Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Office Temp

As an office temp I try to blend in, I try to take someones place without too much of a disruption! When they explained Sheila's duties to me I was surprised but I found my days there pretty enjoyable!

Now that I think of it, and truth be told I would go back there if they ever had an opening!!!

Your Job Sissy

Your job Sissy is to keep him hard enough to hold my bag! You may only use your mouth! If he loses his erection he'll drop the bag and you'll be punished! If he cums he'll drop the bag and you'll be punished You're going to have your work cut out for you Sissy, keep sucking him but don't make him cum! We'll be here for a while, my girlfriend and I have a lot of catching up to do!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

As I Stood

I had put on the clothes she had laid out and as I stood in the doorway she looked me over with hungry eyes!
"Sissy, you're in luck tonight...because tonight I want to do bad things to you!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Kaaren You're in Big trouble Now!

I heard her from across the house and up the stairs! She sounded really angry!
"Kaaren you better get down here right now if you know what's good for you!"
Yes she was really angry all right!
"Kaaren get your Sissy ass down here right now and explain this bill! Nine hundred dollars Kaaren! Mr. Henri's Shoe Boutique!!! Nine hundred dollars! You better get down here and explain yourself Missy! Don't make me come looking for you!"
I think she's a little too angry now...maybe if I stall she'll calm down!
"Dammit Sissy, I'm getting my hairbrush and when I find you I'm going to give you a nine hundred dollar spanking!"
I like to be spanked but I'm not sure what a nine hundred dollar spanking is but I'm pretty sure I don't want one!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Is He There Yet?

"Hello Sissy. are you being a good girl?"
She always asked me that! Every phone was like a little ritual!
"Yes Ma'am, but a good spanking would help me improve!"
She laughed, it was the sweetest sound!
"Sissy the pool man is coming today please give him whatever he needs!"
"Yes Ma'am, he's here already Ma'am!"
"My, he came early today! Did he mention any problems with opening the pool for the season?"
"Well he's checking it right now and aside from a light covering he says he sees no problem getting into the parts he's most concerned about."
"Very good Sissy, you know I think he has a crush on you! Wiggle your ass at him a little....maybe we can get a discount!"
"Wiggle my ass? OK I understand...I think he needs me now sweetheart...I have to go!"
"Good girl Sissy, I'll see you later! Maybe we'll talk about that spanking!"
"I'm sure I deserve it Ma'am! Bye bye"

Monday ManCandy

I've been experimenting with promotional ideas to spread the word about the sweet creamy goodness of ManCandy! I need a good slogan! And eye-catching visuals!
I think I've got it!

ManCandy...It Hits the Spot!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Catching Up

So what have you been up to?
Yeah it was a long week for me too but Saturday night made it all worth it!
Yeah he was very cute, took me out to "Le Cocu Inn" for dinner and dancing, it was wonderful!
Wellll, yes he did come home with me...
Details! You are so nosy girlfriend!
OK well I don't want to kiss and tell but when we got to my bedroom he was very...enthusiastic!
Twice, just with his tongue! And then we got down to it!
Well I didn't pull out a ruler you know, I was kind of busy at the time! But I guess around 9 inches! And really thick too!
Yeah it hurt a little...but it got better hehehehe!
Oh yeah, every which way! Him on top, me on top, doggy...I lost track!
I had so many orgasms! When he came I thought it would never stop!
Oh yes of course Sissy was here...I mean where else could she possibly be?
Yes still caged...
I know it keeps her so nice and submissive...
Sissy made me cum again as she licked up all his cum and it took a while too, there was an awful lot to lick up but you know how she loves it!
No my friend didn't stay, he was big but a one shot wonder! Even Sissy sucking him couldn't get him up again!
Yes Sissy is right here would you like to say hello?
Sissy, take the phone, your sister wants to say hello!

Oh Yes Sissy

Get every drop Sissy...every last drop...he left it there for you!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Would You Like

"Sissy, would you like to pet my little pussy?"
"I'd love to Ma'am, but that damn cat is in the way!"

Never Again

Just look at it! Even if she removed the cage forever, even if I could last long enough to matter, even if I was more aroused than I have ever been in my life....there will be no way she'll ever even feel me after having that inside her....she can barely feel me now! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

They May Want To Play

I admire your interest in learning the game Kaaren, but dressed like that the boys may want to play with you,,,but it won't be basketball!!!
What are you smiling about Sissy? What do you mean you're counting on it?
Someone is going over my knee when we get home!!!

I Have Never

I have never had the pleasure that she's allowing him! She told me that it's reserved for men only and that as much as she loves me I just don't measure up! But fortunately she does allow me to participate and I get a lovely view at the same time! Plus when he cums....well I'm there to get my reward!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm Pretty Easy To Find

Most of the time if you can find my sweet wife, all you'll have to do is look down! That's where I spend most of my free time, right between her beautiful thighs!

That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It! the door and there was this woman and she asked to use the phone...I guess her battery was dead...anyway when I let her in she pulled a gun on me and made me take off my then she pulled these clothes out of the big bag she was carrying...oh I didn't mention the,,,yeah...she was carrying this big told me to dress up in these clothes or she'd shoot what could I I dressed up like this...and um...then she took out some ropes and me up....and then she went through the whole house took two hundred dollars from my wallet's when she stuffed your dirty panties in my mouth...and then she told me if I tried to get away she'd shoot me....and then she's what I don't think we should involve the police...what do you mean you have to think about it...what are you doing with those panties....why are you mmmpphh...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You Did Beautifully

You did my toes beautifully Sissy., you may now show me how pretty you think they are!!!

Happy Mistake

Sometimes a Fluffer gets a little too...enthusiastic...and instead of delivering a hard cock to your waiting wife you get a delicious creamy mouthful!!! If you get to work right away you may be able to get him hard again before she gets impatient and comes looking for him! But the worst case is that you suck him hard again and after they have their fun she spanks the living daylights out of you! If that's the worst...well then sign me up!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kaaren I'm Going To Be Late!

Oh God Kaaren please stop....mmmmm that's so nice..... Oh Kaaren you know the spot...I love when you do that....Oh God you're making me wet Sissy....I'm going to be late....but mmmmm you have me so ready....get down on your knees Sissy and make me cum!!!!! Oh yeah Kaaren you have a magic tongue!!!!

Just Like Yours - Sissy Training

I don't see what the big deal is, it's just a cock! It's just like yours only his is man-sized! You've walked around all your life with one between your legs now I want you to have one between your lips! Admit it you'd like to know what it's like to have a big cock and since you can't grow one this is one of the only ways you'll ever have one!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Interview

"This was not exactly what I had in mind when I asked you what you could bring to our company if we hired you Kaaren, but perhaps we could explore this area a little more!"

Monday ManCandy

ManCandy producers are always looking for new and innovative ways to feed their creamy goodness into the hot hungry mouths that crave it! Leave it to those wily Japanese to develop a high volume delivery system....the one obvious problem is the regular swapping out of the generous man, they were totally overwhelmed with volunteers!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

They're Here Already?

They're here already? But I just finished the cupcakes you wanted! You told me they'd be here at 2 and it's only 1:30!!! How am I going to get to the bedroom to change??? What do you mean "What For"? What's so funny!!!

Easter Finery

Okay, here we have two lovely sissies, let's call them Sissy K and Sissy L, don't they look lovely in their pretty Easter dresses? But something is missing I think....A proper Sissy is always plugged!

I chose a nice lilac colored plug in keeping with the season. I will be inserting them very slowly so each Sissy will enjoy the feeling as they are being spread wider and wider! I love to hear their little squeaks and squeals....I love to pause at the widest spot and feel their bodies tremble....

And then with the slightest push they slip all the way in with an almost audible "pop". The sissies sigh in momentary relief as they feel the plug settle in place but then their little clits try to grow in response and their cages fill and restrain their animal urges! The sissies are now ready to serve the holiday meal and serve the holiday guests too.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sissy School - Spring Break

"Kaaren" Leeanne shrieked, "that's not water!!! It's..."
"I know Leeanne, it's just great!!!"

Thats What Friends Are For - Sissy Training

"I'm going to dress you in pink panties...because you're such a sissy!
I'm going to fit the garter belt around your waist and help you pull on pretty nylons and attach them to the tabs...because you're such a sissy!
I'm going to help you put on makeup to make you oh so pretty and the pretty wig to help you look more like the girl you should have been ....because you're such a sissy!
Then the pretty mini-dress that's too short to even cover your panties...because you're such a sissy!
Then....then your oldest friend, Ben, will let you suck his cock! Because he's always known you were a Sissy!
Then he's going to fuck my brains out like you never could, while you watch...because you're such a sissy!!!
Do you have anything to say Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am! Thank you very much!!!"

Friday, April 18, 2014

I thought I was Clear On This

I thought I made myself clear on this in my previous post! There will be no Panda passion around here if I have anything to say about it!!!

Brace Yourself Sissy

Brace yourself Sissy, this might hurt a little at first but I think you're going to love it!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Sweet as the morning dew!

Kaaren You Were So Right!!!

"I told you it would be wonderful, didn't I Leeanne? I knew you'd love it! I'm so glad your sweet cheerleader and my wife worked it out for us to share this occasion! I...oh my so glad ....oh my god...OH MY GOD....I am so happy to see that big smile....OHhhhhhh Myyyy Gooodddd!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Punishment - Sissies Through History

"Make haste William or I will take a switch to you again!"
"But where are we going? Please, pray tell me my beloved what waits for me?"
"Ha, you ask where we are going! I am taking you to the town square to expose your Sissy ways to one and all! Just as any wife would do if she came upon her husband wearing her finest dress!"
"Please my love, spare me this dire punishment and I'll become your devoted servant in any way you choose!"
"You'll be my devoted servant no matter, but I have made a promise to the men on the village council and they have all expressed a desire to show you the error of your ways by treating you, in every way, as a woman!"
"But my love that would mean..."
"I think when they said "In every way" they made their meaning very clear! I for one am looking forward to watching, as are almost all the ladies of the village!"
"Please no..."
"Smile Sissy, we're almost there!"

This Is How It Works

This is how it works in civilization sweetie! You do what I say, you wear what I say, you lick what I say, you suck what I say!!! You're not Tarzan anymore! You Sissy, me Mistress! Learn it if you ever want to cum again!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sissy School - Oral Exams

It was one of the most important exams of the school year and the sissies had all studied hard! Failure meant repeating the entire year since this was considered such a basic skill! They lined up at the testing bench and eyed the test material! Sissy Kaaren gave her friend Sissy Leeanne a smile! They had practiced so often that she was sure they were both going to get an A!
The terms of the test were simple. Technique was worth 40% and you could earn up to 60% for length swallowed! To get the full 60% the Sissy's nose had to touch the table!
At last it began!
Ready, set, go sissies, suck those cocks!
To no ones surprise Sissy Kaaren got an A but Sissy Leeanne's performance of holding her nose to the table for twenty seconds earned her an A+ and a special commendation from the Dean!
Sissy Kaaren was looking forward to helping her friend the dorm...after lights out!!!!

That's It Sissy

That;s it Sissy, keep an eye on him! See that big cock he's's a little bigger than mine! In a few minutes he'll be taking my place! After all we flipped a coin and I won but that only meant I got to go first!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

One Glimpse

All it took was one glimpse! He saw the sweet little ruffled panties and his life was changed forever! Even at that young age he knew what he wanted to be!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Is there any nicer "Wake Up Call" than a warm creamy serving of ManCandy on a Monday morning! A vital part of a days nutrition!! A wonderful start to a work week!!! Happy Monday sissies and girls...and you boys too!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Her Sunday Book Club

It was her turn to host her new book club and she wanted me to serve her and her friends. She laid out my uniform and I told her how I didn't feel right being exposed a a Sissy in front of women I had never met!
When she finished spanking me for my impertinence, she eased my mind by telling me that all of these women had sissies of their own in their lives and I could feel at ease among this group. There would be no men there!
She was right there were no "men" there!

Getting There - Sissy Training

Giving him the opportunity to shoot his hot cum onto you and allowing sissy to lick it up was only the first step for both of them! A few more times and you can have him cum on the sissy's face directly and it won't be long after that when he'll be cumming into Sissy's mouth!!!
If it all goes right they'll soon be sucking each other as you fuck your next boyfriend!!! As always you're three steps ahead of these poor males!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Young Billy was not happy when he found out that his Auntie had signed him up to be a cheerleader, No matter how much she pushed or punished him he refused to participate! His cousins noted that he slipped away during the big game and when they found him behind the grandstand they shared a knowing look! Here he was in a cheerleader uniform doing the cheers perfectly! They couldn't wait to get home and tell Mother! They were sure Billy would be out front with the squad at the next game!


Here we are at the East Coast Sissy Cocksucker Championship ladies and gentlemen and sissies! Let me tell you it's been a long, hard contest with some stiff competition and it finally comes to this! The defending champion Sweet sweet Sissy Leeanne is defending her title against that brash newcomer Sissy Kaaaren!
Let me tell you these sissies are ready and have already taken on lots of big hard cocks! Sissy Leeanne the current champion is holding on to a steady lead as she has already gotten three men to cum and it looks like her fourth is almost ready to go! Her challenger Sissy Kaaren has been working on her second cock for some time now without much success and is looking a little worried as the time limit winds down!

With only seconds to go it looks like....oh wait a minute is it....yes...just as the buzzer sounds that's four loads for the current champion, Leeanne wins again!!!
I'd like to get a word but these two sissies, in the true spirit of the game, are kissing and sharing that last load between them! What a beautiful display!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Really, you expect me to believe that this is the first time you've ever violated my privacy and put on a pretty pair of my silky panties? You really want me to believe that???
Well OK I'll believe that if you'll believe that this is the first time I've ever put a sissy over my knee and spanked her so hard she couldn't sit for a week!!!

Don't You Love It Sissy!

Don't you love it Sissy! Doesn't his cum taste so good? I told him my Sissy husband was going to lick it all up when I got home and you know what Sissy...he didn't believe me...he didn't believe me Sissy can you imagine! That's why I want you to call him when you're done licking up his cum and tell him you ate it all out of my pussy....I know you can't talk now with your mouth full...but that's what you're going to do...tell him you sucked all his sweet cum from my pussy and if he still doesn't believe it I want you to invite him over to fuck me again and we'll prove it in person!!!! I won't have him thinking I'm a liar!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Small Town Girls

Johnny and Tommy, or as they preferred to be called Joanie and Tammy, were a little worried. It was so hard to keep a secret in a small town! They were still pretty sure no one knew about their secret meetings but Joanie's sister had started asking if he had seen any of her missing clothes!
Tammy's sister had also been eying her a bit more closely lately! They decided that they would have to be more careful...but that was not for today! Today they wanted to sneak their hands into each others panties and....

While She Watched

While she watched me fluffing her man she took a special delight in telling me what a good cocksucker I had become! Occasionally she'd whisper to me to take him all the way and swallow his creamy load!
She knew I wouldn't have a problem sucking him hard again for her...she's so wonderful and giving!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oh My Goodness - Sissies Through History

Henry!!! Oh my goodness is that you!!!!! For goodness sake Henry you're the Lord of the Manor what will the servants think!!! Oh my gracious!!!!You're bound and gagged!!! What is this all about Henry? Or perhaps it's Henrietta now???
 That's a very pretty dress and the color suits you...oh my what am I thinking....we'll go back to the house and get you out of those clothes this instant...oh my are those silk pantaloons...just like mine...they do feel so nice don't they....maybe we should retire to our bedroom and...we could...explore this interest of yours....maybe you could try on some of my shouldn't be running around barefoot dear girl....

The Drapes

She's obviously a real redhead! How can I tell? Well if you look close enough you'll see that the drape rod matches the drapes!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sissy You Wouldn't Believe

Sissy you wouldn't believe who I ran into today! Your cousin Anthony was in the market when I got there and we took a little time to catch up. His mom and dad are hanging in there and his sister Maureen is getting divorced...and he has the nicest cock sissy! Honestly I could suck him all day long! It's a shame you're related because it's just the kind of cock you love too...I brought you pictures!
Oh well I invited him for dinner on Friday so pick out your best maids uniform...
Don't be silly, of course you'll be serving...after all he is family!

Girl Time

When it's just her and me we can share girl time! She loves my little nipples and she loves hearing me moan as her tongue sends electric shocks through me! I could almost cum just from this...and she knows it!