Sunday, September 30, 2018

After the Brunch

She was smiling all the while our guests were here but as soon as the last one left she corrected me on everything I had done wrong.....I hadn't even really been aware that she was watching me that closely!!!!
From a clumsy curtsy to a sloppy blowjob she had caught it all......and now she was showing me why I should be more careful.....I can't argue.....she's always right....and even if I wanted to....well her wet panties in my mouth cut off pretty much all I had to say!!!!!

Sunday Brunch

Well I put everything on a low flame and put some others in the warming tray.....the poached eggs and hollandaise I'm afraid will be a total loss but I'm glad I have all I need to make just never wife and her friend were hungry....just not for anything I was cooking right now!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Rescued

Roger studied the alien craft for years after the incident....he had a more detailed knowledge of their technology now!!!! Their grasp of chaotic quantum multi-dimensional physics was centuries ahead of where humanity was....but he had to decipher it...he just had to!!!
When the three men had first discovered the crashed ship they knew that it was a moment that would change civilization as they knew it.....the level of technology made even the most advanced AI that humanity had developed seem like tinker toys  in comparison!!!!
Much to their delight, they found that the ship's power supply remained active.....they had no idea how it worked but it was still functional and that meant that the drive instruments and computers were still "live" and accessible!!!!
The sensible thing would have been to announce their find and let the greatest minds in the world come to this wasteland and try to decipher or reverse engineer this marvel!!!
But they were giddy with the idea of the fame that awaited them and so they began to experiment....
Literally they were just pushing buttons to see what they would do....and suddenly there was a flash of light, almost blindingly bright, and Bill and Emory were gone!!!!
Roger toyed with the idea of claiming the find alone and enjoying the accolades and adulation all for himself....he would be the man that proved humanity was not alone in the would rock the world back on it's heels!!!!
But he knew his first loyalty was to his friends.....he had first thought that they had simply been disintegrated....but he couldn't find a logical reason why any race would have something murderous like that aboard an interstellar craft....he concluded that they had somehow activated some type of transportation system that had sent his friends....somewhere....

He spent years deciphering the alien tech as best as he could....their technology revolved very much around the chaos theory.....they seemed to have been able to choose the target from the almost infinite random  possibilities their technology offered them....

When he was finally ready, when he was finally confident that he could bring them back , he realized it had been seven years to the day since they had vanished....would they even still be alive?

He activated the scanner and it surveyed the almost infinite possibilities as he fed in data...and when he was sure he activated the device and slowly two people came into focus....

"Bill....Emory.....I've done it....welcome home!!!!!"
"Oh my god.....Roger is that you?"
"Yes!!!! I never gave up!!! I knew I could save you....but wait Bill where's Emory?"
"I'm here Bill....although I prefer to be called Monica now.....what have you done have to send us back...."
"The changed me....and being a woman all these years has changed me have to send us back...."
"But....I don't could it change you.....why do you have to go back?"
"Honestly Roger? What do you think we've been doing for seven years.....we have to go back to take care of the kids.....we named the first boy after you...."
"I don't know if I took me seven years to find you...."
"Nonsense Roger.....just hit that large purplish button.....that will reverse your last action...."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Roger....we really need to go's beautiful there and you just never know who or what will drop by given the chaos drive...."
" know I only brought you back because I love you both...."
"We love you too Roger..."
He pushed the button and just before the flash he dove to them and when he opened his eyes he was somewhere else.....and when he looked down he realized that he wasn't a he anymore....
Monica laughed. Bill winked....he shrugged as they both wrapped him in their arms....that chaos stuff sure was unpredictable!!!!!

Not My Favorite

I've said it before....putting my tongue in a man's ass is not my favorite thing to do!!!!
But he had a few things going for him.....
First he was shaved....everywhere.....I really like that....
Second he smelled really nice....I don't like the heavy colognes or aftershaves....I have asthma and heavy scents can be a trigger for me....and nothing ruins a sexy time more than one of you falling on the floor and gasping for air!!!! He was strictly an Ivory soap boy and I couldn't have been happier!!!!
Third and finally she told me that he squeaks when she does it....and I wanted to hear it!!!!
And I'll be damned.....he squeaked as soon as my tongue touched his tight little hole.....and he kept on was just the cutest thing ever!!!!!
I would have kept it up for the rest of the night but he was hard....iron hard...and when she mounted his big dick I gave him a last lick....and I swear they both squeaked!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Not on The First Date

"C'mon just one little kiss...."
"I told you...I don't do that on the first date!!!!"
"But it would be so sweet and I'm sure it would make you happy...."
"Well....I don't...."
"Please!!!! I just have to give you a will give me something to dream about till I see you again!!!!"
"Well....that's so sweet....alright but just one kiss...."
"Yes Ma'am, just one......thank you so much now just bend over a little and pull up your dress.....let me just spread those beautiful cheeks...."
"No....let me pull them apart for go ahead and give me a kiss to remember you by!!!!"

The Cuckold Life

"Is he just going to kneel there and watch?"
"Yes....I love having my sissy husband watch me fuck a real man!!!"
"But is he just going to kneel there like that?"
"Would you rather have him lick your asshole while you fuck me?"
"Really.....the sissy would do that?"
"Sissy.....come here and lick his asshole while he fucks me!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh man you two are freaky....but I like it!!!!"

Thursday, September 27, 2018


Bound and wearing a dress and heels, Sissy thought his humiliation was complete!!!! He looked around the room and saw friends, family and co-workers all staring back at him....yes this was the ultimate humiliation....everyone knew he was a sissy now....he'd never be able to deny it.....
But he realized his humiliation was just starting when his wife opened the door and the two naked men walked in....they were both already hard and sissy had no doubts where those big cocks were going!!!!

Endangered Species

I understand that I'm her sissy cuckold....but even I have my limits!!!! I thought I was clear the last time!!!!
I told this black and white bastard that I'd kick his fuzzy ass if I caught him with my wife again....goddamned pandas.....sure they're cute.....right up until you catch one fucking your wife!!!!
Engendered bet he is if I catch him here again....

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Just Look

"What do you see Baby?"
"I see his cum dripping out of your pussy...."
"And what?"
"Doesn't it make you hot knowing how I fucked your best friend?"
"And don't you want to lick it all up like my good sissy girl?"
"You know I do!!!!"
"Then go for it Sissy.....lick it all up.....lick up all his hot white cum.....lick me clean!!!"
"Yes Mistress!!!"

Hump Day

The hard part is's Hump Day....just close your eyes and let the rest just slide on by!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hi Kaaren

"Hi Kaaren....I was thinking we should invite the new guy next door to dinner....I feel bad for making fun of his hipster beard....why don't you go and ask him if he'll come...."
"Sweetheart I'm pretty sure he'll come.....but I'll ask him anyway....."
"You're sure Sissy?"
"Oh yes Sweetheart! I'm sure he'd love to come!!!!"

Sissies Through History - New Deal

Franklin always liked to wind down after his Fireside Chats! Nothing was better than slipping on something pretty and delicate and reading the latest Secret Service reports on Eleanor's romantic adventures!!!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Like A Lover

Panties are nice and I love them.....god knows how I love them!!!!!!
But a pretty bra...that's different.....a bra holds you tight! Encircles you like a pair of arms hugging you tightly! Holding you in a soft lacy embrace!!!! There are times you may not be aware of your matter how much you love them or how soft and silky they are....but you are constantly aware of your bra! I've said it before....the panties were something I've always loved but it was the bra that really made me feel like a girl!!!

Monday ManCandy

"Oh my goodness....Sweetheart have you been taking ManCandy?"
"Yes Mom....I am 18 after all....."
"I wish you would have told me...."
Why? So you could tell me why I shouldn't???"
"Of course not Dear....I just would have showed you how to scoop the rest into your mouth, now let's get you cleaned up!!!"
"Oh Mom!!!! You're the best!!!!"
ManCandy!!!! Momma knows best!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"Oh my! Her husband seems quite at home in a dress doesn't he?"
"He does seem to be enjoying it!"
"Oh my! He does seem to enjoy sucking that cock, doesn't he?"
"Well, she's trained him well...I wish my Edgar would do that for me!"
"Oh my! I hadn't considered it till now, my Stanley would look lovely with a cock in his mouth!!!"
"Maybe we can train them together?"
"Oh my! You're right! That would be perfect! Let's start next weekend!"
 "Perfect!!! I can't wait!!!"


Just The Tip

"It's alright just get the tip wet....I'll get the rest of it wet inside your wife!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Mayan Skull

How had this happened? She had thought they were so happy together...

When Dr. John Heinz  had married Dr. Theresa Kerry everyone thought it was a match made in heaven! She was the heiress to a fortune and he was a scientist that thought little of money.
Her fortune had allowed them to travel all over the world while they investigated the outer extremes of archaeology! They were in search of the proof of legends....leave the boring old gravediggers to look for the mundane discoveries, they were after the stuff of dreams!
They had made several minor discoveries in the Mayan rain forests before they stumbled onto Teothikan....the lost city....unseen since the fall of the Mayan Empire, nine centuries ago!
Dr. Karl had concentrated his studies in the temple while his wife searched the city hoping to reveal more secrets....
He kept telling her there was nothing of any value in the temple so far while she had found many tantalizing clues that left her baffled....
"I can read the glyphs John but they don't seem to make any sense...."
"How so?"
"Well it seems that this city was very warlike....and that at times of need the females would disappear and allies would arrive from elsewhere.....bu where did the females go and where the allies came from remains unclear....there are some glyphs that I don't recognize....some I've never seen....some I don't think anyone has ever seen!"
"Well keep at it Sweetheart, if anyone can decipher it it will be you! If I come across anything in the temple that might help I'll be sure to let you know!"
Soon Theresa had noticed that her sleep was interrupted by strange dreams and her body seemed to be changing in some way that she couldn't describe....she complained to her husband who told her it was nothing....all in her mind....but she was sure....
In a week she felt a bulge developing in her groin and asked her husband to examine it and give his opinion!"
"Beautiful as ever!" he said, making her blush!
The dreams were becoming more vivid....she was chasing down warriors of an opposing tribe and when she captured one she would.....she would take him as a man takes a woman and the victory filled her with joy!!!!
She began to have orgasms as she slept but always when she had the on their knees before pleasuring her in so many perverted ways....but always with her unmistakably as a great male warrior!
Then one day she awoke to a horror unlike any she had ever known.....her husband....holding a skull near her......smoke pouring from it....filling her eyes and ears and mouth and nose.....and she felt the change happen.....she was still a woman but she was also a wonderfully endowed man....
"What have you done to me John???"
"I made a discovery in the temple......I discovered that the women didn't leave....they were transformed into warriors.....and now I have transformed you. my dear, into the true woman of my dreams"
In a rage she tool the skull and smashed it against the wall....she had never felt so strong....and she ripped away his breathing apparatus as easily as she ripped away his clothes....he screamed as she tossed him like a rag doll and then she put him in position, he may have started this but she was going to finish this....every marriage needed a woman and in this marriage that was going to be him from now on!!!!
His screams echoed through the surrounding jungle, no one could say if it was pain or ecstasy!!!!

Never Tired

She never gets tired of having a big cock inside her....
I never get tired of watching...
She gets satisfaction with him deep inside her....
I get satisfaction from seeing her get the pleasure a big cock can give....something I can't give her!
I think that makes us perfect for each other!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2018


"We'll be watching on the nannycam fact everyone at the party will be watching....feel free to play with each other all you want but make sure neither of you cums....If either of you cums that's an automatic six months in chastity for both of you.....and you'll both have to come downstairs and be spanked in front of all our guests!!!!"
When the wives left the two sissies moaned as they felt each other....
"Six months and a spanking.....doesn't sound so bad to me Leeanne...."
"It's totally worth it sweet girl!!!!"
"But not right away.....I want to take my time...."
"Oh yes Sweet too!!!!"

Career Day

Her Daddy had been so reluctant until step-mommy had insisted....she was so proud that he came to career day at school!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

So Much Better

When she asked me if I would suck her new girlfriends cock I agreed....of course!
I anticipated the taste of latex and maybe just a little of her natural always....
Imagine my surprise to find a natural!!!!! And it was just so much better than I had imagined!!!!

Show Me

"Show me!"
"You said you wear women's said you were wearing them now....I want to see..."
He nervously lowered his jeans and revealed his pretty panties to her....
She just stared....not speaking or frowning or smiling....just staring!!!!
Finally he asked....
"Should I go?"
She shook her head as if woken from a dream....
"Go....go where....I was just thinking I have a bra that would match those panties you know your bra size?"
"Oh and then you'll need stockings too....or do you prefer pantyhose? And some shoes and a pretty dress.....oh this is going to be such fun!!!!"
"You mean you...."
"I mean I love you and think you're going to make the cutest girlfriend....if you want to?"
"I can't wait.....can I try on that bra?"
"Sure let's go....I'll help you with the hooks!!!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hump Day

It's a good time for a Hump Day visit to the gym......just remember stretching is the key to a good workout!!!!

So Pretty

Oh yes....this one was so pretty....but the pink one was pretty too....she'd take them home and let him decide....she was sure he'd pick the pink one....god he was such a sissy....but she knew he'd be prettier in the white....

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Cuckolds Life

"Yes turns out he'll be staying for dinner after all....sooooooooo please set another place!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
Woohoo!!!! Cream pie for dessert tonight!!!!

Nothing Louder

I honestly don't think there's anything louder than the click!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2018

So Shy

She couldn't remember the last time a man blushed before he spoke to was so cute....
"Hi.....I wanted to tell you that that looks wonderful.....can you tell me where you got it?"
She smiled at him.....if this was a line it wasn't a good one....
"Well the cones are right there and the ice cream is just over could just help yourself...."
"No I didn't mean the ice cream.....I meant the dress....I'd love to get one just like it and I was wondering where you got it...."
"Oh....for your girlfriend?"
"No, I don't have a girlfriend...."
"For your wife then?"
"I'm not married, Ma'am..."
Ma'am....she liked that....
"Then who is it for? Mother....sister....friend?"
"It''s for me....Ma'am...."
"'s for you? I think we should grab a table and get to know one another....then maybe we'll go shopping together later...."
"I'd like that....Ma'am!"

Monday ManCandy

It's a terrible thing to be stuck in bed alone....but if you're sick sometimes you just don't feel strong enough to get up and have breakfast....
Having someone who loves you enough to make sure you get your proper nutrition, still warm and fresh. can make all the difference!!!
ManCandy!!! What better way to prove she loves you!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Brunch

I'm hungry, she's hungry, he's hungry....everybody's hungry but I'll never get finished cooking if he keeps interrupting me like this!!!!

Fever Dreams

My fever spiked up to 102 yesterday....and I'm told it left me incoherent.....they were so worried that they were getting ready to take me to the hospital!!!
I was moaning and making garbled sounds....they weren't sure what I was trying to say....
I really wasn't trying to say anything because in my fevered mind my mouth was very full!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Memories

"Do you remember the first time we came here?"
"Oh yeah...we were so young then!!!"
"It looked just like it does now....maybe no one has been here since then?"
"'s really hard to find......."
"It was so hot that day remember?"
"Oh yeah.....remember we just tore our clothes off and jumped in...."
"Yes I you remember the tingling?"
"How could I forget it....and then when we climbed out....we were..."
"We were you remember the shock of it?"
"Oh you ever wish you were a boy again?"
"You mean give up being a girl....I've thought about it ....but I kind of prefer it this way...what about you?"
"All I can say is...that water changed me to a girl and I'm not sure if it would change me back if I jumped in again....I don't know how the magic works....but I have no intention of ever going in that water again ever....I love being a girl!"
"And I love how you taste as a girl!"
"Oh are so bad!!!"
"Am I....Why don't you lie back and let me show you how bad I can be!!!!"
"OK but let's move back a little from the water...."

Friday, September 14, 2018

All Set

The girls were all set to humiliate make him feel so ridiculous.....maybe even make the little sissy cry!!!!
But when he opened the door and hesitantly stepped out in front of them each one of them remembered how nice he had always been....
They changed in an instant from his tormentors to his protective big sisters....
If he wanted to be a girl sometimes then that's OK ....they would do what they could to help him and try to understand him....
He cringed as they rushed at him....
They were on him before he could react....
But they weren't laughing....they were hugging him....they were welcoming him.....he finally felt like he belonged....he felt like one of the girls....
And as he burst into tears they didn't laugh....some of them joined him....crying their eyes out....while some of the others tried so hard to soothe him!!!!
He became their first male sorority sister....and god help any man on campus who had anything bad to say!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Little Under the Weather

I've been feeling a little under the weather since yesterday evening....been running a fever on and wife's assistant Stacy has been here looking after me and I finally convinced her I'm well enough to update my silly little blogs....
Hopefully resume my regular posts by tomorrow morning

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hump Day

It's been a pretty good week, work hasn't been let Hump Day ease you toward the weekend....slow and steady will get you there!!!!

Cute Baby Doll

I love my cute Baby doll nightie, it's just about my favorite!!!!
I was so glad that her date from last night liked it too when I bumped into him in the kitchen....
He thought I looked cute and I was glad that I could taste her on his cock....I don't know about him but I certainly got the snack I wanted!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Sometimes when she comes home she's not in the mood to today....
"We'll talk later Sissy....I need to cum right now!!!"
Well my Mom taught me, years and years ago, that it's rude to talk while you're eating!!!

It's Good To Be Home

I like to travel but I like coming home even more!!!!
Watching and listening to her cum over and over on his big cock.....goodness it's good to be home with everything back to normal!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday ManCandy

There you are! Been outside all day and your energy is just about depleted! You look up and you wish as hard as you can, "Oh please I need some ManCandy now!!!!"
Almost miraculously your prayers are answered!!!!
ManCandy!!! It's a blessing from above!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Vacation Brunch

It was a quaint little cafe and they served amazing food!!!
The waiter was cute too....when he and Sissy came back from the ladies room she'd get the whole story.....
She smiled as she these prices she was glad that Sissy got her meal for free!!!!

Relaxing Vacation

Sometimes the best thing about going on a vacation is that you get the time to relax and do what you enjoy most....

Vacation Humiliation

I was alright with this game until I saw her coming back towards our room with another woman.....and they were laughing loud enough for me to hear...

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Tale of The Body Thief

I still don't know how it was day I'm sitting on a park bench and a pretty girl joins me world turns upside down and inside out and suddenly I'm the pretty girl and she's me....I mean she's inside my mind was reeling as she leaned over and kissed my forehead and got up and walked away and stole my entire life!!!
I struggled for a few days but it's amazing what a pretty girl can get if she knows what she wants.....
In a few weeks I had gotten on my feet and in a few months I was starting to build a new life and I was having great success and serious fun!!!!
I woke one morning and untangled myself from the boy toy I had used to pleasure me last night....I felt a strange, strange urge to go.....
I walked to the bench....and had a seemed so long ago even though it had been less than eight months since I had been robbed of everything on this very bench....I was musing on this when I saw my old body walking toward me....
He grunted as he sat down.....I looked him over.....had I always had all that gray hair....that paunch....those wrinkles.....that wheezing cough?"
The woman in my body told me that she had finally decided that she had done me wrong and had come to switch back....she said she was sorry and would try to make amends to me somehow.....she went on and on....
Thankfully I spotted the police officer nearby and when I screamed for help he was there in a moment  and my old body was dragged away while I cried on the strong young officers shoulder.....and I could tell he appreciated holding me close!!!!
Switch back? All I would gain was millions of dollars and aches and pains that I had all but forgotten!!!!
Switch back.....why on earth would I ever do something as crazy as that!!!!

Going To Be Traveling

Going to be on the road again with my Darling wife for a couple of days.....leaving Saturday morning and should be home by Monday night....I will post if I can but I apologize in advance in case there are any interruptions in my schedule!!!!
Now excuse me while I get the car ready for her!!!

Friday, September 7, 2018


"All you have to do Sissy is convince my boyfriend that I should let you cum....I'll leave the decision entirely up to him!!!"
I can't even begin to describe the ways I pleaded, bargained and just totally humiliated myself in front of this man I had just met....this man who had come here to fuck my wife...I promised him anything....I promised him everything.....
Later he pulled his glistening hard cock from my mouth, he took my wife right there....right in front of me.....then he smiled at me after I finished cleaning both of them....licking up every drop of their mixed juices.....he looked at my clitty, straining in it's cage.....I needed release so badly.....he looked at my wife and said....
"No I don't think he's earned it!!!"
"Quite looks like another three weeks then Sissy! What do you have to say?"
"Thank you Ma'am.....thank you Sir.....can I be of any further service to you?"

Sissies Around The World

"May I help you?"
"Yes, I'm looking for something that my husband will like?"
"Oh my!!!! He's a lucky man!!!! We have this set in bright pink that I'm sure will stir his loins!!!"
"Yes it's lovely.....but I hope you have it in his size!!!"

Thursday, September 6, 2018


"Now this is a cock look between your cock there.....just pull up your panties like a good little girl and run along to your room.....I'll call you if I need you!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

The Summer is Almost Over

A quick glance told him that it was indeed starting to grow back!!!! That witch had promised him it would last all summer and he still had a couple of weeks till the Autumnal Equinox but it was already growing back!!!!
If he knew where to find her he'd complain that he wasn't getting the full summer....but the carnival had moved on and god only knew where they were now!!!!
And he had a date with Brad tonight and Brad was expecting to go all the way!!!!
Brad would not understand and if she told him the truth.....that he'd been dating Kaaren the school Sissy this whole summer.....heaven knows what he'd do!!!!
There was only one thing to do.....tell Brad she had her period....boys never questioned that.....and then offer him the nearest might work out OK for both of them!!!!