Thursday, April 30, 2015

No Problem Sis

"Thanks so much for helping me pin this dress up Tommy. I couldn't have done it without you and I really need this dress for my date tonight!"
"It's no problem Sis, I'm glad to help!"
" there anything I should know...anything you want to tell me..."
"Not really Sis, why do you ask?"
"Well I never really asked you to put on my bra and panties under the dress...and I can't help but wonder why you have a nice pair of high heels in your size in your closet?"
"Does it bother you Sis?"
"No I kind of like you this's almost like having the baby sister I always wanted!"
"It's kind of like being the baby sister I always wanted to be!"
"I know...why don't you wear the dress looks terrific on you anyway....and I'll call Jeff and ask him to bring his roommate along tonight and we could double date!"
"You''d do that for me!"
"It's no problem Sis, I'm glad to help!"

There Are Alphas

There are Alpha Males and there are Beta males....
An Alpha knows what he wants and takes it!
A Beta knows what he wants and gets what's left after the Alpha takes his!!!

Then there's the Sissy! The Sissy will take an Alpha or Beta and do his best to make either one happy!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All Day

"Get those sweet little panties down and let me show you what I've been thinking about all day Sissy!!!!"


In the morning she comes out of the bedroom, she smelled the coffee I was making! There's an awkward silence between us as we are both aware of her lover, still asleep upstairs. She's wearing his shirt and I'm sure there's nothing underneath. She gives me a shy smile as she reaches for the cream and as she leans forward the shirt opens enough for me to see her perfect breast!
Even after all this time, the accidental peek leaves me breathless! I have worshiped every inch of her body! Every inch!!! But still, something like this turns me into the horny teenager I was when we first met!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bad Connection

"Is the Contractor there Kaaren?"
"Yes.....mmmm..he's here!"
"Did you show him the blueprints  Kaaren?"
"MMMphh....yes I...mmm...did!"
"Kaaren I think we have a bad connection...does he understand what we want?"
"Mmmmm...yes I think...mmmmm....he understands exactly what we want!"
"You're sucking his cock right now aren't you Kaaren???"
"Mmmm we must have....a bad connection....mmmmm....I'll call you....later!"
"Damn it Kaaren, why do I trust a slut like you!! Get him out of your mouth and get him to start work!!!!"
"I....mmmm...I  can't...hear'll call you back..."


"Oh my, yes that is very impressive! I don't think I've ever seen an adorable little clit like that! I bet you have a lovely vagina too!"

Monday, April 27, 2015

Explain Yourself Sissy

"Alright Sissy, what's going on? Who is this and how long has he been here?"
"Well you see he was working for the landscaper and somehow he ended up getting I let him stay here till he got a new job..."
"And why did he get fired Sissy?
"Oh I don't know....something about keeping it in his pants or some such thing!!!"
"And how long has he been here Sissy?"
"A couple of days maybe....a few days....certainly not more than a week....or two..."
"And he's been here all that time and you didn't tell me?"
"Well he was quiet and cooperative and it kind of slipped my mind to tell you....."
"Oh my god Sissy you're going to get a spanking that you'll remember the rest of your life!!!!"
"He has a fantastic cock...I'm sure you'd like to try it!"
"What's his name Sissy?"
"I have no idea! He speaks no English but I've gotten my ideas across!"
"Well we're really not using this space so maybe....."

Monday ManCandy

When it comes to ManCandy even a raw recruit can prove that they've earned their stripes!!!
ManCandy!!! It helps you be all you can be!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Love This Dress

What can I say about this beautiful gown! Lost in lace! I just want to be wearing it and I bet a lot of my sweet readers would want also want to! Don't we all want to be princesses for at least a day?

Heh Heh - Sunday Funnies

I love to read the funnies on Sunday, don't you?

Well HEH HEH maybe you better get busy licking it up before Mabel gets really mad!!!

That's What I Want

"Oh my god, if you keep doing that I'm going to cum!"
"I know! I want Sissy to have the taste of your cum in his mouth while he watches you fuck me!!!"
"I might need some time to recover...."
"Don't worry, Sissy will keep sucking until you're hard for me!!!"

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Princess of the Nile

"It's no use struggling you can't escape! It's funny that your research has sealed your own fate! If you hadn't deciphered the ancient runes then I never could have used them to transform you! Even if you're found no one will ever guess this beautiful woman was once the famous Doctor Roger Llewellyn!!!"
"All that's left now is to finish wrapping you up and give you a dose of this paralyzing drug so that you can observe, from the inside, what it's like when they re-seal the tomb!"
"I'll be taking all of your notes and discoveries with me and with the proper use I will one day rule the world while you my dear doctor will remain here, hidden forever under the sands as the Princess of the Nile!!!"

Wasn't Expecting

I really wasn't expecting her to bring a guest home so I didn't have time to dress appropriately to receive him! Lucky for me that he didn't mind me wearing just some plain panties while I fluffed him for her! In fact I don't even think he noticed...most of the time his eyes were closed!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Just Like I Practiced

When the time came it was just like I practiced! All those hours spent grinding myself onto those latex cocks! This felt exactly like that....only a million times better!!!!!

Mancave or Womancave

Recently the delightful Dee raised the question on her Blog regarding whether you'd have a Mancave or a Womancave and what you would want to have in it!
I responded and one of the things I wanted in my Sissycave was a Glory Hole on Demand system! Push the button and a nice juicy man pops out!
I wanted a bunch of other stuff too but honestly if I had this I'd probably be using it all the time!!!!

What would you like to have in your Man, Woman or Sissy Cave?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Are You Sure

"Are you sure this is OK?"
"Of course it is! My Daddy said to let you in and keep you entertained until he got home!"
"I'm not sure this is what he meant!!"
"It's OK...It'll be our little secret"
"It's funny...I've known your father for months and he told me all about his son but he never mentioned that he had a daughter!"
"That's because he doesn't have a daughter..."
"Hey! You mean you're ...!!!"
"Yep, maybe Daddy didn't tell you ALL about his son after all!!!!"


Some of Gulliver's Travels weren't covered in the book!!!!

Worn Out

When I went to wake her she hadn't moved an inch from where I left her! Last night I gave her a nice orgasm while I was licking up all of her lover's cum and she had smiled and gone immediately to sleep! It was almost a shame to wake her but if she was late it was a spanking for me! Not the fun kind!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Can't Describe It

Sometimes you can't describe it in words....sometimes you just have to be there!!!

Don't Just Sit There

"Don't just sit there Sissy,  get that tongue in there!!! He's filling one hole I want your tongue filling the other!!!!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Go Ahead

"Go ahead Sissy I dare you!!!!"
"You don't think I can?"
"Sissy i don't think anyone can, but I'd love to watch you try!!!!"

Once Forced

The twins smiled at each other....when they were young they used to force their little brother to wear pantyhose and dresses and they would make him do "things" for them! Now when they came home from school they found their little brother already in his own pantyhose and dress, eagerly waiting to do "things" for them all night long!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Grandma's Stories

"You know, way back then those TVs were new and not really reliable...I remember that one time I called in the repairman and he jiggled this and that and everything was working just fine again! When he told me the bill was $25 I told him he could just kiss my ass if he thought I would pay that much!!!"
"I'll be darned if he didn't take me up on it though!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

The results can be startling sometimes! From sound asleep to wide awake in the blink of an eye! The power of ManCandy is hard to beat!!! That high protein, creamy treat that really gives you the energy to start the week!!!!
ManCandy!!!! A real eye opener!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Watched

I watched my beautiful wife take that magnificent cock into her mouth!
I heard him groan as she sucked him!
I heard her groan as she sucked him!
I groaned as she sucked him because I was being punished and I was only allowed to watch as my mouth watered!!!
This is the cruelest punishment!!!

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for because sometimes wishes come true!!! Sometimes you'll be pounded like a slut and all you'll be able to do is moan!!! Sometimes you'll be so sore you can't walk the next day! Sometimes you'll wonder how you could have submitted yourself to him!

Then sometimes you'll wonder if he's really coming back tonight like he said he would!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Shock!!!

The masked killer chased her across the rooftop as she ran for her life! Suddenly, her heel caught in a crack and she screamed as she found herself falling over the edge!!! Holding on for her life she found she didn't have the strength to pull herself back up and suddenly the Killer was there, looming over her!
"Please! Please help me....please I don't want to die! I have money....lot's of money...I can pay you....please help me...."
Behind the mask the Killer laughed! She was surprised to hear a feminine laugh!
The Killer reached up and pulled the mask off and revealed a face! Her face!!!! It was like looking in a mirror!!!
"I don't understand!" she cried, "Who are you??? Why do you look like me?"
"Oh you remember me Melinda, we nearly married once! I've changed a bit but surely you remember the man you so cruelly cast aside three years ago!"
"Norman! How....why...."
The doppelganger reached down and picked up her high heeled slipper from the roof.
"Melinda, you left me because you thought I was only after your fortune, and it turns out after all this time you were right! So I decided if I couldn't get the Olson Newspaper fortune by marrying the heiress then I would get it by becoming the Heiress! Some surgery and some time and now I don't think your own mother could tell us apart!"
"Please Norman I can't hang on...I'm going to fall!"
"Yes Melinda, I believe you are going to fall! There can't be two of us now can there?"
He laughed as he brought the heel down sharply on her hand and his laughter nearly drowned out her screams as she fell....

A Blur

He wanted me, she said!
He told her while they were in the afterglow that he had never had a sissy and he wanted me!
He told her that I was the finest cock sucker he had ever encountered!!!
He told her that he wanted me and he wanted me now!!!!
After that it was all just a blur.....

Friday, April 17, 2015


Even a sissy has to work out to stay in shape! Although a Sissy Workout is a little different it concentrates on all the right moves!!!

So You Say

"So you say that you don't want to be a cock sucking Sissy! Well that may be what you "say" but I can see right through you!!!!"

Thursday, April 16, 2015


There, you look beautiful Sissy! Now you go right out there and get on your knees and ask him nicely if he'll allow you the honor of sucking his cock!"
"What if he says no?"
"Believe me Sissy, no man in the world would say no to you the way you look right now!!!"
"Thank you Sweetheart!"
"Go ahead Sissy suck his cock! Make me proud!"

Oh Joe!!!!

Oh Joe I'm so glad you stopped by!!! Your comments and dirty mind have kept me on the edge for months!!! So while I'm enjoying my freedom for now I'm so glad you could come visit!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Not What He Thought

When Susie invited him to a Cheerleader Initiation Gangbang he couldn't believe how lucky he was! When he found out that he was to be the newest cheerleader and it was his initiation gangbang he was surprised, it was not what he had thought it would be! It was soooo much better and he really couldn't believe how lucky he was!!!

Decided Against It

I paused....thought about it for a moment and decided against it!!! I mean who really wants to eat whipped cream from someones ass? Not me! I prefer mine with the natural flavor!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Not The Way We Play It

You know the child's party game of musical chairs where when the music stops the one who doesn't get a chair is out....well sissies like to play that game too!
The men walk round and round and when the music stops they slip into the sissy's hot waiting mouth1 And there are no losers the way we play it!!!!

Supervision - Sissy Training

Once your Sissy has assumed the duties of an apprentice house maid you must make sure you provide the necessary supervision!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Freedom Isn't Free

"I allowed you to invite your Sissy friend over Kaaren, but I didn't say anything about either one of you cumming!!!! Stroke and kiss and play with each other all you want but no cumming! I'll be very displeased and disappointed if you disobey me and you know what that means!"

Monday ManCandy

Halfway up the mountain and you just run out of steam with the steepest climb still to come!!! What can you do? How can you go on?
ManCandy Mountain Rescue will come to you and make sure you get the energy boost you need to make it to the summit!!!
ManCandy!!!! A sure way to make it all the way to the top!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


At last it's Spring!!! New flowers start to bloom, and the trees blossom and come back to us after their long winter nap!!!
And the cocks!!! Oh my the cocks in Spring are just wonderful!!!! Of course they're wonderful all the year round but there's something special about putting a flower in your hair and sucking a nice hard cock with a couple of your best Sissy friends!!!!


Her health and hygiene always comes first so I like to make sure everything is nice and clean before it enters her sweet pussy!!! It's a job that needs to be done and I'm just the Sissy to do it!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Island Of Dr Moreau

 "I'm sorry, but I must occasionally give the beast-men a woman. They have natural urges after all!!!"
"But I'm not a woman!!!! I just like to wear women's clothes!!!"
"Well my dear that will just make the experiment more interesting!!!!"
His screams were soon drowned out....

A Dream in a Dream

The doctor chose his words carefully!
"It seems that she believes she's a married male, who is effeminate. The word she uses so frequently to describe herself is Sissy. This world she has created for herself is very real for her! It is populated by a variety of men and women and a few others like her! When she's not moaning her wife's name the name that most frequently comes up is Leeanne! We think this Leeanne might be based on someone she might have known as a child but we can't be sure! She is totally immersed in her world and communicating with her is almost impossible!!!"
"Is there any hope Doctor?"
"There's always hope! And in the meantime she's a fantastic lay!"
"You mean have...."
"Me...and the rest of the staff too!!!! Just look at her!!! She sucks cock like you wouldn't believe!!!"

"Kaaren, Kaaren wake up! You're dreaming and it must have been really something from the way you were moaning and groaning!"
"It was something about a doctor or a hospital  or...I don't's gone now...I'm sorry I disturbed you Sweetie!"
"Go to sleep Sissy! You're right where you belong!!!"

Friday, April 10, 2015

What Did He Say???

Those crazy humans are at it again!!! My god they'll mate anywhere!!!! Wait! What was that he said???
He wants to eat her pussy!!!! Holy Shit I'm getting out of here!!!!!

The Main Reason

You're having all your girlfriends over for a few drinks and this happens!!! How embarrassing is that! Obviously the only one that should be on all fours with a big thick dildo in her mouth is your Sissy husband!!! Time for someone to get some needed correction! No, not the dog!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Windmill

She said she learned it while watching Pete Townshend play the guitar!
However she learned it doesn't was really effective, that's what mattered!!!

Try Again Tomorrow

"It's alright almost made it inside me that time....don't clean me up and we'll try again tomorrow!!!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Thank The Nice Man

"When a man serves you a hot dinner it's polite to say thank you, Sissy! So thank the nice man and eat up!!!

Sat Alone

Arnold sat alone in his room, after joining dozens of dating sites he still hadn't found her! But he knew she was out there somewhere! There had to be a girl somewhere that shared his fetishes! He was sure of it!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's Not There

"Sweetie, I honestly don't think you left your wedding ring there but....oh my can certainly keep looking!"

Sissy School - Spring Break

The girls from Sissy School all wanted to thank Sissy Kaaren for telling them about this place but they were busy enjoying the full service this hotel offered!!! And besides the orgy in Sissy Leeanne and  Kaaren's room was so crowded they wouldn't be able to get in for hours!!!!