Thursday, April 30, 2020


He was a virgin.....she was absolutely certain.....but she asked him anyway....
"Have you ever fucked a woman Tommy?"
"Oh sure.....lots of times....."
"Don't lie to me or I'll stop right now!!!!!"
" never know....."
"Do you want to come Tommy.....I'll bet you do!!!!!"
"Oh yes......I'm so close...."
"The only way I'll let you come is in my sissy husbands that okay with you?"
"Your husband....."
"Yes he's my cocksucking slut and I want you to come in his mouth....will you do that for me?"
"Oh yes....I'll do anything....please....."
"Come in Sissy....he's ready for you!!!"

Not Too Proud

As I've said before, I'm not too proud to get down on my hands and knees and crawl if it will get me something I want.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Just to keep herself amused I have to keep the remote controlled plug in all day....
She likes to catch me when my hands are full or I'm off balance.....suddenly the plug comes to life and I'm left to try and control myself while she laughs!!!!!
Now I try to brace myself whenever she takes out her phone!!!!

Hump Day - Quarantine Edition

Yes I still love Hump Day.....I may not show it like I used to.....but I enjoy it in a whole different way now!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It Was Different

Sometimes we'd go to the local pub for a drink or two and I always ordered only beer for myself....and I never had more than two......I had to drive us home after all and we had a fridge stocked with beer and I could have more later....
It was a funny thing was the same brand at the pub.....but it always tasted better there than at home....
I guess it was just one of those things....I bet that bartender misses wife always winked at him as she slipped him a twenty for a tip!!!!!
She's generous like that....

Beginning To Understand

He was beginning to understand what she meant....
It had hurt so much....but she told him it always hurt the first time....
Then it felt so good.....
And she told him that it would always feel that way....every time she fucked him...

Monday, April 27, 2020


After I introduced him to my wife I stepped back to allow room for them to get to know each other.....
But I did watch him touching her.....
And I loved it almost as much as she did!!!!

Monday ManCandy - Life During Lockdown

Don't look at it as a restriction....look at it as an opportunity to become the Princess you always wanted to be!!!!
Get out your prettiest things.....gowns and shoes and pearls and that tiara you've always wanted to wear......and treat yourself to a warm creamy breakfast fit for a queen!!!!!
Maybe you could even have seconds.....but remember to touch up your makeup first....after all a princess must always look her best!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Open wide Your Highness!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

So You See

"So you see girls.....he's totally trained......he'll pay the rent....he'll do all the housework....he'll do all the cleaning....and all we have to do is use him however we what do you say?"
"Alright....he can stay....but that cage never comes off....not ever!!!!"
"Of course not...."
"I don't want him poking around in my undies...."
"Sweetie....he's got way sexier undies in his own drawer...."
"Alright then....I agree....he can stay...."
"Oh wonderful!!!!! Do you hear that Daddy? You can stay!!!!"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

Sally wondered where Kaaren was slipping off to after lunch every day....and now she wasn't sure if she should tell on her for breaking quarantine or join her and share her delicious secret!!!!
After just wasn't natural to lock up a school full of super horny sissies and expect them to give up sucking cocks for so long!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Just Imagine

The fiendish experiment is almost complete! He knew the police were closing in but with a little luck he'd be gone before they found him!
Just imagine the brain of the most brilliant man in the world in the body of the most famous female porn star in the world!!! It was the stuff of fevered dreams and it was close to so close!!!
He imagined the days of scientific experiments they would share! The discoveries they would make!!!
He imagined the nights of wild abandon, her body was made for pleasure and he planned to make the most of it!!!!
Just another few hours and it would all be his....
Wait! what was that noise???? They couldn't have found him yet!!!
No please god no! Not when he was so close!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2020


Yes she's always been a bit of a perfectionist....
Everything has always had to be just right....
The people she worked with found this out gradually....
I found this out the best way possible!!!


"Silly Sissy....first I put you in my panties.....then I put you in my dress....and now I'm going to put my lover's cock in your mouth.....if you're complaining now just wait till you see what comes next...."

Thursday, April 23, 2020


Scenes from my past come back to me all the time....but now I see them through my sissy lens and I wonder.....
My father's youngest Aunt Patty....was the free spirit of the family....
She was the one that scandalized everyone at Holiday dinners with her off-color humor....and her daring way of dressing....
She fueled many of my fantasies when I was young....and yes I knew it was wrong....even then I knew but I really didn't care!!!
She was the one I bonded with and I know she liked me the best of all the younger kids....she actually told me that on more than one occasion!!!!
She visited with us many times a the point that, when we moved to a bigger house, she had her own room there....
I explored Aunt Patty's room often and I tried on just about everything she would leave there....and she would hint....sometimes very heavily....that she knew that I had been in her things....she never did it in front of my father....thank god....I had enough abuse from him as it was....
She always joked about me being a girl....or being her girlfriend....I would blush and she would hug me and laugh....
I always loved to hear her laugh....even if it was sometimes at my expense....
She died before I turned twenty....before she turned forty....and I try not to remember her as she was during those last days....I far prefer to remember her as she was, when she would throw open her arms and hug me tight....
I wonder now about the many times she would call me to her room and I would find her in her undies.....
"Don't be shy", she'd say, "It's just us girls here after all!!!!"
I wonder what she saw in me, or about me, that made her so sure I would be a girl like her?
I don't think it was just teasing.....I think on some level she knew....I wish she was here today so I could ask her....
And she wore beautiful undies....

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hump Day - Quarantine Edition

There is so much going on in the world that is beyond your ability to control.....but Hump Day is here and this.....this, you are right on top of.....

From My Heart

As many of you know I've been down with, what turned out to be, the flu.
I developed the fever after not feeling well for a day....and of course I feared the worst....I honestly thought that maybe this was it for me....that's the way i think these days....
My wife put me to bed and it seemed like no matter how many blankets she put over me I couldn't stop shaking from the chills although my fever was rising.
I kept telling her that she had to stay away from me....that I was done for....that I was contagious....but, of course, she didn't listen to me....
She had her doctor come to the house....yes....imagine....a doctor making house calls!!!! Will wonders ever cease!!!!
Actually her Doctor....well....our doctor I one of her oldest friends....and I've heard a lot of stories about the things they got up to in college.....but that's a story for another day....
She was very concerned and did a couple of tests on both of us.....including taking a urine sample from me....which was just as embarrassing as you probably imagine...
The two of them put me to bed and that was it for me.....I was exhausted just from going across the hall to the bathroom.....
My wife.....put everything else aside as much as she could and sat in the room with me while my fever climbed up to 102....
She made me take fluids....and put cold compresses on my head....and she climbed in bed next to me when I told her I was cold and she held me while I shivered....
I remember asking her if I was dying....I don't really remember her answer....but I'm pretty sure it would have been a loud "No".
I asked her to stay away.....I didn't want to infect her too....but she wouldn't she told you in her fever broke and I was trying to get up and help her around the house.....but she just took me back to bed and threatened me with holy hell if I tried to get out on my own before she said I could....
I have read all the good wishes sent my way and I'd love to respond to each but I'm still feeling a little out of it.....and I'm using up all my energy typing this....
I just want to thank you all, from my heart, for the love you've all sent my way....I'm sure it made all the difference!!!!
I'll hopefully be back to my normal posting schedule soon....
Again....thank you....and I love you all!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Sissy Training - It Never Ends

Your Sissy should understand that his training is always ongoing.....he will always be a Sissy and he will always have to be ready for more training....

Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday ManCandy

You can say what you want about our favorite breakfast treat....but I can honestly say that I've never eaten anything......and I do mean anything....that gave me such joy....
It's wonderful getting's wonderful when your mouth's wonderful that it tastes soooo's wonderful in your tummy....
ManCandy!!!! When was the last time you had a real happy meal???

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Matinee - A Nuns Story

All his life he'd felt a calling to devote himself to the church....
But there was a time in his teens when the temptation to wear the silky garments his sister wore had overpowered everything else he knew!!!!
He had tried for years to deny the sweet allure of femininity....
He had shared his concerns with his priest who had helped him to learn that he really enjoyed pleasing a man....
After multiple visits he enjoyed using his hand....and then one day the father's hand had guided his head downwards and he learned something new and wonderful....
But to confirm his femininity the good Father had taken him to his bed and had used him as a man would use his wife....or maybe not....more likely it was as a man would use a common street whore....
Finally it was decided that he should join a convent and live as a nun....
He was never going to be any kind of a man.....and his calling was so strong that he really felt he must devote his life to service to god!!!!
All through his years as a novitiate, he had hidden his crazy urges.....keeping them to himself in his cell....
Through the thin walls he heard the women around him offering their praise to god....
On his left, Sister Hillary offered her praise to god for hours!!!!
"Oh god.....oh yes.....oh god...."
He listened to the sounds of her worship and was so ashamed that it aroused lust in him!!!!
But then cane his graduation....he was a Bride of Christ.....and as they lined up to be welcomed into the convent he felt something poking at his bottom!!!!
Then he heard her whispering from behind him....
"Yes Sister....I'll be tapping on your front door tonight....but it's your back door I 'm ready to receive me.....obviously we both have a secret and I'm planning to bury my secret inside you tonight.....and every night.....from now on!!!!"


My sweet husband "Kaaren" asked me to post an update to his blog followers, so here you have it.
He's doing much better but my personal physician has recommended he continue bed rest for a few more days and I quite concur.
Thank goodness the tests for COVID-19 came back as negative for the both of us and I have been feeling well and haven't any of the symptoms "Kaaren" has displayed.
He had a fever of 101 which later went up to 102.
He had chills that made him shiver even under blankets.
For two days he didn't eat and only drank when I forced him to.
He could barely manage the strength to get out of bed to go to the bathroom.
My friend, call her Dr.V, a friend of mine since college, came to examine him as soon as she could. She told me not to bring him to the hospital under any circumstances, unless his fever continued to climb. which thankfully it did not.
After climbing to 102 his fever declined back to a little over 100 but it was persistent.
Dr.V drew blood for testing and did swab tests on both of us, which, as I previously said, were negative.
"Kaaren" has the flu, she's already getting better. I can tell because her stubborn streak is coming out once again.
He's insisting that he'll be fine in a couple of hours and this morning he stumbled into my bedroom to ask me if I wanted him to prepare my breakfast.
He had such an earnest expression on his face I almost felt I was being cruel when I walked him back to bed and admonished him to stay there.
So there you have it. He's sleeping right now and the worst is past.
I checked and he currently has no temperature.
He'll be back to his blogging soon.
Thank you for all the good wishes, he hasn't seen them yet but I'm sure he'll thank you all when he's able.

Mrs. K

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

When I Was A Girl

When I lost my virginity it was with a boy I thought was a keeper.....he was a varsity sports guy and he had a pretty big dick.....I had felt it through his pants plenty of times!!!!
When the time came I was expecting him to go slow.....instead he slammed it into me and then came almost immediately after that....
Now my Sissy husband is about to lose his cherry.....he's asked me to go slow....but I want to see if he cums as fast as that boy did if I really push it all in at once!!!!!
I never dreamed I'd marry a man I could turn into my sissy slut.....I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2020

What About Him

"Doesn't that feel good Baby...."
"Oh's wonderful...."
"I told you you'd like it....and I have so much more to show you!!!!"
"But what about your husband?"
"What about him Baby?"
"He's right there....he's watching us....."
"That's alright......maybe he'll learn something about how to please a woman...."

Monday ManCandy - Vital Shortages

During these troubled times when grocery stores shelves are empty of key items let's all thank goodness that there's no shortage of out favorite breakfast treat....there's plenty enough for everyone!!!!
But remember to follow the social distancing rules!!!!
ManCandy!!! Never a shortage....always available!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sunday Brunch - CANCELLED

"I'm sorry you had to cancel your Brunch with your friends again this weekend there anything special you want this morning?"
"The only thing I want is a piece of your sweet little sissy ass!!!!"
"But that's what you had yesterday....I wanted to prepare something special for you...."
"I had it yesterday and I'll probably have it again if you want to prepare something for me.....bend over and prepare yourself!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Happy Easter

When I was little they used to leave eggs around the house for me to find....I couldn't believe my wife was thoughtful enough to leave me something I like even better...just lying in her bed for me to find....there's nothing like a sweet treat on a sunny Easter morning!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Top Dollar

"Hello, this is Mrs. Jenkins.....I dropped off my husband a few weeks ago....I haven't heard anything since about his progress....."
"Oh yes....Mrs. Jenkins....your timing couldn't be better....I'm looking at your husband right fact I've had an eye on him for several days now...."
"I was hoping for regular progress reports...."
"I'm so sorry about that....I'll double check with the clerical department and I promise you I'll find out what happened in your husband's case!!!!"
"That may solve the problem on your end....but I still don't know what my husband's status is...."
"I'm watching him right now and he is excelling at his assignments....everything I've heard from our Associates has been positive about his progress....I'm certain that when the time comes we'll return him to you as the sissy of your dreams....totally feminine....totally submissive...."
"That will be wonderful....I've had to put up with this pesty policeman, Caruthers, who's been investigating my husbands "disappearance"....I'm getting very tired of having sex with him to distract him!!!!"
"Well....on that note....I'd like to inform you that your husband has caught the eye of some of my other clients and, even as we speak, they are bidding against each other to buy her as a sex slave!!!!
"Oh my goodness....I never dreamed it would come to this.....I couldn't possibly sell my husband into slavery.....that would be so wrong....just out of general interest....what is the current bid?"
He's....excuse me....she's currently at two and a half million.....but I'm sure the bidding will go higher!!!!"
"That much!!!!"
"You haven't seen your husband since you gave him to us....and he had some hidden gifts.....for instance, did you know that he had no gag reflex?"
" could I....."
"There's so many other things that he excels at as a sissy that he failed at as a man....i would need to pull his file to list them for you....but I can tell you.....that when you gave him to us it was like we uncovered a treasure!!!!"
"I what do you suggest I do?"
"If it was me....Sweetie, I'd take the money....and if I wanted a man I'd buy one for myself!!!!
"Two and a half million......what's your cut of that?"
"We take ten percent of all sales...."
"Alright....when it get's to three million you can sell.....but I want one last night with the sissy before he's shipped to his new owner!!!!
"That's a deal!!!!"

Because of This

"It really is just so funny when I think about it...."
"Because of this you can never be a woman....."
"And because of all this you're obviously not the man I thought you were..."
"So when you think about's because of this that you're a sissy...."
"And after I lock this in a cage you'll never have to worry about it again...."
"Because then you'll be too busy learning to be the perfect cocksucking sissy slut to worry about anything else...."

Friday, April 10, 2020

That First Time

That first time she took it to the next step she realized some adjustments would have to be made!!!!
That dildo was far too small and that cage was far to big!!!!
She'd go shopping tomorrow.....or even better she'd send her sissy shopping instead!!!

Sissy Maid

In my role as her sissy maid I feel it's my duty to handle many of the most intimate aspects of her life for her....
"Are you sure you don't want me to take care of that for you Ma'am?"
"Was that a yes?"
"It would be my pleasure to assist you with this in any way I can Ma'am...."
She gave an exasperated sigh.....
"Sissy....just stand there and more word and I'm going to send you to your room!!!"
I almost answered her....but I've learned that trick already!!!
I smiled and nodded and she went back to work.....

Thursday, April 9, 2020

When I Look In The Mirror

When I look in the mirror and I see the girl looking back.....I'm ready to go out there and get on my knees and suck his a girl would....

Eyes Wide Open

I remember the first time...
Well it wasn't the first time but read on and you'll see what I mean....
He and my wife had been enjoying themselves for a long time....and I had finished cleaning them both up....
While I was licking him clean he was suddenly ready again and I backed off to allow him to fuck my wife again....
But he laughed and told me it was my turn!!!!!
She laughed too.....she wanted to watch me take his big cock....
So I got into position.....head down and ass up!!!!
"Oh no Sissy.....flip on over.....I want to fuck you like a woman!!!"
And he did.....and it was so good!!!!
But I was so embarrassed as he spread my legs wide and made me his bitch.....I kept my eyes squeezed shut because I just couldn't make eye contact with him......he didn't seem to care as he thoroughly fucked me....she leaned in to watch as he filled me with his cream....
Later she laughed about the whole thing.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Rhythm always.....waiting to be called for cleanup.....or to bring refreshments....or to fluff him to go again....
But waiting....and I noticed that I was keeping the beat with the bed banging against the wall....

Hump Day - Quarantine Edition

It's Hump day.....a little bit of normal in your life....after spending all this time locked down with your roommates you're not sure you ever want it to end!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Home Invasion

When he broke into this house this was not at all how he pictured it turning out!!!!
But he'd be breaking in here again tomorrow....for sure!!!!

Still A Slut

She stood in the doorway of my sissy bedroom watching me sleep....
She slipped a finger inside herself.....pleasuring herself as she watched me.....
She loved to see me like this....feminine and vulnerable.....
She pictured how she had changed me through the years....and how I had changed her through the years.....and she came hard on her fingers and she gasped....
Somewhere in my brain that sound set off a reflex.....and she was very amused to see me holding myself open.....
She was tempted to go and get her strap-on.....but she decided to go back to bed....she'd tell me all about it later....after all....she had meetings in the morning!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Working From Home

"While I'm home Sissy I want you properly dressed to do your you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I'm not complaining...but usually I do my housework in leggings and a T-shirt....
But in these trying times we all have to make adjustments I guess....

Monday ManCandy - Social Distancing Edition

Making sure he delivers from a distance of at least twelve inches is still closer than recommended by the governments social distancing guidelines.....but I'm pretty sure if there was someone who could deliver a healthy creamy breakfast from six feet away we'd have all heard about him by now!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Essential? You bet it is!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Life During Lockdown

"Come with me Daddy.....I want to teach you all about teleconferencing!!!!"
"But Sweetie...what will your mother say?"
"What will she say!!!! It was her idea!!!! She's got some of her friends online along with mine.....and if they enjoy it we might make it a daily come along...."
"Yes Dear...."

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

Now visiting by phone....
"No, I'm sorry Sweetheart, while we're under quarantine, none of us can leave the school this weekend...."
" I guess the only cocksucking whore around here will be me finally!!!!"
"Oh no Sweetheart, I'm the only cocksucking whore in the family you're just a regular cocksucker!!!!"
"A regular....well....maybe so.....anyway...I'm going to start sucking his cock in a minute and I'm going to pretend that you're here...on your knees...watching....."
"I only hope you enjoy it as much as I do...."
"You are such a slut.....I'm going to have a mouthful of wonderful cock while you have to stay at school.....I hope you enjoy yourself!!!!"
"'ll be just me and my roommate....but I'll try Sweetheart...."

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Bride of the Monster

She sighed as he approached her again....
"Look.....I'm not in the mood.....go groom yourself and maybe we'll see...."
There was a time when she feared him.....especially that first time....he had been a man then....before Dr, Varnoff had used his Radium Ray on him and made him into a real woman...not the gurl he was when he was alone....
And then there was the "Monster" was some kind of stupid atomic atomic octopus!!!!
But there was also the gorilla....and when the obviously unstable octopus exploded...killing it and Dr. Varnoff, that left us both alone to deal with our problems...
He had beautiful eyes....the gorilla I mean....but I wasn't falling for him....
My new female body was yearning for this what all women felt like? How could they stand it???
And he had such beautiful eyes....
I blame it on this new female body and the hormones running wild through it....but we had sex.....yes I had sex with the gorilla.....and I have to say....even though I really have nothing to compare it was wonderful!!!!
But now....we've been together for a few years and the only time he comes near me is when he wants sex.....and it's really not the same fact I'm really done with him.....doggy style every just gets so old after a while!!!!
Now....that gibbon next door has been giving me the eye....that might be interesting...

Two Things

"I have two things to tell you Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am..."
"The first thing is that this cage is far too big for you.....tomorrow we'll shop for a much smaller one!!!! Much smaller!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"The second thing is that, today, he's going to enjoy getting his cock sucked by one of us for the very first time....."
"Yes Ma'am...."
"And I sucked his cock you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am....."

Friday, April 3, 2020

Just Do It

You're stuck at just might as well just do it!!!!
Let the girl come deserve it and you'll probably never have a better chance!!!!
You're a beautiful least for a while....isn't that reason enough?


I was made into his sissy bitch while I serviced her.....all I could think the waves of emotion and pleasure washed over me....this is so good!!!!!
So good!!!!!
Oh goooooooddddd!!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Oh No!!!!

Oh no!!!!
It's's fainted....I've worn it out!!!!
I'll have to try mouth to....well I'll have to try to revive it somehow....after all it's served me so well for so long!!!!

Sissy School - Quarantine

When the "Shelter in Place" order came from the Headmasters office they all stared at each other in silence....
"Does that mean we can't leave?" asked one of the Frat boys from St. Dunstans.
"I guess you're stuck here with just us...." Sissy Kaaren replied.
They all thought about it for a moment and then the party resumed!!!
A happy quarantine outcome for once!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hump Day - Quarantine Edition

Yes these times are hard but there's till work to do!!!
Hump Day may find you with fewer resources so you'll just have to get used to doubling up on some essential tasks!!!!


"Oh it feels like it's going to be just perfect for me Sissy....why don't you crawl over here and open his pants and pull it out for me to see...."
Okay so she was going to use his big cock to humiliate me....she was going to make me say how beautiful it was.....she was probably going to make me put it in my mouth and suck a filthy cocksucking sissy whore.....
At least that's what I was hoping for....