Monday, May 31, 2021


In some homes this might be something special....but for us this is just a normal weekday....

Monday ManCandy

When is breakfast served?
It's served when it's ready and it's all your responsibility to make sure you get it while it's won't wait for you and if you miss it well that's your problem!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It just won't wait!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

For You

 "Come here Sissy....I brought home something special for you to're going to love it!!!!"

Sunday Brunch

Everyone's been vaccinated seemed to be the theme for the day....and the delicious brunch buffet I had set out was largely seemed no one had an appetite....for food!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Gorillas in the Mist


Jack Driscoll settled into the cheap chair of the hotel and pulled his wife, the former Ann Darrow, onto his lap! The hotel was a little run down but the honeymoon had been a wedding gift from Mr. Denham.....the poor man was financially ruined by the debacle in New York!!!
"I'm sorry deserve a palace and this is the best we could get!!!"
"Oh Jack.....don't be silly....after the places I've been....the things I've seen....the things I've done....this is more than I ever dreamed of!!!"
"Shall we get, comfortable as they say?"
"Oh Jack, it's what I've dreamed know...since the island....."
"Do you want to talk about it?"
"It's hard to explain the connection I had with was like we understood each other despite the differences...."
"I always wondered about his interest in your clothes....what do you suppose that was about?"
"Why Jack.....I thought you, of all people, would understand.....Kong liked the soft silky feel against his skin just like you do!"
"I don't know what you mean Ann...."
"Jack, I knew all along.....we all really weren't very good at hiding things....Mr. Denham used to joke with me that if I couldn't be the female lead he could always have you do it!!!!"
" don't mind?"
"I married you didn't I?"
"And now?"
"Now I want you to put on something pretty too and we can snuggle together all night!!!!"
"And what about him?"
"Oh.....well he is the last of his kind and so he needs to get other ways...."
"You mean he......"
"Yes Sweet Jack....he likes to go get that pretty nightie on and hopefully it will keep him from rampaging through the city again!!!"
"But Ann....if he....when he....Ann....the cleanup outside is going to be brutal!!!!"
"Not for us to worry about Jack.....or is it Jackie?

Poker Night

"Can't you skip it this week....we could watch a movie and maybe have a little fun after..."
"'s poker night with the guys....we've been doing it since High's special..."
"So....what's so special about it?"
" just wouldn't understand...."


Friday, May 28, 2021


I wonder sometimes....if my cousin knew I was watching her through her open door....I know all the girls I knew at the time were absolutely fanatical about their privacy....but here she her cute panties....with her back to the doorway....while I stared....neither of us moved for a few moments....then I heard someone else coming up the stairs and I moved quickly to the guest room....and I heard her door close....
Did she know about my fetish....I don't know....
Did I dream of those panties that night....yes I did....and I still do sometimes....
Did I sneak into her laundry the next day and stroke my little cock until I spewed into those adorable panties.....what do you think?


We were both standing.....both of us watching my wife suck his cock....I tried to avoid making eye contact with him.....after all....he was the man in the room and I was only the caged sissy cuckold.....
But he stopped her before he filled her mouth....and lifted my chin till he was staring right into my eyes....
"You're real good Honey....but I want him to finish me off!!!!"
I must have blushed redder than red....because they both laughed at me and my wife immediately agreed!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Wait, Wait, Wait

"Wait, wait wait Sissy....I have to record this....OK I'm start again....take him into your mouth like you did before....slow and deep.....I want to record every inch going into your girlfriends are going to love this!!!!"


After making love I've always enjoyed licking her clean....sometimes I wished it was my cum I was licking off of her....but I enjoyed it anyway....

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


"You sure he can' know..."
"Get hard? Baby he's caged in sweet stainless steel....he can't get cummies for fucking....the only pussy he gets is with his tongue!!!"
"So when together...."
" will drive him absolutely insane!!!"


Hump Day

It's already Hump Day and I'm not convinced the client asked me to clear my desk so he could lay out his proposal for me to get it in full....and I have to admit that I'm coming around to appreciate what he has to offer!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Love It

"Oh Uncle Tony!!!!! I love when you invite me over!!!!"


Way Back When

Way back when she first put me in chastity she would supervise me in the bathroom and in the shower all the time....
"You don't have to....":
"Sorry Baby....once I put that cage on it, it belongs to me....and I want to make sure you're not touching it inappropriately...."
That was long ago....but she still supervises....and I'm still in her cage....and I wouldn't trade my life with anyone!!!!!


Monday, May 24, 2021


"Alright just wait right here while I do my shopping....I shouldn't be more than an hour or two...."
"Yes Ma'am....take your time...."

Monday ManCandy

Her Sweetie was facing another tough week and she was going to make damned sure he was ready for it....with a warm glow in his belly and a warm glow from her love!!!
ManCandy!!! As sweet as true love's kiss!!!


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What the hell is all this?!?!?"
"We're just playing a game Dear...."
"And what kind of game is this Sissy?"
"We were playing cowboy....and we were galloping after the bank robbers!!!!"
"I've had enough of your games this weekend Sissy, the pink bus is already on it's way to bring you back to school...."
"Can we finish the chase first?"
"Go pack your bags Sissy!!!"
"Dang it....we'll never catch up to those varmints now!!!!"
"Bags!!!!! Now!!!! Go!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


Sunday Morning

 We both heard him calling for her....
"Why don't you go and suck his cock Sissy....I'd love to.... but I need my coffee...."
"I'll do my best to distract him Ma'am...."
"I'm sure you will Sissy!!!!"


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saturday Matinee - House of Shadows

He tried so hard to remember what he could about the house of his grandfather....
His mother had only taken him there once when he was very young and it had all seemed so alien to him...
Although he was of Japanese descent from his mothers family, he had been raised in Glendale California as an all-American boy....his mother seemed to have gone to great lengths to keep him as far as possible from his Japanese roots!!!
He remembered that they left grandfathers house after his bedtime....he vaguely recalled his mother being very upset.....his grandfather in the lighted doorway waving to him as they left in the taxi....he realized that that was really the last communication he had with the old man!
They stayed in a hotel that had a pool and that was really all he when he was contacted by the lawyer to inform him that his grandfather had died and left his estate to him he was absolutely amazed!!!
His mother had pleaded with him to sell the house and its let the lawyer handle it....there was no need for him to travel thousands of miles to a land of strange customs...he had never even learned the language!!! 
He had wanted to study Japanese in High School but his mother absolutely forbid it and now....well he didn't think his high school Spanish would be of much use in Tokyo!!!
His plane landed and he was met by a junior partner from the lawyers office who ushered him to a car and they set out for the house....
The roads were crowded and the city was a whorl of lights and crowds and on the radio  there was news about some new virus....coming from China....that had many world leaders on edge....he was relieved that the news, at least, was broadcast in least on this station...
They drove through the city to the suburbs and on to a more rural area....he vaguely remembered seeing farms when he had last been here....but now many of the farms seemed to be abandoned....
The young lawyer, Matseo, had kept up an almost completely one-sided conversation since they had gotten into the car but he really hadn't been listening....instead he was struck by the beauty of the countryside....marred only by the sight of the decaying abandoned homes and overgrown fields....he wondered what had driven all of these farmers to give up their homes....he was going to ask but Matseo was talking and talking....mostly about those "Damned Chinese" and this new virus....
He paid no mind as they pulled into a long driveway leading to his grandfathers house....through a beautifully kept garden....pulling up next to another car in front of the grand entryway....intricately carved doors and brass fittings that he remembered from his only visit here.
Another man stepped out of the parked car and introduced himself as the lawyer, Mr. Yamada, that he had spoken with before....
Mr. Yamada had some papers for him to sign and he gave him the keys....
"Won't you come inside Mr. Yamada? I have many questions for you?"
"No I'm sorry....I have a very full schedule today and I'm already late for my next appointment....this portfolio spells out everything you'll need to know about the estate....the house is in very good condition and there is a regular maintenance man and landscaper who see to the upkeep....they are paid through a fund set up by your need do nothing as far as they are concerned....there is a considerable amount of money that is available to you....your grandfather was far more wealthy than anyone suspected.....there are several automobiles in the garage that are regularly serviced by the local mechanic.....he is also paid through the fund.....all of the keys are in the garage....the housekeeper is an old woman from the area who has been serving in the house for fact I believe she has a meal ready for you now...."
"Does she live here?
"Oh no....none of them live here....they all leave before dusk....these roads out here can be dangerous after dark...."
"I see..."
"If you have any questions please feel free to call my office....but for now I apologize....but I must go...."
There was that awkward moment when he went for a handshake while the lawyer offered a short bow....but they both smiled at the cultural difference....shook hands and he watched as the car pulled away....
Turning back to the house he marveled at was bigger than he remembered....and it was all his!!!! He could just imagine some of his college buddies coming here to have a house party to end all house parties!!!
He went inside and put his bags down and looked was all very beautiful....but there was something about it that he wasn't sure that he liked. He couldn't put his finger on it ....maybe it was just that he didn't share his grandfathers Asian sensibilities....but everything just seemed a bit off to him....
The housekeeper laid out a dinner for him of things he didn't recognize....his only brush with Japanese cuisine had been trips to Benihana, and this wasn't like that....the old lady apparently spoke no English but she made it clear that he should eat and she kept pointing at the clock....she cleared each dish as soon as he pushed it away....and with a nod she took her coat and was out the door....
He decided to explore the house....there were several rooms on this level....a kitchen full of strange utensils and a refrigerator filled with many things he didn't recognize except for the beer and the cokes....
There was a small bedroom off of the kitchen that he guessed were the servants quarters....looked like it hadn't been used in some time....there was the dining room and off of the main floor was his grandfathers office/library.....
Upstairs there were several bedrooms.....including the master suite....which was his now....a large room with large ornate furniture....and his own bathroom....that was nice....his home in California hadn't had that!!!
He pulled open the closet door and was surprised to see it was full of clothes already....not just any clothes.....these were women's clothes....and shoes as well all arranged neatly on shelves....he smiled and imagined that old Granddad must have had sleepover friends....he'd call the lawyer and see if he knew who to return these to.....
Opening the drawer he found more women's things....little lacy lingerie.....and beautiful nightgowns....
He whistled as he held one up to see it....Granddad's friend had some damn sexy stuff....
When he went to open the second closet he found the door locked.....he went through the entire ring of keys the lawyer had given him and none fit the was getting late and he was very tired from his trip....he'd add it to the list of things to ask about....he didn't bother to unpack....he stripped out of his clothes and fell almost instantly into a deep sleep....
He had vivid dreams.....the locked closet swinging open and some dark shape coming across the floor to whispered as it moved....but he couldn't make out anything it said.....he felt cold hands on him....and as much as he wanted to wake up he slept on....the shadow thing put him back on the bed and whispered into his's voice deep and scary.....but he still couldn't make out what it said to him....
The sun was up and shining when he finally woke....the dreams of the night before melting away as he sat up in the large bed.....
"What the hell!" he gasped surprised....he had gone to sleep nude but now he was wearing the nightgown he had looked at last night....and.....pretty matching panties....and he was rock hard....but it felt so different like this....
He got out of the bed and padded barefoot to the mirror....he wasn't in to this kind of thing but he was surprised at how well it fit if it had been made for him....
He must have been sleepwalking!!!
He shrugged out if the gown and carefully laid it at the foot of the bed....the panties he wore into the bathroom as he began the shower running.....
He didn't need to shave.....but that was no surprise.....except for his eyebrows and long hair he had always been remarkably hairless....he slipped the panties off and stepped into the shower and enjoyed the hot water against his skin.....all worries about the dreams and the clothes swirled away down the drain as he washed...
Stepping out into the steamy bathroom he wiped away the mist on the mirror and dried himself with the large fluffy towels.....about to step out....back into his bedroom he looked at the panties he'd left on top of the hamper....he smiled and shrugged  and pulled them back was a little weird but they sure fit him well and they were really pretty and no one would know but him.....
Stepping into the room he was surprised to see the old housekeeper there with a tray of food for him.....he blushed when he realized he was standing there in nothing but pink panties....but she didn't bat an eye.....she set the tray down on the bedside table and went to the dresser..... after opening a few drawers she came back with a bra that matched and laid it on the bed.....
He started to tell her that he didn't want....but she just told him something in a stern voice and pointed to the tray....
He smiled at the little woman...."Yes Boss...."
He didn't recognize everything on the tray but it was all delicious....
By the time he was done she had laid out a lovely dress and matching shoes next to the bra....he shook his head....and she answered with head shake of her own....she picked up the tray and left the room without a word!!!!
Instead of the dress he picked a pair of jeans out of his bag and a tee shirt and his Nike's and set out to explore the house a bit more....he found a stereo receiver and searched the dial for the English language news channel....and turned it up...
The new was dominated with dire warnings about this new virus from China....countries around the world were locking down their borders to try to prevent it's spread but the newscaster said it was in Japan already and spreading like lightning!!!
He found the number and called the lawyers office....after a short wait he was put through....
"Hello Mr.'s Ronnie Jacobs....we met yesterday at my grandfathers house...."
"Ah yes Mr. Jacobs.....I trust you got some rest after your long trip?"
"Yes I'm fine...."
"I don't know if you've arrived just in time....due to this new virus all our airports are closed until further notice and the government asks that everyone stay at home for the next several weeks...."
"So you mean the friends I was expecting to join me here...."
"They will not be least not now...."
"I see....and if I wanted to leave...."
"I understand the US Embassy is currently trying to arrange charter flights for any US citizens stranded you wish to leave....perhaps my office could make contact...."
" have no plans to leave.....I do have a couple of questions though...."
"I will try to have answers for you...."
"I found a large amount of expensive women's clothing in a closet here and a dresser full of other women's things....I'm assuming my Grandfather had a mistress who stayed here frequently....I was wondering if you knew who she was so I could forward her belongings to her?"
"I'm sorry Sir but I don't have that relationship with your grandfather was strictly business....he didn't share personal information with me."
"Alright Maybe I can find out something on my own..."
"Is that all Sir?"
"No....there's a locked closet in the Master bedroom....none of the keys work on you have any idea where that key is?"
No Sir....I gave you all the keys for the house...."
"Alright....I guess that's all for now....thank you...."
"Feel free to call me anytime Sir...."
After the call he wandered into the library....most everything was in Japanese....and no pictures....but he did find a small section of English books....some he'd actually heard of....
His grandfather seemed to like the scary books about monsters and devils and least he'd have something to read while he was isolated out here....
The housekeeper came in and began cleaning....she looked him up and down and shook her head and muttered something to herself....
"She was probably expecting me to be in that dress...." he thought to himself....
The rest of the day passed quickly as he familiarized himself with the house....
The housekeeper laid out another fantastic dinner for really was a shame he had no internet connection here....he'd have to get that arranged as soon as he could....he'd love to know what he was eating...
He settled down and listened to the radio as he read a book about two brave priests fighting fallen angels all around the was crap but it passed the time.....
When he finally went up to bed he found another beautiful nightgown laid out for him....he swept it aside and stripped down to the panties....and almost reluctantly slid them down his legs and climbed into bed nude....
The dreams came again....if anything even more real this time.....the dark shadow began to take a more defined shape.....and it climbed into the bed with him....and in the dream, so real....the shadow touched him and whispered to him and he couldn't  understand what it was saying but he squirmed against it as it ran it's....hands.....over him....but they weren't hands exactly....but it didn't felt so good....
He woke with a start.....and he quickly realized he was wearing the nightgown that had been laid out for him.....and the dreams....oh my god the dreams.....they were fading  but he remembered some of it.....some of how it felt....
The door swung open and the housekeeper appeared.....she set the tray down and pulled back his covers.....he seemed dazed as she took his hand and pulled him up....before he knew it she had stripped him out of the nightgown and ignoring his obvious arousal walked him to the bathroom where he showered.....
He stepped out and she was there....she dried him off and spent some time drying him....there....
She took him by the hand and he saw an array of clothing laid out on the bed....
She held out the blue panties for him to step into.....and as if he was hypnotized he waited while she snugged them up tight and "arranged" him so that it was tucked under him and held close under the tight undies.....
She gestured to him until he understood and held his arms out.....she slid the bra up his arms and spun him around while she did the clips.....then he held his arms up as she dropped the dress over his head......and fussed with it until it hung just right on him....she left him the matching shoes and bowed as she left the room.....
Oblivious to what had just happened he sat down to eat his breakfast.....again it was mostly unidentifiable but delicious nonetheless....
The day passed lunch she had brought a hairbrush and she had combed his hair into a completely different style....he thought it might be too feminine but when he looked in the mirror it made all the difference.....with the dress and shoes it was perfect....
Later when he went to bed he again found a pretty nightgown waiting for him....this time as he stripped down for bed he didn't hesitate to put it on.....he'd wake up in it anyway so why not....
And as he slept the shadow came again.....more insistent this wanted something from him.....he could feel it's form and he almost recognized it.....and it spoke to him again....this time it was in English and so clear that he understood every word!!!
"You're mine now Ronnie.....your grandfather promised me that I could have your mother....but she ran with you all those years now you will take her place as the receptacle of my desires....look at how far I've brought you in just two will be mine....body and soul....until I'm done with you and cast you your grandfather....I gave him wealth and in return he gave me all I wanted....and I wanted his daughter.....but I'll settle for your eyes Ronnie....I am the true master of this house....look at me as I make you mine!!!!"
And he did look....and he he knew....he thought he could tell what the form felt like....but now he knew for sure....all those years ago....when they left so quickly....he had been left behind....but Mr. Buttons had changed since then....


When Scotty told her that he really wanted to wear her undies, Rebecca thought it was time to dump this loser for a "Real Man".....
But after that night she cane around.....


Friday, May 21, 2021

Just Like This

"Remember Sissy....when he gets come out of the bedroom....get down on your knees....look up into his eyes and open your mouth.....he'll decide if he'll put his cock in your have no say in the matter!!!!"

Couldn't Be

"you said it couldn't be done.....but here he husband is now a sweet, submissive, sissy slut and it took me less than a week!!!! So pay up!!!"
"You're right....I still don't believe you did it!!!! How much was that bet again?"
"You owe me five bucks.....and I want it before you take his cherry!!!"


Thursday, May 20, 2021


"Alright Bob....lock is in place and you're wearing cute pink panties....everything seems to be in order....pull up your panties and get back to work...."
"Thank you Ma'am...."
"Please tell the next man to come in...."
"I will Ma'am...."


He told me he had to leave early to make his flight so I woke him at four like he requested...we were both careful not to wake my wife and he waited until I shut the door before he told me what he needed before he left.....
I only had lipstick on and I hadn't even fixed my hair yet....but he didn't seem to mind...

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Hump Day

Sure it was was supposed to be hard.....Hump Day is all about it being hard....but you were going to keep on working on it till it was finished!!!

I Like To Imagine

"Sissy....I'm waiting....what are you doing?"
"I'm just checking Sissy Kaaren's blogs....I'll be right there...."
"That's alright Sissy....wait for me...I'd like to see the latest posts too...."

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Was That

"Was that my daughter leaving for the day?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"Good....I wanted to go over some areas where you need correction!!!!"
"I always appreciate constructive criticism Ma'am!!!!"
"That's bend over and pick up your dress....."
"Do you want my panties down....."
"Maybe....we'll see how it goes...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


"Well you obviously can't please a woman with your tiny let's see if you can please a man with your sissy mouth!!!!"

Monday, May 17, 2021


"Don't be ridiculous Sissy....what makes you think that those men are looking at you?"

Monday ManCandy

 How many meals do you love?
Really love....everything about it....including the preparation...and the service?
How many meals make you this happy?
ManCandy!!! It's like pure liquid joy!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Very Quickly

It went very quickly from...
"Oh my god Tommy....why are you wearing girls panties?"
"Oh my god Tommy....just keep doing that....oh yeah just like that!!!"


Sunday Brunch

"Yes Sissy you did a wonderful job serving us....that's why we're going to reward you with a nice long spanking....won't that be nice?"
"Yes Ma'am that's just what I wanted!!!"

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Centuries

The estate looked a little run down and creepy as the taxi pulled into the drive...the front garden which must have been beautiful in it's time, had long ago lost it's battle against the weeds....some as tall as the majestic front doors!!!
Paint had flaked away exposing the thick wood timbers to the elements....and as she climbed the front steps she was careful not to catch her heels in any of the cracks that ran through them....
Before she could knock the doors swung open and an immaculately dressed man stood there to greet her....he was in a servants costume....replete with his long waistcoat and white gloves and he looked horribly out of place framed with the old and weathered facade of the house...
"Good Afternoon Ma'am....I am Caruthers, I take care of things here for the Professor....and I assume you are Miss Maples?"
"Yes....I guess you were expecting me...."
"I was told you were coming....please come in....allow me to take your bags....we seldom get anyone new here....the Professor prefers his privacy...."
"I guess so....way out here I wouldn't expect you see a lot of people...."
"The Professor has asked me to ask you a few questions before he decides if you'll be a good fit for his household...."
"I have another copy of my resume' if you want to see it...."
Caruthers held up his hand...
"No Ma'am....the Professor has reviewed your particulars already....but he'd like a little more information.....if you will....come have a seat..."
He led her to a large wing chair....she couldn't help but notice that the interior of the house was exactly the opposite of the was grand and beautiful....the furniture polished and the rugs clean....many of the small items scattered on the various tables and shelves looked to be very fine and were probably quite was somehow both imposing and comfortable and she wondered at the difference from the image she'd gotten from the front....
"Now Miss said that you weren't there any romantic attachment that might interfere with your work here?"
"That's really a personal question Mr. Caruthers.....but no....I'm not romantically involved with anyone at the moment...."
"I'm sorry if these questions seem a little personal....the Professor is only worried about you leaving while he's in the midst of one of his projects...."
"I see....I have no entanglements to call me away....I have no family and no reason to leave him in the lurch...."
"Very good....I think you'll work out fine Miss Maples....allow me to show you to your room and you can get settled in...."
He led her through the old mansion....she soon realized that it was laid out in a very confusing manner.....she was afraid she'd easily get lost in these hallways....
As if he was reading her mind Caruthers explained....
"The house is quite old as you can see....and the Professors family has lived here for has been built onto many times and it can be somewhat of a challenge to newcomers....but I assure you that soon you will be walking through these halls with if you'd lived here all your life.....but for the time being it would be best if you used the bell pull in your room and I'll escort you to where you need to go...."
"That would be great.....I confess I don't think I could find my way back to the front door at this point!!!!"
He opened the door to the biggest bedroom she had ever seen....beautiful antique furniture and the biggest bed she had ever seen....lighted by a crystal chandelier....and with windows looking out over the overgrown expanse that stretched out behind the house in every direction....statuary almost completely consumed by the vegetation peeked through here and there....and a large pool that must have once shimmered in the sunlight was thick with algae....
He told her that he would be serving dinner in about an hour and that he would come to bring her to the dining room....
"Will the Professor be joining us?"
She busied herself unpacking before she changed for dinner....she felt foolish about not inquiring about the nearest washroom until she discovered that the room had a private washroom....
Soon there was a tap on the door and Caruthers had come to escort her to dinner....
He pointed out some of the more interesting works of art as he led her through the labyrinth of hallways and staircases until finally they arrived at the formal dining room.....
Seated at the far end of the table was a man of very advanced years....his hair was disheveled and he was stooped over, even sitting seemed to require an effort from him....
He looked up at her as she entered the room and there was something about his eyes that made her uneasy....she couldn't say why.....
"Professor....this is Miss Maples......Miss Maples this is the Professor...."
"I'm pleased to meet you Sir....I look forward to assisting you in your work...."
"Caruthers," the old man spoke in a remarkably steady voice, "After all these years I'm tired of playing these games that you enjoy so much.....can't we just get on with it?"
She wondered what he was talking about and turned to Caruthers just as he stuck the hypodermic into her neck....and then it all went black....

She woke feeling groggy....but as her mind and vision cleared....she looked around in panic!!!
The old Professor was sitting very near staring at her like she was a lab specimen!
"What's going on....why am I tied up like this....let me go immediately!!!"
"She's spunky, Caruthers....just the way you like them.....she's going to be a fine host...."
"What do you mean....what are you going to do to me???"
"Well my dear....let me explain....the human brain is an amazing thing....and so much of it is unused....picture it as vacant land....I have, over the centuries, developed a way to allow another to take occupancy of that vacant can live there but you will have no control or ability to communicate unless your new....tenant, if you will....allows it....."
She gasped as the full horror of what he was saying washed over her!!!!
"You can't do one could possibly do that....."
"I assure you that I can and I will.....soon you will be a faint voice in the back of a brain you no longer control!!!"
"But I don't want you in my head....please no!!!!"
"Oh no my dear, you're quite mistaken.....I'm not taking over your delightfully young body....Mr. Caruthers will be the one taking residence....I don't go in for all that sex change nonsense....but Caruthers tends to switch back and forth each time.....although there was that one stretch in the middle ages where he avoided being wasn't a good time to be female you see....."
"Middle ages.....what are you talking about...."
"You see my dear.....I discovered a formula many centuries ago in the library of Alexandria...a formula that allowed us to have an eternal life....all we had to do was keep moving into new bodies....I didn't want to share that with anyone so I set the library on fire...and we.....Caruthers and I....have lived since then...."
"But what will happen to me?"
"You'll be along for the ride until Caruthers uses you up and has to switch again....then you'll be dead....which might be the best thing you could hope for...."
"But what about...."
"Enough talk now.....Caruthers are you ready to take over her body?"
"Yes Professor...."
"And you've already arranged for a handsome young man for me?"
"The new groundskeeper will arrive next week...."
"Then lets begin....after all these years it will be nice to have Miss Caruthers least for a while....."
There was a scream.....but there was no one to hear it and it died away.....


Picked Up

 She promised to pick me up here so I waited....
It's amazing how many men stopped to offer me a ride....
Some even offered to let me suck their cocks!!!!
Some even offered me money to do it!!!!
Maybe another time....but they were such nice guys....I was sorry I couldn't accommodate them!!!

Friday, May 14, 2021


He laid me back on the bed and pushed my legs up until I was spread wide open....all I could do was whimper....
"What do you want Sissy?"
I just whimpered quietly....
"That's not an answer Sissy.....what do you want?"
"I want you to put it in me...."
"Put what in you Sissy?"
"I want you yo put your....your cock inside me...."
"And then what Sissy? Do you want me to just put it in you?"
"I want you to....fuck me....."
"Now we're getting put it all together for me...."
"I want you to put it inside me and fuck me....please...."
"Louder Sissy....I don't think your wife heard...."
"I want you to put your cock inside me and fuck me!!!!"
"Thanks Sissy.....I was hoping you'd ask me!!!!"


Out for the first met him at the'd hit it off....and you invited him to your place....
Now suddenly his hand was on your stocinged knee and you were faced with a decision....
A decision as old as time.....a decision girls and women have had to make since the beginning of time and now it was a decision you'd have to make Sissy!!!!!
Do you keep your legs crossed or spread them open..... you?

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Just Started

She had just started when we heard the doorbell....
"Oh....they're wait right here Sissy....I'll be right back...."
Who was here? Why right now? Are they here to humiliate me? 
Thousands of scenarios flashed through my mind....and I was keenly aware of the weight of the paddle resting on me....
I listened as intently as I could until I heard footsteps on the stairs....
It was definitely more than one person....


What goes through a Sissy's mind as her world is about to change completely!!!
I don't remember even thinking....but I'll never forget it!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Hump Day

By Hump Day the deal is nearly all you need is a little leverage to bring everything to a successful climax!!!


She reaches out her hand to me as she cums on his cock again....I love that she's still wearing my ring....she's mine even if he's inside her....I would tell her how much I love her right now, but it's difficult with her panties in my mouth....

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


"Oh my's so small!!!!"
"It's just useless....why on earth do you stay with him?"
Her girlfriends laughed as he squirmed....
"Well....he does what he's told....he looks cute in my panties and he doesn't put up a fuss about cleaning me up after another guy fucks me.....and he's really good with his tongue too!!!"

New Game

She sticks these up all around the house and I have to find them all.....if I miss one I get punished....ten spanks if I miss one....twenty if I miss two....and so on.
So I make sure that when I find them I suck them....and then put them in the "found" basket....
Why do I suck them?
Why not?

Monday, May 10, 2021

The Weight

I could feel the weight of it on my head and I knew it must be huge....she deliberately steered me away from mirrors so I couldn't see it....
I just thanked goodness we weren't going out anywhere where I'd be seen with this giant sissy bow in my hair....
"Come with me Sissy....we're going out!!!!"
Oh well....I'm sure no one will notice....

Monday ManCandy

As hungry as you are you just want to get as much as you can before you swallow it all....that warm treat sliding down to your tummy starts your day with a special jolt!!!
ManCandy!!! Like some good baked're better when you're cream filled!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2021


It's a little humiliating to interrupt her and her lover....but there are times I need help to get the cage on properly....and I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't have it on when she would probably ruin both our nights!!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Three naked men Sissy....that's what I found in my living room when I got home from the store!!!
"Three naked men sitting there....complete my living room!!!"
"All three of them stroking their cocks....and when I demanded to know what they were doing there.....what do you think they told me Sissy?" 
"They all said they were waiting for their turn with you!!!!"
"So you're going back to school as soon as the Pink Bus gets here Sissy...."
"Only you're going to have to stand the whole way....." 
"Owww!!! Yes Ma'am!!!!"


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Veil

"No, no.....don't you have anything really special....maybe something a little magical....I was told this was the place...."
"Oh I see....I wasn't aware that you were a special customer....I have many magical baubles here but let me show you one of the most powerful items that I've only recently come across..."
He reached into a closed box and pulled out an intricately carved pair of earrings....
"Perhaps these might be of interest to you Sir?"
"Perhaps....what do they do?"
"Oh these are powerful Sir....these were made hundreds of years ago....they have passed through many hands.....I was very lucky that the last owner didn't know what they were...and I was able to secure them before all the others that were searching for them!!!"
"Okay....but what do they do?"
"With these on the owner may cast a veil over themselves....they may decide what others see when they look upon them Sir...."
"I don't understand....what do you mean by a veil?"
"It's a glamour Sir....a type of magic that hides reality from others....when they look at you they will see only what you wish them to see....."
"I'm still not sure what you mean...."
"Imagine if you could go to see a beautiful woman and she sees you as her beloved husband while you take her....imagine if you went into a bank and all who saw you thought they were seeing the bank president.....imagine killing an enemy in front of witnesses and they all will swear in court that it was someone else who did the deed...."
"Okay....I think I've got if I put these earrings on then I can masquerade as anyone I want and no one will know...."
"As long as you understand's an illusion cast by the are physically unchanged....anyone touching you might feel the difference...."
"So if I put them on and wanted to appear as you, no one could tell the difference unless they touched my face and didn't feel your mustache?"
"Yes Sir....that's it exactly...."
"And if I wanted to appear as a woman they would only see the woman...."
"Yes Sir....but you would need to be convincing....if that's your desire...."
"I see....and my voice would that be different too?"
"The veil would conceal all Sir..."
"'ve sold much?"
"I couldn't let them go for less than five thousand...."
"I'll give you four...."
He handed over the earrings and the man quickly put them on....looking in a mirror he realized that he hadn't changed a bit....
"Hey what are you trying to pull....I look just the same as always...."
" requires concentration to lift the veil over you.....what are you thinking of?"
"Tall beautiful brunette....making heads turn kind of beautiful...."
"And now is so....and you are quite striking...."
He looked in the mirror again and still saw only himself....
"I still don't see it....this is some kind of con...."
"Oh no the owner of the earrings they have no effect on your can see the reality behind the veil.....but I assure you that you're appearing to me as a very desirable woman....very desirable indeed!!!"
"Keep your hands to's your money....thanks...."
He walked out of the obscure little shop and walked down the street....he could feel the earrings dangling in his ears.....he decided to test their magic and walked into the first dress shop he came to....
The women in the shop didn't speak English but he managed to make them understand that he wished to buy a dress for himself....
They nodded and smiled and they talked excitedly among themselves....and when he left the shop he was wearing a beautiful dress....and some pretty lingerie underneath....he knew he didn't need to....the veil of magic would project anything he wished for but this made it all feel more real....
He returned to the hotel and he could tell by the number of people who had turned their heads as he went by that the illusion must be startling....
He found his colleague sitting at the bar....and he sat on the stool next to him....
"Buy me a drink Sweetie..." he whispered to the man.
Startled the man stared at him....his eyes swept over him and took in all of his feminine beauty.....
"Sure....sure what'll it be...."
After several drinks he wanted more....he invited himself to his colleagues enjoy some time away from these prying eyes....
When they got to the room he realized that he couldn't allow the man to touch him through the veil so he pushed him down on the bed and dropped to his knees and fulfilled his darkest fantasy....
After as they both caught their breath the man looked down at him and smiled...
"Damn Bob....if I knew you were like this we could have been doing this for years....but do me one favor when we get back home....lose the earrings....I bought a pair of those for Bonnie and she might not like it that you have the same ones...."
And the veil was gone...along with four thousand bucks!!!