Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

Some of the other Sissy Bloggers and I got together to go Trick-or-Treating and we wanted to do something together so Jo, Leeanne, Shawna, Candi, Rhonda and I decided to go as the Subby Sucking Sissy Rangers....Go Go Sissy Rangers!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

I love to go Trick-or-Treating, you get lots and lots of delicious chocolates to eat!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Can Hear

Blindfolded and bound! Corseted and caged! All I can do is strain to hear!
Voices and maybe two I can't be sure...her voice so distinct but I can't make out what she's saying...another voice...deeper...a man...and another...softer...a man, a woman....I can't tell....coming closer....whispers now and quiet laughter....footsteps...more than one....more than two maybe...then the door opens and it's quiet for a moment...then closer...then hands and tongues and cocks and pussies all in a blur....then sweet sweet cum in my mouth and a woman...definitely not my wife rides my tongue till her cum joins his....and then...they're I lay dazed,,,sweat and cum dripping from me....she pulls the blindfold loose...."Very good Sissy!" she says.....who were they...."Friends" was all she would all the couples we could be any of them....god if it wasn't for the cage that alone would make me cum!!!!!!!

It's Not Easy

It's not easy to make time for all my housework and attending to all her needs...well almost all her while I'm working on my blogs I depend on her lovers to take care of most of her sexual needs! Of course I'm still expected to fluff them for her, but I'm getting to be very good at multitasking!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sissy School - Pink

"Goodness Leeanne! You made such a fuss I thought they must have caned you!!! Honestly it's barely pink!"
"It still hurt Kaaren!"
"Oh poor sweetheart, would you like me to rub it a little to make it feel better?"
"Oh yes please Kaaren that would be so nice!"
"Would you like me to give it soft little kisses to make it feel better?"
"Oh Kaaren I'd like that very much!"
"Would you like me to lick your sweet little rosebud to take your mind off the pain?"
"Oh god Kaaren please yes, please!!!!"
"Okay Leeanne, that's what friends are for!!!"

You'll Have To Learn

"Kaaren eventually you'll have to learn to do this yourself! Just keep the seams straight as you slide them on then attach the garter! It's not rocket science!"
- An actual quote from my sweetie!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Proper Job

To do a proper job requires planning and preparation although sometimes it just means being in the right place at the right time!!!

D-Day + 1 - Sissies Through History

June7th 1945, the successful landing of the Sissy Platoon at Normandy! The Sissy School had sent many recruits to aid the war effort and these fearless young sissies braved enemy fire to support our fighting mens needs on the front lines.
The German troops were demoralized by the sounds of pleasure they heard coming from the foxholes and surrendered in droves hoping to experience a bit for themselves!
The sissies were decorated by President Truman and the high military commanders for their valor and efforts! They took their time licking the "decorations" off each others faces!!!

Ready For Inspection

Shaved and Caged! Just like she likes!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

For Him

"Sissy, my lover wants to see me naked!"
"Yes Ma'am"
"Undress me for him Sissy! Undress me for him before he fucks me with his big cock!"
"Yes Ma'am"
"Start with my shoes Sissy! And make sure you kiss each of my toes!"
"Oh yes Ma'am! Thank you Ma'am!"
"You're welcome Sissy, now hurry I can hardly wait for him!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday ManCandy

After a party weekend it takes a deep injection of ManCandy to get started! Nothing revives you after  a big weekend like a blast of ManCandy delivered deep in your throat!
ManCandy!!! The cure all for the Monday after the party!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

There's Nothing Like Autumn

I love autumn! I can wear all my favorite undies without being hot and sweaty! I love the crisp air and the explosion of colors! The anticipation of Halloween and the amazing decorations people do on their homes! It's all so beautiful
But I think my favorite thing is the crunching sound of the leaves under my knees! It just adds something that you don't get the rest of the year!!!!

Doesn't Always Mean

Being a sexy Sissy doesn't always mean lingerie and high heels! Sometimes a pretty little dress and sneakers is pretty sexy too!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Matinee - Mars Needs Women

"Oh my god! What have you monsters done to me?"
"We are sorry human, you were dressed as a female and we made an error taking you! Rather than find another we made some adjustments to your biology to suit our needs."
"But...but ...why do I feel so turned on!"
"Oh that...well we increased your libido by several hundred percent! Unfortunately you were unable to breed with us but we all made our best efforts!"
"No! I want more! Fuck me more! You made me this way! Fuck me!!!!"
"Restrain her till I get out and then run for your lives!!!"
"Noooooo.....come back and fuck can't leave me like this....!!!!!!!"


Even though I can hear them pretty clearly through the wall...she's always been a bit of a screamer...I can still sleep! Especially when she gives me her panties! You can take your pills and potions but nothing relaxes me more than her scent, it's the scent of the woman I love, the woman that loves me! The woman that will cuddle with me after he's gone!

Friday, October 24, 2014

I Was So Surprised

I was so surprised! As soon as he was in my mouth he started to cum! I had to use my fingers to make sure none spilled as I tried to swallow his huge load! I was only supposed to fluff him! She wasn't going to be happy!!!!!

No More

"No more arguments!"
"No more unsatisfying sex!"
"No more nights out with the boys!"
"No more housework!"
"Ladies let's share a toast! Here's to Sissy Husbands in chastity!"

Thursday, October 23, 2014

When She Said

When she said her new lover was really into oral and anal sex I was very excited. As always I never learn to ask for details! I didn't know he liked them very much and he liked them simultaneously!!!

Just You And Me

Well it looks like it's just you and me again tonight! I'm glad I have you to sleep with while she sleeps with her lover! You've always been there for me when I'm lonely!
I love you Teddy!

There's No Such Thing

There's no such thing as too many ruffles and bows! Don't you agree?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Her Friends - Sissy Training

Sissy must learn that all women are superior to him! Lending Sissy to her friends for the night with the understanding that they can do what they want with him is just another tool to make Sissy understand his place!!!

You'll Thank Me

Moan all you like Sissy, you'll thank me when Tony comes to see us tomorrow! You remember what you promised him last time! He means to collect and you really need to be ready!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Doctor Is In

The Dalek had been stopped by the Doctors quick actions! His companion Kaaren was a natural for this type of action!
"Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!!"
"Now Kaaren," shouted the Doctor,
Grabbing the Daleks's Antenna like rod  the brave Sissy began to stroke it!
"Exterminate....Exterminate....ext.... mmmmm....masturbate.....Masturbate....Masturbate!!!!"
"Hurry Kaaren," shouted the Doctor, "there's several hundred more after that one!!!"

ps All you Dr. Who fans will understand this post and for the rest of you well you should be Dr. Who fans too!!!!

Naturally Dominant

The Alpha Male is naturally dominant and takes charge of any situation he finds himself in. Her lover enjoyed directing my actions and as a naturally submissive sissy I loved when he took charge of me!
"Get her wet for me Sissy....get your wife's pussy nice and wet for me to fuck her! Then suck my cock and get me ready! Then get out of the way, I'm going to make her cum like you never could!"
Oh my god I could almost cum just from listening to him!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014


"Yes Sir, these are lovely I think you'll look very pretty in them! Will that be cash or charge?"
"They're for girlfriend...."
"Of course they are sir....are you going to wear them home or do you want a bag?"
"I uh...I think I...."
"It's alright Sir come with me and we'll get you sorted out in the changing room! I can't wait! I'll bet you'll look just adorable! Let's try on the matching bra and garter belt too!"
"Um...I ...guess..."
"Then you can eat me till I cum on your Sissy tongue!"
"OK, let's go!"

Monday ManCandy

When I was little I used to suck my thumb, I guess I was orally inclined even then!
But you can't get your ManCandy from sucking your thumb! If you could my thumb would be in my mouth all the time! ManCandy, it's not your's so much better!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life Changing

You have thought about this since you can remember! You have prepared so carefully! Your wife has helped you dress and makeup and she is watching intently to see this! As you hold him in your hand it feels so different yet familiar somehow! You realize that he's bigger than you but he's not one of the big ones your wife tells you about, she has chosen one that'll be comfortable for you!
Then the time has come, leaning forward, parting your inch more and he'd be in your mouth and your life would change forever! You're ready!!!

First Things First

I know you love my toes and I'm very happy with the pedicure and polish you did for me but I have some other needs that come first! Make me cum then we can play footsies all night long if you want! You know I love your tongue there too!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

How Could He Explain

The guard had laughed when he told him that his wife was here to bail him out! That was bad but as he heard the clicking of her high heels approaching the cell he realized he had a lot of explaining to do!!!

I'm Not Supposed To

I know I'm not supposed to make him cum! I'm only supposed to keep him hard until she's ready...but if he keeps playing with my nipple like that I'm going to go crazy and suck him dry!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

After A Hard Day

After a hard day at work she liked nothing better than to come home and strip off her clothes and play with her sweet pussy before she went to bed!!!

Not What I Thought Of

When she asked me if I felt like downing a few cumshots this wasn't what I had in mind! They're extra delicious though! And every bartender tastes a little different! If you get the chance get yours from Big John he's the best!!!


My nipples have always been extra sensitive. For as long as I can remember I've always enjoyed playing with them! She's known this pretty much since we first met and now she loves to play with them and listen to me moan like a bitch in heat as she does it!!!! Makes her happy and god how it makes me happy!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Once In A While

Once in a while she allows me to shower without the cage on! It's for hygiene she says, not about gratification so she closely supervises to make sure there's no unauthorized cumming!
She thinks my hard little bouncing clit is amusing!
 When the times up she has no problem blasting me with ice cold water and then it's back in the cage! Soon she says. soon she'll let me cum as long as I'm good!!!

It Would Be Wrong

"It would be wrong!"
"Yes. so wrong!"
"I can feel you against me but it would be so wrong!""
"The scent of you intoxicates me but you're right, it would be wrong!"
"I can almost feel your lips on red...but it would be so wrong!"
"It would be even more wrong if we were really nuns!"
"Or really women!"

"I love being wrong!!!"
"Me too!!!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Now Pronounce You

I now pronounce you Sissy and Wife, you may now suck my cock!!!

When The Neighbors Suggested Swapping

When the neighbors suggested swapping this really wasn't what I had in mind but it turned out to be delightful!!!! If only I had known I would have dressed for the occasion!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Every Time I Call

Every time her secretary Stacy tells me she's in a meeting this is the mental image that I get! It doesn't help that Stacy likes to tease by saying things like, "When she's finished with him...."!

Okay Sissy

"Okay Sissy, the last time he was here you sucked him till he was ready to cum! I barely got to use him at all before he came inside me! So this time I don't want you to put his cock in your mouth Sissy! I mean it! I want a long hard fuck from him! Use your hands on his cock only! Okay Sissy, do you understand?"
"Yes sweetheart...I promise I will not put his lovely cock in my mouth!"
"Thank you Sissy! I'll be right back after I get out of these clothes! Remember...only hands Sissy"
"Only hands on his cock sweetheart...I promise!"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Flash Mob

I heard about this Flash Mob thing, so when Leeanne sent out the text, a bunch of sissies all converged! I wasn't there early enough to get to the cock but I did find Leeanne's sweet bottom and it certainly looked like it needed my attention!!!

Monday ManCandy

ManCandy!!! Is it just what you needed to get started? You bet it is!
ManCandy!!! It get's you started the right way!!!
I give it a hearty thumbs-up!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day

It's just about time for kickoff Sissy! Get your game face on!!!

Oh It's So Naughty!!!

Oh it's so naughty, she thought as she sipped the chocolate malt! What would he think if he knew that just being close to him like this made her panties wet!!!
As he saw the small smile on her face he wondered what she would think if she knew that just being this close to her made him drip into the panties he stole from her clothesline!
Tonight at Make-out Point there  was going to be some hands in panties one way or another!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sissy School - Full Credit

"And you're sure this counts as full credit for my Phys. Ed. Coach  Hardy?"
"Oh yeah...oh yeah...full credit Sissy Kaaren...full credit!!!"
"Can I get extra credit if I squeeze this!!!!"
"Oh god yes anything you want Sissy...anything!!!!!!"


I could be across the room in 4 steps and have that fantastic cock in my mouth in about 2 seconds...but I haven't been invited! She told me that I had to show restraint sometimes in cases like this. Of course she also tied me to the chair...guess she didn't trust my restraint and went with her own method!

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Good Sissy Maid

A good sissy maid always makes sure that her wife's most intimate places are squeaky clean for her lovers!

A Perfect Shine

There's no better lip gloss than this! Looks good and tastes great too!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Might As Well

Might as well ask me to quit breathing!!!

Caught in the Stacks

The young Paralegal was enjoying himself doing his research in the stacks of the Law Library wearing only his heels, stockings and panties! This is why he liked to work late at night! There was never anyone here which is why he was so shocked when he heard someone clear their throat behind him!
A million thoughts ran through his mind! What could he say? Was this the end of his job? Of his career? What could he tell his family?
The attorney slowly unzipped his pants and the frightened young Para feared the worst! Then to his surprise he saw the garters and stockings as the attorney's pants fell to the floor!
As the lawyer pulled open the buttons on his shirt revealing the beautiful lacy chemise underneath, the younger sissy suddenly realized he had no reason to hide from Mr. Montgomery!!!

I Assure You

I assure you it was just a coincidence! It's not like I heard her lover in the kitchen and quickly threw on a sexy babydoll nightie and rushed down there to get a chance to get that magnificent cock in my mouth! Who would believe I would do a thing like that!!!