Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Mystery of the League

They had been holding him for two says now and Phil Carson, Ace Detective, was beginning to despair....perhaps this was really his last case....perhaps this was how it would end for him!!!!
He had been investigating the strange disappearances all around the were vanishing without a trace....he had tried to find a common thread that linked them but had been stymied!!!!
Rich, poor, white, black, tall, short....there was seemingly no pattern....and when his old school chum Tommy "Red" Flynn had disappeared it had become personal!!!!
He reached out to the underworld....shaking down junkies and number runners and bookies.....and finally he had a lead....
"It's the League is what I heard, the League is recruiting.....word is they'll be done soon and move to just leave it alone...."
The League? Who was the League and why and how were they recruiting the men of the city? How could he find them?
The last question was one he didn't have to answer because the League found him first!!!!
They had kept him bound and gagged....blindfolded and as near as he could tell he was naked from the waist down....when biology overcame him they simply hosed him down....maybe that was why they took his trousers....
Then in the middle of what he guessed was the night, he felt the presence of several people in the room with him and then he felt someone touch him.....there....he tried to wiggle away but it was no use and his excitement soon overcame his anger....
Then as delightful as it had been it simply stopped and he heard some bits of whispered conversations....
".....nice.... but too big for......"
" exception...."
"The League is very....."
"What shall we do...."
" was nice....."
"just get it done.....
He heard several people leave the room and thought he was alone again....
Were they going to kill him....he thought of all he had done in his life....all he still wanted to do.....he couldn't let it end like this.....and he began to struggle against his bonds but they held him just as tight as they had since he'd first awoken here!!!!
He heard footsteps and sensed someone near when suddenly his blindfold was pulled took a few moments for his eyes to adjust but when they did he saw a pretty redhead kneeling next to him with a knife!!!!
"'re going to kill me? What did I do to you....why are you doing this?"
"Shut up Phil.....I'm going to cut you loose but you have to promise me something!"
Realization came when he heard the voice.....
"Red, Red Flynn!!!! Why are you here....why are you dressed like a woman?"
"Phil if you want to live you have to swear to me you'll stop investigating the League....they considered maybe recruiting you but you didn't meet the physical they've given me orders to "silence" you....they didn't explicitly tell me to kill you though so if I let you go you have to swear to me that you'll stop looking for the missing men....I assure you they haven't been harmed!!!"
"Where are they Red? And why do you look like this?"
"I haven't got much time Phil....some of the men will be returning to their regular lives in a day or two but some, like me, have opted for a new life!!!"
"But Red? I still don't understand!!!"
"The League is dedicated to helping men like us become what we were meant to be Phil, we'll have a useful purpose.....and there are so many of us!!! Don't think about it again Phil.....the League is all around you every day.....their hand is in everything....they can reach out and squash you like a bug if they want to!!!!"
"The League.....I have to know what is it?"
"It's full name is the League of Little Men, Phil.....we are all little men!!!!"
"But you're just about my size Red, what do you mean little?"
"Do I really have to pull up my dress and show you what I mean Phil. we've been in locker rooms together I think you can figure it out!!!!"
"So you're all......oh....I get it now.....and I couldn't be recruited because I was...."
"Yes Phil, you were too big, but not by much!"
"Hey....what does that mean!!!"
"It means, I'm going to cut these ropes and you're going to run out that door as fast as you can and forget all about the League of Little Men.....but remember they're all around you and they'll be go!!!!!"
He burst through the door and was surprised to find himself in his own Preceint's Squad Room where some were startled by his appearance but many just eyed him suspiciously before turning back to their work!!!!


"Can I suck it....would you mind?"
"Of course not Kaaren....that's why I'm can do anything you want...."
"Anything I want...."
"Of course Kaaren....this is your dream so you can do what you want...."
"This is a dream?"
"Of course it is Kaaren....we're hundreds of miles apart....and we're both in chastity to our wives...."
"But if this is a dream that means I can get really wild....I have a lot of fantasies...."
"Slow down there about we start with you giving me a nice blowjob!!!!"
"Well sure but there's so many other fantasies I'd like to explore with you if I ever get the chance....."
"Well let's just stick with this one for a few minutes....with me in your hot mouth!!!!"
"Yes but why not something else?"
"Because this part of your dream is my fantasy, and I just want to enjoy it!!!!"
"Then just relax and let me do all the work!!!!"

Friday, March 30, 2018

Would I?

Would I kiss a man....well if I'm given a choice....probably not....
Would I kiss a man's big hard cock....oh hell yes....kiss it, lick it, suck it, fuck it....oh yeah....
Why one and not the other.....let's go talk to my psychiatrist....she doesn't know either but it's fun telling her about it!!!!

But I....

"Maybe I should clean up....I mean I got it all over Sissy's face!!!!"
"Just leave it and come back to bed with me....I want to fuck!!!"
"But what about your Sissy husband?"
"What about won't be the first time he's woken up with cum on his cute face!!!
"Well if you're sure it's OK...."
"I'm sure...."

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ready For You

"Alright Sissy....I think your wife is ready for you now!!!!"


The Sissy Cheerleaders crawled to the field after changing their panties....some of them had to change twice.....and they looked on and marveled that the Marching Band still had the energy to play!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hump Day

Even if you're self-employed you can still appreciate Hump Day!!!!

Alright Sissy

"Alright Sissy.....just hurry and finish up.....I want my breakfast and my orgasm too!!!"
My goodness, sometimes I think there should be two of us....mornings can be so hectic....especially when she has a friend spend the night....anyone interested in helping me out?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sissy School - Spring Break

"Oh well looks like only one of us is really getting a Spring break!!!!"


I wish he would hurry a little....I have so much to do in the morning....and while I love sucking a cock, my patience is running out!!!!
I need him to get out of the goddamned shower and get it into my mouth!!!! I can't wait around all day!!!!"

Monday, March 26, 2018

Perfectly Safe

It's alright....she wrote a note that said...

If you find this Sissy Slut please return her to her home for a sound spanking, her address is.....

And just to make doubly sure the note wouldn't get lost she pinned it on the inside of my panties!!!!

Monday ManCandy

When you stop and think about it the entire human race depends on it in one way or's essential to life as we know it!!!! So if anyone asks you why you love it so much, just tell them it's because you love the human race!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Philosophically necessary and it tastes so good too!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2018


"You see Tommy I told you...a padded bra and a little makeup and one of Mom's wigs....and you look really hot in that dress!!!"
"Do you think Miranda will like it?"
"Well Miranda likes girls....and you're almost a girl so you've got a chance at least!!!"
"Thanks Sis!!!"

That First Drop

That first tiny drop....the warning that the flood is coming....he's watching and she's waiting....soon I will have my mouth filled with the cuckolds reward....he'll probably laugh and she'll probably purr and I'll just keep licking till I have it all!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Silk Stocking Strangler

He opened the door and crept into the room, not making a sound...his excitement growing with every step as he crept up behind her as she lounged in the bed reading her book!!!
He pulled the silk stockings from his pocket, taking a moment to enjoy the soft feel of them in his hands.....then he wrapped the ends around his hands.....stepping closer behind her as she lay there unsuspecting....
"Oh for Gods sake we have to do this again?"
"But Eloise, you love this game, you've told me you've ruined it!!!"
"Really Reginald, I'm so tired of "strangle" me with those silk stockings and then when I'm just about "done in" you have sex with me!!!! It's getting to be such a bore!!!"
"But why...."
"It's like the third time this month we've played this game....I'd just like to maybe spice it up a bit...."
He was suddenly interested and his excitement began to grow once again....
"What did you have in mind Sweetheart?"
"Well what if it was me creeping up on you and strangling you then making love to you!!!"
"Come Eloise....even in a fantasy you must realize that no woman could ever overpower a man like that!!!"
"I see, but what if we put you in my nightgown....and a wig and some lip rouge and some slutty could play at being a girl of easy virtue....oh please it could be so much fun!!!"
He tried to hide his excitement as he agreed to her suggestion and they spent the next half hour getting him ready....
His excitement was quintupled by the sensations of the soft fabrics against his body...the taste of the red lip rouge and the scent of the perfume she had sprayed him with....he had to control himself or his night of love might end before it even began!!!!
"Oh Reginald you look so yummy like that....I can barely wait to have you!!!!"
"Oh Dear Eloise....please hurry I can hardly wait!!!"
"Give me fifteen minutes to slip into one of your suits and then make sure you're facing away from the door when I come back!!!!"
"Hurry Dear...."
She stepped out of the room and walked to her boudoir...she quickly changed into her evening gown and picking up her matching heels she walked quietly to the door....
The Brute was waiting as she had ordered him to do....
"He's in the bedroom....give me fifteen minutes to get to the party and make sure I'm seen there.....then go in and take care of it!!!!"
"Five thousand we agreed?"
"Of course...I gave you my word....what kind of woman do you think I am?'
"Alright....fifteen minutes....."
She stepped out of the door and whirled about suddenly remembering.....handing him the silk stockings....
"Make sure you use these when you strangle him and don't clean up know!"
"I know my business Ma'am!"
"Very know make it twenty minutes....I'll want a solid alibi!!!"
"Twenty minutes starting now.....enjoy the party Ma'am!"
"Oh I'm sure I will....I'm sure I will!!!!"

The Twins

The twins were always happy when their brother Mike came home on Spring Break!!!! Unfortunately they were both given reading assignments that took so much of their time!!!
They would just have to work around it.....

Friday, March 23, 2018

Alumni News

Well....this was an interesting thing that I got in the mail yesterday....
The Alumni Committee of my High School wants to put together an "Achievements Survey" of my graduating class....
Really what could I give them that they could actually use....
Went to college.....passed by the skin of my teeth....married a woman way out of my league.....worked as a middle manager and was fired in the first downsizing....never really found another decent live as a full time Sissy Maid to my wife and her lovers....
My wife laughed when she read this and she sat down and wrote something far better for me to submit.....
"Went on from High School to learn who I really was and that I could handle double the load that most others could!!!! Live in a multitasking environment where I'm constantly challenged to take on more and more!!!!"
And that's why she's a top corporate exec and I'm her maid!!!!


What's the secret of success?
It's really simple....
When opportunity knocks make sure you open the door!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I Thought It Was Funny

When she shifted her hips to give me access to her special bottom hole I thought it would be funny to blow a raspberry!!!!
And it was funny.....we both laughed.....but the spanking later,,,,that wasn't so funny!!!


"'s alright Sissy.....I'm just going to gently take your panties down....your bottom looks it sore Sissy?"
"Yes Ma''s very sore!!!"
"And whose fault is it that it's so sore, Sissy?"
"All my fault Ma'am. 100% my fault!!!"
"And what are you going to do tomorrow, Sissy?"
"I'm going to wear the bra even if it shows through my shirt!!!!"
"That's right I think another twenty on your bare bottom will make sure you remember...."
"You don't want another twenty Sissy?"
"Alright we'll do thirty then....or do you want to refuse again?"
"No Ma'am.....thank you Ma'am!!!"

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sick Of It

"Dammit Sissy I'm sick of's supposed to be Spring now...."
"I'm sorry Ma'am!"
"You clean this all up and you better get my flowers to grow or you're going to get it!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I'll do my best...."

Hump Day

Oh yeah that's it....harder....faster....deeper.....I'm halfway there!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

After You

"After you Kaaren...."
"Oh no....after you Leeanne...."
We looked at each other and giggled like little girls....
"Yes together!!!"


Even if it's still cold out the bright sunshine streaming in warms me up as I wait for her inspection before I put on my panties for the day!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Explain Again

"Explain it to me again Sissy....why are the breakfast dishes still in the sink and who used those other coffee mugs!!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It puts so many people off....they say they don't like the taste or the smell or the texture or something!!!
Thankfully that has never been me....I didn't seek it out the first time but I didn't avoid it either and I'm so grateful I didn't!!!! There's nothing else like it!
ManCandy!!! Like the coffee used to say it's good to the last drop!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Favorite

When she pointed down I immediately crawled under the table.....just as she trained me to do....and I was rewarded!!!! My favorite!!!! An All-You-Can-Eat buffet!!!!!


Some of her dates don't get the concept of fluffing....suck his cock, keep him hard, don't make him cum!!!
So you suck till he's hard and then you back off to very lightly teasing his cock till your wife is ready for him....
Some men however have very different ideas and who am I to argue....and in this position how could I argue....and even more importantly why would I argue!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Red Venom

He whirled around at the sound of the secret panel opening, gun already drawn!!!
"Oh my god Red Venom!!!! I didn't think you were real!!! I thought you were just a story to scare children!!!"
"I assure you I am very real, why are you in my house???"
"Your house? She said it was her house!!! What's going on here?"
Red Venom turned to the quivering young blond and shook his head slowly....
"Again!" his voice was quiet yet still full of menace, "How many times must we do this?"
"I'm  sorry's just that I get so lonely here....and I'd like to have someone here for me with..."
The man lowered his gun in confusion....
"So this is your granddaughter Mr, Venom....I didn't know...."
Red Venom stepped forward and quickly grabbed the man by the neck and pressed the towel into his face....a sickly sweet smell invaded his nostrils as he felt all of his muscles go rigid....
"What you're feeling is the effect of several rare venom's that I've mixed which will result in complete paralysis.....I realize you didn't know what was happening when you came here but no one can know that this is my own son and his wife couldn't be trusted and I had to dispose of them....leaving me to raise their child myself...."
The mans eyes flicked wildly back and forth between the two who were now staring at him...
"I have indulged this young one's desires, perhaps too much....but after all he's my only grandson!"
The mans eyes stared intently at the blond...
"Ah....yes I see there was something else you didn't know....ah well enjoy your time together...." He turned to the secret panel to leave and suddenly turned back, "Oh yes Sweetie-pie try not to break this one for a while....otherwise....enjoy yourself!!!!"
"Thank you Grandpa, good night!"
As the panel swung closed behind him the young blond stepped in front of him and ran his fingers over the paralyzed mans chest....
"You're all mine now....let's play a game...."

Happy St Patricks Day

No he's not a leprechaun...,
and that's not a shillelagh....
But in honor of the good St Pat
I like to suck one daily
It seems corned beef and cabbage
Is not real Irish fare
But suck a cock every day
And you'll live without a care
And though we've been long gone
From Erin's golden shore
We get on our knees and promise St Pat
We'll suck cocks more and more

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Milestones - Sissy Training

Losing his virginity is quite a milestone on his way to being your complete Sissy!!! Why not make it a celebration!!!! Invite all your friends to come and see your boyfriend/husband become your girl!!!!
It will be another part of a day he'll never forget!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018


Yes I knew it was big....really big.....but even though I knew it I was still surprised when I felt it!!!

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Auntie had kept him in dresses for so long now that he no longer fought had become so commonplace that his cousins didn't even tease him much anymore....unless their friends were around!!!
In fact he had become quite accustomed to dressing in pretty petticoats and he really only had one concern lately....he wasn't at all happy with the way Aunties friend Tom looked at him when he thought no one else could see!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


"That's it Sweetie....a nice steady rhythm....that's the way Daddy likes it....."
"This is fun....can I have some friends over to dress Daddy up and we can all fuck him like this?"
"Of course Dear you're're a woman now!!!
"Thank you so much Mom!!!"
"You're welcome pay attention to that rhythm!!!


"You know what Sissy? That pic of you with the big black cock in your mouth is trending,....over a million views already.....and the best thing is that your face is so clearly visible.....there's no mistaking that it's you sucking that cock.....gosh I hope your family doesn't see it!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hump Day

Made it to Hump you have just as much in back of you as you have in front of you!!!!

I Protest

"What are you doing today Sissy?"
"I'm going down to the protest march at City Hall!"
"Really....what is the protest about Sissy?"
"I have no idea what they're protesting about....."
"Then why are you going?"
"Well I figured if they can protest about what they want then I can protest about what I want too!!!!"
"You're such a slut Sissy...."
"I try Sweetheart....I try!!!!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

TV Guide - Mr. Ed - The Lost Episodes

"You're looking really hot like that Wilbur!!!"
"Why thank you Ed....I was just thinking how hot you looked too!!!!"
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking Wilbur?"
"I sure am Ed!!!"
"Then get on the phone quick!"
"The phone???"
"Yes Wilbur, I want to wear the exact same outfit....isn't that what you were thinking?"
"Ummmm,...yes Ed....that's exactly what I was thinking....but who should I call?"
"Fredericks obviously...."
"Yes Wilbur, "Fredericks of Horseyworld" will have exactly what I need!"

Why Did She Bother

Why did she bother with the makeup and the hair and the pretty soon as she had her boyfriends cock in my mouth she introduced me as her brother anyway!!!
They both laughed but I couldn't, I was busy!!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Of Course

"Of course I am and they're you have any other silly questions?"

Moday ManCandy

You get up and get ready to go....a new week in front of you!!! You'll need a clear head and energy to start the week right!!!! Coffee....get's you almost all the way there....but when you add some cream to your coffee....well...that just makes the perfect power breakfast combination!!!
ManCandy!!!! It takes a good day and makes it better!!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sissy School - Spiritual Guidance

Under the watchful eye and careful instruction of Sissy Schools Spiritual Guide, Sister Mary Fellatrix, Sissy Leeanne and Sissy Kaaren are being taught a valuable lesson in sharing and cooperation....
It is a lesson that they would practice again when they got back to their dorm room where it was a little more private than up here on the altar with the whole school watching!!!

Just A Peek

It's almost impossible not to just take a little peek....even though I try to be good....I just can't help it!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Castle of Dracula

After his horse had reared and thrown him he watched as it galloped away....
He was sore but otherwise unhurt as he began to the night it would be easy to lose your way.....there was no moon and he could barely make out the road....
A strong wind had whipped up and he could hear thunder in the distance....he knew he'd need shelter soon....
A distant flash of lightning showed him the outline of a nearby he was surprised he couldn't see it even in the dark...
It was a dark and foreboding place with no lights from anywhere within....if the occupants were home they must all be asleep....just as he reached the heavy wooden doors the rain began.....and he began to pull the bell chain....
Soon he saw lights within and the door pulled open....
"Please come must be lost!!!"
"Yes I lost my horse and I...."
He stopped as he saw the woman who'd let him in....she had a strange ethereal beauty  and she was wearing a wispy nightgown....with no robe!!!!" He tried to keep his eyes from looking too closely....
The woman watching his reaction laughed.....a deep laugh that seemed out of place in one so slender and feminine....
"Oh I've embarrassed you....I'm so sorry but you see it's only the three of us here and we've become quite relaxed in our dress....but must be cold and you must get out of that wet have to meet the others....and we so love when we have someone new to enjoy...."
He stuttered a "Thank You" as she led him through another doorway into a grand chamber where the other two women sat....
"I'm pleased to meet you and I'd like to thank you for your generous hospitality allowing me to shelter in your home....that storm looks like it will be a bad one!!!!"
The redheaded one smiled....
"It's so nice to have a visitor, we rarely have anyone new...."
"So do you three live here all alone?"
"Yes....our Daddy sailed for England some time ago...."
"Yes and it's been ages since we've heard from him...."
"We're so worried that something terrible may have happened to him...."
Their voices were so seductive....deep and the voice of a lover's passion whispered in your ear!!!!
"I'm so sorry to hear that, I myself am returning to England in a weeks time....perhaps I could look into his disappearance.....what's your family's name?"
"Our name is the same as the name of this castle....we are of the family Dracula....perhaps you've heard of us?"
"I saw something on the newsstands about that name but I don't really recall it right perhaps there's some merit to your worries!!!"
"We pleaded with Daddy not to go...."
"We practically begged him...."
"But he took Mr. Renfield and off they went...."
"Alright then.....when I get back to England I'll make inquiries and I'll send you ladies any information I find out..."
All three started laughing.....
"Ladies!!!! He'll send us "ladies" information...."
"Well that's it for me "ladies"....I'm tired of the game...."
"I agree, I think it's time for the cats to stop playing with the mouse...."
They all grinned at him.....their smiles full of menace....
"Wait.....Dracula!!!! I remember now....a ship full of dead men....murders....Dr. Van Helsing.... a vampire they said.....You're his daughters!!!!
"No we're not his daughters...."
""We're his sons....."
"Daddy liked us better this way....."
He stepped back....glancing at the door....looking for his escape....
"It's been so long since we had a man...."
"Finally something I can sink my teeth into...."
"Now let's get you out of the rest of those wet clothes...."
At night no one came near that castle so there was no one to hear his screams!!!!

Where It Goes - Sissy Training

Once you have trained him to cum with your cock inside him it's time to teach him that his cum is his reward!!!! This position makes it very clear that what comes out one end goes back in the other!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

She Always Said

She always said it was so small and cute.....and you know what????
She's's just the cutest little thing....