Thursday, December 31, 2015

On New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve millions of people kept their eyes on the ball in Times Square! And when the time came they erupted in celebration!!!
Sissy spent New Year's Eve paying pretty close attention to balls too and when the time came Sissy would take care of an eruption and celebrate!!!!

Nothing Tastes Better

"Nothing tastes better than a really good glass of champagne....don't you agree Kaaren?"
How awkward....I agreed that she was always right and in case of any disagreement ....well...she's always right....but here was something I just simply couldn't agree with!!!!
I thought it over and putting my glass aside I leaned forward and kissed her there!!! Then again....and again!!!! I gave her a lick and then another....and in the next 45 minutes I savored the most exquisite taste in the world and even better....her question was long forgotten!!!


"Wow Sweetheart!!! You look beautiful in that!!! I have to be honest....when I bought it for you I thought about keeping it for myself!!!"
"But you still gave it to are the sweetest Sissy get off that computer and come upstairs with me; I want to do unspeakable things to you!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!!"

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fresh From Our Shower

Fresh from our shower we spent so much time patting each other dry and giggling like schoolgirls!!! Slipping on our comfy cottons and sharing a glass of wine...then another...and another and before I knew it we were kissing....I was so turned on that I was afraid I would cum in my little white cotton panties....her soft moans told me that soon she would be cumming in hers!!!!
I was concentrating so much on her that when I heard him moan as he stroked his cock I have to admit I had forgotten her lover was sitting there watching us!!!

She Watches Me Closely

She watches me so closely and she is quick to correct me when she thinks I'm not doing a proper job!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


She smiled as she sipped her wine!
Who did he think he was fooling? She could see it as clear as day...even from this distance!!!
The garter tabs were obvious and so was the visible panty line but the outline of his bra was as clear as could be!!!
He was small and pretty too!!! She could have a lot of fun with this one!!! She was already picturing this sissy with his face buried between her thighs and the thought made her squirm just a little!
Then she saw it! There for all the world to see! A wedding ring! All her fantasies evaporated as soon as she saw that little band of gold!!!!
Dammit, she thought, why are all the good ones taken?


Somehow I really don't think any of the neighbors believe that I have that big black cock she was screaming about last night!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Sissy School - A Different Lesson

Sissy Leeanne stared at her roommate as they were both unsnapping their bras in front of the class of first year gurls....
"But Kaaren we're supposed to demonstrate how to hook your own bra!!!"
"I was thinking they could figure that out for themselves...we did...why don't we demonstrate the effects of oral stimulation of the nipples instead....we're dressed for it already?"
"What exactly did you have in mind?"
"Well I was thinking you could lay down on the teachers desk and I could nibble and suck on your sweet nipples for the next forty minutes or so...until the bell rings....and you could explain how it makes you feel to the class!!! What do you think?"
"So you'll be sucking on my tits for the next forty minutes while a class full of young sissies watches, that's your idea?"
"Yeah that's it!!!!!"

"Class we're going to have a demonstration of oral stimulation of the nipples instead of the planned lesson today....Sissy Kaaren has generously offered to demonstrate her technique so please, no talking and pay attention!!!"
"Ready Leeanne?"
"I was ready five minutes ago Kaaren!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes the only answer to how much do you want is..."I want more!!!".
ManCandy!!! There's no such thing as too much!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Is Game Day

Alright Sissy!!!! Suit up!!!! The games going to start soon and the guys will be waiting for you!!!!

So Close

Oh my god!!!!! I'm so close...I'm going to cum!!!!!

Oh no Sissy....I really don't think so.....

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Gypsy Justice

"So what?" Ron Wilson said to his friend Tony Billings as they shared a drink at the bar.
"So what if I made promises to her...she's just a gypsy girl....I'm not the first man to make her promises just to get her into my bed!"
"But you could have treated her better, I think she really liked you!"
"She was just another gypsy girl...nothing special....the next carnival that comes to town will have another one!"
"But still you didn't have to be so mean...."
"I just told her that she should go back to her Mama, I'd never take a slut like her into my home!!!"
"So mean Ron....what did she say?"
"You know I expected her to try to slap me or something but instead she smiled at me and gave me a kiss and she said that I was the slut!"
"That's all?"
"Yeah can you believe it?"
The two friends parted and Tony forgot all about it!
Over the next two weeks Ron Wilson tried to deny the changes that were happening to his his mind!!! It was like a second personality had taken over and all he could do was watch!!!! His body changed and curves appeared where there had been none and worse still his manhood slipped into his body leaving a woman in it's place!!!
Finally the desires were too much to fight and he went to a bar and invited every man there to take him! The line at his house stretched out the door!!!! In the haze of his pleasure he realized the man with him was Tony....he wanted to scream for help as the man relentlessly took him but all he could say was "Yes....More!"
Then he saw her....bringing another jug of gypsy wine for the men! The same gypsy wine that had acted like an aphrodisiac for him!!!! She smiled at him as another man took Tony's place.
"Who's the slut now?" she said laughing!!!!

Happy Boxing Day

To all my Sissy friends in Canada and the UK I just want to say Happy Boxing Day!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

What Are You Doing?

"What are you doing? You said you wanted to play!"
"I do Sissy....but sometimes I play rough!!!"

Christmas Morning

I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas this year!!!! It was just the right size and exactly the color I wanted too!!!!

Oh and she got me a nice new tee shirt too!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Wife Was Breathing Hard

My wife was breathing hard.....or maybe it was me......
"Are you ready Kaaren?"
"Oh yes Ma'am!!!!"
"Alright Sissy....On your mark, get set.....go!!!!"

I Know

I know he's not the real can't fool me that easily!!! But the joke's on him....he's not the real Santa and I'm not a real girl....won't he be surprised!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Oh My Goodness Santa!!!!

"Oh my goodness Santa!!!! Are you looking up my dress?"
"Ho ho ho Sissy I couldn't help but notice that you need panties right away!!! Here's an assortment for you!"
"Panties for Christmas!!!! Thank you Santa!!!!"
"Maybe you should try them on and let me see if they fit you right!!!!"
"Oh my Santa!!!! What are you thinking!!!!"
"I'm thinking about warming up the old North Pole if you know what I mean, Ho Ho Ho!!!!"
"But don't you have deliveries to make?"
"Maybe I'll skip South America this year....put on the pink ones first Sissy....Santa want's to see how naughty you really are!!!!"

Not Yet

"I'm sorry Sweetheart....I've gone through all your dirty panties and I can't decide which to wear!!! Give me another few minutes and I'll decide...I promise!!!!"
"Just make it fast Sissy I want my breakfast om the table in five minutes or else!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
I just grabbed one without looking...once she was gone to work I'd go over them all again!!!! And again!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Wonder

Seeing the sly smile on her face just made me work harder!!! I wonder how many dinner guests realized that her husband was under the table stroking her thighs and sucking her toes?

I Won't Be Here For Christmas

"I won't be here for Christmas, so let me give you your present now!"
"Oh that's very thoughtful....I'm sorry I don't have anything for you!"
"Oh that's alright Sissy! I'm just going to enjoy giving you yours!!!"

Monday, December 21, 2015

So Hard So Wet

So slides so smoothly over my lipsticked lips....inside my tongue swirls around and around it....feeling it's hard shaft.....sucking mouth alive with it's flavor....slipping the tip between my teeth and giving it the slightest little nip....back and forth it and out of my hot sucking lips so tight around the shaft.....I don't want to drool on's so good I can't wait for the end...and out of the corner of my eye I see the others....eleven of them...all hard and ready.....waiting for my hot mouth to suck them all....and when they are done...when they have all finished in my mouth...I might another box of candy canes!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

At Christmas Time it's really more about giving than receiving!!!! It's about sharing and there's nothing better than sharing some snowy, white ManCandy!!!!
ManCandy!!! The gift that warms your heart...and your tummy.....all through the year!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Who's the team Captain!!!! Isn't it obvious!!! Just look closer!!! She has the pussy so she's the one in charge!!!! Jeez I thought everybody knew that!!!"

Han Solo

The movie was long since over and all the other crazed fans had gone home!
She was lost in her Star Wars fantasy and....well I was enjoying it too!!!!
"Lick me Han Solo.....make me cum again!!!" she wailed!
If she was imagining me as Han Solo....well I could lick her all night....imagine me as Han Solo.... me....Han Solo....a sissy Han Solo....wearing Princess Leia's clothes....oooohhh

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 2

As she stepped over his body she checked that the bonds and the transformation suit were properly in place! She hadn't planned for this but this is what she had to do, wasn't it?

She had been startled by the sound of a car pulling into their secluded driveway and throwing a robe on over her black lingerie she ran to see who it was!
Bobby Thompson! Why was he here again? She pulled open the door and he pushed his way in without waiting for an invitation!
"Alright Susie, I checked out your story and Jim's father died 4 years ago! I don't want to make anything on the record about this and I haven't told anybody but I need to know! What's going on Susie? Where is your husband?"
Thinking fast she let her robe fall open as she put her face in her hands and sobbed!
"He's left me Bobby, He left me for another woman!"
He put his arms around her to comfort her although after the glance he had at her body he was becoming decidedly uncomfortable himself!
"Oh Susie...I'm so sorry to hear that...I had no idea...."
At that moment a plan formed in her mind!
"Come upstairs with me Bobby, I've been so lonely and I need a friend!"
She let her robe fall to the floor.
"Susie, we've always been friends and you know I'm married and I...."
Her kiss silenced his objections and he followed her to his friends bedroom! Men are so easy to manipulate....look how easy it is to get this bastard to cheat on his loving wife!!! He deserves it just as much as my husband!!!
It was while he was in the throes of orgasm that she injected him with the first drug!!!!
Paralyzed he couldn't stop her as she put him into the transformation suit and bound him tightly.
"I'm sorry Bobby, I never planned this for anyone else but my cheating husband! He's in the last stages now....his body is transformed the machine is reprogramming his mind....he used to be your friend Jim but now he's going to be my little bitch slave Jamie! I want you to know I'm sorry for what I'm going to do to you but I can't have you ruining my plans....and now that I think of it...after you're transformed you and Jamie can both serve me...won't that be nice Bobby? Maybe Bonny would be a better name! Yes I think that would be best! I'll put you on the machine as soon as Jamie is done! She can help me move you!!!"
Her laughter filled the house sending chills down the paralyzed man's spine!!!!

You Asked For It

"Didn't you ask me...beg me to not make you come to the pub to see your friends in that pretty new dress I bought you?"
"Yes but...."
"And when I said OK as long as you wore that pretty frilly lingerie I picked out specially for tonight didn't you plead with me not to wear it?"
"Yes I did but I..."
"And all that pretty jewelry....the hoop earrings and necklace and asked not to wear those either didn't you?"
"But I meant...."
"You ruled out accessories, lingerie and dresses so I let you wear the only thing you had left....heels and makeup....and I have to say I think your pub mates might even like you better this way, what do you think?"
"This isn't what I meant....I wanted...."
""Oh I'm sorry Sissy....we'll have to talk's opening time!"

Friday, December 18, 2015

What I Want For Christnas

Who wouldn't want to find this waiting under the tree om Christmas Day?
I don't want to get this present....I want to BE this present!!!!!

You Have To Tell - Sissies International

"It's your wedding day and you look as beautiful as any woman but you have to tell him the truth before the ceremony!"
"Mother, there's nothing to tell....we love each other and we want to spend the rest of our lives together! It's enough!"
"But on your wedding night.....when you undress....when he sees.....what will he say?"
"Enough mother!"
"Jogi, you're my son and I love you but think!!!! What will he say???"
"Mother, he'll say "Can i put on your dress?", he'll say "Can I wear your panties?", he'll say "Can I suck your delicious little cock?"! At least that's what he said the last seven or eight times we were alone together! What do you think of that mother?"
"I'm so glad you found the right man darling!"

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Am I So Happy?

Why am I so happy? I'm about to bury my face between these beautiful cheeks and lick her dark little rosebud till she cums! And as much as she loves my tongue deep inside her takes her a really long time to cum this way!!!!
Can't think of a better way to spend some time!!!!

Damn It Sissy

"Damn it Sissy!!!! I told you to tuck this little thing back! It's poking into the folds of your gown and if I can see it I'll bet everyone else can too!!!!"
"I tried to keep it tucked but it always slips out!!!! I'm sorry!"
"Go to the ladies room, I'll meet you there!!!! They must have some tape around here somewhere!!!!"
"Oh yes Sissy when I'm done with you you're going to be as smooth as a baby girl!!!"
I hurried along....a baby girl....I like that idea....

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just In Case

Just in case you don't understand I'm pretty sure this should make it clear!!!!

Do You Love It?

"So what do you think? do you love it?"
"Okay I'll take that as a yes! I hope my Sissy likes it as much as you do! I just it big enough? My Sissy likes them big...just like me..."
"It's so big....oh my god's so big!!!!"
"Okay you've convinced me! You can pull up your pants now and go back to the mail room! Thanks for your's so hard to Christmas shop for Sissy! Please wash this off and wrap it for me....something really festive!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

The Loophole by Garfunkel and Oates

I love the tune and the whole idea!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Come Out With Me

"Come out with me tonight Kaaren! You can put on that little dress! And those "fuck me" heels too!!!!"
"You think I can pass?"
"Doesn't matter Sissy!!! Not to me! Go make yourself pretty for me!"
"Oh one more thing Sissy! With a dress that short you'd better wear panties!"
I did but I couldn't help notice that she didn' was going to be a fun night!!!

A Sissy's Life

Take away the stockings, heels and makeup and he wouldn't give me a second glance! But once I have them on he can't keep away!

Monday, December 14, 2015

How Many Men

How many men get to see this? I love to watch her get fucked senseless by a big cock and sometimes she watches me too!!!
I get to see her face and body convulse in pleasure...I get to see her cum...over and over...and I get to clean up after....then later I get to snuggle close to her and kiss her goodnight and feel her warm body against me...and in my dreams that big cock is mine....and there's no cage and...I can have a man has a woman....not a sissy but a real man....and sometimes that's enough and I wake with very wet panties and a stained sheet....

Monday ManCandy

There was once a time where the prevailing medical opinion was that children prone to sore throats should have their tonsils removed. Nowadays in our more enlightened times we realize all the good things tonsils do for us....and one of their most important functions is to serve as a target for a hot, creamy,  delicious serving of ManCandy!!!
ManCandy!!!! Aim for success and swallow the rewards!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"It's an all-out Blitz Jim!!!!"
"I'm betting Kaaren is more than ready for it!!!!"
"Jim, I'm betting Kaaren has been dreaming of this!!!!"

Reaching The Summit

Reaching the summit requires motivation and sometimes "Because it's There" isn't enough!!! That's where Sissy comes in! What more motivation do you need?

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Matinee - A New Life

"But I want to stay with you!!!!"
"You know that you can't my sweet little girl, I've told you from the beginning that this day would come."
"But Madame....what's to become of me?"
"You're going to live with a very rich man who has paid me and these nice gentlemen a huge amount of money to bring you to him! Remember all I've taught you...please him in whatever way he wishes and you'll be fine!!!"
The two men grabbed her and pulled her roughly to their van with Madame following! Sliding open the door they saw a bound blindfolded figure struggling against his bonds!!!!
"So who is this?" Madame asked.
"City Councilman Andrews! The boss wants him transformed and then he wants him's a kind of personal grudge I think....and after seeing what you did with the DA here I think the Boss will be happy!"
They strapped the struggling Councilman to the waiting wheelchair and helped the transformed man into his seat and as the van drove away her victim was blowing her kisses through the window!!!

Started to Doubt

I don't like to think that people might be telling me things that might not be true but after 12 minutes of pumping in and out of me he still hadn't felt his wedding ring!!!! I really thought I saw him leave it in the bathroom but he said he was sure so I'd give him a few more minutes to check!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Going For A Ride

She called and told me that she wanted to take me for a ride when she got home....I thought maybe she was taking me for ice cream...I love ice cream...
I was wrong it was even better!!!!

Page 12

Page 12 -
Trying on dresses with your boyfriend will help him to see the female point of view!!!! And don't forget the frilliest panties and training bra!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Process of Elimination

Here he comes now...and there's that sly little might have been many men do I see all the time after all....I have to know what he's smiling for....I'm going to get a taste of him now and see if anything seems familiar....after all if I want to figure out who it was I have to start somewhere....I'm going to give that mailman a reason to smile alright!!!!!

Oh Sissy!

"Oh Sissy! Come over here and get on your knees! I can't wait to watch you suck this one!!!"

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Small Town Girls - Sophisticated

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Usually they "borrowed" their clothes from their sisters, but then they discovered that their Mom's had much more sophisticated lingerie and they couldn't resist!!!!
Just the feel of the silky stockings tugging on the garters was almost enough for them but they craved more....they kissed....long and hard....hands roaming over soft silky things and slowly finding their way between their young legs....

You're So Pretty

"You're so pretty Sissy. I'm sure everyone at the party will want you!"
"Do you really think so?"
"Yes I do, so I'm going to have to make sure your cage is securely locked...I don't want any unauthorized orgasms!"
"Yes Dear, I understand! I would never try to cheat my chastity!"
"Well that's 10 over my knee for lying but we'll worry about those later...what do you say Sissy?"
"Thank you Ma'am for correcting my behavior!"
"Very good Sissy, now some of my guests may look elsewhere for their pleasure so I'm going to use a butt plug...the really big one!"
"But I ....I mean of course you're right...whatever you wish!!!"
"That's another 10 over my knee Sissy! You're not doing well tonight are you? What do you say?"
"Thank you Ma'am for correcting my behavior!"
"Nice Sissy, now I think the most likely spot my guests would abuse is this pretty mouth with your bright red you know what I'm going to do Sissy?"
"Not a...a gag?"
"No Sissy, your mouth will be available all night! After all it is a party and you are the entertainment!!!!"
"Thank you so much!!!!"
"I'd rest those jaw muscles if I was you Sissy!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Don't Spill A Drop - Sissy Training

"Don't you dare spill a drop Sissy! Not from the glass or anywhere else! One drop from either and you'll be over my knee!!!!!"

For A Moment

For a moment she worried that her sissy husband would be overwhelmed! But that smile told her that she had brought just the right man home!!!