Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You Just Wait

"When my wife get's home I'm going to tell her!!!!"
"Tell her what Sissy!"
"I'm going to tell her how you made me suck you till you were hard!!!!"
"Then what are you going to tell her Sissy?
"I'm going to tell her how you bent me over and stuck your big hard cock inside me!!!"
"What else are you going to tell her Sissy?"
"I'm going to tell her how you fucked me really hard! How you made me cum on my skirt!!!!"
"And what else Sissy?"
"I'm going to tell her that I wish you could come by a lot more often!!!"
"Okay Sissy! You tell her that!!! Now push back hard....."
"Oh yes......."

Alright Sweetie

"Alright Sweetie, you just keep stroking! I love watching you do this! But God help you if you cum!!!! Do you understand?"
Through gritted teeth Sissy could only nod!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015


"Your wife has a wonderful pussy Sissy! You don't mind if I play with her like this do you?"
I couldn't tear my eyes away from his fingers teasing her pussy! So wet I could see it from here!
"No sir!" I answered softly.
He smirked at me as he pushed his fingers into her!

Monday ManCandy

Remember when you were young and your mama would scold you for playing with your food? Well she was only preparing you for the time ManCandy would enter your life!!! Delicious and creamy and so much fun to get ....remember what Mama said....don't play with your food!!!!
ManCandy! No playing around....you need it and you know it!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

That's Perfect Sissy

"That's perfect Sissy! When Mark comes to the door he'll have a hard time choosing between us!"
"Why can't he have us both? He's certainly man enough for two!"
"Oh Sissy, you have such ideas...."
"The poor man won't know what hit him!!!!"
"I'll be gentle!"
"I won't!!!!!"

Strange Attraction

"Sister Leeanne! I can't help myself!!! I feel so attracted to you that I forget my vows! I forget everything! All I can think of is my lust for you!!!!"
"Sister Kaaren, would it surprise you if I told you that I fantasize about you as I lay in my cell at night?"
"Sister I have a shameful confession to make!"
"You can tell me anything Sweet Girl!"
'I'm not really a woman!!! I have a tiny thing I've hidden from all the other Sisters!!!
"Well that explains it all! Come Kaaren and let's explore the contents of our panties together! You'll see we have more in common than you think!!!"
"You mean you...."
"Shhh.....kiss me sweet sister!!!"

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Matinee - On Broadway

He thought it would be safe after all this time! All the years, all the surgeries....he didn't think even his own mother would recognize him now!!!
Even so as he moved through his old neighborhood he kept a wary eye for any sign he had been recognized! As the days went by he relaxed, what had he been thinking? Who could possibly recognize that this pretty young girl was the former King of the Rackets!!!!
Soon he would reclaim the hidden treasure! $100,000 in cash would buy a lot of nylons he chuckled to himself!
His reign of terror here had no precedent! He ordered that men be killed almost on a whim! His rule by terror was absolute and when it started to slip he had disappeared! In the vacuum he left behind dozens more were killed before an uneasy peace once again settled on Broadway!!!
Despite all his care and caution he never noticed the man who followed him!
Finally the time was right and he went to the old rooming house and used the key on the door covered in cobwebs, the room he had rented in advance for three years! And it was still there! Behind the second drawer! His plan had worked and he laughed!
He laughed at all those poor saps who had earned this money, he laughed at all the bodies that had floated down the river, he laughed until he felt the knife at his throat!
"I don't know what's so funny boss!" said a gruff voice behind him.
"Who are you???? What do you want????"
"You killed a lot of people Boss, you may have fooled everyone with this...lace and skirts...but I knew you!"
"I have money I can pay you...."
"I know you do! I waited till you picked it up! It'll buy a nice headstone for my brother!"
"Your Broth....."
He was silenced as the knife slit his throat!!!!

"13th Preceint Homicide, What. Where. What did it say? Okay got it!"
"Whaddaya got Sam?"
"Body on Broadway! Throat cut."
"Heh, nothing new there1"
"Funny thing though! This one had a sign hanging around her neck!!"
"A sign! What did it say?"
"It said King of the Rackets....what do you suppose that means?"
"Don't bother trying to figure it out....it's just Broadway!"

Double Dating

Sissy came to understand that when her wife arranged a double date all it meant was that Sissy's fluffing duties were doubled!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Next Time

Even as she savored the taste of her lover her eyes were on her Sissy husband and the hard little clit leaking in his panties!!!
"That's how it's done Sissy! Were you watching carefully?"
Her red faced husband answered quietly!
"Did you enjoy watching me suck another man's cock Sissy?"
His blush deepened to crimson even as the wet spot on his panties grew!
"Then just think how much I'm going to enjoy watching you suck another man's cock Sissy, I can hardly wait!!!"
His face was red as a beet as he came in his panties!!!!
"You can clean those up after you kiss me and clean these dribbles....next time Sissy! Next time is your turn!!!!"


Sissy always said he would bend over backwards to suck a nice cock! His wife and friends thought she was exaggerating so imagine their surprise when Sissy proved she meant what she said!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Once there was a time where she loved to tell her husband how much she loved to suck big cocks!!!
That was then!!!!
Now she loved to watch her husband suck big cocks!!!! She got all of the thrills and he got all of the cum!!! It was the perfect marriage!!!!


Aiko couldn't wait to get home!!!! Her Sissy husband was always asking her for more....always asking for bigger!!!! She couldn't wait till he saw this, this should be the answer to his prayers!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Oh my god it's just everywhere!!! I know she was only with one man but goodness....it's like he sprayed the room with a fire hose! I mean....honestly....cum stains in the fireplace? How does that happen? I really wish she had let me stay and watch!!!! It must have been spectacular!!!!

I Doesn't Matter - Sissy Training

How many times do we have to go over this Sissy? It doesn't matter whether you love it...what matters is whether or not I love it! And let me tell you Sissy!!! I love it!!! So get used to it, on your knees with a cock in your mouth is where you belong!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Extra Cheese

Extra cheese will only make you fat, it goes right to my ass!!!! So when I order my pizza I never ask for extra cheese, I always order mine with extra sauce!!!! Those are calories I don't mind counting!!!!

Captains Log

"Dammit Scotty I thought you said you fixed the Transporter!"
"I did fix it Captain, what happened? Your voice sounds different!!! Are you and Dr. McCoy alright???"
"The Doctor is alright Scotty, but I'm smoking hot!!!!"
"Dammit Jim!!! I'm a Doctor not a Fashion Model!!!!"
"Let me beam you back up and we'll get to the bottom of the problem!"
"Not right now Scotty, I see some local tribesmen coming and I'm going to....greet them!!!"
"But Captain...."
"Kirk out!"

Monday, June 22, 2015

Get Out of Town

"Alright you Sissy Sisters! a nice cold shower should calm you down! I know you're still hiding that dildo but you've worn me out looking for it!!!"
"I'm warning you! You come back to this town and you'll face me again!!!"
"All I ask is that you wait a few days for me to recover!!!"
"You five are pretty formidable, I almost gave out, but you'll have to try again if you want to beat me!!!"

Monday ManCandy

This is what you would call a self-starter!!! Some lucky sissies have come to appreciate the creamy goodness of ManCandy and when all else fails they can take care of things themselves! It's not perpetual motion but it's close!
ManCandy! Even if it's from you it's still good for you!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


"Marshall Kaaren!!!! Marshall Kaaren!!!! They're back! Oh lord they're back!!!! What are we going to do!"
Marshall Kaaren took her time slowly removing the big black dildo, she called it Denzel although no one knew why, and standing she tucked her tiny clit into her fancy silk panties.
""You mean they're here already?"
"They're in the Saloon right now Marshall! The men in there are goners already!!!"
"Alright, don't get your panties in a twist! Get all the men and boys off the streets and I'll go see what this is all about!"
"By yourself Marshall? You know what they can do!!! They put you off your feet last time, god knows what they'll do to you this time!!!"
"Well....it's part of the job....sometimes you just have to pull up your big girl panties and deal with it!"
"But last time...."
"Listen, the last time the Sissy Sisters came to town I shut them down all by myself! Sure my jaw was sore and my ass hurt but the town was safe! It's all about sacrifice! Now get going! Warn the townsfolk, I have to get ready!"
"Good luck Marshall, we all love you!!!!"
Marshall Kaaren strapped on her gun belt! Sighing she slipped a bottle of lube into her holster and set off to the Saloon!
Hearing the cries of the men from inside she pushed through the doors.....
"Which of you Sissies has the balls to take me on! It's five to one and that's just the way I like it!!!"
"We know!" one of them said. "That's why we came back!"
"Barkeep!" The Marshall shouted, "A round of whiskey for me and the girls here then clear out and don't let anyone in here no matter what you hear!"


When serving coffee to your wife and her lover on a bright Sunday morning, frills are always appropriate!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Empire of Women

It had taken Dash Thatcher weeks to find his way here, always hidden always searching!!! The Empire of Women was no place for a man!!! If they found him he was terrified of what they'd do to him!!!!
That was why he couldn't understand that last message from his young sidekick Rick Jones!
"Don't try to find me it's already too late!"
It only made Dash more determined to find him!
As he looked for a way in he felt a soft hand land on his shoulder! Whipping around he confronted a strangely familiar young woman!
"Why couldn't you stay away Dash! Didn't you get my message?"
"Rick??? Oh my god Rick!!! What have they done to you?"
"Quiet!!! They don't know you're here! Come with me and you'll be safe!"
Dash followed through a labyrinth of trails and tunnels all the while marveling that the beautiful lithe figure leading him was his young friend Rick a short time ago!!
Finally they came to a chamber filled with equipment and a pool of some unknown substance!
"We should be safe here for a while! Oh Dash how I wish you hadn't come!"
"But Rick how did they do this to you? Can you be changed back?"
"You see this machine?" Rick said flipping a switch bringing it humming to life. "This is the DNA Analyzer/Reorganizer, it tears you apart and rebuilds you! The pain is indescribable!!! After it reshapes you as a woman your body goes into the heated pool of healing chemicals and after a short time you emerge as a complete woman!"
Dash stared horrified! He couldn't believe the tortures they had inflicted on the poor boy!
"One more thing Dash!"
"What Rick?"
With a quick push Dash was bathed in the DNA Ray!!!! He felt his body being torn apart!!! Every centimeter of his body was nothing but flaming pain!!!! He looked at Rick who stood sadly watching!
"I asked you not to come Dash! I'll be back to check on you later!"
As she turned to go an almost primal scream began behind her, she paused for a moment....but only for a moment before she disappeared down a long empty hallway!!!

Here You Go

"Here you go Baby, let me just slide my panties aside...."
"But....but that's a cock....."
"Just like yours Baby! And if you expect me to suck yours then you better get busy sucking mine!!!"
"But....I've never...."
"Then it's about time you started....don't you think?"

Friday, June 19, 2015


"Yes he's here"
"No he can't come to the phone right now!"
"Why? Because I haven't had my orgasm yet if you must know!"
"I'll let him know you called!
"Right bye-bye!"
"Sissy after you make me cum your mother wants to speak to you....oh that's nice Sissy...you keep doing that and you'll be speaking to Mommy in no time!!!"

The Judge - Sissies Through History

"Oh Tom! You really must come feel these,,,,they're amazing!!!"
"But Sally Lou, don't you think they'll look everywhere for him I mean he's a judge after all!"
"Tom Dear, they're looking for a nasty old man not a sweet little sextoy like this! Come on let's play....she needs to be broken in!"
"You're right Sally Lou....I mean in a couple of months who's going to remember Judge Crater anyway?"

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Of Course I Love You

"Of course I love you Sissy!" she said as she kissed me. "But he's just not into the whole idea of it."
"Well I guess it's OK...."
"That's my sweet pretty Sissy."
She grabbed me and kissed me hard and deep and as she did she ran her hands all over my body making me whimper with desire!!!!
As we broke the kiss we were both panting with desire and all I wanted was to bury my face between her beautiful thighs! The look in her eyes betrayed her own lusty thoughts! She leaned in close and kissed me again! Her hands seemed to be everywhere all at once and if my clit had been free I might already have cum, as it was both our panties were soaked!
As we broke our kiss and caught our breath a deep voice from across the room startled us!
"Maybe I've been a little hasty, perhaps Sissy should join us! It would be such a shame to leave her alone!"


One of the things you have to understand as a sissy cuckold is that she has needs to fulfill, she has desires, she has fantasies! As easily as she dominates you she also has a desire to submit!
She wants to give up control, she wants to be forced to perform, she needs to feel what it's like to have someone else make the decisions!
She wants to submit to a man....just not to you!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Even With Two

Even when she has two lovers giving her pleasure there's still room for my tongue to add my Sissy contribution!!!!

Not So Easy

A long time ago when I thought I was a man I used to wear my suit and tie over my bra and panties and it felt pretty natural! I could tie a double Windsor knot that was absolute perfection!
It's not so easy to learn how to tie your wife's lovers tie in the morning! You're doing it in reverse while the man who had your wife smiles at you! You're doing it with your long pretty nails!!! You're doing it while his hand strokes your panty clad bottom until you feel like you could swoon!!!
When it's finally right and he asks for a goodbye kiss you're left standing there as he turns and kisses your wife! She gives you a quick wink as he gives her a kiss that makes you tingle....you can only imagine what it's doing for her!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Don't Be

Don't be embarrassed Sissy! It's just us girls here!!!

Still not so Well

I'm still feeling a little ill although I hope the worst of it is behind me now! My Sweetie however brought in a Home Nursing Aide to look after me while she's at the office....she worries so!
Sandy the Aide is generally very nice but she has some ideas of her own about treatment and I'm not in any position to argue!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Big Success

The boutique had been struggling until they began doing "Her N' His" makeovers! The makeup parties were such a hit that they were soon enjoying considerable success!
When they started offering matching "Her N' His" dresses and accessories their business went through the roof!!!! They planned to open 200 stores nationwide, after all some of the biggest investors were their clients already!!!

Monday ManCandy

As you settle down and leave your wild years behind you, you realize there are some things more important than endless partying!
Having that one special person in your life is more important than the crazy friends who are only there for the party but never there for the cleanup after!
Having that one person that shares everything with you is more important than a hundred meaningless encounters!
Having that one person that loves ManCandy just as much as you is more important than....well it's more important than just about anything!
ManCandy! It's the glue that keeps great couples connected!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sissy School - Spiritual Guidance

Sister Mary Fellatrix, the spiritual guide of Sissy School had been very worried about some of the sissies this year!
"Kaaren, Leeanne, Jo....you need to open yourself up and feel the spirit enter you! Just relax and let it happen! Feel the spirit filling you as it comes into you! Feel the spirit thrusting it's way to your very core! Then you'll know the pleasure of spiritual and physical satisfaction!!!"

Saturday Matinee - The Old Road House

"Just tell us what happened." The detectives were sitting close to his hospital bed.
"I was driving...I'm a salesman....and I was on my way to Omaha....I sell shower curtain rings you know....my clients are hotel....motels...bed and breakfasts....you know...and the storm was so bad...so bad...the rain was so heavy I could barely see...then off the side of the road I saw the sign....it said Vacancy...I pulled in and....and...."
"Take a minute John. Do you want some water?"
"Some bourbon maybe...."
With a look over his shoulder to make sure the nurses were elsewhere the detective reached into his jacket and passed the flask to the man in the bed who took a good long swig!
"Thanks, I needed that!"
"Go on tell me the rest..."
"I went inside and there was a cute blond in a green dress at the desk! I told her I needed a room....she asked if I was alone and I told her that I was!  She gave ne a registration card and as I filled it out she picked up the phone...."
"Who did she call..."
"I don't know but in a few minutes three other women came in to the office! They came closer and closer and suddenly I was knocked to the floor and...."
"You alright buddy...you need a break?"
"No...they knocked me down and they used me....god help me...they used me like a man uses a woman!"
"Say no more! We've got patrol cars looking for them now!"
The man turned his face into his pillow and sobbed quietly as the detectives stepped into the hallway.
"So what do you think Sam?"
"I think it's time we had another talk with Martha! She just can't keep doing this! Her and her sisters are going to have to find some other way to entertain themselves!"

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Under the Weather

Since the day I started this blog I never missed posting until now! I've been in bed with a fever and haven't been able to do anything at all except moan and groan! I'm still a little shaky but I'm starting to feel a little better. I should be back to my regular posting on Saturday!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Try This One

"Try this bra on Sissy I think it will be a better fit for your small curves!"
"Yes Ma'am."
"When you have it on come out, several of the ladies here are wondering if it's the right color for you!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And for goodness sakes Sissy tuck that little thing between your thighs, no one wants to see a useless little thing like that!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

It Started Today

The workers arrived at the ungodly hour of 6am to begin work on the addition to the house! She told me to keep out of their way....they had a job to do! Well I know they do but I have a job to do too! I make sure the house is neat and orderly for her so I felt it was my duty to check up on them!
I learned a few things I hadn't known about before....how to cut drywall....how molding hides rough edges....measure twice suck once....I wasn't sure about that last one but it was the best thing they showed me all day!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Visit to the Analyst

Despite the fact that she'd already helped me so much, my analyst, Dr Dee Mentia contacted me and told me for our next session I should meet her in front of her building at 2!
She was waiting for me when I arrived promptly at 2!
"Very good Kaaren, you've learned you don't have to provoke someone by your constant tardiness to get what you want! If you want a spanking what do you do?"
"I politely ask to be spanked and offer my bottom!"
"Very good! Today we're going to work on your public exposure and humiliation fetishes!"
"I look forward to your help Dr Mentia!"
"Our exercise today is simple, we're going to walk around the block and every time we pass my building you'll remove one piece of clothing and you'll tell me how it makes you feel! When you get down to just your pretty little panties the decision to continue will be entirely up to you!"
"I'm scared Dr. Mentia!"
"No need Sissy I'll be right behind you all the way!"
"Okay! You always know what's best! But can I ask you one thing?"
Anything Kaaren."
"When we're done would you please consider giving me a good spanking?"
"If that will make you feel better Kaaren! After all I'm only trying to help you!"
"Thank you Doctor!"
"Start walking Sissy!"

Family Life

"Bobby, have you had your Squirt today!"
"Gosh no Mom! And I really, really want it!"
"I understand Bobby, all the boys love that Squirt! But I don't want you keeping it all to yourself...make sure you share your Squirt with Cindy!"
"Golly Mom do I have to call him Cindy? I liked him better when he was Andy!"
"You mind me now! Go and have your Squirt with your sister!"
From behind her Mom heard Dad!
"Hey Sweetie how about my Squirt? I can't remember the last Squirt I had!"
"You behave and maybe I'll give you a Squirt in a couple of weeks!!!! Now go change, Toby is coming over and I'll want you to make sure he gets his Squirt tonight!"
"Whatever you say Dearest!!!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Doing Better

After carefully considering the marks left by the others, Sissy was sure she could win this challenge!!! She would go deeper, longer and harder because that's what she was trained to do!!!! Let the losers be paddled, Sissy was going for the win! Sissy was going for the cream!!!!


The saleslady approached him and held out the bra!
"Sir, we have a bra that matches those panties if you're interested in a matching set!"
"Oh...um...I guess so...sure that would be great!"
"So do you know your size or do you want to try it on?"
"Oh...haha...it's not for me...it's for...my..."
"I don't have all day sir! Do you know your size or not?"
"I uh...I don't...I mean...I..."
"Oh for goodness sakes! Just come with me and we'll get you into the right size! We wouldn't want you to go home with something that doesn't fit!"
"I really....um...I...um...OK!"
"Very well said sir! Stephanie! Please take over for me! I'm going to do a bra fitting for this man and then we're going to look at some other things!"
"Um...other things...I..."
"Oh yes sir! Nighties and garters and stockings and corsets and on and on! You're going to be the prettiest man in here today!"
"Um....I...Um....Thank you!!!"

Monday, June 8, 2015

For Me

"Remember sweetheart...you're doing this for me!"
Well if that's what she wanted to think that was OK with me but she had only opened the door to my deepest, darkest desires!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Monday mornings are tough! You had a great weekend and all you wanted was more! More fun! More drinks! More friends! Just more everything!!!! So is it any wonder that even after a satisfying and delicious serving of creamy ManCandy all you can think of is how much you want more!!!
ManCandy! Just keep it coming, I'll let you know when it's enough!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


I don't really believe that this will make my boobs grow bigger no matter what she says!!! But that certainly doesn't mean I'm going to ask her to stop!!!! I've always had sensitive nipples and this just sends tingles through my body like nothing else ever could!!!!


Do you remember that first time! The soft, soft panties, so different than those rough cotton briefs! The feel of the bra, tightly encircling you, wrapping you in femininity! Stockings and if you were really lucky pretty high heels that fit!!!!
It all felt....feels...so right!
Think of your life if you had never dared to follow your desires! What a loss that would have been if that pretty girl had never gotten out!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Rescue In Space

Their mission was to rescue Captain Ray "Raygun" Bannister from his captors on the planet E-Fem 14 and they were almost there! Commander Scott and Lieutenant Andrews were the only ones to make it back to the ship! God knows what would happen to the seven other good men who had fallen!
The changes they had made to "Raygun" were terrifying to the two men as they carried the listless female form to the ship!
Each man wondered about what they had done to him! He had been held by them for 14 months!!! They had needed the retina scanner just to make sure it was...him!!!
"Don't worry Raygun, the best scientists in the empire are waiting! They'll have you back to normal in no time!!!" Commander Scott shouted to the semiconscious Captain in his arms!
"no....mo...." they heard him say in a high whispery voice!
"He's delirious Scotty we have to get him home and fast!"
"Don't worry Andrews, the ship is already programmed for the light speed jump...just another moment and we'll be...."
Rough hands seized them as they entered the ship and soon they too were captives! They couldn't believe their eyes when "Raygun" Bannister fell at the aliens feet sobbing and thanking them for rescuing him!
Looking at the captive space commandos the alien smiled...if that's what you would call it....
"I'm so glad you came Earthmen! Our pet here needed some playmates and you will be perfect! Take them to the labs for treatment!!!"
Their screams were lost  in the vacuum of space!!!


"Well Sissy you said you wanted to be tied up with my wet panties in your mouth while you listen to me fuck my boyfriend! I love the idea sissy! I'm so glad the panties you put on this morning were mine and since your little clit has been dripping into them all day they're nice and wet too! So open wide Sissy it's your dream come true!!!!"

Friday, June 5, 2015

More Later

"Alright Sissy, I don't know why I indulge you so much. You can have a little taste now!!! Just a taste mind you, I don't want to be late for our dinner reservations!"
"Oh thank you Ma'am!"
"Forgetting someone Sissy?"
"I'm sorry, thank you sir."
"We have to go now Sissy when we get back maybe you can have some more!"
"Thank you I'd like that very much! Thank you both! Enjoy your dinner!"
Sissy heard them whispering and laughing as they walked to the door! He hoped they ate quickly!!!

Same Old Story*

"Hey Arnold!" the other lifters shouted, "What's with the panties and stockings!!! When did you start wearing girls underwear???"
"Right after she found these under my car seat!"
"Oh hahahaha, that's funny!"
"And then she found the bras in my closet and the high heels in the garage!!!"
"Hahahaha you're killing me man!"
"Then she found my dresses in the basement, including this one....will one of you zip me up?"

*thanks to Dee for the idea!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Saving Water

"Do you really think it's wise to let the sissies bathe together? Aren't you worried that they'll get into....mischief?"
"No of course not, I mean you left your Sissy's cage on right?"
"No. I let her bathe without it!!! You left your Sissy caged I hope?"
"No I took it off for cleaning while she was in the bath!!!"
"So you mean they're both in the tub uncaged!!!!"
"Kaaren!!! Leeanne!!!! You two stop whatever you're doing...."

"Better hurry Kaaren it sounds like they've figured it out!!!"