Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Giant Terror

He cowered away as the obviously mad scientist hovered over him....despite the obvious changes the scientist had forced on him and his fraternity brothers he still thought of himself as a man!!!!
He was scared and weak but he was still a man and he would figure out a way out of this!!!
He also realized that he was the last....all the others had died horrible deaths during the throes of the had very nearly killed him too....the pain of his body reshaping itself was indescribable!!!!
But he had a woman now....
But this madman was still not done!!!!
With the assistance of his misshapen assistant he had put her on the table and was examining her!!!!
"This is not right!!!! Not right at all!!! Why haven't they grown...I wanted one with large breasts.....and this one was my last chance!!!! Why? Fritz, fetch me that hypodermic..."
The malignant dwarf brought back a syringe that was surely the largest he'd ever seen!!!!
"What's that....what are you thinking you bastard!!!!"
"It's a diluted bit of the formula I used to make you a woman.....I'm planning on you becoming a much more buxom companion for me....much more buxom indeed!!!"
"Stay away from me you monster!!!!"
But despite the struggles he gave her the full injection....
We'll check on you later my dear....come away Fritz....prepare our dinner while our beauty becomes much, much more of a woman!!!"
He was already feeling the pain beginning as he listened to the madman's laughter fading away....
The pain was overwhelming.....much worse than before....and he screamed as he saw the breasts expand....he screamed until the pain overwhelmed him and he fell into sweet unconsciousness!!!!
Some time later they returned to the lab and they recoiled in horror at what they saw!!!!
The breasts had grown beyond reason.....they were filling half the room and they seemed to be growing even as they watched,,,,
"How!!!! Fritz....that injection was a 100th of a I told you...."
"Master I misunderstood....I gave you a one hundred times concentrate!!!!"
"Oh my god Fritz.....we have to stop it!!!!"
Fritz ran for the fire ax but he had miscalculated the rate of growth and he found himself pinned to the wall by the expanding flesh!!!!
"Master!!!!! Help me!!!!"
But his Master was already backing down the hallway as the door frame began to crack!!!!
He turned to run as the door burst from it's frame....and the fleshy monster continued to expand!!!!
He ran as fast as he could and reached the front door just as the roof began to bow outward.....
He reached his car just as the roof burst open.....debris flying everywhere....he barely escaped being crushed by a flying beam...
He turned the key and roared away down the road....with the view in his mirror growing instead of shrinking!!!!
Finally reaching the town he tried to warn them of the impending danger....but the sheriff scoffed....that is until the switchboard lit up with reports of destruction on the outskirts!!!
His deputies and him grabbed their riot guns and rushed toward the danger.....they were never seen again!!!!
It was two weeks before the National Guard was able to stop the menacing breasts.....a combination of artillery fire and air strikes with Hellfire missiles finally brought the crisis to an end....
The General asked that the scientist be brought to explain how this all came to be......towns destroyed.....cities in ruins....thousands of casualties....what could the possible explanation be?
"I just like really big tits! he said!!!!
"Well....I can't argue with that....Sergeant.....release him....he's just a guy who likes big tits...."
"Yes Sir General.....I don't see how any court in the land would convict him!!!"


She seemed to be enjoying it so much....
I was completely surprised when she invited me to share.....I couldn't believe it but she knew how happy I would be!!!
She spoils me like that sometimes....

Friday, February 28, 2020

She Always Laughs

She always laughs at how much I love her undies.....
She enjoys my fetishes in her own way almost as much as I do....
Except stockings....she has as big a stocking fetish as I do....maybe bigger....
She tries to laugh it off but I've seen her face when we rub our stockings together!!!!


"Do you really think your husband enjoys this?"
"That's not really important....what's important to him is that I enjoy it.....isn't that right Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am.....your pleasure is my pleasure!!!!"

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Too Funny

"I just got the pic you sent!!!!"
"What did you think?"
"I was thinking maybe it wasn't real....."
"Oh it's definitely real...."
"Wow.....I'm looking at it right's too funny!!!"
"You think so?"
"Oh embarrassing...."
"Yeah....but it was kind of exciting too...."
"Maybe for her....who is she anyway Sissy?"
"She's Tom and Sheila's know they used to live across the street...."
"Wow....hadn't thought of them since they moved how did she know?"
"She overheard her parents mentioning my chastity...."
"Why don't you invite her for dinner can put on your fancy maids uniform and serve us both....."
"Yes Ma'am, it would be my pleasure...."
"One more thing know you're getting a spanking for wearing those old sweats, don't you?"
"Yes Ma'am....I know...."

Wake Up

Well it's time to wake her....she's given me several options but I have my favorites...
Somehow this is the way that takes the longest time to wake her....
But I'm in no hurry.....left up to me she'd call in sick and I could continue waking her all morning!!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Damien On The Bench

Every day he came here...rain or shine....and he sat on that bench....for hours and hours....he didn't speak to anyone....he didn't read or feed the birds....he just sat there until dusk and then he'd get up and leave with a big smile on his face....yeah that's what I said....a big smile....

It was very cold and he knew he couldn't stay all day....but Damien knew he had to visit his favorite bench again....even if it was only for a short time....
He trudged through the snow and there was no one there except for the hot dog vendor....he nodded as he passed him by....they had never spoken....not even a "Hello" but they knew each other nonetheless....
Damien brushed the snow away and sat down and waited.....
In a moment he was his other world....
He was wearing his favorite outfit.....the crazy short black skirt and see-through lace top and those cute wasn't long before the men came around....and she went with them.....the sex was wonderful....she loved this body....she was so young and flexible....and she craved more and more.....but she had to get back to the bench.....her body was sitting in the cold.....
While the men took a break she looked at the clock and was shocked at all the time that had passed and she ran as fast as she could, in those heels, back to the bench!!!
Sitting down she waited for the transition to happen and she waited and waited....

"No Officer....I got here this morning and found him like this....poor old one came looking for him....he must have been all alone in the world....I saw him here every day and I never got his name.....poor old man....he must have frozen to death...."

The transition didn't happen.....something was wrong....he was trapped here....but all in all, if this was going to be his new world.....Damien.....Dee.....was alright with that!!!!

Hump Day

On Hump Day it makes sense to pause before you really commit....then you can both decide on your goals and plunge right back in!!!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Sometimes it's so simple.....all it takes is a finger in the right place and I'll make a mess in my panties.....


I never imagined that there were cocks that needed two hands to hold....mine only needed two fingers.....

Monday, February 24, 2020

It's Only Fair

It's only fair....
She zips me up and I zip her up....
Of course my zipper get's locked in place....but that's only fair!!!!

Monday ManCandy

So many people wake up feeling absolutely dreadful on a overcast cold February morning....
They can't imagine anything worse than getting out of bed and going to work....
But they get up and drag themselves to the kitchen and drink their coffee and off they go to a day of drudgery and boredom!!!
But it doesn't have to be that way!!!
So many people have learned that there is a way to brighten any day....a good, warm, creamy breakfast is the first step to making today a wonderful day....let all the others frown and're off to another great day!!!
ManCandy!!!! Just look for the smiles on the 7:40 train and join the club!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Who are you?"
"Your wife hired me to keep an eye on you this weekend...she took a car trip with her boyfriend to keep him from...misbehaving...with you!"
"Oh that's nice....they really should get out more...."
"Your wife warned me that you could be very naughty and that you were an expert in finding loopholes in her rules...."
"I wouldn't say I was an expert...."
"Are you going to be a good girl for me Sissy?"
"And if I'm not...."
"Then I will blister that sweet little ass of yours and then I'll use my strap on till you can't take any more and then I'll smother you while you worship my asshole for hours....and that's just for starters...."
"You haven't met my wife in person, have you?"
"No but we had a long talk on the phone when she read my advertisement...."
"I didn't think so.....listen do I really have to misbehave...or would my confession that I plan to misbehave be enough to get me in trouble?"
"Oh I guess either would do...."
"All I can say to that is that I plan to be an extra bad girl all the time right up until my wife gets home!!!"
"I was hoping you'd say that Sissy!!!!"


She had caged him last night, and he fell asleep thinking that this was the end of his manhood!!!!
That was until this morning....

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Out of Options

He listened, without comprehension as the two men talked.
He really didn't need to understand the language....he knew they were talking about him...after all her captor had shown the man all he wanted to see....
His captor was going to sell him as a slave to this man and he knew exactly what that meant!!!!
He had spent months during his transformation wondering why this was happening to him...he'd come here as an anthropology student....he'd come to learn the ways of these mysterious people....he never dreamed that he'd gain such firsthand knowledge!!!!
He had met the man in the marketplace where he was selling his wares....after he shook his head the man gestured to the curtained off area behind him and beckoned him to come and see more....
On the other side of the curtain was a literal scene from Dante's Inferno!!!!
Men were using women as whores....and some of the women on closer inspection weren't completely women.....some still had a small vestige of manhood....
They were gagged except for the ones on their knees who were servicing their slavers obscene whims....
They were all being whipped and made to do things he had never dreamed of....
It was when he turned to run out that strong hands grabbed him and he was literally carried deeper into the labyrinthine building....
Up stairs then down left turn then right then left then,,,,
His sense of direction had failed him and he had no idea where he was!!!!
Two burly men had forcibly removed all his clothes.....they looked him over....nodded at each other and left the room laughing!!!!
He was left there for a long time....there was no window so he had no way of judging time.....finally a door opened and one of the slave "girls" came in with food and drink...she was still gagged and so he realized he'd get no information from "her"!!!
 He worried that the food might be drugged but he was so hungry and it smelled so good he ate every bite and washed it down with the local version of wine.
He needn't have worried about drugs in his food,,,,he would learn later that the transformative compound was in the wine....he wished he could have studied this aspect of their culture from a distance.....
It wasn't long before he realized what was happening to him.....but locked in this dark dungeon he had no options....he had tried to escape and his captors had given him a flogging for it.....that was something he definitely didn't want to experience again!!!!
He watched with dismay as his small manhood shrunk away and finally disappeared altogether....replaced with female anatomy....and his chest swelled into two small breasts...
Then came the day that his server brought him his meal....she couldn't speak but she made it clear with her eyes that she had brought him something special!!!!
He pulled back the napkin after she left the room and there was a revolver instead of food....but there were only two bullets....what good would two bullets do him???
Now he sat here as he listened to the two men argue over a price for him he slipped the revolver into his hand and he considered his options....
He could shoot the two of them and surely their bodyguards would make what was left of his life a tortured misery!!!!
He could shoot his captor and try to bluff his way out....unlikely to work as the multiple bodyguards were surely better armed and would be sure to notice the empty cylinders in his revolver....
Then he considered that maybe he could take his own life....
He could become a sex slave to one of these men or he could kill himself and take one of these bastards to hell with him!!!!
His food server was kneeling in the hallway, serving one of the guards, when she heard the first gunshot....a moment later she heard the second....
The man she had been servicing ran, cursing, toward the sound while she knelt silently weeping  for the innocent soul....


Throughout your life you make a lot of decisions....
From the minor decisions like what you want to eat today to the huge decisions like buying a have to decide what you want....what's best for you...
Sometimes you can't make your mind up and can't make a decision on your own...
That's why it's so important to have help when you make one of the most momentous decisions of your life....
She holds out her hand....
"Now give me the key Sissy!!!!"

Friday, February 21, 2020

Asked and Answered

Why on earth would you wear a dress like that Sissy....
Oh....I see....never mind....


"Let's spice it up a little Sissy!!!!"
"I want to watch you wiggle and squirm Sissy and then maybe I'll give you some relief..."
"You'll give me promise?"
"I said relief Sissy....not you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Don't Worry baby

"Don't worry Baby....he doesn't love you....he's not making love with you....he's just fucking you because he's a man and men do're a sissy and sissies get fucked by real'll get used to it!!!!"

So Long

And then he was in your mouth....
His cock!!!!
In your mouth!!!
And she was smiling and encouraging you...
And he was dripping his pre-cum onto your tongue....
And you could tell what he enjoyed by his reactions....
You put your tongue there and he moaned and his cock twitched....
And you knew he would cum soon....
He'd fill your mouth with his seed...
And you'd swallow every drop....
And all you could wonder was....
Why you had waited so long to do this!!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hump Day

It started off as just going out for a few drinks to celebrate Hump Day....
Later in the hotel it was a real party....


"Oh my...that's just precious!!!!"
"I knew you'd like it.....he's been so much more attentive and obedient since I snapped that lock shut....."
"You have to send me the link....I want one for my husband too...."
"And me...."
"Me too...."
All the ladies wanted to see and touch....and the cage was getting a little tight....and they seemed to enjoy that too....

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


"Now do you understand Sissy?"
Of course I couldn't tell her that I've understood for years,,,,
Before the girls undies, I understood...
Before I met her, I understood...
Before the chastity cage, I understood....
Before i knelt down to suck his cock, I understood....
I've always been a sissy....and I understand that....
Some of you sissies out there will understand too!!!!


"You keep her entertained Sissy....her husband and I will be "busy" for a little while!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
"What the hell can this little Sissy do for me?"
"Just let him show you how talented he is with his tongue....I guarantee you'll enjoy it...and you're completely in charge...."
"OK I'll try the sissy out, but I think you're getting the better part of the deal...."

Monday, February 17, 2020

Need Help

"Do you need help with that Sissy?"
"No Ma'am....I've got it"
"It's three hooks Sissy...."
"I know...I've been practicing...."
You're such a good girl Sissy...."
"Thank you Ma'am.....I'm trying to be the girl you want me to be!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It's a holiday here in the good old USA....we're celebrating Presidents Day!!!
We usually observe this day with some somber mattress or automobile shopping....
But for some of us it's just a day off from work and we can sleep late....
But when your warm treat arrives right on time it's worth waking up to get your fill of the fresh cream!!!
Even though it's full of protein and is a real energy you can just close your eyes again and let the warm glow in your tummy lull you back to sleep!!!
ManCandy!!! It wakes you up and puts you to's like white magic!!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Sometimes the best way to fluff him is to just let him watch me make her cum....

Sunday Brunch

"No Sissy....I didn't pick them out....I did an e-mail survey and all the ladies decided they wanted you in something pink and'll be so cute in these....and all my friends will be so put them on and get busy.....none of your nonsense about being a man...."
"Yes Ma'am...."

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Fletcher Drive

Forty years after the Fletcher Drive was first experimented with....humanity set it's sights on the previously unreachable stars!!!!
Construction began on Luna and the first of the two giant colony ships was launched!!!!
Bound for the the star Kepler 1638 in the Cygnus Constellation it would land on the second planet in approximately 165 earth standard years....
Colony1, as the first ship was named, would land and automatons would create the shelters needed for the first would also begin production of raw materials and food so that the colony would be prepared to expand almost immediately on the arrival of Colony2, which carried the first wave of outward expansion of the human race!!!
The outward bound settlers would be placed into stasis pods where they would slumber until arrival at their new planet.....they would age but at a rate of one second per year their experience of the trip would be that it had only taken a few minutes!!!
It was originally planned that the ship would be run by computer and all aboard, including the Command Crew, would be safe in the static pods...The 660 in the crew would only be needed when the ship would need to actually require pilot the ship during the very last stage of the trip before they touched down at their destination!!!
That had been overruled by the Pilot and Command Union and so it was decided that one crewman would stay on watch for four years and then go into stasis after turning over command to the next who would serve four years and so on....
This was the first time any human would be awake during the activation of the Fletcher Drive and the scientists were eager to learn what, if any, effect it would have on them as the drive bent space/time around the ship!!!!

Captain Lance Hendricks opened his eyes. He had been in stasis before and he always felt slightly disoriented for a moment as his body woke up and his brain activity resumed!
He didn't enjoy it but it was better than growing old and dying on his way to his new home....
A face was looming above him....pretty....a pretty blond....and he sat up fast adding to his disorientation....
"He rubbed his temples as if that would wake him faster....
"What's going on? Who are you? You're not in my crew!!!"
"'s me.....Ensign Tompkins....we have a problem!!!"
"You're not Tompkins....I picked Tompkins for the First Watch myself..."
"I assure you's's the Drive....the Fletcher changed made me into a woman.....I don't know how or why but it did!!!!"
The Captain reached for the bio-scanner on his belt and waved it at this crazy woman...first he'd find out who she was and then he'd find out what the Hell was going on here!!!
The scan took a moment and the holo displayed that this person was Ensign Robert Tompkins and it said there had been some genetic "damage" due to unknown reasons!!!
The Captain was quick to process this he knew that this was Tompkins he still needed to know what the hell was going on!!!
"What do you mean it's the Drive Tompkins? How can that be....explain yourself Mister!!!!"
He realized it sounded a little silly after he said it because Tompkins was as far from being a "Mister" as anyone he'd ever seen!!!"
"As per the Mission parameters we were ten days out of Luna before I engaged the Drive....there wasn't any feeling of acceleration although we had moved into non-relativistic speed. But I did feel a tingle....over my entire body but centered in my genitals!!!! Over the next several days the tingle continued and grew stronger.....until I could barely stand it.....I began to administer muscle relaxants from the pharma stores.....and that helped a little....several months later I started to notice the changes....and as I changed the effect seemed to accelerate,,,,,and can see what's happened to me.....I tried to shut down the Drive but it was hard wired to continue until we reached Kepler....I considered putting myself in Stasis but the ships computer wouldn't allow it.....we had insisted that one human always be on watch....I had no other choice than to physically cut the Fletcher Gateway!!!"
"My've disengaged the Drive!!!! "
"Yes Sir....and the moment I did the tingling stopped...."
"Do you realize it would take us almost an infinite number of years to reach our destination at this speed.....and even if we woke everyone one at a time we'd all be dust by the time we arrived!!!"
"I know Sir.....that's why I woke you.....this is above my pay grade!!!"
"We must re-engage the Drive....we have no choice..."
"Aye Aye Sir!!!!"
"Show me where you cut the Gateway...."
Captain Hendricks followed his Ensign through the massive ship and the old Space Dog couldn't help noting that the view from behind was just as good as the view from the front....maybe better!!!!"
They came to an engineering hatch and Ensign Tompkins pointed....
"In there Captain...."
The Captain paused long enough to put on a radiation suit before he entered the chamber....Tompkins followed him in.....
"You understand why we have to do this Tompkins...."
"Yes Sir.....I understand...."
Slowly the Captain began to repair the Gateway connection....and the Fletcher Drive came to life......
"Sweet Jesus Tompkins I can feel the tingle.....oh my god it's maddening....and it' my pants!!!!"
"Mine too Captain......"
"All right....we can't shut off the drive or we all die but we can change the watch times....we'll stand watch for as long as we can before exposing anymore crew to this weird effect!!!!"
"We'll stand watch? You mean you'll stay with me Captain?"
"I couldn't ask you to shoulder this burden alone you mind if I call you Bobby?"
"Not at all Lance...."
" let's go to my quarters and have something to eat and we'll see if we can do anything about these damned tingles...."
"Yes Sir!!! I think the coming years are going to be very interesting!!!!"

I'd Rather

Well....he was enjoying himself and I guess that's the most important thing....
I'd really rather be sucking his cock.....but he seemed to prefer this and....well...that's OK with me too.....after all I would only have him for another minute or two until she came back to get him.....

Friday, February 14, 2020


It's always a privilege to be allowed in the room while they make love....
It's a little is your wife sucking another man's cock right in front of you....and still my eyes kept drifting toward the key....
Could that be the real object of your desire?
Maybe so....

Happy Valentines Day

I hope all of you have a love filled Valentines Day!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Never Forget

She told me all the was a basic rule....never....never ever forget the balls!!!!

From The Beginning

"You know Sissy....from the beginning I've liked that you wear panties....from that first time, when you took your pants down to show them to were so nervous and so turned on at the same time....I swear that's when I fell for you...."
"Yes I could I ever was the day that changed my life!!!"
"Well I don't know about that....because I liked the panties but I love that you're in chastity for me....I can't think of any other way you could show more devotion and love than giving me complete control over your orgasms....I really love it!!!!"
"I'm glad Ma'am...."
"Really Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am....really!!!"
"You know that gets me....I'm so hot already and that's just making me hotter!!!!"
"I'd love to help you with that Ma'am!!!"
"You know I'm not releasing you, right?"
"I didn't expect it Ma'am!!!!"
"Oh god.....Get over here!!!!"

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What A Coincidence

"I thought I'd find you here....I've been hanging around in used book stores for a few days because I knew you'd turn up.....and I so wanted to do this...."
"Honestly Dee.....I couldn't have been more obvious....I knew you'd find me!!!!"
"Quiet Kaaren....I just want to talk about literature with you...."
"Really....just talk?"
"Well I'll do all the're mouth is going to be otherwise occupied!!!!"
"Sounds good to me Sweetie!!!!"

Hump Day

Hump Day is here already....and it seems like as soon as you take care of one issue another is waiting in a long line to take it's looks like it'll be a long day!!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


I've told you all that I'm submissive to my wife....
I've also told you that I'm smaller than she is....
But that doesn't mean I can't be insistent when I want a kiss!!!
I love looking up and seeing her smile as she leans down to indulge me!!!


Her lover asked me for an early wake up call.....he had to make it to the airport by 8am so he asked me to wake him at 4!!!
"You wake him Sissy....and get him whatever he wants before he leaves....but don't you dare wake me that early or you'll get another spanking like you got yesterday!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
After he dressed and came down to the kitchen I was get him whatever he wanted....
Turned out he was only interested in one thing....and I was so surprised I was still offering him coffee or tea.....but it was a nice start to the day for both of us....I didn't know what my wife would think when I told her about it....I'd probably get spanked again for being such a it's a win for me all around!!!!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Other Things

There are other things I love almost as much as serving my sweet wife or her lovers....there is something else I could just spend hours at....
Find me a good book store and I'll be a happy sissy....content to wander through for a whole afternoon.....
So if you're ever in a nice place like this in the New York/Pennsylvania area you might just spot me.....

Monday ManCandy

Sure, lots of people stop off at Starbucks or Dunkins before work and load up on sugar and caffeine to get them through the morning.....but we know better than that don't we!!!!
We can get our premium creamy breakfast treat just about anywhere and it lasts all day!!!
The flavor and that warm glow in your tummy makes you feel special all day long!!!
ManCandy!!! Filling your mouth, filling your tummy, filling your day!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What the hell is going on here Sissy!!!!"
"I'm just doing what you told me to do Ma'am...."
"I never told you to suck a stranger's cock in my bedroom Sissy!!!!!"
"You told me that you were expecting a delivery and that I should tip the man when he now I'm trying to make him come so I can give him his tip....just like you said!!!!"
"Oh my god Sissy.....that's it for this weekend....I'm calling the pink bus to come and get you right away!!!!"
"Okay....but what about his tip?"
"Finish....then pack your bag and wait out on the porch...."
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"Yeah thanks...."
"Nobody's talking to you young man!!!!"

Not Much

"I'm sorry matter how much I look for it I just can't find any trace of a real man here...."

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Parasite Two....Parasite in the City

The alien parasites had been hunted almost to extinction in the dark murky waters of Sissy Lake!!!!
They didn't have real intelligence....not like anything we would recognize as intelligence....but they did have a survival instinct.
The few that had survived the relentless pursuit by the humans were the closest that we could come to saying were using reason....
Normally the men they entered began to transform immediately....but with these last few parasites, although they had entered their new hosts they didn't begin the transformation period right away....there was....I guess you could call incubation period as the parasite lay dormant inside the host....waiting to be carried far from where they were being wiped out of existence....
Then the transformation would begin....
When Tony  woke up he was tied tightly....bent over Roger's sofa....and there was a strange girl gyrating in front of a stripper....he realized that he was nude
"Where's Roger....why am I tied up like this....what the hell is going on???"
"Don't worry Baby....soon enough you'll understand....soon enough you'll be one of us...."
He watched in horror slowly....the parasite emerged from what was once Roger.....and he pulled at his bonds but they held tight....
The parasite could only survive inside a host or in water....and there was no water nearby....
He screamed for help but no help came and soon he felt it working it's way up his leg....
Then he heard someone banging on the door and he thanked god....he was saved....until the door opened and he saw that they were all women and they all came in and sat down quietly as the alien thing was battering at him.....he clenched as hard as he could....but she had used a lot of lubricant.....and slowly and surely it gained entrance....
He wanted to scream as he felt it squirm inside him but in only seconds he had started to less than a minute he wondered why he had made such a fuss....
And so the aliens moved from the wilderness into the city....
And so the fall of man began!!!!

Keep Them

"You know what can keep those panties you took from my room....making you into my sissy bitch makes it worth it....I can't wait to share you with all my friends!!!!"
Her brother didn't say anything....after all this was his dream come true!!!!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Face Time

"Are you practicing Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"You'd better be.....I don't want you embarrassing me in front of my date tonight!!!"
"I promise....I'll be ready!!!"
"We'll see...."