Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cuckold Humiliation

The morning after....after he has spent all night fucking my wife and making her cum.....after I have sucked his cock....I try to avoid looking up as I help him dress.....he has a smirk on his face that tells me how much of a sissy he thinks I am and I have his cum on my face telling him that he's right!!!

Have You Ever

"I think that I'll fuck your wife's sweet ass tonight Sissy! I love how she squeals when I push my cock into her tight little hole!!! But you know what I mean....there must have been a time you were man enough to fuck her like that?"
Blushing I shook my head....."No Sir, I have never had that pleasure...."
"Poor little Sissy.....well I'll tell you what I'll do....I'll fuck her ass twice as hard so it'll be like you're getting some too....and then I want to watch you eat all my cum from her cute little backdoor!!!!"
"Thank you Sir!!!!"

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will part 8 - The Beginning of the End

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part 2
part 3
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part 6 
part 7 

Susie liked to walk through the facility at night....accompanied only by her pussycat Claire she liked to see how the newest projects were progressing!
Her partner Ray had been true to his word and had brought in an engineer to reproduce the machine and they now had eight fully functioning transformation devices working around the fact the engineer was in room 5 being transformed as a brainless slut for some middle eastern despot! She felt a twinge of guilt over that but Ray had made it clear that he simply knew too much!!!!
There were "clients" on the other 7 machines in various stages of transformation including a couple that they would keep for themselves!!!
Ray had arranged "protection" for their operation by providing favors to key figures in government so the threat of criminal prosecution was no longer really something she considered.
If she had any complaint at all it was that she still missed her husband.....he had been gone for so long now.....sometimes at night she wondered about him,,,,where he was....who was using him....if he ever thought of her.....but of course that was impossible....his mind had been wiped by the machine and James her husband had been replaced by Jamie her slave!!!
She reached down and swatted her cat's bottom and Claire had mewed piteously which made Susie smile.....then she swatted her again and she began to laugh.....soon her laughter was echoing through the halls drowning out the incessant hum of the machines.....

Meanwhile.....hundreds of miles away two nurses were struggling....
"What's the matter with her?"
"I don't know she just came in here saying over and over that she remembered it all!"
"Remembered what?"
"She says her name is James and her wife Susie did this to her!!!!"
"Did what to her?"
"I don't know!!!! Call the Psych ward....this is a job for them!!!!"

Keep It

"Honestly Sissy....I think it gets smaller every time I take it out of the's so small Sissy.....and so useless....are you sure you want to keep it"
"Yes Ma'am....I'm very attached to it!"
"I can't see why Sissy, it's no use to either of us.....oh well if you want it then you can keep it.....let's get it back in the cage before it starts spurting your sissy cream all over everything!"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!"

Friday, July 29, 2016


"Really? I dressed you like a little slut last night and now you want me to treat you like a man? You can't be serious!!!"
"But that was just for fun Baby....."
"So, it was just for fun when I fucked you with my strap-on and you begged me to make you my bitch?"
"It was just the heat of the moment, Baby..."
"You know what I think....I think you'll crawl over here like the little slutty bitch you are and lick my pussy till I come all over your Sissy bitch face and then I'm going to dress you up as my maid and have you clean my house....what do you have to say about that?"
".....I guess I would only have to say......Thank You....Mistress!"
"Get busy Sissy....I don't have all day!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Thanks Dee!

One of my favorite Bloggers has posted a cap about me and my lovely wife and I just want to say thanks!!!!
So thanks Dee!!!! My wife thanks you, I thank you and when Bobby catches his breath I'm sure he'll thank you too!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Shame

When he pulled down my panties and revealed my shame I was so glad he was behind me...the humiliation would be so much worse if we were eye to eye!!!!
" I thought...not a woman.....but pretty like one....and you act like I'll fuck you like one until you whimper and beg me to stop!!!

Not What I Expected

Oh my I came home and I found my brother all dressed up in my clothes and makeup....again....and I was like, that's it bro you want to be a girl let's go and see my boyfriend....we'll see how much of a girl you are....and when we got to football practice I could see he had a hard-on bulging under my skirt....and even when I let him go when I spoke to my boyfriend he didn't run....when we took him to the locker room he didn't even seem nervous....when I told him to suck my boyfriends cock he went at it like a pro....but when my boyfriend started calling him Laura I realized that this wasn't the first time....I thought it over as I watched him swallow that cock and I thought.....this might be okay....this might be the way my brother and I could finally bond....this might be the way for us to finally get along....he makes a much nicer long as he finds his own boyfriend soon!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sissy Training - Friends & Family

It only adds to Sissy's humiliation if he has an audience while he submits to you.....
The humiliation of being exposed in his female clothing is nothing compared to inviting your sister....or his watch him sucking his first cock!!!!!

Perfect Pair

"Don't worry Sissy....when I'm done you're going to have the cutest little pair of "puffies" anyone has ever seen!!!! You'll finally have something to fill your training bra!!!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Love This Dress

I love this tight and with those adorable cutouts to reveal your panties...if you're wearing any!!!!! It just screams out that you're a sexy woman and you don't care who knows it!!!!
As we enter the room full of her friends.....god how I wish I was wearing it!!!!!

C'mon Sis

"C'mon really have to push hard if you want Sissy to take you seriously!!!!"
"But I don't want to hurt him......"
"Pretend he's your husband....close your eyes and imagine you're pegging your cheating bastard husband!!!!"
"Oh yeah!!!"

Monday, July 25, 2016

When Auntie Comes

"Thank you Sissy....that was may have a baby cock but your tongue is the best I've ever had!!!!"
"Thanks Aunt Vera....I'm glad I made you happy!!!"
"This is just between us niece doesn't need to you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am!"


Need an energy shot to keep you going on the beach? Just look for the yellow umbrella and before you know it you'll get all the assistance you need!!!! You'll get as many servings as you'll need to enjoy a long day of sun and sand....
ManCandy!!!!! The snack you'll have when you're having more than one!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Remember Sissy

"Remember Sissy....chin look beautiful in that dress and if anyone has anything to say about it tell them to say it to me!!! You're my special girl and no one messes with my Sweetie unless I say so!!!! Let's go....a few drinks then we'll dance the night away!!!"

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Bad Mountain

They had heard about the bad mountain all their lives!!!!
Stay Away...that's what everyone said!!!!
Things happened up on that mountain....unnatural things!!!!
There were old families that lived up there.....they were crazy inbred monsters!!!!

Despite all the warnings Wally and Eddie decided to camp out up there on that ridge on the west side of the mountain....they didn't believe the stories and they would prove they weren't true!!!!

The climb was uneventful and setting up camp had gone without a hitch!!!! They settled in for a good nights sleep......they planned to do some further climbing and exploring in the morning.....after a good meal cooked over a campfire they decided to call it a night.....

It was later that they came...they crept into the camp....lightly illuminated by the fire......and soon the two boys had gotten over being startled awake and were enthusiastically enjoying their night visitors!!!!

It wasn't till they laid back....savoring the blissful moment that had just passed that they realized the danger they were the rest of the "families" stepped out from the surrounding darkness!!!!
The Elder stepped forward and in a gravelly voice said. "You belong to us now....but we don't need anymore man children.....from now on you two are women....take them and prepare them....the men will be waiting to greet them!!!"

For years after people swore they heard screams coming from the mountain....but they were told it was just the wind.....

The boys were never seen again....all plea's to form a search party fell on deaf ears....

On the mountain they celebrated that there was some new blood at last!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Small Town Girls - Hot Summer Days

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Everyone was gone for the whole day!!!! They slipped on their sisters' bikinis' and jumped into the pool!!!! At first there was the usual roughhousing and dunking but soon it had changed to kisses and caresses....their bodies intertwined in the cool water under the bright summer sun!!!!
They kissed and felt each other respond and kissed some more......neither one had noticed the pool service man as he stepped into the yard.....when he cleared his throat they were so embarrassed but then they saw he was smiling....then they saw the bulge in his shorts....he gestured at them....he spoke no English but they knew what he meant.....they laughed and kissed again deeply as his hand reached for his zipper....when they looked again they saw him furiously stroking himself.....the day was turning out to be even more fun than they had imagined!!!!!!

Going To Be Traveling Sweeties

My beautiful wife and I are going to be traveling over the next couple of days.....Posts may be iffy depending on where we are and what we're doing.....but I promise I'll try to post at least a couple of times!!!!
I don't know exactly where we're going but I could really use a break!!!!! I hope it's the beach!!!!

Take Care of It Kaaren

We had settled down for a night of cuddling and we were both surprised when he showed up at our door! He'd obviously had a few cocktails and was looking for a little fun with my wife but she was having none of it!
"I'm not some whore that services men who show up unannounced and drunk!!!"
"You're absolutely right Sweetheart, what do you want to do about him?"
 You can blow him and send him on his way Kaaren, he's always raving about how well you do it!!!!"
"Just suck him off and get him out of here....I want to spend the night cuddling with my sweet Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
10 minutes later she helped me clean up and we got under the covers and giggled like girls as he stumbled to the door!"

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Well, To Be Fair

Well to be fair, the women did tell the boys that they'd fuck them if they did a good job cutting their grass.....

That's It

Bound, gagged, clipped, plugged and caged....I guess that's just about everything....wait....what's she going to do with that feather.....oh my god!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Real Party

When she said that she wanted us to slip on our nighties and have a pajama party I thought that would be fun.....
When she told me she brought something for us to play with at the party....well all I can say is it was fun before but now it was a real party!!!!


His hand was invisible to me until she pulled her dress up.....and as his hands roamed freely over her body....feeling her satiny skin and teasing her through the lingerie I had picked out for her to wear....even as she gasped in arousal....he kept his eyes locked on me!!!!
It was as if he thought I would challenge if I would get up off my knees,  strip off my own dress and lingerie and suddenly challenge him as a man.....
Maybe if I was a man....but sissies kneel and accept and submit....that's just what we do....that's what I'm good at!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


In that moment Sissy realized that she finally had a real cock in her mouth! The taste wasn't anything special....just like sucking her thumb!!! She had fantasized for so long about this moment! Her eyes were wide open as she took a little more of his cock into her mouth! The scent of him filled her nostrils just as his throbbing cock filled her mouth!
From the corner of his eye he could see his girlfriend, watching so intently as she used the vibrator to make herself cum over and over!!!!
Then a drop of his pre-cum hit her taste buds and she knew this was what she really wanted!!! This was the sissy she wanted to be! On her knees sucking a big cock!!!!
Her life just changed forever!!!!

Special Panties

"I know you've been stealing my sisters panties....she accused me and I know it wasn't me and the only other person here was you!!!! So show me what you'll do for this pretty know you want them and you know what you're going to have to do to get them.....don't you.....Sissy!!!!!"

Monday, July 18, 2016


While the girls got to know their dates better they were all amused by Sissy! With her pretty blue dress bunched up around her waist she moaned as she pumped herself up and down on the huge black dildo.....

Monday ManCandy

On top of the healthy protein shot that energizes your day it adds that certain enhancement to your pretty red them that certain glow and the flavor lasts all day!!!! Kiss a few co-workers and let them taste it'll be the most popular person in the office!!!
ManCandy!!!!! It's hits the target every time!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

There's Somethimg About Summer

There's just something about summer....
"Yes Sweetheart, is there something I can do for you?"
"Yes Sissy....bring us two glasses of wine right away!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....white or red?"
"I think the pink Zinfandel would be appropriate considering the circumstances.....I think he likes pink like pink too....don't you Sissy!!!"
"Yes I do....very very much Ma'am!!!!"
The cage was suddenly very tight!!!!

The Fluffers Dream

She sometimes leaned in close to watch me fluff her lover....and even after all this time I would feel a little twinge of humiliation.....after all she's watching her husband suck a big manly cock....but there were a couple of times where she liked what she saw so much that she would whisper to me.....
"Go ahead Sissy....make him cum....swallow it all.....then get him hard again.....get him hard for me!!!"
A Fluffer's dream come true!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Curse

 Her life was perfect now! Her past life a distant memory!
She had met the Prince quite by accident as she was on her quest to find the witch that had changed her life!
The Prince had known nothing of her first twenty years as a strapping lad, the choice of all the ladies!!!
The lad had anticipated his life continuing as a man! With a stream of women flowing through his bed until he settled on the one...or maybe two....that would give him all he needed....all he wanted!
How was he to know that the woman he'd finally chosen was also the woman the witch wanted!!!
The witch would hear none of his excuses! She cast the curse upon him!

"Every man shall you desire..."
"As a woman you shall be..."
"Between your thighs will be like fire...."
"Till any man shall lie with thee!!!"

The Prince had been the answer to the transformed mans prayers for he craved her in a way that matched her unnatural lust!!!!
But when word reached the witch that he had found happiness in his transformation she decided it was time to pay another visit!!! She laughed to herself as she cast her spell!!!!

"A woman she's now...."
"But soon she'll become..."
"The man she once was...."
"When he makes her cum!!!!"

The witch laughed to herself as she watched the stunned faces when the transformation occurred!!! But she was disappointed as the Prince continued sucking as if nothing had changed at all!!!!


Obviously he misunderstood me when I told him how badly I wanted to suck his cock and taste his cream! But I really didn't think there was any reason to stop and explain it to him right now....

Friday, July 15, 2016


"My wife is in our bedroom fucking my best friend right now....can I take a message?"

Girls Night Out

"There they go...."
"I can't believe our wives left us like this!!!"
"I can't believe our wives left us together dressed like this!!!!"
"I can't believe how hot you all look!!!!"
"Oh yeah....maybe we can all find a way to pass the time till our wives get back...if you know what I mean!"
"Mmmmm....what did you have in mind?"
"Since they took the keys and we're all locked in our chastity cages...I was thinking.....maybe Scrabble or Monopoly...."
"I guess it will have to do!!!!"

Thursday, July 14, 2016


"I don't know....I'm a little nervous about this...."
"No need to be nervous Baby....I'll treat you right!"
"But I've never done this before...."
"Are you a virgin Baby....I can't believe someone like you is still a virgin!!!"
"No I'm no virgin....I mean I've never done this with someone like you before!!!"
"You just take your time....we'll go're going to love it, I promise!!!"
"Well if you're sure...."
"Goddamned right I'm sure now get that big cock inside me and fuck me like the sissy bitch I am..."

Bathroom Humiliation

"Kaaren are you done in there....I have to pee!!!"
"I...ohhhh....I have six more minutes to go Sweetheart!!!"
"Well I have to go now......"
And that's how we began the daily ritual of my thirty minute dildo practice  followed by immediately licking any little droplets that lingered on her sweet pussy....she loved it and....heaven help did I!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


As the model strode down the catwalk she liked the lingerie....she had already decided to buy the entire line for her shop when she noticed the model was looking right at their eyes met the model quickly looked away!"
"Oh my god!!!" she gasped.
"What's the matter Jen," her friend asked, "you look like you've seen a ghost!"
"Do you remember that guy in high school.....the small guy that the other guys picked on.....the one they called sissy?"
"Oh yeah I remember him....they really tortured him....that poor kid....I wish I'd been nicer to him!"
She pointed at the model just making her turn to walk back past them....
"Well here's your chance....that's him!!!!"
"Oh my're right and he's looking good too!!!!"

Okay Baby

"Okay Baby, I believe you now but I could have sworn you were a woman when I picked you up!"
"Thank you very much....I'm glad you thought so!"
"So I guess....a blowjob?"
"Yes soon as I twist back around..."
" hurry...I'm enjoying the view!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Don't Be Scared

"I know he's big Sissy.....and it really hurt when he took my ass....but after a little while....oh my god I've never felt anything like it and I lost count of how many orgasms I had!!! After that I knew I wanted you to feel it too!!!!! Don't be scared Sissy.....I'm going to lube you up so well for him that he'll slip right into you.....and I'll be here holding your hands too Baby....I want to see your face as he fucks you....I'm so excited Baby....I mean how many women get to watch their sissy husband take his first big black cock?"

The Spot

The spot? Of course I know the spot!!! Where it feels so nice....where the pleasure comes from....of course I know.....every Sissy knows....after all we all have the same spot although ours is so much smaller and so rarely used.....

Monday, July 11, 2016

Do You Have This

"Excuse me....does this bra come in an A-cup?"
"Why yes it does Ma'am, but you must be at least a C....!"
"Oh, it's not for's kind of like a gift!"
"Oh I see....would you like it gift wrapped?"
"Yes...why you have paper that's very pink and some pink ribbon?"
"Of course!"
"Oh I can't wait to see my husbands eyes light up when he sees this....the color is perfect for him!"
"'s for your husband...well why not really thrill him with the matching panties and garterbelt?"
"That's such a good idea!!! I do want him to look pretty when my boyfriend comes over tonight!"
"He'll look darling in this I'm sure...perhaps some day you could bring him to the store and we could give him a proper bra fitting to make certain he's wearing the right many girls don't you know!"
"Oh my god....I couldn't do'd absolutely die of embarrassment, perhaps I'll bring him tomorrow!"
"Well my name is Sasha and I'm here all day tomorrow....just ask for me....I'd love to help the two of you!"

Monday ManCandy

Believe it or not there are those people out there who don't like the creamy delicious flavor!!!! For those few it's even more important that they get a creamy shot at least several times a day.....just until they acquire the taste....and then....well then they'll want a mouthful almost all the know....just like the rest of us!!!!
ManCandy!!!! He'll learn to love it or we'll just keep trying!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

What A Good Girl

She has been dressing me as her little girl more and more lately....and I think it's starting to change me in some.....
Oh boy!!!!!Oh boy!!!!! She's home!!!!! I can't wait till she see's what a good girl I've been!!!! I hope she brought me that Barbie she promised!!!!

Small Town Girls - Hidden Desires

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Most of the time they were just normal games and sports...and girls were almost all they thought about!!!! But when they were alone....when they slipped on their sisters pretty clothes....they just couldn't keep their hands off of each other....

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Matinee - End of the Dream

"Please shoot me but spare my wife and son....they had nothing to do with it!"
"My orders are that they die and that you get to live with's your own fault!!!"
"Please NO!!!!" he screamed as the shots rang out!!!!

He sat up suddenly in bed.....a little disoriented to be where he be who he was now...after it was done....after he stood over their lifeless bodies he knew he had to disappear....they might decide to kill him too....he would change himself so much that they would never see him coming when he got the opportunity.......he may have changed but the dreams remained the same....year after year....through all the surgeries and recovery his dreams stayed the same!!!!
He worked as a waitress now....all the money he stole from the mob was now spent....but he didn't need money anymore.....providence had allowed him the chance to even the end the dreams once and for all!!!
They would all be at the restaurant for the bastards birthday.....but he couldn't think of how he could possibly get them all without one of them stopping him!!!
He played over the various scenarios in his head and none of them worked out for him!!!! But then he remembered that this was a birthday party and the plan formed in his mind!!!
Wearing the yellow dress on the night of the party raised a few eyebrows .....he explained that he wanted to look nice while serving at such an elegant party...he cautioned the rest of the staff to wait till he called them because this was a surprise party!!!
He knew once he lit the "candles" he'd have no time to save himself but it was going to be worth it!!!! He could sleep then...the dreams would finally be over!
He smiled as they all entered the room....none of them recognizing their former associate....and as soon as they were all seated he struck the match!!!!

The Door

"Come answer the door new lover wants to see you as you really are!"
The rustle of my layers of petticoats which I always found so sexy suddenly sounded like thunder as I was about to expose myself to a man....a man who would laugh and humiliate me....a man who would spend the night fucking my wife....a man whose cum I would be licking out of her well fucked pussy!!!"
"Oh and Sissy....remember to curtsy!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Friday, July 8, 2016

Take Your Time Sissy

"Slow down Sissy....when girls make love there's no need to rush....we can take our time and savor every's not like that with men.....they're always in a rush....they just want to get that big cock inside you and cum....we don't have to rush like that we can go slow and we can cum over and over and over.....Oh....I meant I can cum over and over....I'm sorry're so much like a girl that sometimes I forget.....!"
"It's alright Sweetheart....I'm flattered!"
"Be flattered later, pull down my panties and get that tongue inside me now!"
"But what about girls going slow...."
"Yes we do Sissy, with another girl ....but you're not a girl now get busy!!!"

Sissy Fairy Tales - Goldilocks

This one was just too high....

....and this one was just too low....

...but this one was just right.....