Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Then What

"So they delivered the new refrigerator Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am"
"And they took the old one away?"
"Yes Ma'am"
"And were they nice men Sissy?
"Oh yes Ma'am! Two very nice young men!"
"And did you tip them Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am, I tipped them very generously, just like you've taught me!"
"But I didn't give you any money to tip them Sissy!"
"I found a way Ma'am!"
"Tell me every little detail Sissy....I'm close already!!!!

Back To The Analyst

I was led into the special room, off behind the receptionist's desk! I had been here before during my therapy!
"Welcome back Kaaren, how are you today?"
"I'm fine Dr, Mentia....I guess!"
"Well Kaaren we've spent our last few sessions delving into your spanking fetish and I think I've gained some valuable insights into what drives you in that respect!"
"That's good Doctor, I'd like to understand what made me into the Sissy Slut I am!"
"Well I think your spanking fetish grows out of the need you feel to worship the feminine ass, so I think we should explore that for the next several sessions!"
"I don't understand Doctor...do you expect me to worship your...um...your bottom?"
"I expect it and you need it, I'm only trying to help you Kaaren!"
"Thank You Doctor! I'll try to do my best!"
"There's no time like the present to start so get on your knees and get in there Kaaren!"

Monday, March 30, 2015

I'd Almost Forgotten

"Kaaren I'd almost forgotten how cute it is! It's just like a miniature of the real thing! Do you remember when we met? I took you in my mouth and you were so embarrassed that it was so small and you almost started crying when you came almost immediately? You were just the cutest thing! I think I fell in love with you right then!"
"I remember Sweetheart! I couldn't believe how lucky I was!!!"
"Well let's see how lucky you feel now after your year in chastity!"
As her lips wrapped around me, as her tongue touched the head of my little cockette I knew I wouldn't last more than a few seconds but each second was absolutely exquisite!!!!

Monday ManCandy

The discerning chef insists on the freshest and most flavorful ingredients available to make her dishes truly memorable! That's why she might sample as many as a dozen ManCandy suppliers till she finds that one that hits the mark on flavor, creaminess and color! When you're going to have it you should have the best!!!
Maybe it's time you found out what the top chefs already know...ManCandy is the perfect food!!!
ManCandy! The top gourmet chefs know what's best and they don't mind putting in the hours needed to get it!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

One Year Plus

March 23, 2014 was the last time I had been released, the last time I had cum and enjoyed it!!! Sure there had been some milking over that time but that wasn't the same and to be honest was mostly for her amusement!
She offered me a quick release and I had taken her up on it! As I talked about on my other blog, the orgasm, while wonderful, somehow still wasn't what I had built it up to be!
However like a teenager I was hard again in no time and she pulled me close and kissed me!
"Thank you Sissy!"
"No sweetheart, I should be thanking you for all you do for me!"
My rock hard little clit was rubbing on her soft skin, I was close again already!
"No Sissy, thank you! Thank you for being a wonderful husband! Thank you for keeping house for us! Thank you for being respectful and giving, being a thoughtful and caring lover, being my best girlfriend and confidante! Thank you for allowing me to indulge my needs and fantasies! Thank you for being the love of my life!!!!""
I had tears in my eyes!!! Oh my god...she was thanking me!!!! This woman had saved me, loved me, indulged me, understood me, helped me, corrected me, provided for me and shown me a life that left me fulfilled as a person and as a sissy husband and still she thought she had to thank me for anything!
"You're very welcome Sweetheart, I only wish I could give you more!!!"
She was rubbing her soft belly against me as we kissed and the result was predictable!
"Thank you for cleaning that up too Sissy!" she smiled as I sank down to my knees to lick up my mess!
I couldn't possibly be happier!

I Was So Worried

I sucked his cock until it grew to it's full magnificent size and as he grew I worried! Could she take a man this size inside her? He was so big and her sweet little pussy seemed so small!!! Would she ever be able to feel a smaller man after he was through with her? A smaller man....much much smaller and not much of a man!!!! If I was ever given the privilege of entering her again would she even know I was there? Even before this she barely felt me, I was really worried that she would never feel me inside her again!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Fiendish Device

Rex Barker watched in horror as his young sidekick Tommy emerged from the device!
"What have you done to him you fiend!"
"I have made him into the latest Love Slave for the Sultan of Arabistan! The Sultan is always pleased with the young ones and he's already offered me quite the healthy sum for this one!"
"You'll never get away with this! I'll...."
"You'll do nothing Mr. Barker! I've pre-sold you as well! Your new Master prefers the ones that are hard to break! He likes the challenge! But he is very specific in his needs!"
"You're not putting me into that machine, I'll die first!"
"No need to die Mr.Barker! Your new Master has his own methods of feminiztion! You've been sold just as you are!!!"
As Rex struggled against his bonds several men grabbed him and carried him to his fate! His screams were drowned out by the fiends laughter!!!!

As I Peeked

As I peeked in the bedroom door I saw her lover slowly pumping his big cock into her, her low moans becoming one long low groan of pleasure, her hands on his cute ass pulling him deeper into her, deeper than I could ever reach. I felt my little clit stir in it's cage as I watched! This was the one thing in the world I could not do for her but I loved to watch!!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sissy Wondered

Sissy loved to see his wife being brought to ecstasy by her lover and listening to her scream her lover's name as she came over and over on his big hard cock was music to Sissy's ears!!!
But Sissy wondered if the neighbors could hear? Maybe they could hear his wife calling out another mans name! Maybe that explained the glances and chuckles he sometimes noticed as he went about his day!!!!
That was OK, Sissy didn't mind! Her wife was satisfied and that was all that mattered!!!

That Sick little Perv

Suzy couldn't believe it! This was the second time she came home early and found her little brother wearing her panties! This time he had her bra on too!!! She screamed at him as he pulled off her undies but she definitely noticed his rock hard cock as he ran out of the room!!!
That sick little perv, she thought, wait till I tell everybody that he likes wearing girls panties!!! Although he did look kind of cute....I wonder if other guys do that...
...her mind and hands were wandering...
....I wonder if Billy ever put om his sister's panties....I bet he'd look really cute....I wonder if he would put them on for me if I asked him to   oh my god that would be so hot...maybe a bra too! Oh my god I'm going to cum!!!!!
Her brother at the keyhole watching her was going to cum too!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Were You Thinking

"Oh my god Sissy! What were you thinking!!!! Weren't my instructions clear enough?"
"I wasn't sure you were serious I mean...."
"Not serious!!!! You must be joking!!!!You have already earned a spanking you'll never forget and you're only making it worse!"
"OK maybe a little spanking will be fun...."
"This is not fun Sissy this is your life from now on!"
"Hairy legs....gross That's ten! Hairy crotch that's 15 more and oh my god you haven't even shaved your face.....that's 25 more!!!!"
"Wait....you can't mean you're going to spank me 50 times!"
"No Sissy you're right...because once I add in your hairy arms and your...ugh....your hairy ass we're up to at least 100!!!!"

A New Toy

 "Kaaren I have to work late tonight but I got you something I know you'll enjoy to help you pass the time!"
"Oh that sounds interesting!!!! What did you get me? A new toy to play with I hope!!!"
"You could say that Sissy! Go to your Sissy bedroom and you'll find it waiting for you on the bed!"
"I can't wait! Thank you Sweetheart!!!"
I was thinking maybe that vibrating plug I had circled in the toy catalog! When I pushed open the door imagine my surprise!!!!
"Hi Kaaren, my name's Jenna and I'm very glad to meet you!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


It's so important to be honest with your partner about your desires!
She indulges me in so many ways! My fetishes number into the dozens and she has never blinked an eye about joining in!
So...despite the conditions...if it was something that would satisfy her in any way....then I'm all in! Whatever it takes!!!! If she wants to try it then I'm there for her!

His First Taste

She straddled his face and settled onto his eager mouth! He loved to eat her! It was one of his favorite things to do! But she was so tense...he licked her and felt her quiver....he licked her again and he was flooded with her juices....but this was different...the taste was different and the texture was much thicker! It seemed to flow from her and he eagerly licked up all she had to offer!!!
She was gasping....cumming....again and again.....she was still tender from fucking her lover....he had filled her with his cum....the same cum that she was feeding to her devoted husband!!!! Later, when she got him into her bra and panties she'd tell him whose cum he had so eagerly licked from her....but for now...she was cumming again....

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Even Trade

"It's an even trade, your wife fucks my man's big black cock;  I get to fuck her sissy bitch husband with my big red cock!!!"

One Year Sissy

"Can you believe it Sissy? You've been in chastity for an entire year! I can't imagine how you feel!"
I feel desperate, I want to cum so badly I would do anything she asked! I thought that I'd be released by now!!!
"But you know Sissy, I want your first orgasm after all this time to be something special! I think it would be best if we wait for the weekend when we can make a little party to celebrate it!"
"No that's alright Sweetheart I don't want you to make a fuss...."
"Nonsense Sissy, you've made a real milestone and it deserves to be treated as the occasion that it is!!"
"But I really...."
"I know you really want to celebrate this with me...we'll make it Saturday...or maybe Sunday...what do you think Sissy Saturday or Sunday?"
"If those are my choices then I guess Saturday..."
"I'll have to check my calendar Sissy but surely no later than Sunday!!! Won't that be wonderful? We'll have so much fun!!!!"
"I guess...if you say so...it's only a couple of days more...."
"Great Sissy now I have a very busy day tomorrow but I think I have time for a quickie before bed!"

Monday, March 23, 2015

Isn't That Sweet

"Oh isn't that sweet, you thought that I was asking you! No, I'm not asking you anything, I'm just stating facts! You will suck cocks for me! You will do whatever I tell you to do! Do you understand?"
"Yes what?"
"Um...yes I understand!"
"Yes I understand what?"
"Yes I understand Ma'am!"
"Very good Sissy! We'll start tonight!"

Monday ManCandy

So you're on your way to work Monday morning when you suddenly realize you just don't have the energy to go another step!!!! What will you do???
Luckily there's ManCandy available on almost any street corner in the world! All you have to do is let the nearest man know how much you need it and chances are you'll soon be swallowing a creamy load of nutritious ManCandy giving you the energy boost you need to keep on going!!!
ManCandy! It will get you where you need to go!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It Wasn't Something

It really wasn't something she understood or appreciated right away! I would go down and lick her through her panties until they were soaked and she was gasping and near orgasm! My panty fetish was so strong that I almost preferred this to getting my tongue inside her!
We had one of those talks, awkward at first, but she was so understanding and she loved me and....well...she had known about my panty "thing" since the very first time we met!
We agreed that I could worship her in her panties if I would spend an equal amount of time worshiping her without them!!!! She would keep track of time because I'd be concentrating elsewhere!!!

Oh Look

"Oh look Sissy there's Bill & Donna from across the street! Why don't you wave?"

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Transformed

"Rick! Oh my God Rick help me!"
Rick Palmer grabbed the evil scientist and began pummeling him!
"No Rick! Please don't kill him! He's the only one who can change me back!"
Rick glanced to his transformed friend and then to the mad scientist, "Is that true? Can you change him back?"
The madman, weakened by the beating gestured for Rick to come closer!
"No, the change is irreversible! She's yet to be programmed as a sex slave! The first man to cum in her mouth will become her master! She'll be unable to disobey!!!! Please...just let me go and you can have her!"
Rick stood and glanced between the two and then pumped six rounds into the evil bastard!!!
"Oh no Rick! How will I ever get back to the man I was?" his friend wailed!
"Well Tommy , all you have to do is suck my cock and everything will be alright!"

Let's Do It

"Let's do it now Sissy! I know it's only two more days until you've been in chastity for a year but I feel so guilty keeping you unsatisfied for so long! Let me unlock you now two days short of that wonderful, beautiful expression of your love and devotion to me and you can cum! I'm sure you'd love to cum wouldn't you! I really want you to be happy you know! I could stroke you or take you in my mouth, I know you'd love that...or you could cum inside me if you can last long enough to get your little clit in there! So do you want me to unlock you now sweet little Sissy? I have the key right here?"
Every nerve in my body was on fire! I haven't cum in so long! But I wanted her to have this, this was something I could be proud of...this was something I was doing for her...and for me too! She knows my needs and desires probably better than I do!
"No Sweetheart please let me wait until I have given you the full years devotion! It's the absolute least I can do considering all you've given me!!!!"
She put the key aside and I spent the next hour or so pleasuring her and all I heard was her telling me over and over how much she loved me!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

There Are Some Days

Of course there are some days when all you feel like doing is throwing on some comfy sweats and just relaxing! No worries about makeup or hair or coordinating outfits or accessorizing! But underneath I still want to feel pretty!!!

Getting Ready

He felt his cock coming to life again in the mouth of her sissy husband! He never would have believed he'd get turned on like this but if it meant he got to have her again then he was all for it!!!
She was ready almost from the moment her husband took her lovers cock into his sweet sissy mouth! She never got tired of seeing that!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

But I've Never

"Get your shoes on Sissy we're going to be late!"
"You mean we're going out?"
"Of course Sissy! Why do you think I dressed you so in such pretty clothes?"
"But I've never gone out like this before...you know...dressed like this...."
"Well then don't you think it's about time? Don't worry I'll be holding your hand!"

Even Though

Even though Sissy clearly had a lot weighing on her mind, he had no complaints about her service...she was clearly on the ball!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


"You look lovely Sissy, the perfect little slutty maid! Our guests are going to love you! But that bow will never do! Come here and turn around and let me tie a big pretty bow on your apron for you!"
"Thank you Sweetheart, I tried and tried but I just couldn't get it right!"
"That's alright Sissy! I just want everything to be perfect tonight! After all this will be the first time your sister and her husband meet my sissy maid!"
"Wait....my sister and her..."
"Oops I've ruined the surprise! I can't wait for them to meet the real you! Remember to curtsey like we practiced Sissy or I'll be very upset with you!! They should be here at any moment!"

Sissy School - Volunteers

Sissy Leeanne smiled at the new boy from St. Dunstans School For Boys."
"So as I was saying Tommy, we're looking for volunteers to help out at Sissy School. You'd be helping all of the sissies here understand male sexual response and also you'd be....um...demonstrating how a man....um...how a man.....Kaaren could you please stop that it's very distracting!"
"Oh I'm sorry Leeanne I was just....testing him for...hardness...if you'd like I can taste test him and give you my recommendation!"
"What a good idea Kaaren! I think I'll join you!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patricks Day

All around America people are eating Corned Beef and Cabbage in honor of Saint Patrick's Day! I've never really cared for Corned Beef and I absolutely detest cabbage so I always look elsewhere for my holiday treat! A little Irish cream is the perfect treat for me...it's like skipping right to the dessert!!!!


I told you if I caught you in my panty drawer again you'd be punished Tommy! So from now om I don't have a little brother anymore...now I have a baby sister! I'm almost finished and my friends can't wait to meet the new girl!!! They have some interesting ideas about how a little pantyboy sissy like you should be punished too! This is going to be so much fun!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Traitor - Sissies Through History

"Alright Benedict, there are the clothes, still warm from my body, stand up and I'll help you dress!"
"I'm not sure..."
"Just think of all the satin and lace caressing your skin my sweet little Ben and my lips wrapped around your sissy cock! All you have to do is betray the rebels and give me the plans for West Point!"
"I can't resist here are the plans, hand me those petticoats!"
"You've made the right choice General Arnold!!!"

Monday ManCandy

ManCandy, it's almost like a religion! You need to be on your knees most of the time and you'll need an open heart, an open mind and a wide open mouth ready to receive the offering!
Your server is often invoking the almighty as his cries of "Oh God!" echo through the house!!!
I'm not saying it could replace anyone's religion but you have your sacrament and I have mine, and mine just tastes better!!!
ManCandy! Making converts worldwide!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

I May Never Know

As he fucked me and spanked me I couldn't think of anything but who he was...he had given me no hint! No cologne, no sounds other than his breathing! I realized that unless she removed the blindfold I may never know!
She must have sensed what I was thinking because she came close and whispered in my ear.
"You see him all the time Sissy. Think that over!"
All the time, any man I see could be him!!!! Every smile, every hello, every wave could be the man who fucked me like a little bitch!
The coming days should be interesting!

Gloryhole - Sissy Training

A couple of hours at the local gloryhole will help your sissy develop his skills while you catch up on your reading! A perfect way for a couple to spend an afternoon!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Mean Streets

"Yeah Tony, we came up together on these mean streets! We always had each others backs! I owe you my life maybe a dozen times over! So I'm going to go and kill that SOB that pumped you full of chemicals and turned you into a woman! That is what you want me to do right Tony?"
"He robbed me of my manhood Carmine! I don't have the strength anymore to fight my way past his men and kill him myself! I'll owe you everything if you do this for me!"
"You know I will Tony, I'll kill them all for you...but Tony when I get back I'm going to fuck your brains out and no holes barred...you understand?"
"I'll be waiting for you in my bedroom Carmine..."

When I Wad A Girl

When I was a girl we wanted to hang onto our virginity despite all the temptations from our horny boyfriends! We used our mouths to try to satisfy them but sometimes they just wanted more! A lot of us gave up our back door virginity to satisfy our hot guys while remaining, at least technically, virgins!!! A lot of the girls complained that it hurt or that it was messy or that they felt dirty but, heaven help me, I loved it! I still do!
I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a Sissy husband who loved it just as much as I did but here we are, eye to eye as these guys pounded into us! I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sissies Anonymous

"Hi  Gurls and bois and everyone in between, my name is Sissy Kaaren and I'd like to welcome you to our meeting of Sissies Anonymous! Before I go any further I have to ask for a show of hands...how many of you were here at our last meeting? OK that's almost everybody....well as you may recall our last meeting devolved very quickly into a cum soaked orgy and I want you all to understand that we can't do that at every meeting! We'll conduct our meeting and afterwards we'll have a little fun! So anyone have anything they'd like to discuss? Anyone? Really? No one has anything they want to talk about? Anyone....ah I see you raised a hand! Please let us know what's on your mind?"
"My name is Sissy Leeanne and I move we adjourn the meeting and proceed to the cum soaked orgy!"
"Thank you Leeanne...anyone second the motion....well that looks like it's unanimous...okay sissies...meeting is adjourned...drop your panties and let's get to know each other! Leeanne if you'd just step this way...I have a few motions I'd like to make with you!!!!"

There Are Two Things

There are two things she absolutely loves! She loves a big hard cock giving her one orgasm after another until she can almost bear no more! She also loves having a tongue rimming her tight little rosebud, sometimes for hours on end!!!
I love that I can help her have both of these at once!!! And as a bonus I'm in the right spot for cleanup afterward too!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Invited Along

Sissy was so happy when his wife invited him to join her and her friends for a girls night out! They all dressed for clubbing so Sissy wore a pretty new dress that was just a little too short!!! He hadn't realized that the night out was going to be at her lovers house! Her friends had drinks while his wife proved to them that he was a sissy and a willing cuckold! His humiliation was complete when he knelt down to lick her clean afterward!!!

You're Wrong Sweetie

"You may think this is just a game but you're wrong Sissy! This isn't a costume...it's your uniform! This isn't your fantasy. it's mine! This isn't a game Sissy...this is your life from now on!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Think Of It This Way

Think of it this way Sissy....this is the only way you've gotten this close without cumming all over me in ages! And it's still hard...it's plastic and you can't feel it but it's still hard!

Country Boys

Sissy always drove far out into the country before dressing and putting on his makeup! Unlike the city boys the men out here were willing to overlook the tiny thing in her panties as long as there was a hot alternative! Lots of lipstick and a bottle of lube in the car made Sissy the most popular attraction for miles around!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Thoughtful Wife - Sissy Training

A thoughtful wife will lead her Sissy to understand the joys of sucking a big black cock! Sissy may be reluctant at first but the wife knows best....soon Sissy will be as eager for that big cock as she is, but for now she has to guide the way!!!


Sissy's wife was actually drooling over this perfect cock in her mouth, so much more than her sissy husband had to offer! Sissy sat across the room drooling as he watched, he couldn't wait to taste him on his sweet wife's lips!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Cry All You Want

Cry all you want to Sissy, when she decides it's time to make you her girl.....it's time!

Monday ManCandy

This is Debbie, today like every other day Debbie will go to work with an empty stomach because where she lives there's no one to feed her the ManCandy she wants...the ManCandy she needs!!!
That's where you come in! For just a couple of minutes effort every morning Debbie could start her day, bright and alert like her co-workers, with your donation of a hot creamy mouthful of delicious ManCandy!
But for now Debbie waits and asks, "Won't you please feed me your ManCandy?"
ManCandy! Won't you help? It's not tax deductible but it is worth it for the satisfaction you'll feel!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Heidi was already thinking about tomorrow as she took care of the tedious milking chores her mother had assigned her! She must have stroked her brother a million times she thought, and it had stopped being fun so long ago!!!! But tomorrow her mother was going to show her a new way to milk him without all this tugging and pulling!
But for now she was resigned to the same old routine....milk him then spank him! Take his cum and mix it with his cereal and make sure he eats it all....she was really looking forward to a change!!!

A Little More

I always stay nearby when she does this....although having her like this is a pleasure I've never experienced...with her, or anyone for that matter....I do know from personal experience the importance of keeping things wet and lubricated! That's where I come in, no pun intended, I make sure he stay's wet and slippery....he appreciates it, she appreciates it and I just love to do it, so we all win in the end...okay that pun was maybe intended a little!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Slave to The Emperor

As he was led into the throne room he saw his sister for the first time since she had been taken two years ago to be a slave to the emperor! This made it all worth it, the surgeries, the permanent changes to his body that would leave him forever half man and half woman!
After several moments he saw his sisters face show that she actually still recognized him, he hoped that she would realize he was here to rescue her! The two of them working together could execute his long thought out plan for escape! It would only work if the two of them executed it perfectly, Timing had to be precise, there was no room for error, they'd only have one chance!
The emperor gestured to him to approach.
"You're very pretty for a boy my sweet, I've been following your progress for almost 2 years and I must say the change is remarkable! You'll make a delightful plaything for me and your darling sister! Don't you agree my dear?"
Slowly a cruel smile spread across his sisters face, "I can't wait to begin training him to serve us my lord!"
With a gesture the guards grabbed him and shackled his wrists.
 "No!" he wailed, "I was going to save you!"
As he was dragged away to the training area he heard their laughter echoing off the high stone walls!


After the fun is over, her lover has slipped out of her bed and gone and my cleanup duties have left her feeling fresher and given her that last orgasm of the night....after all that, she sometimes likes to cuddle back against me as she falls asleep.
I listen to her sighs as I kiss her and whisper my love for her! Then I hear her breathing fall into the steady rhythm of sleep and I lay there with her in my arms and thank heaven for her.
I don't even mind laying in their wet spot on the sheets, it helps remind me of how she had moaned and groaned as her lover made her cum over and over! Giving her the pleasure that I just can't give. It makes me happy that we've found our way to satisfaction for her...for both of us!!!