Sunday, April 30, 2017

Any Side Effects

"I really don't know why she insists that I get these vitamin shots Doctor, I really feel fine!"
"Why don't you let your wife and I be the judge of that......have you noticed any side effects since we began your regimen....your vitamin regimen?"
"Well yeah....maybe a couple...."
"And what are they?"
"I'm kind of embarrassed to say but my chest seems a little swollen and....and nipples seem to be extra sensitive...."
"All perfectly normal...I think perhaps now the best idea would be to increase the dosage!"


"What are you reading Kaaren? Some stodgy old book about history again?"
"Yes.....I'm reading about the Revolutionary was a fascinating time in history!"
"Is it interesting Kaaren?"
"Oh has a lot of information I didn't know...."
"Is it more interesting than this...."
I felt her big latex strap on nudge against my panties.....
"I guess I could always pick up where I left off...."
"Exactly the right answer Sweetie...."

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Lucky Starr and the Lost Planet of the Amazons

By the gods he couldn't believe his luck as he regained consciousness in the tangled wreck of his ship! He couldn't believe he had been lucky enough to survive!!! But luck had always been with him,,,,that's why they called him Commander Edward "Lucky" Starr!!!
He had braved so many hazards and taken so many outlandish risks and somehow a combination of skill and luck had seen him through!!!
Apparently this crash was no exception....the ship dropped out of hyperspace near an uncharted black hole whose massive gravitational pull had immediately grabbed hold and began pulling his ship toward it's horrible crushing center.....using every ounce of power his small one man ship could provide he pushed the ship as hard as it could go.....the titanic forces of the black hole against the power of his super fusion ion drive nearly ripped his ship apart....the struggle between the two forces went on for several minutes although to him it felt like hours....suddenly his ship broke free and the sudden massive acceleration had left him unconscious....with no one at the controls and with all power diverted to the engines his ship had been defenseless when the asteroid hit!
The crash had been terrible and the twisted metal that remained of his ship would never go to space again!
But he was alive and remarkably, except for a bump on his head, he was unhurt!!! He smiled at his luck and his smile broke into a wide grin when through the portal he saw two humanoid forms on the horizon hurrying toward the wreckage!!!
As they drew nearer he smiled, two women, human in form, and what form!!!! He just barely managed to budge the door of his ship when suddenly it was ripped open and he was seized by the two beauties!
"What is it Zara?"
"I think it's a male....but it's so small!"
"I am Commander Edward Starr of Planetary Confederation Space Patrol! What planet is this?"
"Oh my goddess speaks!"
"Obviously some type of unregulated Beta....probably trying to escape it's mistress.....we'll take it to the lab and have it corrected!"
"Wait!!! What are you talking about....I demand to be taken to your leader....I am a Commander of...."
One tap on his head and he was unconscious again!
"Yes we'll take it to the lab....I doubt that that this one has even been castrated yet...."
"Really! Why on earth would any of us want to breed with one so small and weak?"
"Who knows? People have some odd ideas about the breeding?"
"We'll take this one to the lab and before you know it he'll be back with his Mistress as her maidservant!!!"
It looked like his luck had run out.....


The first thing you have to do as a fluffer for your wife is to make sure you properly size up the situation!!!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Now You're Ready

"Alright you're finally ready for Tyrone.....I'll give him a a little while!!!"


"You sissies behave promise there will be no shenanigans?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Alright then.....we'll be just downstairs with the girls if you need anything..."
"Okay dear..."
It wasn't more than a minute later that dresses were up and panties were off and as I sucked greedily on the sissy cock in front of me I heard the door open....than I heard the laughter....then I heard my wife....
"I told you....didn't I.....sluts....all of them....sissies are which one of you bet that it was going to be under 5 minutes....."
There was more laughter but all I could think of was this delightfully feminine cock in my mouth.....perfumed and perfect....I couldn't wait to taste her sweet sissy cream and I didn't care who was watching!!!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A New Idea

It had just been an offhand remark by Veronica but Betty glanced at the two boys and she was already picturing them in stockings and garters and frilly bras and panties!!!!
Both boys lusted after her and all she had to do was give them a little "special" attention and they would do anything for her.....
Reggie might be hard but Archie would be wearing a cute dress by tomorrow!!!
She got wet just thinking about it!!!!

It Never Gets Old

You spent a good part of your life looking at that pathetic tiny clit between your legs that you used to think was a cock!
Then you were amazed at what a real cock looked like....a real man sized cock....
Even though you've seen them by the dozen since then you're still surprised by each one....
It's not what you's what a man has and after all you're not much of a man anyway!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Most Little Girls

"You know Sissy....most little girls would get spanked if they let their dress ride up like that, showing their panties to everybody!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am....I didn't know!"
"That will be another 25 for lying Sissy....every girl knows that!!!"
"But I'm not really a girl Ma'am!!!"
"That's no excuse Sissy!!! Now come get over my knee!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Sissy School - HJ Tutorial

"So you see Sissies, giving a man a handjob is very different from the two finger stroking on those tiny things that you're used I want each one of you to take a turn stroking this magnificent cock and the one that makes him cum gets extra credit!!!"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Over Dinner

"Kaaren I was just thinking that I wish you had met me for lunch was delicious....I'm sure you would have loved it!"
"You should have called me....I could have come.....what did you have?"
"I'm pretty sure it was Italian..."
"Pretty sure....what do you mean pretty sure?"
"Well you look at the selfie and you tell me if you can tell!"
"I really can't but it certainly does look...delicious....I really wish you'd called me!!!"
"Maybe next time Sissy!"

Good Morning

"I have to get ready for work Kaaren....I just don't have the would you be a dear and take care of that for me?"
"Can I have it all? I you want him back before he cums?"
"No Sissy, he's all yours!"
Now that's what I think of as a good morning!!!!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Me Too

"Oh're making me so hot!!!"
"Oh're doing the same to me...."
"I can feel something poking me...down there Johnny...."
"And I feel something poking me too......hey Katie....what the hell???"
"Never you mind that Johnny....would you like me know....put it in my mouth?"
"Oh god yes Katie that would be swell!!!"
"Pull down your pants Johnny and after you can do me!!!?"
"Wait....what did you say?"
"I said pull your pants down so I can put it in my mouth....gosh seems like you don't want's already late maybe I should just go in...."
" I need you now Katie....I need you so bad it hurts!!!!"
"I know you do Johnny....I know you do!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

More than just a mouthful of delicious creamy goodness....more than a delicious warm way to start your day....more than you can swallow but still leaves you wanting more...more than just something to warm your's more like a fine work of art to be savored and enjoyed!!!!
ManCandy!!! So good, it should be framed and hung in every museum in the world!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


"Go ahead know what I told you to do!!!!"
" I have to?"
"Of course you have to...I said so didn't I? Now go on....."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
The salesman smiled as I approached him....
"Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me?"
"Yes....Miss....what can I do for you?"
He was cute....a million ideas of what he could do for me popped into my head but I had to focus....
"I was wondering where I could find the male chastity devices?"
"Excuse me....what is it you're looking for?"
As instructed I pulled up my skirt revealing my little panty bulge....
"I need a male chastity device to make sure I don't play with my little clit while my wife's not home!"
I was blushing beet red....
"Um...I don't think we carry anything like that....maybe you should check with my manager...."
My wife stepped closer, looping her arm through mine....
"What a wonderful idea," she said. "We'll be sure to do just that.....thank the young man Sissy!"
I thanked him and gave him a quick curtsy and then my wife guided me out of the store toward the parking lot...
"Embarrassed Sissy?"
"Very much!"
"Very much!!!!"
"Me too Sissy, I'm going to need your attention as soon as possible!!!"
"It would be my pleasure Ma'am!"
"I know it will Sissy, now hurry to the car!!!!"

Remember What I Taught You Sissy

"Don;t forget what I taught you Sissy.....

.....don't neglect the balls!!!!"

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Wrath of the Gods

He had gotten home late from work....again! His boss had ridden him hard....again!!!
But what choices did he have, after all, the job market was tight and he was just barely getting by now.....he couldn't afford to lose that weekly paycheck!!!!
After his meager supper he picked up his book and once again immersed himself in the world of ancient Greece where capricious gods and goddesses played with the poor mortals who lived below Olympus....

He must have dozed off because he suddenly found himself on a battlefield....this was a very realistic dream!!!! With others by his side he fought against nightmarish hordes, hacking and slashing with his sword until all fell back before him....all his anger....pent up for so long had made him into the greatest fighter of them all!!!!
They carried him from the field in triumph shouting his name and praising him as the greatest warrior of all.....all the city's residents bowed to him as he swept by them!!!!
They carried him to the temple of Athena....and there they gave thanks to the goddess for sending them a hero and for giving him the strength to fight back the armies of the invaders....
Listening to them praise a stone statue began to anger him......wasn't it him who drove the enemy back? Wasn't it his strong arm and sword that left the battlefield covered in the bloody remains of the enemy?
Shouldn't they be praising him?
"People, I stand before you, covered in the blood and gore of battle....I have defeated our enemy and driven him from our gates.....I did it....I. a man....not a stone image...and certainly not a stone image of a mere female!!!! By the gods what good would a female have done us in battle other than to slow us and weaken our battle line!!!! If it's thanks you wish to them to me as I am the savior of the city....not some stone idol!"

As she watched it unfold, the goddess was stunned! She had searched through time and space for a champion to save her city!!!! And her temple...he dared to cast her aside and claim that it was he alone deserving of praise!!!
And belittling her power as a woman.....she was the goddess who had granted him all the gifts he had needed to defeat the army that threatened her city!!!!

The assembled crowd gasped......first at his blasphemy in the temple and then when the statue of the goddess spoke!!!!
"You have scoffed at my power.....I have given you great gifts and I can take them away mortal! Perhaps you will reconsider what a "mere female" can offer in a battle!"
"Females are is only men like me that can carry the day and bring us victory!"
"Well mortal, I can see you have a lesson to learn....never anger a goddess!!!"
Lightning flashed and he screamed....

He woke in a cold sweat......what a realistic dream.....he still felt out of sorts.....and looking down upon his nearly naked body he realized with horrible clarity what had happened.... she....realized how unwise it was to incur the Wrath of the Gods!!!!


"Hi......that's me and that's my boyfriend! Isn't he handsome? And that's my sissy husband sucking his cock....isn't he cute in his pretty lingerie? Pretty soon I'm going to have to make him stop because I have some plans for that cock tonight too!!!! Sissy can always eat the leftovers!!!"

Friday, April 21, 2017

Strikes Again

The Subway Sissy Gang struck again tonight and the exhausted victim was rushed to the hospital suffering from a severe semen shortage......he claims he was accosted on the train and they used every method they could think of to, as he put it, drain him dry!!!!
The police are asking for less volunteers this time even as thousands of men rushed to their nearest subway in hopes of capturing the notorious gang!!!!!

She Told Me To

She told me to suck it....she told me she wanted to see what a cocksucking sissy I could be....she told me she wanted it in my mouth right now!!!!

I tried my best to seem seem like this wasn't one of my favorite fantasies come true....but I still feel like I should have resisted just a little longer....just a little longer to make her believe that she was forcing me to do it.....trying to make her believe that it was the first time I'd had one in my mouth!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Whose Are These

When I walked into the room she was standing with the black panties in her hands!
"And just whose are these? They're not mine!!!!"
Thoughts raced through my head....oh my did I fuck up like that....what can I say!!!!!
"I'm sorry Sweetheart, those are mine.....I must have mixed them up when I was doing the won't happen again!!!"
I followed up with a deep curtsy.....
"Alright this time Sissy.....don't do it again....we'll discuss it later....but for now I think ten is appropriate...don't you?"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!"
I laid over her lap to receive my needed correction!!!!


Honestly....not many of them really need my help to get hard....
But she likes to watch me suck her lovers cocks and if it makes her happy then it makes me happy too!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

You Know - Sissies Through History

"You know that's not my finger don't you Miss?"
"You know I'm not really a "Miss" don't you Sailor?"
"Yes I do!!!"
"Excellent, then you won't mind if I put you in my mouth to clean you off?
"But the ink....wouldn't that bother you?"
"It's cranberry jam....."
"Then by all means feel free to take all the jam I can offer Miss!"

Not Sure About It

"You know Sissy.....I barely even notice that little thing in your panties you miss really wasn't much good to anyone....was it?"
I was not sure how I felt about that!!! The very tiny bit of the old male ego demanded that I object.....after all she was completely dismissing all that made you male....but then....
"No Ma'am....I don't miss it at was never useful for your pleasure!"
"But what about your pleasure Sissy?"
"I get pleasure from pleasing you Sweetheart!!!"
"Exactly the right answer Sissy...."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


He said he was going to fuck my tight little starfish....and he had a pretty big cock....I mean I couldn't take him all when I sucked him....I only got about two thirds of him in my mouth and that was really pushing my god you'd have to be like a python to take him all....I'd have to unhinge my jaw to take that big beautiful cock all the way into my he was fucking my wife and from the sounds of it they were both enjoying themselves very I'm left with time to wonder....he said he's going to fuck my starfish and I'm looking at it and I can't see why he would want to and how he possibly could...


The hardest thing about being a fluffer for your wife....
Well sometimes they get a little enthusiastic and you have to go against every instinct you have.....the idea here is that he doesn't cum in your greedy sucking mouth...
You not only have to fight your urge to swallow every sweet drop of his have to fight his urge to cum in your mouth too...
But better things await him while you can only hope to get another taste of him afterward!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017


Oh my goodness.....when I think about's so pretty....all satin and frills....but it's totally impractical....I mean it won't cover's so sissy!!! He's going to look just adorable in this!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It used to be a pretty private thing....but now showing all your followers what you had for breakfast is considered normal!!!!  On Monday mornings some social media is overrun by selfies of people enjoying their special creamy treat!!!!
ManCandy!!!!It's no secret that you love it so let everyone see that smile!!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Didn't Hear

They honestly didn't hear the laughter of their wives and the men they were with....
"Make them kiss each other!"
"Oh yeah! That would be hilarious"
"You heard them Sissies...let's see a nice deep kiss!!!"
The laughter faded into background noise away as they realized that this is what they really wanted to do since they had first seen each other....since they knew that they were not alone....since they each finally had a sissy girlfriend!!!!

Easter Surprise

She dressed me like her good little girl again and told me to wait for her and when she got home I'd get a nice Easter surprise!!!! She let me hold my Teddy so I wouldn't be lonely but she said she wouldn't be long!
I wonder what she's going to bring me....maybe a chocolate bunny or a bag of jelly beans or a basket of goodies....or maybe a big black cock to suck.....I'd like that most of all!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Ten Years

He still listened to the chatter on the sub-space radio hoping to hear that someone was still looking for him.....after ten years....
After the natives had found him in his crashed ship they had tried to repair his broken mangled body as best they could but the only data they could find on human biology had been an old copy of Playboy that Curtis, the pilot, had smuggled aboard....
He didn't know how the machines did it but when he awoke he was a dead ringer for the Playmate of the Month from June 2037.....
It took him some time to adjust.....he was a woman now....and he was lost on an alien world.....his radio could receive but strangely his beacon signal wasn't heard or acknowledged by any ships of the fleet....
He spent the entire day listening to the back and forth on the seemed that the Earth Federation was at war with something called the Sklar empire....and the radio was filled with news and reports of the victories and defeats of the day....
He had been so distracted that he had barely heard the sounds of the sucking tentacles pulling the alien through the door.....he whirled around just in time....
"Oh I've missed you.....How was your day?"
"It's better now that I'm home...I've been thinking about you all day!"
He.....she...giggled as a tentacle slipped under her dress and another reached to turn off the radio.....
The last item on the radio was something about a faint rescue beacon being picked up but they were lost in ecstasy and neither of them noticed it......

Some Places

There are some places we've gone to where the clientele is far more interested in me than they are in her.....sometimes she's the only woman there!!!! She loves it and she records some of her favorite scenes so she can show me how I looked.....

Friday, April 14, 2017

No Hands

"No hands Sissy....just your mouth....just remember you are not in control here....he puts his cock in your mouth and I control what you do with it!!!!"

Proud To Serve

You remember when your uncle told you that when the time came he had done his part....he had served in uniform!!!
He was proud to serve and he wasn't shy about letting people know....
So then why would you be shy about letting people know that you're proud to serve in uniform too???

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Such A Sight

What would a man do if he was watching his wife suck a big cock right in front of him....I'd guess if a man saw that he'd end their marriage and scorn her as a slut....
Thank god then that I'm not much of a man....because seeing her mouth around that great big cock while she looks deep into my eyes is one of the most erotic things I could ever experience!!!
Tasting him on her lips and tongue when she kisses me later just makes it better for me....and god help me....she knows I love it.....

Special Panties

"I'm sure you love these panties....don't you sweetie....every time I put them in the laundry they seem to disappear for a day or I thought you might enjoy them while they're still warm and wet.....while my scent is still fresh....while his scent is still there....while you can still taste us both!!!!"

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Instinct - Sissy Training

It's natural for your sissy to become aroused while he watches you make love with a real man....and of course his first instinct is to reach down for that disappointing little clit....that's why chastity is so important!!!
Sissy must understand that your orgasms and your lover's orgasms are the only ones he should be concerned with.....there will be no unauthorized sissy cummies!!!!

Early In The Morning

Some mornings are better than others....doesn't every man want to hear his wife tell him how horny she she had wild sex dreams about him last much she needed a quickie before she went to work today!!!!!
You may be a little may walk a little funny for a couple of hours....but isn't it worth it when you see the smile on her face as she leaves for the office.....

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


There are events in your life you will always remember....
Your first date...
Your first bra...
Your first car....
Your High School graduation...
Your first time with a girl....
Your first time with a boy....
Your wedding...
And the sound of that lock clicking shut!!!! That plays over and over in your head as the weeks and months crawl by!!!!!!!

No Matter What matter how you twist and matter how hard you try....sometimes even the most determined sissy has to admit that there are times when you just can't take it all!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Beyond Knowing

"That's it!!!! I'm beyond knowing what to do with you two!!!! I put you into panties and petticoats to cure your wild ways and now I hear that you're both giving blowjobs in the school yard!!!! I didn't raise my boys to be sluts!!!! I'm going to make proper young ladies out of you two even if it means I have to spank your asses every morning, noon and night!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

There is that moment....frozen in time.....the instant before your first taste....where uncertainty is screaming in your brain that maybe this was a bad idea......that tiny nagging doubt that maybe this isn't what you need....but then you get that first taste and you know that you'll want more of this....a lot more!!!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Join the ranks of the taste is all it takes!!!!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sissy School - A Weekend at Home

"I sent you to that school to turn you into a little sissy slut and it looks like they've done the job all too well!!!! Every weekend you come home and every time my back is turned you're on your knees with my boyfriend's cock in your mouth!!! Well Sissy....that has to stop.....because when you leave he expects me to do it.....don't get me wrong....I love his cock too but not five or six times a day!!!! So you think about that before you come home again....think about that while you can't sit for a day or two!!!"

Date Night

When they came home they only had eyes for each other!!! I knelt obediently waiting as their hands explored each other....I tried not to look but how could I keep my eyes turned away???
She was so beautiful and he was a very handsome man.....and I already knew he was big....she told me before he picked her up for their night out!!!
He was very successful too.....he had looks, money, power and everything he ever wanted....and tonight he wanted my wife.....he caught my eye as he slid her short dress up.....revealing the pretty panties that I had picked out for her to wear......he smiled and winked at me as he slid his hand over her sweet little ass....
Tonight he would take her and she would feel a real man inside her....and I would kneel close by and watch....and we would all get what we wanted!!!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

"Tell me how you did it?!?!?"
Her small fist hit him was hurting her hand more than it was hurting his face!!!
"Tell me!!!"
"I got nothing to say....."
She hit him again, suppressing the urge to scream at how much it hurt her hand!!!
"You've got nothing to say!!!!  I wake up in a strange ship and I'm.....I'm a girl for god's sake....and you've got nothing to say!!!"
She hit him again only this time she involuntarily winced at the pain in her small hand!!!
The man chuckled....
"You used to hit harder than that Rocky...I like you better this way!!!"
Infuriated the Space Ranger began pummeling him as he just laughed...
"Where are we going....the ship's auto-pilot wouldn't tell me!?!?!?"
"Just a little backwater planet in the Centauri System....they don't have a lot of women there so you're going to be really popular.....I should get a high price for you!!!"
"You're taking me to a....slave world!!! You're a monster!!!! Turn this ship around or I'll kill you!"
"Sorry, I'm just minding you till we get there....I don't know anything else about it!!! Everything is on automatic....the ship knows where it's don't need us.....get used to it Rocky....your Space Ranger days are over!!!"
He flexed his huge muscles and snapped the flimsy bonds that were holding him....
"Alright now let's get you settled for the night.....and I just want you to know.....I wouldn't wish what's going to happen to you on my worst enemy....those guys on that planet....they're pretty rough....."
"Maybe....maybe you and I could make some kind of deal....."
"Sorry Rocky, I'm well paid and as a bonus I always get to go first!"
"What do you mean, go first? Oh my god you can't that!!!!
His laughter echoed through the ship....the 59 other transformed men slept in hibernation....tomorrow he'd put Rocky back and pick another playmate after all it was a long way to Centauri!!!

It's The Best

You have to be have to be right there.....but it's just the best when you can get him in your mouth before he starts to can taste them both and there's almost always an extra little bit for you if you suck him just right!!!!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Seeing It All

I could see it all as she sank down on inch after inch disappeared inside her.....I heard them both gasp as her sweet pussy stretched around his big cock....I gasped little clit was trying to get hard again.....but the cage still made sure I was under control....

Working On It

I've been working on my new fluffing technique!!!! It seems to work pretty well!!!