Monday, August 31, 2015

An Early Flight

He had asked her to set the alarm for 3:30am because he had to make an early flight! That was hours before she would normally begin her day!!!
"Sissy, would you mind waking Mark at 3:30, he has to be on a plane by 6:45?"
"I'll wake him quietly so we don't disturb you Sweetheart, it won't be any problem at all!"
"Thank you Sissy!"
"No, thank you Sweetheart!"
It was a little funny that when I slipped into the bedroom at a little after 3 I found him awake already! And when I pulled back the covers I found him ready too!!!!
Oh well I promised him a wake-up call and I keep my promises!!!

Monday ManCandy

We've talked about how good it tastes, how it's so good for you, about all the energy it gives you but there's something we haven't mentioned!
ManCandy is a fantastic skin cream! It tightens and rejuvenates your facial skin giving you that healthy shine that will have everyone staring all day!!! All the men and women and those in between give the facial treatment a hearty thumbs up!!!
ManCandy!!!! Is there anything it can't do!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Have You Ever?

"Have you ever heard about cuckolds?"
"No what's that?
"Husbands who like their wives to fuck other men!"
"Really! No I never heard of that!"
"What about sissies, you've surely heard of them!"
"Oh yeah! There's a couple of Sissy boys around here..."
"Well in about two minutes my sissy cuckold husband is going to come down those stairs, in his prettiest lingerie, and he's going to kneel down and ask you to let him suck your cock!!! Do you have any problems with that?"
"Well I don't know.... "
"Did I mention that you get to fuck me after he gets you hard?"
"Okay when do we start...."

One Day

One day it all changed.....and they lived happily ever after!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Matinee - You Will Be Mine

"No never!"
"You can fight all you want Tonya my machine will make you submit sooner or later!!!"
"My name is Tony, god damn you!!!!!"
"Your name is Tonya now! Let me just nudge this lever up a little!!!"
"Ohhhhhhhh....please no more!"
"Just submit to me Tonya! Tell me you'll be mine forever!"
"But why me???? Why turn me into this??? Why couldn't you be happy with a real woman???"
""But Tonya, there'd be no challenge in that....and I love a challenge!"
"I'll never submit!!! I'll never be your woman....Never!!!!"
"Let me just move the lever to 6.5...."
"Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god please stop please please...."
"So Tonya! Tell me what's your name?"
"My name is Tony..."
"Let's see how you do with the machine at 7...."
"Oh god!!!!! No more no more!!!! My name is Tonya...oh god my name is Tonya....please no more!!!"
"And who is your Master Tonya?"
"You are!"
"I'm not sure I like your tone of voice Tonya!!! Let's move it up to 8...."
"AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH you are my master....only you.....I live to serve you....!!!!"
"You know Tonya, the last man I put on the machine went all the way to 10! It destroyed his mind but he became a very good slave....he saw to all my needs.....all of my needs! Let's go to 9 and see how you feel!"
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH pleasepleaseplease I am yours I am your slave  please no more!!!!!"

Slowly he dialed down the Orgasmatizer, this slave was broken. He'd move her into the storage facility with all the other broken toys! He was unmoved by her moans and sobs as he was already thinking of that nice young man at the newsstand! He'd make a lovely girl and with the newsboy's  cocky attitude, who knows, maybe he'd have another one who'd make it to 10

My Analyst Was With Another Patient

"Hi I'm here for my appointment with Doctor Mentia!"
"Oh yes, you're Sissy Kaaren! She's with another patient but she told me to send you right in!"
When I opened the door I could tell that Dr. Mentia was deep into a session with the patient! I couldn't help but listen,,,besides he was pretty cute in his pink panties!
"And do you still feel the need to wear women's panties?"
"Yes Doctor I do, I want to wear them all the time!!!"
"And what about this fantasy of yours? Is it still on your mind?"
"You mean the one where I'm on my knees, wearing pink panties and licking a sissy's asshole until she cums!"
"Yes that one!!!"
"It's still what I dream of every day!!!"
"Alright then! We still have a lot of work to do! I'll see you next week...make an appointment with Stacy! Now Kaaren let's review where we are..."
"Oh sorry Dr. Mentia! Something's suddenly come up and I'll have to reschedule!!!!"
"I'll still have to charge you for the session Sissy!"
"Okay, I really have to go now!!!!"
"If you miss him in the elevator just ask Stacy and she'll give you his address!"
"Thank you, I'll see you next week, I promise!!!"

Friday, August 28, 2015


"Oh my!  Sissy what a beautiful picture! You look so natural that way! You were born to have a cock in your mouth! I'm just going to send this to my home computer so I can print a nice copy later!"
Sissy gave his wife a thumbs up as he continued to suck her lovers cock!
"Um...Sissy, what does it mean when it says message sent to all contacts?"

Always Complaining

"Really Sissy, you're always's just across the street for goodness sakes!"
"But I...."
"I need the newspaper Sissy! I have to see the Financial News before I leave for know that!"
"But you cancelled the delivery....I thought...."
"Oh yes get me a Latte know how I like it...and maybe some croissants and jams for breakfast!!!"
"But I'm not dressed....I...."
"Nonsense Sissy I think you'll be fine....just don't bend over for's a twenty....I expect you to bring me a off you go!!!"
"But I...."
"Would you rather go with a bright red bottom?"
"No Ma'am!"
"Hurry Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Thursday, August 27, 2015

So Casual

Mark seemed to enjoy taking "liberties" with my wife while I watched! I don't know if she told him, or if he just sensed my love of humiliation but he seemed to enjoy using his access to my wife to push me to the edge!!!!
We had been talking about the fine bottle of single malt Scotch he had brought with him, a personal favorite of mine, when he casually slipped her dress off of her shoulder and began to massage and caress her beautiful breast!!!
All the while, as she leaned back against him, as he ran his other hand over her face, as she licked his fingers, all the while....he smiled at me and kept eye contact with me till I submissively looked down!!!
Her low moans only intensified my humiliation as he enjoyed my wife's body right in front of me!!!
Somehow this was more humiliating than sucking his cock! More than watching them fuck!!! More than licking his cream from her afterwards!!!!
It was the way he used his alpha male privilege to take a woman in a way that I've never done before, can't do now and won't be able to in the future!!!
Watching a real man use my wife, the woman who dominated me so easily, watching him use her as he wanted, made me feel like so less of a man and so much more of a sissy!!!!

She Gasped

First she gasped and then she smiled as that monster cock slid into her!!!! I almost didn't think it was possible!!!! She looked me in the eye as I knelt there watching him fill my wife with his enormous cock.
"Remember Sissy, this was your idea....this was what you wanted!!!!"
It may have been my idea, although I remember it being more "our" idea, but regardless it was exactly what I wanted!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Before She Goes

Before she goes on her date she likes her Sissy husband to help her freshen up....
She likes it even more when she gets home from her date and her Sissy husband likes it better too!!!!

Sissy School - Another One's Going Right Back!

"I can't believe your behavior Sissy!!!! After I've spent so much of your money sending you to school to learn to be an obedient Sissy!!!! I am shocked that you would question me about my boyfriend!!! Do you think that I should be left alone just because my husband is away at school learning to be an obedient cocksucking Sissy!!!! Obviously you still have a lot to learn, it's definitely time to put you back on the Sissy School bus and send you right back....and I'm going to write a note on your re-enrollment papers that you should be disciplined much more harshly!!!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

He Wanted To See

I don't know and it's not my place to question but this was what he wanted! In fact he was almost insistent about it!!!!
"I want to watch your Sissy make you cum!!!"
I didn't need any encouragement and neither did my wife!!!!
The only thing was when she did cum he swept her up and carried her to the bedroom where he made her cum again and again and I had to wait here, on my knees, savoring her flavor and hoping I'd get a chance to, maybe, taste his cum too!!!!!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl my friends and I could spend a whole day trying on dresses looking for that "one" that made us look fantastic coming and going! The dress we were going to wear on that date with the hot guy we've had our eye on for months!!!
I never dreamed that one day I'd be trying on dresses with my sissy husband and I'd still be looking for the dress I was going to wear on that date with that hot guy!!!!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hurry Kaaren!

"Hurry Kaaren! We only have 5 minutes to cum before our wives lock us in chastity again!!!!"
"Sweet Leeanne! That's about four and a half minutes more than I need!!!!"
"Me too!!!"
"Maybe we can go twice!"
"I'd love to try!!!"
"Leeanne every minute with you is worth it!"
"Less talking Kaaren!"

Monday ManCandy

In this day and age when there are so many demands on our time it's especially nice for a young couple to take some time to just be together! Before the beginning of a hectic week....before the world intruded on them...before all else...they shared their ManCandy together and it was so good it left them both with a warm feeling inside!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Share it with someone you love!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fairy Tale

"Oh my god!!!! What a fantastic mouth you have!!!!" moaned the wolf!
"The better to eat you with my dear!" answered Red Riding Hood!
"Hey that's supposed to be my line!" complained the wolf!
"Yeah and I'm supposed to be a real girl! Do you want me to stop?" asked Red Riding Hood!
"Oh no!!!! Please don't's so much better than eating your Grandma!!!"

Open Doors

He wanted privacy as he fucked my wife! He didn't want me to fluff him! he didn't want me in the room!
She ordered me to go to my room and remain there until she called for me but I noticed that she left her door open when they went in! She knows me so well!
She took him on the floor instead of the bed! On the bed he'd have been facing the door!!! She saw me watching and smiled as she lowered herself onto him! I got to watch and slipped away to my room as she rolled off of him!
Later, as he slept, she came to my room with a nice creamy treat for me!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Sinister Secret of the Old Lodge

The Lodge had been there forever or so it seemed....
Four local girls had disappeared and the police seemed to be doing very little about it.
When Biff Johnson cub reporter for the Times-Inquirer decided to investigate he was shocked to find that there was a pattern of similar disappearances!  As far back as the newspaper archives went, four or five girls disappeared once every 20 years....none were ever found.
He approached his editor who was also the publisher and told him he thought he was on to something and it might be big...he wanted to investigate the missing girls. His editor looked at him thoughtfully for a moment and told him that he should report his findings directly to him and gave him the OK to do the story!!!!
As the young reporter left the room the editor reached for his phone.....
Three of the girls friends had told him that they had recently talked a great deal about going to lavish parties at the Lodge! The fourth girl was a bit of a loner but her landlady said she had seen her go out, dressed to the nines, and be picked up in a sleek black limousine!!!
His next stop was Police Headquarters where the Chief told him repeatedly that there was no connection between the disappearances and the Lodge. Despite the friends statements the Chief absolutely ruled out the Lodge as part of his investigation!
As the young reporter left the room the Chief reached for his phone.....
That night he approached the Lodge on foot after leaving his car out of sight. It surprised him when he found the door unlocked and unguarded! Hearing voices, he quietly crept down the hall and slowly cracked open the door to try and see who was there! Then a strong hand grabbed him from behind and held a cloth over his nose and the world swam and it all went black!!!
He came to in a large room filled with men....he recognized the Mayor, the Police Chief several of the wealthiest men in town and his editor!!!! His hands were bound and stranger still he was dressed in womens lingerie!
"What's going on? What are you doing! Why am I dressed like this?"
The Mayor sighed, "Young man, this Lodge has been here since 1823! In all that time the membership has been very exclusive! The men in this room are all descendants of the Founders! It was right at the beginning that they discovered that underneath this Lodge was the richest gold mine ever discovered! Originally they made use of slave labor but after the Civil War there were no new slaves available so the Founders wisely brought in some local women as breeding stock and they bred only the strongest, most simpleminded slaves and as those came of age a generation later they repeated the process!"
"You mean you...."
"As I was saying, they repeated the process, just as subsequent generations of Lodge members have done every twenty years since then!"
"But that would mean..."
"It means we have an army of miners toiling under this mountain who know no other life, who have never seen the light of day! And we have just provided them with this generations breeders!
"You inhuman bastards!!!! You monsters!!! I'll stop you!!! I'll tell the world!!!"
The men laughed coldly and he was dragged to the lowest level where locked bars covered the opening to the mines! The miners stared up as the barred trap door was opened!
"Now you know why you're dressed as you are! We considered using you as a miner but you are far to small and weak for that, so we decided to give you to the miners as breeding stock! They won't really mind the difference! As they say Any Port in a Storm will do. Goodbye Mr. Johnson!"
As the huge hard hands reached up and grabbed his ankles and started to pull him down, he screamed!
"No, please god no!!!!"
The men chuckled as they returned to the meeting room! It was time for brandy and cigars!!!!

My Analyst Gets to the Bottom of My Problems

"Hello Dr. Mentia I'm ready for my session today, I'm looking forward to what you have in mind after last weeks session!"
"Hello Kaaren please come in....I was thinking about you for several days now and I think it's time we step up your therapy!"
"You know I'll do whatever you say Doctor, I'm committed to getting through to the roots of my condition!"
"Yes Kaaren, I also was thinking about getting to the bottom of it!"
"So what are we going to do today Doctor?"
"Well Kaaren it's time to explore your interests in another direction!"
"You mean...."
"Kaaren, I'm your analyst and the first four letters of that title spell "anal" so grab that bottle of lube and bend over for me please....remember to explain to me how it makes you feel!"

Friday, August 21, 2015

She'll Tell You When

Sometimes you'll know when her lover's ready and sometimes your wife will tell you when he's ready!
"Now Sissy! You've had your taste now give him to me!!!"


"Oh Kaaren that tickles!!!" she cried with a girlish giggle!
"I'm sorry Sweetheart I...."
"I didn't say anything about stopping Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Was I To Know

Honestly, how was I to know?
She has a kind of cheerleader fetish....I know, so do I....but hers is very specific! Someone named Donna meant something to her years ago when we were in school! She's never talked about it and I've never pried! If and when she wants to tell me she'll let me know,
Anyway, I decided to surprise her and I was all done up as a cute little cheerleader when she came in the door!
Imagine the look on her face when I jumped out to greet her!
Imagine the look on her clients face!
Imagine that moment of awkward silence!!!!
Then her client laughed ! Then she laughed!
She laughed later as she spanked me....calling me Donna while she did it!!!!

Would You Like A Blowjob

"Would you like a blowjob Sissy? Would you like me to release your little clit from its cage and take you in my mouth and suck you sooo nice and sooo slowly that maybe you'll last a couple of minutes! Would you like that?"
"Oh my god!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!!
"There's one little thing I'll need you to do for me though..."
"Anything Sweetheart anything!!!!"
"Well I'll only do it while my boyfriends cock is deep inside you...the idea makes me so wet!!!"
"You want me to suck his cock....I'll do that for you!!!"
"Wrong end Sissy!!!!"
"I said I'd do anything Sweetheart!!!!!
"I knew you would Sissy!!!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'd Rather

I'd really rather be licking hers but it was occupied at the moment! Of course as soon as he finished I'd get my chance!!!!

Small Town Girls - Styling

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
When they had some time alone they liked to help each other experiment with their hair and makeup.
"How about like this?" Tammy asked.
"No it's not what I want...." Joanie replied.
After making a few changes Tammy asked again.
"How about this?"
With a shy smile Joanie answered, "No it's still not what I want..."
Tammy smiled as she pressed herself close to Joanie, her hard little cock throbbing in her sisters panties pressed into Joanie's bottom!
"How about this?"
"Oh yeah, that's just what I wanted!!!!"
Even as their hands slipped into each others panties they were aware of the clock....they had an hour and they would make the most of it!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When She Said

When she said to start licking I honestly didn't know where to begin!!!!!

She Wanted

She wanted to fuck him so badly!!! She was so wet she was practically dripping!!! She wanted to feel his nice hard cock inside her, feel a real man fucking her!!!
But as she watched them, as she stroked his cock she realized she wanted to see him cum in her Sissy husbands mouth even more!!! She wanted to see his hot cum dripping from Sissy's lips and drooling down her chin!!!!
Yes she still wanted to fuck him but she could do that later.....

Monday, August 17, 2015

Oh Yeah Baby

He held my head as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth!!!
"Oh fuck yeah...that's beautiful!" he groaned as he pushed his cock deeper into my hungry mouth!!!
It only made me want to do a better job for him!!!!
"Oh yeah Baby that's it....that's what I want!!!!" he pumped a little harder!!!!
I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock as he pulled back!!!!
"Oh Baby I can't wait....I need it now!!!!" he pulled his cock from my mouth!!!!
I turned and saw what he'd been talking about all along!!!!
He literally pushed me aside and sank that big hard cock deep into my wife!!! They both groaned as he filled her up!!!!
So it wasn't me he was talking was her....well I certainly can't blame him for that!!!!

Monday ManCandy

A summer weekend of pools, parties and far too much to drink and now you're facing Monday morning and you're not sure you can make it!!! You could reach for the phone and tell your boss you're not feeling up to it today or you could get started the better way! If it was drinking shots that left you feeling down it's a shot that will bring you round!!! A healthy delicious shot of ManCandy will get you on your feet again!
ManCandy!!! Never miss a day at work again!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fairy Tales

Prince Charming had been so depressed of late that Snow White despaired that perhaps she wasn't the woman that he really needed! If only there was some way she could discover what it was he needed! Then she remembered that old magic mirror in the attic and after uncovering it and wiping away the cobwebs she sought her answer! She recited the incantation!

Magic Mirror, tell me true....
What does Charming want me to do?

The Mirrors Voice, unheard for so many years was loud and clear!

A Prince he may be
Brave and bold
But he longs to be 
A sissy cuckold
So fuck him Snow White! 
Hard and deep
And he will be 
Your Princess to keep!!!

Night Out

She and her sister came home late and they'd obviously had more than enough to drink! When they told him to do a striptease for them he did as they asked! When they told him to bring them a drink he did as they asked and when they told him to lie at their feet....well he did as they asked!
His wife contented herself with playing with his chastity cage while her sister made sure his tongue was on her feet all the time!!! He knew that her sister didn't like him and she'd probably forget this in the morning but, oh god he was so turned on by all this!!!!
If it wasn't for the cage he'd have cum all over those beautiful feet! He thought if they had been a little more sober that that's what might have happened!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Matinee - To The Stars

"Just take it easy Chuck You'll need some of this to make you feel right!"
"What is it?"
"Just the last part of the formula! The part that makes it permanent!"
"Makes it permanent?"
"Just drink it up, I'll explain it all later....after we've woken the others...I'll need your assistance with that!!!"
"What can I do? I haven't had any cryogenic training!!!"
"That's why we've fed you female hormones for the last 70 years...they are going to have the worst case of morning wood in the history of the universe!!!!"
"You've made me a girl and you expect me to........"
"Oh yes! that and more!!! Might as well get started...I may be old but I'm in the mood!!!"

Wanted More

He seemed to be enjoying himself but I had the distinct impression that he might want a little more!!! So did I but it's a Fluffer's job to make sure they're hard, ready and wanting more!!!! He'll get all the "more" he can handle when my wife gets a hold of him!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

My Analyst - A Group Session

"Hello Dr. Mentia. It's nice to see you again."
"Hello Kaaren, you're looking lovely today, I love that dress!"
"Thank you, it's one of my favorites. What are we going to work on today Doctor?
"Today Kaaren, we're going to explore your cuckold urges and how they affect your relationship with your wife! Please follow me..."
"Oh my God! Doctor!!!! What's my wife doing here??? Why's she tied up like that? What's going on???"
"Kaaren, calm down! Your lovely wife has consented to help us in this exercise! She's as curious as I am about how your Sissy brain works! The gag merely prevents her input from influencing your session, and the ropes keep her from interfering, it's all necessary and voluntary! Please nod to assure your husband that this is voluntary!"
"Alright I guess but what are you going to do? What are you planning?"
"Kaaren, I have ten men standing by in the next room and as I call in each one you will slide your wife's panties aside and kneel there as they take your wife in front of you! As this happens you will give me a...shall we say....a play by play description of how it makes you feel! At the end of our exercise your wife's gag will be removed and the three of us will delve into your fetish....oh of course that's after you've licked her clean..."
"I'm ready Doctor."
"Send in number 1...."

Learning How - Sissy Training

Of course your new Sissy might be apprehensive at first so you stroke his little clit as you push your toy into his sissy pussy! When he cums you must do two things, you must make him lick your hand clean and you absolutely must leave the vibrator in place!!!
Soon you'll use only the vibrator to make him cum...after a little training the stroking will become unnecessary!
Sissy will be happy and it will be another step down the road to becoming the sissy you want him to be!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do You Like It

"Do you like it....get your face all the way in there...breathe in my scent....isn't this better than sniffing my dirty panties like a nasty little perv?"
"Oh yeah....I love it!!!"
"You just make sure you keep your part of the bargain! When my boyfriend get's here you put on those frilly pink panties and you give him a nice long blowjob and you swallow every drop of his cum!!!"
"I can't wait!"
"You're a sick little pervert but I love you!"
"I love you too Sis!"

Ask Any Fisherman

Ask any fisherman and they'll tell you...if you use your best fishnets you never know what you'll catch!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Who Wouldn't

I know he didn't need to be fluffed, he was obviously ready!!! But it was so nice that I just had to give it a lick....I mean who wouldn't???

I Love This Dress

I love this dress! Scandalously short but so innocent and virginal! Lace and chiffon making the dress appear, at first glance, like it's longer than the top of the thigh length it really is! A sneeze might give someone a look at my pretty panties while I'm wearing this!!!
It swirls around me as I walk and shows off my pretty legs!!! It's a must for any Sissy's summer wardrobe!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Love Doing This

I love doing this for her, her small beautiful feet are constant objects of my desire! That desire really doesn't extend to her lovers feet....
I've sucked his cock...maybe half a dozen times but this is different!!! She knows that this is very humiliating for me and she knows how much I love to be humiliated in front of her lover!!!
Later when we're alone she'll make me tell her how I felt while she rubs herself and when I'm done she'll want to cum....I will too but only if she decides I deserve it!!!

Nothing Like It

She loved to get her Sissy straight from the shower, sweet smelling and squeaky clean!!!! A nice orgasm to get her day started always left her in a good mood!!!! And Sissy could have the taste of her all day while she did her chores!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sissy Shipwrecked!!!

As Sissy struggled to shore he was so glad to see there was another survivor of the shipwreck! Maybe he knew what had happened! Sissy had been enjoying some "alone time" in his stateroom and the next thing he knew he was in the water! The way he was dressed was going to be very awkward to explain!!!
"Hello!" he called out when Sissy struggled out of the water, "Am I glad to see you! You don't have anything to eat do you? "
Suddenly Sissy knew this was going to be even more awkward than he'd thought!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You know how it is, pack the car, drive, unpack the the time you settle down in the sand you're exhausted! Luckily there's ManCandy available within a few feet on any beach on almost any day to give you that energy boost you need before you hit the waves!!!
ManCandy! Available on beaches worldwide!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Unlike her other boyfriends she has given Mark permission to correct me as he sees fit! I'm used to being over her knee but being over his is a very different, very humiliating experience!!! Not only does he spank harder than she does but I can feel his hard cock pressing into me as he reddens my bottom!!!
She told me she really enjoys watching him spank me, but she really loves when he makes me thank him for the spanking and ask if I could please suck his cock!!!!
It's happened four times and he's agreed to let me suck him every time so far!!!!

Now You See

He laughed as her sissy husband blushed!!!!
"Now you see why I'm inside your wife and you're inside your wife's panties!!! Step aside and let the poor woman have a real cock fuck her Sissy!"
Her Sissy husband began to cry, but both his wife and her lover noticed that he pulled his panties back up and his little cockette was rock hard!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Matinee - You Were Soldies Once

They had been pursued by elite Nazi troops ever since he had rescued the prisoners from the top secret lab!!! At the river he realized they were sitting ducks as the bullets started flying!
"C'mon" he shouted, "You were soldiers once! Help me or we're all going back to that damned lab!!!!"
There was a flutter of female voices....
"Maybe they just want to have sex with us again?"
"Oh Werner there...I really liked Werner!!!!
"Oh look, I've torn my dress, damn it what am I going to wear now?"
Finally one grabbed a rifle!!!!
"I'm Sgt. Mike O'Malley, no matter what those Nazi bastards have done to me...I'm still a soldier!"
They fought well and it would have been enough except for the second Nazi patrol waiting for them on the far side of the river! The tranquilizer darts they were firing brought unconsciousness and they were brought back to the lab!!!
There they stayed until the end of the war and by then the changes were irreversible! Although the Army knew exactly where they were they remained listed as "Missing in Action"!!!! After a few years their story slipped into legend and the island they lived on was actually very nice and all their needs were taken care of....all their needs!!!


"Oh sorry...i must have forgotten to lock the door! I was just giving my sissy husband a little correction!!!! I'll need a few more minutes; if you don't can stay and watch if you'd like...."

Friday, August 7, 2015

Ruined Too

"You were worried that I ruined your hot little wife with my big black cock so I thought it would be a damned shame if I didn't "ruin" you too Sissy! After all you two share everything don't you! Now you can share your ruined pussies!!!!"

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Practice, practice, practice!!!!
How do you get to be a better cock sucker?
Practice, practice, practice!!!!
Why the mirror?
My wife always says it's so I can see how beautiful I look with a cock in my mouth!!!!