Friday, November 30, 2018


"Oh Sissy, there are so many corrections this week I can't even list them'll just have to take my word for it that you deserve all of what you're about to get!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....I understand!!!!"

Small Town Girls - No Need To Rush

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
They tried so hard to be regular boys but the simple fact was that as soon as they were alone they rushed into their sister's wardrobe and picked out something sexy!!!!
They looked at each other in their dresses.....and they wanted to sample the delights under each others skirts....but they had hours tonight....there was no rush....they could take their time and just enjoy being girls!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

It's Just Too Much

I have come home and found her with men...
I have come home and found her with women....
I have come home and found her with men and women together....
As her Sissy husband I enjoy seeing her get pleasure that I can't offer....
But I do draw the line at the goddamned Panda's!!!!
It''s just too much.....
All I hear about is how cute they cuddly they look....well you tell me how cute they are when they've got their goddamned pandadick inside your wife !!!

How Far I've Come

Sometimes I pause and think about how far I've come from that boy sneaking peeks into girls panty drawers....OK being honest I peeked into their Moms panty drawers too....and now I have my own and it's full of my own panty's and bra's and I wonder if anyone is peeking into mine!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hump Day

You've made it to Hump Day, congratulations you're halfway over and things are starting to look up!!!

Just A Dream

It was just another day at the office as he waited for the elevator to reach his floor...
He watched the floor numbers blink by as he quietly dreaded the rest of the day....
He hated these clothes and he would surely have gone mad if it wasn't for the silky underthings he wore every day under his suit!!!!
Reaching his floor, the doors slid open and he found himself alone on the catwalk....he strutted as the applause began...the cameras flashing and the shouts made him shiver with joy....this was who he really was....this was the life he dreamed of!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Cuckolds Life

While his big cock stretches her beyond anything I could achieve, she gasps and cums over and over.....and all the while he's looking right at me with a huge grin on his face....maybe it's because he enjoys fucking my wife while I kneel and watch  or maybe he's anticipating watching me lick his huge load from her ruined pussy!!!!

So Nice To Meet You

"Hello, you must be's so nice to meet you!!!"
"Thank you's nice to meet you too!!!"
"Can I get you anything....a drink or something?"
"Honestly I'm too excited meeting you in person to want anything else...."
"You make me blush Sweetie.....may I ask you something personal?"
"Sure....I have no secrets from you...."
"Are you in chastity?"
"No, I'm that a problem?"
"Not for me don't mind if I....."
"Not at all...."
"Thanks so much.....we'll talk later...."

Monday, November 26, 2018


"Surely you're exaggerating...."
"It can't be as small as you say...."
"If you don't believe me have a look for yourselves!!!"
"Oh my goodness.....that's really...."
"That's just useless....why do you stay with him?"
"Now let's talk about that tongue of his...."
"Is her really that good?"
"My husband is hopeless when he's down there...."
"Let's all go have some wine and I'll have him give you all a demonstration...."
"Really but what if he...."
"What if he gets hard?"
They all laughed as they moved into the lounge....

Monday ManCandy

Honestly.....if I had only one word to say that word would be....delightful!!!!
It leaps into your mouth filling you with its flavor and creamy goodness....sometimes you're ready and sometimes you're not but it doesn't's always welcome!!!!
ManCandy!!! Always welcome, always the best!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"Oh my!!!! Your husband is very enthusiastic today.....he hasn't pulled his panties up for quite some time!!!!"
"Yes....I promised him that if he made 10 men cum today I'd consider releasing his little clit from the cage and letting him have his sissy cummies...."
"Sissy cummies!!!! Oh my that's so how many men has he serviced already?"
"Who knows.....I haven't been counting!"
"But what about his "sissy cummies" how will you know if he's done what he needs to do?"
"I only said that I'd consider releasing him....I never said I would!!!"
"Oh you are so wicked!!!"
"Yes....that's why he tries so hard to please me!!!!"

From Where I Was

From where I was watching...on my knees, across the room....he was enthusiastic but he lacked finesse!!!! She didn't seem to mind too much but if it was me I would have had her cumming already!!!!
And that stubbly beard.....ugh.....I don't know why she stands for it when she makes me shave everything below my eyebrows.....

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Ransom

"Please have to pay him what he wants!!!!"
"What does he want Joe?"
"He says he wants a million dollars!!!! Father please....he's already done something to Frank.....he's....he's not Frank anymore,,,,he has some kind of machine....please Father....please I don't want to be changed!!!!"
"Changed? What do you mean Son....what happened to your brother....I don't understand...."
"He's changed him into a.....girl!!!! He's changing right in front of me!!!! He says he'll change me too and sell us to white slavers if you don't pay....."
"Surely it must be some kind of trick one can change someone like that...."
"Father I'm watching it happen right in front of me!!!! Please....please pay him what he wants!!!!"
"OK Son....tell him I want to speak to him."
"He wants to talk to you...."
The kidnapper took the phone....
"So what's it going to be you want them back or do I make my money elsewhere...."
"Let me tell you something about those boys....I went to war....and I was away from home for four years and when I returned my wife informed me that I had two sons aged 2 and 3 years old....they were obviously not mine....I have tried over the years, but to be honest, I feel nothing for either of do whatever you want with them.....but I will come after you and I will catch you as sure as my name is Detective Franklin W, Dixon!!!!"
"I'll sell them to the slavers.....I swear I will...."
"And I'll kill you for doing it, but you're not getting a dime from me!!!!"
"I'm going to turn the machine on your other son right now....I mean it!!!"
"I believe this discussion is finished.....good bye!"
And the line went dead....

The two girls clung to each other as the bidding moved up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and no one recognized the great detective in the back of the room keeping an eye on the boys....girls!!!!

Home For The Holidays

Jenna was so happy that her big brother Mike had come home for the holiday weekend....
He had always loved to play dress-up with her but she had learned a couple of new games while he was away!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Damn It Sissy

"Damn it Sissy....when I tell you to dance for our guests you damn well better dance!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I'm sorry Ma'am!!!!"
"Oh no Sissy you're not sorry yet but when we're done you will be!!!!!
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


"Would you like cream with that?"
"Why.....yes I would but I'll get it myself...."

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I do all the cooking for Thanksgiving and it takes some skill to time everything so it's all ready at the same time...the real star of the show is the turkey of course!!!!
Make sure it's dressed correctly and give it some time to rest before serving...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

In The Kitchen on Thanksgiving

I usually don't wear my uniform when I'm in the kitchen......I don't want to get any stains on know like grease spatters or the occasional drippies....
But that doesn't mean that I'm not available to perform my sissy fact most of the time spent in the kitchen is waiting time after all the prep work is done....
And on Thanksgiving....once the bird is in the oven I have plenty of time till I start all the side dishes.....
So I don't complain.....

No I don't complain at all!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Don't Be Silly

"What!!! Don't be silly, boys don't wear dresses!!! Although I bet you'd look really cute in this one...."
The seed of the idea is planted....

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and you've got the rhythm....the rest of the week will all come together easily now!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Next Time

"Oh time you'll be dressed so'll be in silks and're going to be my pretty little girl and I'm going to get you lots of cocks to suck and're going to be my perfect sissy...."
"No Sissy, don't try to talk.....keep that tongue's all you have that's of any use to me!!!!"

No More Complaints

I used to complain about our mail service all the time....late or missing packages were the norm for me....and sometimes I was really, really looking forward to what was in those packages too!!!
Anyway the local postmaster must have gotten tired of hearing my complaints because we have a new package deliveryman and he's so nice!!! He rings the bell and waits till I answer the door....and I've found myself fussing with my appearance when he comes....I wonder how long it will be till I can get him in my wife has told me to stop trying to blow every man that comes to the door...but he's new and so young and he looks delicious to me so all I ever say to her is that "I'll try"!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2018

I Used To See Them

I don't know about you but when my family went to the store I used to see these....

 ....and god how I wished they would buy one for me!!!!

Monday ManCandy

She taught you how to use makeup....
She taught you how to style your hair....
She taught you all about fashion....
She taught you everything any little brother needed to know and now she taught you the most important lesson ever!!!
ManCandy!!!! Don't waste a single precious drop!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"But she's already so angry with me!!!!"
"Yes she fact she's already called the pink bus to come get you...."
"But won't this only make things worse?"
"She's already sending you back with a note that you need severe discipline before you come back here again....what else is she going to do?"
"I guess you're right....and I really would enjoy it.....and if I'm getting punished anyway....I mean what could it hurt....right?"
"Right bend over and pull up your skirt and I'll give you a going away present!!!"
"Don't tell my wife.....she already thinks I'm such a slut...."
"I wouldn't dream of it Sissy...."


I watch her and I see it.....
There is joy on her face......cum too.....and she still has another man waiting....and she has what she wants and needs....
And so do I.....

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Luck of the Draw

He understood why he just didn't understand how he had lost for the last four months in a row!!!!
When he came to the town of Jackson way out in Shirley county, he was just like the rest....maybe not as big, maybe not as strong....but he'd been drawn here by the promises of easy was so plentiful that you'd find gold nuggets in the street that others had simply tossed away!!!!
It turned out it was all a lie.....all the men who'd come here found nothing but disappointment and those who could afford to leave had left long ago leaving only the poor, and destitute to scrape out an existence as best they could!!!
The women who came to gold rush towns had been the first to leave and now there was not a single female left....
Lonely desperate men were left to figure out their own way to satisfy their base desires....many took up abusing themselves in private although most of them found this unsatisfying!!!!
Some tried to find love in the arms of each other and for some that worked.....they were the lucky ones....the only happy men in the town!!!!
As for the rest....they had the "Lottery"....
Once a month they would all step up and pull a marble from a hat and whoever drew the black marble would become the towns girl for the month....he would dress and act in every way.....every a woman and would provide for any man who wished to spend some time with "her"!!!
Ken understood the why of it all....and even though he'd never used the lottery "winner" in any way he'd seen what would happen to them!!!!
The first three didn't survive the month!!!!
Then rules were established to give the "woman" a chance....a five minute head start before the men could go after her....
Ken understood all that but what he didn't understand was how he could manage to "win" the lottery four months in a row.....
After his last win he'd been caught almost immediately and he was still sore from that first week.....
But this time he felt more long skirts to trip over or high heeled boots to hobble him....this time they'd have to work to catch him....and he hoped if he left them exhausted after the chase perhaps he might be able to elude them for at least a few days...after all it was only thirty days in a month and surely he wouldn't win the lottery again.....
The men of the town watched as the small "woman" ran and they smiled at each other....the short skirt only fueled their lust.....that Ken was almost a real woman already and some of them felt bad about tricking him but at the same time they all hung on to their white marbles....none of them planned to ever "win" the lottery when there was a sweet little thing like Ken around!!!

She Knows

She knows her Sissy husband listens at the door while she fucks her lovers and that just makes it so much better for her!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2018


"I told you when you joined the Girl Scouts that we had strict codes of conduct!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!! I'm sorry Ma'am!!!"
"Are you.....are you really? You went out to sell cookies and you end up selling blowjobs!!!! How do you think that makes us look?"
"I'm sorry Ma'am.....I won't do it again....but I raised over four thousand dollars!"
"Hmmmm.....four thousand dollars will cover a lot of our expenses......maybe we can look the other way this time...."
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"But you'd better be on your toes more incident like this and I'll send you back to the Boy Scouts!!!"
"Can I keep the uniform?

I'll Take It

The colors right and it's very pretty....I'll take it! No wait.....I'll get one for me too!
Why should my sissy husband get all the pretty bras!
I wonder if they have the matching panties in his size?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Favorite Student

I was always her favorite....
When I graduated she pulled me aside to give me my graduation present in person....
That was when I found out why her name was Sister Victor and she found out my name wasn't really Louise....
But I have to was a true religious experience!!!!

Not What I Was Expecting

"This isn't at all what I was expecting!!!"
"Well, when you brought him to us you said he had a problem with anger management and we addressed that problem in the best possible way!!!"
"By turning him into a sissy maid!!!!"
" he channels all of his repressed anger into providing service to his Mistress...he keeps house, does laundry, he'll even shine your shoes if you'd like!!!"
"But what about....our....intimate life...."
"Well we couldn't help but notice his diminutive we locked that away and focused all of his attention on providing oral his Mistress you can expect to have an orgasm any time you wish!!!"
"Anytime I wish?"
"Here's the key to his chastity cage....we recommend that you keep him locked at all times except for hygienic reasons....other than that enjoy yourself!!!"
"Thank you so much....I'm sure I will!!!!"

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hump Day

You're almost's Hump Day just have to keep driving forward!!!!

Wake Up Call

I woke him at 3am as he had asked me too and although I really don't sleep all that much it was early enough that I went back to my bed and drifted off into sissy dreamland!
I was having a wonderful dream about a man coming into my room while I slept and using my mouth for his pleasure and it was so real and so good I was afraid to open my eyes in case I ruined it!!!!
My dream man was so good that when I woke later I could actually taste his cum....maybe it wasn't all a dream....but either way it was wonderful!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I've discovered that sexy silky panties are not much protection when she gets her hairbrush and gives me a correction!!!!
Having been on the receiving end of both bare bottom and panty spankings I can honestly say that the difference is negligible!!!
Even so I usually end up crying and begging her not to pull down my panties when she spanks me.....I think that somewhere in my mind it's less humiliating to be spanked by my wife if I'm not spanked on my bare sissy ass!!!!

She Was Up

I could tell she was awake when the vibrations started......she must have turned that remote controlled plug up to ten because, despite my chastity,  I almost squirted!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2018


Her moans of pleasure almost drowned out my wife, she was used to her husbands big cock that was making my own wife moan in pleasure in the bedroom but having a Sissy tongue her pussy and ass was something new and she just loved it....

Monday ManCandy

So thick and delicious.....a little goes a long way!!!! One mouthful is really all you need to get a good start on your day!!!
There is so much to enjoy....the flavor as it fills your mouth, the smooth flow as it slides down to your tummy, the warmth as it spreads inside you.....
ManCandy!!!! Creamy goodness in one mouthful to start your day!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"But I was only...."
"I don't want to hear your excuses Sissy!!!!"
"But I didn't....."
"Six men Sissy, six my house...all at once....I'm not even sure how you can handle six men've only got two holes and two hands!!!!"
"They taught me advanced techniques at school....let me explain...."
"Put your face back in that corner Sissy....the pink bus is on its way.....I'm sure you still have a lot to learn...."


"Oh my that drippies I see coming from under your uniform?"
"Yes Ma'am....I'm sorry....I can't help just look so beautiful this morning!!!!"
"Just this morning Sissy?"
"I meant every morning Ma'am!!!"
"That's very nice Sissy....but I can't have you leaving your little Sissy drippies wherever you do you suggest we avoid that?"
"I.....I could catch them and eat them Ma'am...."
"Oh that's such a good idea do that from now on please...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Happily Ever After

"I told you I wanted this floor clean....why can't you follow simple instructions?"
"But Cinderella....I've scrubbed it twice already today!!!"
"What did you call me?"
"I'm sorry....I meant to say Princess!!!!"
"Oh yes, I guarantee you'll be sorry when I get the paddle and correct you....again!!!"
"Please....not the paddle....please I'm still sore from last time...."
"And whose fault is that? If you could follow simple instructions I wouldn't have to beat your ass all the time would I?"
"No Princess....It's my own fault!"
"Of course it get busy scrubbing that floor'll keep scrubbing it until I say it's clean enough!"
"Yes Princess!!!"
"In about an hour some men from the village will be arriving to service my them to my chambers and help them undress....then make sure each of them is ready for me....use that pretty mouth of know the one that made all those promises to me that you couldn't keep!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"And if that tiny thing under your skirts gets stiff you can always go down to the dungeons and spend some time with my stepsisters or my wrinkly, old stepmother....I'm sure they'd welcome the attention.....even from a useless sissy like you....Ha...some Prince you turned out to be..."


Yes we do sleep together most of the time....the exception is when she has a friend over to share our her bed with....
But we do sleep together and usually she spoons me.....she snuggles up against me and she likes to grind against my bottom and kiss my neck until she finally closes her eyes and goes to sleep...
I go to sleep to.....eventually....

Friday, November 9, 2018


We used to have a TV in the bedroom but she said it was a distraction.....she was probably right although I never got to watch it....


"You're almost there Sissy....just another few know you want it.....remember if you take it all I'll let you ride it till you cum...."
That's what I call incentive!!!! In fact, when I first saw it I didn't think there was any chance I could take it inside me at all....but she wanted to watch me try and I so hate to disappoint her....and it turned out to be soooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Gary was surprised at how things had turned out....
The girls had told him that he would get to put his cock in a warm wet mouth....
Who could turn down an offer like that????
Then they pushed the other guy into the room and before Gary even knew what was happening the guy had his mouth on his cock!!!!
The two girls kept calling the guy "pantyboy" and "sissy" and he just sucked harder while they humiliated him....
That was so weird....but it didn't stop Gary from enjoying a really fantastic blowjob!!!