Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday Brunch

This would be the first Sunday Brunch since the lockdown eased up and the entire staff wanted to make sure everything was perfect!!!!
The servers were all happy to be getting back to work....but they couldn't help but notice that the restaurant owner, Bob, had changed since they last saw him....


She smiles and laughs....
"Not ripe yet Sissy....I'll check again in a week....."

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Where the Boys Were

"Great...just great what the fuck are we supposed to do, you Dipshit!!!!"
"'s not mt was I supposed to know there was a goddamned plague going on!!!!"
Maybe if we turned on the news once in a while instead of watching all that porn...."
"Shut up Larry!!!"
"Do you think we can find her again...and get her to undo it?"
"I don't know....but the guy at the desk said the whole boardwalk is closed!!! He says there's cops that won't let you near the beach!!!"
"Maybe we could sneak out and get to the car...."
"And do what? Drive home? Like this???"
"Maybe we could sneak out and search for her...."
"Shut up Larry!!!"
"Hey leave him wasn't his idea to let her change us into chicks for a couple of days!!!!"
"Yeah....I didn't hear you complaining when those rich guys took us out....."
"Yeah I recall you were having a pretty good time with that guy...."
"Those were some wild noises coming out of your bedroom that night !!!!"
"Shut up Larry!!!"
"She knew we were coming back in a couple of days....maybe she left some kind of note or something for us...."
"Yeah and maybe she didn't.....the desk clerk says the governor has locked down the state until next month!!!! Next fucking month!!!!"
"So you're saying that we're stuck like this....for a month with no way out....just the four of us stuck in this beautiful suite....with a fully stocked bar....and all the sexy underwear those guys bought us....with nothing to do but find some way to amuse ourselves?"
"Well when you put it that way it doesn't sound so bad does it!!!"
" might be fun.....and it wouldn't be gay because we're all chicks now...."
"Just a thought guys....we were all gonna be turned back into guys so I didn't bother with know...birth control....did any of you?"
They all cast a nervous look at each other....
"Why don't you just shut up Larry!!!!"


It's always important to remember, that even as you suck his cock, you're not doing it for his pleasure....
You're not doing it for your pleasure....
You're doing it for her......her pleasure always comes first!!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Closed The Door

Although he wasn't interested in my sissy services that didn't mean I wasn't interested...
She would have closed the door if she didn't want me to watch....


It's hard (no pun intended) for me to please her sexually.....but pulling down my pink panties and playing with my tiny balls makes her so happy judging by the huge smile on her face.....

Thursday, May 28, 2020


When she came into the kitchen I had just been puttering around trying to decide what to make for dinner.....
She told me she had come in here for something but she couldn't remember what it was....
"Perhaps you came looking for this...."
Half an hour and two orgasms later she breathlessly told me that as nice as it was she had actually come in here looking for a pen.....


"It's so cute that you enjoy wearing my panties Billy....I think you're very cute in them...."
"But shouldn't be touching me like's wrong..."
"But it feels right to me Billy.....just relax and let Auntie show you what joy a boy can have in a pretty pair of pink panties!!!!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hump Day

Sometimes by Hump Day you realize that you're going to need to demonstrate what you have to offer in the most direct way possible!!!!


"Honey....straighten your tie your video conference is starting in just a couple of minutes and you want to look your best!!!!
"i suppose asking you for my pants is pointless...."
"Oh Sweetie....I'll bet you no one at the meeting is wearing pants...."
"You're probably right...."
"Of course I am....."

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pretty Panties

"Oh Sweetheart I love those panties....they're absolutely beautiful...."
"Would you like to try them on Sissy?"
"Oh yes....may I?"
"Well I'll tell you what.....I'll pull them down and you show me how much you want to wear them and I'll consider it...."
"Oh yes Sweetheart.....I think that's more than fair!!!!"

For Days

She's been wearing that crappy old sweatshirt for days.....and I never considered it sexy until she fucked her boyfriend while she had it on!!!!
Now my little clit strains against the cage every time I see her in it!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2020

Tennis Lessons

Yes I miss my tennis lessons....
Do I like not really....
Then why the lessons?
In what other sport could I run around in frilly panties like these.....

Monday ManCandy - Holiday Edition

It's Memorial Day here in the good old US of A, and that means it's the unofficial beginning of Summer!!!!
Time to come out and get a breath of fresh air.....put a couple of burgers and hot dogs on the grill....and enjoy a day off of work!!!!
There's something special about eating just makes good food taste better!!!!
ManCandy!!! Better than burgers and hotter than hot dogs....outdoor dining at its best!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

No Idea

"It's funny isn't meeting again after all these years....."
"I think it was delightful......I'm very happy we did.....and I have to be honest here....even when we were young....I always wanted to suck your cock....."
"Really.....if only you had....think of how different our lives could have been...."
"When you married the cheerleader.....Sally.....and I knew your cock would be inside her.... I wished it was me instead of her...."
"But we both ended up happy....didn't we?"
"Yes very much....and I'm happier now that I finally got to kneel down and take you in my mouth....."
"You seemed to have some experience.....if you don't mind my saying so...."
"I don't wife brings guys home and I suck them off for her....she likes to watch....."
"Wow.....I could never imagine that you'd turn out to be a cocksucking cuckold....but if it works for you then I'm happy for you!!!!"
"And imagine my surprise when I recognized you in that dress......"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

There we were dozens and dozens of sissies all locked up in school with no end in sight!!!!
Thank heaven for Netflix!!!!
But the Headmaster had other he had ordered us all to attend a study session in the library every weekend.....
It certainly helped us keep up our skills and was a very pleasant way to pass an afternoon.....

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Switcher

"Well Doctor....I can see why they call you "The Switcher".....I don't know how you did it so fast.....but it all feels right...."
"Oh were one of the easy ones.....once we found a matching body donor for you.....well it was much easier than my usual cases....that's why you've recovered so quickly....."
Tony Visconti stood there....looking down at his lifeless body.....what would the cops think when they found it.....then he looked in the the stunning blond woman staring back at him.....the cops could never connect the could they....he was a completely different person now!!!! Not even the Feds would be able to figure it out.....the only person in the world who could put the finger on him was the Doctor....The Switcher!!!!!
"Now Mr. Visconti....oh forgive me....Miss Visconti.....about my fee...."
"That was half a million right....that's what we agreed on?"
"Yes sir....again I apologize....yes Ma'am!"
"'s a small price to pay for the freedom you've given me......that last heist netted me seventeen million so I don't think they'll ever stop looking for me....and just think how the trail will lead them to this brainless body in a garbage can....."
"Yes it is amusing....I wonder what they will make of the empty skull...."
"Your money is in that suitcase by the door.....I'm sure I can count on your discretion...."
"It will always be our secret will just be between you and me....."
"Just between you and know what do I know that you won't come back to me for more money in the future?"
"Oh no....I would never do that...."
"Well there's only one way to be really sure...the only real way to keep a secret is if only one person knows it....."
"What are you doing with that I'd never tell a soul.....please don' can keep the money!!!!"
"Yes I can keep the money....and I can keep my secret......goodbye Doctor...."
She squeezed the trigger and he collapsed in an expanding pool of blood.....
She picked up the suitcase and turned to leave just as the police burst in....
"So what do we have here....drop the gun're under arrest!!!"
"Not your lucky day lady....we were just walking by and heard the gunshot.....I don't know why you did it but I'm pretty sure you're going away for life...."
"Hey better come over here and look in this garbage can.....I think this case just got complicated......"
"Damn....better get the lab boys down here....and take the little lady down to the station...."
"Sure thing Sarge...."

Wedding Night

Yes like in days gone of them had experience and the other one of them lost their virginity on their wedding night!!!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Won't Tell

"C'mon Tommy....just a little bit OK....just for a couple of minutes....."
"Well....I just don't know if I can...."
"Sure you can.....I know you can....and you'll be really good at it too I'll bet...."
"But I don't know...."
"Look....when I found out you wore your sisters clothes I promised not to tell anyone...,and did I tell you the truth?"
"So now I promise I won't tell anyone that you sucked my cock.....okay?"
"Well if you promise.....I guess I could try it......just this one time....and only for a minute...."
Ben smiled as his friend Tommy took him into his mouth....
Tommy was thrilled that he finally got what he wanted the hard part was making his best friend believe he'd never done this before!!!!!

Very Carefully

She arranges her chair very carefully so that my punishment can be seen quite clearly through the patio door....
There are three homes behind us that I'm sure anyone could watch from, and I'm certain at least one person is watching....otherwise why would she bother....
I never turn to look because I'm afraid I might see all of our neighbors watching and I'm pretty sure that would be a bit more humiliation than I can handle!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Health Care Heroes

They do so much for us.....isn't it time we gave then all they need!!!!


"So you see Susie....after your session you may have some stray drops of your clients cum on your boots.....that's why you keep a sissy nearby to clean them up before your next appointment!!!"
"Wow...I wouldn't ever have thought of that.....I have so much still to learn...."
"Don't'll make a wonderful Domme in no time...."
"But where do I get a sissy to do this for he a client?"
"Oh no.....I would never reward a client like that....this one is my husband...."
"Well I do have a boyfriend....."
"Bring him in and I'm sure between the two of us we can have him trained in no time at all!!!!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

After All

"After all's really of no use to me is it?"
"I guess not...."
"And of course my new boyfriends cock is all I'll need...."
"Yes Ma'am...."
"But I don't want to be cruel Sissy....I can't imagine how it would feel to be locked up like this....that's something only a man would understand....that's why my boyfriend will hold the key....."
"What!!!! I....uhhhh....I mean....I.....I understand.......yes Ma'am.....thank you Ma'am!!!!"

Hump Day

Sometimes the most important job you have on Hump Day is just to be there for her....she works hard and she needs to work off the stress!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


"I honestly don't know why you're so upset...."
"You're turning me into some kind of....."
"Sissy maid?"
"Yeah you're turning me into some kind of Sissy Maid!!!!"
"No were born to be a Sissy Maid....I'm just putting you in a be quiet and get busy with your chores!!!!
"Yes Ma'am....."
"Oh yes when you're done come back and I'll teach you how to do a proper curtsy...."

It Doesn't Matter

It doesn't matter how many times she's seen it.....nothing got her hotter than watching her sissy husband get down on his knees and suck a real man's cock!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2020


Spending all their time together has led to so many revelations.....
"If only you told me that you liked wearing my panties....if only you told me you wanted to be tied up and teased....think of all the fun we missed out on...."
"I'm sorry....."
"Oh will be very do you want to cum?"
"Yes....very much!!!!!"
"Well we'll see....first I want you to tell me all of your secret fantasies.....all of them!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Sure, the modern world has let you down.....
Remember when you thought 2020 was going to be the best year ever?
Didn't work out that way did it?
Everything went to hell....and it happened so fast!!!!
Now you're in your house cringing at the idea of doing all the things you used yo do....
Everything is changed.....everything is different....
Except for that one thing....
Still creamy....still delicious.....
ManCandy!!!! The one thing that never changes!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday Brunch - CANCELLED

I know it's just you and me Sissy....maybe soon we can invite all the rest of the girls back for Sunday brunch....but I do enjoy getting nicely dressed and you do put out a nice was all I thought I could put out a nice spread for you....I hope you enjoy it...."

 "I've never eaten anything finer in my life and I doubt I ever will...."
"Oh....hush now'll embarrass me.....just enjoy yourself....I know I will!!!!"

This Is What I Mean

"So you see Sissy....when I talk about cock....this is what I'm talking do you understand why I have no interest in your little caged clit?"
"Well maybe if you made me get down on my knees and suck it I'd understand it better...."
"Do you really think you can trick me like that again Sissy?"
"Well....yeah I was kinda hoping...."
"Not this time Sissy....this one is all for me...."
"Okay....I guess...."
"Don't pout can watch if you like...."
"Oh yes....thank you Ma'am!!!!"
"I spoil you Sissy!!!!"

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Green Man

He had felt it ever since he could remember.....something was wrong....
He had looked into all that modern science could offer and found it seriously lacking...
There had to be an answer.....if natural science didn't have the answer then maybe the answer was in the supernatural world....
He had traveled from Bangor to Bangkok following leads.....each had ended with bitter disappointment.....
He had heard the rumors regarding the Green Man....and as soon as he could he arranged a trip to the rural English countryside.....
The local folk were very wary of dealing with him....until he opened his was amazing what a five pound note could do for a faulty memory....
"Sure.....I seen him when I was a lad.....he offered me anything I wanted....but I was scared and I ran home....."
"Oh he's real alright.....he's out there in the wood just waiting to take another innocent soul...."
"No I've never seen him.....but I know he's there....I never go out into the wood alone...."
The patrons of the pub all had their stories about the Green Man....
It made him sure that this might be the path to the fulfillment of his wish....
He set out from the Inn at dusk, despite the plea's of the Innkeepers to reconsider....and he went into the wood.....
He knew from looking at the maps that the area was very large.....miles and miles of trees and nothing....
He took his time.....he wanted the entity to come to him....
He made as much noise as he could as hiked miles into the dark woods....
He began to whistle a tune as he walked and soon he thought he heard a whistle answering his....
"Hello...." he shouted into the darkness.
The other whistle stopped abruptly.....
"You have sought me out Mortal.....why do you search for me?"
"Are you the Green Man?"
"I have been called many names...."
"Is it true that you have the power to grant wishes?"
"It is true.....but all wishes have consequences....2 follows has always been thus...."
"I understand.....but I must have my wish fulfilled or I will lose my has driven me since I was a boy......can you grant me a wish?"
"You've been warned......wishes have consequences.....every wish must be paid for....Do you agree to those terms Mortal?"
"If you can make my dream come true then I agree to any terms you may have.....better to live a few moments as the woman I so wish to be....than spend even another minute as the false man that I am....."
"State your wish Mortal...."
"I want to be a woman.....real and complete....with all the joys and despairs that ensue from that.....I abhor the idea of being a false, part woman......I want to be desired by all men and women..."
"There is a price to pay for such a transformation...."
"I'll pay any price....I don't care what it is...."
"You should exercise caution Mortal.....don't sell yourself so freely..."
"I don't care about anything else.....I want to be a woman!!!!"
"Very well....I grant you your wish....but you must fulfill your wish to be a must lie with a man before the dawn or else you must pay me the will stay in my woods for a hundred years!"
"I want to be the most desirable woman in the world.....if you fulfill your part of the bargain then I'm sure I can fulfill my part.....I have dreamed of having a lover between my legs since I could dream at all...."
"Very well is done...."
He felt a vague fog come over him and when it cleared he was the woman he'd always dreamed of.....he ran his hands over his new body.....pleasure flooded through him....his dream had finally come true!!!!
But he remembered that he must lie with a man....before dawn...he had better head back to town....but which way was town....
He looked around and began to feel the panic.....lost....he was lost in the deep could he lie with a man if he couldn't find his way out....

The search had now stretched out for trace had been found of one expected to find him....he was just another lost soul......
The old wood hid its secrets well....but he was there.....and he'd be there for the next hundred years.....

Late Night Snack

She's been doing quite a bit of late night snacking since we've been in quarantine.....and I often catch her standing in front of the fridge trying to think of what she wants to eat....
I, however, always know exactly what I want to eat.....I can never get enough!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2020


"Yes I like this one.....but I need it in a smaller size.....isn't that right Sissy?"
"Absolutely right Ma'am!!!!"

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl my father used to scream at me when I walked around the house in just my bra and panties....
I never dreamed that one day I would marry a sissy who would also walk around our house in just his bra and panties.....I never dreamed it.....but I love it!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Was That....

"Oh my Sissy....with all your carrying on I can't remember.....was that twelve or thirteen?"
"It was thirteen Ma'am....."
"Well, with all your crying and shouting i can't imagine that you kept count any better than I did.....I'll just have to start over....."

Leaving It

"Yes he's in his car and he's jerking it....he loves seeing me in this always gets him hard......but you distancing and all....this is the best I can do...."
"But don't you worry Sissy....I haven't forgotten about you.....he's going to cum in a condom and then he'll tie it off and leave it on the front porch for you....won't that be nice....we can both have a taste of him even in quarantine!!!!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hump Day

Even during the quarantine....on Hump Day essential workers have to do what they have to do!!!!!


"C'mon Sissy....we'll just do another mile or two...."
"Can I please just put it back in my pants?"
"Of course not useless as it is it still needs a little sunshine and fresh air...."
"But what if somebody else is on this trail....."
"Well so what if there is?"
"Please.....I'd be so embarrassed...."
"You know time we go on a hike I think I'll have you in a miniskirt....then you can be embarrassed for a reason!!!!!"
He pleaded with her not to but she felt him twitch in the cage when she said it....

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


"You said you liked pink it's going to be all pink all day for you today!!!!"
"Did I mention that I like black too?"
"That's for another day slut...."


I'm always willing to go that extra mile for a sissy who's being allowed to cum for the first time in a couple of years.....
I can take as much time as I like.....the wives love to watch....but the moment he cums he goes back in the I do my best to make it memorable!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2020

His Roomies

The girls always knew their roommate Ron was a little shy and awkward....and more than a little submissive....they had gotten him to do all the household chores and pay most of the rent....
But once the quarantine went into effect they decided to see if they could go just a little bit further.....
It really hadn't been too hard......and now they sat at the table discussing the next step in his feminization.....
Ron tried to pretend that this wasn't all his dreams coming true!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Of course you know that it's breaking the rules......if you're not supposed to touch your face you're obviously not supposed to lick that delicious cream from your fingers!!! But it's just so darned good.....
I'd like to say it's because it's finger lickin' good but the nice lawyers from KFC told me something about I can't say it's finger lickin' good even if it is finger lickin' good, other wise they'd be very upset with me for saying that our favorite creamy treat is finger lickin' good!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's digit sucking good....that should keep them quiet....

Sunday, May 10, 2020

That Old Gang of Mine

"I'm sorry Sissy....I know I promised you a gang bang.....but with the whole social distancing thing going on it just isn't safe....."
"I know....but I'm really disappointed....I was looking forward to it so much...."
"Don't worry Sissy.....we can still have a gang bang.....maybe not the real thing but it's an incredible simulation!!!!"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

Even though we are on lockdown here at school that doesn't mean we never see anyone from outside....
Three times a week a medical professional comes to the dorm and examines us to make sure none of us are sick....
You wasn't till now that I realized that a man could test our temperatures using just his cock.....I knew they were sensitive but I had no idea they were that sensitive!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Changes

He'd been doing it for weeks now.....
He took his clothes to the old laundromat cursing his broken washing machine....
Honestly....who ever heard of a part taking two weeks to arrive....
The repairman said it had to ship from somewhere in central Asia....he named some country that nobody even knows exists....apparently all washing machine parts are made there these days....
He'd never been to this laundromat was obviously an old place....a little rundown but that was OK as long as their machines worked....
There was no one else around....not even an attendant....but that was OK....he didn't feel very sociable anyhow.....
He loaded his clothes into a machine and looked for the slot to insert his cash and was surprised to see that the machine only accepted what was he going to do!!!!
He looked around and spotted a machine on the back wall....
CHANGE was written in large red letters on the front....
He looked over the machine for instructions but didn't see any.....but it all looked pretty straightforward.....he took out a ten dollar bill and fed it into the slot.....
Two buttons lit said "Partial Change" the other said "Complete Change"....he thought that was a little oddly worded but went ahead and pressed the "Complete Change" button.
The tray began to fill with quarters and as he reached out to scoop them up he was surprised to see he had bright red nail polish on.....
What in the world was going on he wondered as he swept his long brunette hair away from his face....
He looked across the store and saw a small mirror.....his reflection showed a pretty woman....a really pretty woman!!!!
"What the hell?" he said out loud and heard a delightful female voice instead of his usually gruff male one....
He glanced around and seeing that he was still alone he reached his hands to his chest and felt tingles as he cupped his beautiful breasts.....
Then......he had to know....he slipped a hand up under the dress.....the dress!!!! Where the hell had this dress come from!!!!
He slid his hand up his silky smooth thigh until he reached that spot and found that he was now completely female!!!!!
He sat down to think about what had had he changed so completely?
Complete change.....the machine....that had to be it....the machine had somehow completely changed him
He decided that he might as well start the washing machine while he pondered what he could do about he fed in half of the quarters he'd gotten and sat back down to think it over....
The place was empty....he thought he might just explore things a bit more,,,,he'd always wondered how the other half felt.....and he slid one hand up between his legs and soon he felt wonderful sensations surging through him....they were unlike anything he'd ever felt before!!!
He heard the washer behind him move into the spin cycle and it was so strong that he actually felt the entire shop begin to vibrate....after a few seconds he decided to climb up on top and enjoy the vibrations in a much more direct way!!!
He was very grateful that he still had the place to himself as the waves of pleasure forced him to moan, louder and louder, until he let out a muted scream as the orgasm washed over him!!!!
He tried to catch his breath  as the machine shut itself off....
He mindlessly took the soaking wet load and transferred it to a dryer.., and he fed in the rest of the quarters he had received....
He sat watching the clothes tumble as the dryer spun.....
Now that he was thinking somewhat rationally.....he wondered what to could he go home like this....surely his wife would have a problem with this....
He would have to try to somehow undo this.....maybe....maybe....if he used the machine again.....what the hell....what did he have to lose....
With a shaking hand he fed another ten dollar bill into the machine and chose the "Complete Change" button.
As the quarters began to fill the tray he reached out his hand and saw.....his hand!!!!
No nail long hair dangling in his face....reaching down he felt the rough denim of his pants and the bulge that told him with certainty that he was a man again!!!!
The mirror confirmed it.....he was back to his old self!!!!
Over the next several weeks he must have gone to that laundromat dozens of times....he had fed several hundred dollars into that Change machine.....he had found that washer number seven had the strongest spin cycle of them all......
The store had always been deserted until one day as he was riding old number seven to bliss, two men entered....they gave each other a knowing smile and they leered at him as he tried to hold back the inevitable.....tried and failed....
He blushed with embarrassment as the men gave him wide smiles and made some lewd they walked past him and settled their tools down in front of the Change machine and set about removing the bolts that were securing it to the wall...
Instantly alarmed he asked them what they were doing.....
"We got an order to replace this antique with one of these new digital models....don't worry Honey....we're keeping those old seem to enjoy those...."
Him and his coworker both shared a laugh.....
"But you can't take it right now....I need to use it one more time....."
"Use it....Honey this machine hasn't worked in years....maybe you should take a minute....maybe the excitement is too much for you!!!"
They both laughed again as they pulled the machine from the wall and disconnected the power....
"Wait.....I'll buy it from much do you want for it.....please I really want it!!!"
"Sorry don't belong to us....we were hired to disconnect it and bring it to the owners for scrap...."
"Have fun Baby!!!!" the other man said as they carried the machine out the door!!!!
He sat stunned....
How could he explain this.....his dryer was done and he started folding the clothes....he made the two piles of undies....her panties here and his panties there.....her bras there and his happened to all his clothes.....all of his clothing had changed too!!!!
His phone buzzed and he opened a text from his wife.....
She wanted to know if he wanted to wear his black dress or the sexy red one tonight....
He sat down hard....the realization hit him....."Complete Change" really did mean complete change....