Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Enslaved

Explorer Richard Drake had ventured further into the deep jungle than any man before him! When his guides warned him about the Wild Women of Wangbu he had thought it was only a legend! When he woke and found himself surrounded by a tribe of women he realized his mistake!
For several days they made their way through the dense jungle on hidden trails and eventually came to the village of Wangbu! He saw no men!
For the next week he was forced to have sex with almost every adult woman in the village! On his eighth day of captivity they brought him before the witch doctor!
"Your seed has been planted and we will have new blood in the tribe! You must stay and mother these babes! But men are not permitted here!"
He gasped as they took hold of his arms and legs!
"Remove the offending organ so that he may be one of us!"
"No!" he screamed when he realized their intention!
"No!!! please god no!!!!!"
""Soon you will be one of us....A wanton woman of Wangbu! Proceed!"
His screams were lost in the jungle!!!

Cuckold Humiliation

I know I'm not particularly big and I know that when she's going out with a man I'm very lucky to be taken along but this is so humiliating! They put me into the toddlers car seat, and they always make sure my panties are on display! As if that wasn't bad enough they always ask the valet parking man to help get me out!!!!
Exposed as a submissive sissy cuckold to complete strangers!!! Oh my god, it's so humiliating!!! Oh my god it's so exciting!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2015


He just couldn't stop playing the video game his girlfriend had given him! The play was intense and after all these months he thought he might be nearing the ultimate goal of the game!
He hadn't been aware as the subliminal commands had worked their magic on him! Nor was he aware of the time he'd spent in trance-like states while his girlfriend fed him massive amounts of female hormones and swapped out his wardrobe! 
Just as planned he would complete the game tomorrow and the games final commands would leave him obediently on his knees, a complete submissive sissy awaiting instructions from his girlfriend...from his Mistress!!!

Who Needs The Fire

It's so cold out but I don't need the fire to stay warm! Watching my wife take her lover's big cock inside her is all I need to make me hot!!! In fact I'm feeling a little overheated!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Dream Come True

When he had confessed his fantasy to have a threesome with her and her best friend she had smiled and agreed that the idea sounded hot to her too!
When she told him a few days later that she and her friend were going to fuck him that night if it was still what he wanted! He nodded eagerly and told her how much he'd love it, it was a dream come true!!!
Later as he looked into his wife's eyes while her best friend was fucking him he remembered. She'd said that her friend AND her were going to fuck him!!! He realized he was in for a long, hard night!!!

I Don't Care

"I don't care how much you like your pretty new bra, Sissy, I love it too...after all I bought it for you! But it's simply not appropriate for you to answer the door without a shirt on! I thought that poor postman was going to hyperventilate!"
"Yes dear, I'm sorry dear!"
"It will be a spanking next time Sissy and I'll invite him in to watch!"
"Yes Ma'am I understand!"
"And if he get's aroused watching I'll expect you to take care of that too!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Try to sound a little less enthusiastic!"
How could I! Exposure, spanking, humiliation and maybe more!!!! If this was punishment I only wanted more!!!
"Yes Ma'am..."

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wait A Second Kaaren

Wait a second Kaaren the lace is caught on your cage! If you tear those pretty panties I'll be very mad at you! You have to take care of your pretty lingerie doesn't grow on trees you know!

What Do You Think

"What do you think Kaaren?"
"Well Leeanne, after giving it a good look over I feel safe to say that that's an engine!"
"I agree sweetie but why won't it run?"
"I have no idea!!! But I'm pretty sure if we stay here just like this, some men will be sure to come help!"
"I'm pretty sure you're right sweet girl!"
"Here comes a few guys now....."

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shopping Early

He was crying quietly as she left the room laughing! She had said she was going to add a ribbon to make his chastity cage a little prettier! She spent a few minutes fussing as she tied a lovely bow until she decided it was just right!
She asked him what he thought and he thanked her and agreed his little caged cockette looked much better this way! Then he noticed the tag!!!
"Please no!" he had begged as the tears began to stream down his face,
"I'm doing my shopping early this year Sissy and I got you the present I know you're really going to want!!!" she said laughing!
As she was closing the door to the Sissy's bedroom she heard him pleading through his tears! "'s only January!!!"

It's Snowing Sissy

"It's snowing Sissy, if you want to go outside and play make sure you wear a cloat and boots!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday ManCandy - Late Edition

ManCandy, it's great for helping you wind down after a busy day! When you're looking for that perfect snack to go with a nice glass of sherry, nice warm and smooth ManCandy is just the thing! Have a sherry and a big serving of ManCandy and feel your cares melt away! You'll sleep better and have nicer dreams!

Monday ManCandy

It's the perfect snack to start your day! Full of creamy goodness and won't ever stick to your braces! ManCandy, recommended by 9 out if 10 dentists and we're all still wondering what the hell is wrong with that tenth dentist!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

There's No Game Today Sissy!

"There's no game today Sissy, so why are you dressed for game day?"
"I have to practice for the big game next week...I was hoping you'd help!"
"Okay Sissy you just stay there and I'll get my big black strap-on and we can practice all day!!!"


She would sit with her date and they would laugh and laugh as I danced for them! My poor little clit, unseen under my tutu, straining in it's cage!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Misery 2

"Bob!!! Thank God!!!! Untie me quick before she get's back!!!! She's crazy!!!! Look what she's done to me....she gives me injections all the time and she dresses me like this!!! My God Bob I think she's trying to make me into a woman!!!"
"Hurry Bob...untie me....Bob...why are you smiling.... Bob why are you opening your pants....Bob wait...I thought you were my not in my mouth Bob please...not in my......"

Oh Yes You Can!!!

Her new lover had a seriously kinky side! When he came for dinner he brought his own sissy maid with him!!!!! After they had dinner he sent his sissy to clean the dishes and much to my disappointment I was sent to my room!
I had just begun to undress when I heard a soft knock. Turning around I saw his sissy maid in my doorway!
"Hi we haven't been name's Ronnie....your wife said I could sleep in here with that OK?"
I looked at her and looked at my little sissy bed, barely big enough for me...."
"Oh yes you can! It might be a little snug but I'm sure you'll be comfy!"
"I like snug!"
"Me too! Let me help you undress...."

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sissu School - Detention

"Oh my god Kaaren is that all you've done! It's been two hours!!!! You still have to write it 99 more times! At this rate you'll be serving this detention for months!!!!"
"Mmmmmm Yes sir, I'm so happy you're showing me the error of my ways!"


Why does it take me so long to do my chores? Well when I get to a mirror I like to make sure my uniform is still neat and clean! Now I realize that it's not my fault, there are just too many mirrors in the house!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

When She Gets Home

She tells me that her office is full of "yes men" and "ass kissers"! When she gets home I do my best to take her mind off of office politics and I like to show her what a real ass kisser can do!!!

Bra and Panties

I have loved wearing panties since I was a young teenager! Before that I loved to catch glimpses of them! I had always thought that nothing could make me feel more feminine than slipping on a soft, silky pair of panties! But then, the first time I put on a bra I knew that it was the most feminine of garments!
You could maybe explain away why you are wearing panties although most such explanations would be heard by skeptical ears...but there is no way to explain why you're wearing a bra other than the obvious one!
The snug feel as it circles your chest! The feel of the straps on your shoulders! The outline of it visible through almost any top you wear!
I love wearing panties but it was putting on that bra that really made me feel like a girl!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh Dear!

"Oh Dear!!! I see you must have been very excited to see me in my undies!"
"I...I'm sorry! This has never happened to me before!"
"Oh I'm sure! Well not to worry I have a lovely pair of panties you can wear while you pleasure me with your tongue!"
"Panties...I'm not sure I'd want to...."
"Nonsense! You've had your fun already so now it's my turn and I don't want your little dickie dripping on the carpet!"
"Of're right..."
"You'll find that I usually am, now let me get those panties for you....I think pastel blue would be is for boys....hahahahaha...."

That Was Close

Never again! I would never again go out without panties!!! All I did was sneeze and I nearly blasted that plug across the room! At home it wouldn't be a problem but here in the supermarket it might have been a little embarrassing!!! I gave it a discrete push back in and headed for home as soon as I could!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grooming - Sissy Training

Learning to help your wife groom herself to please her lover is an important step in any Sissy's life! Remember she's doing it for him, not for you!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl my friends and I all learned to make the boys happy with our mouths! All the girls said they did it because they had to keep their boyfriends happy or they would look elsewhere! They all said it was icky, and they all said swallowing was out of the question!
I was different I loved doing it and I loved the taste and I swallowed every single time!!!
I never dreamed that one day I'd have a sissy husband who loved doing it and loved the taste and swallowed every single time! I never dreamed it but I love it!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Let's Be Clear

"Alright Sissy, the first thing we have to be clear on in this marriage is whose tongue goes where..."

"And then we have to be clear on whose cock goes where....!!!"

Monday ManCandy

I don't like to make wild claims about creamy, delicious ManCandy, but in this case I can tell you that when she started her ManCandy regimen she was a 32AA!
ManCandy! Maybe it boosts more than your energy!!! Try it for a while and see for yourself!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Is Game Day

It looks like that's it for Sissy Leeanne! After three quarters she's heading for the locker room to ice those sore knees! Looking to the sidelines we see Sissy Kaaren is warming up, she's hoping to carry the team the rest pf the way to victory!!!

Swollen Desire

She was a little red and swollen after he left and I could understand why...I mean he was huge! So as I licked up all his delicious cum I tried to be as gentle as I could!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Matinee - No Way Back

"Oh my god what have you done to him!?!?!?"
"I've made him into the perfect sex slave! He needs the semen you see...either orally or anally he must get enough each day or he'll go mad from the withdrawal pains!!!"
"Can you change him back?"
"Yes actually if I just throw this switch into reverse it would.....what are you doing with that gun? Please don't shoot....Aaaiiiieeee!!!!"
"C'mon let me get you home! I'm sure we can work something's a real shame I had to shoot him before he could tell me how to reverse it but it had to be done...."

The Switch

I had listened to them going at it until the noise died down about an hour ago...I thought perhaps they had fallen asleep.
I was surprised to find him at my sissy bedroom door, hard and ready and most importantly...very interested!!!
Soon I was on my hands and knees and the same cock that was inside my wife was making me moan like a bitch in heat. That's when I saw her from the corner of my eye!
We had switched roles completely! Her man was fucking me into ecstasy while she was the one watching!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Switch Day - Sissies Through History

There was a popular stunt that many schools employed to boost school spirit in the 1950's! They would have a Switch Day; a day when the cheerleaders came to school as boys and the team came dressed as girls!
It was all good fun and everyone shared a laugh but when the boys showed up in saddle shoes and bobby sox the next day some were concerned.
When the team showed up in poodle skirts and crinolines at the dance on Friday as the dates of the rival team people realized that something was wrong but they found it was too late to switch them back!!!!
The lawsuits from the boys families nearly bankrupted the school system and Switch Day faded into memory!!!!

Sissy What's Taking So Long

When he asked what was taking so long it was clear he had never worn heels like these! I'd serve him his drink and hopefully he'd want me on my knees while he enjoyed it!

She Does This To Me All The Time!!!!

"I don't know Sissy, I can't decide what I want! Do you want something to eat Sweetie?"
Oh my god YES!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Shouldn't Be Here

'But this is the girls locker room!!! I shouldn't be in here!"
"It's alright Sissy, the other girls all know I'm bringing you to cheerleader practice!"
"But's the girls locker room!!!! Boys aren't supposed to be in here....ever!!!"
"Boys! You make me laugh Sissy!! Boys aren't supposed to be dressed as pretty cheerleaders either! If you'd like to go over to the boys locker room I believe the football team just finished their practice! They're probably all walking around naked with their big cocks just waiting for a pretty sissy cheerleader to come along for them to use!!! If you like I can walk you over there!"
" please! I'd rather be with you girls please!"
"Let me finish getting dressed and we'll see how you do as one of the girls! Then we'll meet the boys later and then we'll really see how you do as one of the girls!!!"

After the Second Hour

After the second hour I had spent worshiping her she made me stop! I thought that she had had enough! That she was satisfied!
I followed her to the kitchen and it turned out she needed a snack! Pulling me to the table she got back into position to continue! She ate something nice and creamy and delicious and I did too!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Suddenly Released

The man had inadvertently used the phrase that released Tom from his hypnotic trance! The last thing Tom remembered was his roommate taking him to a hypnotherapist so he could quit smoking and now he was here...dressed as a his knees...with his roommates cock in his mouth!!!
Right after he cums, Tom thought, we are going to have a serious talk about boundaries!!!

Are You Sure

"Are you sure Sister Kaaren, is this the life you really want? We have overlooked that little caged thing between your legs to allow you to be a novice in our order but we need to know if you're serious about your commitment!"
"Look at this nice hard cock...inches from your mouth...are you ready to give that up? It feels so hot in my hand I can only imagine how wonderful it would feel in my mouth...dripping his pre-cum onto my tongue as I sucked him harder and deeper...are you ready to give that up?"
"Yes Sister Kaaren, three days a week you'll have to give it up are you ready to make that commitment?"

"Give up sucking cocks for three days a week!!!! My God Sister!!!! How could I endure it??? What do we do to get through those three long days???"

"Well Sister Kaaren for those three days we kneel down, bow our heads and take it in the ass!!!"

"Where do I sign up?"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Kaaren you know how he loves bright red lips on his cock! You should have done this already!!!

It Doesn't Fit Me

"It doesn't fit me so it must be yours...."
"Because if it's not mine and it's not yours then someone has some explaining to do..."
"Wait I think I remember...when Stacy came by last week...when she used the big strap-on with me, remember she took her bra off because she was getting so must be hers!"
"I do believe you're right Sissy, I'll have to invite her over to pick it up."
"But she's your assistant, you work with her every day...why would you..."
"Silly Sissy, don't you want me to invite her over?"
"You know're right...we should have her over again!"
"You're such a slut, Sissy"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sissy School - A Little Problem

"Kaaren....Kaaren....wake up...please Kaaren...wake up...I need you!"
"Hmmm....what's going on Leeanne...what;s the problem?
"I had some dreams last night and I can't make it go down! I can't walk through the halls like this!!!"
"So you want me to take care of that for you Leeanne? Is that why you woke me up?"
"Please Kaaren!"
"Leeanne I'd love to, pull down those panties and I'll start your day with a smile!!!"

Monday ManCandy

While science has proven that secondhand smoke is dangerous I can tell you that secondhand ManCandy is just the opposite! It's just as good for you and actually, as hard as it is to believe, it tastes a little better!!! I know you don't think it could possibly taste better but I suggest you compare and decide for yourself!!!
ManCandy! It doesn't matter how you get yours  as long as you get plenty of it!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Is Game Day

If I was the NFL Commissioner the team uniforms would be a little different! You may laugh but I guarantee you the ratings would go up!!!

Not Sure

When I couldn't fit him in my mouth to fluff him I really began to wonder....I know she likes big cocks but is there such a thing as too big!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Parasite

The alien parasite, it's work complete, left his transformed body and swam away to wait for it's next unsuspecting victim! On the shore where once stood Steve Gordon Park Ranger, there now lay a mindless sex-crazed bimbo!!!
Later when he was found, the rescue party had to fight off his advances as they strapped him to the stretcher! They all nervously looked at one another as they put him in the ambulance for the asylum!
Which of us is next, they wondered, which of us will be the next victim of the mystery of Sissy Lake!!!!

Gag Reflex

Sissy had long since overcome her gag reflex but sometimes...if the cock was big enough...if the angle was right...if her throat was relaxed enough...the right man could still tickle her tonsils!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sissy Cuckold

Her lover always made a point of having her sissy husband suck his big cock before he fucked her! He knew it made them clear on his place in this relationship!
It made them understand that there was only one man in the room and that man could take whatever he wanted!!!

My Analyst

My new analyst is trying so hard to understand the root causes of my many, many fetishes!
When I arrived for my session I was surprised when her secretary led me into a different room than usual! I was even more surprised when she entered the room dressed for business!!!!
"Now Kaaren, I think for the next few sessions we should explore this spanking fetish of yours! And the best way to help me understand will be a hands-on experience. You can tell me all about what you're feeling as we proceed!"
"Okay, Dr. Mentia, thanks for going to such lengths to help me!"
"It's my job Kaaren! and please call me Doctor Dee, or Mistress Dee if that makes you more comfortable."
Thank you....Mistress Dee!" 
"Very good Kaaren! Now pick up your skirt and I think we'll start with your panties on at the beginning!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Thursday, January 8, 2015


"Let me see Sissy! Wow I don't believe it! You used that big one!!! Wow I never thought it would fit!!! I'm really impressed Sissy!!!"

On A Chilly Winter Night

On a chilly winter night, with the snow swirling and the winds howling, I like nothing better than curling up with a nice big cock in my mouth! It keeps me so warm!