Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!!!

We're having a small party for New Years Eve.....Just some champagne and some friends to eat...

Dressed To Party

No matter what else I'm wearing it's the accessories that complete the outfit!!!! Now I'm ready for the party!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2021


"Wait here Sissy....I'll call you when I need you...."
Tom Petty was right....the waiting is the hardest part!!!


"Watch really closely how a real man makes a woman cum!!!"
"Yes Ma'am..."
"Maybe...if you ask him nicely....maybe he'll fuck you and make you cum like a woman too Sissy..."
"That would be wonderful Ma'am....but I don't want to disturb him while he's giving you pleasure...."
"Exactly right Sissy!!!"

Wednesday, December 29, 2021


"I've dressed you like a little it's time for you to show me how much of a little slut you are!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Hump Day

It's Hump Day!!! You're halfway there!!! Just one more big push and it's done!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Saved By The Bell

"You stay right there Sissy....I'll go see who's at the door..."
I thought that maybe I'd been literally saved by the bell until I heard voices approaching my door....there was definitely more than one voice....I heard two people....and one of them was a man!!!!
Things were about to get so much more humiliating for me....and I wished I could get hard because I was so turned on!!!!


That Moment

Don't you just love that final twitch....oh's like the bells going off that you've won the prize!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2021

I Have A Question

I know it's not OK to wear white after Labor Day buy is it OK to wear a red satin dress after Christmas?

Monday ManCandy

With a warm mouthful of delicious're getting a good start to the week!!!
Of course you let it linger on your taste is that good!!!!
But you have to be careful not to let any get away....
Think of what a terrible waste it would be!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Like Momma always said....don't play with your food!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Not Enough

"I'm sorry Sissy....but the man coming over tonight is just for me.....last time I had a man over I had you caged and plugged but apparently that wasn't enough....
This may seem extreme but it's the only way I can be sure his cock doesn't find its way inside you!!!!"

Sunday Brunch

She'd invited a lot of women this Sunday and I was a little disconcerted with the way they were all so nice to me and smiling at me....not a single hand up under my dress!!!!
I went into the kitchen to load the dishwasher and when I came back out they were all there....
"Merry Christmas Sissy!!!! We all wanted to get you something for Christmas that you'd really here he is waiting just for you!!!"
I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye as I sank to my knees!!!!
Finally a present just for me!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Saturday Matinee- Twas The Night Before Christmas


 Twas the night before Christmas
And I lay in my bed
With my wife snoring softly
And dreams in my head.

For years I had wished
That I was a girl too
With pretty lacy things
And a dress that was brand new.

I wanted so bad
To have breasts of my own
To fill out my bra
Not fakes made of foam.

How I longed to wear
Pretty stockings and garters
And lace panties and more
And that was for starters.

When suddenly outside I heard such a noise
I rushed from my bed to find out the cause
When I got down the stairs
There was Santa Claus!!!

He said he was sorry
That he'd heard all my pleas
But he needed special magic
So he stopped off at Dee's.

As he read Dee's magic spell
The lights began to whirl
And as the changes were done
Then I was a girl!!!

And he dressed me so pretty
In red satin and lace
And then he applied
Makeup to my face!

And when he was done
He stood back and he smiled
"I wish I could stay
Your first time would be wild!!

But my Mrs. is waiting
And she frowns on delay.
Because looking so pretty
I wish I could stay!!!

I hope you're now happy
No more being so sad
You're dream has come true
You should really be glad!!!

But I really must go
Enjoy your new life
I have more joy to spread
Give my love to your wife!!!"

And he dashed away
To his sled in the snow
And as he flew into the night
I could hear "Ho Ho Ho!!!"

And then up the stairs
I heard my wife stir
And I suddenly wondered
How on earth to explain it to her!!!!

"Come up to bed with me darling
I can't wait all the night
I want my new girl now
I promise not to bite!!"

I smiled as I climbed
Up the stairs to our bed
As visions of our new life
Danced in my head!!!

So Merry Christmas to all
I hope your dreams all come true
Remember there's still magic
It can happen to you!!!

Christmas Day Matinee - The Christmas Wish - A classic rerun

Of all of the Matinee posts I've done over the years....easily over a  hundred....this one is my favorite of them all.....I think of it as my own classic Christmas if you watch reruns of Christmas stories and listen to the same songs over and over....perhaps you'll
enjoy reading this one again.....enjoy it and Merry Christmas!!!

 "It's getting late Honey....don't you have somewhere to's Christmas Eve and I'd like to get home to the wife and kids...."
"No....I've got nowhere to go....nobody waiting for me....for the first time in my life I'm all alone...."
"That's too bad Honey....but I'd really like to close up early know...Christmas..."
"Don't tell me about's Christmas that's left me here....alone..."
"Awww c'mon Honey....pretty little thing like you must have somebody waiting for you..."
"I did once but I gave it all away....I gave it all away...."
A bartender knows when a customer needs to that way they're better than almost all psychologists....he put a fresh beer down in front of her...lit her cigarette and waited for her story....
"Once upon a time there was a man....he had everything...a successful career...a beautiful home....a wife who loved him and a couple of wonderful kids...."
"But even with all of that he wasn't happy....he felt that he had missed out on the life he wanted..."
She took a sip of her beer and looked at the barman....
"Are you happy with your wife and kids? No regrets?"
"Sure....I only wish I could spend more time with them....but I gotta work....gotta put food on the know!!!"
"Oh yes....I know....anyway....the man in my story ...he put food on the you said...but he had a secret....and he kept it from his wife....he kept it from see he liked to wear girls clothes....bras, panties, dresses....that sort of thing....and he was so careful that no one ever one ever caught him...."
"Then one day while he was on the internet looking at other men who liked to wear women's things there was a pop-up ad for a product that would let you live your fantasy....he was skeptical but he clicked on it anyway....and it led him down a dark path...into a world of black magic....but he was determined to live his fantasy....even if it was only momentary...."
The bartender refilled her beer....he'd forgotten about the wasn't often that he got really interested in a drunks story....but she was so pretty and she sounded so sad that he couldn't help but lean in to hear her soft voice tell the rest of the tale....
"He paid a lot of money and in return he received a copy of a arcane bit of magic that would make him into what he most wanted to be...."
The bartender leaned close....
"Into a woman,,,,"
"Yes into a woman....but as his fantasy was fulfilled he didn't realize all that would be undone....he lost the love of the woman he'd fact she had married someone else....and his children ceased to exist,,,,they didn't die mind you....they just never were...and his career had never been his....his life before the transformation had been erased...."
"That's tough Honey....what happened to him after that?"
"He wandered through the was very different to be a woman....and he waited for the spell to dissipate....but it never did....he was a woman for now and forever....but I've been bending your ear for too long....let me just finish this beer and I'll be on my way...."
"It's you isn't it? The story is about you....where are you gonna's Christmas Eve and it's snowing and everyplace else is closed up tight...."
" was me....I got what I wanted....I got it good and hard....I don't know where I'll go...maybe I'll just sit down somewhere and let the night take me...."
"Why don't you come home with me Honey?"
"What about your wife and kids...."
"Haven't had them since that Christmas when I wished I could be a man...."
"You mean you...."
"Just like you Honey.....maybe this was meant to be....come home with me and we'll share this Christmas Eve together...."
"I'd like that....I think that I'd like that very much!!!!"


Friday, December 24, 2021

Some People

Considering all he does for us every year...I think Santa deserves a little more than milk and cookies, don't you?

It's Christmas!!!!

It's Christmas!!!!!'s the Polar Express!!!!
Bringing Christmas joy to all the girly boys!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

My Note

So it looks like Santa got my note about what I always want most for Christmas!!!

As Always

As always no matter how much I give...I'm always the one with blue balls at the end of the day!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Hump Day

You've negotiated till you were exhausted so mow, you just shut your eyes and let him make his presentation!!!


It's one of my special duties to help my wife with her hair....after all I want her to look beautiful for her date....

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


I've made no secret that I love cocks....I love to suck them and fuck them.....sometimes I just enjoy seeing them!!!!
Big or small....I love them all!!!!
But there's something different about seeing a cock inside a pretty pair of panties!!!!
That's really special for me....


"So you see....once he's been properly dressed he can't very well say no, can he?"
"I can't wait to have my husband like that!!!"
"And when your husband is trained we can have them put on a show for us...."
"Oh yes....I'd like that very much!!!"

Monday, December 20, 2021


When I was learning how.....she would help me set the pace....
And because it so often got away from me...she held my hair so it wouldn't get full of his spraying cream!!!!
She's nice like that!!!

Monday ManCandy

Everyone calls you Little Miss Sunshine!!!!
Your smile lights up the room!!!!
Your attitude just fills everyone else with optimism!!!!
You work hard and you enjoy it!!!!!
Everyone wants to know your secret!!!
It's no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!!
And having that warn, creamy white treat fill your tummy...
Well it makes your whole day better right from the start!!!
ManCandy!!! A mouthful of input can change your whole outlook!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"And who's this Sissy?"
"This is my weekend study buddy Poppet...."
"And why is my living room full of strange men?"
"It's part of our homework assignment...."
"If any of them squirt on my nice know you two are cleaning it up!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....that's part of the assignment!!!"
"I'm calling that damn school right now Sissy....and the pink bus....pack your things and get ready....."
"But we promised all the men....."
"Alright then....finish up and then get ready to go back to school...the two of you!!!"

Yes....It's True's true....I always wanted to suck a big black cock....since the days of the high school locker room....
But I never dreamed that the very first big black cock I ever sucked would belong to my wife!!!
There were others after that....but like they all say....
You never forget your first!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Formula

"I don't believe it...."
"It's just not possible!!!"
"But I assure you works....and I'll prove it!!!"
"But this....formula...wherever did you get it?"
"It was in a book that my great-aunt Agatha left to me in her came with a caution to...only use it wisely....and it would lead to a better life for any woman..."
"So what made you decide to use it on your husband?"
"Well....Edward was OK....he treated me was more just my curiosity than anything else that led me to try it...."
"And did it work right away?"
"The first dose made him submissive and trusting....and I could easily turn him into what I wanted him to be...."
"And you wanted him to be...a woman?"
"Not exactly a woman...I wanted him to be my personal take care of my needs in every way!!!"
"But what bed?"
"He wasn't much of a lover before....but now he's like my little non-stop lesbian!!!"
A few of the ladies shivered at the thought...
"And then you gave him the second dose...."
" fact I made him mix the second dose himself and I had him beg me to allow him to take it!!!!"
"That seems a little cruel...."
"It was...I mean I know he's still in there....his mind is still's just that he's not running the show anymore..."
"So what did the second dose do to him?"
"It's really hard to call him "him anymore, if you get my drift....he's really a rather pretty girl fact I was very surprised at how nicely he turned out...."
"So you're telling us that you've changed your husband into a pretty little lesbian servant...that's a little hard to believe!!!"
"Wait a second....if this is true...why does he need a third dose?"
"The third dose is the fixer....according to Great-Aunt Agatha's notes....the third dose makes him forget his prior life and totally become the person he is now....I was supposed to give it to him as soon as the effects of the second dose had finished....but I've held off till I was sure I had all of his finances and holdings transferred to my fact I was going to give him the third dose tonight...perhaps you'd all like to come and watch?"
"What do you think ladies? I for one would like to see this in real life!!!!"
There were nods all around and they left the club to travel to his her mansion....
When the police finally arrived they found a bloodbath....bodies were strewn all around the house....some hacked to pieces!!!
They found the killer in the basement....covered in blood....a bloody axe laying on the floor by her feet....
The unidentified woman was burning some books or papers when the police crashed in and put out the flames....
She'd apparently had a complete psychotic break....she was screaming that they couldn't make her forget that she was a man....
She was taken away for psychiatric evaluation and eventually committed to the Hospital for the Criminally Insane!!!!
The last mystery remains....what happened to Edward Charles....his wife and her friends were murdered and he has never been found!!!!


"You know what's the best part of getting a massage from you Sissy?"
"I try to do my best Ma'am...."
"And you do it very well....but that's not the best part...."
"I love feeling your cage twitch as you try to get's amusing and arousing at the same time!!!"

Friday, December 17, 2021


He was wearing a cock ring to keep him hard....
And why did that upset me?
Because keeping him hard was my job!!!! 
And I didn't need any help doing it!!!!

Her First

It was her first time....
I mean it was her first time since she married me....
Her first time with a real man's cock inside her in a long time....
The first time she'd felt full in years....
I leaned close to hear her whisper....
"So big...."
And she was happy.....
And so was I!!!!


Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Old Days

Way back the old pre-cage days....this was pretty common.....I'd make her cum a few times and she'd start rubbing my stroking allowed in this wouldn't take me long before I'd squirt my sissy cream all over my belly....
She always enjoyed watching me scoop it up and eat it....and then maybe she'd want another orgasm or two....
Ah...nostalgia....those were the days....


"You know Sissy....we should probably just have this removed....I mean it's just useless extra skin....then you could look nice and smooth in your panties...."
With my tongue buried inside her I really couldn't respond....but I hoped it was just an idle thought on her part....thinking about my part!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021


"Sissy....can you hold up serving dinner for a while....we're just getting started here!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....just let me know when you want to be served!!!"
She smiled....
"I will Sissy....and I'll let you know when I want dinner too...."


Hump Day

By the time Hump Day rolled around he seemed receptive to your now it was time to let him see that there was something in it for him too!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021


She wasn't thrilled with the whole panty sniffing thing....but when Sissy got between her legs and used that magic tongue she could overlook it....

Smell The Coffee

I'm always up this time of year I'm up way before dawn....and one of the first things I do is start the coffee machine....usually I'm done with two....sometimes three cups before I wake her!!!
Every now and then she surprises me by coming down for a cup early.....
"I smelled the coffee Sissy....and he's going to need a few minutes till he's ready again so I just thought I'd have a quick cup!!!"
"I'll bring you both coffee in a little while if that's what you'd like...."
"No Sissy....what I'd like is to ride his big cock again....and maybe again if he can!!!"
"I'll make sure the coffee is fresh and hot when you both want it...."
"You're too good to me Sissy....I wish he wasn't so bullheaded about'd love his cock....long and thick....just like we like it...."
"Oh well.....just try and save me a taste please...."
"I definitely will Sissy....I'll see you later...."
She headed back upstairs and soon I was doing my morning chores while I listened to them....
It was going to be a wonderful day!!!!


Monday, December 13, 2021

It's Clear

 It's clear from where I'm sitting that they've both completely forgotten I'm there watching....
Plugged, caged and gagged....watching is all I have left!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It pays to be an early riser...
The breakfast delivery was for your roommate but he was still asleep....
And it was there....warm and ready....
Who could blame you for helping yourself to that white, creamy treat!!!!
You'll order another for him when he finally wakes up!!!
ManCandy!!! The early bird gets the sperm!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Our Life

My wife wanted to make a comment on our life at I will step aside and you can hear from her....I helped with the pic....

Our life together may have been different from yours.
We have gotten past many of society's  taboos.
We enjoy our life together.
We love each other.
Most of our time is spent with just us, together.
"Kaaren" is the best lover I've ever had or will ever have!
"She" may not satisfy me in one way, but instead she satisfies me in a myriad of other ways.
We are happy, and I wouldn't trade "her" for anyone!
Mrs. K
Well....I didn't know that she was going to write something like this....
I'm blushing and humbled by her....
I honestly don't know what I did to deserve her....but I'm grateful every day!!!!!

Sunday Brunch

I didn't realize until we got there that she was hosting a Sunday Brunch at the local lesbian bar!!!!
"I'm afraid I'm not going to fit in here Sweetheart!!!!"
"Nonsense Sissy, we're going to see exactly what fits in here before the afternoon is over...."
"Yes Ma'am...."

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Bait

 I could hear the thrum of the great engines that powered us through the vast emptiness of space....I could almost feel the massive power vibrating throughout the entire ship!!!
I was the last one.....that thought ran through my mind over and over....the last one!!!
I thought I had hidden myself so well....I thought I was safe....I actually took a moment to catch my stop think...

The crew was leery of taking on a passenger....after all we weren't a passenger ship....we were an exploratory vessel....all of us had full days worth of duties and a passenger would be an extra burden we could ill afford!!!
Our concerns were put aside when we learned that the passenger was to be loaded in stasis...requiring minimal care....she could be handled almost like any cargo....except we'd have to connect her to the ships AI to be constantly monitored....not as much of a problem as a walking talking passenger would have been.
In a short layover she was quickly loaded and all the connections no time at all we were on our way...
We all took a moment to go and see her....and she was worth seeing....a real beauty!!!
We wondered why she was being handled like this...we couldn't find any information about her identity....not in any of the archives or on the galactic net....she was a complete mystery that we speculated on endlessly....
Curiosity being what it is....the less information we had, the more we wanted to know...
I mean....we were six men alone in an remote sector of the galaxy...and here was this beautiful, mystery woman just blankly staring through the stasis field....she was desirable in a way it would be hard to describe.....
The first time the stasis was breached it was Maxwell...he said he just had to feel her skin to see if she was real!!! Luckily the ships AI repaired the stasis field before any harm was done....
We berated him for his behavior while he sat there smiling....
Over the next couple of cycles we noticed some differences about Maxwell....he seemed different....his voice was softer...the scrubby little beard was gone....he stayed in his cabin a lot more on his downtime....
The second stasis breach  was shortly after that...Alexander claimed it was an accident...he said he tripped and his hand went into the field for just a moment....but the AI log showed it was for far more than a moment....when confronted he just smiled and offered no defense...
Over the next several weeks the stasis was breached, at least once, by all of the remaining crew except me....
Now I'm no saint....and the lure of that woman just being there was hard to ignore....
Harder to ignore was the changes to the rest of the crew....they had all become....somehow less manly than they had been....I tried to ignore it but it was becoming impossible not to see that they were all becoming decidedly feminine....
It had started in subtle combed differently...voices softer....the ships AI fabricating new clothing that was not at all what they had worn  before....
Then one late cycle as we met for our meal they all appeared in dresses....pretty dresses...and I knew that somehow...breaching that stasis had made them all into something different.....that's when I began to fear the woman down in the cargo bay...
They pretty much ignored me and made small talk among themselves....there were some questioning glances at me but I just ate my meal and left to go to my cabin....
I was there when the AI alerted me that the stasis field had been de-activated!
That's when  I heard them calling me on the ships comms to come to the cargo I knew that I was in real danger....whatever that woman had done to them while in stasis hibernation could only be worse if she was awake and among the rest of the crew!!!
I knew I had to hide....this is a big ship but there were my five crew mates and her....I wouldn't be able to hide in any one place for long!!!!
I tried to send a subspace SOS but the AI informed me that my comms privileges were limited to internal communications!!!
I sometimes had access to the internal cams and I could see that the crew had all changed completely to females....I mean completely....and their changes were accelerating....I never thought I'd see Alexander, Maxwell, Damien and the others and think about how desirable...they'd become!!!
But I continued to move through the ship....sleeping when I could and eating whatever I could get....I knew we would be putting in at an outpost was where we were supposed to drop the woman....maybe there was still hope....maybe I could get away...

The door to the compartment slid open silently and she stood was only terror that kept me from going to her and taking her in my arms....
We stared at each other for a moment as I desperately tried to think of a way to escape...
There was only one door to this compartment....I was trapped!!!
Slowly she stepped into the room with the door slid shut behind her...
A thin smile played across her lips....
"This could have been so easy...all it would have taken was a touch of the stasis field and you would have was the field that changed your crew....I was merely the bait in the trap...."
"But why....why are you doing this!!!"
"Why indeed...why was it done to'll understand once you've been exposed....."
"You can't do can't force me...."
"Like I said...this could have been easy....but you've forced me to do it the hard way....lucky for you....I like it the hard way!!!"
The old adage is true...
In space, no one can hear you scream!!!


She told me to make myself extra pretty for her friend and I'd get a big bonus!!!!
I never guessed it would be this big, but it was the best bonus I've gotten in ages!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2021

So Long Ago

It was so long ago...almost a whole lifetime....remember?
It started with a simple pair of panties....purple checked cotton bikinis....
They were probably nothing special to the woman who owned them....but to me they were the most beautiful panties in the world!!!
When she picked up her laundry the next day I wonder if she noticed they were gone....I wonder if she thought about who might've taken them.....I wonder if she would like to know that those little panties fueled years of masturbation and were the beginning of a long road that lead to this....
Fixing your lipstick and hoping to get a chance to suck your wife's boyfriend's cock!!!
I wish I still had those panties....just for old time's sake....

Pretty Thorough

She gives me a pretty thorough inspection most days, if she's going to the office or on a date....
I never dreamed that anyone would have access to my body like this....particularly my bottom....
Actually....that's not fact it's something I fantasized about all the time....
And in my fantasies I was always dressed in pretty things and it was always a woman that was inspecting me....
Well....that's not completely true either....sometimes my fantasies drifted and it was a strong man making me submit....but that was all....
Nut  that's not really all there was to it....sometimes it was a couple who would use me however they wanted...I would just be a toy for them to play mouth would be covered in both of their juices......
Technically that's not the whole truth either....but if I ever get to the actual would take a long, long time to write it all out!!!!
So I meekly bend over for her inspection and enjoy it for what it is!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Some Nights

Most nights at home I call my wife Sweetheart or Honey....but then there are other nights....those nights where she comes back downstairs in her leathers....those nights I call her Mistress....if I know what's good for me!!!!

First Time

I hadn't told her yet but she had somehow figured out my panty fetish.....
And she was so nice that she gave me a handjob with her soft, silky panties wrapped around me!!!
I didn't have the heart to tell her that, by then, I'd been cumming in my own panties for years!!!!