Sunday, October 31, 2021


"Someone find Sissy Kaaren.....she just can't keep throwing these onto the field when she's done with them!!!!"

Halloween Brunch

The best part of having a Halloween brunch Party is that with everyone in costume you never know what you're going to find under a skirt....but you get to suck it anyway!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Gates of Hell

The pounding on the door had been going on for hours....
Finally he could stand it no more and nodded to his servant to answer it...
Moments later the servant returned....
"My's her again....what should I do?"
"Has it been a year already!!! It seems like only yesterday she was banging on my door!!!! Tell her to go away...."
"My Lord....I've told her that many times in the past....but she never does..."
The pounding on the door resumed....if anything it was louder now....
"Listen to that racket....go and tell her....tell her that I'm out and I'm not expected back anytime soon...."
"Yes my Lord!"
Minutes later the servant returned...
"I beg your pardon my Lord....but she says she'll wait...."
"Damnation....I'll never be rid of this one....find me the lawyer who wrote up her contract!!!"
Soon the lawyer was brought before him....
"Did you review her contract as I ordered?"
"Yes your Lordship...."
"And did you find a way out of it...."
"No, your lordship, it is iron-clad....I'm so sorry...."
"You haven't learned the meaning of sorry yet!!!  Take him out of here!!!"
The lawyer was crying as he was led away....
The pounding on the door got even louder....
"My Lord....what shall I do?"
"I honestly don't know.....this one stumps me!!! I made the deal like I always do....he was a miserable excuse for a man and all he wanted was to be a beautiful know like all the others....and I made it possible for him to fulfill his dream....but that damned lawyer screwed it up....there was no way for me to come out on top.....and now here she is....again....and she's demanding entry.....not to become one of the billions of damned souls in eternal torment....oh no....that's not for her.....that damned lawyer left a clause in there that allows her to sit at my right hand....second in command....can you imagine how bad that would be!!!"
"But my Lord.....what shall I do about her now?"
"Well tomorrow is Halloween....after that the veil between the worlds will be restored and she must return to the surface....then we'll be done with her until next year....."
"But the noise my Lord?"
"Why don't you and I take a walk down to see that lawyer and see if we can make him scream loud enough to drown out her damnable pounding!!!"
"Thank you my Lord....that sounds wonderful...."


During morning inspection she surprised me....
"Are you happy like this Sissy?"
"What do you mean?"
"You know....with the panties and the cage and the plug and all the rest....are you happy with things the way they are?"
"Of course I am...."
"Really....or is that just you saying make me happy?"
" all my life I've had times that were absolutely miserable and then I met you and I've been happy ever since!!!"
She kissed me and swatted my bottom....
"Alright then go get dressed and get my breakfast started....and if you burn my eggs again you're going over my knees before I leave!!!"
I couldn't help it...I had a huge smile on my face as I curtsied and rushed to do as I was told!!!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Just the Beginning

Sure....the neighbor was fucking my was a bit of a surprise when I first saw them.....but she discussed it with me and I understood that he needed it....and he needed me to see it....and he was afraid to tell me....but tomorrow....she'll be watching me as I make him my girl!!!!!
And that's just the beginning.....


"You're such a sissy...I can take you with one hand tied behind my back!!!"
And of always....she was absolutely right!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Down Memory Lane

I remember it like yesterday....
I remember it all....her name was Susan but we called her Susie... 
She asked if I liked her new bike....and I told her I loved it!!!
But I wasn't talking about her bike...
I was talking about that little dress that I so wished I could be wearing....
I was talking about how I'd love to pull up knee sox just like hers....
I was talking about her shoes and bracelet...forbidden to a boy like me....
And most of all I was talking about the white panties I could glimpse every time she pedaled!!! 
For the boy I was at the time she was everything I so wished I could be!!!


The Twins

The twins were always close....but after they moved in together and they realized they shared a lot more than they thought....they became much closer!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


You've dressed for him...
You've accessorized for him...
You've put on special makeup for him....
Now he provides the finishing touch to give you that special glow!!!!

Hump Day

There's no trick to it....the way to enjoy a successful Hump Day lies in the proper preparation!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Unlike my family, my wife's family had money....
They weren't rich but they were very....comfortable...
So she didn't have to work her way through college like so many of us had to do...
But that doesn't mean she didn't know how to give me a lap dance....
She could grind on me and leave us both dripping....
But I doubt very much that my enjoyment was her primary goal....
And if she wanted to use me as her sex toy....well I think that that's just wonderful!!!

Not Right

This just wasn't right....
I shouldn't be sucking his cock like this!!!
"Do you mind?"
"Not at all..."
"Now this is right....
This is exactly the way I should be sucking his cock!!!

Monday, October 25, 2021

New Sissy

"Look...I just can't have you walking around in just your's very disconcerting...."
"But....I don't want to wear panties....I'm a guy!!!"
"'re a guy....but if you don't want to go over my knees right now you'll be a guy wearing pink ruffled panties!!!"
"Alright....I will....OK no need for that again!!!"
"We'll see...."

Monday ManCandy

You woke up late and have no time for for your ride share service and get on your way....
Luckily many of the drivers are also willing to serve you a warm breakfast on the go....
ManCandy!!! They would call it Meals on Wheels....but they'd probably get sued!!!!


Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"We've got some time Sissy....your wife doesn't expect us back for at least another half hour!!!"
"Mmmmm.....nice but no....we can't...."
"Why not?"
"She'll know?"
"Not if you swallow it all...."
"Even the she'll know....I don't know how she does it but she'll know!!!"
"Alright....but what about later?"
"I'm sure I'll find the time to take care of your needs....but I don't want her to be mad at me before I even get in the door!!!"

Like Any Girl

Just like any girl I really appreciate a nice vibrator....I'd like to appreciate it more often!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Tragic Falls


This afternoons Matinee was inspired by our friend Dee Mentia....see her post about the goings on at Tragic Falls here
They had hiked up to the falls to enjoy the autumn colors and the beautiful view....they had set up camp and the two couples had settled down to enjoy a dinner cooked over a roaring campfire....
Bert and Jen were sweethearts since grade school....they had already talked of marriage even though they were only freshmen at State University.....their friends Bill and Hillary had come along with them to get away from the pressures of studying for the upcoming mid-terms...they had been sweethearts in high school....but they weren't nearly as far along in their relationship as the others....
They had asked directions at the gas station near where they had parked down near the trailhead....and all conversation stopped!
"You kids don't want to go up''s not safe!!!"
"What do you mean.....I saw some pictures and it looked beautiful..."
"Did you see any pictures of the falls taken at night?"
"Now that you mention I didn't...."
"It's not safe up there after sunset....even the Indians don't go there any more....they say it's cursed land...."
Bert just smiled at the man....what an ignorant fool he must be to believe those old superstitions!!!
"That's just old wives tales....I've heard the old stories of people going up there and switching souls....just a bunch of native mumbo-jumbo!!!"
"Alright young can park your car around'll be safe there....and just follow the trail markers....white with a red dot....that'll take you to the top of the falls....take a few pictures and come back down before dark if you know whats good for you!!!"
"We're going to camp for a couple of we'll see you when we get back..."
He was laughing when he rejoined the others....
The owner of the station picked up the phone and dialed the number he had memorized from so long ago....
"Yes....there are four of them....two men...two women....they're starting up the trail right now...yes they plan on camping'm the only one here....I had them put their car in the one will see're welcome....goodbye..."
The four sat and ate as they watched the changing colors of the sunset playing over the waters of the falls...
They had all shared a laugh as Bert recounted the dire warnings he had received from the man at the gas station....
And the sun was just a thin slice of light over the horizon as they went to their rest they said.....
They were young and healthy and more than a little horny....maybe it was the fresh air...maybe it was the beautiful surroundings....maybe it was the exercise of the climb....whatever it was, both couples were already well on their way to ecstasy when the sun finally went down...
There was something....something suddenly different.....even as their hands suddenly found themselves touching very different bodies....
There was a scream from Bill and Hillary's tent and then Bert and Jen were screaming too!!!
They were looking at themselves through each others eyes....
The old wives tales were real....they had exchanged souls....they had become each other!!!
Before they'd even had time to stop to think there was a huge commotion outside their tents and the sound of a helicopter....rough men in unmarked uniforms pulled them from their tents....
They were bound, blindfolded, gagged and loaded into the waiting helicopter....the "men" in one and the "women" into the other and they lifted off into the dark sky!!!
They all struggled but each was injected with something and everything went dark...
When they woke they were in a small locked cell....there were no signs and no was just the two of them....the women...."
" that you?"
"'s me, that you Bert?"
"Yes....oh my was was all true....we switched with the girls....hey where are they? Where are the girls?"
A door swung open and a man entered....
"I can answer that question....they're in a similar processing center....designed to re-orient them to a new life as a male just as we're going to do to make you two fully will take a while....but you'll be treated well...."
"But people will know we're missing!!!"
"As we speak your vehicle and camping equipment is being moved to a location hundreds of miles from Tragic will be reported as missing persons and I assure will never be found...."
"But why...."
"You know the secret is real....we can't have that get out....the falls would be overrun with people who actually want to do would be we watch over the Falls...and we make sure those who were affected by the phenomenon are...readjusted...before we return you to the I want you two to strip down to your underwear and follow the directions of the guards....your medical evaluations will be done....then you can rest!!!"


"Come's not a bachelor party know....some entertainment....the guys are all expecting it!!!"
"But it's my bachelor party!!!"
"All the more reason that you'd want everyone to have a good time...."
"Oh oh....sounds like the rest of the guys are here....get out there and show them a good time!!!"


Friday, October 22, 2021


"You look lovely Sissy....but let's see your pretty face!!!"
I knew that this was what she wanted....and I had no I raised my head and smiled as best I could given the circumstances....
It took a few moments and there were several gasps of surprise.....then my ex-girlfriend and her sisters just started laughing.....
All I could do was blush as I felt my little clit betray me my straining in its cage!!!!


She loved to watch her Sissy husband suck a cock....
She couldn't believe how lucky she was to have a husband that would do this for her!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2021


I guess I have no reason to complain....I get to lick both of them as they make's not like she ignores me....she does play with my clit too....

It's Worth It

I get up before dawn every day....
I do some chores....quietly of course....
I check the blogs....
Then I get ready to wake her....
I know it seems elaborate....
It originally started as a joke....
Then it became a regular thing....
Then it became what she expected...
And her smile as I pour her coffee makes all the fussing worthwhile!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Hump Day

On Hump're glad that everything is coming together the way you'd hoped!!!!

A Little of This A Little of That

You never dreamed you'd be here....doing this....
But with a little makeup....some nail polish....a pair of pretty panties....your dreams changed....and now you still don't want to dream want to do it!!!!
Over and over....

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


"You should be ashamed of yourself Sissy!!!! I thought this was all behind us and then I come in here and find you rummaging around my panty drawer!!!! What do you have to say for yourself?"
"I'm sorry....I won't do it again...."
"Honestly.....I just don't want you wearing mine anymore.....we're not children....we each have our don't find me going through your panties Sissy....and you have way more than I do...."
"Yes Ma'am.....I'm sorry...."
"OK just stand there like that and think about what a naughty girl you've been!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"


"Oh yes Baby....just like I the time he kneels down and begs to suck your cock you won't even recognize my husband...."

Monday, October 18, 2021


So wear panties every day....but no one knows except, maybe your wife/husband or boy/girlfriend.....
Maybe you wear a bra....and stockings and garters too....but that's all hidden....
What you need to do is use that bright red nail polish before you start your day....
Let the world know.... 

Monday ManCandy

It tastes so good that we sometimes overlook the other rewards....
There is something pleasing....almost on a primal level of sucking something nice and hard....
Isn't that why babies suck their thumb?
In fact isn't sucking your very first reflex?
So you get to fulfill a basic urge and get a creamy, rich reward for it....that's a win-win!!!
ManCandy!!! Right up there with shelter and clothing....another necessity of life!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

New Game

Okay matter what he does to you, you mustn't spill the wine...are you ready?"
"i don't know....he's pretty big...."
"I didn't say it would be easy Sissy..."


Sunday Brunch

"My guests will be here soon Sissy....are you ready?"
"I'm not sure....maybe with a wig and some makeup?"
"Oh no Sissy....I don't want anyone mistaking you for what you are....that's why I picked a dress that will display your sissy charms...."
"Please....I don't think I can...."
"But I want you you you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Queen of Broadway


This was the twelfth time Norman had come to the theater to see the brilliant Katherine Dumond perform....
She was the Queen of Broadway and he was her biggest fan....his eyes were locked on her and he didn't pay any mind to the gentleman who slipped into the empty seat next to him....
He knew all of her lines...all of her well as she did....
He smiled at her small humorous motions.....he shed a tear when she cried....
And he was on his feet before anyone else to give her a rousing ovation when she came out for a bow....
He was hoping that this time she would actually notice him but inside he knew that would never happen....after all she was a star and he was a nobody....
What would it be like to be a star like have the audiences rapt have them all appreciating you....what would he give to be like her!!!
He turned to pick up his coat and finally noticed the man seated next to him....
The man's eyes weren't on the stage....he was staring at him....and he had a slight smile that was a little unnerving....
"Excuse me....can I get past you..."
The man didn't move a muscle....
"If you don't mind....I'd like to get past you...."
The mans smile grew a little....
"I can do that for you Norman....I can make you a star....just like her....if that's what you really want...."
Norman suddenly wanted out of the theater very badly!
"Excuse me.....I have to go..."
Without waiting he pushed past the man and hurried up the aisle to the exit....
He glanced back, but the man was gone....
He rushed around the corner to the stage door, hoping to catch a glimpse of his idol....but the crush of people was too much for him and he turned to make his way home.....when suddenly the man from the theater was there at his side!!!!
"This could be for you Norman, this could be your could be a star...."
Norman was now a little frightened.....who was this did he know his name...
"Excuse me...."
Norman pushed past the smiling man and rushed down the street.....that was the problem with this city....there were psychos everywhere.....
His nerves were jangled and instead of the subway he opted for a cab was ridiculously expensive but he felt a little relieved to be away from others for a little while...
He was surprised that the driver resembled the smiling man so much that they could have been twins....if it weren't for the different clothing he'd have sworn they were one and the same!!!!
And when he paid the fare and included a very modest tip the driver had smiled and thanked him....and Norman was sure it was the same smile....but then he realized he was being ridiculous.....and hurried into his apartment building.....moments later he shut his apartment door behind him and he felt his tension melt away....home safe!!!
He went into his bedroom, decorated with Broadway memorabilia, and changed into his pajamas....then stepped into his living room.....he needed a drink....
And he was there!!!!
The smiling man was there!!!!
He was admiring his most treasured item....a huge theater poster featuring Katherine Dumond in her greatest role as "Madam Satan" in the play "From Hell She Came".....
"What are you doing in my apartment!!!! Get out of here or I'll....I'll call the police!!!"
"No need for that Norman....I was just admiring your goodness she's wonder you admire her so much...."
"How did you get in here....what do you want?"
"No Norman it's not what I's what do you want....I could make you a star....if that's what you want...."
"What are you some kind of agent or something?"
The man chuckled....
"Some kind of agent....I guess you could say that....I have many jobs, Norman, I am everywhere in this wicked old world...and I do my best to keep it a wicked old world...that's my main job....I am the one who makes dreams come true for people like you...I am the one who fulfills your desires....I have many names Norman, but for our deal you may call me....Sid"
"Sid!!! You break into my home and tell me all that and then tell me to call you Sid!!!"
"Well you have to call me something.....I answer to most anything....but I figured that If I was going to be your agent...."
"Look....what do you want...."
"I want to make you a you want....just like Katherine Dumond...isn't that what you want more than anything?"
Norman felt it almost before he understood it...
"Oh my're the're real....I never believed you were real..."
"So few people do Norman, and that makes my life a bit more of those tiresome witch hunts and things like I pretty much come and go as I please....and one of my favorite things to do is to fulfill the wishes of people just like you Norman....I could give you stardom.....I could grant you your deepest's snap of my fingers and it's done..."
"But why....why me....I'm do you even know that's what I wanted..."
"Hey....I'm the devil....I know things....I could tell you things about know that nice couple in apartment 6J.....I could tell you things about them that would curl your hair....but of course....I already made a deal with know about your dreams of stardom....and I can give that to you...."
"And what do you get in return?"
"Really? You're a theater buff and you're asking what the devil gets in return for making your wishes come true? Haven't you ever seen Faust....or....Damn Yankees...."
"You want my soul...."
"You'll never miss it....and to be honest with you most of the Broadway and Hollywood stars made deals with me long ago....and they all seem to be doing pretty well...."
"But then I'd go to Hell when I die....eternal torment and torture...."
"'s true you'd be joining us in the infernal were already going.....the big guy up there is pretty strict about who gets into sin and you're your case I think it had something to do with a girl at summer camp when you were fourteen.....I believe some seed was spilled upon the ground....perfectly  normal as far as I'm concerned but in the big book it's still a sin...."
"'re saying I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't...."
"That's about the size of live out your life in this little hovel with your shrine to the stars....or become a star yourself and put this life behind....your choice....and remember I get your soul either's a one time what's it going to be?"
"You'll make me a star....just like her...."
"I'll make you a star of stage and screen....people will clamor to see will flock to you....just like her!!!! For the next ten years you will perform and the people will cheer for you....and then I'll return to you and collect your soul...."
"Only ten years....that doesn't seem like much...."
"Oh my theatrical think it never your whole natural life and I'll get you in the that alright with you?"
"Alright.....make me a star....a big star....just like Katherine Dumond...."
The man snapped his fingers and a huge document appeared....
"Just sign the contract and your wishes will come true..."
"Should I sign it in blood or something...." think that's kind of icky if you must know....a ballpoint pen will suffice to seal our deal.....but you can use the red one if you like...."
He signed the red....and the devil smiled and snapped his fingers and the world around him swirled and changed....
There was a knock on his dressing room door....
"Five minutes's a packed house tonight...."
Night after night.....she went out and performed....she was a star as he had promised...and she was a woman just like Katherine Dumond....and the audience applauded....and they all wanted her.....and as she peeled her clothes off for them she could only think of how it had worked out....
And many nights she could swear that there was a familiar face in the front row....with a small smile.....

Double Dating

We had chatted for a while and we were enjoying each others company.....
His roommate and my girlfriend had slipped off somewhere but he didn't seem to notice and I was used to it.....
Then he leaned closer and I felt his hand on my thigh......
Thoughts raced through my mind......mostly about how good it felt.....
And I wondered.....why oh why had I let her convince me to wear these shorts instead of the skirt I had picked out????

Friday, October 15, 2021


"Hello again your wife home?"
"No Sir....she won't be home for hours...."
"Oh, that's a shame....I had something for her and I can't wait...."
"You could give it to me Sir...."
"That sounds like a fine idea Sissy....just make sure that your wife knows that I wanted to give it to her...."
"Yes Sir!!!"


"Ready Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am....all clean and secure...."
"You didn't play with it did you Sissy?"
"Oh no Ma'am....I would never!!!"
"You're such a good girl for give me the keys and run along and get dressed....something extra frilly today Sissy....we might have company later...."
"Yes Ma;'am.....thank you for letting me put the cage on by myself!!!"
"It's your reward for being so good Sissy!!!"

Thursday, October 14, 2021


I used to pretend that I wasn't trying to lick her lover's cock.....that was I look forward to it....and she and some of her lovers look forward to it too....

And Then

The date had gone so well....and now....a lovely hike in the woods....back at her place she suggested we share a was all could feel the sexual tension in the air.....
And then I dropped my pants.....and she saw what little I had to offer...and you could tell it was over.....she tried to be nice.....but suddenly remembered she had to be up early....and she hoped I wouldn't mind.....maybe we'd get together next time.....but I knew it wouldn't happen.....
But I grabbed a pair of her panties from her laundry hamper and jerked my little bit into them all night long!!!!
It wasn't the same but it was what I was used to...

Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Yes she was pleased....he never failed to give her an orgasm with his talented tongue....but as shew looked down on him....he was so pretty in his girly undies....but something was going to have to be dome about that useless thing.....she knew the time had come for her to cage would make him even prettier if that little distraction was locked away....and he would know that he had to concentrate on her pleasure....and only her pleasure!!!!

Hump Day

All the prep work is done by Hump you get to sit back and let everything slip into place....

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


"Oh my.....oh that's perfect....he's my perfect sissy girl now!!!!"
"I'm glad you like my work....make sure to tell your friends...."
"Oh I certainly will....I'm having a few of the girls over tonight to show him off!!!"
"I'll give you some of my cards to hand out...."


"Yes he is my husband and yes he is a you have a problem with that?"
"I wasn't expecting this...."
"Well this is the way it is....if you want to fuck me then you have to let him suck your cock first and then he's going to stay here and watch....if you don't like it you can turn around and go right now...."
"Go....are you two are kinky as hell and I wouldn't miss this for the world!!!!"

Monday, October 11, 2021

Working From Home

She said she'd be right back after she answered the phone.....all I can say is that those office phone calls really take some time.....

Monday ManCandy

Well....Summer's gone and the cooler days of Autumn have begun....all the more reason to have a full serving of your favorite warm creamy treat before you start your day!!!
Have it extra thick and creamy....that's just the best!!!!
ManCandy!!! Warm up from the inside out!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"I'm so glad to see you Sissy....
"I can tell....I'm glad to see you too!!!"
"Your wife won't be home for a few hours yet!!!"
"That's a shame....she won't get to see what you're going to do to me!!!"
"What do you think I'm going to do to you, Sissy?"
"Whatever you want!!!!"


After a few minutes, our wives warnings about not cumming were completely fact we'd both forgotten that our wives were watching and enjoying the show!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Revenge

"Are you sure this is the place?"
"Absolutely certain...."
"Because I never really got a good look at it...."
"I did..."
"But we were unconscious when they brought us here and it was so dark when we got out..."
"You mean when we escaped..."
"Yes when was so dark and I was running so fast....I never once looked back!!!"
"I did....and I remembered how we got you remember that trucker that picked us up on the road?"
"I try not to think too much about that...."
"Well I remember everything he both of us....and most of all I remembered his name....Brandon.Gault....I tracked him down a few days ago and he and I had a very productive talk...."
"Did you...."
"Lets just say he won't be abusing lost girls anymore....but he told me where he picked us up....and from there it was easy to find this place...."
"So what's the plan?"
"We go in there....get the bastard who did this to us and make him change us back..."
"Yeah....change us back....really?"
"Of course....why else would we come back to this place!!!"
"'s just that I'm not so sure I want to be changed back...."
"You want to this!!!"
"I don't know about you but this has worked out petty well for me...."
"But he took away our manhood...he made us into girls....he made us into....sluts!!!"
"I've kind of gotten used to it know how long it's been since I had to buy my own drink at a long since I've paid for a movie....a meal....or pretty much anything...."
"But you pay for it though and you know it!!!! Maybe you don't pay with money but you pay for it!!!!"
"Yeah.....About that....I kind of enjoy that too...."
"Then why are you here? Why did you come all the way out here with me?"
"I had to know if you'd really found this place....and I had to warn them you were coming..."
Men surrounded them and put them in handcuffs...their rough hands took their time patting them down and taking the weapons away....
"Why....why would you do this to us....why would you betray me like this...."
"He promised me bigger yours....not that you ever appreciated them....and honestly....because you're just such a bossy bitch!!!"
They made their way into the walking happily and one kicking and screaming!!!

What Does Sissy Want

"So you want me to fuck your Sissy husband...."
"Yes....I want to see your big cock inside him...."
"But what does your sissy husband want?"
"He wants me to be happy and watching you fuck him will make me happy!!!"
" two are freaks but I kind of like it!!!!"