Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Didn't I Tell You?

"Don't worry Sissy, you've been eating his cum for months!"
"Months!!!! What !!!!"
"Oh didn't I tell you! All those late nights that I came home! When I sat on your face!!!! It was his cum you were eating!!! You seemed to enjoy it..."
"I didn't know!!!! I would have....mmmmppphhhh!"
:Don't talk with your mouth full Sissy!!!"

Even If I Believe - Sissies International

"Alright Hamish! Even if I believe that's a kilt, and I have serious doubts, that still doesn't explain the lacy pink knickers then, does it?"

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's Not Just Wearing Panties

It's not just about wearing pretty frilly panties Sissy! Because when he wants you he'll pull those down and toss them aside!!!
He doesn't care that you spent an hour in the store trying to work up the courage to buy them!
He doesn't care that you fussed with the ruffled lace for almost twenty minutes!
He doesn't care that you stood for an hour so you wouldn't crush the lace until he could see it!
He probably won't even remember what color they were!!!!
He saw them and his dick got hard and that was all he was thinking about!!!
Those pretty panties were just in his way!!!
They lay in the corner, torn and crumpled!! You can look at them while he's fucking you!!!!
Being a Sissy is so much more than just wearing panties and he was driving that point home in the most delightful way!!!!

It's Not Just Me

Many readers of my silly little blog here probably assume that my sweet wife is a saint who puts up with all my kinks and perversions! But she has her own things too!!!!

"Put these on Sissy! I want to fuck you while you're wearing them!"
"Whatever you want Sweetheart!"
"Get the big strap-on Sissy! The really big black one!"
"Ummmm....Yes Ma'am!"

"Those are my Mom's panties Sissy, You're wearing my Mom's do they feel Sissy?"
"Soft and wonderful Sweetheart,,,,they feel very nice!"
"They're not clean Sissy...could you tell?
"Oh yes Sweetheart I could definitely tell!!!!"
"Do you like it Sissy?"
"They're very comfortable!"
"Pull them down bitch!!!! I'm gonna fuck your ass like there's no tomorrow!!!!!"
"Yes Sweetheart"
"Say "yes darling daughter" bitch!!!!"
"Oh god " she pushed the full length into me in one massive thrust!!!!
"Oh Yes My Darling Daughter!!!" I screamed over and over as she gave me the ride of my life!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

In That Moment

He arrives and as ordered I take his bag to our...her bedroom!
"Will there be anything else I can help you with?" I ask, blushing furiously!!!
He catches my eyes! And he looks straight at me! And he see's it! He see's the submissive Sissy inside me and he knows in an instant that he can have anything he wants!!!!
"Get on your knees and suck my cock!"
"Yes sir!"

Monday ManCandy

It doesn't matter how much he complains! He may whine and moan, maybe even cry a little bit, your husband just has to learn that you will always enjoy the benefits of ManCandy!!!!
His hopeless SissyCream has it's place and that place is in his own mouth!!! SissyCream may be good for him but a go-getter needs a deep serving of ManCandy to get the week started!!!!
And a thoughtful wife silences her whining Sissy by letting him lick up her fact insisting that he does!!!
ManCandy!!!! Helping wives with a little something their sissy husbands can't provide!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


"Mommy what is Lubicant?"
"That's lubricant dear, there's an R in there remember to sound out your letters!"
"Okay Mommy....What's lubricant?"
"It's for grown-ups Sweetie! It's one of the things that Mommy uses to show Daddy who's in charge!!!"
"Like you told me how one day I'll be in charge!!!"
"Exactly right Darling now let's finish up and get home...Daddy needs another lesson tonight!!!!"

Sunday Is Game Day

The team always appreciated when the hometown sissies came out to cheer them on!!!! Win or lose the sissies always made the post-game locker room into a memorable experience!!!!

Eyes Closed

His cock was magnificent!!! Sissy's wife knew how to find them!!!! It was like she had big cock radar!!! Now while she changed out of her clubbing clothes Sissy had her chance! She licked him up and down that strong, hard shaft!!!! He really didn't need fluffing but Sissy liked big cocks just as much as his wife!!!!
As she licked her way to the tip and just before she took him into her greedy wet mouth Sissy looked up at his face!!! His jaw was clenched and his eyes were closed tight as he enjoyed feeling Sissy's tongue on the sensitive underside of the velvety head of his great big cock! Suddenly Sissy realized why he had seemed familiar!!!!
Sissy hadn't seen her cousin Brian in years and suddenly she was seeing more of him than she'd ever seen before!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Sinister Surgeon

Jeff Handler had finally tracked them down. It had taken him weeks to find the evil surgeon and his hunchbacked assistant!
He saw they were in an operating room, poised over a sleeping woman. He waited to see if they would say anything about his roommate Jerry! He had been injected with some type of paralyzing drug while he slept the night Jerry disappeared but though his body was paralyzed he was able to clearly see and hear them as they injected the same drug into Jerry and carried him away!!! They had both kept saying how Jerry was perfect!
He stayed in the shadows as they spoke.
"Almost perfect!" said the surgeon!
"I love how you've changed him Dr. Lazlow! He's my dream girl now, Please don't change him!!!"
"Just a few more changes to make and Jerry Taylor will cease to be and a new beautiful woman will exist in his place....hahahaha....those fools at the university said my Femina 9 formula wouldn't work!!!! Imagine the looks on their faces as I take them, one by one, and transform them into young beautiful women!!! Maybe I'll keep them as slaves or maybe I'll sell them to be used as common prostitutes.....hahahahaha!!!!"
Jeff was aghast at what he had heard and looked much closer at the prone woman lying on the table between these two madmen! It could be....maybe....oh my god he is Jerry! They've...transformed him!!! He stepped closer, gun ready, he'd make them undo this...unholy thing....when he heard them speak again!!!
"But Dr, Lazlow! What about this one...can I have this one for myself!!!".
"Of course, this one was my lab rat!!! I'm after my ex-colleagues!!!"
"And will know..."
"Yes my unexpected bonus of the formula makes them sexually voracious! They literally are girls who can't say no!!! You simply have to inject her either orally or anally with your....male essence...and she will be your willing partner forever! She will do anything for you....anything....whatever sick and depraved fantasy you've ever had....your wish will be her desire!!!!
Jeff had heard enough! He had to stop this! He fired until his gun was empty and the evil pair laid dead in a pool of blood!!!
"Don't worry Jerry, I'll look after you....from now on!"
He lifted her surprisingly light body from the table and laid her back down on her stomach! As he unzipped his pants he smiled as he began to think of some of his darkest fantasies all now suddenly within his reach!!!

Isn't It Beautiful Sissy

Mark came from the airport and after putting his bag in our....her bedroom took a shower and changed into a fresh suit!
My wife was waiting in a lovely tight black dress and as he slipped an arm around her and slid his hand over her lovely bottom he smiled at me.
"Your wife has a beautiful ass Sissy, don't you agree?"
"Yes sir It's the most beautiful bottom I have ever seen!"
He chuckled as my wife giggled, her head pressed into his chest!
"I'm glad we agree Sissy, I can't wait to fuck her ass when we get back and I really can't wait to watch you lick my cum back out of her!!!"
"I can't wait either sir!"
They laughed all the way to the door and his hand was on her bottom all the way there!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015


It's not the spanking I think by now anyone reading my blogs knows that I enjoy having my bottom....warmed up!!!! I not only love but crave the humiliation of submission!!!
But there is a much deeper humiliation involved in being spanked outside!!!! In the middle of the day!!! I'm pretty sure that  listening to the teenage boys over the fence laughing and counting the strokes just made the humiliation so much worse and the entire situation so much more exciting!!!!
My moans were not just from the pain!!!!

Sissies Through History - No Time

He had heard her carriage pull up in front of the hour early and he realized that his secret was about to be discovered! It would take him at least a half hour to get out of this dress and all the pettis and chemises even with the help of her maid!!!!
He heard her calling his name as he pondered what his next action would be! Then he heard the maid call out!
"He's in here Ma'am!"
"That treacherous little bitch Mary had given him away!!!!
He heard the door open!
"Oh my god!!!! Henry is that you!!!!"
"Yes Dear, let me explain...."
"Mary told me you looked lovely all made up.And from what I can see she wasn't exaggerating! Please turn around so I can see!"
From the doorway Maid Mary watched and smiled as her Master and Mistress both embraced their new life!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Time For Makeup

I heard her all the way from the kitchen!!!
"It's makeup time Sissy!"
I ran so fast I was a little breathless when I got there...
"Poor Sissy just lay down and catch your breath, I'm in no hurry!!!"
Sissy Bliss!!!!

I Love This Dress

As you twirl about on the dance floor, feeling the petticoats swirl around you and the tight bodice holds you as tightly as a lover, you close your eyes and lay your head against his manly shoulder!!! You have never felt more feminine! Your wife was very generous lending you her lover for the dance!
The soft frills underneath the dress are thrilling and this beautiful man will get to see them all later but for now you are Cinderella and he's your Prince Charming!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

His Role

Even when he's not wearing something pretty, the Sissy Cuckold accepts his role in their relationship! And deep down he doesn't just accept it....he embraces it!!!!

Small Town Girls - The Dance

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
All the other kids were at the dance down at the High School but Joanie only wanted to dance with Tammy!!! They had a few hours while everyone was out and last years dresses, forgotten in the back of their sisters closets, were just perfect for them!
They danced and twirled and laughed like the girls they so wished to be and later....if there was still time....maybe they would explore under those dresses!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Want To See

"Go ahead! I want to watch you fuck him!!!"
"Her! How many times do I have to tell you?"
"Alright!!! I want to watch you fuck her....I want to see you fuck your Sissy husband!"
"For how long?"
"How long?"
"Do you want me to fuck him until he cums?"
He sounded evil to me....
"No. I want you to fuck him until he almost cums then I want him to think about that while I fuck you!!!"
They both laughed as I felt her cock push into me!!!!!

Haven't Seen Her

He scanned the room, everyone was having a good time but he was still troubled! Finding his wife he pulled her aside.
"Have you seen Tricia and her boyfriend....I don't see them anywhere..."
"Stop worrying about her! She is very capable of handling a boy by herself! She's my daughter and I've taught her all about how to handle men!!!!"
He smiled as tingles ran through him....
"Still I wonder where they are..." he said!
"Oh honey don't get your panties in a bunch....they're probably in some corner necking...."
"You're right, of course, I'm sure it's something like that!!!"

Monday, September 21, 2015

You Wanted

"You said you wanted them big so we got you the biggest we could afford!!!! After all nothings too good for my sweet Sissy boy!"
"Gosh thanks Mom, you're the best! They're just like I've always dreamed they would be!!!"
"You're welcome Sweetie....but remember, it was your stepdad who paid for them so you make sure that you have that bra off while you're sucking his cock tonight so he can see what he paid for!!!!
"Oh Mom, I knew that already....I may even let him titty fuck me!!!"
"Whatever you think sweetheart you're my big boy now!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

As schooldays begin there's so much to do!!! New teachers, new classes. new people to meet!!!! New schedules that require you to buckle down and get to business!!! With all these new things isn't it nice to have something familiar you can rely on!!! ManCandy will get you through those first hectic days as you settle in! Delicious and creamy it's the perfect way to start the school day!
ManCandy!!! You might forget your books but never forget your ManCandy!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Don't worry Honey....the league has engaged my Sissy husband to inspect the players balls after every game to make sure they're fully inflated!!!"
"Yeah I know all about it! I got a call from Brady  already!!!"

Plugging - Sissy Training

"I have some news for you Sissy! I'm removing the plug for a little while!"
"Thank you Ma'am it was a little uncomfortable!"
"Well if you thought that was uncomfortable then you're probably not going to enjoy what's going in there next...but I'm going to love it!!!"

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Baroness

They were mostly quiet, everything they had to say to each other had already been said long ago! Now they suffered mostly in silence except for poor Gunther who had been taken below!
He had tried to fight....he refused to respond to the new name she had given him, Greta! After several days she had her men take him down the stairs to whatever was down there! No one had come back and it wasn't long before the shrieking began!!!
The others cringed and cried as they listened!!!! Their minds racing....their imaginations working at what could cause a person to scream like that for so long!!!!
After a day or was hard to judge time down here.....the screams changed!
"My name is Greta!!!! My name is Greta!!!!"  they heard his plaintive cry and then the screaming started again!!!! And then abruptly, they stopped! The men who had taken Gunther silently came up the stairs and without a glance or word slipped out of the door as the silence was only broken by the quiet weeping of the others, all of them silently praying for Gunther, praying for themselves!
Suddenly the door swung open, sunlight streaming in nearly blinding them, and the Baroness entered!
She slowly walked among them, she did this quite often as she decided which method of restraint each of them would experience next!!!! Sometimes she would take one of them back to the castle! None of them dared speak of the depraved and decadent acts she forced them to perform as she satisfied her perverted lust!!!
"My dears, I have an announcement to make that will be of great interest to you!!! I have decided to remarry! He's a lovely boy from the village and he will make a wonderful husband for me!!! Although I have been disappointed by my husbands before!" she laughed.
"In any case I will remarry and I hope he pleases me! My men tell me that Greta will not be....rejoining us and I still have plenty of the old gypsy's potion left to transform him....but of course you all know about that already, don't you my dear husbands!!!"
Her husbands, in their bondage, watched her as she turned and walked toward the door, laughing as she went!!!!

My Analyst Was Exhausted

When I arrived for my appointment I was surprised when her receptionist asked me to wait because the session before me was running a little long!!! I settled into a comfy chair and picked up a magazine that looked interesting! I was deep into an article about home made bondage devices when the door opened and three men, a very large woman and a Great Dane came out and after making an appointment hurriedly left the office!!!
After a few minutes the door opened and Dr. Mentia called me to come in. She laid down on her couch as she looked me over!
"Kaaren, we've gone over quite a few things over the past few sessions but I have to tell you the last patients session was quite...intense! I'm a little exhausted so this week I want to go over something new. You told me that your nipples are very sensitive....almost like a woman', this week I want you to take off your pretty bra and play with your nipples and tell me how it makes you feel! I'm just going to lie here and listen!"
"Whatever you say Dr. Dee! Nipple play is pretty high on my list of fetishes!"
"What isn't????"
"I'm sorry Dr. Dee did you say something?
"Nothing important Sissy....Let's begin with you rubbing small circles around your nipples and we'll see how it goes!!!"
"You're the Doctor!!!"

Friday, September 18, 2015

Greek Life

Not a single fraternity on campus would pledge a sissy like him but he wasn't too disappointed! He really wouldn't have fit in there anyway! However when he was approached by the Eta Beta Pi girls to pledge their sorority he jumped at the chance! It seems the Sorority girls had realized the value of having a Sissy in the house!!!

Things Changed

When he went to high school he was picked on relentlessly for being the class nerd!
When he came back as a girl after summer vacation the abuse started again but after he sucked a couple of cocks he became one of the most popular girls in school!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sissy Training - She Means What She Says

The sissy has to learn...usually the hard way that when she gives an order she's not fooling around! As soon as she's done spanking Sissy will head to the bathroom!!!!
"Hairless Sissy!!!! No beard, no five o'clock shadow, no hair below your neck!!! It's not that hard to understand!!!!"
Sissy understood after the first ten....after the next twenty five Sissy would never forget!!!!

One Million!!!!

Sometime in the next hour or thereabouts this silly little blog will have its one millionth page hit!!! I know many of you other sweet sissy bloggers have hit this mark long ago and I don't like being a number whore but with a number like that I think it's time to take note!!!!
Thanks Leeanne, first and foremost! My Sissy inspiration, my sissy dream girl!!!!
Thanks Dee for playing along and being so evilly nice!!!!
Thanks Jo for the wonderful artwork!!!!
Thanks terri for recording your cuckold life, so similar!!!!!
Thanks Joe D for your sick and perverted comments...we could have been twins!!!!
Thanks Throne, for the fun stories and your wonderful encouragement!!!!
"Thanks sissy teri, I look forward to your comments all the time!!!!
Thanks James, you are as delightfully twisted as I am!!!!
Thanks Fiona for your comments...always fun to read!!!!
Thanks Andy X and LAKity and Mychel Glen and Sissy Bitch and Sissy Mishel and Sissy Pet and oh so many others!!!!
Without you all I wouldn't go on with all my nonsense here!!!!
Thanks to my beautiful and understanding wife who has given me a life I never thought I'd have!!!!
Okay that;s enough of that!!!!
Let's Party!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Even More Trouble

"Oh my god!" he heard her exclaim!!!! "What have you done now?"
"Well I was kind of looking through that old spell book again and I...."
"I warned you about that book didn't I....Dark Magic is nothing to be trifled with!!!!"
"I know...I was just looking and I came across a spell that I thought would make know...a little I could satisfy your lovers do..."
"What spell did you use!!!"
"I left the page open over there..."
"Oh my god this is a transmogrative spell, you had to repeat your desire 3 times!!! What did you say?"
"I wanted to they say...hung like a horse...I was doing it for you!!!"
"Damn It! What specifically did you say???"
"I said "Like A Horse" three times, there was a flash and...well you see the results!"
"I'll try to contact Aunt Martha again for a counter spell...she's not going to be happy....In the meantime maybe this will be an opportunity for me to fulfill one of my Dark Fantasies!"
He thrilled as she ran her hand down his flank until she was behind him....
"Oh Goddamn it you stupid Sissy you didn't specify...the book made you a mare!!!!!"

She Must Have Told Him

As her lover Mark becomes more and more a fixture in our life he has come to dominate me even more than the gentle way he dominates my sweet wife! She has granted him permissions that none of her prior lovers have had including my instructions to obey him as I obey her!
I think it's too coincidental that he has lately been insisting on the one and only service that I have reservations about!!!
I'm pretty sure she must have told him that it's a problem for me....but I must admit I am coming around. Especially when I get to enjoy the hard dripping cock right after!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Small Town Girls - Forever

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Their families were due home soon! Far too soon! They pulled each other close and kissed!!!! The small bulges in their sisters silky panties  would have to wait this time!
""I wish we could do this forever..." breathed Tammy
" time for that  now....!" answered Joanie
And their lips met again

I Know You're There

"I know you're there baby!!
""You just look so hot I can't help it...."
"I have no time to play I have to get dressed I have an important meeting this morning!!!"
"But baby you've got me so hot...maybe just a quick blowjob?"
"I'd really love to but I don't have time to do my makeup again! Go find Sissy....I hear her downstairs....I bet Sissy would love to suck that nice big cock!"
"Well...I guess that would be OK!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015


You kneel there with your bowl of warm water, your shave cream and razor! She wants you to do this for her! She wants her pussy to be smooth and bare, like an innocent young girl! But as you crawl toward her spread legs...toward the pussy you desire more than anything in the realize it's not for's for her lover...he wants this!!!!
You are on your knees shaving your wife's beautiful pussy for her lover...for another man...another man whose big cock will be inside her making her her all the joys that you can't give her....but at least she gives you thrills you to your sissy core...and she'll want you to kiss it when you're done....kiss it and lick her till she cums on your probing tongue....then she'll want you to do that again and maybe again and again until she can take no more...then you can sleep...she'll dream of her lover filling her freshly shaved pussy...and so will you!!!

Monday ManCandy

With the growing proliferation of food trucks and sidewalk stands it was only a mater of time before ManCandy became available!!!! The lines were long but it was inexpensive! The only problem was the unscrupulous vendors who offered their own ManCandy to those at the back of the line!!!
ManCandy!!!!! Where there's a market there's always a black market!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

When Nature Calls

Prior to the cage any one of these trees could have been my target! Now I have to find a spot where I can lower my panties and squat! Not that I mind it really!!!
When nature calls I have to answer it like a proper's only right!!!!

The Difference

"Come here and do me Baby!" she says!
A Man walks up and slides his big cock into her and fucks her to ecstasy!!!
A Sissy crawls to her and slides his tongue into her and licks her to ecstasy!!!
Which does she prefer?
Well she wants the big cock so he comes first but then she loves feeding the cum to her Sissy so he comes of both worlds as far as she's concerned!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

This was it!
Years of planning! Countless painful surgeries! Training with women for even more years to learn how they move, how they talk, how they think!!!!!!
The bastard had killed Carolina on their wedding night and banished him from his homeland! His vengeance was long in coming. He had patiently eliminated Don Lorenzo's lovers, then his friends, then his closest advisers until only he was left!
The proposal was inevitable! Now came the time to consummate their marriage! Despite all his surgeries he was still fully able to do his duty in that respect as Don Lorenzo would soon find out!!!
After Don Lorenzo was dead he would take over the organization and that would certainly be by the morning!
"Are you ready for me my darling?" he called out!
"I've been dreaming about this for years mi amore'...."

Must Be The Wrong Kind of Bench

My friend Dee Mentia practically promised me that these park benches were almost magical!!! Just wait around and some type of transformed man or sissy would just show up!
Always eager for new playmates I convinced my very skeptical wife to allow me to put one in our back yard!!!
It did do magic but not what I had counted on exactly! This was the second day in a row that a hot man showed up whose only desire was to service my beautiful wife's needs!!!
She's a believer now and all I can think is that I must of somehow got the wrong kind of bench!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

That's The Last Straw

"Alright!!!! That's it! I gave you one more chance last time!!!! I warned you what would happen if I caught you fooling around again"
"Look I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself..."
"I don't want to hear it!!!!"
"I promise...I'll never do it again!!!!
"That's what you said last time and look at this!"
"I really mean it this time!"
"I think he means it...."
"You stay out of this...I'll deal with you right after I call Kaaren's wife to come and get her slutty ass out of my house...damn it promised!!!"

Your Mouth Sissy

"Your mouth Sissy! Go over there and ask him if he'll put his cock in your mouth!!!! My goodness Sissy! Do I have to draw you a picture!!!"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back To School

"Goodbye Sweetheart I'll write every day!"
"Oh I'll miss you so! I can't wait for seems so far away!"
"Every day we're apart seems like forever!!!"
"Remember me and no fooling around with those nasty college whores!!!"
"Never! You're the only girl for me!"
"Just to make sure Sweetie I replaced all of your underpants with little frilly panties, you make sure you wear a pair every day!!!!!"
"Oh thank you!!! I'll wear them every day and think of those glorious hours I've spent with my face between your thighs!!!"
"Goodbye Baby!!!!"
"Goodbye for now Sweetheart!"

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl, my friends and I would put on our tiniest bikinis and lie out on my back porch to tan!!! We'd pretend not to notice the horny neighborhood boys peeking over the fence and we'd whisper and giggle about the boners we must be giving them!!!!
I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a Sissy who would put on a sexy little bikini and take the sun with me and we would pretend not to notice the neighborhood men peeking over the fence! And we'd talk about the boners we were giving them and we'd both laugh like little girls!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Not Like This!

"Come on Kaaren! We're going to be late!"
"But I can't, Not like dressed this!"
"Kaaren, this is a corporate affair and I can't miss this so let's go!"
"But I'm so embarrassed! Why did you make me wear this???"
"Several of the board members were asking about my husband and I told them you'd be here! I think you look lovely, what's the problem?"
"It just feels so wrong!!! What will they think of me?"
"Look Sissy, you have to wear the suit and least I let you wear the panties and that pretty new chemise under it! You can get back into a pretty dress when we get home!"
"You promise?"
"I insist!"


She said she had a surprise for me!!!!
She wasn't fooling me this time though, each time she's done this I've ended up with a nice big cock in my mouth!!!! I just hope this one lasts for a while!!! It's always over so quickly!!!!
Well I'll play along and act makes her happy!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Be Right With You

"You just stay right there Sissy your wife is calling!"
"Hello Baby..."

"Yes I liked it too..."

"Yes Sissy is right here....I was just about to plug him..."

"Alright, alright...her, I was just about to plug her!"

"The clear one..."

"Looks pretty damned big to me..."

"Okay Baby, I can't wait till you get home..."

"Yes...yes...Okay Bye!"

"Okay Sissy, sorry to keep you's funny...your wife doesn't think this is big enough...alright....deep it comes..."

Fetch My Slippers

"Fetch my slippers!"
A command you would give to a dog, but a dog wouldn't be nearly as eager as I was to comply!!!!
She so seldom used the slippers and they stung so nicely and I had missed them so!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday, September 7, 2015


Mark was staying with us for Labor Day. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for my wife and him when he came in, surprising me!
"Oh, good morning Mark. I wasn't expecting you to be up so early! I was just preparing your breakfast!"
"That's funny Sissy, cause I came down here to give you breakfast!"
I think I burned the toast but it was worth it!!!!

Monday ManCandy

No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing There comes a time when you need that extra boost to continue through the day!!! Whether training for the Olympic Swim Team or just relaxing at the pool with friends that quick and tasty shot of creamy goodness is just what you need!!!
ManCandy!!! Sometimes it seems almost better than air!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Most Illogical

"Captain it is most illogical that we keep using the Transporter if it continues to do this to us!"
"I don't know about you Spock but I'm beginning to hope Scotty never fixes it!!!"