Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Cuckolds Life

Keep him hard but don't let him cum!!!! As soon as she cums get out of her way because she'll want to ride him to another orgasm right away!!!!
And everybody ends up satisfied....well not quite everybody but there is some satisfaction in a job well done!!!!

Not Ready Yet

"I'm sorry Sissy but I really don't think you've earned it yet....go fetch me a bowl of ice and we'll get you cooled down and back into your little cage....won't that be nice?"
"Oh please....I'm so close...."
"And now you've earned a spanking too....are you happy now Sissy?"
"No Ma'am...."
"What did you say?!?!?!"
"Yes Ma'am.....I meant to say yes Ma'am....."
"Alright Sissy bring me the ice, your cage and my hairbrush!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....right away Ma'am!!!!"

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hump Day

It's Hump Day so it doesn't matter what your boss've proved that you can fuck and chew gum at the same time!!!!

Nothing New Under The Sun

While Great Grandma slept upstairs, Great Grandpa got ready for another night at the clubs!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Better Fit

"Hold still while I unlock this!!!"
"I'm trying....but its been so long!!!"
"Its only been a few months....really is it all you ever think about?"
"No but....I really can't wait!!!!"
"Can't wait for what Sissy?"
"I can't wait to cum!!!!"
"Who said anything about cumming Sissy? I'm putting a smaller cage on you, one that will fit you better!"
"But what Sissy?"
"Nothing....thank you Ma'am...."


She doesn't understand how I can be comfortable going to bed with my bra on but that's OK....I don't understand why on earth any woman would wear pajama pants to bed!!!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Picnic Lunch

"Basket? Why do we need a basket Sissy? I have your picnic lunch right here!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You know what that look is don't you? That's the "I don't have to work today so yes I'll have an extra serving for breakfast" look!!!! You love to start your day with a rich creamy treat and having the day off only makes it better!!!!
ManCandy!!! Of course you'll have seconds.....but save room for the barbecue later!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Brunch

Now that the weather is so much nicer she sometimes likes to be served outside....I love to do this for her and it makes her so happy....I just wish we had a higher fence!!!


Whenever danger was near....
"Sissy Ninja Powers Activate!!!!"

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Robot Rampage

"I'm honestly sorry Thomas but I needed a male you see....the male skeletal structure is stronger than the female!!!"
"But why....why all this...."
"Well I'm ready to go to market but I have to test....I don't want to kill my customers!!!"
"So you made me a woman!!!!"
"I had to Thomas....I'm sorry but it was necessary!!!"
"Well the robots are programmed to respond to women in a certain way....and I have to make sure they please them rather than hurt them....if you survive the tests then I'll begin testing with female subjects!!!"
"What kind of tests!!!!"
"I have selected a small group of the robots and have programmed them very carefully....I'm sure you'll enjoy it...."
"You mean they're going to....use me like a not....I don't consent to any of this...."
"I'm sorry Thomas, but like I said I've programmed them very carefully and to be quite honest you really don't have any choice in the matter!!!!"
"You mean...."
"Yes that's exactly what I mean, I'm honestly sorry Thomas!!!"
"Let's begin...."
He heard gears and metal and then he heard no more as his own screams drowned out the rest!!!!!

Little Victories

When it comes down to it.....I can keep licking her until she forces me to stop....
So, I guess in my own little way, I win!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2018


"I'm curious Sissy....get over here and get on your knees....which one do you lick first?"

In My Dreams

I knelt beside my small bed and prayed....
"Please make me a real girl!!!!"
There was a splash of bright blue lightning and there she was, lying on my bed....
"Who are you?" I asked
"I'm the answer to your prayers young sissy!!!"
"But who....."
"Didn't you see the Pinocchio movie? I'm the Blue Fairy....I'm the one that made him a real boy!!!!"
"But you seem so had a beautiful blue gown...."
"Different wishes....different circumstances....."
"But why are you here?"
"Well you made a wished so hard that you couldn't be ignored!!!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!! You're going to make me a real girl!!!!!"
"Not so fast Sissy....first you have to prove that you deserve it!!!!"
"Anything!!!! I'll do anything!!!!"
"Then crawl over here and start licking, show me how much you appreciate the chance I'm giving you!!!"

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Losing Track

She thought it was the middle of a conversation she would do this and I would almost immediately lose track of what we were talking about!!!!


Yes she is bigger than me by an inch or two....and when she wears heels she really towers over me!!!! But tilting my head back for her to kiss me as she pulls me into her arms just makes me feel so girly!!!!!
Some of you out there know exactly what I mean....

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


"I do love it but it's too small Sweetheart!"
"Nonsense Sissy, I think it's perfect....I love it and I'm sure my girlfriends will love it too!"
"Your girlfriends?"
"Oh didn't I tell you....I'm having some friends over tonight and they are so anxious to meet my sissy husband...I think some of them don't believe you're real!!!"
"But....can I at least put some panties on?"
"For what Sissy? It's not like you have anything worth covering is it?"
"No Ma'am!"
"Very good Sissy, we'll be there at around 7 so make sure you have drinks and nibbles ready...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh and Sissy, one more thing..."
"Make sure you're plugged too....use the one....the vibrating one with the remote...."

Hump Day

No better day than Hump Day to show your Boss what you can do!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Some Nights are Easier

It's never really easy to watch her have sex while my clitty is caged....but I have to say....some nights are easier than others.....this wasn't one of them!!!!!

Kissing Cousins

"'re my cousin!!!!"
"Yeah and those are my panties in your pocket so do you want me to go downstairs and start telling everybody about how I caught you going through my panty drawer or do you want to get over here and start licking my pussy?"
He was so relieved as he crawled between her legs....thank god she didn't say anything about giving the panties back!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2018

I Hope He Comes Back Soon

"There he goes...."
"Yeah....I hope he comes back soon...."
"Me too....that was the best orgasm I've had in years...."
"Oh yeah....that thing he does with his tongue.....just about blew my head off!!!!"
"Did he wear your panties while he was doing you?"
" was kind of weird....but he's not the first man that wanted to wear my panties....what about you?"
"Yeah he wore mine too.....they were my favorite pink ones too....but it was a good trade as far as I'm concerned....if he comes back he can have every pair I own if he does that tongue thing to me again...."
"Yeah....I hope he comes back soon...."
"Me Too!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

If we didn't know better we'd think you were going back to look so peaceful and contented but that little smile gives you away!!!
But all you're doing is enjoying it as the warmth spreads down to your tummy....the flavor is still alive in your mouth and that little bit you missed....well it does wonders for your skin!!!! It's all good and just closing your eyes and lying back to savor it all is only natural!!!
ManCandy!!!! When you need something good it's the best you can get!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Brunch

She woke with a headache so I'm bringing her brunch in bed.....and although I promised to be quiet she still wanted to be sure!!!!

How Could She Know

I understood....really I could she have known that her date that night was a guy I had known in High School.....I recognized him right away.....a little older but otherwise he hadn't really changed that took him a while to recognize me because I guess I have changed quite a bit from that small effeminate boy they all used as a punching bag back then....
While she was out of the room he sneered at me.....
"I always knew you were a sissy cocksucker!!!!"
In the old days that might have hurt me....might have made me run away and cry....back then I used drugs and alcohol to dull the pain of the "insults" they threw at me....
But that was a long time ago and now I am a sissy cocksucker....and a damned good one at that!!!!
That smirk disappeared from his face as I went to work on him.....I used all my skills.....I know she likes me to just get them hard for her but in this case I had something to prove....
I did something I never do.....I waved her off as I sucked his cock until he came....then I let him go.....and he wasn't smirking at me anymore.....the only one smirking in the room was me.....and as I strutted out of the room I looked back over my shoulder....
"I'm done with his little dick Sweetheart, you can have him if you still want him!!!!"
She smiled.....she knew something was different this time....and we would talk about it later....

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Parasites

It had been hard to find the cause of the transformations up at "Sissy Lake" but luckily they had captured one of the parasites right after it had left it's male host! The poor man had been transformed forever, at the genetic level, into a writhing female nymphomaniac but he had given them the answer that had eluded them for so long!!!!
Doctor Kane and his assistant Doctor Ripley had studied the parasite for weeks and they were amazed at it's cognitive abilities despite the fact that they could find no least no brain as they understood it....
It didn't react to Doctor Ripley in any way but whenever Doctor Kane came near it went berserk, trying it's best to get at him....after a few more experiments they discovered that it had no interests in females but would do it's best to attack any male that got within a few feet of the tank!!!!
Ripley could touch it without it reacting and sometimes she stroked it's smooth skin absentmindedly as she wondered about how it knew....
Once they knew what they were looking for the scientists mad short work of the remaining parasites in the lake....the environmentalists had raised hell as they had wiped out all aquatic life in the lake with the high voltage lines....but after the lake was purified and the thousands of dead fish mixed with the parasites had been removed the lake was restocked with native fish species and soon it was once again a thriving ecosystem!
Kane and Ripley dissected dozens of the dead parasites from the lake and their findings were amazing.....there was a small primal brain that was undetected by their prior scans but they determined that it would literally shut down when the monster attacked a host....there simply wasn't enough blood for the brain and the attack mechanism to work simultaneously!!!
But the strangest thing was that they found no reproductive organs of any kind....none!
They didn't think much about it until the first new report of an attack at the lake reached them....
Now they sat and stared at the monster swimming in it's tank in their lab.....and they looked at each other....
If they couldn't reproduce....where were they coming from?

She stepped into the pool....the water was so nice and warm just like back home....she felt the familiar tug and pushed and another of her babies was born.....when it was ready she'd release it into the lake nearby....her mission was to seed this planet and make it ready for the masters to come....she'd had a setback or two but it was nothing to worry about....soon she'd release her babies into the rivers and then into the oceans....after all she could produce several dozen per day.....

Intimate Moments

She loves it and I crave it....yes this is perhaps one of the most intimate moments we share....

Friday, May 18, 2018

Paulie's New Life***

His head was spinning as his mother worked on his hem and his girlfriend Lori and her friend Beth fussed with his makeup and hair!!!!
It had all happened so quickly he wasn't sure at all about where he would go from here....but even his big brother on the phone was offering to support any decision he made!!!
His life seemed to momentarily be out of his control but he knew they all loved him and that made it all feel so much better!!!!

***This is based on a wonderful story over at Fictionmania by Clara called "Spit and Image" Click the link and give it a's just a lovely, lovely story!!!

Good Morning Sweetheart

I can't think of any better way for both of us to start the day than this!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ever Since

I swear....eve since the cage....she really used to pay very little attention to my little....well my little everything between my legs....but ever since the cage she has been very interested and she loves to play with her "little toys"!!!!

And There You Were

And there you were....on stage....alone!!!!
Two years of intense feminization and ballet training had led you the final realization of your deepest fantasy....and you can feel it....building within you....the joy....the bliss....the sheer excitement and even though you haven't danced a single step in front of the silent audience of family and friends you can't help fill your leotards with your sissy cum.....and as it drips down your legs you hear the applause begin!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hump Day

You made it to Hump Day....even if you had to bend over backwards to do it!!!!


 When I am on my knees watching him fuck my wife I am her cuckold....add in the panties and dress and that makes me her sissy cuckold....add in the chastity cage....well you get the idea....
So when she's sitting across the room while he fucks me what does that make her?
It makes her happy!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kind of Funny

It's kind of funny when you think about it....she's been wearing a bra since she was twelve and she leaves it off as much as she can.....I've been wearing a bra since I was around fourteen and I love wearing's the first thing she takes off when she gets home and it's the last thing I take off at the end of the day......I would sleep in it if she would let me....but most nights she likes to have easy access to my nipples....but that's another story.....

Late night Movie

I had set my alarm because at two o'clock Turner Classic Movies was showing my favorite Marx Brothers Movie, "Duck Soup"!!!!
I was surprised to find that her date was also a "Groucho Marxist" like me and was also looking forward to the movie.....
We both enjoyed it very much....and although I didn't actually see about ten minutes of the film, I still heard all the jokes and after....we both went back to bed with a smile....

Monday, May 14, 2018

What Did He Say

"Oh poor Leeanne just look at your they hurt Sweetie?"
"A little bit, the doctor told me to stay off them for a few days and I should be alright! But what about yours Kaaren? Yours look worse than mine!!!! Have you seen the doctor?"
"Yes. but all I heard him say was something like "oh yeah that's it" it was hard to hear the rest because he was holding my ears while he was speaking...."
"You are such a slut...."
"It takes one to know one Sweetie!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

There you just couldn't face another you called in that you weren't going to make it in today and you snuggled up on the couch and decided that's it, that was where you'd spend the day....
Turn on the TV, and watch the morning news shows....too depressing....
Switch to the game shows....marvel at how stupid some people can be...
Maybe watch a movie....something without superheroes...a nice love story maybe....and you know the perfect thing to have with need something warm and filling that you'll be able to taste long after the movie's done....because you're not leaving that couch all day!!!!
ManCandy!!! The long lasting flavor will last you all day!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Hurry up Sissy, I don't have all day to shop for your school supplies....we still have to get home in time for you to make a nice Sunday Roast before the pink bus comes to take you back!"
"Yes Ma'am....I'm just having a hard time deciding on some things...."
"I don't see why Sissy.....if it's something to wear it should be pink and if it's something to fuck it should be big and hurry up....!"
"Yes Ma' always know what's best for me!"

The Cuckolds Life

Giving your wife's lover a blowjob in the kitchen while you're wearing your cute babydoll nightie....nothing out of the ordinary in our house!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Thank You Miss Hallen

He cleared his had been so long since he had spoken other than a couple of gasps and grunts...
"I just want to thank you for all you've done for me Miss's been years since I've felt this good....this powerful..."
"No, no Miss Hallen let me continue....when you first came to care for me I wasn't sure you had my best interests at heart....I thought you might be conspiring with my son to kill me and get my fortune....perhaps you didn't think I could hear your whispered conversations....but let me assure you even in my crippled old body, one of the few things the stroke didn't take from me was my fact it had improved!!! Why? Who knows!!! The brain is a mysterious thing!!!!"
"I heard you tell my son how you loved him and how good your life together would be once I was gone and you two could have my millions!!! I have to thank you for that Miss Hallen.....up until that very moment I had no idea how evil, how treacherous my only child had become!!!"
"But I heard you, tell him you wouldn't kill me. you couldn't bring yourself to take a man's life....even a life as diminished as mine....confined to my sickbed....unable to communicate....unable to move!!!"
"You said if I was to be startled it might push my weak heart beyond it's breaking point....then when I awoke to find the two of you in bed next to me sweating and clawing at each other like dogs in heat, I began to prepare for the end!"
"Yes Miss Hallen, you were heart couldn't handle much stress and the two of you were piling it on....then when you came to my room and announced your impending marriage to my son I knew the time had come for me at last!!!"
"You see Miss Hallen, when you become as wealthy as I have there's always a contingency plan!!! You might have thought that you needed to speak an incantation for it to work but as you can see that's not true...."
"So I want to thank you Miss Hallen....I'm sure I'll have a wonderful long life in your strong young body, and spending my next lifetime as a female just seems like a delightful bonus....and just think you've gotten what you wanted too!!! All my millions are yours now and you can enjoy them for the rest of your life....which I'm afraid to say is probably only going to be a few more hours..."
"So thank you Miss Hallen for keeping yourself in shape....I'm already feeling new sensations that I must say are exciting....I'll be sure to familiarize myself with how it all works before I, well you know what I mean don't's kind of like being a virgin again....oh my this is going to be such fun!!!!"
"So thank you Miss Hallen....don't you worry about me...I have the password for all the bank accounts and I'll have all that burdensome money transferred to my new accounts before you're even cold...."
"So thank you for the last time Miss Hallen, and goodbye!"
She lay there....encased in this withered old shell, she couldn't see her body walk away but she heard every step!!!!


I breathed a sigh of relief....thank goodness they had stopped kissing....that's the only thing that really makes me uncomfortable....that's where I start to think they've become just a little too intimate.....this was so much better....

Friday, May 11, 2018

Never Assume

Just because I wear girls undies and suck cocks and have a tiny clit that's locked in chastity.....that doesn't mean I can't make her cum....

He Had Issues

He had so many problems about me....
He's not gay he says.....well I don't consider myself gay either....
He only came here to be with my wife.....well I'm sorry but I live here too....
It's not for him....he only likes women....well I'll be a woman for you for a few minutes.....until my wife is ready for you....
I've never done anything like this he says.....look it's just a'll enjoy it and so will I and then you get to fuck my wife
I guess it'll be OK......honey it'll be more than OK it'll be great!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2018


"Yes Sissy that's nice.....but I can't help but feel like something's missing...."

".....oh I know....there that's better....that really captures the real you!!!!"


All of the husbands around here go to work every morning just like my wife....that left me alone with the wives....
It took a while for them to accept me as just another housewife....
But now I'm part of their little group and when they come for coffee in the morning they always remind me that I'm just one of the girls!!!

And they always want to assure me that they all feel the same way about me...

Next time they're bringing their boyfriends!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Just Me and Teddy

Sometimes it's hard to listen to the sounds of a man fucking my wife in our her bedroom....
So it's just me and Teddy.....and I swear that Teddy is so bad....the things he's tempted me to do with him.....he's a nasty little bear with no morals whatsoever....

Hump Day

Thank god it's Hump Day because up until now it feels like you've been doing all of the work!!!!