Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Told You

"You see I told you he'd suck your cock if I told him too!!!"
"Yeah, I guess you were right...he's pretty good too!!!"
"I see....he's a natural cock sucker.....I love how he looks with your cock in his mouth like that!!!"
"Yeah but maybe next time you could.., you know put him in a dress and wig....I really don't like the idea of a guy sucking me off like this!!!"
"Oh yes...that's a great idea......I'm going to dress him up like the sissy slut he is.....I think he'll make a really cute girl!!!!"
"Sounds great.....oh my god I'm going to cum......should I pull out..."
"Not at all....I want him to swallow every drop....it's the first of many loads to come.....my husband is going to be the best cock sucker in this whole town!!!"

Appreciation Humiliation

She loves when I do this for her before we get out of bed to begin our day...she says that when I lick her to orgasm before I shave and put on my makeup it's almost like....
"Sissy...when I feel your little stubble it's almost like you're a man!!!"
"Almost"....well I can't really argue with that but it does sting just a little!!!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Just Us

"I'm so glad you agreed to an afternoon tea party Sissy!!! And you look absolutely adorable in your pretty little party dress!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"
"Perhaps you should begin brewing another pot Sissy...."
"Why Sweetheart there's still plenty here and it's just the two of us....how much tea can we drink?"
"Well I...."
"It is just the two of us...right....just you and me....no surprises...right?"
From behind him Sissy heard the gate open and several voices
"Hi...is that him...oh isn't he the prettiest thing!!!"
"Oh I'm so glad I came, I didn't believe it but he is just the cutest thing!!!"
"And what a pretty dress...the perfect little girl to serve our tea!!!"
His wife smiled at him, his face blushing as pink as his dress! "Surprise!" she said and started to laugh!

Monday ManCandy - Holiday Edition

Well it looks like the unofficial start of the summer season is here! Beaches and bikinis....parties and light summer fashions!
And what colors are in this year? What is everyone wearing?
Well this summer it looks like, once again like every year, we'll all be wearing creamy white over bright red!!!
ManCandy!!!! Always in fashion!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016


"You look so pretty in pink Sissy!!! You've made me so horny!!!! Look how big and hard my cock is for you!!!! I'm going to fuck you deep and hard tonight!!!!"
"Ohhhh....yes please!!!!"

Saturday Night at the Glory Hole

"Kaaren sweetie...is that still your first one?"
"I've had two already Baby....is he having a problem....do you need any help?"
"Is that yes or no Sweetie?"
"No I'm just really enjoying this one and he's not in a hurry so...."
"Alright sweet Sissy....but if you need me just let me know!"

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The New Princess

"You're too late Detective the transformation has begun!!!!"
"You Fiend!!!! You'll have to undo this abomination!!!!! For god's sake he's the heir to the throne!!!!"
"He'll make a delightful Queen as my bride...."
"I'll kill you before I'll allow that!!!!"
"Let's see what my Princess has to say shall we...."
"Stand down Detective! I will not have the future Prince harmed!"
Detective Caruthers was torn....but only for a moment!!!! He checked his revolver and found he had only two shots left.....

"So these two kidnapped the Prince?"
"Yes they were in on it together.....I had to kill them both!"
"Easy Caruthers! It's part of the job....did they say anything about the whereabouts of the Prince?"
"No" Caruthers shook his head sadly, "No...they never mentioned him!"

I Got Over It

I used to consider this as one of the very few things I didn't particularly want to do!!! But now I understand more about myself....and she and her lover both seem to like it so now I go at it with some enthusiasm!!!!
Now it strikes me as funny when her lover doesn't want me to do it....oh well....his loss I guess!!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

My Analyst Needs MY Help!!!!

"I can't thank you enough Kaaren!"
"I'm glad to help in any way I can Dr. Dee, you've been so good for me!"
"Your wife told me that you're "caged" properly so you won't get into any trouble....do you mind if I check?"
"Not at all Dr.Dee....according to my wife's instructions I'm to obey you tonight just as I obey her!"
"Well Kaaren that just fills me with all kinds of ideas....but my guests should be arriving any moment and I'd like it if you could just make sure the food and drinks are taken care of....it might be a long night....you might want to put your panties on with a dress that short."
"Mt wife didn't allow wear to wear panties tonight...I'm sorry Dr. Dee!"
"Well I'm sure it will be OK Kaaren, we'll talk....after....about this..."
"I'm looking forward to it!!!"

It's Funny

It's just funny to me.....
When she fucks him with her strap-on....while I suck his cock....he's still a man....when she fucks me with the very same cock I'm her little "Sissy Bitch"!!!!
Not that I'm complaining.....it's just funny to me....

Thursday, May 26, 2016


"Sure he's a disappointment with his tiny little clit....I'm not sure though...I don't think I'd have fallen for him if he had a man's cock....but there are advantages too!"
"Like what?"
"Well....he makes me cum whenever I want...he has a marvelous tongue...I guess nature compensates for short changing him elsewhere!"
"But sometimes don't you just want to fuck?"
"Oh yes and he understands that and he doesn't mind at all that I take men into bed with me....sometimes he sucks them to get them hard for me and he always licks me clean afterwards!"
"Wow really...I've always wanted my husband to do that!"
"Well my sweet Sissy does that and more....he helps me dress....he helps me to undress...he bathes me...he cleans my house and does the laundry and he obeys me in all things and do you know what's best of all?"
"It sounds great, what's the best?"
"Just look at him....doesn't he have fantastic legs!!!!"
My wife and her sister laughed together as I continued my housework!!!


She surprised me when she said she only wanted cereal for breakfast and after I put out her bowl and filled it with her favorite...she liked the sugary sweet stuff....like a kid!!!! I turned and walked to the refrigerator and got the milk and when I turned back...he was there....her lover from last night....god help me I had sucked his cock but for the life of me now I couldn't remember his name....but it didn't matter....her cereal was forgotten...she didn't need milk....she was craving cream for breakfast now and he seduced her right in front of me as I stood and watched!!!It gave us both a great start to the day!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Come Along

"Come along Billy, Auntie has something else to teach you about being a girl!!!"

Bathroom Humiliation

"If you're going to wear pretty little girl dresses Sissy, then I'm going to treat you like a pretty little girl! And little girls never go to the potty without a grown up to make sure they're alright!
"But....please....I can't....not with you here....."
"Well if you can't....I guess I could always put you in diapers...."
"Oh please no....please..."
"I'm getting tired of waiting Sissy!"
Hiding her face in shame Sissy relaxed and let go.......

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Just Like That Sissy

No need to be nervous Sissy....just give me your hand....

Wrap your fingers around it....doesn't it feel nice in your hand...

There....that's it Sissy...stroke it like that ....and in a little while I'll show you how to suck it!!!

Okay....Fuck Me Sissy

"You're always whining that you never get to fuck me...that you have to kneel and watch as men fill me with their big cocks...fill me with their cum!!!! So now it's your turn Sissy!!!! Go ahead and show me...fill me and thrill me....make me cum...Fuck me baby...Fuck me till I scream!!!"
"But like this...I won't be able to cum!!!!"
"Sissy, I never said anything about you cumming did I?"

Monday, May 23, 2016


She whispered into his ear...
"Oh yes Baby....I'm going to make you dress like this all the time...I'm going to keep you in skirts and dresses....no more pants for you....you'll be wearing stockings and garters and bras and panties from now on....you'll be perfectly made up....oh sweetie you're going to be my perfect little sissy....I'm going to put that little cockette into chastity and you'll release your sissy cream only when I say so.....I'll expose you and humiliate you....I'll turn you into a slut...no I'll turn you into my little cumslut....you'll suck cocks for me....you'll be fucked like a little bitch in heat....and all the while I'll be fucking men Baby....real men...not like you....real men with big cocks and when they cum inside me you're going to lick it all up....do you understand what I'm saying Baby?
"I think so....are you asking me to marry you?"
"Yes I am Sissy!"
"Oh yes....I love you and I can't wait to start our life together!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You know how it is...you take a good stiff drink and follow it down with a chaser! The only problem is that the chaser dilutes the drink and usually washes the taste away as well and when we're talking about creamy delicious ManCandy why on earth would anyone want to do that!!!!
ManCandy!!!! There's nothing that goes better with a shot of ManCandy than another shot of ManCandy!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Between Us

Although I think the success of our marriage depends on never letting anything get between us....sometimes getting something between us is just what we need!!!!

My Good Little Girl

After our talk the other night I thought it was just one of those passing things but she always surprises me!!!
"Do you like your pretty new dress little girl?" she asked me.
"Yes Sweetheart I love it....thank you!"
"And your pretty princess bedspread?"
"Yes I love it all!!!"
"I'm so glad there's nothing too good for my sweet little sissy girl!"

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Sanitarium

Richard Thompson was the richest man in town....and the man he killed was a nobody...
It was easy to use his wealth and connections to plead insanity...after all there were a dozen witnesses who saw him shoot the unarmed man!!!!
His lawyer, the judge and the psychiatrist all owed their careers to him and they had all arranged to have him committed to the Stonybrook Sanitarium until such time as he was well enough to rejoin society and was no longer a danger to himself or others! He figured he'd lay low here for a few months and then his friends would quietly release him.
He was in no hurry...this was a pretty nice place...world class gourmet food, maid service and the nurses were pretty hot too! In fact the nurse who brought him his "meds" at night....the one who dutifully made sure he swallowed all the "pills"....she was really something special...he chuckled as she walked away wondering what she would think if she knew all his pills were nothing but sugar pills!!!
Nurse Jill Lecroix smiled as she left his room...his sugar pills were in her dress pocket and she would flush them down the toilet as she had flushed all the other fake meds they had given her to give him! Her brother had been that nobody that the bastard had killed...her brother was a little bit effeminate and perhaps he had made a pass at the wrong guy but he didn't deserve to die for it and this bastard would pay....with the massive doses of female hormones she was giving him along with the special pills she had bought on the black market he should begin exhibiting changes soon....and after fear drove him to want to escape she'd be the one to lead him out...she'd lead him out into his new world....a life as a street whore....she couldn't think of a more appropriate punishment....

So You See

"So you see Sissy....your beautiful wife is a very sensual woman and she needs a man....and you're not much of a man...are you? She needs a man to control her....a man to take her....a man to fuck her Sissy.....I 'm that man and you're not.....so just kneel there in your little pink panties and keep your hands on your head....I don't want you touching yourself in my presence....kneel there and watch what a man can do with your wife!!!"

Friday, May 20, 2016

Box Of Hammers

When she caught me in the girls locker room sniffing the girls panties...well let's just say things escalated quickly!!!!
First came her boyfriend and then he wanted me to apologize by kissing her ass!!!!
The beauty of it was that her boyfriend was dumb as a box of hammers and although he kept shouting at me to kiss her ass....well it wasn't her ass he was pressing my face in to....and I'm pretty sure she was enjoying it as much as I was!!!!
Even though her friends still called me names and abused me....after that she always had a smile for me!!!!

Fluffers Lament

"He looks ready to me Sissy..."
"Just a few more minutes....pretty please?"
"Oh I don't know.....OK I guess....you know I'm too good to you sometimes!"
"Oh thank you Sweetheart!"

Thursday, May 19, 2016


"Watch closely Sissy! Watch my cock going into your wife! This is how a man fucks a woman! I'm fucking your wife right in front of you Sissy!!!! I'm going to cum inside your wife Sissy!!! What do you have to say Sissy....what do you have to say to the man whose cock is inside the woman you love?"
"Ummm...thank you...."
"Oh....I  ummmm....I guess you're welcome then..."

A Little Girl

"You know Sissy...in that nightie you look just like an innocent little girl!"
"I kind of feel like one too!"
Then we were quiet for a while as we each played out our private fantasies in our wicked imaginations!!!
A lot of things I had never really considered went through my mind and I can't say what went through hers....but I think I'm going to like it!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

That First One

The first time the sissy cuckold encounters a big black cock can be a little overwhelming...but having his wife give him a hand with it helps a little!!!!

Don't Forget

Sometimes it's easy to forget in the heat of the moment...but I'm here to tell you....

While pleasing your wife's lover....

Don't ever forget....

...the balls Sissy!!! Never forget his balls!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Love It

I love it when she slides her hands up under my nightie and plays with my nipples!!!!! They've always been so sensitive....I could almost cum like this....almost.....one or two strokes at this point would get me there....but it's not happening now...and for now I can appreciate the pleasure she's giving me and anticipate my reward to come......

The Cuckold Relationship

The cuckold relationship is something you grow into....I don't make any claims that it's an easy thing to watch your wife receive joy while fucking another man.....but if you are honest with each other....if you recognize each others needs and desires....if you understand that there are simply some pleasures that you physically can't give her....then, if you really love her, you make sure that she gets the pleasures she deserves!!!!
And the beauty of it is...that even as he's driving that big cock into her....even as he's making her cum....at the end of the day it's still you that she loves....he can fuck her all night long but then he leaves and she will fall asleep in your arms....and who could ask for more than that!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Analyst Takes Me To School

When I arrived at my analysts office I made sure I was a few minutes late, maybe she'd  follow through with the spanking she'd threatened last time! However she didn't seem to notice my tardiness this time!
"Hello Dr. Dee, what are we going to look at this time?"
"Kaaren....I've been going through your file and I'm fascinated by your desire to be a schoolgirl! It's probably one of the most common male fetishes but in most cases they want to have sex with a schoolgirl whereas you want to be a schoolgirl!!!"
"I love those little pleated skirts Dr. Dee!"
"Don't we all Kaaren? So I want you to sit at this desk and tell me all your schoolgirl fantasies!"
"I don't think I have time to tell you all of them!"
"It's okay Kaaren....I've cleared the rest of the day.....so get started!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Ever thoughtful, his wife had to make certain!!!! She was a morning person and a self starter and she'd already had hers....but she was so glad to see him taking his nutritious load of protein filled creamy goodness....she knew he sometimes skipped it and it was so important that he get that energy boost!
ManCandy!!! This lovely couple got theirs....make sure you get yours!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Morning

"Oh my god...oh my poor baby....Sissy is still right there...."
"Do you think he's been there all night?"
"I told HER to stay there and wait for me to call her....the poor thing must have fallen asleep waiting for me!"
"How about I give him a wake up call right now!"
"I think you should pull your pants up...the only thing my sweet Sissy is doing is going to bed....with me....so I'll call you!"


"After I looked through the browser history on your computer I knew you wouldn't put up much of a fight when I told you my boyfriend was moving in! You like to read about cocksucking sissies? Well I think it's time for you to join the club!!!!"
"Tomorrow we'll go shopping and get you some pretty new clothes, I'll have so much fun dressing you up!!!"
"And wait till all my friends meet the new you....won't that be wonderful Daddy?"

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Matinee - I'll Save You

"It's alright Tony...I'm going to get you out of here!!!"
"But how?"
"I made them let me go first because I've known you the longest....they think I'm using you like a whore....that's what they have planned for you....oh god Tony why did you skim all that money!!!"
"They made me....like this.....to punish me....to make me their whore!!!!"
"C'mon Tony we don't have much time....they'll be wondering what's taking so long....I know the scientist they got the juice from that changed you like this.....we'll go there and make him change you back....but we've got to hurry!!!"
"Change me back?"
The transformed man grabbed his old friend and pulled him close and rubbed her hands all over him and reaching up, kissed the shocked man hard!
"Change me back!!!! Why on earth would I want to change back to Fat Tony Voganno when I could be like this?"
"But Tony....they're going to use you...abuse you....come with me...let me help you!"
Startled he felt the pinch of the syringe as she injected him with the transformation serum.
"It turns out that I'm not going to be their whore...you are! I'm going out the window and down the fire escape....in ten minutes I'll be at the airport, in twenty minutes me and my bag of cash will be on a plane to a tropical paradise.....and who are they going to blame for all of that....have a nice life, whore!!!"
The man on the floor couldn't answer! His body was changing rapidly!!!!


As I watched that big cock moving in and out of her ass it was like I was hypnotized! I know she told me to lick her clit but I just couldn't take my eyes off of it!!!!
She had never allowed me to do this with her....not once....so I was jealous and fascinated at the same time!!! I wondered how it must feel to be inside her like that....I moaned a little as I started to swell in my cage.....
A sharp smack on my bottom broke the spell and I began to lick her....the way she liked.....but she kept spanking me as he drove her to ecstasy!!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

I Read About It

"You know honey I was reading this book the other day about spicing up our sex life....want to try something new tonight....want to try.....I don't want to sound weird ....want to try anal sex?"
"Oh yeah Baby....I'd love to have anal sex with you!!!"
Less than an hour later he was in chastity, in lingerie, on his back, with her big cock pumping in and out of him!!!! His mind reeling he wondered what this book she'd read was....and what could possibly be in the next chapter!!!!!

Only One

"You know Sweetie I'm not calling you a slut or anything but there were other sissies there....and I couldn't help but notice that you were the only Sissy on her knees!!!!"

Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's OK Sissy

"It's OK Sissy....I talked to him and he's changed his mind....you can come watch!"
"But what about...."
"No I'm sorry Sissy, I couldn't talk him into it....I'll be the only one sucking his cock tonight...."
"Oh....well I guess it's OK....I guess if that's the way it is I should be happy with that..."
"Oh my god Sissy!!! Stop pouting....you can eat his cum out of me after.....he said he doesn't have a problem with that!!!!"
"I'll be right up!"

Sissy Training - Special Panties

"Oh look Sissy...these belong to your cousin Jenna....aren't they pretty?"
"Yes Auntie, they're very pretty!"
"And they're so soft and silky...don't they feel nice Sissy?"
"Oh yes Auntie...they feel wonderful!!!!"
"Your cousin Jenna told me that you could have these Sissy....she's very generous isn't she?"
"Oh yes Auntie...she's very generous!"
"Do you want to cum in your cousin's silky panties Sissy?"
"Yes I do Auntie....very much!!!"
"Okay Sissy you can fill these pretty panties with your Sissy cream and afterward you will wear them until Jenna get's home and you can thank her properly!"
"Yes Auntie!!!!! Ohhhh yessssssssssssss!!!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Small Town Girls - The Morning After

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
There wasn't much time left ....soon his parents would be home...and his sister....they had to put all her clothes back just as they found them!!!! But even after spending the night in each others arms they still hadn't had enough of each other!!!

That First Time

That first time I knew she was different than other girls!!!!
When she saw it she didn't laugh, she said it was cute!
She told me it was a nice change to be able to take a man in her mouth without her jaw aching after!!!
She didn't mind that I came so quickly....she said some guys took forever and she got tired of it before they came!!!!
When I came in her mouth she stood up and kissed me letting me taste my cum on her tongue....she never once thought that I would object!!!
I fell deeply in love with her!!!! And I'm amazed that she fell in love with me too!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl we all knew that a present from a boy meant they expected something in return!!!! If it was jewelry that almost always meant a blowjob and we dutifully gave them head!!!!
Now when I give my sissy husband jewelry I find myself feeling like maybe I deserve a little something too!!!
He loves his new earrings and I love how grateful he is for them!!!!


It was so obvious what she was trying to do!!! Her attire....MY attire.....the crop...the orders to perform tasks in the most awkward manner.....she was trying to make me make a mistake so she could refuse my scheduled release in two days!!!!
But I wasn't going to fall for her tricks....I was so ready to cum....that nothing she could do could distract me!!!!
Maybe it was my subconscious or maybe it was just bad luck but a drop of her tea splashed into the saucer!!!!! She looked at the tiny bit of liquid and then she smiled at me....
"Oh oh Sissy!!!! You spilled my tea....that's six more weeks!!!!"
I groaned in response!!!!
"And two more weeks for complaining Sissy!!! Now take all of this away and bring me a fresh pot of tea and we'll see if you can pour it properly next time!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!! Right away Ma'am!!!!"

Monday, May 9, 2016

Still A Long Way To Go

Sissy was so full already and there was still so much left to go!!! Sissy had to admit finally that there were some cocks she just couldn't swallow!!!
But this Sissy doesn't quit....she'd just have to keep trying even if it tool all day!!!!

Monday ManCandy

The Bible said it was a sin for a man to spill his seed upon the ground and Sister Mary Fellatrix had devoted herself to seeing that that never happened!!!! She and her followers had become the fastest, and certainly the most popular, new religious order on the planet!!! The "Little Sisters of the Cream of Humanity", or as they were popularly known, the Creamies!!!!
The Creamies were in every  city around the world following the word of god and preventing mens seed from spilling on the ground!!!!
When times were hard....when they faced persecution for their beliefs....when the unenlightened tried to stop them in their quest they all remembered Sister Mary Fellatrix' advice...."Just suck it up Sisters and Brothers, just suck it up!!!"
ManCandy!!!! It's a gift that should never be wasted!!!!