Friday, May 31, 2019

Double Standard

Sure when he does it everyone smiles and talks about how cute he is....
When I do it they call the police and I get banned from the store for life!!!!


It had been her deepest fantasy for so long and now here it was in real life....her feminized husband on his knees sucking a big cock for her!!!
Suddenly it occurred to her that she would never see him as a man again....
Every time she looked at him she'd see him like this.....on his knees with a cock in his mouth....
Every time she kissed him she'd think she was tasting the cock he sucked....
And after she thought about it.....she thought it was wonderful!!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

It's Alright Sissy

"It's alright just forget about everything else and listen to me...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"Now you hurry and finish getting dressed the guys will be here soon and they're all looking forward to meeting you!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"And I expect you to keep them happy with that sweet little pouty mouth of yours...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
"That's my good girl!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!!"




Yes there is something to be said for just laying on cool crisp sheets in my favorite tighty-whiteys....after all shouldn't we sissies get a chance to just lay back and enjoy being a girl?

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hump Day

You've worked really hard and by Hump Day your assignment is finished!!!! All that's left is cleaning up the details!!!


I was up early...earlier than usual in fact and thought that maybe I could try a short jog....the first since that unprovoked spider attack a while ago!!!
But when I got downstairs I found that her guest from last night was also up already and I figured that...well one workout is as good as another and this one was way more fun....he wholeheartedly agreed!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Glorious....what else can you say?

Blown It

I knew right then that I had blown it!!!!
All the points I had scored....all gone to waste!!!!
Waking her gently with my tongue between her her a "good morning" orgasm....
Having her breakfast ready exactly as she sat down at the table....her favorites all cooked to perfection....
Dropping a perfect curtsy before and after I served her....
Handing her her morning papers already opened to the financial news....
Refilling her coffee without her having to ask....
Even wearing her favorite of my several Maids uniforms....everything was perfect....or so I thought!!!!
"Come here Sissy and let me re-tie that bow.....honestly can't you get anything right?"
"I'm sorry Ma'am....I'll try harder next time!!!"
"I'm sure you will....when I get home I want you waiting for me with my hairbrush and we'll discuss your sloppy behavior this morning!"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!"

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day 2019

Lest we forget....

Monday ManCandy

It's a holiday here in the good old US of A and that means no morning rush...
No hurry to finish and get moving.....there's time to savor your early morning treat....
In fact, like so many others, you can think about having a second helping....after all there's no work today and is there any better way to start a nice lazy day than with an extra large breakfast!!!!"
ManCandy!!!! There's always room for more!!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

Yes she caught us again.....and she called for the pink bus to come get me again....but this time they told her they had to make multiple pickups in my area and so they asked her to drop me off at the bus stop!!!
So....with the taste of her boyfriend still lingering on my tongue she packed me into the car and dumped me at the pick up site....
There were several other sissies there already and from the little smiles on their faces I could tell that.....well lets just say that none of us were hungry....
Except for Cindy, who wouldn't be sitting for a while....she could go for a snack....maybe one of us could help her out on the bus!!!

Don't Be Like That

"Don't be like that Sissy...I mean it's not like you were ever really a man....and besides you can't tell me you weren't enjoying wasn't me yelling "Fuck me harder" now was it?"
"No I guess not....but my wife...."
"Your wife loved watching it....are you kidding me....and besides you've got a cute little ass and you're a great lay....I'd love to do you again...."
"Yeah really, but some other time Sissy....I've got to clean up....remember I came here to fuck your wife and I can't wait!!!"
"Okay....but maybe next time?"
"Your wife is so right about are such a slut!"

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Red Dress

"You know it's funny that you thought yo could get away with it....that you really thought I wouldn't recognize you....all that effort....just to get even with me...for what???"
"You killed deserve to die!!!!"
"Well actually I had Big Tony's boys kill her....I wouldn't dirty my hands on a filthy whore like her...."
"I loved her!!!!"
"Yeah well maybe you shoulda talked to her about talking to the Feds about!!!!"
"She was innocent you bastard!!!!"
"Really? Then she died with a clear conscience....but now what am I going to do with you? You really went all out didn't really almost convinced me you really were a woman.....all this just to get close to me so you could plug me!!!!"
"It's what you deserve...."
"Maybe....maybe not....but that still leaves me wondering what to do with you.....I don't know who did your surgery but they did great work....if they hadn't left that small scar on your nose you might have fooled me...."
"Just let me'll never see me again...."
"Oh no....I don't think so....I think maybe this is our last date....well at least your last date...."
"Alright then....go ahead.....kill me....I'm not afraid....just kiss me goodbye!!!"
"Sure Baby.....I can think of a lot of other things I'd like to do with you but I don't think I'll let you live that long!!!"
He leaned over and kissed her....hard....crushing his lips against hers....and then he recoiled as his body began to react....
"You stupid's a fast acting nerve's in your system paralyzes your muscles as you can already tell....then it attacks your nerves....I understand that the pain is excruciating!!!! And you can't scream....isn't that a shame....I'd love to hear you scream....then your organs begin to shut'll be dead in a couple of minutes....but the scientist assured me it'll feel like a thousand years of agony for you!!! Now if you don't mind...."
She took a small vial of clear liquid and wiped it on her lips....careful not to let it touch her skin.....
"There we go.....all's hard to not lick your lips for such a long time....but I see it's nearly over for you....I've been so obsessed with killing you for so long that I've never taken the time to explore this new body....this new life....I think I'll go clubbing and see if I can land myself a rich boyfriend....No need to say goodbye....say hello to the devil for me when you get to Hell!!!"
His blank eyes could only stare at her as she got out of the car.....the red dress was the last thing he would ever see!!!!!

Another Woman

Yes there were times that another woman was involved....of course not with me....that would be cheating!!!!
I was never allowed to stay and watch when she had a female playmate....
"Leave the refreshments and go to bed Sissy!"
Then the two of them would giggle as I dropped a deep curtsy and left the room as fast as I could on these heels....I would hear more as the night wore on, but all that did was make my cage feel tighter and fill my head with images that made sleep absolutely impossible!!!!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Prom Rules

"Are you sure?"
"Of course I am Sissy....all the girls do it....if you want to be accepted as one of us you have to...."
"Really....I never heard of it before...."
"How many Proms have you gone to dressed as a girl Sissy?"
" know....I've never....."
"Then do what I tell throw your garter and whichever boy catches it gets a blowjob from you......then they give you the garter back and you do it again....until the guy keeps your garter....that;s the guy that gets your cherry!!!!"
"Gosh....there's a lot of things to learn about being a girl!"
"You just listen to me and you'll get along just fine Sissy...."
"Thanks so much!"

No Peeking

"No peeking Sissy....this is for real girls just keep your eyes on that picture and maybe if you're good we'll give you a reward later!!!!"


I guess some would say I was a bit of a recluse....
Most of my old friends gave up on me some time ago....
I spend almost all my time in the house, after all a sissy maid is always busy....
Almost all of my contact with the outside world is through my wife....she decides if we're going out....she decides where we're going to go....she decides who we're going to see etc....
Our friends are actually her friends.....
So anyway, you get the idea...
So as a recluse you'd think a fellow recluse would have some respect for me....but no....that wasn't the case!!!!
About a week ago I was bitten by a let me tell you about me and spiders....I love spiders....when I was young I had a pet tarantula that I used to let walk around on tickled like mad but Boris and I had an agreement...I didn't bite him and he didn't bite just worked for both of us...
I never killed spiders found in our house....I would somehow scoop them up and put them and let live....
But this little bastard that bit me didn't get the memo that I was a "friendly" human and he sank his fangs into the back of my calf....
At first it was just irritating....then it got bad.....huge pain and swelling  and a sizable blister right in the center.....
My wife was horrified and took me to the doctor who immediately diagnosed it as a spider bite....imagine my surprise when he told me it was probably a Brown Recluse spider that got me!!!!
Betrayed by a fellow recluse!!!!
It hurt like mad and I asked him when I was going to develop superpowers because for it to hurt like this the spider was probably radioactive!!!!
Well he said it was infected and I needed antibiotics and that when the blister burst....yucky....I would have to put this medicated goo on it and that maybe if I was lucky it would look almost normal again in four to six weeks......but it would leave a scar....
So here I am at the beginning of the summer with a huge bandage on the back of my leg and I can't wear stockings or heels because it hurts if I do.....
So that's the reality of my life right now.....wearing flats and long skirts to cover the ugliness that's going on back there.....
And from now on....I swear to god....and all you spiders out there reading this better pay'd better stay out of my vengeance will be terrible!!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Every Inch

"Do you taste him Sissy? He was so big!!!! He filled every inch of me and he had more leftover....I tried to save it all for you!!!!"
It's impossible to thank her as her lovers cum just fills my mouth.....but I think she knows how grateful I am!!!!


I love taking my coffee break with the sissy maid next door....

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


It's hard to relax while you're waiting for him to cum inside your have to be ready when she calls you!!!! Thankfully the cage keeps you from....other distractions...

Hump Day

Sometimes by the time Hump Day rolls around you've already accomplished that big task and now you're ready to get started on your next one....but you need to do some prep work on it first....

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

It's Her Fantasy

Yes she has a fantasy about a cheerleader named Donna....
I don't know if Donna is real or not...and if she's real....I don't know what went on between them.....she's never told me and I've never asked...
So when I find my cheerleader uniform laid out on the bed I know she's going to be indulging in her favorite fantasy again....
She pulls me close and gives me soft kisses.....reaching up under my skirt to feel my ass through the skimpy panties she gave me to wear....
Then she laid me down and began her seduction...
"Oh are such a sexy bitch.....I want your face between my legs excuses allowed bitch....."
I really wasn't planning on any excuses....but I did flash back to my years in school....honestly this is what I thought the cheerleaders did all the time!!!!

Not Allowed

I'm not allowed to masturbate....period!
The cage prevents me from stroking my little clit and the plug prevents me from....sissygasms!!!
But lying in bed listening to my wife and her lover fuck all night is so hard....
I've abused my poor pillow so many times but I never really get the satisfaction I want....although I sometimes make a couple of drippies on it....and eventually that means I have to sleep in my own little wet spot....

Monday, May 20, 2019

Full Hour

"Your wife says I can have you for an hour Sissy.....just think what I can do to you in an hour....and the hour doesn't start till we get to my place...."
"I know!!!! Could we walk faster please!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Up late having that Game of Thrones party for the big finale?
Just can't face the day ahead....
Hungover and disappointed???
She knows what you need to get going....a warm creamy high protein breakfast served fresh!!!
ManCandy!!! Never try to fight a dragon without a little heat in your tummy!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"Brunch was wonderful Sissy....everyone was very pleased with the food and your service...."
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"Did you get a chance to eat anything Sissy?"
"No Ma'am....I was too busy!!!"
"Well Sissy then you just come here and you can have all you can eat!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"


"Now don't be shy about's important that he is properly plugged at all times so don't be afraid of bending him over and pulling down his panties to check!!!!"
"What if he isn't....plugged....when I check?"
"Well in that case....with his panties already should give him a correction on the spot...."
"A correction?"
"Yes Dear, come with me to the bedroom and I'll show you where we keep all the paddles..."
"The paddles?"
"Yes'll be your choice which one you use and how many strokes he needs..."
"My choice?"
"Yes Dear, so what do you think?"
"It sounds like fun!!!"
"I just knew you were the right girl for the job....I might be late date has tremendous staying power!!!!"
"No problem....I'm sure your Sissy husband and I will find a way to pass the time till you get back!!!!"

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Prisoner of the Reich

"What have you done to me you bitch!!!"
"I've given you a quadruple dose of the transforming serum!!!! My name is Sgt. Chuck McGee and you may have turned me into a woman but I'm nobody's bitch!!!!"
"But you've doomed us both! The guards will come and use us as their slaves! I was the only one stopping them because I wanted you just for me!!!!"
"Actually Heinrich, my platoon is supposed to be hitting the gates in about 10 minutes! You will probably be in the agony of the transformation then! It really is agony and I'm only sorry I can't stay to watch you go through it!!!"
"It's starting already and I have no idea what a dose that big will do to you But I'll need your clothes to get out of should thank me....those clothes would only be in the way when your guards find you!!!!!!"
"No....aaaargh....please no!!!!"
Five minutes later the guards saluted as he walked past them to the gate! They wondered why he had his overcoat on but they were more interested in the delightfully naked woman writhing on the floor! The General waved a hand toward her and that was all they needed as the eight of them swarmed through the door!!!!
The female screams were drowned out by the laughter and the sudden explosion at the unprotected gate!!!!!

Who's the Best

"Whose cock do you love best Sissy?"
"Yours Sweetheart!!!!"
"Whose cock Sissy???"
"Yours Sweetheart!!!!"
"That's right love my cock!!!!"
"Yes Sweetheart!!!!"
"Whose cock do you crave Sissy....whose cock do you dream of???"
"Honestly Sweetheart.....I love when Ron comes by...."
"Oh yeah Sissy....he's got a nice big and thick one.....he fucks me so good....he makes me cum over and over...."
 "Yes Sweetheart!!!!"
"Why don't we call him and ask him to come over to fuck us both?"
"Yes Sweetheart!!!!"

Friday, May 17, 2019

Young Billy Was not Happy

His Auntie and cousins and their friends were so was prom after all and they all wanted young Billy to be the belle of the ball!!!!
"I think he'd be prettier in this petticoat!"
"No this one would be so much nicer peeking out under his dress!!!"
"Why not both?"
"Yes why not both? Then when his horny date is reaching up under his dress it'll take him some effort to find his little prize!!!!"
They all laughed as Billy blushed....

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Book Club

When I was finally asked to join I discovered why she was always so enthusiastic about her book club meetings!!!! The only thing I regret is that I read that god-awful book...what a waste of valuable time!!!!


I love to read your comments....they keep me on the edge....of my seat!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Hump Day

Who wouldn't be smiling....celebrating Hump Day in pretty new lingerie, what's not to smile about!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Little Extreme

It seemed a little extreme to me....I'd only asked "How much further?" three times....but she's like that sometimes!!!!


Yes those are falsies in my bra....but if you've gotten this far I'm pretty sure you're not complaining!!!!

Monday, May 13, 2019


She had settled on the waiter....he would be the one...
He would be in her apartment tonight...
He would be worshiping her feet tonight....
He would be wearing her panties tonight....he'd look good in red....
He would have his face between her legs tonight....until she decided it was time to grab her big cock and make him her bitch....
He came back to her table to ask if she wanted anything else....
She laughed....and rubbed her thighs tighter together.....she was already so hard!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Some people think it's a waste but there are lots of others who swear by this...
The perfect face cream is all natural and high in protein and other vitamins....
Just look at that perfect natural complexion....and the real beauty of it is, in a few minutes you can get a warm creamy breakfast from the same place!!!!
ManCandy!!! Breakfast and Face Cream all in one!!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2019


I do love wife is my whole world!!!!
She is all I ever dreamed of....more than I ever imagined....and I am grateful every day that she decided to share her life with me....
And I am so glad that she loves the same things that I do.....and all the sex stuff aside I'm so glad that in this day of electronic distractions that my wife loves to settle down with a good book just like I do....
Curling up in bed together reading a good book is a very satisfying experience....thank goodness we share similar tastes in books too....except that she's not as much of a sci-fi fan as I am....but I guess I can forgive her for that considering everything else!!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Well I will admit that I'm kind of curious about it...."
"Well you'll never have a better chance to try it....she'll be gone for's just you and me and I'll never tell....honestly...who could I tell?"
"But I'm just not sure...."
"Look I wasn't sure that first time either and now I love it!!!"
"But....that's're a sissy...."
"That's right....I'm a sissy, not a it's not even like it's gay....."
"Well maybe....."
"'s just like sucking your thumb....only it's not yours....and it's not a thumb....and it's a penis...."
"Well OK....but it's just going to be this once...."
"Just relax and enjoy it....we have all afternoon.....I bet you can't eat just one!!!!"

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Master's Favorite

"Where is he!" Tom Canyon raged, "Where is my brother?"
"I'm sure he is gone.....the Master keeps no male captives..."
"Well he sure as hell took my brother and if you don't tell me where he is I'll kill you, right here....right now!!!!"
"You have much anger....perhaps you should seek peace through the teachings of the Master!"
He grabbed the misshapen acolyte by the throat...
"You have ten seconds to you understand me? Ten seconds if you don't tell me where my brother is being held!!!"
"Perhaps it's for the best that I will never find peace on the path you are on..."
He closed his hands tight around the cultists throat....
"Tell me!!!!"
"Your brother was here.....but he has gone....only his body remains..."
"You bastards!!!! You've killed him!!!!"
"Oh is forbidden to kill.....the Master has forbidden us....we may not is our mission to guide and assist mankind along it's path to fulfillment...."
I doubt it will give you the peace you seek....follow me please....
He led him through winding underground passages....past rooms where he heard sighs and screams but ever downward....turning toward a Massive door the likes of which he would imagine might be in a Gothic cathedral!!!!
However as he drew closer he saw the intricate carving on the door depicting every type of lurid debauchery he could imagine....and some he couldn't ever have imagined!!!
His guide beckoned him to a small side door and they entered a small room...the guide looked at the strange characters etched onto the drawers of a huge chest....and he smiled...
This is the one....your answer lies within....this is what your brother has become....and you should be proud....he has become a favorite of the Master!!!
The guide pulled open the drawer and there was a woman curled up inside....she blinked her eyes and asked....
"Is it time again....does the Master require my services?"
"No, this man is here for you.....he wishes to see you and speak to you...."
"What the hell is this!!!" Ton Canyon demanded, "I wanted you to bring me to my brother and you've brought me to this whore instead!!! What do you mean by....."
He stopped mid-sentence as the soft female voice distracted him....
"Tom, leave him alone....I was your brother until I was bathed in the divine light of the this is me....I have no name...I live to serve the Master....I have found joy in my submission to him....he owns my body and soul...."
Tom Canyon was stunned....could it be....what have these bastards done to his brother!!!!
"I don't know what you did to him but if you don't undo it....right now....I'll kill you all!!!"
The acolyte shook his head....
"It can't be undone my friend....he has bathed in the Master's light and it has changed him forever....his body is now the way he shall always be....the Master has will be adding him as his latest wife and once joined they shall never be parted!!!"
"But what have you done to his've brainwashed him somehow...."
The Master has the power to alter human flesh....but he has no power over the human mind....that person you spoke to is the brother you always thought you she's happy at last...."
"Oh my please tell me it isn't true....please..."
But the woman who had once been Steve Canyon laid her head back down and closed her eyes.....letting sleep take her until she was next summoned by the Master!!!
Torgo slid the drawer closed and slowly guided the man away!!!!


"You just stroke it must remember what it was like to stroke yours don't you?"
"But mine was never like this....I never used more than two fingers on mine..."
"I know that Sissy....that pretty much explains why he's here, now stroke him Sissy....make him cum...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Friday, May 10, 2019

Safe and Sound

"There you go Sweetie....all locked and run along to the bedroom....I've laid out some special undies I want you to wear to wear tonight....hurry along....he'll be here soon!!!!"
"Who did you say was coming tonight Sweetheart?"
"Silly.....I told you days ago that my friend Tom was in town for a few days...."
"Tom? Which Tom?"
"Nine inch Tom, Sissy....I think you remember him....I believe you cried when he was here last time!!!!"
"I guess I might have cried a little bit...."
"You screamed like a banshee was so funny!!!"
"I guess so....but he was the biggest man that ever used me like that...."
"Like what Sissy?"
"You know...."
"Like what Sissy....say it....used you like what Sissy?"
"He was the biggest man that had ever fucked me and made me cry like a little bitch...."
"I hope he's ready for me....for us tonight Sissy!!!!"
"Me too Sweetheart!!!!"

I Never Know

"Sissy.....I need you....right now!!!!"
I never know when she's going to need me....but no matter what she needs I am always ready to serve her....
Late at night she needs my tongue in her ass.....she knows if it's what she wants it's what I want....

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Loves To Watch

The very first time I sucked a man's cock she watched me do it....she loved it....
Years later she still loves to watch me prepare her lovers for her or clean them up after....
Occasionally she'll whisper in my ear as I work that cock in my mouth....
"Make him cum!"
It's always a surprise for me....but it's a wonderful surprise.....she's like never know what she's thinking of....I could tell stories of completely unexpected things she's had me do....but that would be for another time!!!!


I got down on my knees and sucked his cock while she laughed and it wasn't as humiliating as this....
I knelt and watched as he fucked my wife and it wasn't as humiliating as this....
I crawled between her legs and eagerly licked her clean.....slurping up all of his salty cum while he laughed at me...and it still wasn't as humiliating as this!!!!
Here I full sunrise...ironing his shirt so he looks nice when he leaves!!!!
That's humiliation to me....

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pretty Little Pet

"You know Pet....I believe you're not even trying to get away anymore!!!!"
"Why should always catch me anyway!!!"
"Really Pet? I think you like it when I catch that it Pet? Do you like when I catch you?"
"I.....I do.....I love it when you catch me...."
"I thought so just remember this for the rest of your life.....that a girl has always been better than you.....that a girl is your boss!!!!"
"I will....I promise!!!!"

Hump Day

Yes it's Hump Day but that's no reason to take anything for still have to stay on your toes....the week's not over yet!!!!