Friday, September 30, 2016

The Cuckold Life

You help her into that pretty dress...the one you picked out for her to wear....knowing that it will only make her date want her more....and you'd be so hard just thinking about it if it wasn't for the cage.....
They both laugh as they leave you kneeling by the you tell them to "Have fun!!!"
She smiles at you....that angelic smile that means the world to you....
"Thank you Sissy.....don't wait up!!!"
And then she's gone and your imagination takes care of the rest!!!


He was the new maid.....the Mistress had chosen him instead of any of his sisters....and now he stood nervously in the courtyard....the unfamiliar sensations of the satins and lace giving him unexpected pleasures.........the heels they had given him were almost impossible to walk in....the maid next to him....her breasts exposed....was making it harder for him to control himself and then he saw the dog!!!!!
"That's a really big dog!!!" he whispered to the maid next to him.
"Soon the Mistress will make sure you find out how big he really is....."
"What do you mean?"
"Shhh. the Mistress is coming!!!!"

Thursday, September 29, 2016


"They'll be here soon Sissy, both of them are coming you understand?"
I could only nod!!!
"I'm going to fuck them both Sissy, both of them at the same our you understand?"
I could only nod!!!
"Then, and only then, I'm going to remove your gag and let you lick up all of their you understand?"
I could only nod!!!
"Then I'm going to watch as they take you Sissy.....I'm going to cum while they take their pleasures with you.....Is that alright with you that something you'd do for me?"
How could I answer? How could I tell her that if it was what she wanted then it was what I wanted.....if it gave her pleasure then it gave me pleasure....that I found joy in submitting to her wishes.....that the idea thrilled me more because it was her could I tell her.....
I could only nod!!!!

"The answer is no Sissy....I don't think you've earned it yet.....but while we're speaking of orgasms....why don't you crawl over here and get your face in between my legs!!!"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Very Good

"Very good Baby, I see you're starting to understand how things are going to be around help me strap it on and then you can suck it for a while.....then I want you to run upstairs and put on something pretty for me....all girls want to look pretty when they give up their cherry!!!"


Suddenly the door swung open and his wife was there!!!!
"Oh my God!!!! What are you doing!!!"
"I'm sorry I was just thinking about sucking Mark's cock and I lost track of time...."
"I don't want to hear your excuses....get dressed right now.....I think the blue uniform today!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Did You Do Today

"So what did you do today must get so dull being stuck in the house all day!!!"
"Well, of course I did all my chores...I know that you expect your house to be neat and clean when you get home!!!"
"Yes Sissy....everything seems to be in order....but that can't take all what else did you do today?"
"A couple of my old bar biddies came by and we kind of hung around this afternoon!!!"
"Doing what Sissy?"
"Oh you know....talking about sports and know.....guy stuff...."

Sissy School - Budget Cuts

Due to budget cuts the Sissy School temporarily shared school bus service with St. Dunstans School for Boys! This ride sharing was discontinued when the costs for late arrivals and cleaning were soon much higher than the individual bus service they had previously offered!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2016


He had always been curious and finally it got the better of him!!!!
The house was quiet when he went into his sister's room.....he knew which drawer it was....the top drawer in the tall dresser....that was where she kept her underwear!!!
He saw them in the laundry....the little girl cotton briefs had changed over the past couple of years to soft, sexy, little, wispy things that had fueled his nice must they feel to wear....maybe they excited her as much as they excited him....maybe they made her hand slip into them and.....he had to stop thinking like that....she was his sister....and what would she say if she caught him here.....naked.....stroking his hard teenage cock with the red satin panties he had seen hanging in the bathroom....he wished he could see her wearing them....he wished she could see him wearing them.....he wanted to be punished for felt so good....
The moment of release....the moment of ecstasy.....the moment the door opened and his sister and her friend walked was the moment his life changed....

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes you just don't have the time and before you know it you're at the office feeling grouchy, tired and out of energy!!!! This can usually be resolved with a trip to the mailroom....those guys will always deliver!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Marked for special delivery!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

Was it Tom who wanted a beer and Tony that wanted a blowjob or was it the other way around? I get so distracted sometimes by the excitement of the game and I forget!!!
Oh well. I'll bring both of them a beer and I'll give both of them a nice slow blowjob.....after all I get thirsty too!!!!

I Love When She Does This

It's not just that she's taking me like a girl....she's done that probably hundreds of times....and I always love it....but usually I'm face down and ass up and I know the pleasure I'm getting but I can't see her face....and I do love to see her face as she takes me like she makes me giggle and she absolutely makes me feel like the sissy girl I am.....I love to see the love in her eyes as she puts a leg up on the bed to give her the leverage she needs to fuck me make me make me cum like the slut I have become!!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Pit of Horror

Would this nightmare never end??? Dragged from his bed in the middle of the night and taken to.....somewhere.....he really didn't know where this place was....perhaps it was Hell!!!
Whenever he awoke he was in a different operating room....a hospital room....a theater of some kind where he watched endless films about.....about what.....he couldn't remember......
Countless injections of drugs......he knew he was changing.....
Finally properly dressed in a pretty purple dress and the sexiest lingerie, he presented himself to the Doctor as he knew he should....he waited for the man's decision!!!!
"Fritz!!!! Igor!!!! Take it away...I've failed again!!!! Toss it in the pit and then fetch me another subject.....I think I'm getting closer to the secret.....soon I'll be able to transform any man into a female love slave!!!!"
The two misshapen men took the struggling figure and bound him tightly and carried him to the pit!!!!
The bound man looked into the pit and began to scream and struggle again, nearly writhing loose from their grip!!!! Below he could see a vision straight from Dante's Inferno!!!! Half men half women, half men half....god knows, half something else.....shuffled and fought.....the stronger ones preying on the weaker....satisfying their depraved lusts.....some....oh my god....some appeared to be eating another in the corner....blood and viscera dripping from their malformed faces!!!
And many of them were watching as he was being lowered toward them.....his mind teetered on the edge of madness!!!! Suddenly he stopped! He strained to hear his captors conversation!!!
"You know Fritz......we do this for the Master all the time and all we ever get is abuse....I think maybe we deserve something other than room, board and the sting of his whip!!!"
"What did you have in mind Igor?"
"Look at this one's the closest he has ever gotten to making one for himself....doesn't it seem a waste to lose her in the pit?"
"You know it's not really a's close but it still has....."
"It's close enough for me......I don't know about you Fritz, but it's close enough for me!!! I say we keep it, we deserve a toy to play with too!!!"
"But the Master...."
"We'll hide her....we'll keep her in that trunk in your room and only take her out when we want to use her....."
"Well i guess we can try it for a while and if we don't like it then....."
"Then we drop it in the pit!!!"
Slowly he felt himself being lifted back out of the horrors of the pit but as the two twisted men finally pulled him back over the edge they found that he had gone quite mad.....they didn't care though.....they didn't want him for conversations!!!!

Humiliation Fail

"I'm going to fuck your wife's tight ass you have anything to say?"
"I'm sure she's going to enjoy it....I'm so happy for her!"
"Here just a moment I'll get her nice and wet for you!!!"
" mean...."
"I'll need to suck your cock too....just to make sure it's nice and know proper hygiene is very important!!!"
"But I was going to...."
"Oh yes and then I'd be only to happy to lube you both'll both want this to be a pleasurable experience right?"
"Ummm yeah....okay Sissy....sounds good!"
Just before I put my tongue to work on her I heard her small laugh!!!
Not every attempt at humiliating a sissy works out...especially not when you're "forcing" me to do something that I love to do!!!"

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sissy's Choice

"No's not cruel, it's fun!"
"Maybe for you....but I...."
"Quiet Sissy....I love to watch it twitch like this....I almost never get tired of this.....if you don't like it I can get the ice and get you back into the cage....your choice Sissy!"
Oh my god....which was better....which was worse????

Go Ahead Sissy

"Go ahead Sissy...finish him deserve it....after all he was your best friend before I started fucking him.....and you should have a special memory of that.....the taste of his cum in your mouth while you watch him make me cum on his nice big manly cock....that's all for you Baby!!!!"

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Those Were The Days - Advertising

"Say Tom, it looks like she's ready, how would you feel about going inside to fuck my beautiful wife?"
"You know I'd love to about you go in first and put on some of her sexy know I love it when you get on your knees and suck my really gets the night off to a good start!!!"
"You know what else gets the night off to a good start Tom?"
"You bet I do Frank!!!! Dow Ale! The one beer to have when you're getting ready to fuck your best friends wife!!!"
"That's right boys", his wife called out from the doorway, "remember the jingle...."
"Good for the bull and good for the cuck,
When you're out of Dow you're out of luck!!!"
They both laughed as they clinked glasses....

Doing So Well

"He sucks cock so well Sis!!!"
"That's not all he does well baby sister!!!!"
"You mean...."
"Let's flip him around and I'll show you the sluttiest whore you've ever seen!!!!"
"Oh god yes....I can't wait!!!!!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


"Undress him for me Sissy, show me his cock!"
The first few times she made me do this I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I really didn't enjoy it very much. But now I look forward to it.....if the man is new....let him be embarrassed....I just want to get that cock in my hand and hopefully...if she allows my mouth!!!!

Small Town Girls - I Need You

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
When Tammy called she had sounded so shaky that Joanie rushed to her house as  quickly as she could....
Tammy was her sisters pretty red bra and panties.....
"What's the matter Baby....what's going on? Joanie cried!
"I needed you today....I wanted you so badly that it hurt!!!!"
"Why didn't you say....I have nothing sexy to wear....maybe I could borrow something from your sisters drawers...."
"No please Joanie.....Johnny....I need you to be the boy today....would that be okay....please?"
"As long as I get to have you that's time you can be the boy for me....okay?"
"Oh yes.....please I need you now!!!!"
I need you too Baby!!!!"

No Competition

Soon she turned away from me.....her attention all shifted to him.....his fingers were inside her making her gasp....soon they would push me away.....soon his fingers would be replaced by his big meaty cock....soon he would be fucking my wife while I rubbed my caged clit under my dress.....and I hoped....god how I hoped that his cum would taste as good as I hoped it would as I licked it all out of the sweetest pussy on earth!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sissy Maid Humiliation

Going out like this was humiliating enough...but standing in the parking lot going over the list was just too much!!!!
"Tampons.....Sissy....the biggest box you can find....ask if they have a bigger one..."
"Yes Ma'am...can I go now?"
Not yet Sissy.....Kotex pads....ask for the ones for maximum flow....then ask for the biggest box they have...."
"Yes Ma' that all..."
"Oh no Sissy.....I want you to find a male employee and ask him to show you where they keep their L'Eggs stockings and Hanes panties...I want him to show you Sissy...then you can ask him if her prefers thongs or bikinis....if he picks one then that's what you'll buy..."
"Oh my god....I can't ....."
"You can and you will I want you to ask for enema matter how big the bag they show you, I want you to ask them if they they have a bigger one..."
"Oh more...."
"Alright Sissy then you can go to the cashier...I want you to pick the youngest looking female there....and when she asks if there's anything else you need I want you to ask her if they carry extra small size condoms!!!! If she laughs I want you to ask her if they also have extra large size condoms for your wife's boyfriend....."
"Is that all...."
"No not yet let me have your phone......I want this all to be recorded to make sure you follow my instructions....if not...well I have my hairbrush in the car and it wouldn't bother me at all to march you right back inside and spank your naughty bottom!"
"Yes Ma'am, I'll be right back!!!!"

No Matter How Well

No matter how well you're prepared there's nothing like losing your sissy virginity!!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sissy School - Freshman Orientation

All the newest sissies had to spend a day in one of the special "conditioning" left them in a much more receptive state of mind!!!

Monday ManCandy

What do you think.....
"Running a little bit late today?
Get your ManCandy on the way!!!"
ManCandy!!!! It;s just so good do we really need to advertise?!?!?!?!?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

I don't know why so many people are saying all the new rules are turning this into a sissy game!!!!

Let Go

"Sissy....your wife is calling me....please stop!"
"C'mon Sissy, it's nice but your wife wants me...."
"Dammit Kaaren let me go!!!!"
"Alright Sissy.....just till we get to the door OK???"

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Matinee - If The Shoe Fits

She laughed when she heard the story, the newsmen on the radio were going mad.....the Prince was dead!!! The heir to the throne was gone!!!! With the king and queen so old how could the monarchy be saved!!!
He would have never had a chance to get so close if it hadn't been for an amazing coincidence!!!!
He always loved to watch that family....all women so their modesty at home left something to be desired and he particularly loved to watch them punish the pretty one....he had never seen so much bare flesh!!!! From his favorite spot behind the shrubs he had watched them literally tear the dress from her body, revealing more of her than he had ever seen!!!
But then something wondrous, truly wondrous happened and he watched the Fairy appear and he watched the transformation she performed!!!!
As the beautiful sister rode off in her gilded coach he caught the Fairy by the scruff of her neck and at knife point demanded she do the same for him!!!
"You wish to be a Prince at the Royal Ball!!!"
"No you old Fairy hag I wish to be the most beautiful woman there!!!"
"But why....why would you want that?"
"I have my get to work!!!"
The fairydust swirled around him and he was transformed!!!!
"You must return by midnight or you will be a woman forever!!! the old Fairy told him right before he cut her throat!!!
"Now I will have my revenge against those royal killed my brother for poaching a rabbit to feed his family now I'll steal your legacy from you!!!"
All eyes turned as the second newcomer entered the Ball, even more stunning than the one that the Prince had just stepped outside with!!! She practically had to fight her way across the dance floor as men abandoned their partners to ask her to dance!!!
She found them on the terrace.....he was kissing her and his hands were inside her gown making her gasp when the clock began to chime midnight.....she broke away from the Prince and ran....leaving a shoe behind!!!
Before he could catch her a new beauty caught his eye....she sauntered up to him and pulled up her gown inviting him to sample her charms!!!!
Their encounter was short.....the Prince, catching his breath remarked that he didn't even know her name!!!!
She plunged the dagger into his chest!!!
"I am Vengeance....I am Death!!!"
Then she ran...
Life as a beautiful woman had it's benefits.....she was quickly taken in by a very rich man who showered her with gifts....the finest jewels and the most beautiful dresses....and she followed the hunt for the assassin very carefully....after all they had her shoe and soon they would have her head!


I kneel there little clit surging in the tight cage....I rarely blush but when he asked me to model my outfit for him....when he asked me to pick up my skirt and show him my pretty panties....when he pulled them down....when he laughed at my caged clit....when he spun me around and laughed even harder at the plug she had put in me just moments before he arrived....I still wasn't "comfortable" with face was blushing deep red....I could feel it....
Then he turned his attention to her and as he kissed her she was already moaning....she hadn't had a man for a few days and she was ready....I had tasted how ready when I helped her dress.....she needed his cock but he seemed to want to play....with me!!!"
His hand slipped into her panties....
"Oh my Sissy your wife is so wet for does that make you feel...."
"Please....I don't know.....she needs you...."
He pulled his hand out and put his glistening wet fingers up in front of me....
"Lick Sissy....lick your wife's juicy pussy from my fingers!!!!"
I didn't think it was possible to blush more than I already was.....but I leaned forward and licked his wet fingers as he chuckled.....
He slipped his hand back into her soaking wet panties....
"You like that like to taste your wife on another have some more...."
Once again he put his wet fingers in front of me and as I leaned forward he pushed them in my mouth....
"Suck them clean Sissy!!! I want to put clean fingers into your wife's tight little ass while I fuck her...."
Dutifully I sucked them till he pulled them away....
"Go kneel in the corner Sissy....facing the wall....I'll call you when I need you.....while I fuck your wife I want you to think about how my cock is going in your wife's sweet I'm going to pump her full of my cum.... and then my cock's going in your mouth right after....."

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sissy Training - That First Time

Sometimes they're naturals and the first time goes off without a problem...
More often they have to learn to accept their future....repeated lessons, one after another, for several hours usually takes care of this!!!

Let's Talk

Yesterday my friend Dee did me the honor of making up a caption about me please go check it out...I love it and I'm sure all my sweet readers will as well.
In her explanation about the cap she raised a few questions and I quote:

"From having this blog, I have met a few sissies, including the titular Sissy Kaaren of this caption, and there have been times I've really had to bite my tongue reading their stories. Especially since you never know if (a) the posts are true, based on real life, or are complete fabrications, and (b) how much control their other halves have when it comes to their contact with the outside world."
I started to answer this in a reply on her blog but I thought that maybe I should make this a long-winded post here instead of a long winded reply there...
 I love that in the cap it's just me and my wife out as a pair of girlfriends, I have actually enjoyed doing the all-girl thing with my wife on several occasions....where we weren't sissy husband and mistress wife, just a couple of girlfriends out having fun....she and I both love to dance and we hit the clubs from time to time...
As to your point (a) well some are true and some are fantasy....some little things posted as fantasy then came true later....some posts start out true and then veer off into fantasy...I think my life is more mundane than it would seem and if I only posted reality I would quickly run out of things to say.
As to (b) my wife is a business professional and she works very hard...she provides for both of us after I became unemployed several years ago....we decided that rather than taking a job that I would hate, we could afford it for me to stay home and keep the house for us.....the fact that I was a sissy didn't really play into this decision but it gave me opportunities that I hadn't had before. I would be her maid/housekeeper/lover/submissive and I have been very happy in those roles...Does she control our relationship....well yes she does but that control comes with my consent she understands my need to submit but she also understands that in a dom/sub relationship it is the sub that sets the limits, at least that's the way it is for us! 

Does she control my contact with the outside world....yes and no...I still keep in touch with some old friends and do some "guy" things with them and she likes them....well most of them, has there ever been a wife who likes all her husbands friends? I have met and like most of her friends and we have a pretty interesting social life where we go out as husband and wife....we are outwardly as normal as any other couple! Kaaren mostly stays home if you know what I mean!!! There are some friends, the ones that we agree can be trusted, who have met Kaaren and at least one who for the sake of anonymity I have referred to as Stacy on my blogs who has been given more intimate access to our lives.

Dee then wonders...
 I get the addiction of pushing the envelope in any sort of kink, but I wonder if there is a real regret for a return to a normality that doesn't exist anymore, since you can't put the toothpaste back once it has been squeezed out of the tube. "What's wrong with Z? I mean, you had no problem doing X and Y?" When you go into that other realm, do you have ground rules set up as to what exactly IS and ISN'T proper, or just keep wandering up to the invisible line, cross it, and hope that THAT wasn't the limits of what you wanted?

Do we have limits.....oh yes we have limits....just because you like X and Y that has nothing to do with Z......we understand each other and know what's real in our life and neither of us would do anything that would damage that....and despite whatever anyone may think, I have said no plenty of has's not about's not about's about us.

Dee also wonders....
Its more like a, "I had a real rough day at work, and the last thing I want to do right now is do 2 batches of laundry in a french maid outfit while you cuckold me with our landscaper. can't we just order Chinese food and watch a couple Mel Brooks movies?" 

Well aside from the fact that the laundry is part of my job there are plenty of nights where we just curl up together in our jammies, with some popcorn and a few DVDs....even I can't think about sex all the time.....

It's a valid question...
 As a sissy cuckold, do you have the right to know who your wife is boffing on the side and isn't it cheating if she isn't telling the sissy she has a side piece, as opposed to cuckolding? 

In a word, yes! And I have some veto power there too....if the guy is an asshole he doesn't come into our home....but she's a very good judge of character and she feels them out very carefully before she decides what to do and then she sits and discusses it with me....and yes keeping it a secret is cheating!!! I know it sounds crazy when my wife has sex with other men that I'm OK with but there is still a possibility of cheating.....but it's the honesty of the cuckold relationship that makes it work....if we weren't honest with each other things would begin to go badly very quickly!!! And as for me....well probably 99% of my sex life is supervised anyway so cheating would be impossible....I can't cheat and I wouldn't if I could because I love her and would never dream of hurting her and I'm sure she feels the same way about me!

Another good question...
At what point, if there is bondage / pegging / humiliation does the sub have a right to say enough is enough, I don't want this, and if they do, will the Dom be happy with that decision, and what happens next?

We haven't reached that point yet, maybe we will one of these days....maybe her or maybe me....when we married we promised each other to stay together forever and I plan to honor that promise and I'm absolutely sure, without even a bit of doubt that she plans the same!!!

So there you have it....other cuckold couples experiences may be different....but we fulfill each others needs and desires with respect and love....and we make each other happy!!!

Now how do I get down off this soapbox??? It's time to snuggle with my Sweetie, she has to get up soon and she has a date for Friday night!!!!



Thursday, September 15, 2016

Safe Sex

Sissy knew she was safe....after all they were Man eaters and she was less and less of a man every day!!!!

Cuckolding....It's Hard

Do you think it's easy for a Sissy Cuckold to stand quietly by while his beautiful wife sucks another man's cock right in front of him!!!
Of course not....the Sissy wishes deep in her heart that it wasn't like this....that her wife wasn't on her knees.....that her wife didn't have her mouth stretched around another man's cock!!!!
The Sissy wishes that cock was in her own mouth while his darling wife watched and laughed as he sucked that man's cock!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


He was so nervous....what would she think when she saw him....
He was scared to death that he would lose her but he found the strength to tell her....better she knew before she found out by accident....
He was even more scared when her reply was, "Show me!"....
The room was absolutely silent as he stepped out for her to see....
She looked him up and down....not smiling....not talking....his heart breaking a little more as each second passed like an eternity....
Then she reached up and kissed him....his worries fell away as he felt her hands slip around his waist....he slowly put his arms around her and held her close.....her lips on far as he was concerned this kiss could last forever!!!



Oh hi....yes he's here but he can't come to the phone right now

We had company tonight and they left a big mess

Yes it is very nice of him to do the clean up...very, very nice

Okay, I'll tell him you called.....oooh

No I uh...stubbed my toe....ooooh my it hurts

Okay bye-bye

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

From Now On

"So is he?"
"Ummm...he's good...but I..."
"He'll get better with practice Baby....from now on my brother will be sucking your cock instead of me!!!"
"But he's a guy....I like a girls mouth on my cock Baby!!!"
"Don't be silly...a mouth is a mouth......I caught him wearing my clothes so if you'd like I can dress him up as a girl and then he can suck your cock....he looked pretty good in my underwear!"
"Oh....oooooh yeah...that sounds hot....dress him up in your sexy underwear......I'd love that.....oooooohhhh yeah!!!"
"Sounds like maybe you'd like to try on my underwear too....maybe next time we'll all play dress up and you can suck his cock too..."
"No....ooooohhhhh I didn't mean....I'd oooohhh god.....suck my cock bitch...."
"We'll talk about it later.....I want to see his face when you cum in his mouth for the first time tonight!!!"

Sissy School - The Great Outdoors

"Alright're out in the forest.....a man walks up behind you and grinds his erect cock against you.....what do you do?"
"Well first I grind back to let him know I appreciate his attention!"
"Very good Sissy....then?"
"Then I lower my panties....but I leave them around my ankles!"
"Oh very've obviously done the reading....then?"
"Then I bend over and let him use me for his pleasure?"
"Hmmmm....and then?"
"When he finishes I thank him for allowing me to please him."
"Alright Sissy, let's go over this as I simulate the encounter, the only place you went wrong was that you forgot to flip up your skirt before he entered you....but I'm going to give you a B+ on the exercise now just hold still while I see how well you handle this!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Little Bondage Can Be Fun

I thought it would be a fun little game if she found me dressed as her maid and bound to a chair!!! I had left the keys to the cuffs on the high shelf in the Dining Room so there was absolutely no way I could get them!
However I hadn't counted on her working late and now I really needed to pee!!! I know how she thinks....if I wet myself she'll put me into diapers for sure!!!!

Maybe I can hold it a little longer but I could feel my panties already getting a little damp!!!

Monday ManCandy

When you need that rich creamy start to your day just remember that variety is the spice of life...
Do you want mild....

Or perhaps you'd prefer medium....

Or maybe extra spicy is more to your taste...

ManCandy!!!! You wouldn't eat the same breakfast every day would you???

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

To score a touchdown all you have to do is "break the plane"......I'm calling this a TD and I'm eagerly awaiting the extra point!!!!

Silent Humiliation

You face her lover....not as equals....he's a man and you're a sissy!
He unfastens your skirt which pools around your feet and he steps back to look at your tiny caged manhood through your, oh so pretty panties....just over his shoulder your wife waits to see as she rubs her wet sex....already so aroused....your breath sounds so loud in your ears you can hear it over her little gasps as she teases herself closer to orgasm!!!!
As he steps behind you he pulls off his tie....he pulls your hands gently behind would never think of resisting....and he binds your hands...gently but tightly.....leaving you defenseless!!!!
He smiles as he steps back in front of you and as he looks you over the smile changes....she can't see it but you's more of a sneer now....after all he's a man and you're just a panty wearing submissive Sissy....
Over his shoulder your wife's fingers are moving so fast and her gasps are almost loud enough to drown out your heartbeat throbbing in your ears......he reaches for your lips and slipping a finger in your mouth you instantly start to lick.....he pulls your mouth open and slides his other hand to your shoulder and presses downward...without a word you sink to your knees in front of him....with your mouth open and a little drool running down your chin....and you wait for him to fill your mouth....because he's a man and you're not and no matter what you may think this is exactly where you belong!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Matineee - Strange Romance

"'s such a little's nothing to cry about!!!?
"Oh my god.....why didn't you tell me....."
"It didn't seem that important....I didn't think it would make a difference!!!!"
"Didn't think it would make a difference!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!"
"But Sweetie it's only about 3 inches....maybe 4 inches when it's hard....are you going to let 4 little inches split us up?"
"I love you but I need some time...."
"Well you have 5 minutes and then I'll our be your bride...."

Nothing For You

"Nothing for you to see here Sissy......Donna will be staying the night....we'll see you in the morning.....good night Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am....good night ladies....if I can be of any help or offer anything be sure to let me know!"
"Offer anything!!!!"
They were still laughing as I closed the door but it quieted quickly....and I was left to strain at my chastity as I imagined what I was missing!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Right Here

"Just think Sissy....when your sister and her husband come for dinner tomorrow I'm going to have them sit right here....should I tell them about this....should I tell them how I made you into my little squealing bitch right here?"
"Whatever you wish Sweetheart....."
"Exactly the right answer Sissy...."

Don't Have To Wake Her

Some mornings I didn't have to wake her....some mornings she got up early and got started on her own!!!
When they were ready they'd come down to the kitchen, coffee and bacon and eggs for and some fresh fruit for her....she'd already had her protein!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


For some of you watching your wife get fucked hard by another man would be a reason to end your marriage....
For's just Thursday!!!!

Sissy School - Checklist

The first year Sissy checklist....
Uniform - on order.
Backpack - check.
White Stockings and Maryjanes - check.
Skirt rolled up so white panties are ready for inspection - check.
Pigtails and ribbons - check.
Something hard to suck - I'll pick that up on the way....