Monday, February 29, 2016


Usually I let her make all my decisions for me...she always knows what's best....but right now all she's doing is moaning and I don't really know what she wants me to do!!!
I know I need to keep him hard but I know how much she likes my tongue in her ass...she says it makes her orgasms a thousand times better....but when she's done on his face she's going to want him hard and ready....what is a sissy to do???

Monday ManCandy

That shy one over there, the one who hardly ever speaks! You know the one I mean! Yes that one!!!! Well she may be shy in public, she may be quiet as a mouse but when it comes to ManCandy she knows exactly what she wants!!!
"That was wonderful but I'm still feeling sooooo tired!!!!I think today I need another serving!!!"
ManCandy!!!!Helping shy people break out of their shells by giving them something they just have to have!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I Know Your Secret

"Well looks like I've discovered your secret....what do you have to say for yourself?"
"Maryjane....oh my found my know I'm Spiderman!!!"
"I've known you were Spiderman since the first time you rescued me!!!! I recognized your voice!!!! I'm not an idiot you know!!!!"
"Then if you already knew....then what...."
"The secret compartment your closet....where you keep your uniform....I found all of my missing panties and bras in there Peter....and you told me it was the Green Goblin that took them!!!!"
"Wait!!!! My Spider-sense is tingling...there's danger!!!!"
"It will be your ass that's tingling when I'm done spanking you, pull down those pants and get over my knee right now!!!!"
"Yes Maryjane!"
"That's Miss Maryjane to you Sissyman!!!"


He was asleep when I crept into the guest room.....pulling the covers back revealed the prize I thought would be there.....he stirred a little and I froze in place, my eyes darting between his face and his wonderful cock!!!!!
Soon he settled again and I slowly crawled onto his bed....between his legs and I gave his balls a little lick....his breathing remained regular and his eyes stayed closed....I took his beautiful cock in my mouth and just held it there....he still didn't stir...soon I was sucking him...his hard cock twitching in my mouth....but I kept an eye on him and although his face showed that he was feeling the pleasure I never saw his eyes open....not once!!!!
When he came in my mouth it was all I had hoped it would be...thick cream shooting into my throat, coating my tongue, filling me with my tasty reward!!!!
After licking a stray drop or two that I somehow hadn't swallowed I quietly slipped from the bed and tiptoed to the door....with any luck my wife would still be asleep....but she might taste her cousin on my lips when she kissed me in the morning!!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Matinee - A Long Way From Home

"I have located one....based on the information given it appears to be a female of the species....I will retrieve for our breeding program!"
" stay away....I'm not a girl...I was just wearing my sisters clothes.....leave me alone....someone help me!!!"
"Specimen has been might require sedation...please advise?"
"Sedation is recommended! We don't want to damage it!!! Return it to the ship and we'll put it in a stasis chamber until we get home!"
"'m a boy....I'm a boy....just look....I'm a...."
"Specimen has been sedated!!!"
When the boy opened his eyes he saw a man sitting by him....they were in a lighted room. it seemed like it had all the comforts of home....if you were rich that is!
"You OK Kid? When they dumped you in here with me I thought you were dead!"
"Yes. I guess I'm OK, where am I ?"
"I don't know the name of the planet kid  but we're a long way from home!"
"What do these monsters want? What is this place?"
"Well kid...I think we're on display in some kind of zoo....I know there are crowds of these aliens passing by and staring at me all the'll get used to it after a while....I don't even notice them now!"
"But, why am I here! If they already had you what did they want me for?"
"Well kid....judging from your clothes, when they caught you you were playing a little dress-up game....unfortunately they took you as a female to....uh....breed with me!!!"
"Yeah kid you got a hard choice to make and you've got to make it fast.....if you don't drop your panties and....mate....with me....they'll see no reason to keep you and there are a lot of other exhibits here and some of them aren't picky about what they eat!"
"But you wouldn't want to .....with me....would you?"
"Kid!!! I've been here for 4 years.....I'm not passing up any opportunity!!!!!"
He sat trapped....millions of miles from home.....with no good choices....but one was obviously better than the other and as he reached up under his skirt to pull down his panties he asked....
"Can we at least turn out the lights?"
"Sorry kid....they control the lights and judging by the crowd they really want to watch this! Oh and one more thing kid..."
"What....what more...."
"They didn't give us any kind of lubricant so you're going to have to take care of that too!!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!"
"Better get started Kid...the crowds getting restless!!!"
He closed his eyes as he sank to his knees!!!

Not Always

You might think from reading my silly little blog that it's just non-stop sex 24/7 in our house but you'd be wrong! There are plenty of times where I skip the silks and lace for a really comfy pair of cotton flannel jammies!!!! There are many nights where I get out of the shower put on my comfy jammies, make a cup of tea and read a good book!!!!
Sometimes her screams of  "Fuck me harder!" or "Give me more Baby!" coming through the wall from her bedroom are a little distracting really depends on the book!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2016


"Sissy, I've decided to let you cum tonight!"
"That's wonderful....thank you so much!!!!"
"But there are a couple of conditions...."
"Oh please, whatever it is I'll do it....please I need it so badly!!!!"
"Well the first condition is that there will be no stroking....sissies aren't allowed to stroke their little clits....sissies are only allowed to stroke real mens cocks!!!"
"Okay...I agree!!!!"
"Second, you will cum like a will make yourself cum while fucking yourself on a nice thick dildo!!!!"
"Oh my god're driving me crazy....of course I agree!"
"Finally you will be fucking yourself on a big dildo on a chair while several of my girl friends and their guys watch!!!!"
"Oh my god....Strangers watching me....fucking myself on a big dildo....making myself cum.....I....I just don't know....I would be so humiliated......I don't know if I can...."
"Alright then Sissy, we'll talk about letting you cum in another 6 weeks...."

So Right

"Oh my god you were so right!!! This Sissy bitch may not have any kind of dick but her tongue is just magic!!!!"
"I told you hurry up I want my turn!"
"How long can we keep her like this? Oh my.....oh ohhhh!"
"Her wife is coming to pick her up after work."
"Ohhhh damn...that early!!!! I was hoping to get a third chance!!!!"
"This Sissy bitch has a career wife and she always works late!!!!"
"Oh yeah.....right there....oh yeah.....oh god.....right thereeeeeeee!!!!!"
"Alright you got yours....Now Sissy I think I want you to start with my ass this time and I want you to go nice and slow!!!!"
"Yes Ma' will be my pleasure!!!"

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sissy School - Panties

From across the room someone said...
"Hey Kaaren I can see your panties!!!!"
Breaking the kiss with her beautiful roommate Leeanne, Kaaren looked across at the smirking sissy!
"If you stay there for a while you're going to see a hell of a lot more than that!!! Right Leeanne?"
"Absolutely, kiss me Sweet Girl!!!!"
"Anywhere special?"
"Everywhere Kaaren...kiss me everywhere!!!!"
"Oh yes!!!"

No Words

They didn't need to say anything....they both knew what they wanted....she wanted him to suck her lovers cock....he wanted her to be happy....
She gave it a little kiss and tilted it toward him.....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happiness Is

Happiness is....surprises in pretty panties!!!!

Deep Breath

Okay we practiced.....relax and take a deep breath....on the count of three.....One....Two.....
OH MY GOD!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


She always tried to surprise me but whenever she gagged me like this I knew that I would be getting her strap on and I rubbed my thighs together in anticipation!!!
She reached into her "toy drawer" and pulled out the big black strap-on and showed it to me!
As she slipped it into place she was more talkative than usual!
"Sissy....I think you need to take a big black cock inside you tonight....I think a big black cock is what you really need right now,,,,,a big black cock filling you up....making you feel like the sissy girl you are.....look at my big black cock sissy.....I know you want it....I know you want it inside you....splitting you open....making you my special you want a big black cock inside you tonight Sissy?"
Oh my god.....after listening to was what I wanted more than anything....I couldn't speak but I nodded with all the enthusiasm I could muster!!!!!
"Then you're going to have a very good night Sissy!!!!"
That's when I felt the strong hands gripping my shoulders from behind and something very big pressing against me!!!!
She sat stroking her cock as he began pushing into me!!!!
"Enjoy it Sissy....I know I will!!!"

Sissy Training - Watching

One of the best ways to destroy that fragile male ego is making him suck your cock!!!! Making him watch himself do it while you encourage him to take more and more works even better!!! It's not such a big step between seeing himself as a sissy cocksucker to thinking of himself as a sissy cocksucker....with the ultimate goal of having him become an enthusiastic sissy cocksucker!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Baseball Season

Well Spring is almost here and soon the teams will start Spring Training!!!! I can't wait!!!! In fact Pitchers and Catchers have already reported!!!

Monday ManCandy

In a little noticed section of the US/Iran Nuclear agreement one of the sanctions that would be lifted was the ban on American ManCandy. Although they had plenty of their own home grown variety, the exotic, forbidden nature of the rare import just made it taste sweeter!!! In return the US agreed to import the hand knotted Persian rugs that so many Americans would kneel on while getting their own ManCandy!!!
ManCandy!!! Finally something in this world we can all agree on!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Room Service

There was a knock at the door....
"Room Service!"
"Come in !"
"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to...."
"It seems that I've misplaced the key to my new husbands chastity cage.....I've always dreamed of having wild sex on my wedding holes barred if you know what I mean...I was wondering if "room service" could help me with that?"
"Yes Ma'am....the customer always comes first!!!! But what about your husband?"
"He can drink the champagne!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

A Promise Is A Promise

He had his code of honor damn it!!!!
She knew he would keep his word once he gave it damn it!!!!
She told him that she wanted something more than he offered...something not so vanilla....whatever that meant.....and as she walked Batman into the bedroom she made him promise on his word of X-Ray vision!!!!
But she didn't say anything about his super hearing......and what exactly was a "rim job" and why was Lois enjoying it so much?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 4 - The Revenge

She missed her husband....having Jamie, and to a lesser degree, Bonny was fun but she was getting tired of it all and she missed the life she had left behind!!!! She used to love James and they shared so much and she had been sure they were soulmates but something had come between them...something had lured him away....something named Claire Robinson....that whore that worked with her James....that whore is the was her fault....she ruined two marriages!!!!
She had made her husband pay for his part by giving up his manhood and becoming her ladies maid and lesbian lover!
And poor Bobby!!!! He had just been doing his job but but she couldn't let him take her away from her Jamie after all she had gone through to transform him!!!!
After his body modification she had almost given in to his pleading but she remembered she had a good reason to punish him too!!!!
But above it all it was that bitch Claire Robinson who had started all of this and she decided that Claire Robinson had to pay for what she had done!!!!
When her two girls came in with the bound struggling figure she told them to put her in the transformation room and prepare her as they had been instructed!!!
Later when she checked the bitch was weeping as Jamie obediently fingered her to orgasm after orgasm!!!!
"So Claire, it's so nice to meet you, how often does one get to meet the person that ruined their life! And the lives of others!"
"I know're Jim's wife Susie....what's going on....ohhhh....please make them stop....ohhhh god....why am I here....what's this about...."
"You wanted to use your pussy to steal my husband, now he has a pussy of his own!!! But I think we could use a pet around here....and I think you'll make a fine've never tried the machine to transform someone like that but I'll try it on you....if it goes wrong....well I really don't care  if it goes wrong....Jamie put the bitch in the machine!!!!"
"No....please....PLEASE....oh god help me.....NO DON"T!!!!"
Her screams echoed through the house as Susie's laughter soon drowned them out!!!

Nice and Slow

"Just like that Sissy, nice and slow!!! Suck my cock...taste my cock!!! But don't even dream that I'll cum in your mouth!!! Not when I have your wife's beautiful pussy to pump my load into!!!! I'm going to push her legs up onto my shoulders and fuck tour wife senseless!!!"
"I certainly hope so baby!!!!" I heard my wife say as she entered the room!!!!
Pushed rudely aside I was glad that neither of them said I had to leave because I love watching another man fuck my sweet wife with his big manly cock!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Cocktail Party

"I'd love to stay and fuck you Baby but I've got a multi-million dollar client I''m trying to sign and I really need to fuck him first....but you're so nice....I'll send my husband in and he'll give you the best blowjob you've ever had!!!"
"Hey no...I'm not gay I don't fool around with guys!!!
"Did you see that hot blonde in the pink dress I was talking to earlier?"
"Yes....she was hot!!!!"
"Silly....that was my sissy husband....still not interested?"
"Well's good to be open to new ideas...."
She laughed!!!
"I thought so....I'll send him right in...."

How Long

"How long has it been now Sissy....4...5 days?"
"36 days Sweetheart! It's been 36 days!!!"
"Oh I'm sure you're know if you lie to me I'll add on two more how long has it been?"
"4 or 5 days's just that it feels like 36 days since I last had an orgasm....I must have been mistaken!!!!"
"Quite right Sissy! I think maybe another two weeks and we'll talk about it again!!! Do you agree?"
"You always know what's best for me Sweetheart!"

Thursday, February 18, 2016

That New Dress

The package arrived this morning and seeing the name of his favorite boutique on the shipping label Sissy just couldn't wait to see what it was!!!!!
It was a very pretty dress, short and pink, just like Sissy loved!
When she tried it on it was actually a little tight and was a bit shorter than she thought it should be but it was still wonderful!!!
It wasn't till Sissy saw his wife get out of the car that the possibility that the dress might have been for her occurred to him!!!!
Oh well....he'd find out soon enough!!!

My Analyst Digs Deeper

I arrived promptly as I always did! I wondered which of my fetishes my analyst was going to try to unravel today!!!!
The receptionist showed me right into the special exam room where all my sessions were held and I found Dr.Dee waiting in an unexpected outfit!!!!
"Hello Kaaren, I see you're here on time as that because you're a stickler about punctuality or just afraid I might scold and spank you?"
"Well to be honest Dr. Dee if I knew there was a spanking involved I might have stopped and had a cup of coffee on the way!"
"Well we'll see next time then, today I want to delve into your Latex fetish....your need to wear tight fitting Latex dresses like this one....your desire to be encased in the body hugging material....I brought you a pink latex dress for you to wear while we peel away the layers to try to get to the root of this fetish!!! Who knows where this will lead....perhaps all the way back to when you were an infant....I can't wait to get started!"
"Um...Dr. Dee....I don't have a latex fetish...."
"WHAT!!!! Oh my god let me look into your file again.....oh my goodness Kaaren there's a page from another patients file in with yours!!!! I'm so sorry....I'll re-schedule our session....I apologize for wasting your time!!!"
"Wait....Dr. Dee.....I kind of like the feel of this dress....let's not be so hasty....maybe this is something we should explore!!!"
"Oh my god Kaaren....I've created a new fetish haven't I?
"You say that like it's a bad thing!!!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


"I just need a second to send this picture to my husband....he'll go crazy when he sees it!!!!"
"Are you trying to make him jealous?"
"Oh yeah....he'll be so jealous that I got to suck you and he didn't!!!! When he gets this pic he'll probably cream in his panties!!!!"
" can tell me about that's not polite to talk with your mouth full!!!!"

Out of Sight

After he married he had pretty much dropped out of sight! The gang thought that he was finally getting sex after being a virgin all through college and they were glad for him! After graduation they had all moved on but occasionally got together to re-live old times!
His wife was surprised when he received the invitation to join his old gang at the bar where they used to go as students and he was surprised when she told him that she wanted him to go!!!!
Now here he was......and as he approached the group he so wished his wife had let him wear a dress that wasn't quite so short....but it wasn't his place to question her!!!!

Who Are You

The dreams were erotic and he felt the pleasure even after he woke up!!!!
Looking down he saw why!!!!
"Who are you!!!! How did you get in here!!!!"
"Take it easy Jeffrey....I'm the Tooth Fairy!!!"
"The Tooth Fairy? I haven't lost a tooth since I was seven!"
"I know....remember how disappointed you were when you woke up the next morning and the tooth was gone but there wasn't any money left...."
"Oh yeah I forgot all about that!"
"Well I didn't....and I promised one day I'd make it up to you so here I am!!! Now lay back and enjoy!!!"
Jeffrey laid back down and enjoyed the services of his neighbor, third time this week...he was such a sissy but he sucked a cock like no one else and if he wanted to pretend to be a fairy....well that was OK with him!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It Was A Bet

"He bet me that I couldn't turn you into a sissy cocksucker baby and it looks like I win!!! After you swallow all his cum make sure you get my dollar!!!"

Oh I Like This

"Oh I like this Sweetie....I like this very much.....yes I think you'll be in panties from now on!!!!"
And just like that both of them had their dreams come true!!!!


Hello, my wife is expecting you! Please come in and make yourself comfortable while she gets ready for you.
Can I get you a drink? Beer, wine, a cocktail perhaps?
Perhaps you'd like me to suck your cock?

Monday, February 15, 2016

At The Ball

The judges at the Sissy Debutante Ball watched every Sissy Deb carefully as they demonstrated their talents! One of these sissies was going to make his wife the proudest woman there!!!

Presidents Day

No you may not put your mark on the Declaration with lipstick!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You wake early as always....make yourself don't need much makeup....have your refreshing serving of rich, creamy ManCandy and then you realize!!!! It's Presidents Day and you don't have to go to work today!!!!
ManCandy!!! It helps get you going....sometimes right back to sleep!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Small Town Girls - Valentines Day

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
All week their sisters had asked them about the Valentines Day Dance at the Town Hall...Everyone was going they said.....but the boys quietly said they weren't interested!!!!
When the day came and everyone left for the dance the boys picked out the prettiest dresses their sisters owned and did their hair and makeup as best they could....and they danced their Valentines Day dance together as they held each other close, they kissed long and deep and they felt each other respond as only teenage boys can and soon they would work their hands up to see what type of pretty panties they each wore....and what they would find in them on this magical night!!!

A Valentine To You

I never got to give out these Valentines to the little girls and boys when I was young because I was really never sure which I should give them to!!!!
Now when I look at the old Valentines I got I'm wondering about this one I got from Laura K. in my second grade class.....I'd swear that on that card she was handing me a great big dildo with balls!!!
Maybe she knew where my life would lead all those years later!!!
Anyway....from me to you...Happy Valentines Day and I hope your day is filled with love!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend At Home

"So've learned your lessons well I see....your wife and I are very pleased with your progress....can you taste her on my cock.....I fucked her hard this morning....I bent your wife over and fucked her like a whore.....and I might do the same to you Sissy....I bet you'd like that...."
"Mmmm....I would...I really, really would!!!!"

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Womens Barracks

A wacky WW II comedy!!!! Watch what happens when a all-American red-blooded man gets accidentally assigned to a WAC unit!!!!
See the girls in uniform take him under their wing and make him into the little sister of all of them!!!
See the girls teach him about men...the way they see them!!!!
See the girls teach him how to use feminine wiles to get what he wants!!!
See his reaction when the Captain shows his interest!!!!
See the girls show him how to behave on a date with a man....especially if he wants a second date!!!
See the girl that falls in love with him...only she wants the girl version!!!!
See everyone's reaction when the truth finally comes out!!!!!
Women's Barracks....It's a laugh-a-minute side-splitting comedy that will have you yearning to be a girl too!!!!

That Smile

It really wasn't that her date was cumming on her beautiful breasts....I was used to being her cuckold! It was that smile as she looked me in the eye as his cum splashed onto her....that smile said so much!!!
She knew me so well!!!! She knew what I was thinking as she rubbed hid cum on her nipple!!!! She knew I was humiliated!!! She knew I was jealous, both that he got to cum and that he got to cum on her titties!!!
And she knew that with one nod I'd be on my knees licking it all up!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Oh My God

"Oh my god!!!! What happened?"
"Well the doorbell rang and when I opened the door two men in ski masks burst in!!!! I struggled with them but they were too strong for me!!!!"
"What did they want Sissy?"
"I asked them that over and over and they just laughed at me!!!! They dragged me to the bedroom and pulled up my dress and pulled off my panties....they ripped them....those pretty pink ones....with the ruffled back and the ribbon know the ones I mean...."
"I'll buy you new panties Sissy!!!! What happened then?"
"They threw me on the bed and they both fucked me....they took turns....whichever one wasn't fucking me had his cock in my mouth!!!!"
"Oh Sissy!!!!"
"They each had me....over and over....I'm still a little sore..."
"Was it like you imagined Sissy?"
"Yes but please do something for me..."
"Anything for my special girl!"
"Could you send them again in a couple of days....maybe get another guy to join them...."
"You are such a slutty Sissy!!!!"


"Here!!!! But someone could come in any time!!!!"
"That's alright Sissy.....the line forms behind me!!!!"

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Two Glory Holes

When Sissy stepped in and saw that there were two Glory Holes he thought that perhaps his wife would be joining him.....
She saw him look at the holes and look at her....she knew what he wanted to ask her!!!
"No Sissy...they're all for you....I'm just going to know how I love to see my husband sucking cocks!!!"

I Agree Sissy

"Yes Sissy I definitely have lovely legs and you look very attractive in that dress...."
"But I'm still going to wait for your wife to get home...she's the one I want to fuck today!!!"
"I understand.....can I watch?"

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

You Know How It Is Again

You know how it is when you're doing housework...when you thought you were finished and something comes up again....

You Know How It Is

You know how it is when you're doing housework, sometimes you see things that need to be taken care of right away!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One Of Our Own

"Oh my god!!!! This Sissy's tongue in my ass is like heaven!!!! I'm cumming again!!!!!"
"Yeah Baby you think your ass feels good this Sissy's ass is holding my cock like it was made for me!!!!"
"When can we borrow her again Baby?"
"We just can't keep borrowing her, her wife needs her too!"
"Well then Baby....we're just going to have to get one of our own!!!!"
"I'm with you Baby!!!"

Let Me See

Caught!!! He could only hang his head in shame!!!
"My husband!!!! A Sissy bitch!!!! I bet you're even wearing panties!!! Pick up that dress and let me see!!!""
As bad as this was....being totally humiliated in front of his beautiful wife, he could only pray that she didn't find that big black plug buried in his ass!!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

That'll Be Him

"That'll be him Sissy, now remember....just like we practiced....a nice deep curtsy and then welcome him into our mistakes Sissy...if you embarrass me you'll pay for it later!!!"
"Yes Ma'am! I'm ready"

Monday ManCandy

You had a great Superbowl party!!!! Everyone had a good time including you!!!! But it's Monday now and your Boss isn't interested in how good your party was!!!! Your eyes are puffy and you can barely open them and it seems like you can taste everything that went in your mouth last night!!!! Now's the time when you need a palate cleansing, energy boosting, hot, creamy mouthful of sweet ManCandy!!!
ManCandy!!!! The party took all you had now it's time to put some back!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016