Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hang Out With The Boys

He used to come here all the was his favorite place to hang out with the was the place where he met her!!!!
It had all changed after he met her....his bar buddies chuckled that they were glad he was finally "getting some"....if they only knew!!!!!
Barely six months had gone by and here he was! She said she would meet him here!!!.
He ordered his usual beer and lit up a cigarette, for a moment the bartender looked at him quizzically,  but he put down the beer set out an ashtray and went back to reading the newspaper.
He was surprised, but kind of grateful that that Jimmy the bartender didn't recognize him!!!!

What's The Matter

"What's the matter Baby?"
"You're wearing boxers....they're such a turn-off for me!"
"But they're comfortable...."
"Well I guess that's more important than turning me on.....maybe I should just get dressed and go...."
" know I'll do anything for don't like boxers so, no more boxers Baby!! I'll go commando!"
"Ewww!!! I don't like that idea either!"
"Then what....I'll do anything Baby....I've got to have you...."
"Well....I always carry a spare pair of panties....I think they'd look adorable on you!!!"
"Hey....I'm a guy....I don't wear panties...."
"Okay then....I guess I'll just get dressed and go...."
"No.....wait.....I guess I could....just this once...if it's really what you want....I guess as long as it's just us.....I could wear your panties.....just this once...."
"Oh I can't wait to see you in my pretty my pretty bra and panties!!!!"
"Hey who said anything about a bra....."
"If you want my pussy Baby you're going to wear my bra too or I'm out of here!!!"
"Alright, after all even if you tell anyone it's just your word against mine!!!"
Her webcam took it all in and broadcast it around the world....over 6 million views!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Ready Sissy

"I'm ready Sissy....I'm going to bend your wife over the bed and fuck you want to watch?"
"Yes please!"
"You really are a pathetic little Sissy, aren't you? You're just going to stand there and watch me take your beautiful wife right in front of you!!!!"
"I'd rather kneel and watch if that would be alright with you?"
I heard a small soft laugh from my wife....
"Stand, kneel, I don't care!!! You're a complete failure as a's no wonder she has you wearing panties like a little girl!"
"Thank you sir !!!"

Nice To Be Needed

"It's not going to lick itself clean Sissy....if it did I wouldn't need you anymore!!!"

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sissy School - Field Trip

Leeanne and Kaaren looked at each other nervously.....
"Where do you suppose we are Kaaren?"
"I'm not sure Leeanne....but it sounds like there's a lot of people outside that door!"
"I know....what do you suppose they're going to do to us?"
"Well considering that they chained us in this position and the amount of lube they used on us I'm pretty sure we both know what they're going to do to us!"
"You mean someone is going to...."
"Oh yeah Leeanne I think I can pretty much guarantee it!!! I'm just wondering how many of them are going to...."
"Oh my god Kaaren.....We're going to be gangbanged!!!!"
"Yeah I know....I can hardly wait!!!!"
"You're such a slut!!!"
"You say that like it's a bad thing!!!"
"Not at all Sweet Girl....because I can hardly wait too!!!!"

What Next

Sissy heard the key in the door and then the unfamiliar voice.....
"Oh my goodness....I'm sorry Sir...Madam....Sir....I had no idea.....I'll go get some help....I'll be back in a few minutes......we'll get you untied in no time......Just relax'll be right back!!!"
Sissy heard the maid running from the room and as he laid there he wondered who would come first....hotel staff to untie him or his wife to laugh at his humiliation!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

In Our House

In our house, when she masturbates she almost never does it alone!!!!
When I masturbate......only kidding.....I'm not allowed to masturbate!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Even as she swallowed her delicious morning treat her mind was racing ahead ticking off all that she had to do today....meetings and presentations....and her annual review!!!! All in one day!!!! She leaned forward to make sure she got every drop because today....she was going to need it!!!!
ManCandy!!! When you have so much to squeeze into your day, make sure you squeeze that last drop into your mouth first!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Every year when the family came for Easter dinner they all raved about the fresh baked buns!!! They all said they were the best they ever had and they all wanted my secret recipe.....
Year after year I told them it was no secret it was all in preparing the dough!!!!

I'm Back

On my my bra and panties.....sucking a big cock......oh yeah....for the first time in weeks I'm feeling normal....I'm back Baby!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Desperado

"Okay you take off all your clothes and help Pablo put them on, you understand?!?!?"
"Please....I'll do what you say...please don't rape me!!!!
"Sweetie you've got nothing I want except your pretty dress and underwear!!!"
"Are you going to....have sex....with him????"
""Yes lady....but only if you ever finish dressing him!!!!
"You don't want wouldn't want to have sex with me?"
"Lady why do you think they call me the Gay Desperado!!!!!"

Friday, March 25, 2016

He'll Be So Jealous

Let me just get a picture for my husband! He'll be soooo jealous that I got to have this nice big cock and he didn't get a taste!!!

That's The Best You Could Do

"'re the Supreme Being....Creator of Heaven and Earth....Lord Over All Living Things....And this was the best you could do???"

Thursday, March 24, 2016

But She Said

"But Sissy your wife said you could suck my cock but I wasn't allowed to fuck you!"
"What did she say...exactly?"
"She said, "I don't want you fucking my Sissy husband", it was pretty clear!"
"Did she say anything about me fucking you?"
"Well no....."
"Then be quiet so we don't wake her and just enjoy yourself! It's one of those loopholes that I have been using for years!"
Out of the corner of my eye I saw her in the shadows watching! She always knew and we would laugh about it later when we cuddled in bed!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On My Belly

I'm lying on my belly as she pulls down my panties and gently pats my bottom!!!! I feel so hot!!!!
She takes a dab of lube and spreading my cheeks she slowly works her finger inside me.....making me slippery....making me ready for it!!!!
Soon she slips it inside me, taking her time to get it into just the right position!!!! Once it's where she wants it she tells me it's my job to hold it seemed like forever until she removed it and wiped me clean with a tissue......
"101.5 Sissy.....get back to bed!"

I've had the Flu for the last couple of days Sweeties....March has not been kind to me....I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule soon.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


"Are you trying to peek up my skirt?"
"No I was just...."
"Are you trying to get a peek at my panties?"
"I....uh....well....yes I was...."
"Do you like my cute little panties?"
"Yes I do....very much!"
"Would you like to see more of them?"
"Yes I would!!!!"
"Would you like to lick them?"
"Oh god yes?"
"Would you like to wear them for me?"
"Oh yes!!!!! That would be wonderful!"
"Follow me then....I can't wait to see you in my pretty white panties....all the girls are going to love it too!"
"All the girls?"
"Be quiet and come with're probably going to love this!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday ManCandy

Although she missed a little she still got enough to open those pretty blue eyes!!! With her makeup done and her belly full of creamy goodness, she's ready to start another week!!!
ManCandy!!! A real eye opener!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Subterranean Kingdom

He ran as hard as he was hard in the dark tunnels and he snagged his clothing on things unseen but he couldn't stop!!!! He heard them coming but they were far behind him and he was sure he could escape to the surface before they could catch him!!!
Rounding a bend he saw light filtering through the small holes and he knew he had found his escape!!!! Swiftly climbing the ladder he pushed at the manhole cover and it didn't budge!!! He had once been strong enough to move these with one hand but that was before....
Hearing them nearer now his panic gave him the strength to finally push away the last obstacle to his freedom and for the first time in three long years he breathed in the fresh night air!
He spotted a man on the corner....he was just hanging up a pay telephone....and he ran to him!
" me!!!" he cried. He knew what he looked like....he knew that they had transformed him into an object of desire....god knows how many times he had been used for their sinful lusts and depraved desires....
The man stood a full head taller than him and his arm soon held him tight!
"What's the problem Miss?"
"I'm Mike Jefferson....please help me get to the police....I've been held underground by the Tunnel Dwellers for three years now....please help me!"
"Mike Jefferson? You sure don't look like a Mike to me Baby!"
"They did this to me.....they said they almost never get women in the tunnels so they have to transform the ones they capture.....please please take me to the police....there are so many others held captive down there!!!"
"Sure Sweetheart sure I'll help you!"
He swept the transformed man up in his arms and marched back toward the manhole she had escaped from!
"No not this way....they'll be looking for me here!!!"
"I know....that's why I'm taking you there!!!!"
His struggles were useless as the man was much stronger than him.
"But why.....why would you do this to me....please....please let me go...."
"Sweetheart, in two years I retire as an anonymous longshoreman....but down there I'll be a Prince! And I'll get to choose any reward I want and I think I'm going to want you!!!! I hope they don't use you up before I get there!!!"
As he began to push the transformed man into the opening desperation came over him....
"Please....don't send me back!!!! You can have me now!!!! I'll do whatever you want!!!! You can have me now!!!!"
Before he could answer hands from below pulled the screaming man down once again into the dark tunnels....his screams echoing through the darkness!
He kicked the manhole cover back into place and walked away.....two more years and I can have my choice!!!! He couldn't wait!!!!

When She Said

When she told him to help himself I thought she was referring to the hors d'oeuvres I had prepared for them....but apparently he wanted something other than crab puffs and raw veggies!!!








Friday, March 18, 2016

Not Why I Came Here

"But what will my wife say....I only came here to get help to quit smoking!!!"
"And did you  quit smoking?"
"Well yes I did....but...."
"Then I don't see what you're complaining about Sissy!"

It's Tricky

It;s a tricky position, you don;t want to get her crazy to the point that she ruins her makeup....because that's a spanking for sure.....but you want to get her crazy enough that she decides to stay home with you.....your tongue is a poor replacement for a good hard cock...but sometimes....sometimes she can be persuaded!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Little Bit of the Green

"Stop your's St. Patrick's Day!!!! Everybody has a little bit of the green in them on St. Patrick's're just going to have a little more of the green in you than anyone else!!!!"

St, Patricks Day Fluffer

The difference is, just like an Irish Step Dancer, a St, Patrick's Day Fluffer never uses her hands!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

That's It

"Yes you've got it! Just get a good rhythm going!!! Feel the base against your clit!!! Remember you're doing this for your pleasure not his!"
"What if he cums before I do?"
"His orgasms don't mean anything!!! You just fuck him until you cum and then you make him lick up his mess!!!"
"Thanks so much Sis, and thanks for letting me practice on your Sissy husband!!!"
"That's what sister's are for!"

Eye On The Prize

With my eye on the grand reward....she still insists that guests come first....and as she gives me his cock to clean, the flavor of them is intoxicating.....I can't wait to get my face between her thighs and get the rest!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sissy School - Guidance

"Hello you must be Kaaren and Leeanne....I'm your new Guidance name is Dr. Mentia, but I'd like you to call me Dr. Dee. I've been brought in by the headmaster to see what makes you two such willful and perverted sissies!"
"So as an exercise to get to know one another I'd like it if you would demonstrate some of your fantasies with me because, frankly, I find some of what I've heard to be a little far fetched!!!!"
The two sissies whispered for a moment, nodded at each other and approached the unsuspecting Councilor!!!
The moans and cries of pleasure were so loud that half the school was listening while the other half were too busy rubbing themselves through their panties!!!

She Does This To Me

She does this to me and I get so close!!!! If it wasn't for the cage just a stroke or two would get me there!!!! Maybe some day soon this will be enough to make me cum!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Barbie Came Home

When Barbie came home from her night out with GI Joe, Ken knew what was expected of him and he loved every moment!!!!

Monday ManCandy

When his mother first discovered his little secret she was delighted....she had always wanted a daughter!!!! Spas and shopping and makeovers and hairdressers....she had introduced him to all the joys of being a girl except one until now!!!! He worried that it would be nasty tasting or that he'd hate it or that she'd laugh at him or that he'd screw it up!!!! But he was so was wonderful and he loved it!!!! Mom couldn't have been more proud!!!!
ManCandy it's so good that once you start you just can't stop!!!! And no, it's not just for Mondays!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

You Shouldn't Have

"Welcome home Kaaren!!!!"
"Oh!!!! For me!!!!! You shouldn't have!!!! But I'm so glad you did!!! Thank you!!!"

There's No Place Like Home

I couldn't wait to get out of those horrible hospital gowns and into something a little more appropriate!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Going Home

After medical science has thrown all their awesome technology and expertise at my case and after consulting among experts in numerous fields the answer to the mystery of "What Happened to Sissy Kaaren?" seems to be....

"We don't know." I almost started laughing...

"It might have been as simple as a trip and fall....we've ruled out almost everything else."

I'm going to be released later today and I hope to get a post up by tonight....I'm still having that pesky vision problem but it doesn't seem as bad as yesterday!

They scanned my brain every which way and they say they can't find a thing wrong with it....which makes me wonder about the machines.....

Thank you all for your concern and kind words....I love you all!!!


Friday, March 11, 2016

A Quick Update

I was asleep until about 25 minutes ago....glorious restful sleep and it was so nice....then they came to take another goddamned blood sample....who takes a blood sample in the dark from a sleeping patient!!!! This place is full of Nurse Dracula's and Dr, Frankenstein's.

They gave me a pint of blood when I got here and I swear they've taken at least that much back!!!

On the plus side they say I'll be going home tomorrow barring anything coming up....I guess like finding my blood drained body on the bed.....

I'm having a slight fuzzy vision problem in my left eye but apparently that's where my head hit the corner of the table and the neuro-opthamalogist and the just plain neurologist agree that it's probably temporary and will pass in a few days!

I'll try to update more when I get home and damn it if they come for more of my blood they're going to have to fight me for it!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'm Sorry Sweet Readers

It's quiet now so let me update you....

I don't know what happened but Tuesday morning when my wife came looking for me I was lying on the floor bleeding from a gash near my hairline. I don't remember anything but a flash here or there, I remember hearing her calling my name....I remember being lifted onto a stretcher and I remember a lot of doctors and nurses....

I was admitted to the hospital but didn't get into a room for several hours....slowly the fog began to clear only to be followed by the worst headache I have ever experienced.....then there were more doctors and lights in my eyes and questions questions questions.....but I was so tired I just wanted to sleep....they wouldn't let me.....I saw them talking to my wife who looked terrible...her hair a mess and it looked like she didn't have any makeup on.....she was nodding at them.....soon I was being scanned and imaged and x-rayed and poked and prodded and asked more questions....

Back in the room my wife and I finally had a moment of privacy! She hugged me carefully because of IV's and monitors and things attached to me....

I felt her shudder and I knew she was crying.....

She said how much I had scared her.....seeing me on the floor with blood on my face and on the floor....she thought I was dead.....when I didn't answer her  she was sure it was all over for me....She called 911 as soon as she found me and they arrived quickly and well I already said what happened after that....

Now I've been given a full neurological workup....and a plastic surgeon stitched up my head with the tiniest little stitches I've ever seen....he was nice...he told me there would be such a small scar no one would notice it and my hair would cover it.....

I'm still having a little issue with time....She stayed with me all night Tuesday....yesterday her assistant Stacy brought her a change of clothes and her bag and in no time she looked terrific....I asked her to please go home and get some rest....she said she would be back later after all the tests were done and we could have dinner together.....I asked her for a robe and my laptop...

I didn't get a chance till now to update my blogs.....Nurse Ironbottom, or whatever her name is, kept coming in here and shutting me down scolding me that I needed to rest....

So that's why there's been nothing from me for a couple of days....I'm hoping they'll let me out of here today and once I'm home I can get back to normal.....

I notice my cage is off....I meant to ask my wife how that happened....I'm guessing she has more to tell me than she's already told me....

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Morning Sun

The morning sun streams into her bedroom and shines onto the cock that made her scream in delight last night!!! She loves to invite me in to see it....especially if he has "morning wood"!!!!
I wonder how it feels for him to wake up with the two of us sucking and licking his cock!!! It must feel wonderful!!!
I love tasting her on him and I think she does too!!!!
It usually ends one of two ways....
Either she pushes me aside and rides him till they both cry in ecstasy or she and I suck him till he explodes...always in my mouth....and in either case I let them snuggle afterwards while I fix their coffee and breakfast....a lovely way to start the day!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

I Can't Believe It

"When I said I want you in panties from now on I can't believe you thought it would be alright to wear boxers over them!!!!"
"I'm sorry....I won't do it again!"
" won't! When we're done here we're going to gather up all those horrible boxers and we're going to burn you understand?"
"Owww....yes I understand!"
"And because you disobeyed....I want you to shave off all that icky body hair....everything from the neck you understand?"
"But in the Locker.....Owwww!!!! Yes I understand!!!"
"And from now on you will always wear a matching bra....just because I say you understand?"
"Oh Baby Please I Can't.....owww...please it would show OWWWW....OWWWW....OWWWW....oh please....I understand....I understand!"
"Good, now we'll begin your spanking....I think 25 would be about right!!!!"
"But I thought you'd already...."
"Thirty then!"
"Yes Ma'am"

Monday ManCandy

You have to keep your priorities need a routine in the morning if you're going to get everything done before you leave the house to start the week!!!! To save time it makes sense to let your nails dry while your ManCandy is being delivered....two birds with one stone and all that....and gaining a few minutes now means less rush, rush, rush later!!!!
ManCandy!!!! The best hands-free breakfast you can have!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

One Little Condition

"Kaaren, I invited your sissy friend Leeanne and his lovely wife over for Sunday Brunch with us on one little condition....neither one of you is allowed to cum under any circumstances!!! If one of you cums the other will be punished severely and put back into chastity for a minimum of six you both understand?"
"Yes Ma'am?"
"Completely Ma'am!"
She returned to the sofa and sat with Leeanne's beautiful wife while the two of us grew more and more excited!!!
"I can't Leeanne....I have to make you's all I dream about...."
"But the punishment....six months.....Kaaren are you sure?"
"It will be entirely worth it just to have the taste of you on my lips!"
"God help me, Sweet Girl, but I feel just the same!!!"
"Cum together then!"
"Oh yes!!!"
On the sofa Leeanne's wife took the twenty dollar bill and slipped it into my wife's hand....
"You were right....I never thought they'd give in in less than five minutes!"
"Don't underestimate my Kaaren....he's such a sissy slut....I'm surprised your poor Leeanne lasted as long as she did!"


This one had potential, with his slight build and pretty face, not even a whisp of facial hair and his hair tied back in a ponytail.....oh yes this one had potential!!!!
Leaning closer to look him over he looked down to avoid her intense he was submissive too....he was just too prefect!!!!
"Excuse me." she whispered "What size dress do you wear?"
"What...I don't..."
She waved her hand at his protests....
"What size dress do you wear? At home....alone....when you think no ones watching!!!"
"I wear a size 8...."
"Perfect....You couldn't be more perfect for me!!! Come home with me and we'll see if you can fulfill your potential!!!!"

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Wo-Fan and the Coils of Death

Wo-Fan slipped away laughing!!! "Goodbye Mr. Smythe....Goodbye Mr. Caruthers!"
"Oh my god....Smythe...that snake....what are we going to do!!!!"
"Well Caruthers if I was you I'd pray that it killed me after what that fiend did to you!!!"
"I know he's changed me Smythe but we'll worry about that later....what can we do now....can you get loose...I seem to be weaker now that...I'm a ....."
"Woman....Caruthers....Now that you're a woman....good lord I can't think of a worse fate than being transformed into a weak, little, helpless woman!!!! We're both better off dead"
"Smythe...get over what If I have soft beautiful skin and golden blonde tresses!!!! So what if I have beautiful perky breasts and silky smooth thighs!!!! So what if I feel that deep desire, that wanton lust that makes me quiver...that makes me yearn for must be part of that damned formula's effect on me....I want to be your total love slave....I want to explore your darkest fantasies and fill your days and nights with forbidden pleasures...Smythe are you listening to me...Smythe? Smythe!!! Are you there???"
"Damn it Caruthers! Keep your voice down...I'm going to get us out of here or die trying!!!"
Suddenly he was loose....he leaped to his feet as his sudden movement caused the snake to strike at him!!! It's fangs caught his pants leg but missed their mark otherwise, and he sent the beast to the devil by crushing it's head under a rock!!!!
As he untied the weeping Caruthers and held him close they heard the Voice of their nemesis echoing around them!
"Congratulations Mr. Smythe!!! You have killed the last Butterfly Cobra in the world!!!! The venom of this snake was the only antidote to the transformation drug I gave to your partner! I must say he makes an attractive woman....if you ever tire of him I'd be glad to buy him from you!!! However it is time for me to go!!! So once again I bid you goodbye Mr. Smythe and adieu to you Miss Caruthers!!!
For a long time Smythe just held his partner as she wept against his chest!!!! But it wasn't her comfort he was really thinking about!!!


"My Sissy will suck your cock while I get ready....I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!!"
"No...uh...that's alright....I don't think that's something I'll need!"
She turned slowly and walked back and settled onto his lap....
"Oh...but my Sissy loves to suck cocks and she's so good at'll love it....can't you just try it....for me....later I'll make it worth your while....I love cocks too....I love them in my mouth....I love the taste....I love them in my pussy....stretching me wide....driving me wild....I love them in my big in my tight little ass that you might split me apart....and all you have to do is let my sissy husband suck your that such a big deal....really???"
He was so breathless I almost didn't hear him say yes....but her smile and nod was all I needed and when I opened his pants I found he was already dripping!!!!
So was I....

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sixth Time

Sissy saw him coming through the was the same little man.... this was the sixth time he'd been here in two weeks....he was just so adorable....this was the first time he would meet the Sissy Maid!!!!!
"Whoa....Dude that''s new!!!!"
"Thank you! Here's the money for the pizza and here's ten for you!"
"Ten! Wow...thank you sir...I mean Ma'am....I you!"
"How about I make that a twenty and a blowjob?"
"Oh thanks but I have other deliveries to make..."
"Let me make that a about it?"
"Well I don't want to get into any trouble..."
"Alright, a hundred and a blowjob!"
"Okay baby I think I can handle that!!! I like a big woman!!!! Someone with a little meat!"
Sissy took him by the hand and led him into the living room....she sat on the couch and pulled up her dress and petticoats revealing a rock hard 7 inch cock!!!!
Pulling the little man close Sissy whispered in his ear...
"Alright Baby....get busy...for a hundred it better be good!!!!"
"Hey wait...I thought...."
"Looks like you thought wrong Sweetie" Sissy said as she pushed her hard cock into his mouth!!

A Little Sore

"It's alright Sissy, you've spent a lot of time on your knees today...if they're a little sore you can sit while you suck my cock!"
I smiled at the offer!
"I'd love to Sir, but my Sweet wife insists that the only proper position for a sissy is on her knees!"
"It's alright's just you and me here....go ahead....sit'll enjoy sucking my cock more if you're not kneeling on sore knees!"
"You won't tell her...."
"My lips are sealed Sissy!"

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Second Date

"Yes I got the flowers...they're beautiful...thank you so much!!!!"

"Yes 7 o'clock will be fine!!!"

""I'm really looking forward to seeing you too....I have something I'm going to give to you too!!!"

"No I'm not going to tell you what it is....but I'm pretty sure you're going to remember it forever!!!!"

"I'll see you at 7 then...don't be late or I might have to spank you...."

"Don't be silly...of course I'm kidding....."
She hung up the phone laughing.....
"...the spanking doesn't start till the third date at the earliest!!!!"

Sissy Training - No Need Now

"So did either of you tell your Sissy husbands that this is the only way they'll ever be allowed to cum?"
"No, we didn't see the need right now! We think by the third or fourth time they'll figure it out for themselves!!!"
"Yes we're just happy that they've turned out to be such submissive sissy sluts that they crave each other like they do!"
"And what's next for them?"
"Well obviously they both need a new wardrobe and makeovers....permanent hair removal and permanent makeup....and of course we'll need to introduce them to our lovers....and I'm sure there's so much more but I want to see this..."
"I love this....when one cums in the other....and then we switch them!"

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


"So we have a don't tell my sister about me wearing her bra and I'll help you out with anything that comes up?"
"Oh yeah....a deals a deal I'll keep my mouth shut as long as yours is open Brian!"
"When it's like this I prefer Brianna!"
"Brian...Brianna....I don't care....just suck my cock!!!!"
From the closet there was a muffled sound as his sister was furiously fingering herself!!!! Her brother had been right....and this was the hottest thing she had ever seen!!!!


"Are you's going to really obvious....I mean it's going to be unmistakable....there'll be no way to explain it other than the obvious!!!! Are you really sure?"
"Yes we're sure aren't we dear?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh well it's OK with me...the customer is always right!"
Later, after the tanning session the two women started giggling and ended up laughing so hard they could barely breathe!!!!
Sissy didn't think it was so funny and stood there pouting as the women laughed!!!
"Don't be such a sourpuss Sissy, they're only tan lines, they'll fade in a few weeks! Just keep your shirt on and no one will know!"
"I guess you're right Ma'am!"
"Of course I am...."

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The Caucus System is so different....your neighbors and friends can all see who you're supporting and can use various means to try to lure you to their side of the room to support their candidate!!! My wife had a very convincing argument that changed my mind and brought me over to her favored candidate!!!! Soon other wives were using the same argument....I sensed a landslide win!!!

To The Edge

We had been at this for almost an hour....right at the edge she would simply say stop.....and I would whimper and close.....time after time....over and over till I thought I would surely go mad with the need to cum!!!!
"Alright Sissy, that's all for now let's get into that cold shower and back into your've turned me on and I want to cum so let's get busy....."
"Yes Ma'am!"