Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day

"Sweetheart I've put on everything you laid out for me but you forgot to leave me a skirt or pants!"
"No Kaaren I didn't forget, I just think you'll look adorable in just your black lacy panties!"
"But what will the guys think if they see me like this!!!!"
"Well I think some of them will want to stuff your ass full of cock and some will want to stuff your mouth full of cock! Any problems with that Sissy?"
"No, How soon do they get here?"
"Soon Sissy, pull up your socks and get ready for their cocks!!!!!"

The Look

She turned to look at me as he slowly entered her! The look she gave me said so much!
It said "Thank You!"
It said "I Love You!"
It said "I'm glad we're sharing this!"
It said "His cock feels so good!!!"

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Matinee - One More Bite

"No, Jonathan!!!! Don't let her bite you again, look at what her first two bites have done to you!!!!  One more bite and you'll become a thing just like her! Prowling the night, preying on weak, confused men! Fondling their privates...taking them into your mouth, Jonathan, into your mouth!!!!! Please Jonathan! One more bite and you'll become a sissy vampire!!!"

Come Here Sissy

"Come here Sissy!" he commanded.
He was such an overwhelming alpha male that I never once thought of questioning him!
"Stand here....right here..."
I looked at her but she only had eyes for his huge cock!
"Turn around and bend over,,,,a little more...a little more...there that's perfect...just like that!"
My mind raced, I was so spread open! What did he have in mind...what was he going to do to me?
I felt him place his glass on my back!!!
"You stay right there Sissy and you hold my drink while I fuck your wife, don't you dare spill a drop or you'll answer to me!!!!"
There was silence....
"Yes sir!"
I heard him chuckle as I heard her gasp! Soon the sounds of him fucking my sweet wife almost made me move!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Where Everything Is

"Kaaren my friend wants to take a shower, take him and show him where everything is please!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
I showed him the shower, I showed him where to leave his clothes, I showed him where we keep the soap and shampoo, I showed him how much I enjoyed playing with his nice big cock and after rinsing  I showed him how well I can suck a big beautiful cock like his!!! I showed him what it's like to be patted dry by his lover"s sissy husband!!!!
Soon I would show him the way to the bedroom where my wife was waiting for him and after that I don't think I'd be needed to show him anything else!!!

Black Friday

"You know that's not what they mean when they talk about Black Friday Sissy?"
"You have your ideas about Black Friday and I have mine!!!!"

Thursday, November 27, 2014

First Encounter - Sissies Through History

Although it's not recorded in the official history of the first Thanksgiving, it was the Pilgrims first encounter with the lost Missysissy tribe that sealed the good relations they had with the native Americans!!!

It's a Long Day - Happy Thanksgiving!

Up at 5, shower and makeup.
5:45 start her coffee and preheat the oven.
6:00 Turkey in the oven...slow cooking is the  secret!
6:10 Start working on my home made apple pie!
6:30 Apple Pie is ready to go in the oven
6:45 Go put om my pretty black corset
7:00 Pour her coffee and bring it to her in bed
7:30 Finish licking her to another orgasm and ask her to lace me up in  the corset
7:35 Draw her bath
7:45 Help her into tub
8:15 After washing her body pay her dry and apply moisturizer to her beautiful bidy
8:45 Finish licking her to another orgasm
9:00 Help her dress
9:20 Make her a light breakfast as she settles in to watch the Thanksgiving Parade
9:45 Serve her brealfast
10:15 Clean up dishes...check on turkey, baste as needed
11:00 Finish licking her to another orgasm
11:10 Start cooking vegetables so I'll only have to warm them when the guests arrive
12:00 Turkey's done...pie is in the oven....
12:25  Finish licking her to another orgasm
1:00 Everything will be ready by 2 o'clock
1:30  Finish licking her to another orgasm
2:00 The guests are arriving and I never got around to putting on my pretty dress
2:15 Turns out I didn't really need the dress anyway...the guests liked me as is!
2:30 Everyone is seated and Thanksgiving dinner is servedI take my place under the table
2:50 Finish licking her to another orgasm

Happy Thanksgiving all you sweet people

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I've just about had it with your behavior lately Sissy! You just sit your girly ass down right here and we are going to have a nice long talk!

Sissy School - Road Trip

"Kaaren are you sure this is OK? I mean we had to tie him down!"
"It's fine Leeanne I called Room Service and they said they could deliver anything we wanted!"
"But he keeps moaning..."
"Leeanne I'd be more worried if he wasn't moaning! Remember the ropes were his idea!"

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not Much

Really Sissy, even with the cage it barely makes a bump...there's really not much to offer there is there? But it does look very cute in those panties!


Masculinity...nothing a little makeup won't cure!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Of Course It Is

"Of course it's necessary Sissy! I worry and I want to make sure you're healthy!"
"But...twice a day?"
"Absolutely! It's the same reason I check your prostate so often! It's only to show my concern and how much I love you!"
 "Thank you Ma'am!"
"Now that I think of it....while you're already lubed...I think it's time for a thorough prostate's been a while!"
"Honey does that mean...the full hand!"
"It's for your own good Sissy!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"

Monday ManCandy

Since she opened her eyes this morning it was all she could think of! This girl clearly has ManCandy on her mind!!! ManCandy!!! Filling her thoughts, filling her mouth and filling her belly!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday is Game Day

Hold still Sissy! I have to put your lipstick on extra heavy because those lips are going to be wrapped around a lot of cocks today! The winners get to use your mouth to celebrate and the losers get to use your mouth to cheer them up!!!


As she led me into the room I could hear voices, whispering and snickering! When she made me kneel all I heard was the sound of zippers. After the first cock went into my mouth I didn't hear much other than my panting and sucking!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Matinee - Good Vibrations

"So, I've given you delightful breasts that I intend to play with for hours on end, and I've shrunk and feminized  you in every way but one, your little clitty will remain to remind you of the man you once were! When I throw this switch the vibrator in your cute little ass will come to life and make you cum! Soon it will be the only way you can cum and you'll do anything I say to make it happen again and again! Hahahahaha!!!"
"Nooooo please........ooooohhhhhhh please.....ooooohhh.....more......"
"You see how easy it is to turn you into my little sissy slut Senator!!! Soon a few of your colleagues will be joining you!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!"

This Could Be Me

You see! This could be me!!!! If she hadn't been wise enough to lock my little clit in chastity (8 months now) I'd be doing this all the time! It wouldn't matter where I was or who I was with!!!! Dressed in pretty dresses and lingerie I'd be doing this every fifteen minutes until I was shooting puffs of air!!!! Thank goodness she took control!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

I'll Be Out

"Kaaren, I'll be out in a minute!" she shouted from the shower.
"No hurry sweetheart, I have everything under control!!!"
Holding on to this lovely cock while I licked his sweet balls I hoped she would take a nice long shower!!!

On Command

"Bend over, panties down!"
I heard this command so often that I just automatically did as she said! Whatever she had in mind was usually absolutely delightful!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


"What do you want me to make for your dinner tonight sweetheart?"
"Nothing special Kaaren, you've been spoiling me with your cooking lately! Why don't we just get a pizza tonight?"
"Okay sweetie I'll order one and pick it up just before you get home!"
"Give yourself a break Kaaren, have it delivered...I'll be home at 6!"
"Okay sweetheart!"

"Hello Tony's Pizza how can I help you!"
"Hi I'd like to order a pie and have it delivered..."
"Hey! Kaaren is that you!!! Where you been? One of my favorite customers!"
"Hi Tony! I've been doing a lot of cooking lately....can I get a cheese pie delivered around 6?"
"Kaaren I'll make your pie and deliver it myself...I have a special pie I only make for special girls like you! A regular cheese pie with one big spicy Italian sausage"
"Sounds great Tony! I can't wait!"

Glory Hole - Sissy Training

Honestly Sissy, why else did you think we came here? It certainly wasn't for me! I've been sucking cocks since I was a teenager! You're the one that needs the practice! So get busy, let's see how many you can do in one night!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just A Moment

I know you're eager to get to my toes Sissy but I just wanted to add something special for you!

Sissies Anonymous

"Hi I'm Sissy Kaaren and welcome to our Sissies Anonymous meeting!"
"I'd like to draw your attention to the chart here that displays the results of our survey at the last meeting. It appears that the number of sissies who are caged by their wives and the number of "Free Hanging" sissies is about equal!"
"Will the caged sissies raise their hands please!"
"Thank you, and now the uncaged sissies raise your hands!"
"Hey, no, no. no!!!! You caged sissies get up off your knees! You uncaged sissies pull up your panties!!!! This is not the place for this!"
"Oh hell, if that's what we're all going to do someone find me a hard sissy cock!!!! Meeting adjourned!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Relieved Until

When she said I could keep my panties on for my spanking I was relieved....until the first swat of her hairbrush landed!!!! It turns out that wispy little lace panties don't really offer that much protection!!!!

Sissy School - Help You Sleep

"You see Leeanne I told you I knew just what you needed to relax! You shouldn't have any problem falling asleep now!"
"Well I'll keep going until you drop off...after all what are friends for!"

Monday, November 17, 2014

I Love This Part

I love to watch this part! When she lowers herself onto his cock, as each inch slips inside her, as his cock disappears! The look of ecstasy on her face as his cock fills her is such a joy for me to behold!

Monday ManCandy

In my proposed sequel to the Disney smash hit "Frozen" The princess has her icy heart thawed by "ManCandy! White as the driven snow!"
"See the Princess warmed from the inside as the hot white cream spreads through her!!!"
"See how the entire male population of the Kingdom come (cum?) together to rescue her from her icy sleep!"
"See the Princess awake and plead with the men to save her sister in the same way!"
What do you think? ManCandy goes mainstream! I think the Disney men will love it!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Have To Tell You

I have to tell you Sissy, you were certainly the life of the party last night!!!

Oh Look

Oh look!!! There's a couple of holes on my roof!!! I'd better call some men because there's absolutely nothing I can do about it with the equipment I have!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

But Sir! - Sissies Through History

"But Sir...please I don't want to get in trouble! Mistress ordered me to bring wine for herself and Master Jeremy in the drawing room!"
"And what are they doing in the drawing room?"
"Please Sir...I can't say...It's just that....please Sir I don't want to get in trouble!"
"Jeremy is fucking my wife in the drawing room. is that what you're trying so hard not to say?"
"Yes Sir! I'm sorry Sir!"
"Alright then! I may not look like it but I am still the Master of the house! They're busy and will never notice the missing glass of wine! You know how I love good wine!"
"Yes Sir, Baron Rothschild!"

Saturday Matinee - The Doctors Bride

"Get back from him you bastards! What have you done to him!!!! Jim! Jim!!! Can you hear me?!?!?"
"Ah Inspector Smythe, we were expecting you...please come in and put that gun away."
"What have you done to him?"
"Well I was just about to give him bigger breasts and an insatiable urge to suck penises! I thought perhaps you might like to be the first to try him out?"
" fiends...I'd never...insatiable you say....well maybe...just so I can include it in the report..."
"And don't forget the big breasts!"
"I definitely haven't forgotten!"
"Good then we'll proceed!"
"Well just this once I guess..."


Come over by the window Sissy, I promised the girls across the street that they could watch!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sissy School - What's All This?

As Sissy Leeanne opened the dorm room door the scene stopped her in her tracks!
"Kaaren! What's all this about? What's going on here!"
"Oh hi Leeanne!"
"Care to explain Kaaren?"
"Well all day I've been thinking about doing it doggy style....and....well one thing led to another and here you are!"
"You're such a slut Kaaren, honestly!"
"Want to try him next?"
"Oh you bet I do!!!"

C'mon Sissy

"C'mon Sissy"  they said, "No one will know! C'mon Sissy, you look so pretty!"
So Sissy went to the strip club!
It was like he was a magnet! Every stripper wanted to sample his mouth as the women with him laughed and laughed!
Sissy never saw the money the ladies had collected for the strippers to make this all happen but by the end of the night his jaw was tired, his dress was stained and many of the women in the group had stopped laughing and started envying all the attention he'd gotten!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

There's Something

When her lover walked in to the kitchen I thought he must be looking for some refreshment!
"Is there something I can get for you?" I asked.
Her spun me around and slapped my ass as a thrill ran through me!
"Oh yes Sissy there's definitely something that I want, since I got here as a matter of fact!"
I felt his hard cock pressing against me as he started to pull my panties down!!!!

Which One's The Sissy

Which one's the Sissy; it's a mystery! Just give him a little while and he'll get to the bottom of it!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Any Idea?

"Kaaren I was going to spank you with my hairbrush but it doesn't seem to be where I always leave it. Any idea where it might be?"
"No Ma'am"
"You're sure you didn't hide it somewhere so I couldn't warm your bottom with it?"
"Oh no Ma'am I'd never do that!"
"Honestly Kaaren I don't believe you...I hope you're not lying to me! I'll be using this to spank you today and I think we're going to just keep going until I'm convinced you're telling me the truth!"

Couples - Sissy Training

"That's it ladies, once you're all the way in just pause there and let Sissy feel you filling him up! Then when you're ready you can begin! Fuck them long and fuck them hard then when you're done, have them lick each others sore little holes! No cumming for them!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


It's on the bottom shelf Sissy don't let me distract you!


While she showered I served her lover some nice hot coffee. When I asked him if he wanted something else his smile was all the answer I needed! I hope she doesn't mind but I was kind of horny hungry this morning!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


"Maybe we should just have this little thing removed Sissy. After all it's pretty useless and sometimes, like now, it's just in the way!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Past the lips
And over the gums
Look out tummy
Cause here it cums

ManCandy ManCandy
It's simply the best
Swallow it down
And lick up the rest!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day

I'm still learning the game but I think this is what they call a four man rush!!!

My Part

After he's filled her as I never could1
After she starts cumming on his big cock!
While he fucks her for what seems forever!
I still have a chance to make my contribution to her pleasure!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Matinee - In Vain

Steve searched every book store in the world, poring over books, arcane and evil, searching for the spell that would change him back! When his money ran out he was forced to use the feminine assets the spell had provided him with! What he didn't know was that every drop of semen he took into his body made the change more and more permanent and when he was done sucking this book sellers cock today the spell would become irreversible!!!

Only Fair

Since your wife is fucking my man and enjoying his nice big cock I thought it was only fair that I get to fuck you! But seeing as how you've got nothing worth fucking you better have a good tongue because I plan to cum over and over!!!!! So pull up your panties and get that tongue working!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014


All our neighbors look forward to when I make my Chili! Some have told me that it's the best they've ever tasted and they all want to know the recipe! They all say there's something they just can't identify that gives my chili a unique flavor! Well they're right but I'll never give up my secret! I just love watching everyone enjoy it!!!

All In Order

"Yes those are lovely panties! Tell your darling wife that she has exquisite taste in lingerie! And I see the cage and lock are in place although I want you to tell your wife to order a smaller size...a little bitty cockette like that might be able to slip out of this one! Otherwise everything seems to be in order! Now you get back to work, you have a meeting with the Marketing team in fifteen minutes!"