claim his pot of gold when he offered me three wishes instead!!!
Well I figured that with three wishes I could do much better than a lousy little pot of gold!!!
"So what is it that will make you happy Sissy? What do you want first?"
"Well it is St Patrick's Day so how about a sex toy that satisfies all my desires, something green in honor of the day!"
"Why that'd be no trouble at all, at all!!! With just a snap of my fingers!!!!" SNAP "There you go Sissy....that should take care of just about all your desires!!!"
I looked at my "toy". all in green and waiting for me....and looking so ready to play!!!
"What else might you be wanting Sissy, you have two more wishes to go?"
"Oh....ummm....I'll get back to you later...there's a couple of things I want to do now!?"
"Suit yourself....I'll wait over here by the liquor cabinet!!!"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

No Fluffing Required

She smiled as she buckled the gag into place!!!
"There will be no fluffing required tonight Sissy.....I just want you to sit here quietly and watch.....he's got 11 inches Sissy and it's all for me!!! Do you want to see it Sissy? Do you want to see that big hard cock fuck me? Do you really want to see him make me cum?"
I looked into her beautiful eyes and nodded.....the gag felt tighter and so did the cage as she began to tell me how much she wanted to fuck him....
It was just wonderful!!!!

I Know I Shouldn't

I know I shouldn't steal their panties....but the laundry hamper is right there and old habits are so hard to break!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Two Hours Ago

Two hours ago he thought he was the luckiest guy in the bar!!!! Now Tony was eying the woman who was going to turn him into Sissy Tonya....he couldn't wait!!!!

All There

They were all there, every female family member, every girl I'd ever dated, every woman I'd ever worked with.....
They laughed so hard when I was standing in front of them dressed in nothing but frilly white satin little cockette so hard but still barely poking out....
They pointed and laughed at me so hard as I tried to turn away but strong hands kept me there....
They hooted and hollered as the naked man was brought out.....and the laughter and comments just got louder as I bent over to suck his cock.....I wished I could just disappear.....but I couldn't stop sucking be honest I didn't even try.....
Their shouts of derision slowly turned to shouts of encouragement as they began to chant...."Make him cum....Make him cum...."
Over and over....."Make him cum....Make him cum...."
And I sucked harder and deeper....I took him into my mouth until my nose was pressed against his pelvis.....I wanted him to I could show them I could show them what a Sissy I was.....

My wife shook me....
" were were thrashing and moaning.....are you OK"
" was a strange dream...."
"Was it a bad dream?"
"I'm not sure....I kind of liked it!!!"
"OK Sweetie...go back to sleep"
I closed my eyes and hoped I could return to the dream....I still wanted my mouthful!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Temporarily A Man

She said she was going to suck my cock.....not my clitty....she actually said she was going to suck my COCK!!!!!
My masculine ego came roaring back as I thought of how it would be.....with her kneeling in front of me as she took me in her mouth, she had done it so many times but that was so long ago.....
Then she smiled and told me that after she got my cock wet she was going to climb on top of me and fuck me....she wanted my cock inside her!!!!
She wanted my COCK INSIDE HER!!!! God I was feeling like a stud!!!!

My masculinity was short lived as she pulled out the big strap-on and fitted it on me, above my little useless caged clit!!!
She bent down and cupped my balls as she sucked and licked the big latex cock!!!
I could only groan as I watched her suck "my" cock and when she climbed on and settled her sweet pussy on "my" hard cock, she rode me to orgasm after orgasm!!!

When she finished with me she rolled over and went to sleep leaving me with a wet strap on covered in her wasn't long before I had pulled it loose and fell asleep myself with the taste of her in my mouth!!!!

Wake Up

He asked me to wake him before 6am if possible but she doesn't get up until 7....
So how does one wake up the man in your wife's bed without waking her too?
I think we all know the answer to that don't we....and the best part is....this isn't fluffing....this is all for me!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017


Some people say there's a lack of progress these days but I can tell you for a fact that that's not true!!!
When she first got the machine I could take a six inch cock for five minutes!!!!
Now I happily take her ten inch cock for half an hour and I'm looking forward to the foot long one for an hour or more.....
Of course I have to lick up all the cum that drips from my caged clitty but really....that only makes it better!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You know those Monday morning blues so well....get up do your regular Monday thing....why even your morning treat can get a little dull, I know it's hard to believe but it's true!!! What you need is something a little different....sometimes you need to give more than you need to receive!!! Of course making sure the man in your life has what he needs is enough to warm your can warm your tummy later!!!
ManCandy!!! If you've got it....share begins at home!!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sissy School - A Visit Home

"You are a fantastic little piece of ass Kaaren and if it was up to me, your wife would let you come home and I could be using you all the time....but she's been unhappy since you got here....I just don't have enough to take care of both of you and she wants me all to it's back to school for you!!!"
"I understand.....just fuck me now.....I'll be back home in the spring...."
"They've really made you into a sissy slut haven't they?"
"No they just made me see that I was born this way!!!!"

Young Billy Was Not Happy

"But Auntie.... I don't want to wear a bra....bras are for girls!!!"
"Nonsense Billy, look at how well it fits you....why it even matches your slip and panties....yes it's almost as if this bra was made just for you!!!"
"But Auntie....I'm not a girl....."
"Well you said that bras are only for girls didn't you?"
"Yes Auntie....only girls wear bras!!!!"
"Yet here you are in pretty pink panties and a lacy pink half-slip and a lovely bra and so if only girls wear bras what does that make you?"
"I don't....I...."
"Why of course by your own logic then Billy.....if only girls wear bras.....and you're wearing a bra....then you must be my sweet little let's hurry and pick a pretty dress for you....our guests should be here soon!!!"
"'ve gotten me all confused...."
"Don't worry just listen to me and you'll be a very happy young lady!!!"

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Bride of the Monster

"But why? Why have you done this to me?!?!?"
"But you are so much prettier now my dear...."
"If you wanted a woman why didn't you take one  of them instead of killing them!!!! We meant you no harm.....we were just on our way to....."
"It doesn't matter my are exactly what I was looking for!!!"
"But I'm a man.....why would you make me look like a woman???? Why???"
" were a you will be the perfect Bride for Jontu!!! Oh yes I made your transformation very specific for what I needed!!!"
"Listen Jontu....I'll never be your Bride....I'll get out of these straps and I'll kill you...."
" dear....I'm not Jontu....that's Jontu." he pointed to the huge slobbering beast chained in the corner.
"But that's not human.....I can't be a bride to....oh my god you can't possibly be thinking of that thing....and me...."
"You see my dear, the human female's skeletal structure couldn't withstand mating with I needed a male.....but mating Jontu with a male wouldn't be natural so I had to put a female form onto a male skeleton....and here you are.....tonight you will be his Bride and maybe the mother of a new species, isn't that exciting?!?!?"
"Never!!!!" I'll never!!!!" his screams didn't stop the madman from rolling him into the beasts pen!!!

Good Manners

It really is just good manners to clean her lover first....and she insists on good manners at all times!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Small Town Girls - New Horizons

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
They had learned so much together but they still had so much to learn!!!! When Tammy called and told Joanie that she had to come right away she had dropped everything and rushed to her dearest friends house!!!!
She hadn't expected this!!!!
He was so hard and Tammy's lips looked so pretty as they stretched around him.....Joanie couldn't wait to try him herself.....her little clit was hard in her pretty panties that she hoped it would wait until she had that beautiful thing in her mouth!!!!


"Oh look Sissy....isn't that the pub you used to go to before we were married?  Oh let's stop in and have a drink.....who knows....maybe some of your old friends are there.....wouldn't it be nice to get together and talk over old times?"
"And you look so pretty too....I'm sure you'll get everyone's attention as soon as we walk in!!!!"
I was sure too.....painfully aware of my short dress and petticoats....I walked into my old bachelor haunt....and wished I could fall through the floor as the buzz of conversation slowed, then stopped!!!!
"Bartender!" my wife called out, "Drinks for the bar, on us and I'll have a beer and my sweet little husband will have a Shirley Temple....with a cherry please!"
I just wanted to die right there and then....humiliated and embarrassed, I sipped my drink as she got to know all my old friends!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Had Enough

She had pleaded and argued.....
She had reasoned and threatened....
Now she had had enough!!!!
Obviously he had some kind of oral fixation that made him want to she was going to give him something else to suck on instead of those dirty smelly cigarettes!!!
Maybe some day she'd quit too!!!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Vacation Notes

I recently returned from a wonderful road trip/vacation with my beautiful wife and it was so much fun....we put about 4000 miles on the car but it didn't seem that long.....hitting the cruise control to keep us at a nice steady 80mph so I didn't have to keep my heels on the pedal was wonderful....
Driving long distances can be tedious and even with cruise control my legs get tired, I'm far more used to kneeling than sitting for extended periods!!!
That's why we took frequent breaks at the rest stops along the highways as we traveled....she seemed to always need to go to the ladies room and as for me...I liked to get a snack!!!
I found it was best to eat light while on the road and these high protein snacks were just what I needed!!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hard To Say

Given the circumstances it was hard to say "Hello" when she came home early that day!!!

Some Mornings

Some mornings she wakes up and all she wants to do is fuck! Maybe she had sex dreams all night or maybe she's just horny!!! But she needs what she needs and as her dutiful Sissy maid it is always my place to make sure she has what she wants!!!
I may be walking a little wobbly for a few hours but she leaves for work with a smile on her face!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Concept

So let me see if I understand this correctly....
You work it with your hand until it rises....
Then you put it in your mouth to get your creamy reward....
Ummmm....yeah I think I have a pretty firm grasp on the concept!!!!

Monday ManCandy

What can you say about it that hasn't been's so good that words almost can't describe it!!! Warm, smooth, creamy and a little salty it's a healthy alternative to your preservative filled diet! All natural, tastes so good and is so good for you too!!!
ManCandy!!! Fit for a King!!!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

You Will

She knows.....
She knows that you will....
She knows that you will open wide and take that cock in your mouth....
She knows it's what you want.....
She knows it's what she wants too....
She has waited as long as she can....
She wants you to suck that cock now!!!
And you know that you want it too!!!