Friday, June 30, 2017

So Good

"Oh my god Sissy, he was so good...."
"He took me to our know....that little Italian place you like so much....Tomaso's.....and we had a lovely dinner together....Tomaso asked about you Sissy....I told him you were fine and that we'd be in again soon...."
"He slid his fingers under my dress in the restaurant.....and I swear.....I nearly came right of the waiters brought me water because he thought I was choking!"
"Then we went dancing....he's a wonderful dancer Sissy.....very sensual.....he touched me in all the right places.....I was so wet for him already!!!!"
"When he asked if we should stop for a nightcap I told him....I needed to fuck him right now!!!!"
"He laughed, of course, but he turned toward his apartment.....when we arrived....I wanted him right away...but he made me slow down....he undressed me slowly.....pausing and kissing me....when he was down to my panties he complimented me on how pretty they were....I told him that you had picked them out for me and he said you have exquisite taste in lingerie.....then he pulled them aside and his tongue gave me the first of so many orgasms......his cock was big Sissy....I don't know for sure but I'd guess maybe 9 inches and so thick.....he filled me.....and we fucked like two animals in heat....and after he came I sucked his cum covered cock and then he fucked me again.....oh Sissy it was glorious!"
"But Sissy, why are you whimpering....aren't you happy that I spent the night with a wonderful man with a big cock who gave me dozens of orgasms?"

An Appointment With My Analyst

Once I was notified that Dr. Mentia was keeping regular office hours again I rushed there without an appointment, surely she would make time for me.....I was her star patient after all!!!!!
When I arrived there was no one there so I sat down and waited for her receptionist to return.....
A woman entered the door in a nurses uniform and asked me if I was waiting to see Dr. Mentia.....when I said I was she told me to accompany her....
I followed her down several flights of stairs until we came to a room fitted out with various medical instruments.....
" panties down, we've got a course of enemas for you to begin...."
"Is this really necessary?"
"Doctor's orders I'm afraid!"
So over the next several hours I was repeatedly filled and hard little clit was simply ignored during all this time.....finally she told me we were done!!!!
She directed me to the stairs and I shakily made my way back to my analysts office....
Her receptionist was there and when she saw me she told me I was two hours late.....once I started to tell her about the enema nurse she called for the doctor right away!!!!
"Hello Kaaren.....what's this about enemas?
"Your nurse gave me dozens of them.....that's why I'm late...."
"My nurse? Dozens of them? Kaaren I don't have an enema nurse and I don't know what you're talking about!"
"You don't.......just follow me...."
She followed me back to the room downstairs and it was empty.....
"But it was here....right here...."
"Perhaps you want to come back upstairs and talk about it Kaaren"
"Maybe I need an analyst more than I thought!!!"
"Obviously you do.....maybe we'll increase our sessions....."
"Whatever you think is best!!!"
Her phone rang.....
"Excuse me a moment Kaaren.....yes....yes....just pay her whatever she more calls, I'm with a patient!!!"

Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's Very Simple

It's very simple to understand Sissy......yours goes in the cage and mine goes in your wife.....

Didn't Even Notice

I guess, as time goes by, that it doesn't surprise her anymore!!!
I remember when she would always comment, or swat my bottom. or joke with me if she caught me in my panties in the morning before I got dressed!!!
Now it seems such an everyday thing that she doesn't seem to even notice as she waits for her breakfast while checking her e-mail....
So I guess now she see's me as a girl all the time.....but if truth be told....if it wasn't for the cage I'd still get hard seeing her walking around so casually in her pretty black panties!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Guests - Sissy Training

There's no need to interrupt your training just because a friend stops fact it's good for Sissy to understand that privacy, for her, is a thing of the past!!!!
You should make a point of exposing your Sissy to as many of your friends as you like and then you can start inviting his friends over too, why should they miss out on the fun!!!

Someone Asked Me

Someone asked me if I had any emotional feelings about the others I've had sex's a complicated question......
There is only one person in my life that I feel a deep emotional romantic love for and that's my sweet wife....and despite our varied sex life I'm sure she feels exactly the same about me!!!
I am not allowed, except under special circumstances, to play with other women although she has allowed me much greater leeway when it comes to men. Most of those men are there for her and I am just a part of the package!!!! Some really enjoyed themselves with me and some....well some weren't so interested!!!
We know some of these men in our regular world and we trust them and their discretion and to date none of them has let us down....
I don't like to kiss her men....I'm not acting out of love for them, I'm acting out of love for her and lust for them....there is a difference!!!
A woman loves a man and is delighted that he has a cock to please her.....
I love a cock but I'm a little indifferent about the man it's attached to....
I know I could explain it better but like I said it's complicated....

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Oh Yes Sissy

"Oh yes's going to be a long night...."

Next Door

"Thank you for inviting me, everything was delicious and it's so nice to stop and enjoy a cup of tea."
"Well, it really wasn't my wife said that if I was going to be home I should invite the fairy next door over...."
"Hey....who are you calling a fairy.....oh wait.....sorry never mind!!!!"

Monday, June 26, 2017

20 Minutes

"Alright Sissy now you do 20 minutes of corner time....and I want you to think about your behavior...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Oh slept late!!!!
No time for anything.....get dressed and get going!!!!
Thank god your Uber is there on time.....
Thank god for being able to get something to get you through the morning meetings without making you late!!!
ManCandy!!!! The fuel you need when you need to get there!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Catching Up

I love to read....really.....and I love having someone read to me....
So it's a special joy when we sit out together and she reads a book to me....her sweet voice is sometimes muffled by her thighs.....but it's a special time for us both!!!!

Nothing As Good

There is nothing that turns me on more than having someone pull down my panties...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Kong Aftermath

Jack Driscoll settled into the cheap chair of the hotel and pulled his wife, the former Ann Darrow, onto his lap! The hotel was a little run down but the honeymoon had been a wedding gift from Mr. Denham.....the poor man was financially ruined by the debacle in New York!!!
"I'm sorry deserve a palace and this is the best we could get!!!"
"Oh Jack.....don't be silly....after the places I've been....the things I've seen....the things I've done....this is more than I ever dreamed of!!!"
"Shall we get, comfortable as they say?"
"Oh Jack, it's what I've dreamed know...since the island....."
"Do you want to talk about it?"
"It's hard to explain the connection I had with was like we understood each other despite the differences...."
"I always wondered about his interest in your clothes....what do you suppose that was about?"
"Why Jack.....I thought you, of all people, would understand.....Kong liked the soft silky feel against his skin just like you do!"
"I don't know what you mean Ann...."
"Jack, I knew all along.....we all really weren't very good at hiding things....Mr. Denham used to joke with me that if I couldn't be the female lead he could always have you do it!!!!"
" don't mind?"
"I married you didn't I?"
"And now?"
"Now I want you to put on something pretty too and we can snuggle together all night!!!!"
"And what about him?"
"Oh.....well he is the last of his kind and so he needs to get other ways...."
"You mean he......"
"Yes Sweet Jack....he likes to go get that pretty nightie on and hopefully it will keep him from rampaging through the city again!!!"
"But Ann....if he....when he....Ann....the cleanup outside is going to be brutal!!!!"
"Not for us to worry about Jack.....or is it Jackie?"


Nervous....oh hell yes I was nervous.....I mean just look at the size of it!!!!
Excited.....oh hell yes I was excited......I mean just look at the size of it!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Are You Done Yet

"Are you done yet Sissy?"
"You said 30 minutes...."
"How long has it been?"
"26 minutes Sweetheart!"
"Oh well I can wait a few would be a shame to stop now...."
"Yes Ma'am!"


"Look what my sister brought for you's so cute....why don't you run upstairs and put it on and let us see how it looks on you???"
"'s so small!!!"
"I'm sure it's big enough to cover anything you have Sissy, now go and do as you're told!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
The worst part was her sister giggling as I ran up the stairs to obey!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Better Hurry Sissy

"You'd better hurry Sissy....the news has gotten around and there's already a line out the looks like you're in for a long day!!!!"


I know it's my job to make sure she gets up on time....but sometimes I just have to stop and wish I could crawl under the sheets with her and worship her all day long!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Just Close Your Eyes

When your stress level starts to rise....when the day's work seems too much.....when you think you'll scream at the next interruption.....
Just close your eyes.....go to your serene space.....that space where you are happiest....where all the rest of the world falls away.....all you feel there is pleasure...
On your knees.....sucking a nice cock.......all alone....just you and the cock in your mouth....the birds singing.......the day so perfect and warm...and the cock.....oh the cock tastes wonderful.....and because it's your can suck it all afternoon and it won't cum until you want it to!!!!
Feel that stress disappear.....

That's The Way

"That's the way I want to find my husband waiting for me Sissy.....with a nice hard cock that I can ride all night!!!!"
"It's for your pleasure Sweetheart!"
"What about your pleasure Sissy?"
"Watching you cum is enough for me Sweetheart!"
"Then I'm going to cum over and over....I want you to be happy Sissy!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

She Said He Would

He pumped his seed into the bitch and tried to catch his breath....she had a snappin' pussy.....she laid back on top of him and he felt her husband climb between his legs and then he heard her gasp and a slurping wet sound!!!!!
Damn!!!! She said the Sissy would lick up all his cum.....but he didn't believe it until right now!!!!
He shook his head and chuckled but he felt his cock stirring as he listened.....if this Sissy was lucky he'd get dinner and dessert!!!!

Sissy Training - Both of Them

You're really not just training your're training your lover too!!!
It may take some time until he understands that your sissy husband isn't a man and so there's no "gay" thing about putting his cock in Sissy's mouth!!!!
It's really best if there's no lace and frills the first couple of times to get them both used to the idea!!!!!
And of course your big latex cock inside Sissy just hammers it both of them!!!

Monday, June 19, 2017


"Here's the key can remove the cage.....for hygiene purposes only....there will be no unauthorized sissy squirties from that little clit of yours.....I'm going to sit here and watch just to make sure....."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Some mornings you wake up absolutely ravenous!!!! You're running on empty and you need something and you need it now!!!! Some reach for fiber cereal but that's not what you need....some reach for sugary treats but that only supplies a temporary boost to your energy and a lingering boost to your waistline....bacon and eggs, another temporary fix....the small amount of protein is quickly burned up probably before you're even halfway to work!!!! need a concentrated dose of high protein that will carry you through the day!!! Even if you spill a little it's so powerful that a couple of missed drops won't make any real difference!!!!
ManCandy!!!!! Filling empty tummies since.....well...since there have been empty tummies!!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Was it the heat from the grill that had made his face so red.....his wife had had one too many cocktails and was regaling their guests with stories he would have much rather kept private!!!!
They were all laughing....
"And it was so small.....I was just stunned.....there was nothing I could do with that.....isn't that right honey.....I told you your penis was too small to be of any use to any woman?"
"Yes Ma'am..."
"I mean....thank goodness for his tongue!!!"
There was more laughter.....
"Then he asked if he could wear my panties!!!! I just couldn't believe you remember Sissy....that first time I gave you my panties to wear?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
There was more laughter.....
"Then came the bras and stockings and dresses and know what....Sissy when you've finished cooking I think we'd all like a fashion show!!!"
There was more laughter.....
"Yes Ma'am!"

Out of the Blue

Let me just start by telling you all that she allowed me to cum tonight!!!! That may not be a big deal for most of you but for me it's huge!!!!
But there's a twist to it....
A package was delivered today and she told me it was a surprise for me!!!! I couldn't wait to find out what it was but she wasn't telling!!!! It was a long box so of course I was thinking it must be some kind of dildo that she would fuck me with.....but she said that wasn't it!!!
Finally at about 10, after her toenail polish dried and I had put away the pedicure supplies she told me to go to the bedroom.....OUR bedroom.....and get comfortable!!!!
When she came in she had a bottle of lube in one hand and a large flashlight in the other....
She pushed me back on the bed and pulled out the key!!!!
Unlocked, my little clitty still stayed limp.....months of training will do that....she took it in between her thumb and index finger and stroked it a few times....
She reminded me of how she always thought it was so cute and she pointed out that it seemed even smaller.....she laughed when she said that maybe some day it would just disappear!!!!
She poured a small drop of the lube on me and spread it carefully because I was hard now....and gasping....after months it doesn't take much....
Then she picked up the flashlight and screwed the cap off and I instantly recognized it as a on the link if you're not familiar with them....
I had seen them on the 'net, of course, but I had never really given them too much thought....after all I was a caged Sissy so what good would a male masturbation toy be for me....
She smiled at me as she lowered the very lifelike pussy toward my hard little clit and I don't know what I was expecting but as I slipped inside's warm wet walls surrounding my clit as she pushed it all the way down....
It was......AMAZING!!!!! I have not been inside a woman for years.....and this felt just like I remembered it!!!!! She pumped it a few times and I begged her to stop and just let me enjoy it for a minute....
She laughed....."It looks like you like your new toy!" she said!!!!
Oh my god.....I was in heaven.....after a few moments she began to stroke again and in seconds I was cumming!!!!! I haven't cum that hard or long since maybe ever....I came so hard that I got an abdominal cramp from clenching my muscles so tightly!!!!
It was just the best.....and now.....hours later.....cage back in place and my new toy locked away.....after I cleaned it of'm still having shivers just thinking about it!!!!!
She is so good to me!!!!
But anyway....the reason I'm telling you all this is that it knocked the idea I had for this post clean out of my head so instead of that I figured you might enjoy this with me!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Virgin Sacrifice

He had come to the remote tribes village as a missionary and he had been surprised at how welcoming they had been!
He had tried his best to spread the word of god to these people but found them all to be savages....their lusts seemed to be their reason for living! It was not unusual for him to find even the younger girls entwined in sins of the flesh!!!
When he tried to preach to them they smiled and snuck off to indulge their savage passions!!!! But he tried and tried to teach them the joy of abstinence, of waiting until they married and became one before god!
He knew they were preparing a festival of some kind and they had made him understand that this was their most important religious event of the year for them.....there was to be some kind of animal sacrificed to their pagan gods....but that was all they would tell him!
When he was summoned to the shaman's temple he hoped that maybe he'd be given more details but there was a ceremony already under way when he arrived....he sat as quietly as he could so as not to disturb them.
Strong arms seized him and pulled him to the altar where that shaman was stirring a potion and praying to his gods....they all turned to him as he was forced to his knees and made to drink the vile concoction!!!!
When he woke he felt so strange.....he felt smaller....lighter....when he realized his body was that of a young girl he screamed!!!!!
The shaman entered and sat near him.....
"What have you done to me!?!?!?"
"I'm English is small....I'll try to tell you..."
"Tell me what....oh my god!!!"
"We people make sacrifice to god....god demands virgin bride....people know must be virgin and so no virgins here.....not made sacrifice in years.....we know you a virgin.....all we need to do was make you a bride....."
"'re going to sacrifice me!!!!!"
"You only virgin old enough in village!"
"No please god no!!!!"
He leaned close over the captive....
"Maybe one way to save you....I might help...."
"Anything....please I don't want to die...."
"When the priestess comes for you she must check or the sacrifice might anger the gods!"
"Check what....please, you have to help me!"
"You cannot be sacrifice if you're not a virgin....I could help you with that!!!"
His head be murdered as a sacrifice to the pagan gods of these people or to be....taken by this savage....which one was worse???
"Please be gentle with me....."
It hurt less than having beating heart pulled from chest!"
"Oh god I hope so...."


They really hadn't put up too much of a fuss and they both seemed to be enjoying it.....their wives thought that maybe....after their sissy husbands had been such good girls....maybe they'd get their keys and allow them to cum....but only in each others mouth of courses!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Nice Job Sissy

"That was a nice blowjob Sissy.....but I thought you understood....when I told you to suck his cock and make him cum you were supposed to swallow all of it!!! Oh well I guess you'll just have to do it again.....this time don't spill a drop Sissy!!!"

Like Any Woman

When Kaaren first appeared in the office it had triggered a meeting with the Human Resources Director!
"As you're all aware our colleague now wishes to be addressed as Kaaren, she identifies as a sissy, which means neither male or female...."
"For our purposes here and to avoid any possible charges of discrimination you will treat Kaaren as you would any other woman in the company! Are there any questions?....Yes Mr. Thompson, you have a question?"
" mean I have to treat him...."
"Okay....I have to treat her like all the other girls...."
"Okay....I have to all the other....women here....even though she's still got a dick in her panties?"
"We....can tell you that shouldn't be an's best for you to keep your mind off of her panties if you know what I mean!"
"Okay I see...."
"Alright everybody let's get back to work!"
Seated at his desk he pondered what had been said and picked up the phone....
"Hello....Kaaren.....could you come by my office for a minute....there's something I wanted to run past you...."
"Sure Joe....I'll be right there..."
She entered and closed the door behind her....
"Look....Kaaren....we have to work together....and this is all new to me....HR told me I had to treat you like all the other women that really what you want?"
"Yes I do....that would make me really happy...."
"Alright then....get over here and suck my cock!"
"I thought you'd never ask!!!!"

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Just Perfect

"Just lean forward a little Sissy.....oh yeah....that's perfect...."
"Oh my god...........yesssssssssss!"


"I'm so sorry to interrupt you Ms. Kaaren but there's a delivery!"
"Is it for me?"
"Well they're not sure....they've misplaced their's a midget couple riding a Shetland pony with a big bag of dildo's of absolutely obscene size....."
"Oh yes that's for me, please show them in.....I'm expecting several more deliveries too so if there's any doubt just send them to me!!!!"
"As you wish! Charge this to your wife's credit card as usual?"
"Of course! She told me to have a good I'm having a good day!!!"

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Feel Free

When I heard voices in the yard, I threw on a robe to investigate....
"Hi....your wife said we could use the pool while we're home for the summer....she said you wouldn't mind..."
I tried to keep looking them in the much as I wanted to look them much as I felt the need to drop to my knees.....
"Oh, she didn't mention it to me....but I'm sure it's girls enjoy yourselves!"
"She said if we wanted snacks or drinks that we should just let you know and you'd bring them out..."
" just let me know if you need anything!"
"She said that there was only one condition....only one thing we had to do while we were here...."
I knew I was already blushing....
"Oh....and what was that?"
"We're supposed to check your cage and plug let's see!"
I looked from one to the other....they were serious....I didn't think it was possible to blush more than I already was....but I nodded and slowly undid my robe....
They both broke into smiles for the first time as they eyed my caged clitty!
Each of them gave the lock a little tug....
I was sweating and totally embarrassed....
"'ve seen it...."
I started to close my robe....
"Wait a minute......we have to check the plug too!!!"
I was wrong before....NOW I was totally embarrassed!!!


"I'm so glad to meet you....welcome to our there anything I can get you?"
This is exactly what I would have said if my mouth wasn't full of his cock!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Treated Like Her Little Girl

Over the past few months she has enjoyed dressing me as a little girl....well, to be honest, I've enjoyed it too!!!
But sometimes I'm unhappy that when she dresses me in these pretty party dresses she treats me like a naughty 5 year old!!!
I mean it's not right to speak to me as if I'm a pre-schooler and even though I find myself quickly falling into the fantasy when it happens....I mean I'm an adult sissy, not a baby, and she should treat me like one!!!
And my friend Mr. Bun-bun agrees with me!!!


"My nipples get so hard when I watch my Sissy suck a cock, what about yours!!!!"

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sissy Training - Five Minutes

"Okay you pick out a pair of my panties to wear...."
"But I thought tonight was just going to be the two of us....."
"Well you thought wrong....look at that little tiny thing....what good would that do me....I like men with real cocks....stop wasting my time....I want to see you in panties...on your knees....sucking his cock within the next five minutes or I'll spank your ass until you beg me to let you do it!!!!"
"I guess I should wear white panties so they'll match....."
"Now you're thinking like my good girl!!!"

Monday ManCandy

He filled me once, he filled me twice and it looked like he was ready to fill me once again!!!! I might have stopped after once....I certainly would have stopped after twice....but my mother-in-law insisted that I keep going!!!
She wouldn't have any slackers married to her daughters.....if there was more to get then she wanted me to get more!!!!
ManCandy!!! Mothers know best after all!!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Where are you Sissy, the pink bus will be here to take you back to school in a few minutes!!!"
"I'm just finishing my homework....I'll be done in a couple of minutes!!!"

Very Good

"Your Sissy husband is a very good cocksucker!"
"Thank you, I taught her everything she knows....she makes me so proud!!!"

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Doctor Mordo's Madness

"Don't worry, Mr'll remember nothing..."
While his assistant controlled the pink ray that was transforming John Thompson, Dr. Mordo was gently entering his mind....he slowly peeled away the memories of boyhood and replaced them with memories of pretty dresses and tea parties.....he replaced the memories of his teen years with the same years lived as a girl....whenever Thompson resisted he allowed him to feel the indescribable pain of the pink ray transforming him into the perfect woman....and his resistance crumbled!!!!
Soon it would be done and Dr. Mordo would have a new toy to play with.....until he tired of was the challenge he loved.....making a man into his female lover....making his mind over....he had been born with this power over other peoples minds....
He had peeled away every part of Thompson's life as a man but he left that one little spark....he loved to see that flicker of doubt in their eyes as he made love with them....that one little glimmer that maybe something wasn't right!!!!
His last toy was already halfway to the slave markets of southeast Asia and this one would fetch an even higher price....when he was done with her!!!!

Still Wet

His wonderful cock, still wet from her pussy slid so easily into mine!!!
"Why isn't he in some pretty lingerie or something.....I don't fuck guys....I fuck women and sissies!!!!"
"If you'll take your cock out of him for a few minutes I've got pretty outfits laid out for both of us...."

Friday, June 9, 2017

None of Your Business

"Who am I streaming it to.....of all the just get your mouth on that cock Sissy and you suck it till I tell you to stop!!!! It's none of your business who I'm streaming it to!!!"

A Little More

"That was good Sissy but let me see you do it again and I want you to put a little more swish into it!"
I wasn't sure I had give her, I think I was swished out!!!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Do You Remember

Do you remember that first time?
That first time you took him all the way into your throat....
Who was more delighted, you, him or your wife?

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl we all used to worry so much about how our ass looked...we all wanted to have that perfect ass...the one that all the boys would lose their minds over....the one that made them hard!!!
I never dreamed I'd marry a sissy whose ass was just as cute as mine....maybe cuter....I never dreamed it, but I love it!!!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What's This Sissy

"What's this Sissy? Why aren't you wearing any of your pretty panties?"
"My wife told me that they would just be in the way Sir!!!"
"She was right Sissy, I hope you appreciate her Sissy?"
"Every minute of every day Sir!"
"Good take a deep breath and relax...."

Just Because

"Just because I leave the bedroom door open Sissy, that's no excuse for you to come peeping at me when I'm fucking someone!!!"
"Did you think I didn't see you going back and forth to the bathroom Sissy?"
"You've been a naughty girl....."

"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Quite Ready

"Oh yes....your husband is quite ready for you....he's been properly trained by myself and my staff....I'm sure you'll be pleased with the new "man" he's become!"
"But.....I sent him to you just to lose a few pounds!!!! What have you done to him!!!!"
"Hmmm....let me check....oh I seems there was an error in the seems you didn't ask for a submissive ladies maid....would you like us to change him back?"
"No....let's not be too hasty....can I get a trial period?"
"Two weeks trial should be no problem!"

A Natural

"Don't you see're a natural born cocksucker....I know so many girls that will never be as good as you are now....and with all the cocks I'm going to bring home for you to might end up being the best ever...."