Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All Together Now!

Okay Sissies! All Together Now!!! 3, 2, 1....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Happy New Year Sissy

"Happy New Year Sissy, now crawl over here and get that tongue busy and we'll bring in the New Year properly! Hurry Sissy the years almost a minute old and I haven't cum yet!!!"

Suburbia - Sissies Through History

The 1950's and 1960's saw the spread of suburbia as the World War II vets spread out of the cities to raise their Baby Boom children!
In a scene far more common than most would think, we peek into the living room...the kids are asleep and Ed Sullivan is coming on in a few minutes! Mom settles in in her pajamas and Dad settles in in the pretty pink nightgown Mom has him wear!
After the Sullivan show she'll give him his spanking! His cries and moans matched the sounds coming from dozens of houses in the neighborhood!

Earning It - Sissy Training

"No no Sissy you haven't earned my legs yet, get back down to my feet and convince me you love them and then we'll see...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Don't Know!

Oh my goodness it all looks so good I don't know where to start!

It Took Some Time

It took some time, from the time I first slipped on a pair of panties and recognized my true nature to reach the point where I can admit how much I love cocks! I love to see them and hold them and taste them and lick them and suck them and swallow their sweet loads. I love to watch them satisfy my wife and in at least a few special cases I love to feel them inside me too!

A Gray and Brown World

One of the great things about being a sissy is that in a drab male world of gray, black and brown you can step outside of all that in a bright blaze of color!!! Wear your sissy sexuality proudly! But in a short dress like this remember to wear panties and you won't have to keep your purse "there"!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014


Hey, the least they could have done is spell my name correctly!!!

Monday ManCandy

Her delivery of hot, creamy ManCandy was right on time and she received it as enthusiastically as ever! It was only after that she remembered she had this week off!
Oh well in some cases ManCandy gives you that high energy burst but it can also help you go back to sleep with a tummy full of hot delicious cream!!!
ManCandy! There's no such thing as a bad time to get a good mouthful!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day

Every time I hear it....Quarterback gets it to the Tight End my mind goes back to those college days!  But that's another story.....

Can You See

Can you see Sissy? I want you to watch closely! A real man's cock Sissy! You don't have one but he does!
That's why I'm fucking him and you're just watching!
Don't pout Sissy! I know you love watching this almost as much as I love doing this!
Get ready Sissy I think the cleanup is going to be big!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Matinee - Captured

"Do not struggle Earthling you cannot escape the trap!"
"What....What do you want? Why are you doing this?"
"I'm a scout sent to find breeding stock for my planet and it turns out human females are ideally suited to the task!"
"But I'm not a female! I'm a man!"
"A slight technicality that we can easily rectify on the trip back!"
"No...oh god no!!!!"


"I love watching you suck cocks Kaaren! It was always my fantasy to watch you suck a man. Since the first time I saw you in panties it was all I could think of!!! I love it and I'm so glad that you love it too you slutty sissy! You're my special slutty girl and I couldn't love you more!!!!"

Friday, December 26, 2014

Enjoy - Sissy Training

Training doesn't have to be  a chore...sometimes you can both have a little fun!
She loves to tease her caged sissy with her beautiful nyloned feet....

...and Sissy loves to thank her for her attention....

Hard To Believe

"Oh my goodness! It's hard to believe this was my husband!"
"Yes I understand your surprise! But once our staff started working with him things proceeded pretty rapidly! It turns out he was ideal for our program!"
"But I just dropped him off this morning! He was here to stop smoking!!!"
"Well hypnosis isn't an exact science and I think this might have been lurking under the surface all along....we could try and change him back if you'd like!!!"
"Oh no...I don't think so...I've always wanted a maid! I think he's perfect as is! Send me the bill for your services, I can't wait to get him home and put him to work!"

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Santa sat on the couch, exhausted but satisfied! Another Christmas Eve done! Over four billion deliveries made all in one night! He was doing okay until he got to that Sissy Kaaren's house!
What little energy he had left after that delightful encounter was entirely used up at his next stop! Sissy Leeanne1 Wow if Mrs. Claus could do that tongue thing like those sissies did he'd never leave the North Pole!
Those two sissies will always have to be my last stops, Santa decided, he'd save the best for last!!!!

What You Want

Santa doesn't always bring you what you want, sometimes he brings you what you need, and in the changing room at Victoria's Secret in the Millwater Mall, Santa definitely gave me what I needed!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

He's Not Santa

He's definitely not Santa but it looks like he's going to fill her stocking anyway!!!


The way I like to do it is to grasp it firmly in my hand! Feel how hard it is, it makes my mouth water in anticipation!!! My whole body quivers as the scent of it reaches lovely!!! Slowly then....oh so slowly I bring it to my lips and I fight back the urge to just gobble it up like the greedy sissy I am....I want to savor the experience! I don't go right for the tip, I want it to last a while! Slowly I let my tongue slide up and down the slick shaft, tasting the wonderfully full flavor of it! I move slowly because soon I will slide it into my lips and suck it until it shrinks away as it's flavor explodes in my mouth! Soon it will be gone and I'll be reaching for the next one and we'll begin again!
I Love Candy Canes they satisfy me in many ways!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What I Want For Christmas

Well my list for Santa is pretty long this year but a big hard, dripping cock in a pretty pair of lace trimmed panties is right there at the top like it is every year!!!

Good Little Boys

While Santa went round the world giving toys to good little boys and girls, Mrs Santa followed him giving her strap-om to bad little boys who dressed like girls! Santa and the Mrs were surprised that each year he visited fewer homes and she visited more and more!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas - Sissy Training

Sissy must understand that you're not Santa Claus and no matter how much he may want to be released, his orgasms only come when you desire it! Sissy's desires and holidays have nothing to do with it!!!

Monday ManCandy

Holiday time tiring you out? All that hustle and bustle? All that shopping, cooking, decorating, entertaining....leaving you exhausted?
Well there's a special energy booster for you this time of year! ManCandy directly from the Jolly Old Elf himself!!! He knows what you want and he knows what you need and he's right at your local shopping mall!
ManCandy! Adding that special flavor to the holiday season!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

All Sissy Wants For Christmas

All Sissy wants for Christmas is for Santa to bring him the key! He would kiss a reindeer's ass in Macy's window if that's what it took!!!

Almost Convinced

I was almost convinced he was the real Santa as I sucked his nice cock! After he came I wanted to earn extra points to get off that Naughty list so I kept him in my mouth and darned if he didn't come again! That's when I knew he was a fake because we all know Santa only comes once a year!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Matinee - Darla In Peril

Even as Flash Gordons ship raced through space toward Titan, the clouded moon of Saturn, Darla was pulled from the wreckage!
She instantly knew she was in danger as the natives pulled her toward the palace! They all seemed to grow bigger as she passed!
If only she had listened to Flash, if only she had thought it through! They had all warned her of the danger! But it was too late!
Darla had become a captive of.....The Penis Men of Titan!!!!!
Would Flash arrive in time or would Darla be lost forever like all the others they captured? Would she also become a mindless, drooling, wanton slave to the Penis Men of Titan?!?!?!?!


"Feel like licking a little ass tonight Kaaren? I'm really in the mood!"
As always I jumped at the chance! I love her cute little bottom! Always have!
But as I was to have to ask for details...
Oh well at least he's cute, clean and shaved!
Maybe I'll get a turn with that nice looking cock too!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014


It's so small and yet it defined the path my life took for so many years! It's so much better now that it's locked away and I can define myself as the person I want to be....

"Kaaren! are you sitting there staring at your little clit again! Let's get going Sissy! My date will be here soon and you haven't even got your maids uniform on yet! You know how much he likes you in that!"

Well maybe it's more like "we" define me as the person I want to be.....but we both pretty much know the definition and I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

One More Moment

One more moment and there's no going back! The next time someone calls you a cocksucker you'll know that it's true! But it's so worth it!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not Like

It's not like she ever has to force me to do fact most times it's quite the opposite and she is forced to push me away when she can take no more! All that being said...I love this! I want this! I want one for outside! I want one for inside! I want one for any room in the house so it's there when the urge strikes her!

Sissy School - Not Funny

"Kaaren I was so proud when they let me lead the Oral Sex class for the new sissy girls! Why did you have to come in and make your silly remarks and disrupt the class?"
"I'm so sorry Leeanne! I thought it would be funny!"
"Let's see how funny you think it is while you're over my knee!"
"Leeanne I'm sure I deserve it and it was in no way my plan to end up being spanked by my best friend!"
"You're such a slut Kaaren!"
"You say that like it's a bad thing!"
"Not at skirt up, panties down and over my knee!"
"I thought you'd never ask!!!"


The cock is for her!
His hot cum is for her!
I am only her Sissy Cuckold Husband!
All I do is get him hard enough to fuck her like I never could!
But that first drop is all mine! It's the Fluffers Reward and I claim it time after time!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Days Are Getting Colder

As the days are getting colder there's not many things I enjoy more than snuggling up in a pretty, warm sweater! Maybe have a nice cup of hot chocolate....or suck on a really nice big cock? Well I could always have the hot chocolate after...or maybe skip it all together if he wants to go again!!!!

Oh My God Kaaren!

"Oh my God Kaaren! I'm just putting on a pair of jeans...what are you moaning about? My goodness can't I even get dressed without making you think of sex??? I mean you're almost as bad as the guy in the house across the street with the binoculars!!!!"

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lunch Date

She loves to take me to this one particular restaurant and she always reserves the big booth in the back for us. She has tipped the waiters there generously and they pretend not to notice all the things she does to me or makes me do to her during our time there! When we leave I feel every eye on me as my face is covered in her juices and my makeup's a mess but I hold my head up as I walk out with the prettiest woman in the place!


He wasn't the first of her lovers who was interested in her strap-on! Especially after she used it on me to demonstrate! I loved when these men, real men, moaned like sissy bitches when they were penetrated! She always allowed me to "enhance" their experience with my greedy sucking mouth!!! The loads these men produced were always spectacular! And it was so fun that she made them kiss my cum covered lips to thank me!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Can't Place It

I heard him enter the room. I reached out with all my senses to try and figure out who he might be! I heard him come closer and I could smell his aftershave, very nice! I could hear him breathing as he slowly circled me! My humiliation at being exposed as a slutty sissy to this unknown man exciting me, making my little clit swell in it's cage!
Suddenly he was near my ear....
"You may not see me...Kaaren...but I've wanted you for a long time! When I'm done with you you will remember me, that I promise you!"
I knew the voice...I knew it...but I couldn't place it!!!!
He chuckled as I heard his zipper open! I could hear my wife catch her breath across the room as I felt the velvet head of a big cock brush my lips!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Slept late after a busy weekend?
No time for breakfast?
Well that's the beauty of ManCandy! It can be delivered to you right in the shower! You can get clean and fill your tummy with rich creamy goodness at the same time!
ManCandy! In your mouth in your shower, starts the day off just right!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day

I didn't know it was possible but clearly both teams scored on the play!!!

Well That Was Quite The Party

"Well that was quite the party last night wasn't it Sissy?"
"I must have had a few cocktails too many Sissy! Where are you?"
"Well look at you just hanging around! When I untie you I'm going to give you a spanking for leaving this mess!"
"But you just wait there till I get my coffee, I'll be back in a few minutes!"

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Matinee - The Brainwashers

Phil Gordon, the intrepid reporter for the Daily Post watched from his hiding spot in the brainwashing chamber! To his horror he saw a small group of wholesome boy scouts being led in and secured to the devices!
What could he do??? He'd have to try and sneak out and get help but what about these poor innocent boys?
It was then he heard their voices and knew the process had already begun as they spoke in unison repeating the commands being beamed into their brains!!!!

"We love to wear panties!"
"We love to suck cocks!"
"We will obey our masters and mistresses!"
"We are sissy slaves!"
"We want to dress as pretty girls!"

It was too late for these boys but maybe he could stop these brainwashing fiends! As he turned to make his escape they grabbed him! They laughed as they dragged him to the device!!!

Eyes Wide Open

Keep those eyes wide open Sissy. I want you to see what it looks like when a man-sized cock goes into my pussy! Maybe then you'll understand why I keep your pathetic little clit locked away...maybe then you'll see that it's of no use to me...or to anyone!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Yes Ma'am

"Yes Ma'am I'm almost finished with your dinner dishes!"
"He thinks I'm pretty!"
"He wants me to suck his cock? Is that what you want?"
"I'd love to suck his cock sweetie, just give me a minute to finish here!
"Yes I'll be there in a couple of minutes...I can barely wait to get down on my knees for you!"
"Well I guess he'll enjoy it too...but I'm doing it for you!"

The Bet

"I bet he picks me Leeanne!"
"You're cute sweet girl but he's going to pick me!"
"Want to bet?"
"What do you have in mind?
"Loser licks the others little rosebud until the winner says to stop!"
"You're on! Sweetie!"

"You know Leeanne I really hope I lose! I can't think of anything I'd enjoy more than getting in between those sweet cheeks!"
"Sweet girl I was just thinking the same thing!"
"To hell with him then?"
"Yep, let's lock the door and we'll see who cries uncle first!!!"
"I bet it's you!!!"
"No more bets sweetie, I think it will be a draw anyway!"

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Okay Sissy

"Okay Sissy the girls have all had a good laugh. you can pull up your panties now!!!"

So You See

"So you see, once I took control of his tiny little cockette the rest was easy! He's been my sissy cuckold ever since I clicked that lock shut! He makes a good maid and he's excellent with his tongue! If you want to start sissy training your man we'd both be more than happy to help!!!"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


"It"s your choice Sissy! 10 strokes with my hairbrush on that sweet round bottom of yours or an hour on your knees licking my pussy!!! Which will it be?"
How could I choose when I so wanted both!!!
"Alright Sissy! I see you're having trouble so let's offer a third alternative. twenty five strokes and two hours on your knees! One hour licking my pussy and one hour worshiping my ass!! Now choose!!!!"
With my mouth watering for the treats to come I counted off the strokes!
"Owwww, sixteen! Thank you Ma'am! Owwww seventeen...."


The only problem with starting at the bottom and working your way up is that some of us are perfectly content staying at the bottom!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


"Alright, you seem to be obsessed with being a sexual submissive...I'm just you also see me in some kind of sexual way?"
"How do you mean?"
"For instance, have you ever tried to imagine me without my clothes?"
"You mean, like hot and naked, with your pussy spread wide dripping your delicious juices begging for my tongue to drive you to the heights of indescribable pleasure! Like submitting my body and mind to whatever twisted desire you have hidden in the darkest recesses of your mind? You mean something like that?"
"Only since the first time I came in the door!"