Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sissy Logic

Neither one recognized the obvious flaw in their reasoning....
"You tie my hands then I'll tie yours!"
"But when I tried that with you it didn't work.....I was tied up and you weren't!!!"
"That's why we're tying mine first this time!!!"
"Oh....that makes sense!!!"

Unusual Relationship

After the divorce they had maintained a somewhat unusual relationship!!!
She loved her Mom but she stayed with her Daddy because she loved watching her sissy daddy sucking her boyfriends cock!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


"So Baby have you decided?"
"Yes...I've decided!"
"So what will it be Baby?"
"I don't want to lose you...."
"I don't want to lose you either Baby....but this is what have you decided?"
"I'll do it.....I don't want to but I'll do it!"
"Do what Baby.....I want to hear it?"
"I'll....suck his cock for you!!!"
"And I'll swallow all his cum!!!"
"I knew you would lets talk about wearing my panties......"

Piercing Humiliation

When she took me for my belly piercing she told me I had to strip down to my panties which amused the girls at the shop quite a bit!!!!!
When I asked them why I had to strip they laughed....
"Ask your wife.....she wanted it not us!!!!"
But my wife, sitting close by just smiled....she knew I would replay this humiliation over and over in my fantasies....she knows me so well!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Dinner's in the Oven!

"You can't just prance around here dressed like that and expect me to pretend I don't notice Sissy!!!"
"But I ...."
"You little Sissy're just asking for it!!!!"
"But I..."
"You want it don't you want my cock...."
"Yes of course I do!!!!! But I have dinner in the oven and I don't want to burn it!!!!"
"Dammit Sissy let it burn I have to fuck you right now!!!!"
"But the dinner!!!!"
"Throw it out and we'll get a pizza...."
"Ohhhh yeah.....I like pizzzzzzza!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Well sure, a little might have dripped out on the way home but just think of how thoughtful she was....even after a night out with her lover she still brought a warm creamy treat home for her sweet sissy husband!!! As she settles down over your waiting mouth, remember to say thank you....before and after while it warms your tummy through the day!!!!
ManCandy!!! The gift that keeps on giving!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016


He really loved it and she loved how hard he was when she came for preferences really weren't considered...which is as it should be!!!!
Being a submissive is about what they want, not what I want!!!


"You've been good so I decided to release you so you could have an erection.....but that's all Sissy!!!! If you cum you'll be in that cage for a year....I've done it before Sissy and I can do it can watch and you can touch your pathetic little clit but no cumming!!!!"

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Deep Cover

It was the job of the US Marshall's to protect witnesses who were in danger! New identities and new lives were created to keep then safe....and periodic checks were made to ensure that they were still safe!!!
US Marshall Bill Marshall was in charge of Tony "Peanuts" Penocotti's case. Marshall Marshall had endured teasing about his name for years but he didn't mind......he recognized that it was a funny coincidence!!!!  He had been tipped that Tony Peanuts name had been getting a lot of play on their surveillance tapes lately!!!!
He spent a lot of time watching and every time he came in Tony got more and more nervous!!! Tony didn't think that any of his former colleagues would recognize him now but he couldn't be sure.....until that night when Marshall Marshall suddenly pushed him down and opened fire!!!!!
He had to move...they knew who he was....all the surgery....all the pain....and still they had found him!!!!
Marshall Marshall standing over the dead assassin realized the only safe place for Tony was with him!!!
He smiled....that surgery had really been worthwhile!!!


"Don't make a sound Sissy!!!" she whispered as she opened the door.
When we stepped into the room her lover was there....bound and blindfolded on the bed!!! His head turned at the sound of the door opening.
From where we were standing I could see he was already rock hard and he strained a bit against the scarves holding his hands!!!
Taking a step closer to the bed she put her finger to her lips, gesturing for me to remain silent!!!
"Are you ready Baby?" she asked him from across the room. "Are you ready for the best blowjob you'll ever have?"
"You know it Baby....I'm so ready!!!!"
"Here I come Baby!!!"
She pushed me toward the bed and I was so surprised I turned to her!!!! Again she gestured for me to be quiet and then pointed to him!
I moved without a word to the bed as she settled quietly on the chair I normally sat on! As I crawled up onto the bed between his legs I turned back to her one last time....she smiled at me, nodded and slipped her hand into her panties....she was ready to enjoy the show.....and I smiled but only for a moment....
"Oh yeah Baby!!!! That's it!!!! Suck my cock!!!!"
And so for now we were all happy!!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

A Fluffer Knows

An experienced Fluffer knows that sometimes her date is so ready that a really light touch is needed....


"Dammit Sissy....I'm in a hurry...."
"Please....pretty please?"
"Alright Sissy....just one kiss and then go get my breakfast on the table!!!"
"Just one!!!! But where....."
"Sissy you are being a real pain in the ass this morning so I guess you'd better kiss my ass to ease the pain!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...thank you for the privilege of kissing your...."
"In a hurry Sissy!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Thursday, August 25, 2016

In The Back

"It's way down there Baby...all the way in the have to get your head down or you won't get it!!!"
"It would help if I knew what I was looking for...."
"Don't worry Baby.....I know what you're looking for and in a minute or two I'll make sure you get it!"
"I still don't....."
"It's way down there let me help you find what you're looking for!!!!"


"Don't you recognize me?"
"Sorry but no!!!"
"Take another look at my face?"
"We dated in college....."
"I wasn't into girls my god Brian is that you????"
"It's Brianna now!"
"Wow!!!! You look great.....holy've got bigger tits than me....did you know....everything?"
"No I haven't had anything changed elsewhere if that's what you mean...."
"So you still have ummm a....cock...I remember you had a big one!"
"It's curled up in my panties right now!!!"
"I'd love to see that ..."
"Well I have no plans tonight!!!"
"I'll call a cab.....I can't wait to....get reacquainted!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sissy Knew

Sissy knew it was big.....but once it was in her mouth she was surprised at how much bigger it seemed!!!! Luckily Sissy's wife was there to offer her sweet husband encouragement!!!!


"You still don't believe my husband will lick it all up?"
"No I don't!"
"Want to bet on it? If you win you can fuck my ass...."
"And if you win?"
"If I win you have to fuck my ass!"
"So either way I ....."
Is it a bet or not?"
"You're on!!!!"

Sissy!!!! Come here I need you!!!"
"Yes dear I'll be right there!!!!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


My wife and her lover were watching me intently as I pushed the big latex cock into my sissy pussy!!!
"Damn that's hot....watching him fuck himself like that!!!"
"Yeah OK....he's.....she's getting me so hot just watching!!!"
"Well you know she has another hole available if you'd like...."
"Would that be OK with you?"
"I love to watch Sissy suck's what she was born to do....feel free!!!!"

Special For You

I blushed deep red as she showed me what her sister had brought for me......they laughed so hard as I thanked her for the gift! I had a feeling they would laugh even harder when I tried it on and modeled for them.....

Monday, August 22, 2016

Even Though

Even though I'm in chastity....there are still times that we fuck all night.....she'll go to sleep not so much....

Monday ManCandy

A maids day is long and hard....along with her regular duties she is subject to the random whims of her Master or Mistress!
"Where's my breakfast?"
"Where's my vibrator?"
"Clean these panties!"
"Get over my knee and I'll show you why!!!"
Yes a maids day is hard and that's why the smartest maids start their day off with a warm creamy mouthful of protein filled joy!!! No matter what else the day brings that warm spot in her tummy will keep her going!!!!
ManCandy!!! The maid says "I don't start my day without it!!!"

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Eve tempted Adam with that apple and he lost paradise.....

....while I was tempted by something else and have been in paradise ever since!!!

That One little Drop

She asked him if he wanted a release and of course he said had been a few months since she'd allowed him an orgasm....
She stroked him lightly and slowly....she knows how ready he was....
Then she watched that one little drop of pre-cum leak out and she smiled!!!
"Okay you've had your release.....let's get you into that cold shower and back into the cage!"
"But you said....."
"I said to get into the shower and back in the cage you've had the only release you're getting come with me like a good girl....."

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Virus

General Joseph Grant looked into the monitor and shuddered at what he saw!!!!
How had this happened? How had the containment been broken????
"Colonel Tibbets!" he thundered "explain to me what happened!!"
"Sir....the report is on your desk!"
"Tibbets!!! The report is the size of War and Peace just tell me what did this happen? He pointed at the monitor!
On the screen there were multiple cameras all showing the inside of the Astrobiology Base and all the personnel were either actively making love or quietly masturbating!!!! And there were no men....none!
"As near as we can tell General....going from the offsite backups....they brought in the sample from the meteorite that hit Maryland last Tuesday and placed it under strict quarantine, no human contact, after it was determined that there was a living organism that had survived the journey through our atmosphere. That's almost unheard of as I'm sure you're aware....the last time was almost 40 years ago with that problem out west with the Andromeda Strain!"
"Yes, yes....but what happened here!"
"As near as we can tell from the partial distress transmissions and the automated systems it seems that a break in containment occurred on on Thursday....we're not sure how that happened but we're running computer simulations to determine...."
"Tell me about this!!!" the general pointed at the females writhing in pleasure on the screen!
""It seems the organism was a virus that attacks human DNA and makes changes.....males very quickly become females....completely....."
"Holy Hell Tibbets!!!! You mean they lose their.....masculinity!!!
"Completely Sir!"
"And what about the women?"
"Well they don't undergo any physical metamorphosis like the males do....but the virus seems to make all of them, males and females, sexually voracious!!!"
"And it's transmitted through sexual contact?"
"Actually Sir....any physical contact......even the most casual bump on the street would be enough!"
"So the base is locked's contained!!!"
"No Lab Assistant, Jason Carter, got out before the lockdown was complete!!!! The last we saw him was on a camera at the gate....the guards tried to stop him but he was on a motorcycle going like hell and they hesitated to shoot!!!"
"Oh my god he contagious!!!"
"I'm afraid so Sir....we've been following his trail based on where we've had outbreaks of the virus in Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas.....we believe we've been able to lock down these far the bigger cities have been spared....he's moving west Sir and we've set up roadblocks to intercept him....we just hope he hasn't changed direction!!!"

He wasn't sure what had happened but when the alarm rang his only thought was to run....he realized he had changed....his body was different and he had a one track mind....but he knew if they caught him it was permanent containment or a very short walk to the incinerator.....he stopped here in Kansas...he wasn't sure of where he was going....but he had to put as many miles between him and them as he could.....suddenly he heard the sound of several motorcycles coming into the station just as he had, and suddenly the urge was on him....stronger than anything....he would go see if any of them wanted to spend a few minutes with him.....
And so the FemVirus as it came to be called, continued to spread and move west!!!!

Wait Sissy

"Wait a minute Sissy....before you go back in to suck his cock again, let me make sure your makeup is just right!"
"Thank you Sweetheart!"
"You're welcome Sissy!"

Friday, August 19, 2016

Do You Like It Sissy

"It's so cold and sugary sweet....doesn't it taste so good Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am it's delicious!"

"Then get it deep in your mouth Sissy and show me how much you like it!!!!"

Cuckolded Sissy

Waiting, waiting, you other sissy's get tired of all the waiting!!!!! Every time I've had sex with her I came almost immediately and I know that's bad....but damn....he's been fucking her for over an hour.....I don't know if he's ever going to cum....maybe he'll just keep fucking her forever!!!!
Oh my I wish I had the key....maybe he can hold off forever but if I had the chance I would probably cum in like ten seconds!!!!
It wouldn't be so bad if I was watching but he said no...and I guess my knees would be aching if I was kneeling beside her bed for this long....but they just keep going and going!!!!
Maybe soon....maybe soon they'd be done....and she'd come to me....and let me lick up what would have to be a huge load of his creamy cum.....or I could crawl to her....crawl to her bed and lick her well fucked pussy while he laughed at me....
Maybe then he would allow me to suck his cock.....just so he could stand over me and laugh and tell me how he enjoyed fucking my wife.....that would almost be enough to make me cum even with the cage....
But none of this will ever happen if he doesn't cum the meantime I'll just keep on waiting and waiting and waiting.....

Thursday, August 18, 2016

His Attention

While she enjoyed his attention to her beautiful breasts she watched Sissy carefully....
"Don't let him cum Sissy......his cum is for me first...."
Sissy nodded....he couldn't answer her directly....his mouth was full!!!!

A Good Little Girl

"Remember Sissy, a good little girl always keeps her knees together!!!"
"But why?"
"Because a good little girl doesn't want everyone to  see her pretty panties....that's only for Mommy and her friends to see....OK Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am..."
There were two problems here....first, I wasn't a good little girl and second, I actually did want everyone to see my pretty panties!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bathroom Humiliation

"Sissy I asked you five minutes ago to undress him so he can join me in the're being very naughty....perhaps you need a spanking?"
Pulling his delightful cock from my mouth I pouted a little.....
"I'm sorry Sweetheart...I just got carried away!"
"Sorry? Are you really sorry Sissy?"
"No....not really...."
"You have an appointment over my knee later get his clothes off while I run some more hot water!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Tommy Came Home

When Tommy came home he didn't expect much in the way of a welcome....
After all these years....they hadn't changed but he had!!!!!
His brothers and sisters shunned him at the funeral as if it was his fault!!!!
How was he to know.....
When his father opened the door there was no sign of recognition.....had he really been gone so long....changed so much....that his own father wouldn't recognize him!!!
"Hi's me....Tommy....I've come home...."
He had a lot more to say....but the old man looked him up and down once....clutched at his chest and collapsed!
Oh well....Tammy was only passing through....she wasn't looking to reconcile and from the looks of it neither was anyone else....

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That Answers That

The Policeman who lives down the street is a member of the departments Pipe and Drum Band. He goes to practice every Tuesday in full regalia, kilt and all! He looked positively dreamy and the kilt somehow made him seem more manly!
I speculated on what he might have under that kilt, my wife told me traditionally men wore nothing under the kilt and after that I was even more interested!
Imagine my surprise when my wife invited him in to meet me!
Well one thing led to another and I found out what was under that kilt and it was big and sweet and I got to have it all to myself as my wife watched!!! She's very good to me!!!!


Why yes it's horribly humiliating to be brought to the Mall like this!!!!
Why do I do it???
She's taking me shopping....for SHOES and if you don't understand that I can't explain it to you!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sissy School - Initiation

All the new sissies had gone through their orientation and now they were undergoing their initiation!!!
Sissy Kaaren and Sissy Leeanne lined them up and got them ready....
"Alright girls.....go for it.....but remember the first one to cum has to lick all the others clean!!!"

Kaaren and Leeanne snuggled closer and watched the show!!!!

Monday ManCandy

She doesn't need it in her hair even though it's a fantastic protein treatment that would make her hair fuller and healthier!!! She needs it in her tummy where it will give her that morning glow and that energy to get up and go!!!
ManCandy!!! Good for your hair, good in your tummy, good everywhere, and it's so yummy!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

That Guy

"Do you see that guy over there Sweetheart?"
"Which one Sissy?"
"The one staring at us...."
"Which one Sissy....there's more than one!"
"The cute one......"
"The one in the blue suit with the red tie!"
"Okay Sissy....what about him?"
"He said he wanted to take us "girls" out for a ride on his yacht!!!"
"And what about his cock Sissy? Is it big enough to satisfy us?"
"I....I don't know...."
"Well Sissy you just march back over there and find out and then we'll discuss it...."
"But how am I supposed to...."
"Well you could ask....but men always lie about it....I think the best way is to just grab it.....then we'll know!!!!"
"Just....just grab it....."
"Oh my god're are just too go...I wouldn't mind having a big cock to play with tonight......"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

He's So Weird

Her date doesn't have a problem with her having a sissy husband.....
A sissy husband that she has dressed like a little problem
A sissy husband who will gladly suck his problem
A sissy husband who will kneel and watch as he fucks Sissy's problem
A sissy husband who will lick all his cum out of her when they problem
But he has a problem with letting Sissy use her hands to hold him.....
Really....he's so weird!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Moroccan Key

It was just another day....not much business....but enough to keep the lights on....
Polly had gone home and I was just getting ready to head out to my rooms when the door swung open.....
What a looker.....redhead and green eyes....and legs that caught my attention right away.....
"Hello, are you Miles Archer? I need to hire a detective!"
"You can call me Miles, Baby....why don't you tell me all about it..."
"There's no need to go into all the little details is there Mr. Archer? I have a job for you...."
"Go on Baby.....and take your time...."
"I came here from Morocco with a man named Floyd Thursby....we had an agreement about something very important to me.....believe me I kept my end of the agreement.....over and over...that bastard made me...."
As the tears flowed I offered a box of tissues.....
"Okay Baby, so this Thursby....what's he got that you need so badly that you'll get it?"
"A key Mr. Archer....he has a key that I desperately need....that key is the most important thing in the world to me and I have to get it back!!!"
More tears....more tissues....
"Alright Baby....I think I can help you....but I have to know....what's the key deposit....bus depot locker....I have to know so I get the right one...."
"Have you ever heard of male chastity Mr. Archer.....I need the key to this!!!!"
When the skirt reached her waist I was surprised...when I looked closer I was was all ebony black and it covered the whole thing....and the lock looked pretty sturdy....
"Oh my god.....yes I'll take the case I get $50 a day plus expenses!"
"Fine....I'll pay whatever it takes!"
"I would too Baby!!!!"


I know that look....
That's the look that says I'm sleeping alone in my sissy bedroom tonight!!!!!
"Sissy! Did you see that bulge!!!! I'm going to fuck him Sissy.....I'm going to fuck him all night long!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And I want you to watch Sissy!!! I want you to watch a real man fuck your wife!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"

Friday, August 12, 2016

I Want To See

"Make her cum Sissy! I want to watch your wife's face when she cums on your tongue and then I want you to watch her face as I make her cum on my cock...."
I couldn't answer for obvious reasons but if I could I would have thanked him and told him how much I loved to see her cum on a mans cock!!!

Panty Fetish

Yes it's no secret that I have a panty fetish....I've had it since I was little!!! However in some cases....they're just in the way!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sissy Training - Show Me

"You're a natural look so good with a cock in your mouth....I can't wait till he cums and fills your mouth with his hot cream.....don't spill any Sissy.....don't swallow it until you show me his hot load sitting on your tongue....that's something I've wanted to see for a long time!!!!"


I wake early.....I suspect many other sissies also get out of bed before sunrise too!
There's so much to do.....wake, shower, coffee, makeup....
I love to put on my comfy cottons after my shower but that will never do when I wake then I must be in my satins and ruffles.....she likes me as frou-frou as possible....but right now.....before the sun is up......I like to feel like a girl in my white cotton makes me feel....I don't makes me feel innocent I guess....clean and innocent.....despite all the depraved stuff swirling around in my mind I still feel like an innocent little's nice.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Get It All

"Very good Sissy.....get your tongue deep in my pussy.....lick up every drop of his cum.....then I want you to suck his cock Sissy.....suck him till he's rock hard so he can fuck me again......then there'll be more cum for you Sissy!!!!"

Simple - Sissy Training

"Alright Sissy....this is a simple lesson for you to learn......this is a big black goes in your will lick and suck it until I tell you to stop or until he lets begin!!!!"

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


It was such a strange experience standing beside our....her bed watching her lover fuck her....after all I'm usually on my knees!!!!

Sometimes the the the park....just about anywhere......sometimes she just needs that quick lick!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Bedroom Humiliation

Lying on the bed together I slowly began sliding my hand over her pretty white panties....
"Oh....oh Kaaren that feel so nice....."
"It feels nice to me too Sweetheart!!!"
As she got more and more excited I slipped my hand under her panties and began rubbing her soaking wet sex and soon she was breathing heavily and gasping...
"Oh my god're going to make me cum.....oh god how I wish there was a man here..."
My wife....wishing for a man....and even though my clit was straining in it's cage I knew what she meant.....
"I wish there was too Sweetheart!"

Monday ManCandy

With the bright summer sun streaming in and a day of summer magic in front of you, you'll need to get a high energy boost to be ready for a full day of summer fun!!!
ManCandy!!!! It puts the Mmmmm in Magic!!!!