Saturday, February 26, 2022

Another Update

When your loved one is in the hospital there is nothing more terrifying than a late night phone call from your doctor. I saw her name on the incoming call and I felt my heart stop!
I was shaking and already crying when I answered.
But the voice on the other end wasn't my doctor, it was my sweet husband!
He sounded better. He called to tell me that they were going to release him on Saturday and I just fell apart.
The tension and worry and fear all came pouring out of me all at once,
My friend Stacy rushed in to see what was wrong and immediately feared the worst.
"Is it Kaaren?"
Al I could do was nod .
I held out the phone to her and she reluctantly took it.
The look on her face when she heard "Kaaren's" voice was something I'll  never forget.
I finally got myself under control. I realized that i was upsetting my Sweetheart and I didn't want him to worry about me.
We spoke for a while and he told me that he really felt better and was glad to be coming home.
Then he gave the phone to the doctor who told me that he had really responded well to the antibiotics, his lungs were clear, and he would be much better off at home.
I've just come back from tucking him in. In his own bed. In his pretty nightgown.
He's doing so much better but he's clearly been through an ordeal.
But I think that the worst is behind him now. Behind us now.
Thank you all for your good wishes.

Mrs. K


Wednesday, February 23, 2022

An Update on Kaaren's Condition

"Kaaren" came home on Monday but it was clear to me that she was still ill.
He was experiencing difficulty in breathing.
He was so happy to be home that he kept trying to convince me that he was fine, when he clearly wasn't.
On Tuesday morning I called an ambulance once again, and he was taken to the Emergency Room. He was experiencing extreme difficulty in breathing.
He was re-admitted to the hospital and I was informed that his condition is serious but not critical, a small comfort to say the least.
Once again he's receiving antibiotics and there has been some discussion of putting him on a ventilator again.
Our physician, an old friend of mine, has told me that she is closely monitoring his case and that gives me a bit of relief.
As of today "Kaaren" remains in the hospital with no definite release date being mentioned.
As per his request I'll keep you informed of any changes.

Mrs. K


Sunday, February 20, 2022

A Note About Kaaren

Some of you may have noticed a sudden end to "Kaaren's" posts last Tuesday.
The truth of the matter is that by Tuesday afternoon my husband had become quite ill and was taken via ambulance to our local hospital on orders of our family physician.
His diagnosis was pneumonia.
"Kaaren" was admitted and placed on broad spectrum antibiotics intravenously, and oxygen.
On Wednesday they placed him on a ventilator to help him breathe.
Thursday he was responding well enough to the drugs that they felt it would be alright to take him back off the ventilator.
His lungs were clearing and he continued to improve on  Friday although still not enough to allow me to bring him home.
They've held him this weekend and continued the antibiotics and I've just gotten off the phone with my Doctor who, to my joy, told me I can check him out and bring him home on Monday!
He will still need some care at home and I must be vigilant for any reoccurring symptoms, but my Sweetheart will be home with me and that's all that counts!
I don't know when he might start posting to his blogs again, probably sooner rather than later.
I got off the phone with him not long ago and he asked me to post this update.
So there you have it.


Tuesday, February 15, 2022

For An "A"

He hadn't really thought it through....
When his student told him that she would fuck him if he gave her an "A"...this wasn't what he had pictured....
Actually....he had to admit....this was better....sooooo much better!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentines Day

Even after all these years you still take my breath away!!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Monday ManCandy

Due to the recent supply chain troubles you sometimes find that you have to stretch that breakfast for one into a light breakfast for two....
There's not really a's just're used to so much more!!!!
ManCandy!!! A little goes a long way!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What's going on here Sissy?"
"You said that I couldn't use your boyfriend to help me study this I brought a study buddy home with me...."
"That's not what I meant Sissy....why is my living room filled with men watching you!!!"
"Well....the school is running a fundraiser.....and it was either this or a cake sale....and you know I'm terrible at baking...."
"Shows over Sissy....everybody out....I don't want a roomful of strangers jerking off to my sissy husband.....I'm calling the pink bus right now!!!"
"Okay....but we had two more shows scheduled...."
"Out!!! All of you out!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"


When we first got together....things were different...
She wasn't always a dominant....well she was but she didn't really know it....
I was always submissive....but I tried to pretend that I wasn't...
But we both knew who we were....deep down....
And little things like giving her a foot massage grew to be something else...
Something far more satisfying for both of us!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Saturday Matinee - Forever

He was breathing heavy as he watched the movie....for the second time today!!!
Maureen was just had to be one could act that authentically!!!
Not that he fact he'd never had real sex....with anyone....
He shifted his concentration from the screen to his hand inside the panties that he'd grabbed in the laundry room....that pretty girl in 4G....he wondered what she would think if she could see him now.....she always smiled at him when they passed in the halls....
But then on the screen Maureen started to have an orgasm!!!! It was definitely least it was the way he imagined a woman would have an orgasm....
And he didn't want to be the man giving her the ecstatic joy he heard coming from his surround sound speakers....he wanted to be her....he wanted to be her so badly it hurt....and as he erupted in his own orgasm....he didn't notice that he wasn't alone anymore!!!!
With his eyes closed tightly he let the last of his orgasm drain him....
He was never really satisfied like this but it gave him temporary relief...
Then he heard a man clear his throat....
His eyes snapped open and he jumped back!!!!
There was a man sitting next to his bed.....holding a box of tissues!!!!
"Who are you? How did you get in here?"
"Relax Martin....I'm not going to hurt take some're ruining those pretty panties....Jennifer is still wondering what happened to them....but you'll be happy to know that she doesn't suspect you at all...."
"But....who....what are you doing here?"
"I'm here to answer your prayer....oh...wait a second...this is my favorite part..."
The man leaned over and turned up the volume as Maureen screamed again in another orgasm....
"That girl is good!!!! She's going to be a star forever!!!!"
"What do you mean you're here to answer my prayer....I don't really pray....I haven't prayed for years!!!"
"Well OK it wasn't an official prayer....but I heard it anyway....heard it loud enough to bring me here....and I'm glad I came....that was quite a hot little show you put on there...."
Martin blushed bright red when he realized that this man had watched him...watched him while he pleasured himself....wearing his neighbors panties!!!
"Come come need to be embarrassed....Maureen has gifts that could make a dead man....well that's just a cliche....but you're different aren't don't want to have her do you? You want to be her!!!"
"Listen....if you don't get out of her I'm going to call the cops!!!!"
"I can do that for you Martin....I can make you just like her...."
"I don't want any trouble,,,,wait what do you mean...."
"I mean I can make you into her twin sister if that's what you'd really like...."
"But how could you.....oh my're...."
"Took you long enough to figure it out Martin....if this kind of thing keeps up I'm going to have to go back to the red suit and horns...."
"But you're the Prince of Darkness...."
"No sorry....these days the prince of darkness is Ozzy Osbourne...."
"But you're really him....the....devil!!!"
"I go by many can call me that if you wish...."
"You want to make me into her twin?"
"I want to stretch out and sleep for a millennia or two....but the last time I took a nap there was that damned Renaissance....I humans have this annoying tendency to be good...."
"But you could make her....I'd give anything to be like her....even if it was only for a day...."
"Well lets see....yes I could give you that and in return I'd get your immortal soul...."
"I don't really believe in all that stuff about souls and things...."
" you're sitting alone in your room with the Devil Incarnate and you're telling me you don't believe in souls...."
"Well I...."
"All the better my young friend....lets make our deal then and I'll be on my way....I'm offering you the chance to be the woman of your dreams....for only a you said....but you will remain her forever.....till the end of time you will be that sweet voluptuous woman....and I'll see to it that you will have sex'll have pleasures of the flesh like no one else ever had...."
"Sex? I'll have sex?"
"You'll have sex like no one has ever had sex....for infinity...."
"But I get one day as real...."
"I'll sweeten the soon as we sign the contract, that pretty girl from 4G....Jennifer...she'll be at your door and she'll want you very badly..."
"Like that scene in Maureen's movie "Neighbor Ladies"?"
"Just like that...."
"Where do I sign...."
The man snapped his fingers and a huge document appeared....
"Shouldn't I read all of this first...."
"Just legalese....I have so many lawyers working for me and they all want to write a little bit....I indulge them to keep them happy...."
"One day as her...."
"Jennifer from 4G...."
"Sex for infinity...."
He took the pen and signed the huge document....and immediately the world swirled around him....
There was a knock at the door....
Jennifer stood there in a robe that was hanging open revealing so much....
"Hi I'm Jennifer from 4G....I was wondering if I could...."
He pulled her inside and together they explored his new femininity....later they invited some men....
When the time came he left this world with the highest hopes for more like this....his eyes closed on the mortal world and he woke on a soft bed covered in red satin....and in the candlelight he could make out things...things coming closer....
"What.....what are you?"
"We're the sex imps....we understand that you're ours forever...."
She knew screaming wouldn't do any good....she could hear the other screams of the damned all around her....but as those little creatures began to move over her....began to feel and taste her....she screamed anyway.....



"I don't really know why....I never had much interest in his little dick before....but now all I want to do is play with it all the time...what do you think?"
"It is really cute like this....before it was just a pathetic disappointment...."
"It was....and as a bonus....he's so much more obedient now....he didn't even complain when I made him wear my bra and panties when Ted came time I think I'm going to make him suck Ted's cock...."
"I'd love to see that!!!"
"So come over....bring a bottle of wine....bring your boyfriend...we'll make a party out of it!!!"

Friday, February 11, 2022

Bound and Blindfolded

"Just think Sissy....he's going to come in here and find you like this!!! Exposed and helpless!!! Blindfolded so you won't know who he is....bound so you can't stop him...."
"Do I know least tell me that...."
"Oh yes know him well....he's been in our house as a guest...and I haven't fucked him....he's going to be all yours!!!"
"You have to tell me.....please!!!"
"Oh no Sissy....I'll never tell....every time we have guests I want you to wonder which man fucked you like a little sissy slut....I want you to wonder about every smile...every could be any of them!!!!"
We've played these games before and I'm embarrassed to say that I just love it!!!
The long term humiliation makes it feel brand new with every man I meet!!!!


I can honestly say....
No one was surprised or delighted more than me that first time I had a sissygasm with a man inside me!!!!
Another life-changing experience!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Had One

He didn't believe me when I told him that I had one....
"No way a pretty little thing like you has a cock in your pants..."
So I took him into the back room and pulled down my pants and panties and showed him...he just laughed....
"See....I was right....."
Then he pulled down his pants to show me what a real one looked like...and after that...well....after that a lot happened.....


Suddenly it didn't matter that the women were watching us....
Suddenly it was as if we were all alone....just the two of us....
Suddenly our lips touched and it became real for us...
Our wives had dressed us....did our makeup....pushed us together....told us to kiss for their amusement....
But he was the same as me....two sissies....and we had a lovely moment together....
And somewhere in that time the women stopped laughing....
His tongue slipped into my mouth and mine slipped into his as the kiss lingered on and on....
We ground our bodies together....the sensual lingerie we wore...just making the experience better and better....
Both of us restrained in our cages....taking what pleasure we could from each other....
And when the moment ended....
The women were breathing heavily and watching us through half-lidded eyes as they sought their own pleasure together....
And he caught my eye....and he leaned closer....and this time when he kissed wasn't quite ecstasy....but it was the next best thing!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2022


It really wasn't fair at all....
Just being over her knee was enough to get me going....
She'd spank me and if I dripped on her stockings I'd get more....
But that damned vibrating plug made me drip more....
So back I would go....over her knees for more....
Then she'd turn on the plug....
And I'd drip some more....
And I would go back over her knees for more....
Then she'd turn on the plug....
And I'd drip some more....
 And I would go back over her knees for more....
This would go on until she got tired or the batteries died....
Then I would lick up all the drippies....and thank her for my correction....and do my half hour in the corner....and hope that she didn't get a second wind or find any spare least until tomorrow!!!



The nice man pulled over and asked me if I was interested in a twenty dollar blowjob....
I was....of course I was...but I left my purse in my wife's car and all I had was bus fare to get home.....I told him I was sorry but I couldn't afford it!!!
He looked puzzled for a moment and then offered to let me do it for free....some people are so nice!!!!
I asked him for his address so I could send him the twenty....but I must have written it down came back as "No such Address"....
That'll teach me to pay better attention!

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Sale

"I think I'll take this one....I like the way he yelps....and I can't wait to put him in panties and stockings....he'll be adorable when he's over my knee!!!"
"We're running a special on castration right now if you're interested...."
"No....I prefer them in gives them hope that some day they'll be allowed to cum..."
"As you wish..."


A Tale of Two Clitties

It was the best of was the worst of times!!!!
The best was that one of us was going to get to cum....
The worst was that ONLY one of us was going to get to cum!!!

Monday, February 7, 2022


"Oh my....aren't you the cutest little thing...."
Really not what you want to hear when you drop your pants on your second date....

Monday ManCandy

Like an Olympian taking the field you must have a single focus on the job at hand!!!
You've been training for this most of your life....and you are determined to bring home the top this case that's a hot, creamy mouthful of flavor!!!
ManCandy!!! Better than a gold medal!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Our Little Secret

"But....what about sex?"
"A minute and a half of you trying to get inside me before you squirt all over me...that's not what I call sex...."
"But....I'm sorry...."
"Yes you are....look....maybe this will teach you some control....until then this will be our little secret....our very little secret...."
"No one will know won't tell any of your friends...."
"Well....of course I'll tell my girlfriends....we tell each other everything....oh...and your friend Roy....he's got the biggest cock of all of your friends....he'll be taking over your duties in that department until you improve!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!"
"Now lets talk about which panties you'll be wearing when he gets here...."

Sunday Brunch


"The guests will be arriving five minutes apart you'll have to work fast...."
"I'll do my best Ma'am...."
"Four minutes and thirty seconds left Sissy!!!!"

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Saturday Matinee - The Rat

"Oh Bill, it's such a relief....I never thought we'd get them back!!!"
"I know....and as soon as we get home we can use them to undo his spell and get you back to normal!!!"
"Yes....I guess we can...."
"You sound upset....what's the problem?"
"I don't know....maybe I feel bad for Anton...."
"You've got to be joking!!! After what that bastard did to you....he got exactly what he deserved!!!"
"But maybe changing him into a rat was going too far...."
"He didn't spend much time worrying about how he'd changed you did he?"
"Well no....but when we left him there.....running on that little treadmill.....I could see the hatred in his eyes!!!"
"Screw him, one less evil Warlock in the world seems like a good idea to me!"
"I guess you're right....but still...."
"Alright, we've been together now since we were kids and I know something else is bothering you!!! What's the problem?"
"You know I appreciate your help over these past few years, hunting down Anton and helping me recover these artifacts....when he first transformed me into a woman you were the only one who believed left everything behind to roam around the world with were my rock through all of this and I've come to have some really deep feelings about you...."
"It's alright Tom, I feel the same....I've seen you as the woman you've become....I'm in love with you too!!!"
"Maybe, I could stay like this....maybe we could stay like this?"
"I think I'd like that!!!"
"Then what should we do about these? Their magic is so powerful!!!!"
"Well I can think of only one thing we can do with them...."
"You mean..."
"Yes, we'll complete the spell and get rid of that little distraction so you can be a woman in every way!"
"Oh I think I like that about we slip off to the rest room to celebrate....we can join the mile high club!!!"
""But what about know...."
"We'll work around we did in Shanghai....remember..."
"Oh yes Shanghai....I remember it so well....and this time we'll be sober...."
"Meet me in five minutes!"
"I'll be there!"
No one on the plane had spotted the rat moved with such care, it was almost as if it knew what it was was almost as if it was human!!!!

This was first posted on February 24, one commented on it but I really liked this maybe it's new to you....
I just haven't got a new Matinee ready for the first time in all these years....I should have a fresh new one for you next Saturday...







Ever Since

We were having a pretty heated argument and she was getting more and more frustrated that I didn't really understand her point.....
Finally she couldn't take anymore and told me....
"You can just kiss my ass!!!!"
And I did....
And I've been doing it ever since....
And we don't argue anymore!!!

Friday, February 4, 2022

The Cuckolds Reward

"It's all yours now Sissy...."
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"
"You know I spoil you Sissy...."
"I'm very grateful Sweetheart!!!!"
"And thank you Sir for leaving your cream in and on my wife for me to enjoy!!!"
Her lover just laughed....


"I'm so glad I ran into you Mr. Singer!"
"You know you wee always my favorite teacher!"
"And I always wanted to have you....kneeling in front of me....sucking my big cock!!!"
"And here you high school dream come true!!!!"
"Wait until you find out what my other high school dream was!!!"


Thursday, February 3, 2022


I was so afraid to be anyone....but especially to other men!!!
Maybe it was because a small part of me still insisted I was a man....just like them... I look back....was obviously not true....ever!!!
Maybe it was the vulnerability I felt....baring my feminine self to the ridicule of others...again, especially men....
But there was a line I crossed somewhere....
Suddenly I liked it!!!!
Loved it!!!!
Craved it!!!!
What was the line? Who knows....
The first cock in my mouth while I was wearing something pretty? Maybe....
The first cock that penetrated me? Maybe....
A combination of the two.....maybe....probably.....
Having a wife who encouraged me to explore the joys of femininity certainly helped....
And now she cares more about who I'm exposed to than I do....
Now....I'm ready at a moments notice and if a man wants me....oh yeah....I'm all in on that!!!!


The One

When he walked into the bar with his friends she decided on the spot that he was the one she would take home with her tonight.....
He would look so cute in her black panties while he sucked her big latex cock....
She couldn't wait to hear what noises he would make when she took his virginity!!!!
It was going to be such fun!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022


"Look what I've got for you Sissy!!!!"
She's thoughtful like that....she always makes sure to share everything with me!!!!

Hump Day

Down at the office they like to keep the celebration of Hump Day in house!!!
After all when you just look around they have plenty of reasons to celebrate!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022


She was nice enough to get it for me when she went shopping....after sissy maid is complete without a lacy petticoat!!!!

One Thing

It's one thing when she walks in and finds you wearing her clothes....that can be pretty embarrassing....
But it's a very different thing when she walks in and finds you wearing her clothes...with the neighbors cock in your mouth....
That's when things get really interesting....